The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 28, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1913
Page 4
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·· THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Dafly Except Sunday HM ud News Pohiiflhinr Company _ . JLAVIE HAFEB, and Tresarsr. PHILIP , Pr«sld*»t BIKLE, Editor MEXICAN REBELS NEAHAMPICO Closing in on City and Threaten to Firs 8i! Tanks,. . DYING CANAL BUILDER. CoJoriei David Gatiiard and Cule- | x · bra Cut as it Looks Today. ATS BUSH IZELAYA HELD ON GY but MURDER CHARGE W 9 V f c M H i ' HATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 ceata. v»«» %» »*«..*»«-_ ^ ^--_^ .^ receivej j a £ xh« Times Office. t I t i IS, 1904, ; it Gettysburg, Pa^ as seca£d-%i*M ,n**tt«,"cider 3CO tr edera i s Bound There and Battle j _ S*A«,«VMaO«! AfftT-^H 3- ISTfi. * 1 . . . . .. -- - -.--,* , , Congress March 3, 1879 "BELL P H O N E ~ ~ UNITED PHONS toiNortfajrwt COTMT of Ceatr» Square, Gettysburg, 1 Thar Will imperil Foreigners a«d Huge Oi! Field is. Expected. .THIS PAPER REPr.E££N7iD FCR " » ADVERTISING SY GENERAL. OFFICES " NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES »N A!,:. -,n c *«'·*· ·***. '-:"* ;ov. 2S_--A.per- .,, .Cramer, which was traced to the ' Gersuaji club, is lu circulation here to | is e±"eei tiiat Tanipi--o has beea at-j ! sacked uy the rebels. ' I Tfceer ha\e been indications ia; . ; ;h rebels were closing ia c» tlie town! · and preparing to make an attack atj word each insertion. Two cents a vord if TO OUR READERS 1 One report was that 600 Federals of i the Taxpan garrison were defeated by -- I tw rebels under Selso Madrugal south ~ j of Tuxpan on Tuesday. Forty-two Fed- · enils were reported killed, tea wouud- Kailway oScials report that no runuiug cut of Tan any direclson. o'nnnal Tvolitisc."islnrmsiiea us oy JLBIS ^iu«=itu«»»iA *.«»"--"·^^-^.-"--* -- j iiui. i= i-i- . = -^ importan.. s «««m J^SSttSwSaews to Repnhllcan, Democratic, Prohibition, or j ^ large lor eign colonies ia Tampieo. ron ^ enx JIS^apers and whicn is smctly con-partisan. j -Remove the gunboat Bravo or we Oar mavertisine columns are opea tvaU candidates of.ali partae*- | shal , fire 0:1 lhe o ;i tanks in the city i_ ; ^. -pa-jipjco and along tiie banks of the '", river above." was the threat sent to 1 :ae' comraaauer oi the Federals at I Tampico, according to privatejnforma- · tica. ". So long as the garrison at Tampico : : s "aided by the gua of tae Bravo, \ which is anchored in the river, there I apaears to be little chance for the I rebels to capture and hold the cuy. ' But they might easily devastate the I entire region by carrying out this I threat to shoot up the tanks aad firs :he oil. estimated at 100,0«0 barrels. Should the oil in the tanks upriver . be firec, the floaUng names vroulfi he \ carried into the heart of the city, most ; effectually "removiag the menace offered by the gunboat, destroy all tae shipping and probably a fair part of cue town. j That lie rebels,will carry out their Lore of TliinksgiviQg Torkej! Prevents NiiM Session \ m i r Dictator of Nicaragua Arrested in Bed. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS BKEQ. HABD ALL BAY;TM LOOKED -fl » CELL ·i the TOWP People Visiting Here ant Those Sojourning. Elsewhere. Conference Upholds cf ! Detectives Force ' Their Way Democratic Senators " Miss Mary McFall has returned to (York after visiting Mr. and Mrs. '.Charles Toot, of -Baltimore street, for past few days. fdany Important Features; of Bs-:, Which May Be Completed] Tcrnerrcv*. I Washington. Xov. 2S.--The lure crj S Apartment-and Take H:rr. to Police Station. Xew York, ,Xov. 2S.