The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 13, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1818
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" Y IN V j i. It - W. . s,,(i , being between Wifcgtootrert and a certaia .twwtretofetity IwtMbrnedih, td v .Eroding on the taid North fliver, called tft " ' ttrcet, tad bounded at followi swtb - eulerly ble Coart, frill be aold at pblic aactiort, at sMh TondneCnffce tfooie. la the city of Mew if h .if - juj s - ' HI a'? w i: if re. it . If: i - 1.; - 1 v m;' , i .'t, - b,M v. in M idM If .Uw , ) - si ;s .U - H .:.,nr t V ; v 1 Va - - ,! ' N ' - ' " Hr - U.ji i n ti . j;, j i m ' : ,s... rV i , i ' . . - 4 i t - v sJJ : ,t". , ij' w 7 - m I - 1 A - r . '") ' ' , . . . ' - ;J vj, Z" ' ' . - a ! - ' ? t - ' ' ' - s 5 i - ?V ! tfS tluiiBca of a decretal order of tlia boonva - 1 bit court, btsr:r.dte ibc .7th - day '7 Miu Coffee House, totbe'eity of lietf - York.VB - j ia? dev ll dirrciKin - ... i ( tha court, on jTiuniy. 1b JBtB uaj . :nJai"TWt, t o'tlock at noon, "ai .ttatxertaia block, or pfeca o ground toil t i , . - emier water, in b aat sand and ground, " and taiteHy b Liberty - etreet t norm - weiier y t - " - - nm westerly ny svesi - tireei nuicu ' Vtei', amtrrl and Westerly by Cedar - lire!, MM . - . . an(Kiualrlr Mil eiitrriv by ' Waaliiortoo - r - .iA , ttrpcll cantaiAiaff breadth o Weduugtors. . f 4ret n Weit - slrm o aunarea una wn icti - m - v - 'i inches Jf Ljbqrt - Uet 1 ' . 1 lii uwl MHii fart, and ftlont: lcretber wim toe ippwntnum, agojec wkw 4 Uxlcm to the rent, cor enanCi, fetncUoB bikJ rreemenJ to which aia prcmunf w V" - ' - favor of th corporatioo of the city of w - favor of th corporatioo of tbectfy o: rir - in in Tofkv M iraped, rMervel'aBil,alel by t!H.mi Dated Nor. 6th, 1317. i - WMf Hi vuwas'jtj pooed to Friday, ib 30tb taitaat,. at fer .tiw.V'i M .iiirtunliu. It trill be aoM iakaltor Darcl a4 bbraJ trmt, which nay koowa by applyiat at tt Muter oflic., . .fVo. 3 Law fiajJOu - ii ; wbert amapM uwpr - Diaea ay be aeaa. January out, i to. . JaitfldU,' p' J" w . :.. 6UtTNew York, a. ' ' T narraanca of a decretal order of tan boaora kYork, nder the directioa bf the tnbacriber, a r OTM BftM 4ttn Of UUI DOBOnlDie OOHIT, oo T11URSDA V, the twenty - olnth day of Jaauarj ioaU at II o'clock at aooa, all that certain lot, fiirce or parcel of laad, ituaU oa the tuterij ?ilde otBnadvav. in the rixtb ward of the city ''of New York, known at Number 850b bounded a( follow! Bejtioninf at tbe corner of Broad - TJ - war and Leonard - itreeL tbeace ruonini norther : !( anon Broadwar tliirtr feet and ait inches. to abome bekmjinj to and occapicd by Stepbea J 1 rice, fcaqmre, meoce eauerij aionjt toe name t.v sad parallel to Leonard itreet, one hundred and - Jeveaty fire aiet te enaoo - atreet, thence aoatu erly aad a poo Benaoa - etreet, thirty ieet ii incb - to Leoaard - ttjeet. thence westerly and irpon Leoaard - atreet. roe kwidrtd and eventyare feet o tbe place o becinniDH with the fiarte&an . cet. Dated tha 7th day of January, one thou and eic&l auoarta ami eirnieen. , t n i4MtO A. IIAMlllU, : 3 an 7 tda i Matter in Chancery. IN panaance of a decretal order of thii hon rable court, bearinc date the 10th day of No vember, tbe year 111 17, will be told at public i Auction, at tbe Toe tine Cofltt Home, in the ci - i rr inf New York. Wedneadar. the tereath day VfiaBurr next, at twelre o'clock, noon, all that f f lot. niece or parcel of crround. tituate