The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 14, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1818
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W Lottery, , .f - . No. 20,63, $1000 ; j w. Tickets, halves, quwtern aadergbtbs, for saw at Lottery Office, No. 54 ftlaiden;Lane. . V , State ol the wheel. " 1 of 30,000 dollar of dol art ; 2 of Sooo dollari. S of 3,ooo do ar 2 of ooo dollari 8 of 1,ooo dollari frwot price of TfckeU and fcbarefcWbote 10l halves 5 .'quarter 2 50$ eihthi I 25. Tickets will advance to U dollars w 1' . .j l Arnvlua drawn '' Vain PRlu loo luriunnic iiui.yi(" - - - at WAI TE'S Oflice, without unwarrantably puo - 8cience Lottery will be advanced to Eleven Dollar, until wnicn urn ujcj - . for TEN Oollare of two of the biRrt Pnjee yet drawn intlui Lotterr were soia oy n.. , . . , 4,647 tditjHtnming I000 20,263 6thdsy'idrawing $1000 Betides two of $ 1000 each in the Surgical Lot' Urr. aU told withm 12 day.' jw 14 2t WAITE'S List of Prize 7th daya drawing. NO. 4526 g50 1 9768 50 i 10340 50. " , jwW ' 7 I EDlCAL Science Lottery, 4th Clati, now Xvx drawing fire timet a week. . Correct Litt of Prises, 7th dayi drawing ' No. 4526. 250 : 9768. 50 1 10.340. 50. ' lit drawn number tomorrow, at 10 o'clock, en - tilled to 500 dollar, and on Monday next the lit drawn number will be entitled to 2000 dollari, . Prixei taken at par for warranted undrawn vjcxets ana snares. Ticketa will advance toll dollari on Friday jan 14 NO. 3320, TKTHICIj drew on Ne w - Year's day, the grand ONE lluNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, Being the highest prize ever drawn in America, wai told and Immediately paid at Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway. If. B. Mean. S. ft M. ALLEN will advance the cash for prixes in any Lottery, and to any a - ' flaunt, in caie the Ticket ia sold at either of their ffic No. 122 Broadway, 'New - York, 2 Sooth 3dU Philadelphia, ' 1 151 Market - it. Baltimore, j an i 31 44U Marxet - st. Albany, KENTUCKY TOBACCO. - G hhds. Ken - lucky tobacco, luitable for manufacturing, for sale by fl. & D. TALCOTT. jaaw CONDON MUSTARD. 40 boxei fir.t quality fresh London Mustard, ia boxei contain, ioing 0 doaea each. For tale by - , . TICKER ft'LAURIES, jan 8 ' - 29 8outh - ltreet. fSoTTuN, Ac 04 bale new crop Loniiiaaa Cotton, landing from brig Orleani , - . t hbda. retailing Molaitei for tale by . ' N. U D. TALCOTT, , jaw 9 64 Sonth - itreet. FLOUR. mo bbli. uperfio Prterihargh floor, landing from ichr Jane Maria, lor Kdeby C Rffi WOLDS & COATES, Jan 8 ' 86 South - itreel L0TANT INDIGO. 15 aeroooi TioUnt lnd'60, juit received and tor jinr . dec 17 11 Waihington - itreet. PAM&U BRANDY. 20 pipei Bpauiih Brandy of good quality, for iale by N. It, k G. GRISWOLD, . ' dec 18 - 86 SouthMtrcet AMBRELENG (t PEARSON,' o&x lot tale nt 67 8outb - itreet 500 half ebeiti Kampor Tea 500 do and canittcii Soochont Tea 1 10 bags double boiled Calcutta Sugar 450 tool Rauuanand Swcdith Iron, flat and . " iqnare. aworted 100 toot plate Stovet, Pig Iron, Iron Wire and beet Iron " . CO pierei heavy bear R event Dock 6 pipe and bait pi pel Madeira Wine 14 do Sicily Madeira - ,.. do, 150 boxei Florence Oil ' , , 100 boxei Gorjtooa Ancboviei ' 200 ban Salt Petre, very luperior quality 8 caki Earthenware Ail Meortment of Glauware, Apotbecariei nop Furniture. Ac A imall invoice of Dntgi s T ' ' , BoetonBefNn.t,andMeie , ' Dutch Slate, Box Wood, Beadi Toilet Glamea, and Toyi. dec 22 - UNBLEACH'D SUIRTLNGS, GINpUAMS - ' tC. 4iC .)'','' A FEW caiet of Unbleaca'4 Sbirtingi, jurt re. ceived. Abo, bandtome pattema ofGinr haai, made from tea Ulaod yarn, from No. 28 to 32, and a general aetortiaent of cotton and woolen doaseitic gooda. Alio cotton yarn, particularly tow aemtiert, for tale by the - r ' COMMISSION COMPANY, dec 23 , . us Peail - itreeL TOBACCO, FLOUR, Ac 1000 bbli Rich - mood, Pctenburg and Frederickiburg rvui 18 hhdi prime old leaf Tobacco 10 hbda new - do . ; 43 kjtn LahhvA Mmmnii TnlM,A 39 bale (rime Upland Cotton, landing, and nauou UALLAUtlUV, dec30 - 66 8outh - itreet, K.fn COTTON. Ji7 bale prime Upland cotton, landing from oeuuraroana - ior aaie dt ' . - 3. ALLEY, dec 13 . " N 98 Plno - tt - of Ticklenbursbi, or brown German Linen, ni am ii . , . - . ii - umw quaiuv, uiuote jor common b9 bolts Ruuia Dock SO piecei fine French Cambric 6 cami brown fla'ilUi 60 caski drr Whita I A .'. 