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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, January 14, 1818
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jtLir - iuX Er&NLva post. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14 - The editor of ihe Advocate. angry at .''the jury for giving k - uract against him, and aa - gryU me for staling the caw to the pubue he has eW written two kmc articles, and threatens ; to write Mora entitled ITU fcWftr e Ifcf press ' ma the areas, he uuaxs, is Droujrni mu jaojmruT .bt this verdict. " U stating lb case, tt was my aim to do it cor rectly and djfpaaaionately, mm! it it yet to sppear that 1 did mot. But Mr. Noah has written a Ut - Gazette, ia which he says that the jury have, by their verdict, ded&td that it tousaisdemeaaor to pvbhth a letter. Certainly not. The mayor 'Charged the jury expressly that they should not ' bring in a verdict of guilty,' unless they were tomvioced the defendant broke opca the letter , or procured it to be broken open. Tbejury, ' must be presumed than, were convinced that Air. Noah did break seen the seal or procured ft to be brokta open, or they would not have Jbaudhimgsrji. Hew thea ii Th kbtrty e1 : tht jwW in aay way concerned r : ' But Mr. Nosh still harp on ay publishm?, ain from' Gov'r. Tompkins to Gen. Armstrong, ' which waa handed bto the office onen. To shsw ' Vftt LI A. 1 ItAVM WM inlMtftllU IW this .TlK - ject, 1 refer' Mr. Noah back to the time of the late Messrs. Cheatham and Deonison, when a letter artrtrosssd to them bontainiog Ba exposure xt cvttan ctrcamstaiicea, being found open and : kxeot tome for publication, I instantly inclosed it .to three, and Ibey acknowledged the, receipt of ttwitbmany thanks. " The present case stand? Boon it. AM tmttriin. Mr wtn a nillnii Is mr. ft of jidgment, if successful, tend to dUprove , the facts; a nest (raaf and acquittal would alone have that effect ' V A court of Oyer and general Jail delive ry lor the county of Pbiladclphia, Judge Tilgli man oa the bench, assembled last Monday in the city of Philadelphia, for the trial of crimi ' Sal offences. . But owing to a malignant fever which baa fir some time past, and still does prevail among the prisoners confined jn the Jail in that city, it was determined by the court not to proceed with the trials. The fol lowing letter from the Ph sictan of the jail to the Court was ordered to be published. PniiABKirni, Dec. 37. 1817. 8ia Tlie pressure of business, and my not slaving immediate access to proper documents, - have prevented my paying an earlier attention to the request contained in your note of tht t4tlt Instant ' In answer to tha several inquiries, I beg leave to state, that since ;.he 1 8th of Novenv ' bar, I have visited in the' prison allotted to vagrants and persons under trial, about eighty pwienta, who hae been affect; d with fever of . malignant character. Ot Uiese person, eight bsve died, seventeen have been dicUuvcd, eighteen are in a state of convalescence i of tte reraaining tliirty - seven, several may be . Considered as in imminent danser. Those who acted as nurses or attendants on Vtt sick, previous to Uit etiureb beinr coovm he a risk of spreading the disease, in esse the prisoner were taken into a croud ed court '. room., r - i - - : . 11 With aentimento of the hirhett respect. bar th honor to be, jour obsdient servant. ' . THOS. T. HEWcON. A retoluUon had passed the Legislature of Marj land to appoint a committee of five to inquire into the expediency of taxing the oflict of discount and deposit of the Bank of the Uni ted Slates, established in the ity of .BalfV more, and that they have leave to report b bill or otherwise. U.S. Mad - Catek, triik guars'. By aa aJ ertisemenl ia the Philadelphia papers, we per ceire that hereafter, the V. 8. mail - coaches, tha rua between in is Citv and PhdadelDhja. ara ti he provided with a guard, well armed, who will ride on the box with the driver $ so that it wil) - act anlrailbrd security to the mail, but alto to the passenger. - The way - mail is put in separate bags, after the European style, and is so arrang ad as not to detain the coach more than three minutes at each post - office oa tha road. This i as it should be. The U. 8. brig nterprize, EeuL commandant rnn ...4 - ...!. iL. .L 1... MwMaa.y wMivupkVHainiww VH WW WW Hill m.fwoaays irom Amslia - UlanU. Uen. Gaines and suite, after remaiainr three days at Fera&n - dina, departed for the interior of the country jUI was quiet at Fenian dina when the Enter prise sailed. . .. - yf bout half past It o'clock last n'.sht a lire broke out in a wooden building at Greenwich, Dear tha State Prison, and befor it could be got under slestrryed the building ia which it origi ated. . '" . Extract of a letter from oar coiTespoadeot, dated WASHINGTON, Jaa. II, 1818. w The question as to Ihe Wer of the bouse to punish Anderson, for his aUempt . to iiit, is lyet ausder aebate. Mr. Storrs, of your stole, yesterday made aa able speech oa the subject, and gave great mtisfaction to the bouse, - HL - ' manner b ecgagiog. Hs promises to be an nse - ful member.' , Tha popularity of Mr. Phi pps exceeds aay thior ever before beard of io this ennatn iM Philadelphia, where the