The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 15, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1818
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TP YORK POST, THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1818. NUMBER 4805 NO. 42 PINE - STREET. FOR HALF. AT THE SHIP - YARD 'OF THE SUBSCRIBER, t u , A SLOOP, now building of the best tffii material, about 100 tons; timbers of live ?33dok, locust and cedar; bottom plank jTrSyVbite oak, built on purpose for the Albany trade. ' rair - nlatexl for A Ol'v. v. v 1 wany trade where dispatch, burthen, and ieasy draft of water is required. :.. ur'iirViVRR. of40tons, ' tlv will draw but little water, with a lee - "board through the centre oflier ked, aJSeapected to sail very fast L. Also, a SHIP of 360 torn, ffcWed iffvfor a Liverpool or London trader, (that VlMcan be finished to suit the aTgpar., Umber and plank. Also, Umber Mmdt. billsfor bouse hn - WWMf. nnvS U "l" 1 II C IV 1 .. sails fast is well found and can be Jm . 1: , i nl Thil Krior ! MIA TAftr sent losra imuicuwitij. e old, was built of the best materials and was em - ployed the last year as a packet between this port and Savannah, lies at Murry's wharf Ap - lu to GRliWOLDS k COATE3, 1 "Jcc 15 68 6onlh - st For SALE, ' viriiY The vryf1 aailing sloop PRA - r.nv. Child, master burthen 66 tons, at Middletown, (Conn.) by Mr. Thomas Child, of the best materials, has made one voyage to the West Indies, is one year old, t nd can be sent to sea immediately. For terms apply to the master, on board at Burling - slip, r to GRISWOLDS k COATES. dec 13 68 South - street. l or GIBRALTAR, Th. r aniline hri f. AURA - ANN. p l? - ,,ir mmipr! hum fin accommo - ilatiuns lor passeusers. or ireigni oi auu oar - Tel" or passage, apply to the captaim on board, . west side Burling - slip, or to .,. N. L. Ic G. GR1SWOLD. ' dec SO 86 South - street. for SALE, The new and fast sailinir brig FAME, .built of the best seasoned timber, and faiilifullf put tojrelher. her rijrtrintr and sail are of excellent quality, this vessel is well calculated for a Southern Packet, having hand - tome accommodations. For terms and a view oflier inventory, pply to GRISWOLDS & COATES, dec 15 68 South - street. Fur Halt, hretghl or Charier, The excellent brigr RISING SUN. .Win. Napier, master, burthen one huo - dredand five tons, will stow about 900 barrels. two years old, tails fast and can ba sent to tea Immediately Apply to the captain on board at the f jot of Harrison - street or to JOHN BYERS. , Who hat fur bale, 1500 bMs ground plaster of Paris 600 tous Nova Scotia plaster .ISO do French do in lots to suit purchasers Apply as above, , dec 11 tf for BORDEAUX, JAi The ship DRAPER, W. . Adams. Yt master t a first rate ship, will meet with immediate di.patch. For freight or passage, apply to the master on board at Fly - market wharf, or to dec 29 tf . B. W. ROGERS & CO. . Cf. For JH.'BLLY, vMVV The uhiUTtil fist sailinr ship Mn - fpthvv n. Field, master j will commence loading on Monday, having nearly the whole of her cargo ready to go on board, will be dispatched without delay. For freight of about 250 casks flaxseed, cotton, or cabin ind steerage passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to THOS. S. WALSH, dec 13 J 18 Front - street , . FVH Jt&tF - QRLEAfS, v 7 The substantial coppered ship E - 2Manrm, Devoe, master, to sail in a few days. For treight, which will be Uken low, or pas sage, apply to P. REMSEN & CO. jan 2 26 South street. for Mobile and Blakeley, The eletrant fast sailinir new packet Lcclinnner THOMAS .SII1KJ TTC Tucker, havinir sunerior accommodation for cabin tastenger ; most of her carg being engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch; For freight or passage, apply on board, w est side Old - slip, or to PETERS & HERRICK, dec 30 29 Coenties - slip. FOH Jtt.W.ORLKAJtS, The ship MARIA CAROLINE, lv - ,ing at Jones' - wharf. will be dispatch - eu in an mis wee sne is a very fast sailor. nearly new, and has elegant accommodations. For freight or passage, apply to JUNES Si MEGRATH, dec 30 83 South - street. - WAN TEH. s4 K A Drituh Mlnatl for a port in England or Scotland Apply to UAJIBtKLENG & PEARSON. dec 8 67 South - st. FT Sale. ttWirhl mr I hmrlmr JHf The sUonch