The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 14, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1818
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i The fine ship FOSTElt, burtlien 350 M ji ; w is in cuilll'icic orurr, lurinv twt ajreamt reaty !r the reception of cargo. . 'Ap ply lo captain Moran, on board, or to '' ' . jail 7 - V: & SAM. CRANi. s , ,y For freight or Charier, . t The flauncb, luUUntial ihip DRUM - MONO, capt. R.Qaarlea, will be ready to receive a cargo in a few day For terau ap - pir on Douro, at ner wo. J i, or w ... , , - WALSIIfc GALLAGHER, . jan3 . . C6 Sooth - it. tor tale, Jfretght or Chaster, , The good feat wiling brig N Y M Plf, li7 ton bartben, complete order to receive a cargo, may be tent to tea wtthotM delay.. ApUy oa board, east Fly - market wtaurf, or to N. L. & G. GRISWOLU; !'jati 8 of i i r ' :. - - i - $6 8onth - ti ' For Hale, Freight or Charier, 1 "Th8hiP FOX, - burthen 2200 bbl. a very fast sailing vessel, and in good or der to receive a carso.' Wpply to N. L. & G. GRIaWOLD, . jan8 - - 86 Soutb - stf for Hate, Freight or Charier ' .. y A new pilot boat built SCHOOVER, 130. tons. burthen, built in the best manner, of good tnat& ials. and copper fasten ed, - a very fast sailing vessel, and may be eerit to sea with small ezpence. - . Apply on board; at Iturling - slip, or to . ' jan 8 N. L. & G. GRISWOLD. ' ' For Sate, Fretght or Charter, i The ship MIRROR, 320 ton.ur then, is a good vessel, 2 rears old, stows about 3200 bbK so J fails fast, . Apply on board, west side Burlior - slip, or to t ' ' ' V H. L. & G. G RISWOLD, , . : jan 8 .. . - 88 Soath - st FOKSALE, t . . . The ship EMULATION, 330 twt, builtin 1811 allladdanvii complete or - tr to receive a carzo - - mveotorr to be seen on board and at the auction room For apuroved endorsed bills at 4 and 6 months, to be sold at auction to close a concern, on'lho 9lb inst. by jan 8 It C. G. FONTWlNtu.' . For ae, Freight or Charter, The , good ship BRILLIANT,' J. Oeer, master ; 330 tons burthan,' 2 years old, in complete orderto receive a cargo, and is in every respect n'fine vessel. Apply on board, west side Burlin - slip, or to N. Li. K I.KISWULU, , jan 8 .. 6 Sobth street. . - ; r or CHA liLEslW, The new fast sailing schooner TONTINE, S.Hoyt, master, will po?itivly &il in all nrxt weekFor freight or passage, having tnperiur accommoJations apply on board east tide Burling slip, or to Jan 9 ' SAUL ALLEY, 93 Tine - st. UKIaTOL BuyWN M OUT. "i K kcaks' Bri'tol browp stout, warranted i - JJ equal to any ever imported, iu cask? 6 1 - Sdosea bottlet - tor snle liv P, W. ROGERS & Co. ' dec 10 " 5 i ' 3V Peart - ttreet. SO - CA1.CU T i'A COOl , bales CalcutU Goods, consisting of " AUenbad ,t 4 - ? - . . , ,t - Lur.kipore .' "'' ' ' , " :, ; JosHj ... VBAFTAi . . Csllapalty) : ' 1 Alleabad andi cf - .n wn in'" .' Alleabad. 1 I J. Oringhur, and MAMOODY. ,. Joicinspore j . .. , , t ' , : Alleabml, , ) Khoirahad andEMERTY. lewherpore ) Fine Jailalpore and Muddon Sawn - Fine Cbaudpore, Cossas Beerboom Gurrahs ,.'.; i Gommuse , - Moharagungee Jlandanua and ' jnnrro " . Lungea Aalidy Silki UK3 - Just received and for sale hy ' ' GOODHUE ft CO. dec 11 44 South - street. Qf TO MA CCU 61 FLOUR. OJb bhut new Richmond tobacco , , 20 do old do do " . .( . , 13 do Petersburg , do - j - " 3X) bbls Philadelphia superfine Cour . .' i Landinr from brts Ruins Snn, and schrs In JinV Hunter. Sea Lino, and Brothers for alebv ' BOOKMAN JOH?iaiU. Also, in store 5W nnis supernoe nicnmnnu ' . ... . n . . . 1 flour ; 500 do Petersburg do. dec 'Zi COFFEE, bUGAti and IS D1GO. A IU hhls. and !0 bass One rreen' Coffee 33 hhds. 1 tierce and 4 bbls Muscovado Suear . . - 41 reroon Caraccas Indigo 1 Landine from the schr. Greyhound, rom St Thomas lor sale by . n F. VV. hTAKTnAua, RWitM. wi IM) . . 74 Wasliiagton street tOR SALE, the cargo of the ship trine, eap - P i.i. MnmnhrPT. from Calcutta and now landing at the footofLibertyVstreet, consisting of , . c IT Cotton ' : ' ' Gingert BlockTin ! Gum Shellacs: ' v - " Gum Copal ' - - . Goat S loos ofa large sis Seine Twine and ttunnv Bags . I Also for sale, ladia Muslins of, almost every description. ,... . Also, a small qsaniuv ot nsnsmi u Odor of Roses. ; For sale ' ian7 ROBERT LENOX FLOUR, COTTON, &c 250 bbls Fhiia - del phia flour . 2l bales upland cotton, hew crop , . t 8 do New - Orleans do 5 tons lignumvitss 15 tubs Germsn steel 2 pipes red port wine 11 hhds do do da 5 hhds white do do 3 qr.essksdodo do 1 hhd Madeira wine ..' 11 or. casks do .. do - ,'tT a it A '.J.I 37 boxes superior claret (1 dox. each). - An Invoice of lace veils cotton lace, kc. An invoice of Dutch tovs for sale by ROBERT GILLESPiE,', jsn7 .' 