theatre holds but $1200, his flrvt uiht was only C60, because, as the Aurora observes, rumour bad so often eiceedtd reality, that tha public were incredulous t the next night was upwards of 900, aad the next 1 TOO,. which, we understand, has continued with little variation ever since, notwithstanding occa ' 'siooal bad weather. The Ptuladelj hia newspapers, which' rarely, I had almost said never, (with the exception of Ihe Democratic Press,) - contain a syllable respecting the theatre, are all at once anCrened with the topic of Mr. Philippe' rmaaces, The Nalioaal Register, ihe De press, the Ceotiae! cf Freedom, and are all eloonect m his braise : all to spnk (tua nwraBod u K arM PociVy. tne Aarev tocI4b4 acoawia. Mtbameiawa, ui . . .a' is said, proposals are made to him by the mamv nn to extend hie asgmeat toaartweive nirbU further ; and M most liberal torsos ara offered to bduce him U coasa d - rectly to Boston. The New - York theatrical pubUc will coacur tbebagaagaof the last JtosUAlJi Afstns The aadirace were never weary ofliUun J U him, and ha seemed aever tired ia camplymg with their Wishes. His grace and his arbaaity contributed not less thaa his vocal powers to reav iW him an uaiversal &voriU. He has left be - hind him" aa impression not easily aftaced - - Wherever he goes he will receive a cordial wel - oome t wheoaver he shall retara to Nsw - Tork a hearty greeting awaits him." .asttssvstoseVWe publish below the report of the committee respectiDg this island, of which LrriMs rirtsstr has baca takes) by the U. fr traoos. smder the diractioa of the president. We a w must postpone any observations for want of time, It seems that the committee ara obliged to call the iobabitapj that ware expelled M esmrn order to bring the president within the act. But will this do f . Frem Me AWsenei InUttigmttr, en. 12. Amtha Llani Tbe situation of this island beinz at present the subject of much speculation, we have been at some pains to oouua lor early publication a report made oa Saturday last, in the house of representatives, which throws much lljrht on the motives of the occupation of that po nlion' by our government. . This report furnishes an all - suthcieat answer to most of the far - letui ed arguments used to justify the opponents of that measure. It Is really amusing to una, in someofourNWsmpeipirarrand smuggling. by a metouymical process, converted into heroism and enterprise, aad held up to the admiration of the world, - m contrast with the imputed treachery of our government ia desiring to re un from its borders those meritorious patriots engaged in it! There is bat ee step from the sublime to the ridiculous, said Napoleon, In the uadir of his military career. Those writers have certainlv discovered that step, who ran tod any itnalogy between our revolutionary principles and their supporters, and the motives aad merits of the ni difni republicans, woo (lit along our borders ia search of the most convenient recept - acle for the plunder of the ocean. It is a subject of painful regret to the best friends of the repub lican cause in South America, that so much la - bor is bestowed to identify the Amelia island party with the real friends of South American louependance. . CONGRESS. . HOUSE OP REPRESEnTATIVEa. Saturday, January 10. , The speaker bud before the bouse a letter dt reeled to the congress of the United States, from a certain Carl Theodore Mohr, ressding in Wat' lendorf, ia Germany, ofleiinf to come to Ameit ca upon certain conditions, and to establish a manatactory of porcelain, which was read and ordered to lie en the table. On motion of Mr. (Sergeant, the committee of ways aad means were instructed to enquire into the expediency of allowing a drawback upon refined sugar exported from the United States. , AMELIA ISLAND. Mr. Mkldletoa, from the committee on as much of the message of the president of the U. States aselates to the illicit introduction of slaves from metis Island into the United States, made tht following report t The committee to whom was referred so much of the prerident's message as relates to the illicit ntrodurtion of slaves from Amelia Mand, having refully taken the matter committed to them ffaTMmg - Spplftd to Ihe department of state or iidbrmtition respecting the illicit introduction f slaves into the United States, they were re ferred by the secretary of state to the documents ransmitted to this houe by the president's tags of the 15th December last, coMwttaa of ra rious extracts of paperj on the files of the depart meats of state, of the Irearury, and of the navy, relative to the proceeding of certain perrons who took possession of Amelia Hand In the summer of the past year, aad also relative to a simitar establiihment previously made a1 Galveston, near the month of the river Trinity. Upon a full investigation of these papers, with a view to th subject committed to them, your com mite - are of opinion, that it ia but too notorious, that numerous infrartinna of the law prohibiting the importation of Slaves into the United States have been perpetrated with impunity upon our southern frontier and th are further of opinion, that similar infrsctions would have been repeated with Increasing ac tivity, without the timely tntc