200 boxea Cheeen, t fitted to de benture, ' J - . St. ii U. i ALUO n, 64 Sooth - itreeL DRY GOOD8. S PrioU, 1 do. wurv ted Crarati, Cape tic. - 8 do. black and blue fine London. Cloths jutt mceived per Lorenxo, from London, and foriale bl UURD it SEW ALL, JM 65 Soath - itreet. OME Uandred lie ami fine vellum Fooli Cap Pajer, pr iale by . COLLINS h U Alt NAY, Ja 6 No. 230 Peari - rtmeL ' TAMA1CA COFFEE. 5 nhda - very noegrwo J Jamaica Co&. entitled to drawback, for Jeby TUCKER LAU&IES, - dec a Solh - twL LLOUKat TOBACCO. 150 barreie &ich - v mood tupf. Plow, HaxaUU brand 80 do do do Country do 5 hbdi Lif Tobacco landing from achoc tt Rolla and Ruin BtaUa. In Store, W bbli Richmond Ttomt. City bruadi 0 o - 0 i 9 Country do w donnadelphiado 1 hJhda &ne old Leaf Tobacco - "5 i?" 'nfctured do or tale at 1C6 wnt - etreet, by a . TR0KE3, DAVIDSON k CO. 1463roajtlw,ay: X tist very prime quality, tntide4 to debenture, Jorie at 75 Wall - etreet, by jaB 10 , - JACKSON fc WOOLLEY. "IPUV RICE. - W.J J tiercea prime new rice, received per ship Rfcdi u front Cbarle too, and foriale by : , D. BETHUNE ti CO. jarfHO 92 CoftWHonie dip. RUM, kc.2 Idula. old Jamaica Rum 10 bage iup. Calcutta Sugar, Landing from sloop Satellite, and for iale by G. W. TALBOT, jan 10 " . 55 Pine - atreet MADEIRA WINE London particular Madeira wine of the moat approved brandi, in pipe, hhdi, and quarter caiki, fit for immediate use and well worth the attention of private familiei Will be aokl at reaionable price, and ia quantities to iuit purchasers, by - TUCKER ti LAURIES, jan 9 ' ' ' 29 5outh - if FLOUR TOBACCO. 150 bbli Flour, branded (Richmond MilPi) 200 do Fetenburg do . ; 7 hbds Old leaf Tobacco . . 50 ken Manufactured do. branded 44 1 It P Labby," landine from the sloops Brothers and Juliet, . and for sahi by ' jan4l 66 South - street CALCUTTA GOODS, NE hundred bale consistirur of' J BaOaijLuckipore, Chittabulry, Callipatty andPutka Cossaba, Cbaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna and Loca;ipor. Saonabi Jellalpore and Mow. Checks Gillahs, RomaN, &c (or iale by CHS. L. OGDEN and ABRM OGDEN. jan 9 ' ' ' Washinsrton - streeL AMA1CA KUIvi, ' Ac. - 17 puns. Jamaica k num. . . . 2 do. do. very old, an J of superior quality . 2 hhds. Molasses . , 1 do Castor Oil, bags Pimento 4 casks Copper - - . - A quantity ol Lancewood Spar Landing from schooner Rover, from Port Ma - ruu ana tor sate oy ' POTT & M'KINNE, dee 17 ' ' 50 South - street. HIDES. : TTOUR hundred Hides leading this day from a.' rerseverance, and win be sold low iron too wnan. Apply to . JUStrii usbukh, Jan 9 - ' 20 South - streel. STRAITS BltAMDY. TWENTY five pipes Celte Brandv, for sale J. by UHAS. L. OUUtM.JUKl - ABR. OGDEN, Jan 9 - Washington - street, COTTON - 9 bales first quality Upland Cot - too, landing, and for sale by - , saul, AL.L.KV. 98 Fine - itreet. IN STORE, : , 32 bales Sea - Island Cotton. Apply as above. Jan 9 13 ICE ft TOBACCO. 150 Uercei prime new a. ruce " v 13 lihds Kentucky Tobacco, 26 hhdi old and 53 do new Virerinia do Now landing from different vessels, for sale by . lillii. uiurutiur h r villi, SkiauilIiabUi jan 12 B OOHM AN ft JOHNSTON. Wo. 67 South. street, have for sale - 95 hhds. new James River Tobacco, . m ao oij ao do 280 bbls. Richmond superfine Flour . . 350 do Philadelphia do do 800 kegs Richmond manufactured Tobacco of ill qualities . . . , 70 boxes Spanish Segats' ' - 205 qr. asks Colmenar Wins) 25 tons assorted English Iron, entitled to debenture - , 15ff bundle Hoop L Steel . I ' , 50 do Crawley .do ": 40 do Cast and Shear Steel " 1500 qr. casks London Tower proof Cubdow - i der.r TFand FFF . 380 do large grainfoDuck shooluai 300 do" Butt,s3ylind'er Sporting Powder," in cannister ' ' 14 cases English Muskets and Bayonet 60 cask, fresh Iondoa Mustard 179 pigs Block Tin . 50 casks dry White Lead 80 kegs green Paint . . , - , 140 pieces twilled Sackinr . 24 piece narrow and 10 do wide Cotton Uarnnf 13 piece Hon uassinz 7 Uahi btreleta Osoaburrha 2 do Cod Line 9 pun. Jam. Rom 6 casks Russia Tallow . 1 liiid link Root - 2 balci blue and black West of England proad Cloth . - . 8 cases Mull Jnconet and Fancy Muslim 1 trunk of Madras Hkfs - ' 1 do blue Bandanoes, " ' 1 do Printed Shawls, 3 do Cotton Balls ' S do superfine Plate Calicoes - 1 no Milineta, 1 do London made Slop. . 1 do Sailor Woolen Cap. ; jan iu u 'J OBACCO ft FLOUR. 