The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 28, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1913
Page 3
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WHAT TO Gi¥E HIM FOR ft GKBISTMAS GiFT 8023 HERE IS SHOWN A WRAP SUITED TO BOTH DAY AND EVENING WEAR Frocks of v.-hjte velvet, cordurov and j " duvetyii rriniined v.-ith white-.for o r j narrov.- Etrips of sab:e or s5oiak are 1 very modish and very effective. For | general wear, however, a. costume of: this kind -vould hardly- be practical; j ·but for tbe 'tvoman ' who caa aSIord it | tSe suggestion is al'urins. ilany of ihe j smartest, frocks are fur trimmed: it! inay only be 3. collar, but It acds to j the effect. White clota is used to develop S023. j The collar is ot white fox anil the only j other decorations are the large but-| tons and tiie -wide stitched seams and \ belt. This frock. Is very simple in line j and may be copied in size 35 -.vita ±% \ Tarfis of 36"inch material. ' In 7TS3 the eflect is brorsht about ea;irely by ta cut and the trircrrt-ns- A 5u!! red velvet Is the fabric, ahu ihe collar and loose hansrins: sto!e en-ii are of Oriearal embroidery. sh«i\vsns Linzs of violet and threads of gold. Some v.-onaerfal designs are shown la these embroideries, .vhicli are saining In popularity daily. Chinese. Egyptian aryj convenrionalizetl designs offer exquisite color combinations. This COSL ms." be mace In si^e 30 v.-ith 3~i yards of 42 inch material anc Z~± yards of bsnd!B5. Ko. S023--sizes 34 to 4S. Ko. TTS3--sizes 22. 36. 40 aad 44. Each, pattern 15 cents. To obiain either patterrL iil^strated fill out this""coupon'and enclose 15.cents la stamps'or -coin.'' ~e sure to state-n"niler of-;p3iteTO; aEfJ.sJze. taea=ur!ns o\ the fnUest .part, of. the .bust. Address Pattera Department,'care'of'this paper." '_"' ; ^Co- Size Address V--~ POSTAL REGULATIONS. ;j| Use!o! Oifsriogs Tli3t Every Kan Is So^to Appreciaie. A raaa is orsly a uian after si!, and ha useful gifts, no matter who he may l0i If ;yon are weaithy or if your is-oK5t» is q-iire moderate tbe following gift si!££«:i;uiis uiay be adopted, as they are things thut uiay cost only a little or aiay be utiite expensive: It is rulli-er curious tliut woman's osie idea of n sift 10 a iu:ia is a crarat, for it is the oae th:ag tbac a saaa detests bai-iag sektied for him. Bui a sian can' nearly always v. - ager that a \roniae vrili get hisi: a cravat of a .-o!or that is not becoming to hisa or one that is too absurd to wear. And yet Uuiidreils of thousands uf wo«neu insist upon giving cravats for YuJeiiue gifts' If you are overpo\veretl by this idea please have a little uiercy ou mankind aad select b!a,i-k as:d white cravats. for they are ssiiart and are bccoiulug to every uiau. Silk knirted lies are j again ia vogue, esjtecialiy those t h a t j are three to four inches wide. Ties of j heavy facouce silks are also indorsed | by London. Qn the Box By THOMAS R. DEAN J ; Something Unique In Handkerchiefs. Handkerchiefs are «lv/ays welcomed by a wan if you plvs- him p!ai;i white anu Co not aitecspt to choose co!ors for !a::i acJc-ss you are h:s -wife and know absolutely vrtiet^tr be prefers bice. Many articles^ of merchandise. are; absolutely prohibited .transmission in]' : tb.e mails, therefore iaauire before'. ^" 5t? "TM" x-Ar--' tbat tbe aolidays are",' here "the mails afe_Sooded ·n-ith CLjist-1 nias presents, "gteing' to : "and -''cosing: "Irdirf Till" parts "of the vrorld. 1 ' · -' ] !l:.-The- ; '-arerase- person 1 kso-ws .-· Httl'ej .