The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 14, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1818
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IN CAVA - IN Cti A NiCER T. .. . i , . State of New - York, rs.: '''..' T N pursuance of dec retal order of t hit h? - . nl tye cnart, bearine. flaw e vut - wct uij I - . .ill h mLd DahliA rtMNW l - 1M lea) - ine CofTue H"e. te,he crtyW New - Toik,un - af tha Attracritar.' - M ha Of ate "ma - tercnf tiu( court, on Jirr, the 8th day ' l January next at irtreo'cfcitk. at noon, f aj i.r risinhUw - k. or tiirra Af rraaftd end ootl un'tcr watery to b Bad land and ground, out of the orih or Hudson's River, situate, lying end "being httve - n WeHangtoa - rtrml ana a ceruiia ' - 1 ur .trert or irvKiit v rl in breadth, to be made ' fronting on the laid North River, called West - street, anil rs nounnca at ioiiow ; nvruitMitnj ' end easterly hy Liberty - street : north - westerly . if.rk' )i tVrrf.afreet aforesaid t South : .westerly and . westerly by Cexlar - street, aad sooth eatterty and. easterly by. Washington . lrt; cotinios in breadth on Weshmton - . strec - and West street one hundred and ten feet . Jiix.inchi, anil, in length along Lilwrtt street one hundred and fnveoty - v, fct. and along Ced?r itrrrt ihiin'Irpd and CTf atT - t 'e81 'toeetliet with the appurtenances, subject never - b - irts to the runt, covenant, .restrjcliODi and ' ngrerments to - which tttid premise! are subject .in favor ft the corporation of the city of Jew '.Vork, at imposed, reserved and 1 Created by , JAMLS A. HAMILTON. '! ,. :,, i . Master in iCbancery. Sote - The tale of the above prprtty is post - Vpooed to Fridays tbe 30th miwt, ''5 o'clock, A. M. elthe same r'0 - UwiH toxoid 'In Inm.r nareelr. aiid On liberal term, which may be koowo by applying ttthe Maiert oflict, JAo. 3 haw Buiknngi ; whera a map of the pr 1 ' niwi toy be teen.. January, bid, ibio. LN CltANCERY. . StateofHewTork, m. . it N praie ftf a decretal ordar of this boormi ; A 4 loon, wh ne ania puoiio Mi"""t hTnanCoaieHme4iiihe'cry f New - . Vofk, andai Uiedirrclionof lb mbwritwr, a ' one oftl natter of . ffcia bMorabia conrt, o '" THUilSDAY, the twenty - Binth dy of Jannary intt. at IS o'clock at ooory all that ctrtam lot, ';' piwe or parcel of land, lituate cm the easterly : .M T HrmoA trail, in the tilth ward of the city New York, known M dumber 350, bounded a rollowt : Beginning at tlie corner of Broad - i w and Lconard - atmL thence ranninff norther J j tuidnpon Croadway thirty feet aad ! rnchet, , t o a home belonging to add eccspird by BUT1 ben Trir. Einnire. tbeoce eatterlv alnftC tba tame , "and parallel to Leonard liraet, one hundred and teventy flva feet lo Benion - ttrcet, thence touth - erly and npon Benton - ttreet thirty feet liz inch - . et to Leonard - ttreet. thence westerly and pom ' Leonard street, cne hundred nndttventy - firtieel totheMafcnfbezioniDi with the appurtenaa ' - Vei. Daed the Ttb day of January, one hovt - 'and eight huadrti! and eighteen. . " : - JAM A,, HAMILTON,. Jaa7 tdf" ' MasUr in Chance nr. t . - 131 CHANCtuRY. ' . . ...... . . - &tmf of JV Fork, , ,IN pamaaxeof a dcctetal order ef thit hono - J fable court, bearing date the lOthday of No. emhex. Ja the rear 1UI7, will he sold at rmblic aw - iMiaw at tha Tontine Coffee Haute, in the ci - ' ty .f. New - York, on Wednesday, the seventh day of January next, at twelve o'clock, noon, all thut jot, pieceor parcelnf t round, situate in the fourth ward ef the city of New - York, on the corner ol CJhrrry aad Dover - streets, bounded northwesterly ia fronton Cherry - street, northeasterly by croend helooeios to Maria Osaood, southeasterly tn the rear by ground now or late the property of doctor Jose pn Koung, aad souweseny oy i ver - ttreet i and it now known and diitituruiahed py bouse aad lot number two Cheny - etreet, mod boese number one Dover - street contain - ' log. in. broadllv la front and rrar 'twenty seven feet and sis inches, and in length oa each side one hundred and seven feet, be the same more or w together with the appurtenances Dated ueccmixr ivrn, iuw. ' - tw ii - ;T A - HAMILTON, t Master in Chancery. i 'ilaa IT 9aw(30tliD dU . - i - ." v '; ' ..'ft The sale of the :ve property Is post. pooed to the 19th instant, at the same hour and JanTdl'M - Master it Chaatwy. r - " IN CHANCEUY. John B. Murray, . ay, - 1 . vrtii i State at Kew - Yorkj i (eon, - - v - ' v ' 1 ' JsmeeT. WsUon . IN aursaanae of a deeretal order of tbie ko aourawe eourt, saade in. the above esuse, will be sold at nubile auction, at the Toatiae CesTee Jioutt.Jn the eity of New - York, under the direction of the tubseriber, at one ef the shatters of this enwrt, on Tnesday the eeeood dsy of Sep. tembereit, at twelve o'eloek at noon, all that tract of land joining on the town of Lowville, and lying in the county of Lewis, in the state aforesaid, being psK of great lot Ho. 4 of Maeosnb's ', pueehase, and comprises all the lots known oa a ' eertsin prn or map made by David Broaarm aad B. White, in tbe year 1 10 1, frost No. Hi to 34? Inclusive, eonuinbg together If ,000 a ores of land,' with the appurtenances thereto belonging or sny wise appertaining. - Dated June 90, ' Copy) ' JAMES A. If MlLTOV, , , .Jv Hi - . Uwia dlds , Wasterm Chaneerr. - The sale of the above property is postponed to the 1st day of Novembernext. at the same bout and place, X JAMEtf A HAMILTON,1 epSlawte ' - Master in Chancery '' The sale of the above property is postponed to Baturdayrthe 8th day of November, at the same hour aad place. Nov 1, 1817. ' . . ir. - - , .. - JAV1E3 A HAMILTON. ' i .. . . - . . t Master lh Chancery. . ov l BaiMon 4 rnst ' - '' - V THva skaltaa a - kl IrtA laaveraa rimriaifa tsa twvarvuwia A 4 A - at iw aranf v yi tiro ejinrvaj I'v yrc aj go iuii"Hv;i iv Tuesday, the 18th dayef ovemler, bstautat IhcsajnehMr andplxre. Nov 8, 1817. JA.Vlt.3 A. ItAJIUlU.X, nov 8 S W MI7 3t . Master in Chancery. The sale of the above Droneitv uPostDoa el to the 4th dav of December next,., Dated t.'A wnaH. ' ''.. . 