17 tihda Irish mar X ket Tobacco - 5'do prime new crop do . '"" ' 87 bbls surjerf Flour. Landing from ichooneri Native and Bemit tanceior sue by IV. 0b I HUISC K w. dec 20 m - 92 CofTt - House slip MARSEILLES QU1LTX. NE case superfine Marseille quilts, from V - r 6 - 4 to 14 - 4, for sals Dy - . , MARCH k LOW, dec 19 1 10 Broadway, PHILADELPHIA FLOUK - 500 barreU s nerfine. laodio: from tbe schooner Colum ella. ... , IV flTrtH F and Countrv brands. For sale at No. I Front - street; by Jaa3 i nuitto, uavilfovw. NraV and LAlt PUBLICATIONS, Lift Ptrick Henry . ... , Henry's Chemistry j Honter oa the Brood ' Lady Morgan's Franc . Wsh Mountaineers, 2 vol Harrington and Ormond, 2 toU Melincourt, 2 vol " IllaRookh - PiUrrimiof the Sua " f - A. Smith'! Theory of Moral Sentiment ' Stuart and Play fair's Essay Airs of Palestine, a poem Adsm'i Narrative Tale I Fancy Valentine Eve Rboda ' - H. Moore's Poems ' Comic Dramas Female Scripture Character Taytor'i Essayi ; Sancho Hale's Advice ;vLara ., ' Reading in Poetry " Branch Reports, vol. 7, 8 and 9 For tale by ROBT. M'DERMOT, . iaa 9 222 Pearl - itreeL TOBACCO 28 hhdi new crop Tobacco, of excellent quality, landing from ichr. Rolla, rom lucnmooo, lor n, . 11. BETHUNE ft CO. Ja 6 ' 92 Coffee House - slip. 1 " r'ArriT TWO Hundred and Seventy bap St. Domin - . .RO Coffee, recei - red per eptma, for sai by .. uti null miasv m Jan '. riOTTON 20 bale prim Upland Cotton, R. ft C W. DAVENPORT k CO. a7 - jr rTTO - tYifl4rA fr t9VY) hSIa Rich moad, Petersburc and Fredericksburg Flour IB utdaprtase i - oax looacco - ty, laadins iVom diflereot rewek, eidfor sale dec Si' 66 South - itreet f - lOTTO.WsO baWl prima UpUnJ Cotton, KJ luring from brig Minerva, from Charkrs - ton, for sale by ma ia sc 149 Pearl - itreet O. G. ft 8. HOWLAND, .... NO. 77 Watbington - straet, offer for sale, 30 hbds Boston Hum" . ,, . f , 200 dr. casks bmoe Wine ' '";W 100 do. Sherry do. 6 do. very superior 5 pipes do. .. . .' : , ; 5 pipei old Dry Lisbon .. .. , j ., . 10 cases Medoc Claret 15 bbls Pickled Seal Skin . . , ,: i 5 do. Paste Blacking . , 16 tons Swede Iron, 9 do. English do. ' 30 bales Linen Rags . , 50 caees Hall Pint Tumbler 100 bbls Ground Camwood, warranted pure 3 ton Ligoumvitae 6000 lbs. Prime Ivory, 400 Demijohns . . 5 bales Calcutta Piece Goods, consisting of Gurrahs and Red Gillas . 4 bales fine German Shirtings and Sheeting Linens An invoice of English Cotton Goods, eonsiit - log of Printi, Cambrics, Dimities, QutltMi, Jeans. Lenos, Sarsoets, Damask Table Clotlis, be. jan 13 DUMk CHOCOLATE. 50 bl. 1st. proof XX, w Hum 30 boxes HiWi Boston Chocolate No. A For sale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, ," jan 13 75 Wall - street. BROWN SHIRTINGS. A few casts 3 - 4 Brown Shirtings, just received ami for iale by the . CUMMlbSlua cum r any, an 13 148 Pearl - ttreet f "ENTUCKY TOBACCO 18 hhdi. prime IV Kentucky tobacco will be landed, this af ternoon from the brig Orleans from New - Or - Ieans rorsaieby LAIDLAW, GIRAULT ft CO. . jan9 7t . - 67 CouVkIIoum ilip. i,OlL, PAPER, ftc. 130 qr. cask and 200 half do dry Malaga Wine iiaga wuie sweet do very old 6 qr casks and 20 half ail do - 158 do Colmenar do 300 half cbesls Sweet Oil, 30 betties each 100 boxes do do 12 bottles each - 60 bales Italian foolscap and letter Paper 50 do Gazette do large sixe . , 9 cases Felt Hat 15 casei Liquorice Paste 1 box Ostrich Feather, 1 do Chip Hats 3 do Maonu in flake 1 Marble Slabs, veined and statuary, atsort ed sixes, for Pier tu bios. Sic. . . A few boxes very superior Anchovies and uuves : 500 Marble Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch 10 bbls Furs, coniistios of , Wild Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and uirercxins Gunny Baei, ftc For sale by ' CHAS.L. OGDEN, and v ABR. OGDEN, jan 12 . - ' Wathington - stteet. DICE 36 lie rcei prime new Rice, landine XL from brie Minerva, from Charleston, at pier no. 19, (west side Berlins slip) lonale by mil rnun c. f prriMrifiur , Jan 12 3t . - 182 Front - street. RICE - 103 whole and 13 half casks prime new Rice, landins this day from tbe brie Minerva from Charleston, and lor sale in lots to suit purchaser on accommodating terms, if ta aeo iromtne whart, ry Jan IX M - . SALiTUa, sua a vv. HONEY 2 hbds. very superior Honey, for sale by - MuLFORD ft LEFFINfi WELL, Jan 12 3t . 182 Front - street. RUM SW hhds. Molasses Rum, first proof, for sal by JACKSON Ic WOOLLEY, iaa 12 75 Wall - it. MLOUk. 100. bbls Mtyo's Mills, landing V fromschr. - ,at Peck - slip. . ' . IN STORE. 