in the fourth i.rwardof tl city of New - York, oo the comer of xjiMiry aad uorer - ttreeta, Dounaea nonnweN - erty in front oa Cherry - rtreet. nortbearterly by . f A - n I . . i . rro una oewoEuiK v mini witooi wuuuicmii iij in Mm rear by round now or late the property of V - Doctor Jotepb Yonneaadaoathwnterly by Do - 1 1 Ter - alroet and U now known and dituncuiahed by bouae aad lot aauber twa Cherry - ttrcet, ' aad honaa number one Dover - ttreet t contaia - $t S breadth, - in front and rear,, twenty e - ' vea feet aad tix lncbet, and in ienjtn aa eactt aide oae Jaundred nod asven feet, be the tome jnore or lee ; together with the appurtenance! ltd PeceaibM I7tb, 1017. 1 a - - - i - i JAV3 A. HAMIl.TOn.v i 3 - 1 m f .Muter in Chancery 4lMlftawOtKbD 4ts 4 - " ft7 - Tbe tale of the abort WopcrtT ia pot - powed to tlw 19th intta&t, at the tatae hour and ilce. uated January . loia. .14 . JAMS A. HAMII.TOV, ' . nrtua; AM John B. Murray, - 1 . - - ' State of New - York, as ..wk JnmT. Walton. 1 " - ' ' , l - iv.lN aurenuaoe'of adeeTeUl order "of tbit bo - atooraUe eoart, atade In tbe abore aaute, will be aold a public auction, at the Tontine Coff - e UHoute. la tbe eity of New - Yorfc, under tbe di - - reeUoa of tbe aubteriber, at one af the Batten of thl aourt, oa Tueaday tbe teeoad day af Sep - '' Umber aeat, alXwelre o'eloak at noon, all that xmci n iana futaD oa am iuwbw auwTiua, ana ' trim fa tli county of Lewis, in the ttate afore. tiud, bbc part of great lot No. 4 of Maeomb't i purhe, and comprise an the lou kaowa oa a eerttia pita or nap made by Datid D ronton and B. Wtllt, tha year ,110a, from No. US to 34? fncluaiTe, eonuinug together 11,000 aires ottand, with the appurtMinee tocrato bekm - rug or any wha trperlaininr. Dated June AO, (Copy) ' JAMES A - HAMILTON, .Jr L tawiwdlds fatter in ChtDOerr. ' (' - Tbe tale of the above property it pottponed te eoSlawta ' Mattarin Chancerr. &r Tbe tale of the abort property if pottponed to ; caigroay, roe inn oay oi rtoveaiDer(at lite aaoie .sour aoa piace. lion. iou. ' , - h w . f. ' JAMES A HAMILTON. ' Muter ia Chancery. norlSatMoftlFri3t The tale of. tbe above property it pottponed to ' , Tuesday, tbe 18th day of November, iottaut, at the same hour ana place, wove, in. ... . JAMES A, HAMILTON, , m dot fl S W M17 3t , ' Mailer in Cbaacery. - . The sale of the above property it pottpoa - ' ed tothe ith day of December. cxU.i Dated November 18, 1817, i - . 'ih. 1 i 1 '; ; V JAMES A. HAMILTOV, v ' nofZydtt Muter in Chancery. Tbe tale of tbe ab - tvc property it pottponed to 'the sncond day of January next, at the same hour' una pace.. iwcui, nil. Muter in Cbancery. '""The tale of the abort prtDertv is Dostooeed to .,,inartaaf, uxz - zaintt. at us tame nour and aJace. Jaa.1, ian. - m - - v WjV: - . . JAMES A. HAMILTON, . jta 3 dtt , ,.r. . y v; Matter ia Cbancery, . .. 1H CUANCRY. - ' - : - - ,. HlMt of Jfai - Ywt. it. - TI partuance of a decretal order of this honor 1 blecourt, bearing date the SUtb day of December, in the year 1817, will ba told at public aadioa, at tbe Tontine Coffin Umm. In the tit v of New - York, oa Tuesday, the thirteenth day of - January next, at IS o'clock at noon, all that cer - am lot i ground and mfuir, situated to the fourth - ward of tbe city of New - York, known and A';ituuruitbed by bouae and lot number lour, ia - ; Cherry - street & bounded northwesterly in front oo Cherry - street, Dortbeuterly by lot aud house number tix in taid