4iovcmoer m, wi. . . . v . '. , V . JAWfiS .14MILTON, ;, . riov 2rlls " blaster in Chaneerr. The sale of Ihe abtre Droocrtir is oostDonedto the second day of Jaaoary next, at the same hour 'j. !r' lAME3 a, Hamilton; r . - '. nix Z laurtds '. ...i .Mattvrin Chaneerr. 'The sale ofthe above prwperty is postpooed to .' Thursday, the Ndiait. at Ihe came hour and : place. Jan. S, isn. ,. ' ..'t - ...v vr - JAMES A. HAMILTON, - .t fnnjdts - 4.. . Matter itt Chaneerr. 'iN'CUANOtKY.1 lN - purto'ance of an order of this honorable Court, - will be sold at public auction at the Too - . : tineSJoflea House, ia the citvof New - York, un - ler I ha riirection of the subscriber ,'DO the twenty . seventh day of November iastairt, at ELEVEN - y vLuva in us lorenooa, alt Cist eertaHl lot .ricce or parcel at ground, situate, tymg and being ia the fi;th ward of tberitv of New - York fronting on - Laicht tt. (HUDSON SQUARE.) V bounded northerly in the rear by Veilry - aUoet, : easterly by the hogse and Iftt now tor laltl occu - toied by Mrs. Mnrray, - westerly by a house and . M lat of lonard Lipenard, deceased containing in breadth, in front, and rear 31 feet 6 inrhet. hod imtmrh oa rh ,iili I'l tt c.:j premises beine held under and bv rirtir. certain demiie from the rector and inhabitant, of . uircny oi . - tew - iorx in com in union ofthe Protestant Episcopal Chnrch in the ,tafe r.f N. York, for the term of ninet valine r r Fmn Ka , 15th dny of March. ICOj i subject to tl rl rent el y 15, and to the provisoe. covenants and - Xgreemenu cobtalned in laid lease :. toreiher with tbehereditameots and appurtenance to the ' emaie. belonging fr ia anywise appertainitig - - Dated Nov. 4, 1817. - . - . ... - v.. THOMAS BOLTON, i' a x ' ' ' Master in Chancery. . - v The terms of sale, which will he liberal, may be known hv enquiring at the office of the matter, No. 4 1 Pine street. rv4 awtl9th&dfe ' Tjie aaie of the above property, is postponed tn hfyttbh dav of January nt, - at the satbe hour . .W - placer'Dated Nov' rrth, 1817. , Tn O MAS BOLTON, ,' t . Matter iaChacTT. ; . .v .;,v - j ciukcert: Parah Marritoa, nd V Statt e A MarUa Mormons - '"y ' ! V I tt pumaac pf a decretal arderaf thk 1 kj. (n , ti ha caeir, will ne i ki; ..m mt the Tannn lortee tocond day of February aext mt U 'cIocsj, - W mm rf ut rfv. adar tbe directioa aad Mpar - iateodaaca of tba tvbtcribar, sa of the natters of rhit oart All that cartaia tract; piece or w.i t nmA uii Ivinr and heincia the twen ty of Green and - Scaoharne, aad In the towiwbip ol ttruxoi aafl r reenoto, oa nra - - - - tons Rier, hegiomog at a water Ah tree rrkl with the lettertS 3 I" 68, the toathwett cor - - - r - . ui r.i.nd to Bamael Btuires, uer m a u.v r . chaint by tlie sooth of a tract o land I pateijjed to John Moria Soott, Etqoire, and plhert, tbeace msui thTBsi rood, tbrnce north filty - teren chains to the soeth 5 the U.eoce - aoutji eightT - fi decreet, west by the mnath lint of the said Samoelstincct land, hfieea - iina and three radt to the sakt water Ash tree. the bounds Ort roeattoned, whicb taiu - tract ot land was bv Deed of Ke ease. Dearms oaie ine twenty - tum day or aepteanner one tiioutanu w vpa hundred and seventy, conveyed by Uoldf brow Eanyor of the city of Mew. York, Etouire, to Korer bmith. aad hv the laid Rorer Smith, oa the thirteenth day ot Joty onethoaiand tevea bondiwd and serenty - flve, to Thomat tirttwnlfl, aad by the said I bomti unsweM w araaiei m. Hitchcock, and by the said Daniel M. Hitch cock to John Davidson (except nevertheless oui of the raid tract or Dieee, cooUiflinf about seven acres sow ny ine saia tamei i. n ui.i.v.i ny Basnet bcovill.) And also, all that certain part, tract, ami piece of land, sitaate. lyiag and being in the towa of Freehold County of Green, and itAla nT N''Ynrk. and ronlifUOUS to the land above meoUonad : betonnmi at the east lint ri Samuel Scovill't land, where the same intersecU the tempi ke ruad, running thence north onede - f'ree, wett ten CDatDt a no tiny iinas to ine aouui ine ofthe above described laud, thestee on same arattaard twe chains and fortv links, thence tooth ana decree east ten chains and fort Hoks to the rtornpike, east two chaint forty two links. Con together with the first tract, eoataios about one bandied and fifty acres, together wib the ap purtenances loereunio oeioneing or in aejwue appertauung... Dated, New - York, Jan. 10th, jaa IX zawuis inuier in truant or j, ' s IN CHANCERY. ' .i. v. . , , . . statt of AVw - For. si, IN purssiance ef an order oftfais honorable court, will be sold at rmblic auction at the Tontine Coflec House, in the eitv of New - York, coder tlie rHreclioii ofthesahscriher, on the xitnaayoi November, instant, at k.Ltk V EN U'CLAJCR., in the snreaooo, all those certain lots, pieces or paretic of grooed, situate, lying and being in the WUi ward ol llie cny oi new - lora, at ine souw urest corner of Wahuiton and Lau:ht - itreets,nnd running southwardly along Wahuietoo - street 6J feet 6 inches, to ground of John Jacob Astor, thcace west ward! vakmx said Aster's ground 100 fecL to the water : theace northwardly 6? feet 6 inches to height street t tnenoe eastwarair aion; Laicht - streci 100 feet, to the place of becinnine bounded northerly