100 bbls, Richmond Mills 334 do Petersburgh (Stokes and Smith's brand) rorsaie uy GRISWOLD8 ft COATES. lit jw . - i i " i COTTON. 38 bale very handsome Upland Cotton, landing from ship Mary Augusta, from Savannah, and for sale by i, inn, rL i ,n . - . O ian 12 8 Houtb tn et. OIL ROSES, ate 1U0 ounces Oil ol Roses, 10 bales or 2,000 lbs. GoaU Wool or Camels Hair ' t bale Turkey Carpet Kugs, and A parcel of Nicaragua Wood. Landine from scbr Vestal, from Smvrna. . Foraaleby CAMBlU.I.jr at rcAfiouu, ian 12 67 South street. C OFFEE Very handsome Java Coffee land - iiuc at Pier No. 9, and for sale in loti to suit .E. purchasers, by - ; JOSEPH OSBORN, . ( jan V - Za oouui nrrei. FLOUR. 150 bbl. southern superfine Flour, just received and for sale by ,, . . GEO. M. W1L8U.X, ian 12' 130 Water - street. X CUT MILL SAWS. ftc. SMALL invoice of X cut Mill and Pit Saws, Xjc u. S. and c s. tor aie oy ' . ANUERaUfl KbHEAREtl, , '' 131 Water - street - ' . Who have in Store. Hand, ripping and dovt tail Saws, bras and iroa oacas . Cast 8tl Chiiser and Gongea Martina Chiuels and Drawins! Knives ' Patent Carolina ft Virginia Hoe. No. 1 2 3 4 Wrought nail, 4rf, d, bd, lUd, ix, u xua Brass and copper wire, of all sixe Rolled and Sheet Brass, Brass Pans " London Pins. Nos. 3 1 - 2. 4. 4 1 - 2. 5 Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted for - the country trad Engraver' Copper, in plate of all lixei. J 13 A Corn - t mn Wanted. 7"ANTED immediately, a corn - fan ; a se - T f cond hand on will answer. Apply to TUCKER A LAURIES, ; Jan 20 ? 29 8oath - itreet. 250 TUHPKJrrMK. bbls soft tarpentm, afloat, and for sal by R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. jan 12 ar ir.nnRS HATS. 1 case verv fin Ler I A lm hat, mil received: together with a general assortment of lb most fashiooabl MIL - L1NARY, for ji MRS. MILLER, tnl4t 128 Waiiaia - st r ihn'Q nnkwrTfi. nR.SSHS ti TRIM - LlMING. Jt opened by F. V. RIVIERE, 18U Broadway, a supero awomnen v, . Embroidered Gold and Silver Dresses of tb . FaarvCao Pattern and Bandeaux, embroid ered wfih iilver . . . . ni j ..j uiim Trimntu lor nan aresses Bonnets and Hatoof Iho newest fashion, and very elegant. . . .... Tne whole is reauy kk vm wimiw at the above place, and for sale oa th most mo derate price. ' . J" ' 171LOUR, l OBACCO ft FLAXSEEU WiO JL bbls Fredericksburg Hour ; 14 hhds prim leaf tobacco, rocei red pr sctiri. . ... - - . r . I - k Wra. fttlaary ana ? iriuw r , jan7 ' WALSH k GALLAGHER. TTEMP ft DUCa 0 ton SL rettrsburgti JUL clean Hemp ... n 0 bolU arst quality tsiai;uc, , For by . r ifUSKETSandFOWUNGrA;ta, .VI tied to debenture. . 13 case Britiih Muskets, with bayonats and seabbardsmptete. . : , 5 dodo Fowling Piece Just received per CarcBoa Aas, from Liverpool, for sal by ,. . .jSy. REMSluSftCa 26 South - . ? r ff Li"" CmsTttr, ; ) The turn ship DttUMMOND, capt 1 ' LK. Qoartes, burthco 8000 bbls; U now ready to rtceiv a cargo, and will take freight for any part of Europe. .Apply oo board, at pier no. 17, Fly - Marketsiip,orto v ' ' WALSU k GALLAGHER, - s Jan 13 6CSoutls - t.. . for ST. THumAS, - Hoadlffg - matter. Having the. greater passage; apply oa board, cut side of C. H. slip, orto F. W. KARTHAUS, REIMCKE ft CO. jan 13 - 74 Wmhintrtan - st. tor LIVERPOOL, The fast sailing copperw ship ANN, R. R. Crocker, master. Uertarro be ing all engasrnd and principally on board, will positively sou nn or oeior Sunday next. J lav ing extended her cabin, can handsomely accommodate a few more passengers, if immediate application U made to the master on board, at Ful - ton - st. wharf, orto JAMES ft RICHARD LOINES, ; - , jan 13 5t No. 247 Frout - tt. rP " . or Freight or Charter, The fast sailin? briff LOUISA - CE 4irtl.r.. 123 tons ; has made but one voy. age, and is now ia readiness to receive a cargo Lies in trout oi the subscriber's store. - G. G. h S. HOWLAND, . jan 13 77 Washington - it. For CHARLESTON, The regular packet brig MINERVA, Saml. Tyler, master; having half her caro engaged, will sail on the 17th imt. For freight of the remainder or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board, west ude Uurung - sbp, or to " JONES & MEGRATH, jan 13 83 Sou.h - st For JSOiTOJi ft PORTLAND. The elegant sloop MESSENGER, 110 tons burthen. Porter, master, will be dojuatched for th abov places by 20th inst. For freight or passage, having very superior accommodations, apply to the master on board, at Pier No. 13 E. 11. or to - WM. ft CH A'S. PORTER, 52 South - it Who have for sale, and now landins from the above vessel, . 