112 Front street isuisru cocoa. ' TWENTY - FIVE bags of very superior qua lity Island coroa, for sale by . , . TUCKER, ft LAUJlfES, . - Jant - ' . , v . .josonlh - st .VTUSstETS, TAPES, Jtc. - r - ioOO Huskets If L entitled to Debenture - 13 boxes well assorted Tapes. No 11 to 25 , 7 ceronns 1st quality Floiantladigo boxes Flaxes Linnen . t bbls. WhiU Lead, for sle by J.C. ZIMMERMAN, JaaC lm fo. 72 Washington - street BOTTOM YARN. ne COMMISSION COMPANY, 148 Peart - ttreet have now for sale, most Nos. of Cotton Ysrn. from No. 4 to 3t - ' in 8 I A ... 1 V WV i .1 ' J on. m LI lie ncefcx wurd con - J tinue to transact Comaissioa business in his i own nitre. dec 31 r ' t 'S ' 12 ' . I I ' - ... - - '. . . m - ' ' " ' ' ' " ' " ' " " 1 l' " ' ' - ' " ' . "' : " ' ' ' ' stssssssssM SSSSSSSSS1 SJSSSSJasMWsSSSj SJbXSSSSSsM HALF. AT THE Slitr - tJtius vr . fin - . KT'RSCMREli. '.'" r ' " A 8LOOP, dow building of the best . ' XJTfv' mteriaJ - s atout 100 toil; timber of live - V ' o?V locust' and cedar; bottom pl - jok , Jtrwhite oak, built on purpose for the All. ,0r A StOOP of 50 tons lcuJatoJ br v r ff a. i;nah. bortben. and ea. - yilrtft of water wreqoired. . A periagua SCHOONER, 'of 40 ton - , wftKwill draw b..t lit!! - water, wjth a lee - yifboarJ thrpuh he reuu other keel, JndTsexpected to very f"t. . ''i . TTaiVo, a 6HIP V3G0on. Tvfor a Liverpool or Londoa trader, (that VPatl",r . . , lj .......Mh.nnrchaser.V i rtrSnars Umber and flanky - Abo, timber 'frUS'BROW; . - - : fur Sale, freight or Charter, The brig AMERICAN, burthen 200 ; Y "tow, sails fast, is - well found and can b Immediately. This brig is ene year wssvuiit of th best Material, and wi etn - Ipteyed thehut year ae a packet between thi Dortaad&rannah, lies at MurryH wharf Ap - rfrto" . GRISWOLD9 ft COATES, ; dec I51 ' S '" . 68 Sooth - . s ti'.Ll. of the best materials., has made one - royare to the West Indies, is one year old, tad 'can .be sent toea . immediately.,' .For terms apply to the roaster, en board a Burlintr - slip, or to GR1SWOLDS tt COATES, , rdec '18 68 South - street, ,t" f.' For .CIBRAJ - TAR, , , , . 'wfcS$y The fast if iling brig LaURA - ANN, IV - f. F. Coffin, luasier; hai fine acromino - .dalioosf. passengers. - r.orreight of 600 bar relmr pattag, 'py to he enptain on board, .west aide Burling - ilip, oro . . '.. L k O. CRlSWOLt. dec 40 ' . Oft Jjouth treet. .... 5.. ' For SALE,'' j t The new and fast sailincr brier FAME. .built of the best seasoned timber, and faitlifullr put together, her ritftrinff and aails ,re of excellent quality, this veanel is well ' calculated fur a Southern Packet, haingf handsome accommodations - Fur terms and a view of Iwi inventory, spply to " " tiRlWOLl t'OLDS k COATES, dec 15 ; ia - .fi ,. i bo Aontlvstrcet. ; '. ' For Sule; rYeighf or Charter, Jki The excellent bri RI.SING SUX, ? - f Wm. Npir, master, burthen one bun - JreUaud five Unit, will stow about 900 barrels iwoytarsoli!, fn andean be sent to sea imaodiateljr Apply to the captain on board at the foot of iiarriioo - street, or to , v . ,i r JOHN DYERS. ,. - : - A ' Who has for Sate, ' ' 1500 bbh rround planter of Paris 600 tons Nbva Scotia plaster ' 120 da Frach . .do in lots to suit pur - f :li"rv AprJv abew. , . . . det t t , for jiukiHZAUX, . v, . Hie" ship DRAPER, V., Adamsi master i a first rate sli in. will meet wiui uiuiicuii iiii(aisii. - . : rur iixigui or passage, - apply, to the master on board at Flv - tnarket wharf, otto I .' s s - dec 89 tf VT. ROHER9 & C& i or LHLttl.LS They sabstaniial fast sanmr snip .NEPl'UKB. .K. Fiekl. master i will immenee Inadinsr en Mnnd.iv. havinir ' neorlv the whole of her targo ready to go on board, witl be tlisBatchcd'whuout delay. For freight of about 2SQ casks flaxseed, cotton, or cabin and steerage passage,' havinjr, excellent accommodations, apply trt , ' ' ' . . ( ' . ; . JHOS. S. WALSH, ' dec 13 . , - V 118 Front - street. v94V Tbe substantial coppered ship E - r.a - .rin. Jjcvoe, master, to sail m a few days For freight, which will bet ken low, or pas sage, spply to . v .. . ..... ... .. P REM SEN it CO. jaaS - 26 South street. ' Far Mobile and Blaketev,' vt "1"',e 'nt fast sailing new picket jaJ:'.ioo!.er THOMAS SHIELDS, capt. Tncker, having superior accommodation for cabin passengers ; most of her cargo being eo - - .1 :n . . i. , . . . KKcui w'" nice vuh lumcuiaie aispaicn tor freight or passage apply on board, west siue viu sup, or 10 ' PETERS k HERRfCK, - dec 30 t 29 CoenUes - slip, ,FOlt.JrAiy.OKLKAA7, . The sl.ip MARIA CAROUXE, K ,ing at Jones' - wliarf. will be dispatch in all this week she is a Terr fast sailor. neany new, ana nas elegant aceommduattotis