by Laicht - ttreet, eastwardly by Wahington - street, southwardly by ground ol John Jrtcoli Astor, and westwattfly by the water. And also, all those certain other lots, pieeet or - r 1 ..... . l: 1 i . .L - Dnrccii oi crvima. Diuuu.. iims anu iicini ,u uic said firth ward of the city of New York, at the southeast comer or .Washington and LiBignt - streets, and running southwardly along Washington - street 75 (ect, to ground of John Jacob Astor t thence eastwardly along his ground 60 feet, to other ground of tlie said John Jacob Astoc ; thenre nnrthwardlv alonr said rrnund 75 feet to Laigtif - strett t thence westward; y along Laight - I street 80 feet to the place of beginning ; bounded northerly by Laight - street, wettwardly by Washington - street southwardly ana - eastwardly by ground ef J ehn Jacob Astor. And also all those certain - other lots, pieces or parcels of ground. situate, lying and Iwias m the said, fifth ward of the city or new - 1 orx, 73 reel distant irooiine thaaoMthaMst - eflKnat fit JdtwU.aa aaytjrlggh - wich - street SO feet 1o ground of ; thence weslwardlj along said ground 80 feet to ground of John Jacob Astor l theace northwardly 50 feet, along said At tor's ground, to other ground ofthe said John Jacob 'Astor; thence eastwardly along said ground 80 feet to Greenwich - street, the place of begbninc bounded northerly and westward) try around of John Ja cob Astor, southwardly by ground of, anu cauwaraiv or ufreawKO - sueeb AUu also all those certain other lots, pieces or trarcds of grouna, situate, lying and being in the said Otth ward or the city ol .New - Kork, at the oorttiwest corner of. Greenwich - street and Beacb - street ; thence running northwardly "along Greenwich - street 100 reef to ground of Joseph Newton ; theace wettwardly a loos; tlie ground of said Joseph Newton N0 feet to Washingtoa - ttreet ; thence southwardly along WashingtoitHrtreet 100 leei ro (teacn - tTreet i nonce eutwardly aloag Beach - it reet 160 feet to the place of beginning being one half the block a hichlies hetwren Grew wkh, Washington, Habert and Beflch - t And alio all those certain other Iota, pieces or Barrels of ground, situate, lying and'heing In the laid Grth ward or the city or new - Tork, at the northwetl corner of Washington and Beach - streets ; thenor running northwardly along Washington - ttrect 100 reel io grouna or joscpn niewtoo; thence west - wardtv alonr the" t round of the said Joseph New ton KX feet I inch to West street ; thence southwardly along West - street 100 feet to Beacb - ttteet f'tlrence eastwardly alona Beach - street i34 feet to the place jf beginning ; being one half .1 i. I i . : l L i: i . im iwn or Hirs wuiuo net ueiweeu ivasn ington; Wettj' Hubert, and Bnch - stieets j to - rellierwith tlie hereditaments and appurtenan ces to the same, and every parcel thereof belong ing or in anywise appertaining. Daren nov. 4th, 1817. - 1 THOMAS BOLTON, . Master m Chancery. For term of sale which wiU be liberal, enquire of the master,' Ho. 44 nne - street, where map ofthe premises may be seen. The above will be sold to separate lots. nov 4 lawtlBdta The sale of thrf above property is postponed to the 10th day of February Vxt, "t the lame hour and place. Dated nev nm, 1817. - THOMAS BOLTON, ' a , !. - ., . Master in Chancery, not tl lawtFSJts : - ' .. ; . t ; . At a court of cbaocervbeld forttic ,Ute " , : ofNew - York, at the city of Albany, oh the twenty seventh day or December, in ji m.r t . - J . .1 . 111.. vi fur uiiu line lunuanwi cigui nunareaand seveutcen, rasiKfT, ,r " ;k ! The Kooorable James Kent, Cltasccl 1 . :" cellor. . . . . ' v . Oeranl Beekmau, j " j',. , ( rim.. .. j Isaac. B. Cox and Come - ; rielia, his . wife, and lb j Glgbe laiurance Cooipa - . - hy - (. r. - . II "i'l "J I I i , IT appearing by affidavit, to the eatiifaclvon of this court, tlwt process of subpenna to appear and answer ia tlie above cause hath beea regu larly iMoed agalost tha above named defeadants. Isaac ti voi and womeua, nu wire, and the Globe losuraiice Company, but that the aiid de - fendnot, baac B. Cox, could not, upon rhligeot search and rcquiryt made intermediate the Uste and retarn ol the said aubcoeaa, be found within this state, to be served therewith. And it further apptaruix by the said affidavit, that the said de fondaat, itaac B. Cox, is bow within the United States, either ia the state of Kentucky or in the state of Virginia on motion of Davni Cod wise, require, solicitor .for the eoaplainant, it it ordered that the said defendant, Isaac B Cx, do cause his appearance to be entered aad Lis an swer to be filed, ia this cause, within four months uwa uj aaie oi vus order, of io 6t fault thereof that the complainant's bill of complaint be taken T?" j hi is further ortJered, that a copy of thi. order be puh - hsheawifbin twenty days from tlie date of this roer, in one or more of the public newtpapen i.umniuiunaR, torrigM weeks succeSMVC' Vt t least in every week. . . - . A Copy. ' a , I3AACL. KIP, decSlUw8w Assistant P.egisttr. asy I or - .. - - . ... , A COW itraytd from Hit nawe ot ra. ww - Joua - Mreet. U 30th Uec of a hshf rdeoiot, aJitt bfMla an, - about 7 y" WO. MhoewwiaUrtHweaaM twn tnronpatios Uiereol, atoilreceiw 5en'" reward. ; J 6 lw - IMOIOtmtOJf OK MOOH iiULC S ackaowledged by xoedicaf writers t be n Mnliint nl aluhbnra kind, and at all tinier very difiicolt of tare, - This is sufiiciet.Uy illustrated in tlie disappointment of tbose who anior - nately suffer under it, as Hiey, for tlie raot part, fimA that altar havine Irirrl m&ns' linnet to imrc no pnrpose, tliey are at tast obliged to use (for perltapsths remainder