2 hbds beat retailing Molasses 4 hhds W. L Rum ; 21 bbls.N. E. Rum . 1 6 bbls. Cordial ' 4000 lbs Leather 30 boxes Candles ' 186 do. Soap 150 do. Smoalwd Herring. , , jan 12 Iw . For SAFAJWAH, The packet ship MARY - AUGUST.f, Porter, master, will positively tail on thursday next, having half her cargo engaged. For freight of the remainder or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply on board at f ine - sL wliari, or to GRIS WOLDS ft COATES, jan 12 68 South - st. Fur IVASUUtiiTOtf, J. C. The thr. CARPENTER'S SON, Hubbell, lying in Peck - slip : will sail ou Welnesday next For freight or passage, apply to the captain on board, or to i k. s c. vr. va vixsrvu. t & cu. jan 12 JOSEPH OSBORN, 28 bouih - stieet, oilers for sale the entire cargo of the chip Perseve rance, Silver, master, from Batavia, vixt . . 4M,uuu id. very Handsome cones ' ,. . 14,000 lb Sugar 400 Ox Hide . 2 bagsCuhub ; IN STORE. ' ' 120 Inlet Calcutta Piece Goods, via : Beer - boom Gurrahs, bahaoaeore. baxerv and Culcut - ICab.,vJia'BkjiV8dfiAl.iyltrl i annas, cost as, aawns, ball, jalalpore and blue mamoodies, ftc. Ac. Castor oil, senna leal, assorcedtfa, Gum benjamin, copal, trajacanfli, salamo - niac, ftc. Ac. 60 bags mustard seed . 40 kegs pickled sarmna 35 kegs ground ginger 50 chests by son and singlo tea - 26 bags Calcutta sugar 300 boxes No. 1 ft 2 Chocolate 100 tolls Russia Duck 60 tons Russia iron 500 Russia Seal Skim ' - 1 case croM bard Canton Hdkfi. 1 case black Canton crapes 3 casei colored do 200 pieces blue Nankin 5000 piecei long yellow do lOhtlfpVIM0 - 3000 Calcutta goat ikins ' - 8000 Madras do ftc ftc. Jan 8 ' RICHMOND TOBACCO ft FLOUR. 628 bbli. Richmond iupf. Flour . . 37 hhds nrime new croo Richmond, princi pally large and leafy, now landing from scbr Jan 6 BOORMAN ft JOHNSTON BLOOM RA1SINS. - 200 boxei fiesb Bloom Raisins, just received and for sale by . n i. si i;kiwiilii. tan 8 - , , 86 South - etreet. Mrui fnui.irATiniv.q JUST Published and for aaleby ELI AS VA1 ENTINE, 104 Broadway, (3d door below Pine - street) Forsyth's Remarks on Antiquities, Arts and Letter of Italy, Nancredes Abridge ment of Orfleld on Poison. - The Hero, or the adventures oi a nigni The W hit Cottage, Ballnnce of Comfort The Itinerant or Memoir of an Actor, 2d part 3 vol. . . . . Tbe Knight or St. John, by mis roner. Letters from the South. . Lech's Travels in Egypt and beyond tbe Ca taracts. ' , ' i in .ki:i in ' Tmm Hivl. m Print J1IW Will UC J of Mr. PauLim, in the character of Carr. Bklbakv, engraved oy uimoreoe. I.. ! tf ' ' THEN&UM, No. 19, or Spirit of English WA;f. GOODRIcil A CO. 1X4 oroauway. COTXlT. - ' S.n.r;fni i tlu mirarnloai Iiaase at Hall; present state of Englub poetry ; poetical style ol Lord Byron ; Otto Von Kotiebue'i voyage round tbe world Extract Iroia mi journal aeoi w u rather v AaUiropophagi ! Letters from London ; t AT . I. bmabilrMl fillVt. a new German Tragedy i new travels in America ; . mm . ft rf 1 lm Cxtracti ol umen iron a cwm i miww iv. Aaa man rak ivkiiiUv nrftrhpr i thm AbbV ollrrclagb, near the Lake o( Kiitaracy ; Geology I . . . ' . r Dt LI. . XI : 1.. - - . . Tka nil. AUfCIIHIIx Wl 1 asuwiiB aw W - i tivation of Rhubarb ( origin of the practice of . , . U I - . Tk.u, nufnliv. Al I Bis sunennet among uie usuuiwu , "" - " k - ' - i . v , . . .... 4n.u rS IArlt scanoai , sincuiaxiua , wkuiv. . nt . imri..rln . Nnai.Vear's Day; epipuaoy; St. Lucia j Gibbon t Bijliop Holae Howard ; the Philanthropist ; St. Vin cents Sir J.neynows i convemo w . " memos rs oi mineni prrsms j l . ftn - trm . Vs.r SoflKpt knd SflSWer I to the Memory of Sophia ; Astena rckiof trie radle lleuc I rota waxerioo i tfinpi kine i oa bring (old to remember, ftc. month, making twenty - four cumbers la th year, at Uie mooeraia pneo m 93 ycr - richness and variety, is scarcely surpassed by any publication ia this country. T?ORSYTH'S REMARKS ON ITALY. X? "Remark oa In AJiuquuie, i Letters, cNirins; an excursion in Italy, ia the year 1002 and 1803, by Joseph Forsyth, Esq." . Abo, France, by Lady Morgan, with traw - Iatioo and riate. Jt received and for sale lacioo arm paws. p f ER A ;R q 13 3t N. 28 Wall - itrett. sifrtiv ir sit v ON foeaday.tb 27th of January1, a welvt! o'clock, will be sold by Hone k Town, that valuable and pleasantly situated Property in broad - street, belooring to tbe estate oi tbe late Mr. John Poat Tb Lot is 47 feet 8 inches front and rear, on the north 125 leet S laches, and on tbasouthakM 138 foet ia depth, r Tbe House stands about the centra of - th Lot, leaving a good gangway on the north side,' and ao garden iront and rear. The situation is deemed delightful. Person desirous of purchasing, are reouest - ed to view th premises. Title, indisputable. rossesiioa wiu d given on ine 1st day of Alay nexL Further conditions oa the dsy oi sa'e. - ueooran rosi, - 1 . Deborah Douglass, Executrixei. t . ' : Catharine Ritter. ) Jaa 1 t27 FOR S.s LA. The House. Stable and Lot No. 19 State - street, on accommodating terms. If not sum 07 miaaie 01 reDruary.ntxt,' Uie premises wiu us rcuieo. r or terms, apply at . 