street, beloogiag to Maria J"' Otgood, tootheatterly io the rear by ground own - weroocupteu ay Alexander Hamilton .and soutb - " urestatly by other ground of U said Maria Oa - tfood t containing ia breadth ia front twenty - 6ve (aet t in - tbe romr seventeen feet five inches and . xwe quarter of aa inch t ia length oa the north - - easterly lids one buadrd and three feet ,nm i aad oa the toutbwetterly side one bundled r aad tevrtt feet tit ioctiet,' be the tune more or fett; together with the appurtenancet. Dated y December d, 1817. - - I : - i i . Wtf. E. DTJNSCOMB, . ' )r 2 " 4 Muterly ia Chancery. "deettlawtlaaSdtt , . ' iron e. . ;i 1 nc moaem duiii oarerneoi story untiie. No. 68'ier - street,' etmpUuljf furnUhed. "IV fttmiture is new and fashionable and will be tUd at a Mrre redocbon from coat, together yriti the boue, or reprstely at may suit the poT:hateT. For trrmi apply on the premises wrnVr may ba viewed iriuo 1 1 anC.l 3 i.'rlvl. ... t k r . - , if rtijia Honors' lie conrt. bearinc t! i U.e r wthr drrei OctoV. r ! - tLwill be so. 1 aicuoo,aiuw Toutii - e Cofee 1 i:i c - y C f,ew'.?T5! rnkrtiit(Jirecti..a f tsooeoline mature of Uus court, oa H Ptntmirf vm d!v of Jarmvy next, at twelve o'clock, at oob, UdiaUiC county ot uciaware, is New - York, aadia taa Pateat and kaawaby great lot thirty four, - aJ IwuaWu foUowtibe - t - ioainzat a etake and heap of stones near a beech tree, marked fA. 84 and 37 ; being Uia heast comer of lot thirty acres - .tbence aTpns; tbe aorta bound thereof south eighty nine .oegreea, west oae hundred and twenty eight ehrmt nd awety tix tiaka to a beach tre aiarked No. M and 34 . bene the southeast comer of lot (No. - ) ber thirty three I thence along the st bouod ..r .ik 4t.M rfurreet. east eisnty one .j i,Mi iinlra ia a beech tree aaarkea No, 3 1 and 34 i thence along the south bounds lot (Na. 31) aurnber thirty ws north cietity mm drrwettaasttbedittaaceofoue hundred aad four ,.(,... .tk and hear) of itooct t thence south thirty five cbains and twenty four links to a beeck tree marxea no. o j uience nom vKy dcsTMs. east Iwenty cbains to tbe west homad of lot thirty live s tlience alone the tai ABth fmfr (bar chaina aad aioetr six links to the ninoe of heffiunihr i containins nine bandied aad Lrtv cine acres aad three fourth of an acre of land, withtbeappurteaaacet. And a loo, all that certain other lot, tract, or parcel of land, situa ted ia tha county of Delaware, io tha data ol New York, ia Evau' 1'ateat, and Kaowa di mat lot tliirty aerca, and ia bounded a lot lows - i rWinuina at a hemlock tree mark. edfta. 37 and 40. being' the northeast cor ner, - of lot Nov (40) auaiher forty - Uetrc Idour tbe north bow not thereof, sooth, eigh ty aina decreet, west one hundred and thirty four chain and ten tints to a beech - capliog marked No. 36 ft 37 J tbsac north three ds - gre, eut seventy eight chaws to a Beecb tree with atones mend at j tbence on tbe south boondi of lot thirty four aortb eighty ait degrees, east one hundred aad thirty chains to a Birch tree marked thirty term and thirty - eight thence oa the west bound ol lot thirty - eight, tooth seventy - eight chains to tbe place of beginning, containing one thousand aad twenty - four acre and one . . .1 1 ... a I . . lounn oi an acre oi lanu wun iuu Uatod, iMcemoerz. ibiT. - JAilES A.HAMILTON, ,. 'Dec 3. Iaw4&dta ' Matter io Chaacery. ' frr - The tale of tbe above rroperty is postpo. sed Uj the eighteenth day af February next at the lame bour ana pure, uaieujaa. , mio. JAME3 A. HAMILTON, ' Jan 7 tawtt Matter hi Cbancery. IN CHANCERY. - Uenry Eckford. . 