of life) facto articles as caa at best bat palliate the disease. Under such cirraaMttncea, any medicine capable of remo - rinr tha MmnuinL aniut sureiv ne an sr highly deserving the attention of alt those who are afflicted with it ; such a combination is tone .t vith in it,, mfji irs Ar i i - ui air - TIC er STOMA VH JlL5 - - the sueeesa oi which has nevir yet bean equalled, for tue cure ef dyspepsia in its most complicated tbrni, such mm or antvtiie. aaaMa. nean itujd. uatuim - y, knaaiog pain ia the stomach, rain . in the aide, 'gTatcoslivenest, pakness in the coMte - nanra. lanraor. lownew oi trnriia. iwo ut we head, virtigo or giddiness and disturbed sleep Wlioever applies these pins in uw anoro arrnrdine Lt ti directions, will never be diapt pointed, as they have never leea once known to rail in producing a radical and permanent cure The ne of a single box will convince thevinost unbelieving or their emcary. , urj wiij n efl'Mtanll remove all sourness of the stomach, not mr(v hv neatraliiinrthe acid, bat by cor recting that morbid state of the secretions which gives rise to it, and at tlie - same time will re tore to tha debilitated orcans of digiStioo, that tone anl vigour which is absolutely necessary to the well beinsr of the animal economy. Tone had at Brook k Carle's, reari - etreet. atJ.C. Morrison's, Greenwicli - streei, and at HullABowue'e 148 Peart - stroct, . where drug - pita and country dealers will be nerved oa libe ral term?. t fXy Fnce one dollar per box. dec 24 fiw" Acw anf titguAt exhibition, ai the old Museum , .... crvuvwin - rirrri. TTIE TOWN OF BOSTON IN MINIATURE m RUCIIF.SNE rerrjectfullv informs the la L . dies and gentlemen of this city, that he hat now exhibiting at the above place, a complete nudel of the town of Boston, ia block work, which represents the public buildings, tuck as churches, stores, public edifices, tic. tec - Also, a view oi a sugar rjnniauon, a. work, packing sugar, cutting coe,KC. sic. A View of South Wales, The moit promi nent feature of this view it a mountain, on the summit of which it aeaitle,ttrongly fortified ; rob bers' cave ia the interior of (be mountain, sto. Admittance 25 cents. . Doors open from 9 o'clock in the morning ti! in l ianS9w : FOR SALE. The houses and lots os. 1C1 and 163 William - street If not disposed of at Private wile, previous to the 38th instant, they will that day be offered for sale, by auction, atth Tontine Coffee House,. For further particulars apply at No. VI I Duane - street. jan 7 tf STORAGE. .Storage may be had on the first floor of the store No. 29 South - street, which win save the expense of hoisting. ucczp EAGLE TAVERN, ; JV'o. 9 WARREJf - STRREET,' ". (Formerly kept bv James S. Iledcnburrh) CI ON TIN lES to furnish . bcef - steaket, os - ters, fcc. at all timet of day. l ' HOT COFFEE is constantly kept In the.por - ter room, with .'or without ralishas, ia a - style that will mot fail to please. ' 1 ,e " i K. N. B; . A lar - ja upper room to let by the week, month or year. jae 7 codlm REAL ESTATE. For sale tlie fee sirnple of 132 feet frout on DivUion - street and 4S feet front on Eldridre - ctreet, makinfr a front of 177 feet. aQ occupied, as retail dry good stores.' ThisT property is wormy uie ettemion - oi a capata. list who wishes to invest hit cash in real es Ute. If Hie leases ami houses was purchased will give IS per cent per annum. The terms are I - - ) cask, remainder on mortgage for a number of year. The .title unquestionable, and a warrcntee cWcdwill be jriveri. For par ticulars, apply to ' JAMES W. SHAW, ' No. 5 Bowery. ALSO,.'. A stock of Dry Goods, on liberal credit, for approved aeciirity: Apply as above. " A nn la - . ' jffTi, FOR SALE, : Vniil A Farm situated on the east bank of Hud - tou't River, five wiles north of tha village of t'oucinaeepue, in tne county or Dutchess, containing six hundred and seventy Acres, having a front of three quarters of e mile on the river, two hundred and thirty acres of which is a fine plain oi great fertility, the residue is arable of a different quality, pasture, meadow and wood, of which there is a great abundance of the linest kinds. There are upon the premises a rood farm - house, a largo and excellent dwelling 'house and a variety of out - build ings, with every convenience for a large farming establishment. The farm is very well watered and in good fence, aad bat upon it two thrifty younj tMTUnrds ; and the garden is filled with a great variety ofthe best fruit. Ilia in the neighbourhood of an Episcopal and a Presbyterian Church, and adjoins aa academy for the education of boys, under tlie direction of Doctor Allen, J :.i.r i m . i . i i i r ' anu wiuuu a uitic ti 9ie rar& uinciing , irura wnence sioopt tan every weea to new - 1 orK, and where pawen;ert are taken - and landed by the passing steam - boats. This tract may be divided into three convenient farms ; 300 acres may be taken from the north and 900 from the south. (leaving T70 acres, with tlie principal buildings, in the centre) on both of which are Cue situations commanding oeauutui and extensive views of Ihe river and adjacent country. The above will be cold altogether or in separate parts to suit the purchaser. . . Alto for sale, two Farms, situate in the towa of Washington, in the same county, lying about twenty miles from the river, one of Uieaa contain ing til acres, tlie ether &8J acres; on both of which are new and commodious dwelling houses, barns and oat buildings, and rood hearina or chards the soli fertile and the terms in excellent fence. , - ., A considerable part of the purchase money for ine bduw may remain lor several years on interest. - - 