-about .the .postal .laws and regulations] =. pf-,,this- coaatry iaiid,- cousetjceally Is j 'apt to make a : mistake. Do yon kEOt»"| that you cannot : nsall .. tobacco in any j form to a friend in France or tbatj yon cannot raaii patent med:cine to a: friend ia Hnusary, if yoa have one . there? The postal la-srs of this cona- | try prohibit the mailing to any foreign! conntry of matter liable tc decomposi- ] tfon. SBCh as coufecUonerj- or coafec- j tions- Did yon fcno~ that, "svith feiv- · exceptions, yon cannot aiai! to foreica ·] countries (Canada esceote*!) any pack-j et or letter containing gold or sliver ] substances. je~ c'ry or prec:ocs nrti- j c!es? It is true. Xor can you send j any packet or letter containing anicles ] liable to cnstoms duty in the countries j addressed. That uoc-s not apply to j Canada or r»!e:trco or t« articles for- j 'warded i j y parcel jinst- TU-.* pnsta! · la-K-s proJiibir the putrin.s of intoricatl inj; liquors (urdent vii:i'.;s. spirir;x!ns j or cnaiti in tbe mails. .If y«u try to s .send to a frieud in some _ distant city a ; | smail flask of Bae "tr-!ijsky its flestiaa--| tion. wil! be \yas!:!r:pr:;n-- the i'e:ifi Jet- 1 ter office. - | , One Tvonld -!ie -s:jrjjrises! ai. the tre I Ii=.CE AvD ESTBEOTDHSED TVTTT-AT.- · j lavender, green, gray or another color. To. a:ake the handkerchiefs more gif ty have--bls . inrthils: embroidered .in a unique design.' [ ' The hau'lkercbiefs in tbe : cut are er- ceeaissiy pev.-'aiid attractive- Tiie iai- tia! is worked on s. square of luce in Sllet clesh^i. If one Is not expeditious with tiie needle tbe all over gilec net .in fir.e inef'p. could be purcbased .and cur up into the required size for the scnares- -" ' " . . . Leather Gifts. it "is nearly ai'.vays ;f taan's fate^to receive .;it!- aouriclnui-e of uai:ecess;iry leather "articles at Ynletide. Tiiere are men who sever fail to get at least sis leather mounted desk calendars and as main stamps and elastic bandboxes. Of course- tl?cia _are ceedfiiis, fcsrt tbe man who possesses a desk generally has aU such artic-ies. TVaHets and cnrdcases are always usnliSe. nuci.a man is ple:isei if be gets them _!a tbe satest styles every Ccrist- mas. A leather traveling case maies a oe- iightfu! gift if it is of the best qnaliry sot the investment in tbe case, postal l:itr- :;:id rt^risiations lec:jnse! of tbe ignorance'of the sirerajre person 1 tisnnjr th'e'-'inaiJk. X-arJy ev»ry prick-! aire tbar ; p*es tl!ir;:sh the m:u!. at j this tin:e Of tfcf_y«-;3r is' o;it»ur."i !;y the-! l:is postolSce f7op;jrtTiu i "l'. S:;::5f p'.^rxoc^ | purportin;: to fnr:iii« i:o:!;:r;.TM imi ;ho- * toprapbs tbron.izh the jii::ils. Viljen i those packiws have Jx-r-2! oponp:] in j tfce postoJSces some of ;hpm !:::vf» hoen { ChSefs or jo-rro-lry. tr?!;."": is n v:o!::non ! of the postal iatvs .-inr! srihjorr tn a Sne. I THE POTATO RACE. ' A game requirjn.s no «?3Tort of the '· mind and iavarisblT Srusjrfiter prjvok-i |g5 teethe potsto racfc" PJacc in txvol *pafa1tel VOTTS and about t^o feet apart] five lars^^apd, ^irres«lar iotntoes and? at the CiM J aa v erD : pty fwivl. { Ec contestant~inusr pick" up each j potato boa 5a" ! teaspoon.