good thip ANGELICA, t'" uns ooruien, one year old, sheathed and in com Diets order ta stows about 1800 bbls. a rv F.i n;i;n. h&slargt accom modal ions for natsengerr, and wi uuwutni Nr me new - urieans trade Ao - l"I w La. S. J. UMMVUI Ji, de 86Sonth - st. for 'rmsrht or Charier Th briar .iTLANTlH. rant. R.;i.. .burthen about 1400 hhl. u mmAw ceiT a cargo, and can ba sent to sea without do - I. a a7 priy n ooaru, or to jan 6 R. fc C. W. DWR - tPORT k CO. Itanttdtm Charier A eood sijOOP nr fsrnnnwn that will nrrv sKnn nn e. "g ocrmuaa ; immeOiaU; dispatch will be given. Apply to 1 tit. HER & LA CRIES, .J" 3 S9 Soutn - street. FOR 1RKIOHT OR CQlSTtl. V The scbr FAVORITE, H. II. Fithei JUmilttsftP. Hrfnsr lt ukttrf kAH. I - . , . " . - . . . BHvuutw wn a lllliKltTI XWill hutlf. now roar) t mo . i.. to the CapUinoo board, or at 92 C. H. slip, to J"" J ui nr. bm mu.x r, K UO. For Freight or Charter. Tb4 substantial brir F.IIMrr. ir master. of!95 tm. l mnniK..1.1 . 74,ur "n uu rthnf o receive a carro. Arw . i i . . rj siv wuui'jirffi, io 5 CAMBRELENG ii TE ARSON. Far Sole, Freight or Charter. The schr. lOiJ.Y t, mr .rililldelnhi - i hupfKan l. - n, - - 111 MaM. - - oruer. anil now reat'v to receive rE0 - Apply on boar.1 at Mur'raVa - wliarf, w. X. k D. TALCOTT, Jw" Cifcath - strect for Freight or ( hotter, The line ship FUSTEK, burthen 350 tons, is in complete order, for any voy age and ready for the reception of cargo. Apply to captain Moran, on board, or to jan 7 W. & SAM. CRAIG. for Freight or Charter, The staunch, substantial skip DRUM - MOND, capt. R. Qur.rles, will be ready to receive a cargo in a few day For terms apply on board, at Pier No. 17, or to WALSH & GALLAGHER, jao 3 68 l - or Soie, trtight or Charter, The good fast sailing brig NYMPH, 157 tons burthen. La complete order to receive a caro, may be sent to sea without delay. Apply on board, east Fly - market wharf, or to N. L. ti G. GR2SWOLD, janf? ' 86 3outh - st . For Xale, Freight or Charter, The shin KOX, bnnhen 2J00 bbl. is a very fast sailing vcssl, and in good or - dor to receive a cargo. A pply to N. L. k G. GRIsWOLD, jan H 06 3outh - st for Sale, Freight or Charter. A new pilot boat built SCHOONER, 120 tons hurthen. built in the best manner, fircrnod mitM - ialti. anrl muner fasten ed, a very fast sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea wiiii small ex pence. Apply on do am, at Burling - slip, or to jan 8 N. L. & G. C.RI9WOLD. for Hate, Freight or Charier, The ship MIRROR, 320 tons burthen, is a good vessel, 2 years old, stows about &00 bhl - . and sails fast. Apply on board, west side Burliog - slip, or to N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, jan 8 8C South - st FOK SALE, The ship EMULATION, 330 tons, built in 181 1 at complete or der to receive a cargo inventory to be seen on board and at the auction room For approved endorsed bills at 4 and 6 months, to be sold at auction to close a concern, on the 9th inst. by jan 8 It C. G. FONTWINE. far Sale. F rupht or Charier. The crood shin BRILLIANT. J. (leer, master : 3.10 tnnn htirthan. 2 years old, in complete ordef to.' receive a cargo, and is in every respect a Use vessel. Apply on board, west side Darling - slip, or to N. L. ii G. GRISWOLD, jan 8 86 South street. for CHAKLE.S1XJJ, The new fast sailing schooner TONTINE, S. Hoyt, matter, will positively sail in all next week For freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply on board east side Burling slip, or to jan 9 SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - st IttUsTOJLi BROWN STOUT. 1 Cfcaiks Bristol brown stout, warranted M. Jj equal to any ever imported, in casks of 6 1 - 2 dosen bottles (or sale by tt. W. ROGERS & Co. dec 10 S35 Pearl - street. ao CALCUTTA GPOUS. bales Calcutta Goods, consistiot: of Alleabad Lockipore f Jug.k - a, VBAFTAS, and I Callapatty J Knoiibld"nd( CnOWDAOARY. . Aifcnuaa, l Oiinghur, and MAMOODY. Joicinzpore j Alleabad, ) Khoirahad and EMERTV. Lowherpore ) Fine Jallalpore and Muddon Sawn Fine Chaadpore, Cossas Beerbooa Gurrabs Corombse Moharegungee Bandanna and ' ) unvra Luneee Auhdr Silkt UKr " Just received and for sale by GOODHUE & CO. dec 11 44 South - street. Q TOBACCO U FLOUR. Ot hhds nrw Richmond tobacco 20 do old do do 13 do