1 For further particulars applv to the subscriber JljtC! JOHNSTON. Hyde Park, Nov. TTth, 1817, " dec! . V eod6w ' r"l FOR SALE. - Vuail By oftfe' f the executors of George Stanton, deceased, the two story bouse and lot No. 18 Harrison street Said howw is brick front, contams four rooms with fire - places, t cellar kitchen, cellar, and a fine vault in thecH Inr. I ne lot n eirhteen feet 8 inches in width. front and rear, and eighty seven fee six inches in mum - a aeiucuic aiiuauoo lor asmaji gen teel laratry. - - - - , For terms, ftc. apply to - ";' JONATHAN LlTTLE,SlC Pearl - street, Or, .'' ' HENRY STANTON. Brsok1m. " ' ffr" Should the above crcrwtt not be fin6 - sed of by the I Mh January net, will on that nay ne sow at uie routine vonee floosc, by Messrs. Hoffman - A Glass, to close the 'concerns of tht estate. rlec3 Ststrtw ' "FOR SALE, ' " The oVMlrra built batemeot story Hoove, o. b3 Chamber - ttreet, comjikttly fumahrA. Tbe furniture is new and fashionable and will be sold at a large reduction from cost, together with the boee, or separately at may suit the purchaser. Fo' terms apply 00 the premises which may be viewed from 1 1 enti! 3 0 clack. Janl lw era tv J.. tide cf In m - ia the .a SS on 1 Q, TO LBT.or'M . . Aid possession fiven lamediately.n coavenknt two - story bouse, finished in the uiou? stile, now occupied fry me ".'TTI " , .'. ELBKRT ANDERSON, , . "dec 9" If - " . ' No. SO Froyest - street - t To be told or exchanged for property w .rrvv - - - ' . - . . .. Th. auhanrlher beine W ft VeTT' low state of, ai - H l.avinc verv Utile hODesoi recover, offim lor sale his rarm at Barbadoes nef k, roun - of Bergen, containing aooui one nunareaami - n. arret of arable, meadow jnd wood - rati ' r - U .L - Mnj.. mtmA ftara ..VtW aod Newark.' about half a mde this of Newark B ridge. It u in k very high tat e cultivation, andit notturpatsed by any other the vicinity of New - York, at a valuable and ..m, n.unnre. eiiner inr vne lanucr m vi - vate gentleman. The dwelling - house, though nail. It neat and well finished, and the fences, mtmt hnrnt. tiaDipi. biki ouier oui - uuc, excellent oroerana wen pmnncu. i nm. - . house, bordering on the publis road, , it a hanrtnoiM and well ttocxed earaen, ana on m it a vounr and fhrivine orchard, con - tainin&atlioice selection ofthe beit grafted fruit . A nnM ra4llllr.S rlsSTri Vtf lfl tf lhl flfO - - I ST m . perty is thought uiumccssary, as those uitposea 10 purdiiise wilt view the premises. The title is in - difpulablo. For particulars, apply to the sun - xscrtiiera vw uq mri'iuxcu ui w Smitha ncAr tlie premises. novl4tl o i ym . VALUABLE PKOFEKTY rom tatK. " WILLBESOLV. ' - At nublic auction, on the premises, on Thursday, the SSd day of January next, ktoue O'ClOCk, I. M. - i : "ty : I - A CV1AI.I. FARM, cootainuia' aboot ten a - cres of land of the first quality, lying ia Brooklyn, ahnnttwn milea from the ferrv. On the premi ses is a handsome new dwelling nouse, cnuming an eminence, which commands a roost beautiful and extensive prospect of New - .York Bay, Staten Wand, fcc and for pleasaatness f titua - tion is not exceeded ia King's county t ana a new Bar or Carnage House.. ., . also, . - . '. A FARM, of about 17 acres of upland and - 5 of Salt meadow, adioining tlie property fore described, having a good bouse, burn, ale . ALSO. .. - ". ... . A FARM, containing about twelve acres ol upland, in a high slate of cultivation, and 8 I acres of salt meadow, adioining the turnpike badin? from Brooklvn . to Jamaica, ria which is an excellent young orchard,,, goo dwelling bouse, a first - rate barn, &c. tic. , .' . i.iaawisav Fourlots of Woodland, of 7acre each, lying about a mile from the above described farms. , Thealvit - onmnert will be told separately. Any person wishing to purchase is invited to call on the subscriber, by whom the premises will be shown, and any farther information given, which may ov required.. mm - nu.. iaoStds m . j , , Brooklyn. TO LET. i For a terra of years, the hoae and kit N'. 5 Broadway, at present occupied ty uie Miss Kinsey't, as a poarainz nouso. or paru culars enquire of . ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON. Clermont iaa 3 tFI 'ft . i v. v A HOUSE. To he sold and ponessinn riven before tlie lit or May next, it require", a mooera oum tubttantial brick bouse, three stories high, (with several accommodation! ana conveniences wnicn mlr it an afrreeahla dwelling for a xeuteeL fa mily) situated ia the most wholesome part of this city, and Laving a pump of excellent water iihin the lot the property a we simple, ana free from all incumbrance. If not - sold at private sale before tlie 15th of February next, it will then be told at auction on the lb'h and loi - followins: dav. Also, a complete set of .carpets, elegant Sirnitures, household utensils and various effects, particularly a choice collection of hooks, by C. G. FONTAINE, towbom apply for par ticulars, at his auction room, Ko, 35 Water street, corner or Jnne. ... . ....... 