--General Jose iaiuos Zeiaya, for four terms presi- 2t of Nicaragua, and now -wasted the Thanksgiving turkey made ihej I t 1t country oa.che charge 01" murder ilrst break la tfe-s Democratic senate j j n , t f t O ;e!5o-.v countrymen aad sl^o oi program devised to rush the adaiinis- - -- -"- -»-· -- ·'"-· traiion caireacy bill throus^ that boar before the holidays. -After v.-crliiDg all day on the measure, v.-itU bus a slim a"eudanee, die conference of senate Democrats flatly declined to hold last night's scheduled stealin. o, was "remanded 10 th-- Charles Thorn and family have returned to Harrisburg after spending Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thorn, of Chambersburg street. Miss Kate Gilbert, of Springs avenue, is visiting in Baltimore. Harry Troxell has returned from a business trip to Palmyra. Tombs by Vaited States Commissioner j Miss Elizabeth Carver, of Balti- John A. Shields for a further hearms Monday afternooa'on a warrant s ii by Chief Assistant United States j Attorney Robert B. "Wood. more, is visiting Mrs. Helena Ertter on East Middle Street. by- American Press Association. NEW JBAGLE HOTEL -Capfcdty 400 Eoomi -with b«tfc *a H*m £ McCoHomj, Pi WILLIAM E. ZIEGLER E:cpert Electrical work- Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone94Y. " Trimmer's 5 and 3.0 cent Store, of Ladies' collars. -'-"· *' CHASES. --Fire Proof Stor*g«-- fttf'1t8TM*''*easatnfr '' Household Goodi *tor*d "': *ny length of PRODUCE COMPACT i Higfacrt C*«h .Price* Paid for all : 'Gettysbarg.- --Paotoprsjph*?-- Gettyiburg Sourrtalri loreigaers- owning property · Wp'eai!ng~ "upon" the" "promfses"" bt" the · rebels not to molest tlie vrells or oil i tajiks. *- i" : · ^Provisional President Huerta is tor- ·· tering and the beginning of the end is [in sight, ^ according to a diplomat in ] the confidence.^.Huerta. He said that i Huena had little confidence in ius lability "to hold" "on much "longer, but 5 had ..expressed his Intention or "; i dovra fighting-" -COL GAILLARD DYING Doctors AbsncJon Hope cf Saving Life of Man Who Dug Cuiebra CUT. Baltimore, Me., Xor. 2S.--Physicians DI the Philips Psjeli.airlc Ciiaie at the Jehus Hcr-i--as "bospital announced -.hat practically al! hope had been ^anfianec for'th^ recovery of Lieu .nt" "Colonsl' D^-:3 Dxi Boss Gail- _eaant coionsi u_ -a j-»i' £«»= \ro.-*- '-rd, the : ariay earr.eer v.-co dug the "I'ilebra cut'' ; n. th? Paratna -canal "Too many of the senators had Thanksgiving ulsiuer eugagessents which they declined to break," said Senator Kern, chairman of the conference, "so there will be no night session/" The conference met at 10 o'clock ^ ihis morning, however, to begin another day of hurried consZJeratiou of, the .bilS. More than one-third of the biil, as retried L-y Senator Owen £3I the five orher administration Demo- crais . «HU the .banking and currency immiizee,' 3iar b'eei goae over. " A number of amendments of a minor nature altering the phras«jlosy of the but ^were adopted, but The Important previsions of the measure remained unaltered. The administration plan for regional banks ovmed and controlled by the national banks went through unchanged. Several other important matter? v.-ere allowed to gd over for future eensi'i eratlon. In the absence of Senator Hitchcock no one nreesnted the amendments ne and the five Hepublicans of the com mittee had framed, and the conference sped through section after section, ia dorslBg the Owen-Glass bill practically without change. ,, "' ~Tf!e;-=BemGcratic leaders^'sreri ""' -': - - conferencrwould com Misses Marie and Catharine Wass- .em have returned to Hanover after Zeiaya was locked up -a ceH H3-{ Y ; sit ; n g f or several days with F/ T. en the Srst tier along with accused- - murderers a^d other prisoners, ia- tludiag William J. cf the Camegie Trust company, who is but c, few cells 2".vay from him. There he ats his, jTaauksgiviug dinner of chicken, ncashed po^itoes and apple pie, while outside his friends and lawyers were planning the beginning cf the Sght which they hope will save "assera, on Washington street. Mrs. Mosey and daughter, Miss Anna, of Harrisburg, are visiting Mrs. E. Swisher, of Wesc Middle street. L. H. Stallsmith, ol^ York, spent Thanksgiving Day with relatives in !