not it in of th naval force under direction of the Kxo - utire of our rovernment. In the course of the inves titration, your committee have found it diffi cult to keep separate the special matter gven into ueir cuarge, rrora topics era more gee - al nature, which are necessarily interwonn .herewith i they therefore crave the indulgence of the House, while they present some general views, connected with the subject. which bat e developed themselves in .the pro - secutioo of to eir enquiry . It would appear from what had been col lected from these p pers, that numerous vio. Litions of our laws have been latterly commit ted by a combination or freebooters and smugglers of various rations who located themselves in the first instance upon aa uninhabi ted spot near the mouth of the nvi Trinity, within th jurisdictional limits of it United States, as claimed in virtue of the treat of cession or Louisiana oy France This association of persons organised a system of plunder upon the nign seas, directed ciueR?. against Spanish propertv, which consisted frequently of slaves from tLe coast of Africa i but their conduct appears not alvava to have been regulated by a strict regard to the national cha racter or vessels falling into their bands, when specie or other very valuable articles formed part or the cargo. .Their vessels generally sail ed under a pretended Mexican fug, although it does not appear that the etiablUhment of Galveston was sanctioned by or connected with any rovernment The presump ion. too. of any authority ever having been given for sucb an establishment, is strongly repcUed as well by its piratical character, as by its itine rant nature , for the first position, at Gaveston, was abandoned on or about the 5th of April last, fur one near Matagorda, upon the Spanish territory i and at a later period this last was a - bandoned and a transfer made to Amelia Isl and, m East Florida , a post which bad been previously seised by persons, aho appear to have been equally unauthorised, and who were. at the time of said transfer, upon the pdl"t, it is believed, of abandoning the.r enterprise, irom the railutofresourcea,whichuiey expected to have drawn from within our li mils, in defiance of our laws There exuta, on the part of these sea rovera. an orvanueJ erstem of daring enterprise, supported by force of arms , ana it is only by a correspondent system of coercion that they can be m t and constrained to respect the rights of propeny and tlie laws of nations. It is deeply to be regretted that practices of such a chancer, whliia our immediate neirbborhood. and even within our jur.sdictional limits, should have prevailed un - cnecaea ror so long a timet more especially, as one of their immediate con - equences wa to give occasion to the illicit intro - luciiosi of slaves from the coast of Africa into the United States, vX huQ rcricc traffic repugnaoil to humanity and to all sound P.i5?" K licy, aa - well at severely puuutuw. - ; law or me una - . . . R. th. lis t - tko. of the act prooimunr to importation of ilavee, passed m 1807, the press, dent is fully authorised to employ the oaval Mi anv uart of the xoast of tne (u.ta mp lamlones tuereob wnere p mav Jadre attempts will oe maoa io vwuus u provsssooa os ui ., v. ' . m for coademoatioa all vessels contravening iU provisions, to ba proceeded against according to law.. ... .' By the jomHresolutioo of the senate ana bouse of representatives of 15th January, J811, anu rha mrt Miha assne data, the president ss fully empowered to occupy airy part or the whole of the territory lying east ot tne nver reiaioo, south ofthestati of Georria, in the eveot of aa attempt to occopy the saidterritorys any part thereof, by any foreign government or power I iihI - bv th tame resoinlioa ana aci. ne mav em ploy any part of the army and navy of the United Stales, which he may deem uecessary, for the purpose of tokina possession and occupying the tarritflrv aforesaid, and in order to maintain therein the authority of the United States. Among the avowed projects of tha persons who have ocennied Ameha - isianu. was uiat oi io - the conquest of East and West Florida, pro - ressedlv lor tha ouroose of esUDUsunt; were an mdeDendent rovernment 1 aad the vacant lands to those provinces have been, from the origin of this undertaking down to toe latest penoo, neiu out as lures to the cupidity of adventurers, and as resources for defraying the expenses m me expedition. The greater pert of West Florida, being in tha actual possession of the U. 8tates, this protect involved in it desirus of direct hos tility against them i and at the express object of tha resolution ana act oi lain January, ion, was to authorise the president to prevent the province of East Florida fross pawinj; into the haodi of aay foreign power, it became the obvious du ty of the pretiuent to exercsse we auwomy vested in him by that law. It does net appear that amoog these itinerant establish of republics, and distributors of Florida lands, there is a single individual inhabitant of the country where the republic was to be constituted, and whose lands were to be th us bestowed : the project was therefore an attempt to occupy that territory by a foreign rower. Where the