r or neignt or passage, apply to "dec 30 83 South - street - WANTED. "vf i A British brkr of about 500 tons, to " - f 1nad for a port in England or Aotltmd Apply to CAMBERLENU & PEARSON .dec 6? Son th - aL ' ' 'r bale, rrnttU or Charter; vf'iX - TkstauiKhrood thip ANGELICA ' , - V7Q tons barthra, one year oM, sheath - ed and in complete order to receive a cargd, stows about SC00 bhl. a very lart saiUng lUip, bis large accoramoilitkmi for. nasseimrf. and well calculated Jor the New - Orleans trade Ap .1 a - Skt S B m mm.... . I'lj - ioi ; . . . Ijr, U&ttWUJUU, - dec . ' . j MSsjuth - H. r - - . t or Freight or Charter. ; JO The brig ATLANTIC, capt Cailey, hnrth.n about 1400 bbls i Is ready to r. vs a cargo, and can be seat to sea without de ity. Apply on hoard, or to - r jaagt R. At W - DAVENPORT ft COi ir rr.Tt' . nt'dto Charter .ti A good SLOOP, or SCHfX)rElL Vii iss that will carry about 500 barrels, for .frWMriln,(Ui immediate , dispatch - wu, ycgircB. ' Appir.lO - - - .:, r.TliCKER fc LAURIE8, jan 3 .? - . . S9 Sooth - street ron ramuaT or chssiis, The scbr FAVORITE. H. II. Fidr masvr. Ivin itl wharr ihm xh tma I iuu narreta, II months old, Philade! pun ouilt. now read la twain a ratrn. to the Captaiaou NnH, r at 93 C. H. slip, to For Fmtht or (Jtartrr. The suhstantiai bri? EUNICE. Row. Basiar, t. 135 tout 12 moalh, old. a so Irxr vwi anareWy to receive a nrrro. Ap. "5 CAMBHELEVG fc PEARSON 'rrr' " rar Freight or hnrtrr. vtvl The schr. POLLY h PALLY, of t,rnnaderplua,barthen 120 tons, twelve n.onths old, esrries 1100 bbls,, u a fsst saUer, i.i excfllmt orjer, and now ready to receive a 'arm. 1 v i . . to ........ vll . ..u - u Muniri'wnin. or - 4 Jf. 4i D. TAi:OTT - j.a r . , 64 South - street rfOU "' - " : w SJ.Lt., . . ' The' Very Kut. sailing sloop Para s' SGON. Chihl, master burthen 66jtonn, MTultat Middletowik Corni.) by Mr.ThoVU ed of For Freieht or Charier, : .WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14, 1818. NO. 42 PINE - STREET.1 boxes Soochong Tea, ttipenor tuton's cargo, for sale By HURD Al 8KWALU . . . tx 65 South - street. dec 15 X TOBACCO AC FLOUtt. if hlids. prime okl ' leaf tobacco,' landing from schr. Sea Lien, ... i - .' irom menmonu. , , . , r , - . .... .' . i pTottr - i ' w . ! : 1030 bbls. Richmond supurfine, flottr s i 75 do do , fiue n do ' , ' Forsaleby 1 - ' ' ' . - s - j TROKES, tJAVinsON fc CO - i 'dec 30" ' ' 106 Front - street. ! mOBACCO, . FLOUR as COTTON. 18 JL , hhds prime leaf tobacco ,., ' ' 300 hhls Virginia flour ' - ! 20 baits prime "upland cotton. ' received per sloop Cash'er,' from Petcrsborff ad for sale by WALSH St GALLAGHER, ... ; dec 2Sr r1 ' oo bouuitreeu : SHOP, WHITE LKAIs fcc A few tqns Patent Shot, from B B to 10 - : ' . A few casks Dry White Lead v 4' 3 tons best do. is oil, in 28 & 5Glb. kegs'' J5 casks nest Red Lead , r - ' " : $6 rolls Sheet do. - ' - ' ' " " 1 , ' ' f 10 hhds Paris White, of a superior quality . 4 casks Yellow Ochre, dry Red, Yellow and Black Paints, in Kegs of 1 cwt each' ' ' ' ; ' A lew casks Fig Blue ' ' ' ' " " ' , 'Black Vamith in kegs Of 4 gallons each ' Window Glass 7 by 0, 8 by 10, 11 by 9, and by 10 for sale hy ' ' - ' ' ' i - ATKINSONS if FLEMING, ' dec. I? lm 167 Penrlwrfreet. ' C1ARPETS. 2 balen Mirzapore Carpets, just received, snd for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, ' : dec 29 r . , i 55 Pine - street. nLAYSEEDk FLOUR. 28 tierces Flax - 250118 superfine Southern, Flour, just received, and for tale by ' . .... , nn njm mm VQ decST "' . . . .81 Pine - street ODOR OF ROofca.. A FEW pound bottles of Odor of Rosea, just in. received Iroui omvrna, ana ior saie iy . . dec 22 ROBERT LENOX. UTCH GOODS, eiCf - A.. small invoice consLstbig of ',.., . - ,' "'fV.j' Marbles, slates, slate pencils s "'. ' hnuft' boxes, violins, violin sticks ' r ; Tortoise shell work boxes . ' Tortoise shell tea caddies - , Cornelian ear rings, coral do gold seals '' ; Silver purses, lead pencils ' ; a - '" PorceUin tea and coffee caps and saucers : Cologne water, Sic. received per brig Jami, from Rotterdam, tur - ssle by , - ..! . . ; . . ROBT. GILLESPIE, v dec3J 112 Front - street. LUEGOD!; &c 17 bales company blue 13 MsmoTKlirs, fine quid. 4 balGomiiany blue Baftas, do v 17 do India Calicoes, sup. qual and new pat terns selected particularly for this market, just see'd per ship India, for sale J ' jan 3 , , 26 South - Ureet , COi'TOtM.. . TWENTY bales Priiae Upland Cotton, for sale at 35 Feck - slip, by - - . . - ., r. k c. yv. vavenpOrt, is, co. Jans " iHLOL.Lb ic 1V0,UUU 2 inch bhm?les J 11,000 W. O. Barrel Staves, forsaleby R, ft C. W. DAVEN PORT ft CO. . Jan 6 ......',,', rnoBA A from WsjtsnsMiUk. 