*iZ3i-, :CT -* W.fc» J- ·?*· f f f __C ; 6nit' -Gsi33-d"s condition, it is said, "is saca tfei death might'coze Cither TTI a few hours cr - a £e~-fiays, fiis- BATTLE IMMINENT AT TUXPAM J -,^- Federal Troops Bound Thers-and, ,, Fight Is Expected. Tera Cruz. Xov__2S. -- A battle is saia i to be imminent In the oil fields around BARGAIN tiMYEST to SHOES BUYERS You will find on our Bargain Tables shoes of well known lines ·which we have dis-continuecL W. H. Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others reduced to 98 cents and 5^-48. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitzmiller as is 'the usual "result ln_ bra ~ Hfs son. I.:"eutc--ia=t DaVi-i -«P. Gail- !afd- "u. SJ A···aid" thai-his. fatner's, trouble came upon" aiia saddenly in laly. - - - - ' f! I! i For A Period Of 30 Days during the quarantine of C. B. Hoffman, J. C. Wright will conduct the Green Grocery Stand in front of the First National Bank An entire fresh stock of goods has been secured from the City Markets. Your patronage will be appreciated. 5GO Tospaji. -a:a:ch jnay imperil Jives and-millions of dollars' Tvorth of property owned by foreisners. rive hundred Federal troops arrived In. Vera Cruz from Meslco City, and I General ilaas announced that he | Tvoud sesd them to Tuxpan at once j to attack the rebels there. i It is believed that General Aguiilar. the rebel leader, notified Rear Ad- inirai Fletcher, commander of tlie American naval forces, that no harm v.-onld come to the oil vreiis unless he was attacked by the Federals, but in ease of au attack he -would set them on fire. A long code message from jolm lAnd, personal representative of President Wilson, and Rear Admiral Fletcher, to St^retary of State Bryan, ·was received at the American consu- i sate in Vera Cruz by naval \vireless telegraph and was forwarded to Tvasc- j ington. It had been expected that Land ·svould return to Vera Cruz. Sillilield Despite of Parents, the- pro_ __ 1 oe ready 10 go to the Soor, as a party measure, -criten. the regular session ae- gins Monday morning. toira. Mr. and Mrs. George D. Thorn, of Wilmington, Del., are visiting Mr. and -- tt ,il£!iIiiiiS.VIS, UVZl.j «£S.C » X^.L-££^ .**.£_ l.£U hi- frcKi deportation to Xicaragua.; Chambersburg \vhere, they assert, he vrcuid be go.ns *=" to" his deats at the hands of his ene-f sa " eer -James Weikert, or icrk street, en- tertaiaed his ernplcyes and friends at Thanksgiving- dinner Thursday. Prof. Alber'c Biliheimer witnessed the Gettysburg--Franklin and Marshall ganie-at Lancaster on Thursday. Wilbur Stallsmith spent Thursday nies a:td as the result cf v/hat they tersi a "noHtlral conspiracy." General Kolaya himsfeif ueaied tint he had anything to do -III* the killing o£ the two Xicaras'jsns and h:s son, Alfonso Zeiaya, v.-hose ·~Ife is the daleee of Genera! Robert E. Les, zljat his father was Jn this . ident of Nicaragua. because the present pro . - , - »» n TM s TM T *** tne present p-^=". - , , - , « . -, , , s.,i^.-.r^ T\;-,T ~n-t. Sev. C. F. Sanaers oreached the.ser- :a°nc oi -·-:;.'2u~ii£uu:. Aiiono iJiaz. anai *--- ^ :an«°l Estrada Cabrera, president of' nion at the union Thanksgiving ser- Guatetsala. feared that the one time | vice in Hanover on Thursday. S- Weaver has returned several street. and - . . , . , .. ,, 3-Irs. Gak. Miss ilarv Hamnson. and ·.