profession is in such direct opposition to the fact where tha Venerable forms, by which a free people constitute a frame of government for themselves, ara prostituted by a horde of foreign freebooters, lor purposes of plunder l if, under color of authority from aay of the provinces contending for their independence, the Florida, or either of them, had been permitted to pass into the hands of such a power, the committee are persuaded it is quite unnecessary to point out to the discernment of the house the pernicious maoence, wtucn suco a destiny of the territories in question must have had upon the security, tranquility, and com merce of tins union, - It is a matter of public notoriety, that two the persons who have successively held the com mand at Amelia Island, whether authorised themselves by any rovernment or not, have is sued commissions for privateers, as in the name of the Venesuelian and Mexican governments, to vessels fitted out id the porta of the United States, and chiefly macned and officered by our own countrymen, for the purpose of capturing the property of nations with which the United States are at peace, une or the oojects or toe occupation of Amelia Island, it appears, was to possess a convenient resort for privateers of this description, equally reprobated by the laws of nations, which recognise them only under ins denomination of pirates, and by several of the treaties of tha United States with different European powers, which espreasly denominate them as such. It was against the subjects of Spain, one of the powers with which tha United States have entered into stipulations proeibitinr their Cltiseos from taking any commission from SFBnigaoyshTia to act as privateers, thaTthese vessels have been commissioned to cruise; though, as the committee have observed, do flag, not even that of our own country, baa proved a protection from them. The immediate tenden cy of suffering such armaments, hi defiance of our laws, would have been to embroil the United States with all the nations whose commerce with our country was suffering under these depredations i and, if not checked by all tha means ia the power of the government, would have authorized claims from the subjects of foreign governments for indemnities at the expense of the nation, for captures by our people, n vessels fitted out in oar ports, and, as could not fail of being alledged, countenanced by the very neglect of tha necessary mease for suppressing them. The possession of Amelia Island as a port of refuge for such privateers, and of illicit traffic in the United States of their prises, whiih were frequently, as befor stated, slave ships from Africa, was a powerful encouragement ens' temptation to mul'iply the violations of our laws, tod muds it the duly of the government to nse all the means in its power to restore the security of our own commerce, and that of friendly nations upon onr coasts, which could in no ether way more effectually be done than by taking from this piratical and smuggling combination their place of refuge. Io order, therefore, to give full effect to the intentions of the legislature, and io pursuance of the provisions of the above recited resolution and acts, it became necessary (as it appears to yoor committee) to suppress all establishment of the hostile nature of those above described, made iu our vicinity, tha objects of which ap. pear to have been the occnpalioa of the Flori - das, the t polialica of peaceful commerce upon and near our coasts by piratical privateers, the clandesliae importation of goods, aod the illicit introduction of slaves within our limits. Such establishment, if suffered to subsist and strengthen, would probably have rendered nugatory all provisions made by law for the exclusion of pro hibited persona. The coarse pursued on this occasion, will strongly mark the feelings aad intentions of our government upon the great ques tion ol the slave trade, which u so justly coosi - dered by most civilised nations as repugnant to justice and humanity, aod which, in our parti cular case. Is not im so to all the dictates of a sound policy, - - Your committee anticipate beneficial results from the adoption of these measures hy theesccu - ti ve, ia the promotion of the srearitv 01 our south ern frontier and its neighboring seas ; and in the diminution of II evasions, latterly so freqeent, of our revenue aad prohibitory laws. The experience of ten years has however eviuced the necee sily of some oew regulations being adopted, in order effectually to put a stop to the farther introduction of slaves into the United Slates, la the act of Congress prohibiting this importation, uie p"ncv ia eisme ins wnoie lormtura or ves srl and f - odi so the U. Slates, and no part OVre of io the informer, may justly be doubted. This isaa oversight wtnrh should he remedied. The art does laileedgrve a part cf the persona) peoaf irs to tne imirnier, out tnete penallsee are rent rally onlv nominal. As the persons engaged ia such tmar.are usually puor, the omieioa of Ihe sin lei t pass a'ts to meet The act of Congress, k toesti(l)lishrrs:litiiifis in aid of the same, can only r n - nvdied by Congress leeislatinr direct lv on the subject themselves, sail isclearlv with in me scope ir over ennm tatiooaj powers lo do. For these purposes y our committee bt g stave herewith to report a Dill. Mr. Miodletoo also reported a bill in addition to the former acts (mhibiting the introdwJioa of slaves into the United States ; and the bill was twice read and committed, See the tres'y of peace with France. 