53 do. eW , . :.r - .'. 105 barrels superfine Flour . V ' 19 Store, . ' ' ' 100 hhds. old Richmond ft Petersburg tobsreo 500 kegs of 1st ft 2d quality manufactured do. various brands (br sale by ' . ' DIVia BETHUNE ft CO. i jan7 , 92 Coffee - house - slip. HI I E LEAD IN OIL. 400 kegs oi White Lesd, ground in oil, 28 lbs. each, landinr from ship Caroline Ann, from Liverpool, for sale by DIV1E BETHUNE ft CO. an 7 No. 95 Coffee - bouse - slip. UPHOLD TfcRi 4 Uerces best black curica - Horse Heir - v' '. " . 1 case best Satia Horse Hair Sealing,, and Thread Tickling, just received per Lorenzo, from London, au4 for sale by , . ... . ,. 11URD ft SEWALU ian7 ' ' , 65 South - street sO.VtiKKa ti caws suuenor. colored,, ron JL erees. for hatter's use, just received and for sale by ' CAMBRELENG A PEARSON, dec 23 ' 67 South - s.treft CI H KO.NOAlfcTtKb. :c 4 superior j - onuon J Chronometer in eases with a small invoice of London W atthes, for sale by ; ft D. TALCOTT, dec 53 64 South - street. 8TAK.CH VJNE Hundred and Sixty, kegs Philadelphia Starch, landing irom scbr. Fair 1 rader, at Old slip, lor sale by ' " ' ' tan 5 ' 75 Wall - strect. 033 ' liNUlGO, MJGARS, 4.C ban Betrnres and Radnarore Sugars tlie latter yery inipcrior quality, hard gramed, WOrtny me. sucnuun m rriaiicn 17 enses Beneal InciO ' 400 Goat Skins, larse size and fine quality, wst ree'd per ship Indis, lor sale fy ' - . jan 3 ".' ' " - 25 South - street RlSli MARKET. TOBACCO. 50 hhris 1 prime Tobscop, an entire parcel, landing this day Irom UlS Sioou iiecnanM:, iram nn - tiiumni. - - . . . . i e i 1. . I. ...1 for sale by Ul llti pr. I l Wi'r.aiw. 92 CofiVie House - slip. sT"HlLADi!.Lt'HIA FLOUR. - 300 bWs su IT. - perfina Philadslpbia. hour, landing from brig Rising Sun, tor sals ny ; blftJIVftiA.v a JVH.10. - , - Alto in Store, - ; , ' 600 bbls Richmond superfine floor : , 200 do. Fstersburg .do oo . . . ... 13 do Richmond fine . do dec 28 40 PAPER, OL1VE3, HATS, 4c. Bales Italian foolscap paper 16 . do. letter paper , 15 eses liquorice paste . 1 box ostrich fealher. 1 do chip hats " 1 do pressed sup. straw do from No 32 to 54 "( ' 3 do manna m flkes , .. fi ".7 marble mortars ,23 cases veined and statuary marble slabs, . assoited sizes wr pier tables cc, , f (M boxes anchovies, 130 do olives 4 iars oillavenJr just received per bri LouUa Cecelia, from Lgnom, ana wr sale cy CH AS. L. OGDEN, and Jcc27 ABR. OGDEN, Washington - it TTLANNELS, TINS, &c A few bales'as - JL sorted flannels white, red ana yei.ow Do fine ami superfine white do. very wide Green table covers from 5 qr. to 8 by 10 Men and women's cotton stocking IVn do white silk do A Jewesses London m'ixt pins in 1 - 2 ft 3 - 4 lb Do pack pin., 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2 and 5 . 1 ease mourning pins 1 do short white do . While chapel needles, assorted, No. io 10 1 case books end eyes , - . . i ' I do brafs and steel tqp thimbles Brass aod card wire Fer sale by ATKINSONS ft rLr.Nl.Mi, dec 22 ;a - , JJ Tcart - st. TEA, 40 quality, DOMESTIC ft OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep constantly oa hand an extensive assortment of the following goods VII Dutch and English . Gunny Bags&e - v Popes H;ads ' Crumb Brushes' Bellows fancy and common ' Do for Blacksmiths ' Hell and Enlry MaU ; Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Brooms Duster, or Counter urtithes ' ' Hearth Crashes, fan cy and common - ' Hisacf. - io da. do . 4loth . do do do Weavers do ,. . .Wfiite Wash do ' Shoe ft Scrubbing do ' Paint Brushes and Whips of every de Sash Tools scription Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing' and ball l'wirte Fish Lines ' Shoe ic Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Balances - . Chimps .4, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines sash Cords, Trace nope Wr roiieht and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on liberal terms. CEBRA CUMING, : jan 5 76 Pearl - street FOR THE LADlE. THE RESTORATIVE POWDER FOR THE TEETH AND GUMS This ex - fcellent preparation comforts and sreogthens the gums preserves the enamel from decay, and cleanses and whitens the teeth, absorbing all itiai accnmonious slime and louiness, which, sal - lered to net emulate, never fails to injure, and fi nally ruin them. , Jilt, UAiVJABIV 4ilt f ALV . , f Is recommended. ( Darticularlv to (he Ladies as an elegant and pleasant preparation for chap - lied and sore lips, and every hlemUh and inconvenience occasioned by colds fevers &c. speedily restoring a beautiful rosv color, and delicate soilness to the lips THE GENUINE PERSIAN LOTION, 1 So celebrated amone the fashionable through out Europe, is an invaluable cosmetic, and perfectly