1 ' Jane Weeks and others. - IS pursuance of a decretal order of . this bonora - JL hit court, tnade ia tbe above caure, will be sob at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee - House, ia the city of New - York, on Monday, tbe ninth day of February next, at 12 o'clock at oooo of that day, under the direction and toper - inteadance of the subscriber, one of the masters of tills court All thnt certain rot, piece, or parcel of grouod. situate lying and being in the seventh ward of New - York, and part of tbe real ei tale of Ebaaeser Youns. deceased, and to tbe northward of Cherry - street, and between that and Lombardy - etreet; bounded southerly partly oa crouad bow or lata a possession of George Pack, partly by a gangway of eight feet, and partly by Ebeneter Vounr't property, now or (ate in tha occupation of Elitha Blouom J Westerly by Isaac Clasou ; northerly by Ebeneter Yeang, Junior t aad easterly by Johi Sinclair; containing in breadth throughout fifty feet nine inches ; aud ia leagth on both sides eighty aina feet t aad alto tha right to, or privilege, of all that certain gangway of eight feet in width, leading front Cherry - street to the ground hereby conveyed, with the absolute right of patiing and repassing at all times through laid gangway, with horses, carV, carriages, loaded and unloaded, at pleuurt. ' And alto, all that certain tot of ground, situate, lying and being ia the said seventh ward of the city aforesaid, oa the north tide of Cherry - street t - bounded southerly in front by Cherry, treet, aforesaid ; northerly in the rear by ground lata of Sarah Rain turd, and formerly belonging to Ebeneter Yoaor, of the city aforesaid, dc - ureauQt, aadwciltjly by ground now or late oft Isaac Clason t containing in length on each side aao hundred feet,' - aad in breadth, in front and rear, each twenty five feet which twenty five feet iucludee the on half part of the taid gangway, and also the ate and privilege of the said gangway, ia common with the proprietors of the lots of laid adjoining thereto ) and which said gangway it to be, and remain, a common gang - wit or uatance for the aset aforesaid : which taid lot of ground it part of the real estate whereof tha taid Ebeaeier Young, deceased, wat seised iafec at tbe time of hit death; and which was' given and 'devised to Sarah, the wife of John Kainbird, io aad by the lut will aad testament of tbe taid Ebeneter Young, nnd by the said John and Sarah conveyed to William Weekt. Together with all and .singular, the edttx - ei, buildings, right, members, privileges, hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise apoertuinbs. .Dated New - York, January 9tb, 1818V " . J ttiistllte malM ; - vviLiUiAAi acAitiAiv, i. Muter in Chancery. ' ' jan 9 law3wdtd ... . IJf CHANCERY The Eagle Fire Company of New - York, ) ' r. . . ' Georgo Bartiwelt, and others.: ) ' - Statx of stbw yobx, is. . IS portaaaee of a decretal order of this honour - ' able Court, made in the above cause, will be told at public auction at tbe Tontine Coffee House, lalheeityor jnev - xort, under tu direction 01 the tubteriber, at one of tbe Masters of this court, oa Tuesday, the 4th day of November next, at twelve o'clock at oooo' All that piece or parrel of land, situate, lying, and fronting on Wafl - ttreet, in the city ol New - York, and known by Bumbertwentyooe, being bounded ufollowt: Beginning at tbe south east corner, adjoining the bouse owned and occupied by the Manhattan Company, and running from thence oa a straight Hue northeasterly alone tbe line of tbe said I tout and lot of ground one hundred and twenty two feet ; and thence running oa a straight unt westerly along the grounds belonging to the said Manhattan Company, Edmund Seaman & Co. and Mrs. White, seventy hve feet, to the corner nl Samuel Verplanck's land ;and running Iheweoa . 