Petersburg do 300 bbls Philadelphia superfine flour Laodinsr from brier Risin? Sun. and schrs In dian Hunter, Sea Lion, Gid Brothers For sale by BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. Also, in store 500 bbls superfine Kicnmoou flour : 200 do Petersburg do. dec 27 97Q COr'FEE, SUGAH. and INDIGO aCI I 03 hlJ. anrl 90 hifirn rrppn Coffee 3J hhds 1 Uerce aud 4 bbls Muscovado bugar 41 ceroonsCaraccas Indigo T.andinr frnm the schr. Grevhound. from St. Thomas, for sale by t . V. KAKl UAUSi t.r.mivrk.r. at imi 3 '74 Washington street 170R SALE, the cargo of the ship Crine, can - HunnlMn. frnm Calcutta, and now landing at the loot of Liberty - street, consisting of East India Sugar Cotton Ginger 1 Block Tin Gam Shellack Gura Copal - Goat Skins of a large size Alio for sale. India Muslins of almost every description. Also, a mail quantity o - nanam, ana Odor of Roses. For sale by jan 7 ROBERT LENOX. FLOUR, COTTON, kc 250 bbls Philadelphia flour 21 bales upland cotton, new crop 8 do New - Orleans do do 5 tons lignumvitss , 15 tubs German steel 3 pipes red port wine 11 hhds do do do 5 hhds white do do 3 qr. casks do do do 1 hhd Madeira wine 11 qr. casks do do 37 boxes superior claret (1 doz. each) An invoice of lace veils, cotton lace, Lc. Ad invoice of Dutch tnvs for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, jan 7 112 Front street IstAJWt COCOwi. TWENTY - FIVE bags of very superior qua. lity I'laud cocoa, for sale by TUCKER ic LAURIES, Jan 2 29 South - st Vf UrfKETS, TAPES, He. 5000 Muskets . L entitled to Dentur 13 boxes well assorted Tapes. No 11 to 25 : 7 ceranns 1st quality Floiant Indigo 4 boxes Flaxen Linnrn 2 bbls. White Lead, fr sile by J.C. EU1 MERMAN, Jan 8 Im No. 72 Wathingtm - slreet. flOTTON YARN. The COMMISSION K.I COMPANY, 148 PeaH - street, have now for sale, most Nos.of Cotton Yarn, 'roui No. 4 to I AM t W VV ULF. Jno. will heocfbf ward ( J tinae to transact CommiisiDR business in bis own same. dec 31 rT1EA, 40 boxes Souchong Tea, superior JL quality, canton's cargo, lor sale oy HURD & SEWALL, dec 15 65 South - street. I lOBACCO ti FLOUR. 9 hhds. prime old L leaf tobacco, landing from schr. Sea Lion, from Kicnmoud. is STORK, 1030 bbls. Richmond superfine flour 75 do do fine do For sale by TROKES, DAVIDSON & CO. dec 30 106 Front - street. fTlOBACCO, FLOUR COTTON. 18 JL hhds prime leaf tobacco 200 bbls Virtrinia flour 20 bales prime upland cotton, received per sloop Cashier, from Petersburg, and for sale by WALSH 61 GALLAGHER, dec 23 ' C6 South - street. OHOl', WHITE LEAD, fcc A few tons kJ Patent Shot, from BK to 10 A few casks Dry White Lead 3 tons best de. im oil, in 28 U 561b. kegs 25 rasks best Red Lead 26 rolls Shi - et do. 10 hhds Paris White, of a superior quality - 4 casks Yellow Ochre, drv Red, Yellow and Black Paints, in kegs of 1 cwu eacn A lew casks Fig Blue Black Vamish in kezs of 4 gallons each Window Glass 7 by 9, 8 by 10, 11 by 9, and 12 Dy 10 lor sale ny ATKINSONS FLEMING, dec 22 1m 167 Peurl - street. riARHETS. 2 bales Mirzapore Carpets, Ls just received, and for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, dec 29 55 Pine - street. r?LAX3EED k FLOUR. 28 tierces Flax - A7 seed 250 barrels superfine Southern Flour, just re ceived, and for rale by HENDERSON & CAIRNS, dec 27 81 Pine - street. ODOR OF ROsts. A FEW pound bottles of Odor of Roses, just received from Smyrna, and for sale by the 22 ROBERT LENOX. DUTCH GOODS, &c A small invoice consisting of Marbles; slates, slate pencils fc'nufl' boxes, violins, violin sticks Tortoise .hell work boxes Tortoise shell tea caddies Cornelian ear rings, coral do gold seals Silver purses, lead pencils Porcelain tea and coffee cups and saucers Cologne water, Lc. received per brig Janus, from Rotterdam, for sale by ROBT. GILLESPIE, dec 30 112 Front - street. BLUE GOODS, kc.ll bales company blue Mamoodies, fine qual. , - 4 bales Company blue fiaftns. do 17 do India Calicoes, sud. qual. and new pat terns, selected particularly for this market, just ree'd per ship India, for sale by r. ncsrviotai at isir, jan 3 2G South - street. COTTON. rriWfityTTvbales Prime ,Uplarid Cotton, for 1 ' oQf6X 3S I'ei K - slip. Dy R. C. W. DAVENPORT.t CO. Jan 6 HINGLES AJC IUO.000 22 inch Shingles, O 11,000 W. O. Barrel Staves, for sale by Jan 0 TH)BACU3 Jr FLOUR. Landing this day J. from the schooners Rolla and VVeymoutli. hdWnn!nul.aDdJM, 105 barrels supacfine Flour Im Store. 