innocent and safe, free from corrosive and repellent minerals (the basis of other lotions) and cf unparalleled effirarv in Dreveiitinr and re moving blemishes in the luce and skin of every kind, particularly freckles, pimples, scurf, tetters, ring worms, sun bums, c. rendering the skin delicately soft and clear ; improving the complexion and restoring the bloom ofyntith. U amnion's essence and extractor Mustard, for Rheumatism, Lumbago, Palsy, &c, Hamilton's celebrated Elixer, .for coughs, coMs, asthmas and Consumption. ... . ,r namnton's worm destroy ma Loxenges . i ' Habn's Anti - Bilious Pills ' Hamilton's Grand Restorative, for nervous dis eases, he. being peculiarly adapted to Female complaints. '' ' - f" - : . Sold at LEE'S Medicine - store, No. .48 M aiden - lane. . ..... . ... Drogeists and country store keepers supplied on liberal terms. Certified cast s of cure mar lie seen at the place of sale. Jan 9 rod CUUJYTRr H FAT FOR SALE, AT Jamaica, on Lone Island, Queens County, late the residence of John Troup, Esq. deceased. On the premises are a good two story4 frame house, barn, and other out - buildings i 28 acres of land in a pood stare for cultivation i 28 acres of wood land, of a fine thrif ty growth fur fencing and timber and a lot of 7 acres salt meadow. . On this property are two apple orchards, and - a variety of other fruit trees. Jamaica being one of the most flourish - ins villages on the Island, renders this proper ty desirable for a gentleman retiring from bu siness. 4 or particulars apply to A r M. DITMIS. 148 P arl - st. i or to VALUABLH RKAL.PROPr.KTY FOR SALE - ON TUEADAY, the 20th January inst. il'sl bvl?leecker ft Bihbr. at public auction, ia the Tontine Coffee House, at 12 o'clock. TWO ' LOTS OF'fjKOOD, with fhe BUILDINGS erected thereon, situate No. 32 Pine - street, in the occupation of Robert Stuart each tot is 22 feet 3 inches in I root, 21 feet 10 3 inches in the rear, and averaae length 75 feet 9 inches. - An indisputable title will lie given to the purchaser, and possession on Hie first of ftlsy next. ' Information as to. the pioperty, title, nnri terms ef sate, may be had by applying to COR - JAMES BOGERT, ' 1 Survivme: F.xec - . . and ' atorsof Jacc - JAMESVANANTWERPS bosBogert. - Jan 9 2t ... v . COUNTRY fcEAT FOR SALE. The Farm known TJy the name of Cas tie Howard Farm, handsomely situated t 1 - 2 miles from Princeton, bounded in front by the msin tnrnpiks road from - Philadelphia to New. York, and in the rear by Millstone Creek, it contains 145 acres, 30 seres of - bkh is wood land. 20 acres lying 2 miles from the tarrn, and a beautiful lot of 10 acres within about 300 yards of the right wing of the house. " v liesides ornament' irrrs, n contains a va riety of fruit tri es, consist ing of grafted pears, of the best quality, irdifTerent kinds, cher - ries, 10 different kinds, tlie most ot tnem grat - ted and an orchard of the best apples, besides a young1 and thriving orchard of crab apples, for makintr the cider so celebrated, also, one of sweet apples for fatting nogs. The house ts pieassnt ana commodious wiui nn excellent ga den; the out - houses and fences al! in food condition. The above is a delight. ful summer or winter residence. For further particulars enquire at No. 127 Pearl - st, New. York, or to the subscriber, on uie premises. wlm will give an indisputable title for the tame.' flivurviiMJ. jan 5 tawtf " " JACKSON HOTLL 41 a aSsao - strist HE partnership entered mto hy Madame .vi oniiioD anu ."I r.;iiif, iu unnjruig vit the Jackson Hotel, is this nay dissolved. The Hnt - I will in future be conducted by Ma dame MO V DION, alone. .The public are hereby cautioned, that no dents nereaner contracted in ine name oi wirnn n Mondioo, will he paid hy Madame MONDIO.M. Madame Mondion solicits sncn snare oi ine public favour as the merits of the hotel may, by einerwnce. be found t(r deserve. i Her customers will always find a Bar and ur - dioary. or Table d ilote, wen sappueo, ana Larder embracinz every oencscy io season Club rooms always clean, warm and ready for the reception ot guests. . , New - York, Jan. JBth, 1818. an9 2w TO LOAN OP BO.VD H MOKlGAGK f?ROM Five to Twenty - five Thoussnd Dol r inrai In he serured hr Ixinri Bud moTteage on propeity ia the city and county of V - w - Yarlr. npniyso n. n. ba " nj. 