- -carry it to the:bowl and drop it in-. - · . - ' · . i The potato nrnst not be touched by .hand or foot and if dropped must be picked up on the spoon 'agnin.' \Vatct attitndes and faces and exorcise of frill, for, oh. how that left hand will want to help! Even the most dignified most unbend in bis genial struggle- Record Js kept of those Srst succeed- j Ing In getting all the potatoes into the j bowl, and these again rnee against each other until the champion reveals himself or herself. This should bej played If possible on an uncarpetca I ' ' ' ' ' " M ilOY AT . TIE IB,:"-: ;SOLOiEB3' HOMES , BLtilSTMAS is as pathetic as it Is joyous to' ipany" of the old Confederate veterans' who. by. fate .ajia ..circumstances,, . a r e forced, to depend entirely" upon tbe generosity of. their conirades and their friends who have prospered since the war. Ttere are no pensions for_these oi2 soiciers except tae meager suras thev rrec from tbe various states. Some of tiie veterans are dependent on these iiisiiraJScaat funcs to keep them out of the poorbonse. Tbe Sftietb anniversary of tbe battle of Gettysburg was celebrated last July. Tbe twenty-year-old boy of this battle is now a gray haired veteran of seventy-^oia soldiers are crossing The great divide by tbe score, and before many years have passed there will be few lefL. Abont twenty years ago it was discovered that many of the bravest gol- cicrs of the war were drifting to the pe-orhp-.ises because there was nowhere e!sy for tie-is to go and because tlielr wounds kept ihem from work. Many had iso relatives, and the relatives Of ethers were too poor to support tbe (\A. solciers. In many cases tae veter- ah:» tlecllneo to accept alms. Tae movement 10 take care of these niea rosu!:c-e in Confederate homes in all of the saafterB siates. ar.d descendants of t!:2 men who wore tee gray now spend about S2.000.0CO annually in pensions aa«l in tbe support of various liotses- Cbnstrnas is a happy reality ia these Although, owing to the slender incomes, tbe homes have to run oa tiie most modest basis, there is co skimping at Christmas time. From tbe neighborhood nronnd come turkeys and chickens end pies and biscuits and fruit and cakes and tobacco in plenty--everything except wises and liquors, for tbe rales against alcohol in these institutions are particularly} strict Ana on Cnrisnsas day tie rela- j tives and friends and acquaintances crowd to tbe homes with all sorts of presents r.nd with good wishes for the oW feHows, who recall their fight for the lost cause with pride ia what they did and with satisfaction for tbe preservation of tbe Union. You vrilj bear some one say: "That old feHow over there, with one eye and one leg. was the most brilliant yonng snr.n in our town. He belonged to the richest family' in the county. Rr,t the war took the.wealth, and he lost the'eye and tHe leg in tbe Wilderness, nncl n bullet in his'bead ruined bis mind for life. AH his people are dead, and on!y the few of us who were with him know what n brave man he was. I left my family today to come out here HIM! bring a box of cigars nnd tslk .1 little over old times to let hinvknow that he is not entirely forgotten." The best thing about it is the old follows are always disposed to do' full jnstK-o to t!w offerings of the day.-yyer old lov_e letters, is DOT queer it ami to; look their best in their gray unl- would seem now. if any of tt had come form?: nut! to tell their choicest stories,. jrue,--New York ~ and to eat.the most.. -."