100 hhds. old Richmond & Petersburg tobacco 600 kees of 1st & 2ri quality manuiaciurea ao various brands for sale by DIME BKTHUSb a: cu. jan 7 92 CoflVe - house - slip. lAfHITE LEAD IN OIL. 100 kei pi laniiimt irum shipCaioline Ann, from Liverpool, rorsaleby unit 0t.111u1.1i1 a w. . . . . . rr 1 - . inn 7 .10. S oiiee - iiu.c - Mi. UPHOLS1ERV 4Ut - rces best blackcuiled Horse Hair 1 case best Satin Horse Hair Seating, and Thread Tickling, just received per Lorenzo, from London, ana lor sal by 1 1 L rv L r.HALu, ian7 65 South - street. IIIVCL'I'S ru .inwrwir. rnlnrfii. Fon - L eees. for hatter's use, just received and lor sale by CAMBRELENG ic PE CARSON. dec 23 67 South - street. nunnvoiLin'l'uS iir imivnnr London I J rhronnnrliTi in cases, with a small invoice of London Watches, lor sale ny dec 23 64 South - street, - A STARCH. WNE Hundred and Sixtv. kees Philadelphia Starch, landing (rem schr. Fair Trader,, at Old - slip, lor sale by JACft.SU.1 jan 5 75 Wall - street. O I.NDIGO, SUGARS, kc VP J fJ bags Benares and Radnngore Sugars, the latter very mptrior quality, hard grained, worthy the attention oi retailers 17 cases Bengal Indigo 4200 Goat trkins, large size and fine quality, lust fee d per ship India, mr sale rjy inn 3 25 South - street. IRISH MARKET TOBACCO. - 50 bhils nrirn. Tolinrrn. nn pntirn nnrrpl. Inndin? this day from the sloop Mechanic, front Richmond, lor tale Dy. Ullt. at. i nuiir. en. tu. deci6 92 CofToe Honse - slin. Srill - III.Aln .l.l'UIA K'l.llllU Un hhl u - 3L oerfine Philadeliihia flour, landin? from brig Kismg sun, lorsaie ny UUtK.IA. K. JUtl.lSiU.l. Also in Store, 500 bbls Richmond superfine floor 200 do Petersburg do do 19 do Richmond fine do dec 2S A trt PAPER, OLIVES, HATS, c. TEvF Bales Italian foolscap paper 16 do letter paper 15 cases liquorice paste 1 box ostrich feathers, 1 do chip hats 1 do pressed sup. straw do from No 32 to 54 3 do manna in flakes 557 marble mortars 23 cases veined and statuary marble slabs, assorted sizes, for pier tables, ic. 200 boxes anchovies, 130 do olives 4 jars oil lavender just received per brig Louisa Cecelia, from Leghorn, and for sale by CHA. L. OGDEN, and dec 27 ABR. OGIJEV, Washington - st. ILANNELS, PINS, kc. A few bales as - 12 sorted flannels, white, red and yellow Do fine and superfine white do. very wide. Green tnble covers, from 5 qr. to 8 by 10 Men and women's cotton stockings ' Do do white silk do A few awes London mixt pins, in 1 - 2 & 3 - 4 lb Do pack pins 3 1 - 2,4,4 1 - 2 and 5 1 rase mourning pins, 1 do tbort white do White chapel needles, assorted, No. 1 to 10 1 case hooks and ryes 1 Jo brass aud stel top thimbles Brass and card wire For sale bv ATKINSONS k FLEMING, dec 22 lm 167 feaxl - st. DOMESTIC ft OTHER W n fh TMIE subscribers keep constantly on band an esteoiive assortment of the following goods, via Dutch and Ensrliah Gunny Bags, kc. Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall anrl Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do d rooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common i lean no do do Cloth - do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe & Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Whips of every de Sash Tools scription Seine, sewinsr, wrap' Clamps, 4. 7, 8 row Furnitor Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace ping, baleing and ball Twine Fish Lines Shoe k Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballan ces nope Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on liberal terms. CEBRA Ic CUMING, jan 5 76 Pearl - street, "COTTON New crop, prime, suitable lor w manufacturing, will be sold in parcels to ac commodate purchasers. Also, a few bale of old crop. Enquire 148 t - artiirei, up siuirr. jan o SOUCHONG ii. KAMPOY TEAS, in boxes and catnisters, 33 and 24 lbs each, entitled io aeoentu'e, lor sale at 64 south - street, by CAMBRELENG &PE ARSON, jan 5 H URD & SEWALL, No. 65 South - sticet, oiler lor sale 200 tons PSI old sable iron 60 do GAD and CON D do 30 do Swedes square do 25 bundles Swede steel 100 bolts half duk, or heavy ravens 160 do 1st quality ravens duck 100 