39 Burling - slip. ALSO TOR SALE, An elegant Lot, fronting Bowling Greene, and House and Lot 45 Franklin - street. . Title to the foregoing indisputable. Enquire as above. - jan 13 2awtKehl4 - BOARD ft LODGING. TWO or three Gentlemen can be accommodated in a French family, with Hoard anA Lodging, where thy can take lessions in the 1 reach language if they chuse. Apply at this oBice. . ian 13 2w TEN DOLLARS REWARD. LOST, on tbe 1st instant, from Westchester, a white and brown long haired Setter DOG, of the English breed 1 has six claws on each hind foot, and answers to the name of AoncLts bad on a leather Collar with a brass plate, engraved " L. Stansbie, New - York." Whoever will re turn said Dog to Mr. H. CHEAVENS, 158 Broadwavi or to Mr. LEWIS, Wesjchester, loan receive me aoove reward. Jan 12 3t . 1NESI1.MABLE DISCOVERY. TTEALTI1 preserved and restored without M.JL Aledicine or liuackery, which often de stroys tho delicate eonstitulion and debilitatei the strong Colds bring on the' most alarming disorders, with those torturing rheumatic pains, lumbago, gout, ftc. which all th faculty have not Deea aula to eradicate, j 0 prevent is bet ter than to cure. ' R. YEO has prepared (from a receipt of a very eminent physician) leather (of which he makes shirts) of the most vital and nutritious quality, which will prevent all th above num. tioned complaints. They produce aa animal beat to the body, which cannot b obtained from flannel, patent fleecy hosiery, or lamb's wool they absorb all perspiration, and resist all the humidity that injures the human frame they are seft and pleasant to wear and do not produce that irritability that is so unpleasant in flannel. Those who hav favored him with their orders have declared their astonishment at th benefits derived from them. To ba had of RfCU'D. YEO, breeches maker and leather dresser. 165 Water - street j where also may bt had leather - - - . - I .1 I.' ... - i lF - .l 1 pauuuuum, iw, nun wii) au kiwis oi gloves ana mittens of th best quality, wholatali and retail, ai in snonesi notice. dec 31 m" 70 QUARRYMFA - . FOUR experienced Marble Quarrymen are wanted immediately. None need apply but thne hrrfeeilv emialntnl with h k,,.. ness 1 to such constant employ and liberal wa ge win dc given. Appiy to .. It A LUDLOW, 34 Reaver - street. OTO LET, A ainsll S - storv fireiirnnf STOR. Nn 27Moore - treet, next to the corner SouUi - t Poueuion given immediately.. Apply as a - bove. ' - nor 12 Pftlltf fOR HALE. . 1 Tha HOUSE and STORE, No. 93 Ful - Tb itora, J fe( long and 13 night ' in sot, ii by 25 leased of th Dutch church for 63 years. Enquire at th abov plaoe. Jan 12 3w MERLNO WOOL, COTlVff YARN, SA T TINETTS, ftc. WANTED, a quantity of merino wool j also, cotton yam, particularly low numbers. Proposals will also b received for making of sat linetts. ' Th manufacturer to be supplied with th materials,, and th business to be rendered, probably, permanent. A contract is also wanted, for the running of a cotton mill, of from 1 to 4000 spindles ; th cot too to b supplied, aud th yarn to b received at a stipulated pric. Apply at 143 Pearl - street, upstair. oct23PtH . JUST publiihed, and for sale by KIRK, ft MERCE1N, No. 22 Wall - street Memoir of the Life and Writings of th Rev. Claudius Buchanan, D. D. by tbe Rev. Hugh Pearson, M. A. Price $2 76 tn boards. Extract from thr London Literary G alette M We have thus condensed in as short a compass as possible the memoir of this active and liberal divine, whose labour will long be remembered, particularly in India, whrre wa trust h ba sown the seed of an abundant harvest His Bio - rranher haa dona iustice to tb subject, and W can say of his work, nearly what Dr. Johnson . ' i ' r . ' .1 - 1 It ' ODserved oi aooiner etuiving narrauvc w n a performance