_'' scissors CASE. but In tbe fittings too. It reSec's better taste if you give a small and ieau- Ufni:y fitted case rather than or.e filled wi".h n shoddy loiist collection and a cleaning appsirstus. A fuied traveling bag makes a superior gift if you wish Jo expend that much money--S25.or niore. If so, it is advisable to get ivory, imitation ivory or ebony fittings, KS they are not quite so heavy as those of silver. The man who travels will be pleased to death with tbe neatly put up leather case seen in tbe illustration that is filled with scissors of different sizes-and a penkwifc; And for the man who rides horseback what, more appropriate-than the whisk broom holder mounted in a stirrup setting? _ (Kins asro there tvere two men Hviag :u t::e of i.liti jpreat cities oa the east- era coast" ti(- the .United Siatas who. thougb they \rere father and son. were t-auujs. .-TfcejrwerCrk-b and ultra fash- !oualie.-ivaJeb. "liieant tbea soaaetbiug far ciS"»-r-?at. frbia'AVbat it woulii raeaa ;»d:sy. Iti .those: days the fashionable at llie laud were retineU atlG ut. : Nov.- to be ultra fashionable iws a 'cjuestiouabie sound. One may '·m ulini -fasUionable. yet devoid of or- Tbe two men referred to looked like geutJeiaeti and acted !ske geatU-iaen. S!iakesjeare tins :desenbel thesis in Uis words "to the manner bora." They -.vere always seen together on tbe ibhik tlieai a pair of iiublemeu le!oag- \UK it s:ne !rdly E-i^Isb essaie. la #ot-i«*ty tiiey were'known as "Dooibey 5c Son." Tiie father, wbo was a ivitlower. drifted ou. thinking tiiat their com- p::nioasbi; wuuld hist as Jeng a they ilved. What a shoo!:, thea. was it to l:h»"wben his son aunouaced to bis fattier Uis eiigageaiesit! The older man '-·ou'ii not believe bis senses. Bur wben iie learned tbat bis sou was to marry a girl with no fortune, tbat tbe young couple could uot reiiia the position ::i srtPseiy tbnc their ancestors, tbe Vgjj G.'s. had held for 200 years, bis desoSation was complete. lie could aot eout-eive of hiiaself f:::5ing to appear at'the functions he'had froa: his youth been: accustomed:to attend, and to go to them · without, tbe companion i wbo ?jnJ alvyays gone^witb Uim woulij be wiorse than KOE going nt a!5. The first .tiuiirrel.- tie two had ever naji foliiiweiL -."."You sbali not marry." | .::id rhe elder Vaa G.. "unless you faarr;,- one of our set and uae vrith suUlcient fortune to enable you to keep up a position -ss :t niarrie*! man." ~i have asked a lady to be my wife." re;;!i:.t! ttie son." "and I wil! not turn utvju my. savtpiUon." "X'ery well, tfien. you must shift for j I!:;r~y Van G. married a lovely girl; ::t:t. since ii would have re:|uiri-d aa iij.uiDe ffiual to, bis father's to tike tier ia U:e sucicty ; be liad been used to ··vi::z wiih. Su- i-HC.'.uni artetnpt it.. But Chis in. j-.oiuparison. with tbe young "oui'ie's re::! i-oadltion was a baga- ; it-iiti T!:ey bad. ootkiag whatever to !ive C-Q .-snti sank rapidly into poverty.-. Tte elyer Vaa.G- though it nearly nroke !!s hwsrt to go tc functions without'bis do:i|Jie. chose what be considered rue lesser of tvro eviis and weat. tie saw nothing of bis sou--not th:tt lie bUiaied him or.was angry with bis. !ut ttiiu be qoasidered Hurry out of-the rhosen set; who .bad composed society since colonial days and it would Ite «»:!i3ininrttioa for him to as- «;c-i:tte with :my one excei't tbe elect pne d;iy rbe elder Van G.--this was ·teveni! yt-nrs sliK'e be bad parted with .viisjson--steppetl oat of. his club to a U-irriaae-'iIiat. had beenc:illed for him. "Eipssintly dressed, as/usaai, his head t-o\-tn-d with a shining silk b;it. his fctj with Tt'iiite spats, his hands irith -tan_ghivKS and carrying a .cane.