1 . . 1 . . 1 . ... ,r a iiruixni line souuiweueriy aiong saiu ,cr planck't land, seventeen feet tbeace running easterly adjoining the land turmetly or John Keese, eieht feet; thence ruuninc southwest erly alone ' said Keese' land fire feet t and running from thence euterly along aaid Eneas' ground,, ten feet nine inches , and . nmamg thence oa a starting line southerly along aaid Keese't land thirty one feet ; ani thence running on a straight line along taid Keese't land ano bouie.. seventy feet to Wall - street tbeace running along Wall - street, eight feet, to Heu - SKermit't house , and running tbence along enry Kermit'i bouse and ground en a straight hoe, northeasterly, sixty feet, to a gate way ; and running thence - a kAg sa! Kern it's land southeasterly, nineteen feet ; running tbence along said fcermii' novae on a straigni line aoainwesieny. stxry net, to tvaii - aireci 1 weaco uong taic WaJI - street, twenty one feet nine inches, to the place, of beginning" " Exeuptiag and re - servmsthe privilege ol using tbe gangway from WalWstreeL eight feet wide nod sixty feet in length, at the tame wat granted to Daniel Bolton, his heir and assigns, be. With the appur tenance themwrto belonging or in any wise ap - pertaining. Dated the tod day nr September, lull. . JAMES A. HAMILTON, tep S3 law4wdtt Maator ia Cbaacery, Tbe sale of the above property is postponed to vr eanesaay the Xttth day of J anuary next, at IM same oour auopiace. JAMES A. HAMILTON, ' Bov 4 lawta Master in Chancery FOR SALE.' ' The hootftt and lota Hoi. 161 and 163 wuuam - tlrcet. If aot disposed of at pujvate axle, previous to th S8th instant, they will oa that day UoCsrcd for talc, by auction, at tha Tontine Coffee House. For further particulars apply alN 211 Dutne - rtreet. Jan. 7 tf i PATENT ELASTIC TAIOR STROPS., LU:U13 SAr.DLP.S, W.'J from Londos, VX ocutBKt dJrt5 - ' tht pbl.c, 5thank (beat fott furors, mnu out mora ventures to rwcnmmciid kiritroDt ai on of the BTt Couifort - einos crntrinuy:M that aver Meat tbe chin of j it. :n !iu4i uir.,hftii c - eatla nw. . t w iu9mh,,..j . i . i mm ' ! tha naa f k. and wbea aaca possessed of ha aacret and a box af eemporitioa, ba may say with tbe nott of nature, - Te share to sleep perclmao to drwaa - - wfcaaii Urn operation and who troal J bear tha tweaks and acta of bar ber base f who woold . - runt and twtat under a loaUkoaaa beard, ar a dull raxor ase, when be might hit quietus make with' a simple Sauoder's ttroo.m Come Iheo to hU ataaofaclory at tha coraer of Red - trec( and Broadway, and there you will bod the subtrribar alwayt ready to re ceive the rotamandt of an caatomerm. dc5 If r - - l r - A COW straved from the stable of Wat Slow l lev 31 Joho - ttrcet. on tbe 30th Dec. of a tight red color, tlit ia both ears, about 1 years eid. Wboeicr will bxiu the tant Cow or give any ioibrautioa thereof, shall reoeftre a keneroni reward. r. , . . , 4 - i - Jaa o IW". WILL Be sold at public sale, at No. 44 Market - street. Philadelphia, oo Wednes day. January 14. 