worthy of tbe perusal of th Philosopher, on account of the variety of important considerations which it embrace, and of the Christian, for its animating itimului to the noblest exercise, of charity, in spreading the light of Revelation wber superstition is leagued with cruelty, and ignoraace sinks human nature ar - most to brutAiity." Also, nut rtetivti endor sM, . Letters from tbe South, by th author of Job Bull and Brotner Jonathan. . Salmagundi Knickerbocker's New - York . John Bull and Brother Jonathan Knight of St John by Mis Porter Tbe Heir, a romance. . Useful knowledge, or familiar and el plana - Inn arrount of the various oroductions of nature. mineral, vegetable and animal, which ar chiefly rmnlovcd for the use ol man. illustrated with nu merous figures, and intended at a work both of instruction and reierence oy we iwv. ttuiisui Bingley. Jaa ix. Diiaait' mi TVl SMITH UAVIES JL1 . ft CO. Cbymical P.rfnrrt.r. anil Tinrv Soap Maker. No. 136 Broadway, new - iorn. offer to the ladies and gentlemen of this city ineir nnsta vu, vuu is on of the most agree - kli mtut mmmfal oil far DfO - Z - - moting the growth of the S', bair. ladies will find i Jtiat, " tbe best for dressing reai or false hair. Gentlemen whose hair bai bee injured by bad powder would tliis oil, a itcorrecU th m;ry i 1 hss It any be had ia bottle, with P?"?10J at wholesale or retail, at their clrrlr so, r aeral awortmeot.of perfumery, fT P Skand p, drajsiog cam, ".Xe. thread cases, purw. z - sMver pencil cases, tweesers, toco pipeytoolh pick esses, amber and spar 'l,nSjue " .r.. SMI, aad rose waters, ftc. ftc - jan IX - uics. os? Tirvrrn f1H r rid ay next Medical Sdeac Tickets will si advance to eleven uouar anui wuh - o ooj ? L L. - J - . Ik. UUm.. . tnevmsr dcotu" '""'i viwiw, 7 7 O. fc.R. WAITE'S , ' Truly Forranate Lottery Office, Ma t.A hf.iMMi.I.aia. Wbol Ticket 10 dls. - Quartan, 2 dh. 50 Ctt. Halve 6 dls. Eighths, 1 dol. 25 ct. Oa Monday th Crst draw namber will be aati iieo u TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. ian,13 PUBLIC SAiE9. BY FRANKXIN ft MINTURN,' ' . Tharsdsv, 15th bast.. , ' XII o'sloak ih V. I - H ,k. .l:n.i silualeii and Miuabla Si . o 5 - I , formerlj ; oeenpied by Palmer, - Niehols k Co, at 1' - - " ."Tcrij, anener m atiog 1 lit' uot ur about ftet o fetri - st. with a privikn la common of u alley x feet luebes to the depth ' i . , T iw ucacs m me rer, aa4 149 1 - 2 feel in length, nw, - kn.:n - ,1.. right of a cartway into Piue - st I he ttorw is a story suD tantiai n re - proof bu.Idinj, - bh lt cen. ComDletelv fitud Cm iK. 1 t. : . ' . . J j ijutA, ran. ness. with iron safe, th 1 v.. t, , and book cast; is now renting for 1800 dollar jiui uiuuiu 1 giovuu may reoiam on mortgaga probably for some time. The fmrf tit,.M . take a deed and pay tb residue on the lint of r eoruary next, receiving lb rent from that dar ou uio um 01 may dxi, wnen powenioa will riven 48000 is insured on thrtnr yean from th 2l)ib February next. Tea par cent of the purchase money to be paid 00 th day ofial. . . ...... . . , . ' Toesday, Jan. 2d. . . - - . . - w. . t v,m, vi v. Ml, Denmnp. Burvivinv M.,,fn. Ar Tk... a B - m"Tj " v. luuuncHim. .. uuaVcpMPl thm fJn.iu .Mil r n i Al UU.II . . 1 - - - - - - - ") w ,u - .l next to the City Bank. . . v Wednesday, the 21st mitant, 12 o'clock, at the Tontine Coffee - Home, REAL ESTATE, ; That larre and tlecant thre atnr h.V ' bouse No. 13 Courtlandt - itreet. : Also at the same ",m houses No. 10, 12, 14 and 16 Moore - street, .1.... CmmSa W '. 1. . .. . ... . .vu.iv, iiibi), rccsniiy DUllt, and good situation for busine No. 10 being th cor ner of Water - atrtct and Moore - sirett. Unquestionable tiile will b given and " terms liberal, which will b made known at ' tha time of sale. . Penn ilUniiu u . chase at privet lata or wishing further infer. ...Ill 1 I - , umiivii wm jiicuc appiy bi xne aucuoneers, , . Wtdnttday, Jan. 28. At XII o'clock, at tb T. i. ti. Th two houses and lots of ground, No. 73 ' and HO KiviliTtantraAt 1 th. W. rb Iront and 75 deem tha lunui , good front cellars, cellar kitchens, ftc. 2 room ' uu ui nm noor witn panirits Dtwen and wida airv halls. 