-he -?L(K»!l for n moment looking up and clown llie street, then went down to the r:tb. The i-oachman annoyed him, for instend of looking straight nhead of him be ruraed his 'face ia the op- l:»S!fe direction. llr. Van G. got into the carriage and cokl the t-;b:::::n to drive him to the aonse of a lady social leader. On ar- rivin:: :;t tbe door son-se friends of tbe aiisrx-~u bapponed to pass, and be ^io:i|S**il fta the sidewalk t* syti'-nk to ikeaL \Vhea doing so be h:jp|«-neti tc ,c;sst his e3'e t'i ihe roat-limaii ::nd rec- HSMized ills *;i;:. lie -vvas too weSS bred j to slicivr jij:r;ri.-:« or shot-k at even this .-!ii:rf!t-;ni=s. Nor rjid be in any way rs^-cjguzze · ihe fa-t -that, his o'.vn off- -;prii!;r \v;is his '-nbioan Vv'iifil bis frji-i»ls ptissfil ;:i hi went iiilo I lie !iO!:Si- Itef^re whii-h"..lM» sr;«d :i;:ti nffer ·-'wrhnwii IK (ir?v«- iisin t" h.s !u»i»«- rijtjic'j hi::: :!iii v.'*'!il inside Tile ::='s; ·:::;· the s:in:e '-7:0 ^vnr about high so forth shortag leather market cowhide cowhide scarcity LEATHER MOST IMPORTANT POINT HERE'S hroughout, to doubt guaranteed ROYAL BLUE Made in Construction; of Ono : of Best Knov«n .Machines Have - j "Excited Much: Interest. ,i In 3. 'aew 14-hdrsepower. Puegeot j , isodel sotae changes, as compared i i with the widely' known IS-hofsepower j j model of the-same make, have been |] . introduced ·R'bich will attract genera!-!-?-- interest, says The Automobile.- r The.j j motor is cast is block, wiiile that Oij-i-. ·--- the iS-hcrsepower mode! is cast 'in 11 pairs. The chassis of tbe new model j j . , Is underslucg and the service bra"ke is operated by hsac, the v.-beel brake New "WormTM Drive. Olds Engine Sawin ! most fie gtivt- iiis di isln\I to 1)*- by pedal. Tbe nicst important icno valion. however. Is tbe adoption of ^"orm drive after extensive tests. Tb; design is seov.-a in the ii!ns:rat;cn Tae worm is underneath, "woriicg ra an oil bata. and is cf the straight j type: not hollow. Tbe motor is of SO by 140 railUmetei j bore and siroka c.nd turns normal:? at 1,300 revolutions up to a roast mara cf 1.700 revolutions. Tbe sbaf: runs In three parallel baari^gs. The ! Talves are en ihe same side, the ex baust valves measuring 44 and the in \ let valves 38 millimeters ia diameter The valve lift Js 5.7 millimeters. Th diameter of tbe valve stems, v.-hicl fere boxed ir.. Is ? miiii^ie'.ers.--Fros Omnia, June 34. won't get "stung" if you buy an Olds Engine here to saw your wood, or do any other kind of work around the place. You need an engine--you can't get along without one--but a poor gasoline engine is worse than none at. all and thatfs just the reason you Y-rarit to be sure what yoa get, A cure vfs.j to be sure: come here and get an Olds Engine. If yoa can't find time to come and see us, ask us to come and see you cr send you a free j^jjg catalog cf Olds Engines. --d !· T;ii;»- !:i fnn- to his "own hmnbit- ·:«j;n:i-:!c. He wniitjuil uji h:s hors* w;!h :is n:«:--h sans froid as if he l:ruj :«-:·« t!l;rv"!«il St. ilrivt* to :i railway st:i :iuii. «-«i:sii!rri:«s :is lie prot-et-ilf-d whai fit- :-:!!a!ti J= It wns pvidcin 5:i:sl his f:i;Jier !i;i«J re-.-»ini:sM3 hiia and w;js gc iiiu t s«-»- J:!:! :;nd his wife. Jjist wh:s! for h«- «!;·! 3!"! kii««w. llnrry :nrl !*:·= wife li~«-u in ;: sinall.sii:; 'nf n?u!iis in ·* -!iv::p Sal -]«K:T«\ :i r-:n-3:i;ig ii his fn!!:«-r v.'i;!:o»i iiie least uiilit-iiding Medical advertising oys Scared Their Aunt Two Puny '-t use !o rcxims 01 Harry We're here to serve yoa; givs us the chance. S. X. BTSVERS. Farm Implements and Gasoline Ensnnes. Biglervflle. Pa. New England's First Christmas Z Medical Advertising Beg}' ! s Mustarine Ends THE first Christmas celebraTert t|BackaCfie and « inside a Souse on t^e Amen- '·· i ache Instantly Ontt* They 5o Seldom Do. What a woman likes about reading ^s !;*.»