'ir. Van 6 6t No 40 Wall - street "TTTk ' FinF. - Fii.uijF smut;. For Sals (d apvic3tion be made before th nrst day of Fanra a, next) tne very vaiu able lot and store So. 34 South - street, between Coenties and Old slips tort'her with a joint nght or tide to the, Fier io f - ont Two thirds of the ptrchaae money may remain on mefgnge for snv number of years Enquire ol the subscriber So. I .lurray - st. . . o. u. yik - jiw jau 9 lw FOK'SALI The house 'of gru'ind No. 18 Rose - . . . inn street ; tbe lot is leet I - oni sum rear, feet deep ; the hoe a b - Sclt front, sides and rear filled in with bricitr and built in the most sutxtantial manner For further particulars enquire of ' ' r A. !f ri.ENBACK, jaa9 lw ' ' Kc 334 Brotiawsy. . ft O TTON New crop, prime, suitable for manufactunag, will be sold in parcels to ae commodate purchasers. Also, a few hales of old crop. Enquire 148 i tainiiTci, up iiair. lan o (JOUcHOMi K kAMPOY 'ILAcs. iu boats O and cannisters, 33 and 24 lbs each, entitled to ueoeoiuie, tor sale at 64 bouth - street, by CAMBRELENG PEARSON, i jan 5 lO JOHiX C'CFFE having putilished iu the Gazette of Jan. 7th, a statement tending to cnarge mr. Arthur Hirst with being an accomplice of Joseph in defrauding him, and having connected my name with theirs in the publication, t conceive it to be a duty which I owe to myself and Mr. Hir.t, to mnke a fair and correct statement of the transaction, for the information of the public. ; Joseph Lee anas Levy, called upon me and declared that ha was in embarrassed circumstances, that lie was daily called upon to pay his board, but was unable to do it, unless he could obtain the money, by putting the clothes, svhkhi he then wore, into the possession of some gea tleman, who would advance on' such security, whnthe wished. ... - He said he had bartered with Cufie for the clothes, by giving him a gold watch, and wished me to sen mem immediately and put the nninnce over what 1 advanced, to bis Recount. 1 suppo sed the property to - be Lee's and advanced the money without a moments hesitation. I then requested Mr. Hint, ns - a friend, to dispose of the ciotnes in Charleston. Alter Lee - had secreted himself, Cufie caused the ship Mornine Star to be searched, l ne omcers losod Lee's trunk, and then asked Mr. Hirst if he bad any clothes be longing to Lee in his possession, lie answered he had a suit ol clothes belonging to me, formerly le's He proposed haying his trunk examined to satisfy Cutieand the (Hikers before they suggested carrying it lo the rniice timce. ' J he request was not complied with, hat the trunk was taken into court and all the contents exam ined. The clothes which I requested Mr. Hirst to sell, were claimed by C'nffe. As a witness, I stated the circumstances, already mentioned, to tne court. They restored to Mr. Hirst every article ron tained in his trunk, without passine the slightest censure opon his conduct, and voluntarily directed his things to he sent on board.' My claim to the property was considered honorable and it was restored tome again. Mr. Hirsts conduct was not censured, i Mr. Hirst thotiuht himself injured nnd openly expressed (lis detestation ol CunVs proceedings. - 1 leave it lo a candid pub - tic to judge wnciiM - rtiiiii has acted honnrahiy in attacking an absent gentleman, (hat he acknowl edged in court was not connected with lee io fraud. Mr. Hirst, did pot know until Monday morning, that Lee bad any iutentioa of going to Charleston. .' Cuffe expressly states that Lee slent on board with Mr. Hirst, and as positively asserts a false hood, - dt is well known that Mr. Hirst did not sleep on board until the f ecood night after the lean h was made. It is astonishing that . this John Cuue, Merchant Taylor, 46 Broad - itreet, should introduce the name of Mr. Arthur UirM in an advertisement tending to injure him in the estimation of his numerous and respectable friends wno are unacquainted witn the circumstances, without reflecting, that an attack upon on inno cent man will ultimately involve the accusers name in inevitable disgrace. Jnnvot - . ' - JUsliliA SrUrilv. NEW - YORK. CITY DlhPENSARY. frf PUBLIC notice is hereby given that en Monday tn 12U day of January, iastsnti. tween the hours of twelve and one, there will be held at the office of the New - York City Dis nensary, in Tryon - row, In the rear ol the City Hall, lbs annual election or thirteen trustees, according to the provhioo of the charter. By order of the Boant y - fjgyjjjrs, - rjommutee ' ' Edm'd. If. peudleton, ) jan 5 Gt AEW - YOKK FIREMEN INSURANCE COMPANY. ftr The Capital ?fock ol tlie Company hav ng by a new subscription leen reinsbiU d to th full sum of fire hundred thousand Dollars which is amnly secured, are now ready to receive ap plications for Fire and Marine Insurance at their Office No. 56 Wall - street. The Office solicits the patronage of the public in the confidence that adeuuate protection will be afforded to the assur ed and all losses be promptly adjusted. By or der ol the noard ol directors, Jan6 lm