-he are said :o be ia leagrue -vrith thsm ' -- - .-n va-r scnemes for the exnlojtatloa of |^. and Mrs. Hm F of Baltimore, were Central American property and indus- guests at the home oi tne Misses Krise £ les _ * " Jon Carlisle street Thursday. . Zelava was arrested in bed at mid-! ilLss Anna Crauster"has,returned to aight on Wednesday n:ght in the home j Taneytovrn after a visit ar the home of -.vav. Tnen. realizing thaz he "vas ""-i^.- , ^. a trap, he s£t'bor. upright : fa beTi.andl^" --'" G " _ . l i t - . ! WILL ATTACK CHIHUAHUA General ViHa to Pursue the Fleeing Federals. E! Paso. Tex^ Xov. 28.--Business bouses in Juarez closed their doors upon the issuance of an order there by General Pancho Villa that shopkeepers JI:USL accept Constitutionalist fiat money. ^Vaea h-_- learned that the merchants had closed their stores rather than accept the rebel currency, Villa an- ^o=:nced that he would confiscate their stocks. Pancho Villa announced that the would leave today with his rebel army for Chihuahua to attack the Federals, who retreated after attempting to take -Jaarez. He believes that other rebel forces have intercepted the retreating Federals and that he will be able to I capture the entire command or Sate it. Salzfmore. Ma., 3STov. 2S. -- J!i f !gc Frank J. Buacan. of the «:rtu:t cour' -"or Baliiaiore coant;. said _ that no -veddias i^e: 1 -^" -would be issued for the ina.-:Iare o: v7iiliam Still- si-.ty- V»c y«-ars uiu. of Parkton. Baltimore 3Oiint». -an h'.s twe:ve-year-oid house- '-ceiisr. Ue.-:".a Groies. -Ttt'lge Dun'-ar explained that while he lav,- acts -.ot specify at ~hat age osrsoris may :r.-,rry 'srith the conssni af their y'--;V-s. his judgment woalu ·nakc h:m ic-^-.l the granting of the license because of the tender age of rTniara S:;'.!, accompanied ly the ~irl. appeared at the Towson court aouse. and after showing the -srluea :oaserit c; her parents to the mar- ia^e, asked :or a license. He -was re- "usea beca'ift the paper was uot sisn- ;d "«;- in-o Gin. - vritnesses. The p:oe. : raduced Dy Stili reads is foliov s. ···We, ^:ic .rdorsigaed, aic -wiliing 'cr V."iillar S'-'l. sixty-five jears old, .0 have o-- ':cag'ater. Eertna Grove, or his v.U- S-e will be thirteen years }'! next A'C'i. (Siciie! "ELLA C. GROVE. ·JOKX K. GROVE." Real Estate We would like to add a few farms to ..r.rlx o T R - a l E-tatc- for Hale. If you have any that TOI v.onM like toseliar.d T .ac~, in the hands of a Real Estate Ag«nt=. v.m i K g!.,-5 5O h..r. ile WR e for von; no matter whether iarge or snaall or nhere !-«ate ;. Or if you -AHD: to bay anj Real Es-tate, C4i!l on or al;r --T Troxell and Swish er Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. Prairie Goes South With Marines. Philadelphia. Xov. 2S.--With eigh hundred picked men of the Marine Corps, in command of Colonel J. A. Lejeune aboard, and stores and ammunition for a three months' cruise or seige, the transport Prairie left League Island for southern waters Colonel Lejeune and the navy yard au tborities say that the only orders re ceaved on the Prairie expedition na:ne Pensacola, Fia., as the objective point It has been rumored, however, tha these orders may be changed and tbs transport ecnt to a port near Mexico Beneficent Nature, Among the most blessed of all the contrivances cf nature is that which prevents a man from 'being disturbed by his own snoring. SAYRES VISIT BALTIMORE l Couple Dins With Friend; Depart by . Auto. Baltimore, Md~ Xov. 28.--The "vThrte House bridal' couple, Mr. ana 3Irs. Francis Bowes Sayre, passed part of vesterday in Baltimore and had their Thanksgiving day luncheon with Mrs. T. Harrison Garrett. at Evergreen, the Garrett country-estate, on Charle? Street avenue. ^ _ . According to ~Mrs'.