1318, by ordVrof the assignect ot Jot. a v amngtoa, au hit tiocKia traoe, coo - t.sungoi. . - . . X . V .' . .. , OoM and stiver patent lever ana plain waicaes ' now, (in ana sieci cubum, seais ana cj Gobi and gilt finger aad car ring j Do ...w - 3o broaches v bpriiig and other brushes - U day awl 30 bour movement l)o : do bran cattinzt ' ' - Da - - - da T V" "Ud musical bellt: Do , do i . forged work and pioioot Sheet bnss, pig brass, spelter. t ' Black lead and sand crucibles, . Rolling or Hatting millt . Planitliingttaketandbammen Clorkaud watofa dialt and main iprinct And a large tn4 general assortment of Clock and Watcli Makers, and surer amith'a loou, Kile and Materials. . Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. Terms at sale. . jan 5 lw UtUlUWlON OH SOUH STOMACH S acknowledged by medical writers to be a I complaint of ttubbom kind, and at all timet very difficult of cure. Tbit it tutneieetly illus trated in the diiappointment of those who unfor - uately tuffrr under it, at they, for the atott part, find that after having tried aiaoy tilings to little or no purpose, they are at latt obliged to use (for perhnpstlie remainder of life) such articles as can at best but palliate tbe disease. Under such circu in stances, any medicine capable of removing the complaint, must surely ba ao article highly deserving the attention. ofaKthoie who are alllicted with it ; such a combination is to be met with in lr. MEAIPS AffTl - JJY SEP TIC or STOMACH PILLS the tocceu of which has never yet been equalled, for the cure of dyspepsia inittmott complicated form, tucb u loss of appetite, nausea, heart burn, flatulency, knowing pain in tbe stomach, pain in the side, great l ostiveness, pnkneti in the countenance, languor, lowncss of spirits, pain in the head, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed tleep Whoever applies these pills ia the abore disease, according to the directions, willnever'be disap pointed, as they have never been once known to lull in producing a radical ana permanent cure Tbe use of a tingle box will convince the mott unbelieving of their rftkacy;, They will most enectaally remove all sourness of tha stomach, aot merely by neatrnlizing the acid, but by cor - rectine - that morbid ttate of tbe secretion which civet rise to it, and nt tha same time will restore to the debilitated organs of digestion, that tone and vigour which is absolutely BOceiiary to tbe well being of the animal economy. To be had at Brook fc Carle's, '.Pearl - street. atJ.C. Morrison's, Greenwich - street, and at Hull A Bowne's 144 Pearl - street, where druggists and country dealer will be served 00 liberal terms. ' ' (O Price one dollar per box. oec xi ow - Aei and elegant exhibition, at Iht old Museum. CkatAtm - itreef. . THE TOW If OF BOSTON IN MINIATURE. rt BUCHESNE respectfully informs the la - L . dies and gentlemen of this city, that he has m - Hlel of the town of Boston, in block work, which representa the public huildinst. tucb u churches, stores, public edifices, ate. lie. aiso. a view 01 a sugar riantation, biacxi at work, parkin; sugar, cutting cane, iic he. A View of South Wales. The most promi nent feature of tbit view it a mountain, oa the summit of which is a catle, strongly fortified ; rob bers' rnve in the interior of iba mountain, ate. Admittance zj centt. Doort open from 9 o'clock ia the morning till 10 in the eveoing. jan 3 T. BROWN, stone teal engraver aad