4 jan7 lm - - ' ' ' , PROPOSALS vvr Cti oTX XTTXJ TJg VV miliary General of Purchases, for aen - plying materials of Domestic Manufacture lor maxing sioming lor tne Army - oi tne l'wm Slatrs, for Ihe year 1318. aa follows, viz : Grey Clolli, 6 - 4, forgreat coats - - ".Blue do do for coats, dyfd In iudiro ' Black Cloth, for Gaithers, 6 - 4 wide - , Grey Sattinet, 3 - 4 for" jackets '"' ; ' - ; Flannel, of wool and cotton, for shirts, Samples of the above will be furniahed, on np plication to this offlce, in person or by letter 'al soforshoes, feather caps, blankets, short .stock ings, wings of wonted, epaulets of wore red. nod for iron camp kettles and saese pans, i Samples of tiiese articles may be seen on application la the Commisnary General, at Philadelphia,, or to the Deputy L.ommisunes, at New - xork .city, and at Newport Kentnckv.' Commissary GcnerartOlifce, Philad'ia, - ,.Z4th December, 1817. t CALLfi.NDER IRV1SE, Corom'y (iea. of Purchatet. dec 26 3w Q, FOk SALE AT AWliO.Y, t At Ihe T. C. H. oa the 1st day of Marrh neit. the t ARM belonging to tbe estate ofthe lata Dr. ltaac Ledvard. situated one mile sonth f the.village of Newtown, Loog Island. The Williamsbursh turnpike runs through the 1 arm, 00 one side of which is a new excellent stone wall, half a mile in length The farm contains about 150 acres, 15 of which is a fine. Wood Lot, with two apple orchards, one old, tbe other just begin ning to hear well, and a suitable protmrtioa of good salt meadow. The Mansion House is large and convenient, four rooms on each floor, with a gl kitchen and cellars; attached is a Inrer barn, cno, nen bouse, smoke house, Well, and a new cistern, Ire.' Thecourty&rdandgardoncdn - tnin a variety of fruit trees and shrubbery, a large asperagat bed, raspberries and currants. Also A i ARM adjoining the above, contain - ins about sixty acres ; attached to which is an e - qual proportion of Salt Meadow, aiid a lot ofl young wood, situated within less than a mile ofl tlie latin, containing ten acres, with a farmhouse, bam, well, garden,' etc. Likewise A Lot of Land. I vine at Sprinfield. south of the village of Jamaica, containing between four and five acres, on which are about a dorea large chemnt trees, snifable for iencing. 1 ne above lands wri be all repjarly surveyed, and amps ofthe tame exhibited same rime ore - viout to, and at the sale, and disposed of by the acrn, wun u,e rjauuingt Hcrcon, inclusively, g 1 osTJi - ion gi,ven nnineuntoi April. , For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - it'rict jan 8 Ids F.1 TtmrnXT ELASTIC RAZOR HTnOFS. GEORGE SANDERS, lately from London, oace more addressee the public, thanks tbcm for past favors, aodonoe snore venttrros to recommend his strops as one of the most comfort. girmg contrivances that ever fclcst tha chin of man. He will instruct any self - sbavlnr rentla man ra the ate of it, and when once noesewed of lh. mmri .. . k.. m.t M. - . mimnmrn wi vi vuuipmiuuii, uc waj l ij with the poet of natnre, " To shave to sleep perchance to dream while in the operation and who would bear the tweaks and acts of bar ber lose : who wooJd mint and swaat onder a loainoma beard, or a doll razor its, when he might his quietus, make with simple SaundrrV strop." Come then to his manufactory at the coraer of Rced - strect auj Broadway, suk! there jv win iwu iae i;ii)cnier always ready to re ceive the commanJt of his custoniers.' dec 5 tf . . ft bRuAiX, stone seal engraver audjwcl X . Ur, No. ICS Broadway. . .. Oats of arms, crests, cyphers, fcc. engraved A ljnNrme nwortment f fine "roM seals, chains, aod other ieweUerv. - ' Ladies seals engraved wlta coats of aras, motto, and fancy devices. t. Diamooui, amethyts, cryftals, &c. beojht m the rou jh or cut b. any form. " Rooks of hrtaldry kept, with upward oil No c. I 6 I vvjicvaamet. . - . Jan. 7 ,3a t ' POST COACH LINE for PHILADELPHIA. coaatecliou with the post chaise line or the :. steam - lioat VrTiAi . PARTNERSHIi DISSOLVED, ANDOPPp - A' NEW lne M l ost Coaches on Spring? witli very ronvenience for paiengers anI tng - ens t HRWUn liv Ull - mm . . . . . i . . M - n f 1. New - inrx ana niliaocipiua. jneiosi ya - .in u ill riart frnm Nnw - Ynrb everv Itnifiiini: at o'clock, (Sundays excepted) in the Steam Boat Atiiianta, ana arrive at riiiiaiir - iiniia - - : evening, in the Coach. Faro 8 dollar. " . iM attorn nov imtnt inui'oi n.s,, win tr from New - York everv momins (Sun days excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the S tea oa - Boat Alalanlau I rom ma norlii side Ol tne Dnuerv, lodge at Trenton, and nrrive at Philadelphia next morning at 10 o'clor Fnre tbrougn au I he United States OTAIL.CUAIH, on sprint with every convenience for passengers and their hngnge; starts from No. 1 Court land street, Sd office from Broadway, New - York, wery day at o'clock, and arrive at rhnaflciprua next morn - ie at 0 o'clock. - Only 6 passengers ad mil tea in this Coach. - Fare 10 dollars. , , - v t' ... - Paxsengeri are requested to be particular in taking their stats in the Post Coach Line, as tlie coaches betonging to this esUblishmcnt are of a superior quality tor tne accommooauua ui ptn - For scats in the bovenamed Lines, appiy so TH08. WHITr IELJj. at the O Id eslablisneo Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office,, at the old No. 1 Court anril - street. the second omce iron. Broadway, New - York, or to ISAAC BROWN, Steam Boat Ilote!, No. 1 Washington - street, corner of Mwketueld - street, near the Battery. ffy - AU roods and baggage at the risk ol the owner. - v JOSfcPIl LYON, SONS fc CO. N. B Expresses sent to any part ofthe Con - .? . ..fmjmj.u WuiTrirl TV uneni, uv inuiniw " aov8 . - ' '. . POST CHAISE tJNfc.. FOR PHI LADELPHIA. ' The POST CHAISE, witli every convenience for Passengers and their baggnge (through in one day) will leave the City Hotel every nay toun days excepted) at 7 o'clock tn the morninr. try way of Newark, and arrive tlie tame day at Phi - larlrlnhia. The MAIL COACH PILOT, in opposition to the Mail Coach, with superior accoromoda - tioni for Passengers and their baggage, will leave the Citv Hotel everv day f Sunday excepted) at hIf n. - nt 1 o'clock P. M. will proceed before tbe Mail, and not lubiect to the inconvenience of stopping at the numerous Post Offices en tlie