1TJ8, art. Slat. U. S. Law, voL t, p. 88: with the .Netherlands, 1782, art. 19, v. l.p. 16Ii with Sweden, I7S3, art. ZJL vol. 1, p. 190: with Great Britsin, 1794, art 21, v. I, p. 218 1 with Prussia, I7H5, art. 20, v. I, p. 238, aod 1797; art. - tqJ ru, p. mi witt Spaia. 1795. art. 14, r. 1, p - I . ; :,i v fa hai Tie "watotiilisU lUte, (bat by tha preWj t read, buttJtreJ to Mfo'XEj the duty oa paper, gorrn - 1 Theleportwaa The speaker laid before the house tha funpw - ing letter and enclosure, yesttiuay rec UumfromJohn Aodcrson: ,; , o,i f l.illi Snkailenrived Lv aUV CirCOOJ - stances vnsisxii v, "iy - . to the honorable bouse oi reprewjiuiuTw Ores which base actaated my recent coodoct.l bee leave to announce my wmu w that object, aay coBstituuooai or other question wuicu .y o. ... ... lhll I enclose a lower wmiu - - . morqieg to prepare ft the conuderatwo of the noose. . , Hon. Henry Clay, ,. " Speaker of the bouse of rerwesentatlves. FrarMuldrrine the honorable body before whose bar 1 am shorttv to appear, as the guar dian of those rights which, as a citiava I possess, sod relymr opoa tne generous wciw. k - L 1 k..a hut, induced to foreso the privilege extended 4o me of employing counstl, lest it might bo supposed that I was inclined to sbellermyselfbytegalexceptione. At tlie novelty of my situation may, however, tend to sr round me with emharrassuent, it is my wish, hnuU the rale of Droceedior adopted by the Hoose not oppose the course, that such questions as I nave reoucca v wnunx. uo pnnuuv.v. the resoecUve witnesses by the Clerk, and that be should read the explanation and apology which I have to make. JOHN ANDE&SOPI. To the Hon. Henry Clay, Speaker, of the Home of Representatives of the United States. Th. ki.r havine - heaa read - Mr. Forsyth moved that the resolutions asder consideration be laid oa the the table, that the House toigbt proceed to the examination ofth accused person, A brief debate took place oa this motioa (which wiU be rjren in iU place) ia which Messrs. Forsyth. Pitkin, Spencer, Harrison, Hop - kinson, Poindexter. Desha, Rich, fiaechtr, aod Pinrlall fiartu - inatail. The motion was fie ally disagreed to ayes about 3U ; ana 'I he debate waa then resumed on their resold lions offered by Mr. Spencer, and contmaed by Messrs. Poiodexter, Holmes, of Mass. storm, aao Pindall, autil alter 4 o'clock ; woeu The House adjourned. Fm At Ckultr. (P.V ana Dtlawrrt Ft - : derehsf. Oa theeveninr of the celebration of St John, the 27th ult one of the most elegant and curious specimens of mechanism, was freely exhibited, in this borough, by its owner, - Mr. Smith, that orobablr is ia tha United States. It consists of a box four inches long, three wide and two deep of An gold. On one end is a snuffbox on the other, a lid opens and discloses an eight day time piece, which besides striking the hoars and quarters, olavs a number of beautiful tunes. But the most wonderfaj part is, that on setting a spring, a picture oa the top of the box rises slow ly, and discovers a bird ascending from below, Tha bird is of about an inch ia length 1 of plu mage the most rich, and yet the most natural - It sings With astonishing sweetness, and ;accom - panies its voice with ail those motions common to a living bird Its bead turns from side to side its little bill opens and it throat swells at every note, and its winp and tail spread and contract daring its song. ; .ffUr finishing and repeating ns straw, n urope upm u bummb ron, mMi to iU retreat, and the lid gently closes to its place. It is said to be the work of an Italian artist, and to have been sold for $1500. Mr. Smith, in the ioit polite and accommodating manner, shewed it to all those ladies aad gentlemen whose cariosity led them to with to see this singular and pleasing exhibition. ' . ' OSWEGO. mew - YorkO Dec. 5. A panther, we understand, has, for several months, infested the forest between this village and the Falls, until a short time past he ha. ge nerally kept aloof from the inhabitants as well as ed to wage war with those who are so uuiortu - aate as to approach his vicinitv. Several per sons have lately been assailed and pursued by aun ; aad a Is w nights unco be had the temerity to enter the door - yard of a gentleman in the vicinity of this villa - o, to the great consternation of the family. Wa take the liberty to suggest to our ertaens the policy, and even the necessity, of combining to destroy so dangerous and ferocious aa animal. No lives have been lost, and immediate measures should be taken to prevent so dutreating an occurrence. . ' PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 13. It is rumored, upon what foundation we do not know.that a geotlem erelong dUtinruithed for his talents, his Urbanity, and his republican ser vices, who is now the coogreasioaal manager of our foreign relations, is to receive a diplomatic appointment to the court of Prussia. W bile we