jewel - lsr, No. I6S Broadway... Coati of arms, crasta, cypher, fcc engraved on stone. , , , ; - A handsome assortment of Una roM teals, cbaiut, and other jewellery. . Lather seals engraved with coats of arms. motto, and fancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, crysUlt, fic bonht ia tha rough or cut to any form. .,. Boot of heraldry kept with upwards of 60.000 nams. Jan 7 3m INESTIMABLE DISCOVERY. HEALTH preserved and restored without .tfedicineor Quackery, Which often de stroys the delicate constitution and debilitates tha strong Cold bring on the mott alarming disorders, with those torturinf rheumatic paint, lumbago, gout, Ac. which all the faculty have not been able to eradicate. To prevent it better than to cure. ' . R. YEO bu prepared (from a receipt of a very eminent phyiician) leather (of which be makes shirts) of tha mott vital - and nutritious quality, which will prevent all the above men tioned complain U. Tbey produce an animal heat to th body, which cannot be obtained from Oanoel, patent fleecy hosiery, or lamb's wool they absorb all perspiration, and resut all the hamxiitv that injures tbe human frame they are soft and pleasant to wear and do not produce that imtabdity that ia so unpleasant us ganocl. rbosc who bava uvorad bio with their orders have declared their ttftnoishment at the benefits derived from them. To be bad of RICIl'D YEO, broaches maker and leather dratter, 165 Water - trol I where altt may ba had leather pantaloons, do skin vests, all kinds of glove aad mittens of the best quality, wholesale and retail, U Uieahortasi notice. - docsizw ' Treasury Department, Uth Jane, 1317. ' fr7 - NOTICE it hereby riven, that at a meet ing ol bte Commissioner! of tha Sinking Fund, held on the 14tb day of March, 1817, it wat de ters Bed tnat tneproyMioiit ot the act entitled M Aaactto provide for tbe redemption of tbe public debt, pasted oa the 3d day of March, 1817, should bo carried into effect at far u tbe tame might be practicablt ; and tbrt, ia pursuance of the (aid resolution, Lynda Call in, cash ier 01 tnc omc 01 discount and deposit at new York, bas been appointed arent. under the sa peri n tendance of tbe ecretary of the treasury, to make purchaaet of stock of the United Statu within the limit pretcribed by law ; and to whom all perMint detirou of ditfjotiag of their tock will make application . WILLIAM R.CRAWFORD, Secretary of tbe Treasury, Office of Discount and Deposit, I ' " New - York. June 16, 1817. a lafbrmation is hereby eiven, that ia pur tuaDct of the preeeding aotice and authority ,the tab) nher u ready to receive proposals and to treat with Buy person for tbe purchase of Faaded Debt of tbe United State within tbe limit pra - tcrioeo oy me act aiiove reierrrd to. LYNDE CATL1N, Caihier. Je 17 dtJl fclawif , v l - - STORAGE: - . .. ajftoragemaytefadoutliafirrt Hear of the store No. t Sooth - rtmt.'wbicli will save the ..... . . . cxpensa ot nouung. - otc v n - j, , , JXi LKTerfir SALE, f r - Ax'id pouetnion Sive - ' "Tiinediate'r cuvenient two story hoete, ( 1 w t!.o u, era ttilt, now occupied by 'rV ' r.' i J irf ELBKUT ANDERSON. t;. v dee .' tf ' v w ;iNo 8 Prosit - ttrtU j j Sj.J T be told or erchangwi for property . - The subscriber being nr very low tbjleof health,' and having very ntue oopet oi rrcovrrj, oflers Nr tale hit farm at Barbadoet neck, coun ty of Bergea, cootaminr about one ounorea ami il.irfw fir arret of arable, meadow. aad wood - lanu. 1 ult IBtih nam