- -I'trpshoiii. n niarkod phfinif »"j:::t- over the visitor Tnkinu his sun's Uiiid in OJIP of his r)V.*u. his danjrhrer-in-law's hi the other, with vret eyps. IIP s;)Ul: "Corns- !;i«:i:!\ my dear boy and jrirl. I can st:ind this no longer. I shall give ap society for yon " : That ende3 the pstrangement. The father was getting oM and found more comfort at home, than in society. .Mothers Can Leam a Useful Ltsson From 3Irs- Bowers" Acfisn. Dr. John D. Bear Bro.. Elktcn. Va.. Gentlemen:-During the months of Sept- apd Oct.. two of my little nephews. John and Ed Burke, were with me and they were so par.y and run-dowrs thai, I decided to give them a treatment of Bears Emulsion which had been rec-'j f y druggist- As , f .o take it tney | A SHELL oysters always on hand at Evans' Restaurant United · Phone.-advertisement ·· ...... can continent wss on We". ^. 163S. Our J'uritnn ancestors finished their Srsi bouse at Plymouth, Mass_ bavin? sjxrnt more than a niorjth in wandering about in scan-li o' s \-.\?.-e or sett-ensont- Ttie compaay v.-.-:s dsTided inTo nineteen f.imiSit's. asc! to fscli jsersoD was aspisrr.ed n lot for honsp .-ji:«I jznrrio:!. U wns not :: very ---li^orfni CSrisi- n:ns for the I*«ri!nns.' All or Ii v- ·. Kab it on Freely: It Won't Blister. *? I S.ops Ilhcumatic Asony and Re% ! duccs Painful Jciuts. *; | F-.~ ^I'.l^s: around, people are comlngr | for BEGY'S MUSTARINE. The. re- ··: ;port of its m ; E: v .ty poorer to "stop all '"-' ' i.ches and rsair.s almost Instantly-Jand 'i ; to ersd all soreness ar.d lameaess -? ·'JjTieedisv has had its effect and-S-the or^uierided to me by soon as they bejrin started to improve both in appetite ; and Jlesh. and after taking tivo bottles'. they were so much improved you j ·R-ouid hardly recognize them as the j same children. 5 Bear's Emulsion is the best thing I have ever seen for puny children j and a run dovm system. I would not | think of doing -without it where there j are children, I think it is the finest medicine in the world. Very truly yours, Mrs. E. G. Bowers. Shenandoah, Va., Dec. 13th, 1911. Bear's Emulsion b uilds up rundown systems in old or young and is' an unequaled remedy for coughs and Ms. Sold anil recomniondeu by I'oo- j nle's and lluber's Drug Stores. j inside tbo house, so tast ^on?e of t!;em tvore ieft out in The oolsl. bn? I'-'f- re!i:nous features of the day tvcre uot forjroltrn. sci i raay ^e sn:i that ;he Beth!?l:ein Tvas praj'ed to rtucl suns: to :n A most fervent ninn- tier Ahem! "Waiter," ordered the fussy-looking customer, sniffing the air suspiciously, "never mind bringing that order. I never can eat when there's a smell of fresh paint around." "If you'll just wait a few minutes," replied the \vait- ter, "them two young ladles will be go- -ine." ··''·' · · · · ' ' . " ·· :..- · · ' · ' " It! Lumbago. Neuritis, tor Sore Throat - Und Chest'Colds. Nothing like it for ':' I Sore, Inflamed Feet or Burning Ban- Babe of 'i; ! ions. Corns or Callouses. A big yel- ·$' low box for 25 or. money back^if "'' · dissatisfied plan. Ask for BEGVS 4 ' j MUSTARINE. It's the original. Yel'" lew box. MUSTARINE is for sale and recommended in Gettysburg at all drug- srists. · ___^__ Daily Thought. The only faith that wears well and its color in all weathers is that rtiich is woven of conviction and a«t the sharp mordant of experience. -Lowell. ^SPAPERf

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