should regret his absence from the scene of le gislation as a national loss, we should in vain search for one more entitled to the honors of his country, or one in whom his country could with greater safety confide. fire. This morning about one o'clock, a fire broke out on the rsssyunk road below Shippen street, by which three frame buildings were consumed. The Are was of a very appaling kind, and fears were entertained that it would be very destructive, but the exertions of the fire sod hose companies were proportioned to the danger, and they at length succeeded in stopping tne progress ol the nre. It is wita deep and sincere regret we (late, that a young man distinguished by his skill and teal was unhappily killed by the fall of a chimney We also bear. Uiat another man had both his thighs broken, and a tmru is so severely wounaed that bis life is despaired of. Ought not the public functionaries and the public on this occasion, as well as the nre and nose companies, attend the funeral of the deceased, aad if he bat left a wife or chil dren or aged parents, who depended oa his labor for subtutance, ought they not to be provided for at tne puDuc expense r ... - Unfarlunat ttevrrtnet.k few days since a young man of the name of Joseph Wright in Rye township, - en the bank of the Susaoehannah ri ver, drove out his waggon to bring in a load of wooa, out naa not returned io six hours after, when a brother of his came in, and his mother iniormea nim thar John had been out with the waggon about six hours, and she was very unea sy, as sne tnoognt some accident had befallen him. Ths young man went out to the barn, and heard a faint voice crying mamy, maay.n. He said, 14 John is that you f and ran to the place from whence the voice came, where be found his brother crushed into the mire, where he had been laying for a short time after he had left the house, aod was so crushed, that he could not suuer bis brother to take him out, until he went half a mile for help. The young man lived until next morning, aad became perfectly sensible. He said Ihe way he got himself hurfi was, ne naa taxea a log aod laid. the one end oa the fare wheel, Mid thea raised the other upon his head, whan the end on the wheel slipped off, and the other and braised him down, as thai h appeared by the crash aod laying so long, as if aiijii iDiiue naa oeea Drokca and bruised, that1 be had scarcely the appearance of a man. A Memorial has been handed about tor signatures, praying that printing, writing, and hanging papers, tic. may be subject to mecific du ties, in place of the present ad oaferem duty of pr cent i ne frfat speciAC duties are uie HManring: A U printing paver, 8 cts, per X 6 do do ' 8 do - ' do 12 do do 20 do do 3 do - do 29o do wrappsng do Coloured ' do WrilsHg do Letter do Binder's boards, Hanging paper, meat is exposed to irauu, irons w w thaw inaraiora nnmi wm - which if passed uito a law, would inevitably oesiroy au nn t"i - - could not be imported and sold when liable to psy such an unhsard - or auty. u must ci - deat, most ruperftcial "observer" that the memorial above aiiuueu to, nas vm. k"' k by paper makers and others, interested ia tovmg this important arucie aucaaixu ui y" - - .nnli vriiinntion of carer. In the United WHom. r .... - .... r - SUtes, cosU at least six millions oi aoiiars - ior wbich the community are taxed two millions al - Mlt, t tnnnort domestic maBufactures. This does not satisfy the manufacturerhe is endea. ..nnnv laxHiida all roreuro paper. A comparuon of what duty is now paid on nanar 'with what the new proposed tpecifie pa - n.nkn dutv would be. will set the memorial in its true light. The calculations are made opoa the papers imported in me greatest quan - IIIiml. ; A ream of common Italian loolscap weignmg iu 1 - 2 lbs. costs in Leghorn 1 10 eta. m per ci. Jul ia 3B eta. . , ' - ' ' Tbepropowd specific duty of 15 cts. per lb. on 10 l - S lbs. is lxo cts. , - The increase of dutr would consequently be 90. Jtfaking the contemplated duty, between three anu lour umes as muva a i ww u. A ream of common letter - paper in Leghorn weighing 6 lbs. costs 108 cents, and pays S3 perceat. duty, 35. The proposed specific duty of 20 cents per lb, on 0 lbs. ISO. Makins - an increase of 85. A ream of French printing - paper, which costs in Franco $ 1 - 4, and weighing 22 lbs. now pays 33 per cent duty, or 74 cts. The nrooosed specific dutr of 8 eta. per lb. an 23 lbs. is 178 cto. - .".',. Making an increase of 102 cts.. Wa are desired to point out, that ia additioo to tha rich treat prepared at tha theatre this evening at Mr. Cooper's benefit, Miss Johnson is to sing Jesse of Dunblane with a harp accom paniment. MARRIED. On the 11th inst ia Connecticut Mr. N. B Rrmar. ethiscitT. to Mia SallV Hurlbutt daughter of Mr. John Hurlbutt, of the former place. , ' - DLEIX. Yesterday afternoon, in the 26th year of her 1, . u aee, mrs. margaretta viauuaiig, m, . u.. J.ramiah Msnoine. His friends and acouaiat - ance are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from No. 13 Pearl street, at 4 o'clock this altrrnnon. EFEJfUfO POST MARINE LIST. : CLEARED. - Ship Trojan, Neal, Savannah Mount Vernon, Rawson, Liverpool Hicks, Jenkins A Co Vermont Meuroo, Lisbon P. Remsen