~Garrett's secretary. Mr. and Mrs. Sayre arrived at Everareen ""by automobile and left la the same ^ay at about 3 p. nx. Taeir visit was guarded by the clos-1 est secrecy, and it" was said that ii v/as not known where they had gone, although the indications were that they had returned to Washington. SHOOTS FBIEJ4D_BY ACCIDENT Gunner Wounds Youth fn Back So Seriously He May Die. Caiaden." X. J~ Xov. 28. -- Edward Still well, twenty years old, of "Wii- iiasistown. was shot accidentally by Dennis Pape, nineteen years old, a friend, with .vhom be was gunning near his home. He is in the Cooper hospital in a critical condition. Stillvrell was standing with his back turned to Pane, who was cleaning ais guru The weapon was discharged and a. ballet entered Stiiiweirs baclr. The hospital physicians have little aope of h!s recovery. , . demanded to kBow. -hat v,-as wanted } of him.. streec. For ans-er the detectives toid aiaa " ' ·Ijfyrjp-p'cj 'was -siue-2 for.nmrder and pro- CHUKLM AUiiC-^O jrie IJT^S "~ahie-2 for. murder and pro-! iucea' the'-p.-arranfr *"Zelaya expressed the-greatesi surprise and was slow in " ^ !?Tlinb:n"s oct^of- bed^ He -was^ told thai, j SALEM U. B. Sunday School 9:00 a. m.; he ^-oilcl b taken to for the night and adv «uickly as possible- After he was dressed the detectives caught "hlin by the arms and he was pat on the elevator ani taken 10 th~ street avail. [ T-'O. "was toid tnat oui^u^ij .j*_iiw*ji ^.w =- *«., *^*r* to a station house j Worship 10:00 a. rn.; the sermon w advised to dress as [fee preached by Rev. J_ H- Young. Divine will of Cumberland- - Evangelistic,--ser- vic-es will be held each night during- the week at 7:00 p. m. by the" pastor, . , ^{assisted by Hev.S. H. Snel!. of Ha- 2 o ava Cemarrea. out ^o no ·, -_ . He was Placed en a subway |^^o,vn. j^Ch^. _Gardner, pas.or. frain and taken do~n to the Green-: ·K-ich s^xtion, where he v.-as locked in a celi for the rest of the sight. FIGHT5MO y?JDERGROUKD FIRE Ssvar.rssh Fjzrlei C-ver Biaze That Has Burr.ed Gver Ten Years. Savannah, Ga, Xov. 28.--The fire j ; tlepartnienz i'as beeh caileii upon to Sght a. curious underfroun-,1 fire th-t has b^cn burning over an extent of ten acres of lane so-ith of the city for seieral vree:£. The fire is slc~ly consnniing some come. n fev.- feet under the surface. The firemen fear 10 open up the sarta and thus give the smothered blaze a. chance to get a firmer hold- ana as the underground cosaagration is about a. ia:le from the nearest fire piug thtre is no way to get water to !:_ The scene is an old city garbage METHODIST Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.; preaching at 10:30 by Re\% H. H. Lippincott, of Carlisle- Epworth League at 6:15 p. m. A cordial invitation to all services, I_ DO-.V Ott. nastor. BIGLERVILLE U- B. Sunday School, 10 a. m.; Communion services ac 11 a. m. Everybody ·veiconte. BETHLEHEM U. B. Center Mills. Revival services at 7:30 every evening- Everybody wel- KAY- OPERATE ON ALFONSO Spsnish X:rg Sufferir.c; Frorr. Recurrence cf Catarrhal TrcubSc. 5osin.~ao :? v.^itinb Empsror Francis Joseph. 5s ·= /7p"ng froai a recurrence of JiJ^ ca:srr % aj nnc-.ent, which makes an or^erat'GP :'0"essary. it was learned frora a -r.e- 1 .';?'.- o£ Arcadukc Freder"ck's househos. · Tae S^-m-sh King probably will have an ojvration performed on his ear al Scelovrur beiore he leaves Austria. Three Hurt When Train-Hits Carriage Mount Holly. X. J., Xor. 2S.