road, but everv accommodation provided for the tra veller, and arrive some hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. All letters ana papers carried free of expense by Ihe Coaches. - For seats in the above lines apply at the Post Chaise and Albany Mail and Diligence Olice, No. 118 Broadway, onnotfle the City Hotel. gy - . All goods and baggage at the riwjue of vino v w in. i f JOHN N. GUMMING, - Newark. JOHN GULICK & SONS, Princeton. '; - STOCKTON i: HOWELL, Philadelphia. JV. R. Exprait lent to any part of tht Union. Jan 6 if . .NEW ARRANGEMENT. UJS. .VAIlrCOA CHtS, BETH' EE' KEW - - YORK PHILADELPHIA. ' (U The public are assured that there is now hauihcmc coache?, en sprin, equal to ant in the U. States, now running on this line. ' Pnssengers for the 0. S. Mail Coach Will leave New - York everyday at 1 o'clock Dine at J.Lyon It 5on' hotel, at Powle's Hook, and arrive at Philadel phia next mo ruing at 6 o'clock. Only six pas sengers admitted. n the Mail Coach. Fare $10. For scats, apply to THOS WHITFIELD, at the old estahliihcd coaoh and 'Stage office, bid No. 1, Courtlandt - street, ' second office from Broadway, New - York. ' All goods and bagptge t the nsk of the owner. JOSEPH LYPNr. SONS j Co. N. It. Expretses. coaches, extra stases. fcc. fornif ied to go to any part of the United States. on the thortect aotic, by Thoc Whitfield, No. 1 Lounianat - tUeet. flew - York. ' . nov 5 - TO LET. ' ct. The Store No. 134 Front - street, an ex cellent stand for a Grocer. For further particu lars inquire of ; . - . RIPLEY W ELD, ' nov 1 1 19 Front street ' TO J,ET, - i Aad immediate posse mop riven. Ihe h.ue No. 9 Penrl - strret. together with - fta sta ble aad Coach House ia the rear on Bridge - st The nrenuaet are in complete repair and have every cfvavanience necessary for the accommd dation of a family. For particulars apply to - oeS8;: vp l. HKADISH. J B A NCKER - 8TREET NOTICE. ' NOTICE is hereby given to all persons inter - cited, that the comniissioaoro of estimate and assets merit appointed by the scpreme court of judicature of the state of New - York, to per - lorin certain a ones relative to the enlarging, extending nod improving of Bancker - strtwt, between Clinton Street and G rand - street in tbe said city, bate completed their estimate and asevs - meoU a well ofthe loss and dn mage turtained o - ver and above the benefit and advantage received by the owners of the lands, and premises required for the said enlarging, - extending and improving cf Rancker - ttritt as aforesaid, at also oi the benefit and advantage received , by - the owners and parties interested of and ia cerraia lands and pre mises riot required for ttie 'cuid improvement Ana that we tbe said conunisstooera, have deposited ntruecnpy of such estimate and assessment in the clerk's office of tbe city of He w - York, for the inspection of Wbooitoerer it mnt rnnrrm And notice it hereby further given that Ihe report of the said estimate and asseataaenl will ha nra. tented for confirmation to the supreme court ofl juoicature 01 me state of aew - Sorlc at the capi - tnl in tlie city of Albany, on Friday, tbe sixteenth day of J nonary next at the oneainr of the c&id court on that day, or at soon thereafter as coun sel can be heard thereoo.. Dated this tfitb day af Ia.aaak.a tOll Jt swtsrcnijw - r, 1011, . - 4 PETER HAWES. ' ' ) ' - ; ROGER STRUNG, Commissi cm n UJAAIM A. iKJRLY., ) dec St);,, ;: : j: . , 18t CORPORATION PROPERTY. TO be sold at rmblic auction 00 Friday the 20th February,. 1818, at tlie City llalL 1 The hiehly valuable FARM now occupied hv Mr. Wuliarn A. Hardenbrook, ahdut & mile from Mie city, containing together nearly fiftv a - eres of Inrtd. - It will be sold in lots from 5 to 10 arret earn, titunted on the eth. 7th. 8th. 9th. & 10th Avenuet ; on the latter stand tl dwelling house and not buildings, but a short distance ftwn the Hodwm Rrrer. " - - - This property is wortliy the attention of those who with to possess hanifnime ronntrv t. . ''i lo. ry, commndii.g views of! nuri. - n, rvurensiinatKitn and choice quality of some of the ground, toRtUier with an ample - - rry . - - - 11 one ot uat most QeSlta ble objects of parohas. . - - A map of the prnies snsy be seen, and fur - fherrmrticulars kaown, at the Comptrollers Of. .1 I t a I uvvnyuau. i .., Jandtt A suKtisUg pobhr know how to distixiiiita aa. ri - . . (him AiHm,m - T:"W DOCTOR HORNE, fornwrr, ofthe eity of London, iri member of the faculty of phytic and surgery there, deems it hi. A . 1 V to n - IWAt Some Anwn.K. 4Jh! abate tif ?J CRCURY. a rash, iodiscriniinate, aad unqnali. , ficd use t6ercofrraa beea produc - tive of infinite rrischie fhn. iiids are annually oiei - curialised out of exiit. tnce. The disease we have in view owes its fa. tal results chiefly to this source. " What a pitV that a young man, the hopes of his cwntn - , ai! the darling of his iarents, should be aaitched a - way irom an the prospects and enjoyments of lif. by tlie consequences of one anguardtd moaei t and by a disease not in its Own nature fatal, which only proves so frorn neglect, or udptod.. bTcatn.nt." A gentleniar, (late Dr. H'spi. dent) now perfectly hear'y and well, bad leci under physicians of gr iri al practice, six years, and repeatedly rati rat. d ; when recotaaieurtedu Dr. If. (by a gentleman of tliit city) bis booet were carious, and his flesh dropping from them - bis friends declared he ceo Id not possibly survive wo months longer, i Thousand eTperimenral know with what ease and catcty Dr. JI. eradi cates the severeit cates. and confirms the conth. tution. Tbe Doctor's plan (advertinost ia ccwary to guard tlie public