wm. jvrFAL, Pcc'ry. E AGLE FIRE frt" Notice is hereby givrn, that an election rthirteen Directors, for the ensuing rear, will for be held at the Office of the Company on Tuesday. the thirteenth inst from 10 A.M. until 2 o'clock. P.M. JNO. D. MEYER, Sec'ry, Jan 2 Uan 13 NOTICE. frJ" The subscriber having rcllnquisliea the baking business, in consequence of the state of his health, reauests all those having demands a - gainst him to present them for adjustment and selltemcni s mimi mat an uiose wno are inoeoii - n to bim will call upon liim, at his house. No. 188 Pearl - street and make payment of what tliey re specavefy owe to him. uated January u, ihio iiuurn i siuani. janSlw ' ' . NEW - ENGLAND SOCIETY. frr - The annual Election of a Board of Offi cers for tlie New - ijigland Society of the City and State of New - York, will be held at the Bank Coffee House, on Wednesday the I4(h day of January instant at 1 - 2 past 6 o'clock, P. M. AMHERST vviu HIT, Bec'ry. Jan 8 fit frT The creditor ot Wui Wells decessed, are reouested to meet at the cflVe of Mr. Blake, No. 3 Law Bmhlmgs, on the 15th of this month, at 10 o'clock is the forenoon, for the purpose of provmg their accounts, Jan6eod5t - A LL tlie Songs. Duetts as sung by Mr. Thi - f. Hpp at the New - York Theatre, for sale at Wg, - DUBOIS' Piano Forte and Music Store, No. 128 Bsotidwsy. ' Behnkt in his sott eipre - sive face ' ' ' Tho' loye is warm awhile 'Tis but fancy's sketch - . ' I there a heart that never lov'd In vain may that bosrHB lost quite deplore My early day whatjojs was thine , , . love's young dream .' - 4 This blooming rose at early dawn Robin Adair ' "! i . Beautiful Mai.l ' ' ' - lt unts soandtbe trumpet '''. , - Had I a heart .'' . Evtleeo's Bower . .. . Dear maid I love thee Ah sure a pain was never seen i , Said a smile to a. tear Sigh not tor love , My heart with love Is beating ' The reheated serenade of " Liila come down Bird Duett - ' lt0 Flora's wreath. ' ' With a laige assortment of new music. d - c It ' ' . rO1 SALE, ' a v al morrRTV i tt of srw - Ton:. A BKICK llLh. anu lxt Ho. 11 l.j, HnnriabL.r,mine rear logem - .. . . .r . . i - . . c . r . t er wilh tne I JU J , ier irouv, n lets rcr, uni lli feet n earh side. i HOI SK ar.:t LOT Nov 37 Vesey - st - eet , and Hou;end IxitNo .19 V, sey - street A BOND snd MORTGAGE fie - 1CC0 dollars, da And .' di . for 750 . do do aid do for 4j0 '. do ' Onvsluablr proprty in the city ofNew - Yotk - Tlie ia'eriHrl has always hrrarwnctuslty paid. - I or particulars rnouim at the onice or . STEPHE.N P. LAMOINE. declOtf ...i. iNo. 27 Wall - street 12ankofAtueriea,Det. 20, 1C17. Cy Notice is hereby given to the Stockholders of the Bank of America, tltat a dividend of two dollars and fifty cents on a share, for six months, ending on Uie 31st inst. will be paid at '. the Bank, on Friday, tlie 2d January next V - i , By order ol the Board of Directors. . GEO, NEWB0LD, Cashier, dec - 20 1m ' PHKMX BANK. - , - (XT3 - A dividend bf three) per cent has been) this day declared on the stock of Uus Hank, ray - able on the 2d January next The transfer booka will be closed on the 24th instant. , . By order of the Board of Directors, ; dec 20 ' . D. I. GREENE, Cashier. " If PATRICK DILLON, wholelt Tra Ice, in the County of Kerry, Ireland, in the yeas 1800. will transmit Mrs. Fitrhcrrv. ofTralee. his address it will be a particular advantage to both parties." Ti alee, October, 1815. The above is inserted at the reuoest of Mr. Dillon's friends. , ' ; - i .. ' Any communication on the subject will .be Uiankfully receireil nnd transmitted by ooc in iiKrtj'iv. v. nuo. - Xr - ISAAC F. BRAtrti, late teacher of writing in the Adelphi School, respectfully an nounces the opening of a seminary on his own Bi - coum. id ine tipper room oi ine nuitaing mte - ly occupied by Holmes U Loot borrow, at Wis corner of Eldiidge and Pamp streets, where he purposes instructing pupils in reading, orthography, English grammar, writing, arithmetic, gc graph', the drawing and colouring of maps, book - keeping, the mathematics and drawing The success with which he has hitherto taught penmanship in the'Adelphi School, snd in Mrs, Smith's Boarding School, fcc. emboldens him to solicit the patronage of no enl ightened and discriminating public, with a confident hrpe that his industry will meet an adequate encouragement ; and at tlie same time that be feels all the anxiety incident to anew and important undertaking. he looks forward to the progress of his establishment with a cheerful determination to use his ot - ' most efforts to make it satisfactory to his patrons, Bi each branch of a liberal English Education. N. ti. as tvening school is now