--When c. carriage in which-they were ruling ~as struck by a train here. George T.'itcraft. his vrife. Eliza ^."itcrafJ, aad Thomas Asay. all of Vsncentowa. were seriously injured and are in tlse hospital at Monet Holly. Witcraft has a broken collarbone, his wife has inter- iai" injuries and- a bruised spine, ana Asay has a broken leg. All are otherwise injured. Card cf Thanks Mrs. Carey returns her sincere thanks for a generous donation from her friends and neighbors and asks God to bless the donors.--advertisement Body of Missirv; Lawyer Found. Stroudsbjrg, Fa.. Xov. 28. -- The ^odv of A.torney Henry .1. Kots. sev- ;r,ty years olo, U»e oldest mercer otj f"sae~ Mcnrce ct.unry osr. was found in j 'eke:r:iaii~3 siili c?ara. about a quarter } rsiie ironi Stroaclsburg's main- street, i by Irwin Bachmaa. a car shop fore-! ^an. Kotz hss been missing for more than a mon*b aau a systematic search had been made for iira since. Twenty-seven Days to Christmas \Vedged Belvveen Trains. came weaken between tv»-o freight engines en the Lebanon Valley railroad. and her hea-i vas badly injured. She was taVcn to a ho^pitas, where it was found that Fh«^ is suffering with a slight Sushong Berks County Judgs. Karriso.jr?. Pa. Xov. 28.--Governor Teaer arsnoancc-! tlie appointment of orphans' court judge of Berks county, to "fill the vacancy caused by the death of H- Willis Bland. ?.tr. Bnshoag, for- rserlj, a member c' the legislature, 5s r. Repjsbl;'-an- Unhurt In Battles, Stray Shot Wounds Le\v!Svtnfe-~ iid.. Xov. 2K. -- Frank Cherry, a farmer of this section, fought in elgr.tecn battles during tbe Civil vi'ar, but was never shot until a few davs a^o. Tv'hile ia a field husking corn a bullet fired'by careless gunners Ftrue:: the aged man. inflicting a painful but not tcrious injury. Dies Fulfilling Dreams. Sharon, ~P^ Xov. 2S.--Several days j prior to the sadden death of ilrs. i Sarah Gibson, of Shenango township, j Nov. 28 husband: Mrs. Sarah Mcsser, her mother, and Mrs. Ethel Edgar, a sis-1 StOCKS AfC ^ . _ * * *T^^- ^-;Vr,*i *\f?-cr I*i7^i:r»?l ·XT35S 5 Ail the Stores. Is ter. At that time Mrs. Gibson was j not iil- vras on h:- cident sccnrred. Easy. "Binks doesn't seem to have mucn trouble makipg both ends meet." "No wonder. He's a sausage maker." Doctor Dies Seeing Patient. Clarion. Pa., Xov. 28.--Dr. Robert Alvin Vv'alVer. fifty-eight years old. of Monterey, died suddenly in the borne of .Jacob Rosenhover, -where he had Sone to attend Mrs/ Rosenhover. Really Not Worth It. Sometimes an "affinity" works hard to get some other woman's husband only to discover when she has him that it was work thrown .away. Found Guilty of Arson. Mount Holly, X. -J~ Nov. 28---Joseph Rogers, placed on trial on the charge of setting fire to the hotel property of \VUliam H. Jennings, at Luznberton on April 6. was found gniity by the ijury. TUe prisoner, it was testified, sought revenge because Jennings had "agged" him. Teacher Killed by Train. Corry, Pa., Xov. 28.--Mabel Carrier, j thirty years old, a school teacher, was 'struck"and instantly killed by an Erie railroad express train at Columbus. Begin Your Christmas Shopping;^ : i. Foolishness of" WItdom. A sage is a man who will sit up all night and -worry over._things that a i fool never even heard of.--Pjncinaati i Enquirer. 'Turned'Into Tragedy; Sji "accident" film for a imatograph company ended in · tragedy at Klausenberg, ? Sf days ago, when one of the actresses died from injuries received While Dlaying her part. Thousands of people had collected near a mill sluice on the S2amos nver to watch the acting of a scene depicting the overturning of a boat during the crossing of the river. As the boat overturned ten of the actors and ac' tresses -were drawn into the mil! wheels. The onlookers saved all the unfortunate people, but one of, the 1 actresses succumbed to her injuries. ' 3.. Of ."SPA.T'FTU

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