against the aoure of mcrmrj, anu outer lauu neiutjons, netd lorth. - . Persons, therefore, harine rontracted a no vate disorder, or suspecting latent noiion, ats admonished aot to Umpet with their constiuj. tion, or conceal tbe disorder, till past recovs. rv otherthavin the rerhAint of, aa old cast, or other impurities ofthe Mood, a well as otb! er com plaints of a delicate nature, in either sex. snouiu rememoer postsnry, and do luttirt to their consciences, by making applicabob to Dr. H. at his old and respectable ettab. lisliment. No. 84 Water - street, four honsea wew of Old - slip, to ohtnia that prompt assignee., lone calculated to prevent Tiscloture And hert' let me claim your seriouc attentimi - Reaienibtr superficial cure is no cure at all ; amless the ha. tinest is radically done, yoa will certainly have the disorder break oat again with redoubled mi iignity. at tome future period I perhapt then will be too (ate for reiuedy. DonH you often meet kj the streets miserable, mutilated beings, without even k bit ofnoseoa their face I Takewamiq, beseech yoa. - - - . ' Dr. U's. character for skill end stahhora iiift. gri;y being cjuvervn fly known ia thit city, tiacc 1804. guarantee to patients that delicacy tuidst. oecy hitherto unknown, and having coufined lui practice for years part, excluiively tj Uie cured diseases of the blood systny tliey may safely calculate on the most decided advonagM iucsx - suiting Dr. H. ' . s , i ( Gleets eradicated in tire or three wreks.. Strictures renJovcd withou' bougies nr any 9th - cr inMrument ; and all debilities; likciuat all old ulcerations, fistula's Kr. " '. A plurality of cCkes are proritied, and tit, atedthat patients are not expineil toeach othr observatiooi Opek till half past 9 ia the evening. All persons concerned invited to be free it railing, and Mieakin with Dr. II. whicd is rm of cost . And here the Ioctnr cannot avoid tt expression of gratitude for innumerable reron - mendatloat, and for the decided preference fit is presumed with just cause) long given him bji judicinui public. N. P. All letters must be povi paid. '' lr. Kuchauan. . AtjgJ7 1i ft LIT HER QUACK iKhy JfUH IMiv - TJOJV. ' n lilt. EVA3' siipent Xmetnod of curing a es taiuTlisease, is now univd - ally acknowledged inlik eity ; hit mode oftrentmesi is perfectiy mild, tafe, n - irruiuuut. ana jut Charaw iia tn every - in - ttance he warrants acts! and will return the pay if U does po't perform asreeaha L.toWbt.ract - The strictest secrecy aTwayt c - VserverfJ There are many pertont in thit city aod fu vicinity, laboring under variout chronic distasn, tucli u cancers, old inveterate ulcers, ecrouut or kings evU. fistulas, diseases of the tjretba. bhadder and kidniee, ord complicated compnia of a certain nature, bilious aad tiWvwsa, tiors, rrieomathnu, Ac which they consider inr. rahle, they can certniarr be cured (in gencrall hyapplyinr at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, fit, 9, PecValip, having practised ia extiUiv hospitals in Europe It years, under tome of ttt first Surgeons and Phv ticiant in the world, tr4 made those obstinate diseases hit oonstaat tuxtv for 30 years. ' - . ' . Oct M it , P - WHEAT0N t DA - . la, Fancy Chair Manonc - , turers, No. 153 Fulton - ctrart, opposite St Pauls Cbcrck cner for sale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment uf Curid. Maple, plain painted and ornament d in gold fcironre, Bambos, Plain and Gill Balls, Rocking, Sewing,, and Convent - lion Chairs. Sofas. Eettees. Loungeet, Music Stoolvtc. ' 4 ....... . : Order fj - om an v part of the continent exeectet with neatness ana dispatch. n Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamecard. net 13 , - , . ; , ,. .,? , A GRUAT - N A T U R A L'CU RIOBI T f .. ' f rTvHEpublKf sre IroV X - med that (hit vs in wat liwidavl (M Isvf expectMFEMALEKIr EPlfANT, and s ft si seen at No. D RrotA - r v 1 ' war. near Waihirrt't w - a Hall. The lite of ft animal is about 7 feet highland about Is feet loog from the end of the proboscis to the - end tf tbe tail. She is to heseen from 9 o'clock A. ft - to 9 in the evenings Pnc f admittance ti cents. - " nov 27 tf wanted To hire or purchase, a ptod two'story brick house, situated on the west aide of u town, between Liberty' k Chamber - streets - Poatextion to be taken at anv time previous the 1st of May next - 'Apply a Kcvl49 Wt - tertreet ' Jh 5 eJ . ..FOR SALE. , - - r lulsJ! The House and Lot No. 10! Liberty - ; iWi 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth of the lot iu' feet. Those who may wish to purchase pP' ty of this dlseription, can at any time nrt f premises, ana lerrns or sate may oc ogmu by applicatioa to - " "J" . POTT M'KlNXr,' ' dee 31 hi gemth - ctre - t V QR.1JTD PMAO FORTE. . FOR SALE at JOSEPH WILLoOjf Music Store, 14 Mrviden - lane, r bly fine toned second hand piano, by Brow - wood. Also, the foUowin songs, sung bjH Philippsi' " :1 : .1 '' 1 Said a smile, to a Tear ; SJ;h ant fcf L ' ; Let Fams soncd. the Tmmpet ' ' Jdst like Love ; Love's Yoeng Dreanl ' ' Is there a neart that never loved, tn. k . The Bower of Rotes, Xrom Lalla Ho&2 Willson. ' ' , Clinton's Grand March, 1, 'composejl tf ' Willson. , '., " - .. t The Smile cf Affection - i The young Mnry Moor 1 Oh ! ftetivessber - J The Wood Pecker, rent; by Mf. tnclrUW , 1 Black - Eyed Satan J - M And every article in the mniiral.lict . - . ' JanT gw - - - ' " - i;f'lii. T.VULIsU Canooa anUluskt Pusus'i 124 pale by LEROT, DAYAUD & CO. 4 dec 9, atrn.r rrtyv . ' . '. ii,tr . XICHA EL EVR.TRA.V k VS';;. - t No, ri.vx - eTnaT mmf?iV 1 . - e i vl: 1 n

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