ps, do Russia sheetings 25 bales Becrboom gurrahs 16 do Calcutta and Bcrnagore checks 10 do sooty romalls, and gilla hdkfa 2 do blue mamoodies 5 cases gum benjamin, 5 do gum copal 1000 gunny baes, 6 bales senna leaf 4 cases bead, necklaces, kc. calculated for the N. W est and Span. America 3 do Englibh writing and letter paper 4 do superf. London made hats 6 do domestic stripes, ginghams and ticks 6 do Bohemian picture glass 250 kegs cut nails, assorted sizes 400 boxes American window gifts, assorted 1 sixes, 4c. dec 27 QOURMAN il JOHNSTON. - o. 67 South - XJ street, have for sale 05 hhds. new James River Tobacco, 70 do old do do ZS0 bbls. Richmond superfine Flour 300 do Philadelphia do do 800 kgs Richmond manufactured Tobacco at all qualities 70 boxes Spanish Segars 205 qr. casks Colnienar Wine 25 tons assorted English iron, entitled to debenture 150 bundles Hoop L Steel .50 da Crawley do 40 do Cast and Shear Steel 1500 qr. casks London Tower proof Gunpowder, F FF and FFF 380 do large grain, for Duck shooting,, of superior strength 300 do Butt's Cylinder Sporting Powder," in cannisters 14 cases English Muskets and Bayonets 50 casks fresh London Mustard 39 nu.Mpfk.Xia . . 20 kegs green Paint 140 mtces twilled Sackine 24 pieces narrow and 10 do wide Cotton uagging 13 pieces Hop Bagging 7 bales Streletz Osnaburghs 2 do Cod Lines 7 puns. Jam. Rum 6 casks Russia Tallow 1 hhd Pink Root 2 bales blue and black West of England Broad Cloths 8 cases Mull Jacanet and Fancy Muslins 1 trunk of Madras Ilk Is 1 do blue Bandaooes, " I do Printed Shawls, 3 do Cotton Balls 5 do superfine Plate Calicoes 1 do iViilinets, I do London made Slop 1 do Sailors Woolen Caps. jan 10 tf X CUT MILL SAWS. kc. SMALL invoice of X cut Mill and Tit Saws, 1 l. S. and c.s. for sale nv ANDERSON & SHEARER, 131 Water - street, Who have in Store. Hand, ripping and dove tail Saws, brass and iron backs Cast S'el Chissels and Gouges M(isl!n sf1Kissala artr4 1 r.UI inur ITitlWAtl 1111 UlC VUirirvi tmsi's iinn ill. nui Patent Carolina k Virginia Hoes, No. 12 34 Wrought nails, 4d, bd, ut, tud, 12, fit HJd Brass and copper wire, of all sizes Rolled and Sheet Brass, Bran Pans London Pins, Nos. 2 1 - 2. 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted fur the country trade Engravers' Copper, in plates of all sizes. jan 12 JOSEPH OsUOrlN, 2 contfi - slieet, offcr for sale the entire cargo of the ship Perseve rance, silver, master, from ttatavia, viz: 450,000 lb. very handsome Coffee 14,000 lbs Sugar 400 Ox Hid. s 2 bagsCuhuh IN STORE. 120 hales Calcutta Piect Goods, vis : Beer - boom Gurrabs, balanagore, hagery and Calcutta checks, red, blue and white Madrass pattern Killa hdkl's. sooty roiuals,; and bandanoe hkfs. sant as, cossas sawns, baltas, jalalpore and blue mainoodies Sc. &c. Castor oil. senna leaf, assofinedita. Gum benjamin, copal, trajacanth, salamo - ninc, &c. c. 50 hags mustard seed 40 kegs pickled salmon 35 kegs ground ginger 50 chests hyson and singlo tea 26 hags Calcutta sugars 300 boxes No. 1 2 Chocolate 100 bolts Russia Duck 60 tor.s Russia iron 500 Russia Seal Skins 1 case cross bar'd Canton Ildkfi. 1 case black Canton crapes 3 cases colored do 200 pieces blue Nankins 5000 pieces Ions yellow do ihifi8w'tawi" 3000 Calcutta goat skins bUKI Madrass do kc. kc J in 8 CALCUTTA GOODS. ONE hundred hales consisting ol Baftas Luckipore, ChitUihully, Callipatty and Putka. Cossahs Chaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna a d Luckipore. Sanuahs Jellalpor and Mow. Checks Gillahs, Romsli, fcc lor sile by C1I9. L. OGDEN and ABflM OGDEN, jan 9 W ahineton - ntrect COTTON - 9 bales first quality Upland Cotton, landing, and S.i sale by bAl'L ALLEY. 8 Pine - street. IN STORE, 33 bales Sea - Island Cotton. Apply as above. Jan 9 4 r Kr JOHN CUFFE having published in the bazette of Jan. 7th, a statement tending to charge Mr. Arthur Hirst with being an accomplice of Joseph Lee in defrauding him, and bavins connected nv name wft!i ilui ri in thp publication, I conceive it to be a duty which 1 owe to myself and Mr. Hir.t to make a fair and correct statement of the transaction, for the information of the public. Joseph Lee alias Ievv. called nnon me and declared that he was ia embarrassed circumstan ces, that he was daily called upon to pay hi board, but was unable to do it unless be could obtain the money, by putting the clothes, which m uien wore, into the possession of some gentleman, who would advance on such security, what be wished. He said he had bartered with Cufle for the clothes, by giving him a gold watch, and wished me to sell them immediately and put the balance over what I advanced, to his account. I supposed the property to be Lee's, and advanced the money without a moments hesitation. I then requested Mr. Hirst. 