k Co Schr Moraine Star. Davis, N Haven tmiy Daue!itr, t - ius, Richmond Mary - Ann, Sweioe, Teoeride P Harmony St Berts Harmany, Disbrow, Let WW Deforest . . Washington NC Clarissa, BaiV Chas. Hayes, Thompson, do Coaster, Van Name, Norfolk Sloop Manilla, Bulkley, Boston NO ARRIVALS THIS rVKEsfUlJr. ARRIVED iAST EVEXINQ. Schr Margaret, Vail, 8 days from Charleston, with rice, honey, ground - nuts, copper, oic. to Vandewater, Wheeler It to, and P Micalat - ti, owners, Saltus, Son ft Co J Bouchaud, A Velentine, Dr. V Le Barron, B Blair, Mulford b Leffincm ell. Tricon ft Missilleare, and to - ofUt Letlahip Canton, Rogers, of N York, for Liverpool next day. ' - v - aMuiggs,"" Mrs. Childs, Mr. Wood worth, Mr. Kidder, and Mr. Stanton. Schr Enterprize, Newton, 6 day from Philadelphia, with sundries to P Care, jr. . cbr Hannah & Elisabeth, Hand, 6 days from Philadelphia, with sundries, to Byrnes, Trimble ft Co. and P Care, jr. CHARLESTON, Jan. 6. Arrived, United States brig Enterprise, Lieut. Commandant Kearney, Amelia Island, 9 days. Passenger, Lieut Walter Abbott U S Navy. Left at Amelia Island. U. 8. convette John Adams, Captain Henley tbrigs Saranac, Capt. Elton i Promelhus, Lieut. Comdt Madison t and Tartar, Lieut. Comdt. M'Call. Gen. Gaines and suite bad been about three days at Fernandiaa, and depart ed thence on Thursday last, for the interior. Every thing was quiet there when the Eaterprixe Brig Agenoria, Foster, Boston, 13 days. ' Cleared, Br brig M arraret Boak. Ross. Green' ock s brig Arethusa, Holmes. New - York. Veot to aea yesterday, Br. ship Vitoria, M'Gill, for Greenock t French brig Le Due de Treviso, Morrice, for Rouen ; schr. Margaret, v au, ior is i ora. A scbooaer in the offinr last eveninr. The ship Ceres still remains at anchor outside me nar. . . . . The ship Resolution, Mix, from Savannah, wbico touched in on Sunday evening, has since proceeaea io Wilmington. THEATRE. - Mr. Cooper's Benefit and last night of his ap - pearance. On WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jan. 14. Will be presented, (he Tragedy of A'UUS CliSAR. Mark Anthony, Mr. Cooper Betweeo the play aad farce, Miss Johnson win sing tne isvome song oi . JESSE OF DUNBLANE, Accompaaied bv herself on the harp. To which will be edited, (for the 1st time these 7 yearsi the area of THkLYAR, Young Wilding v Air. Cooper (his litai ptarance iu that character ia N.York.) fir At the anniversanr amhu al tha Nw Toik Hutorical Societe, on Taesdav. 13th inst the following officers were elected for the ansa ingyear. a. His Excellency De Witt Clinton. President David fJosack. M. D, 1st Vice President CoL John Trumbull, 2d. do reier a.jay,.uq. Anthony Bleeckcr, Esq. Mr James Eastbura JohaG. BogertEsq. ' Samuel L. Mitchell, M. D, - Guliaa C. Verplank, Esq. . Jacob Morton. Esq. Standing Committee. John W. Francis. M. D. Correspond ins Sec retary aad Lil rariaa, - sjiiarres vv iikes, tM. Treasurer. Mr. Joha Pia'ard, Recording Secretary. Guliaa C. Verplank. Eao. was anuoioted to deliver the annual discourse oa the anniversary of St Nicholas, 4lh December next' jan i fr7 At an election, held on Mondav. the 12th instant the followiag gentlemen were unanimously elected trustees of the New - York City Dm. penury, ror the year 1818. - - itaratoa. rresideot, John M atts Benh mia W. rek"ers - David Huack Juoathaa Goontiue Francis B. Winthrop ' Edmaad H. Pendleton Kdward R, Joees ' William Edgar, junr. Andrew Morris T f - lbenett - r Stereos Hurt Williamson Daocaa P. Campbell jan H It - ly - 1 be hrejien auached to engine no. 3d. return their since rs t backs to Vtr.Timo'hv Whit - temore, for supplyiur them with refreshments during the late fire Xt the village of Greenwich. tsy oroer at us loresnaa, Jaa 14 W5I. M?LAN, Clerk. 03 TLe Ladies aad Gentlemen of this city ara lespectiuiiy iniormea, tnat o. ueio baa' commenced teaching music on his new plan Terms IzO per quarter, uays o i union, Toes - days, Thursdays bnd Saturdays, at the hours of from it io 9. m r. No. 20 Wall - sueet, Brat noor up stairs, back room. 1 - aa 14 Iw , CORfORAHON MOTlCE. frT - ' Annlicatioo having been maJe to the Corporation for laying open and appropriating for a public walk or mall, the space ofground at Corlaer's Hook to the Eastward of Corlaer's. street, and extending oa a une with toat street to J rand - street ' Notice is therefore hereby tires to all persons interested therein, that the subject will be laid before the Common Council oa Moa - day the 26th instant and a decision had thereon, unless reasonable objections are maoe thereto ia. n.n mi nr iwinre mat time. DT oroer. - jms. bi'wmb, ew worn. Street Com. Office,) 14th Jan. 1818. . - 'ACAKU" . v .'7" ftr I l ve removed to the office No. 136 Rr7,.,iw ' at which place a luousand Dollsr prise was yesterday disposed of, being the fourth prise of this denomination distributed within two weeks through the medium of my agent, ROBT. WAlTE.Jr to whom my favountes are request. itn.nnl forth CASH. . FORTUNE. jaa 14 it . NOTICE, - ' rt IHE co - partnership heretofore existing bs - X tween the subscribers, under the firm of bvckletitl Abbott, is this day dissolved, by mo - toal consent. Toe affairs of the concern will be settled by 1 nomas uucKier, ioj soum - suee.. New - York, 1st mo. 10, 1818. . swa, THOMAS BUCKLEY. KOBT. ABBATT, Jan. THOMAS BUCKLEY, having taken his sou . JOHN LAWRENCE BUCKLEY, into copartnership, the Commission business win hs continued on their account under tha firm of THOMAS BUCKLEY 4c SON. ' lmol4 lm - - - '. " TJ06TON RUM. 24 hhds. Borton Rum, for IJ sale by G.ftS HOWLAND. jan 14 77 Washington - street lyjOLASbLS, fcc 6 hhds. : Wolatses, netr .3 m.Cocoa Nuts, landicg from brig Mary, from Havana, for sale by ' r. . N. A D. TALCDTT, Jan 14 64 South street UPLAND COTTON o4 bales prime aplaol Cotton, just received per schooner Laos, from Savannah, and for sale by ' - OTI9 ft BWAN, Jan 14 - ' 157 Pearl - street 0T1 ON 31 bales Upland Cottua, urstqusi - ity, landing from bng Elite, for sale by luniL.u at UH 11 - Jaa 14 82 Sonth - street RICE 60 tierces first quality, landing froa schr. Margaret, for sale by MULFORD ft LEFFINGWELL, Jan 14 3t 182 FronUstreet. 120, FLOUR. bbls. superfine flour, received per schr Ceres from Richmond, now landing and for sale by D1V1E BETHUNg ft CO. : , jan 14 92 Coffee - House slip. LODGIMGS wanted by a, single geeUeasaBi and preiereoce given to a private miiy - Addreu to P. E. at this oflce. Jaa 14 3t a STOHX tVAmED. Or Hoese and Store ia Broadway, bs - tweea MaJdea - laae aad Wall - street. Rent wilt be made secure. Apply at Wo. 4 Courttaedt. street Jaa 14 6t QFOR SALE OH TO LEASE, Lots ia the 5, 6, 8, and 10 Wards ; many oi which are on regulated and paved streetow Ne money wilt be required under ten years, if told, interest excepted. - - - r HOUSES. Several two aad three story bouses, on which i grekt part cf the otooey remuia on mortgage. ' LANDING AT RED HOOK. : . - 's Aa excellent Hand for business, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and bara. - " ? . VUi'ivn sna WOOLEN MANUFACTDirT,1 - Nesr New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, aeda aever failioa stream, a poo a - fcicti30 mills may to erected, with a saJScieocyof water for each. , Apply at No. 6S Greenwich - street jaa 13 tf . l OR SALE. - The HOUSE and LOT No. 23 Pft - STaaxr. For particulars enquire at jan 14 lw No. 26 Piax - i Piax - cnKBT. QFOR SALE, - - - The elegant 2 - story brick HOUSE an! lease, second door from Broom - street, in Bread - way, occupied by Mr. George Lacey, at Ihe moderate ground rent of (75 per annum ; about 15 years unexpired ; the buildings to ba valued at tha end of the term, or the lease renewed for 21 years kmger; it rents for $400 per annum ; the walk and street bat recently been paved. For terms, apply to .. - ' , C. C. TUNIS, 1 jan 14 tf 91 Coffee - housa - sh p. T ANTED, a White Woman, to wash, troa and cook, and a young girl to do upper work. Apply at this jaa 14 ofbee.. TANNERY FOR SALE. 110 be sold at public auction, oa Wedoesdsy, the 181b day of February next, ia the area of the Exchange Coffee House, ia the tow a of Boston, at 12 o'clock at aoon, ' . - All the real estate belonging to the Hampshire Leather Manufactory, aituate in the ton a of Northampton, in the state of Massachusetts.' The estate will be sold in four tors, vis : I. at No. 1. rAntainine ahont 31 acaes of lasi. ' near the centre of the town of Northampton, oa Ml,ark 1 mm.1A mU Hum .vl.n.i.a .rut wftlna. ble buildings, lately occupied by the corporasios for tasning ol leather, with about 300 rats, soars of which ara very large cad part of them uoder cover, ia which leather may be handled during the winter ; it is presumed there is not ia the state so ex tenure and valuable aa establishment for carrying on tbe taaning besiaesr as thva A particular description of tha buildings and pri - - viledges would take up too mucfi room for aa advertisement. - 1 Lot No. 2 contains about 3 acres, situate sa the north side ol tha county road, directly oppo site to lot No. 1, oa which are two dwelling boe - . ses, with conveaieut out buildings, is oa high . groeud, aod considered a very delightAsI situa tion. . ' - - ' " - - - , La( No. 9. mntiinlxr ahont four acres ofiaas, . situate on the easterly side of Mill Rivevy about two miles rrom tlie meeting house ta noruiasBp - ton, with a valuable mill privilege and buddies thereon. " ' - Lot No. 4 contains about oaa acre of lead, oa which is erected a bark mill and bark" sheds, si tuate near Edward's tavtra, about 6 mites from Northampton, oa the Albany toad. ' " - Any person having aa iaclinatioa to psrfcbasf all or any part of tbe forr - oing property, areie. vited to examine it - Tlw corporation piedra themselves to sell to the highest bidder, being de termined to close their coaceme. Any an torses - tioa respecting the estates may be obtained aa ' application to JOSLH DW1GHT, Esquire, at JaaJ4 - ' India - street, Boston. ALLEN'S Prize list Medical Science Lottery No. 4. (now drawing S days ach 1st days drawing. w . 12883 1000 ; 8463 100 1 25S49 X . - 3d day's drawiag ; 4647 1000 1 1397 100 1 2455 5017952 3d day's drawing. ' ' 5781 500i2l266 10O3550 50 1230 50 4th day's drawing. 430 50 ; 10614 o0 ; &3I 60; XS384 60. 6th day's drawing. 6323 200; 5476 100. 6th dajr's drawing, 20263 1000 1 11911 100. - ' - , 7th day drawkg. 8768, f50 10340, 50j 45t6, $50. : toidatAileu'a, jaal -

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