open tit I. r B's residence, 122 Ilaiman - street . dec 17 lm ... AOIICE. . ': - ft7 Public notice is hereby giv. n that the subscribers intend to spdIv to the legislature of the state of New - York, at their next session, for an Act of Incorjiorfction, incorporating them ami their associates by the name and style of the Franklin Instirnnce Company with a capital of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for the purposes of making all kinds of insurance acninrt ore, and os a Hie or fives, and also on the inland trans portation of goods wares and merchnniiite, . nir.iMt.iv wmiftE,i, 'i ' '.BENJ. L. SWAN, 'ELISffA T1BBITS,' lec4tf JOHN ADAMH. , . . NO I ICE. fttr The nndersigred give notice, that Jhey inland to apply to the U - gislature of this state, at their next session, for an act to incorporate themselves and their associates into a company, in the city of New - York, under the style' oC The North River Steam - Boat. Company." with a capital of six hundred thousand dollars, for he purpose of navigating with Steam Boat the waters or the North River, . Dated Uie Sid day of December, 1817. ; ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, CHAS. AUG. DALE, U. Li INCH, Junr. dec 22 dfitr' P. MAVERICK, Engraver, of Newark, ha recommenced Lusiness, m Aew - York, under the firm of P. MAVERICK ft DUHAND, corner of Pine - street aud Broadway in the rear cAtf"1 - Literary Rooms of Messrs. J. East buns ft Orders received by Messrs. East burn ft Co. " net 16 3m t.Vl bUCIt.'l'Y. i The Anniversary Concert of this Socie - ty, will be held at the City .Assembly, on the 15th of January. . . - The members will receive their Tickets hy applying at No. 306 Broadjvsy, or at the practising room bf the Society, dec 15 lm JOS. KNIfiHT, Sf cretsry. MTTICE. , - 7 - 0 - The Pacific Insurance Company of New - Yorlc have this day declared a Dividend of twelve per rent on the capital Slock, payable at their office, No. 49 Wail - street, on the 19th instant. - By order of the Board of Directors. Jan 5 lm WALTER R. JONES, Sec. . NOHCE. . , ' fJ7 The Suliscribcr, in behall of himself and his associates, gives notice, tht an application will be made to tbe honorable the le;l?iatureof ' this stale, at its next scssioo, for an Act to incorporate a Hank with a capital stock of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, and with leave to Increase it te One Million 'to be located north east of Beekaian - street in the city ef New - York, and to be called "The FrsnkUn Bank cf ' Uie city of New - York." .j Daud New - Y"ork, iClhDsc. 1CI7. ' . . i ' By order of the As - ocisb - s, ' dec30tf , NOAH BROWN, Sec'ry. A - Af - l URK LSbURjiXLF. CUNFAJTY. The president and directors have this day declared a dividend of fire per cent en tbe capi tal stock of the company for the last six months payable to the stockholders, or Ikeir legal representatives on and after the 12th Instant, ftt the office, No. 34 Wall - street. .' ' - ? JaqS 1 C. O. SHU'MAIM, secry. NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY. The Pr'esidcnt and Directors of the National Insurance Company, have this day declared adivLlend of fifteen per centra the r cspital stock, for their last six months, payable to tbe stock holders, or theh - legal represchtatives, on and after Thursday the 15fh inst - ian 5 tFebl JOHN J. JONES, Sccr y.i Ihr. For.J.e Inmranee Lop'g V J eft or. frT - Tlie t'torkholders are her. by notified that anXlertion for Seventeen Directors will l heM at the Office No. 45 IVall - strwt on Monday tt I oth instaatv te comm'ssee at 10 and close at Jt o'clock liyoxi' - r of the uoartiot i 'irertrw. WALTER R. JONLS, Sec'y. Jan Ti H9'h ". tjigle Fir Compmjf Afsr - lsrtr; - NOI ICE Is hereby giv,a that a dividead for the lost six monib of fuer and a hlf per cent on the capital Slot k, of tin's Corfpsey has M en pVrlared. ed will be paid to Use) fctockho dersgntbe 15th inst. ,' . Jan 5 1m JOHN V. nir.Tr.ri. ec. tLj - . I he ixLartnrship harsloioro. existing under the firm of (ieorga Aslor k Co. was dis - lvd on the Slst diy of December last, ty rca - tuat consent all debts doe te the firm to paia to George Astor, by whom all claims sgiinst the said bxm will be liquidated. ' - GEO. ASTOR, ' . ' VM. DiLWORTIT, jan 7 lw . 14tWatr - rt. NortCL. v . 7. The ef A. 9. Griswo'.d ft Co. is diswlved by mtitoal cownt. Th busi - ne - will be hcrert',r conduct! ty A. S. Gris - wold aid kneclaod Tewnsend, na r tha same ' A.s.Grt:?woi.n.M - . f KNEKLASDTOWNSE5D, LLIHU TOWNS FN D. . Jan 3 2w . EW.',OKh,CiiJ'"AS5r.l B LY . w !LT The mana - ers g.e toocn h, an asbly cthfLrenajci"' the 14th saitaBU r

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