'as a friend, to dispose of tht clothes in Charleston. After Lee bad secreted himself, Cufle caused the ship Morning Star to be searched. The officers found Lee's trunk, and then nsked Mr. Hirst if he had any clothes belonging to Lee in his possession. He answered he had a suit ol clothes belonging to me, formerly Lee's He proposed having hi trunk rtnmi. ned to satisfy CuflV and the Olficers, before they suggested carrying it to the Police Office. The request was not complied with, but the trunk was taken into court and all the contents examined. The clothes which I requested Mr. Hirst to sell, were claimed bv Cufle. As a witness. 1 stated the circumstances, already mentioned, to we t uuri. They restored to Mr. Hirst everv article con tained in his trunk, without passing the slightest ccmure upon dis conaiict, and voluntarily directed his things to be sent on board. My claim to the property was considered honorable and it was restored to me again. Mr. Hirsts conduct was not censured. Mr. Hirst thought himsell injured and openly expressed his detestation ol Cuffe's proceedings. 1 leave it to a candid public lo judge whttherCuffehas acted honorably in attacking un absent gentleman, that lie acknowledged in court was not connected with Lee in i mud. Air. Hirst, did not know until Monday morning, that Lee had any intention of going to Charleston. Curie expressly states that Lee slept on board with Mr: Uirst, and as positively asserts a falsehood It is well knowq that Mr. Hirst did not sleep on board until the second night after the search was made. ' It is astonishine that ihis John Cuffe, Merchant Taylor, 46 Broad - street, should introduce the name of Mr. Arthur Hirst iu an advertisement tending to injure him in the estimation ol his numerous and respectable friends who are unacquainted with the circumstances, without reflecting, that an attack upon an innocent man will ultimately involve the accusers namr in inevuaoie uisgruce. Jan 9 6t JOSHUA SPURR. , M U S I C. ALL the Songs, Duetts, ns sang by Mr. Thi - lipps at the New - York Theatre, for sale at Wm. DUBOIS' Piano Forte and Music Store, No. 126 Broadway. Behold in his soft expressive face Tho' love is warm awhile 'Tis but fancy's sketch Is there a heart that never lov'd In vain me v that bosom lost qui te deplore My early Jay what joys was thine Love's youni; dream This blooming rose at early dawn Robin Adair Beautiful Maid Let lame sound the trumpet Had I a heart Evtleen's Bower Dear maid I love thee Ah sure a pain was never seen Said a smile to a tear Sigh not for love Vur' irnvrat&Jrr.lJi" . Bird Duett to me" Flora's wreath. With n large assortment of new music. d - c24 VALUAbLE REAL PROPERTY FOR SALE &rt ON TUESDAY, the 20th January inst Ufilsl by Eleecker It Bibby,.at public auction, in Hie Tontine Coffee House, at 12 o'clock, i TWO LOTS OF GROUND, wiih the BUILDINGS erected thereon, situate No. 32 Pine - street, in the occupation of Robert Stuart each l.t is 22 feet 3 inches in front, 21 feet 10 1 - 2 inches in the rear, and average length 75 feet 9 inches. An indisputable title will be given to the purchaser, and possession on the first of May next. Information as to the property, title, and terms of sale, may be bad by applying to CORNELIUS BOGERT, No 14 Cedar - street JAMES BOGERT, 1 Surviving Exec - and ators of Jaco - J AMES VAN ANTWERP bus Bogert Jan 9 I2t JACKSON HOTEL 41 a assac - strkbt. rI,HK partnership entered into by Madame jL Mondion and .Mr. Deletra. for carrying on tbe Jackson Hotel, is this day dissolved. The Hotel will in future be conducted by Madame MONDION, alone. , The public are hereby cautioned, that no debts hereafter contracted in the name of Deletra and Mondion, will be paid by Madame MONDION. Madame Mondion