1 room on Lh imu) with 9 i.iMu and a good garret each house has an allay through th yard, where there is grass plants, ' cisterns, ftc. Ac. PRIVATE SALE, On liberal terms, 5 valuable LOTS, situated. between Second and Third - streets, un Disisioa street, making a front of 172 feet, ail occupied a retail drv rarvf afnr.. . .mnnJ l..u 1.1k. nrvsent occupants for a term of yean. For par ui.iuaii nijiijr m.iuc nut no room. , - BY P. L. MlLtS ft CO. To - morrow, At half past 9 o'clock, at their auctiod roord Freorh and F'.nvli.h fir rn,l. .mm., utkink . - j o . uiuti, m.m 2 cases London superfine cloths, nett cravat, tippets, cape, ftc. 1 case India Nansook hdkf. 1 HnlifUshrBlviKnr. 1 Ae awnawaat9m suns cotton hoser' 1 tJo men's black and whit aalax giovesi s aoimiie lace oanos emoroiderad, 1 do iiuuoui Bsioneu , i no neii suspenders, I ao on black bombazetts. 12.4 double tomt l cat patent nett suspenders, 1 do line bed tick. 1 do colored strip cotton do. men's black silk hose, aarns Nnrwii 1 Ion rnm anil a unlvMivf other articiei. At 12 o'clock, 0 cases men', yaath'i and boy London made beaver, plated japanned bat with , bandi. Tbe hats, cloths, ftc. will b (old at mouth credit. $ - BT J. P. DIKTERlCtf ft Cd. PRIVATE SALE. - y 1 mintfrnnt k.nvin. I.n m.1,.1.1. A., .a assembly room. Also, about 0 milei from the City Hall, oath Bwomiflgdal Road, 9 very bandsom coaatry - SeaL Wilh verv rnnnanianl Lm. mrtA KmIM - inrs. commanding a fine view of the norm riveri f'TTIIinilniM I . Mi,aalnll MM mmA - - lion room. NOTICE. ft - r" AD persons hsvinsr demaad arainat tb estate of tit late Thomas Cooper, deceased, are requested to present th same. And all par. sons indebted to the said estate ar requested to make payment to the subscriber. - ii trip .Max cwiDnrntpn Jan 10 Im Administratrix. ny If Mr. JOHN MAY, who was at Kine ston, (Jamaica,) is the year 1805, will call at No. 78 Pearl - street, b will confer a particular favour. Any information as to his rasidnttcsr will beaccptabl. JaalO'lw WASHiaOToa DEaXVOLXXT SOC1XTX. Ir A meetine of the SocietT will be bald at Harmony Hall, on Wednesday evening atxt, tt 14th instant, at balfpast six o'clock, , . 1 at order oi tne president ANTH'r WOODWARD, 8ec'rj.. ; jaa iZ3t THE FORUM . (ty Will be opened oo Friday evening ne - xf, th18th ioatant, at tne Assembly Room, City - Hotel, wbea tbe following qnestioawill be discussed : " I it possible that th present pacific state ofEarop will be of long continuance.' ' Tbe difcnssioa will commence precisely at 7 o'ctocav Tb surplus proceeds of that evening ar appropriated to tbe Female Missionary So cietv. A ticket will admit a gentiemaa and lady. Tickets to be nad at u. umgworw's rarm, aaa at the door, at 5 cents earn. aiu THE t - ATE PRINCESS CUARLOTTJC. m Raaaral r anil. man narticiDatinr in tha ' - ..l r.l;n arl.flhat narvadaalha Brituh empire for lbs death of this beWsd prince, having ex press ea a wish u jmb us mrwuruius; addrss of condolnca to tha jn - mca regent, I tkaiwlnra rartiiait a meetlnr of his Britannic ma - Ijerty's subjects now ia this city, at th British consulate omca, oa 1 nursoay nn at. ix oxiou for the abov purpos.' .j.. - .' taa 13 aT y. JAI, DUbninsn. (ty Tb Creditors of Mr. 8YDMEY HEW - II , era reBeaiaa im ' . " Blak. oa Friday next, at 10 o'clock to tb fore aooa, at No. 3 Law - Buikfinx. Ja 13 3t J fD i ar irtrfPf. rvJuv '' .... . . . m.. m - iMm Bible Booatw sUbo t . ; I - ? - eai Tlnradaw WIU OOIU ineir wiu no. - a - ( srsning tb 15th Instant, at taa Africaa Church . . . . - - Ka Btaaavara aril naka I cnurcn - sireH - - a , . a report w mcu Thar will be o address delivered by aof ita members. AfW which, aa aUctioa f officer for th earning year ami taa mace, - ,f3 WM. MILLER, Prsrideat. CORPORA 'HON NOTICE. nf Annlicatioa bavinsr beea made is th OOJT - poration, for widening aad improving Dover i tree t NOTICE Is beiaby given to aa berson fate" sited therein, lhat tb subject will be laid be for th Common Council, oa Slnaday. th llrUi Inst. and a decisloa bad tnereon, ames msooaiue ohjectioai ar made thereto ia writing, aad pra santed on or oeior tnat ume . ... "lohti MKX1MB, Street CcwnuVr. Street Cominlsiiooers ofEce, 1 . Jan. 12,1818. . jaa u NOTICE. lb CopartaerUua beretuiore cxistinc ia this city, aoder th Ira j U'rTolf, Packard k this day dusoi - ved by mutual content A II peraaas asvieg aav - call at 57 Front streets for atUJemeat . . "" - ""jAMESD'VTOLF. ISAAC PACKARD. , JAMES D'WOLF.Jua. - fcc3l " ' - " - EVELEEN' BOWER, as arranged AA song by Jtfr. PHILIPPS, to now ready fop at at jTa: ft ii. ours x0? Mrj - v - Jia it i : u .f. .: I " ':2 - - ''); , fi 1 T t 1 .' ' V - ' r 'i . I - v. - , : ! . i ' 'V - ..! ' i 1 H t

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