solicits such share of the public favour as tbe merits of the hotel may, by experience, be found to deserve. tier customers will always find a "Bar and Ordinary, or Table d'Hote, well supplied, and a Larder embracing every delicacy in season. Club rooms always clean, warm and ready for the reception of guests. R. MONDION. New - York, Jan. 8th, 1818. jan 9 2w FIRE - PROOF SIX HE, Ira ti For Sale, (if application be made before the hrsl day of February next) the very valuable lot and store No. 34 South - street, between Coentics and Old slips together with a joint right or title to the I'isr in front Two thirds of the purchase money may remain on mortgage for any number of years Enquire of the sutiscriber No. 1 .Murray - st. S. D. CR.41G. ha 9 lw FOR SALE, Tbe house and lot of ground No. 18 Rose - street ; the lot is 25 feet front and rsar, and 100 feet deep ; the bouse a brick front, sides and rear filleJ in with brick, and built in tbe most substantial manner For further particulars n quire of A. STEENBACK, jan 9 lw No. 334 Broadway. NHsV and LATE PUBLICATIONS, Life Patrick Henry Henry's CIm miifrv ; Hunter on the flood Lady Morgan's fiance Welsh Mountaineers 2 vols HarriLgl'Mi and Ormond, 2 vols Meliocourt, 2 vols Lalla Rookh Pilgrims of the Son A. Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiment Stuarl ami Playfair's Essays Airs of Palestine, a poem Adam's Narrative Tales of Fancy i Valentine Eve Rlinda H. Moore's Poems Comic Dramns Female Scripture Characters Tiylor's F.snyst Sancho HMe's Advice ; Lara Readings in Poetry Branches Reports, vol. 7, 8 and 9 Forsa - eby ROUT. M'DERMOT, jan tt Z.t rearl - strett. STRAITS BRANDY. TWENTY five pipes Crtte Brandy, for sale j. cy ciiA - J L. U'. and . . AUK.. UUIJU, Jao 9 Waiuingtoo - strcct. Bank of America, Dee. 20, 1817. (C" Notice is hereby given to the Stockholders of the Bank of America, that a dividend of two dollars aod fifty cents on a share, for six. months, ending on the 31st inst will be paid at the Bank, on Friday, the 2d January next By order ol the Hoard of Directors. GEO, .NEW BOLD, Cashier. dec 201m HltMXbAiK. ty A dividend of three per cent, has been this day declared on the stock of this Bank, payable on the Sd January next. The transfer book will be closed on the 24th instant. By order of the Board of Directors dec 20 D. I. C REE.N E, Cashier. (Cy - " II PATRICK DILLON, who left Tra - lee, in tlift County of Kerry, Ireland, in the year 1803, will transmit Mrs. ritilicrry, of Tralee, his address, it will he a particular advantage to both parties." Tralee, October, 1815. ' The above is inserted at the lequest of Mr. Dillon's friends. Any communication on the subject will be. . thankfully received and transmitted hy dec 16 BENJ'N. W. ROGERS St CO. (r ISAAC F. BRAGG, late teacher of writing in the Adelphi School, respectfully announces the opening of a seminary on his own account, in the upper room ol the building lately occupied by Holmes it Loofborrow, at the corner of Eldridge and Pump - streets' where he purposes instructing pupils in reading, orthegra - phy, English grammar, writing, arithmetic, geography, the drawipg and colouring of maps, book - keeping, the mathematics and drawing The success with rvhich he has hitherto taught penmanship in the Adelphi School, and in iVlrt. Smith's Boarding School, kc. emboldens him to solicit the patronage of an enlightened and discriminating public, with a confident hope that his industry will meet an adequate encouragement ; and at the same timethnt he feels alt 11m anxiety incident to anew and in portnut undertaking, he looks forward to the proRrpss of his establishment with a cheerful determination tn use his utmost efforts to make it satisfactory to his patrons, in each branch of u liberal Englith Education. N. B. An Evening school is now open at f. F. B's residence, 122 iiaroian - street dec 17 Is iSOUCE. (y Public notice is hereby giv n that the subscribers intend to apply to the Legislature of the state of New - York, at their next session, for an Act of Incorporation, incorporating them and tlieir associates by the name and style of the Franklin Insurance Company with a capital of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for the purposes ol making all tinds of insurance against nre, and on a life or lives, and also on the inland transportation of goods wares and merchandise, . STEPHEN WHITNEY, BENJ. L. SWAN, ELISHA TIB BITS, dec4 tf JOHN ADAMS. NOTICE. OT" The undersigned give notice, that they inteud (o apply to Uic Legislature of Ihis State, at their next session, for an act to incorporate themselves and their associates into a company, io tlie city of NewYork, under the " style of The North River Steam - Boat Company,' with a capital of fix hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of navigating with Steam Boats the waters of the North River. Dated the 22d day of December, 1 It 17. EDWARD P. LIVfNGSTON, ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, CHAS. AUG. DALE, D. LYNCH, Junr. dec TI v dCw 07" P. MAVERICK, Engraver, ol Newark, ,ha recommenced business, in New - York, under the firm ol P. MAVERICK k DUK.AND, corner of Pine - street and Broadway in the rear of the Literary Rooms of Messrs. . Easthurn ti Co. . Orders received by Messrs. Eastburn Si Co. AVTHRPEAJV SOCIETY. (Tj The Anniversary Concert of this Society, will be held at the City Assembly, on the 15th of January. The members will receive their Tickets ly applying at No. 206 llroadway, or at the practising room of the Society. dec 15 lm JOS. KNIGHT, Secretary. NOTICE. 1 07" The Pacific Insurance Company of New - Yur have this day declared a Dividend of twelve per cent on the capital Stock, payable at their office, No. 49 Wall - street on tbe 19th instant By order of the Board of Directors. Jnn5 1m WALTER K. JONES, Sec. NOTICE. The Subscriber, in bchalt of himself and his associates gives notice, that an application, will be made to the honorable the legitlatureof this state, at its next session, for an Act to incorporate a Bank with a capital stock of Five Hun dred Thousand Dollars, and with Isave to in crease it to One Million ; to re located norm east of Beeltman - street, in the city ef Nw - York, and to be called "The Franklin Bank of the city of New - York." Dated New - York, 16th Dec 1817. - By order of the Associates, dec 30 tf NOAH BROWN, Sec'ry. XElV - tOKK MSUHAjrCKCUAPAJYT . The presideut and directors have this day declared a dividend ol five per cent on the capi - Ul stock of the company for the last six monuw, payable to the stockholders oMheir legal repre sentatives, on and after the ISth instant t the office, No. 34 Wall - street jan 5 Im C. G. SHIPiVT AN, sec'ry. NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY. The President and Directors of the Nation al Insurance Company, have this dsy declared a dividend of fifteen per centon their .' - ipiUl stock, for their last six months psynble ro the stock holders, or their lecral repicscntatif fs. on ami after Thursday the 1 Jth inst jan a treni juri.. j. jv...., ivi j 7Jie Panjie truuronte Caopat.if if Mw - VorkA fry The Stockholders are hereby notiutd that an Etectinn for Seventeen Directors will be held at the Office No. 49 Wall - street on Monday the 19th instant, to commence at 10 and close at t o'clock. Byosrfer of the Board of Directors. ' WALTER R. JONES, Sec'y. Jan5tI9th EagU Firt Company 'of fete - York. larOTlCE is hereby given that a dividend for UN the last six months of four d a halfir cent on the capita Stock, of this Company has been declared, and will be paid to the Stockhol derson the T 5th inst. Jan S lm JOHN D. MEYER, Sec. NOTICE. fTr The copartnership of .1. S. Grirwold Si Co. is dissolved by mutual consent The business will be hereafter conducted by A. S. Cris - wold and Knecland Tewnseod, nnder the same firm. A. P. GRISWOLD, KNEELA.ND TOWNSEND, ELIHU TOWNSE.ND. Jan 3 2w NEW - YORK FIREMf.M INSURANCE COMPANY. (Jr The Capital Stnck of the Company bavins; iy a new subscription been r int..i.d lo the lull sum of Fire hunr'rrd tStutand Otllart which is nmrly secured, are inwrraiy lo rrt - iv; ap - nlif Minf.s for 'it sid .Marine tisurtnce at their Office No. 5fi Wall - st - eft. 1e Office solicits the patronage of the pitMicio the ferbiViee that ileoontr rvuUcicJi niil he aff'wded to tbe assur ed Bivt ail losses be prooiptly adjesAed. By or der of the board ot Uirwtors J an 6 1 ia WM. arN L AL, SeOy. . , I "f ' I f. i) i f ! J . if

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