iub wuin mwi ..v . New - York and Newark, about half a ihUc tlut .;.u nf N,nrk Rrilire. It is io a very bieh ttate . - m. - c U ... iuWMll of cultivation, and it not surpassed by any other io thayieiaity of fttw - xork, at a vaiuaow aoa tmuh c eeauienre. miner lor ine larmer or iwi - vate gentleman. The dwelling house, though mall, ii aeat aad well finished, and the fences, gates, bams, stable, nnd otlier out - boutet, are in excellent order and wet! planned. ; In front of the bcaw, oorcienng on xne puuuc roaa, a handsome and well ttocked garden, and oo tbe nramiwa ia m vounc and thriving orchard, con taining, a choice aelectioa ot the beit graited fruit tr. A taore rmrtirular descrintionof the pro perty It rboughtunneceitary, at tnose disposed to rmrchnse will view the premises. The title is in disputable. For particulars, apply to the tah - tcriber, No. 188 Pearbitreet, ot to Air.. Andrew South, near tna premises. nov 14 tf . ROBERT 8TOART. VALUABLE PROPERTY roa balk. - f - f ' f LL BE SOLD., ig At public auction, on tbe premises, on Thursday, the Sid day 01 January next, atone o'clock - , r. w. , . A SMALL FARM, containinr aboot ten a. crti of land of the first quality, lying in Brooklyn, abont two milet from tbe ferry. On the premi se! it a handsome new dwelling boaie, standing oe an eminence, wlucn command! a moct beautiful and extenuve proipect of New York Bay, Staten Mand.ftc. and lor pleasantness of situation is not exceeded in King' county ; and a now barn or Carnage riouie. , - - ALIO. A FARM, of about 17 acres of upland and C. 1 - S or bait meadow, adjoining tbe property before described, having a good bouse, bam, Ac. . ALSO, . - A FARM, containing about twelve acreiol aplaad, in a high Hate of culti at ion, and 8 1 - 7 acres of salt meadow, adjoining tbetorntike leading from Brooklyn to Jamaica, on which is an excellent young orchard, a good dwelling houstn a Ortt - rate bam, tc. sc. I.IIKWISK. - Four lots of Woodland, of 7 acree each, lying about a mile from the above described farm. The above nrnnertv will be told separately Any person wishing to purchase is invited to call 00 the subscriber, by whom the premisti will be shown, and auy farther information given, which may be required. JUHJ 1. riAm. - jan 3 tda Brooklyn. TO LET. For a term of years, tbe house aad lot Nn76 Broadway, at present occupied by the Miss Kinsey't, u a boarding house. For parti culars enquire of ROBERT. L. LIVINGSTON, Clermont. Jin 3 tFI A HOUSE. To ba sold and possession riven before the lit of May next, if required; a modern built ubitantJal brick bouse, three stone faich. (with several accommodation and convenience wnicn make it an agreeable dwelling for a genteel family) tituated in the most wholesome part of this city, and having a pump of excellent water within tha lot ; the property a - fee simple, and free from all incumbrance. If not aold at private tale before the 15th of February next. It will then be told at auction on tbe 16th and fob folluwing day. Alto, a complete tet of carpets, elegant furnitures, household utensils and variouk effects, particularly nctioicecollectioaof books, h C. fi. FONTAINE, to whom apply for par ticulars, at hit auction room. No, 135 Water itreet, coraer of Pine. . ' - jan 7 PROPOSALS ILL be received at the oflVa of the Com - miuar Genml ff Purchases., tor SUD nlving material! of Domestic Manufacture for matuug wiouung tor - ...r - r tint llnitnt States, for the year Id 18, a follows, via : - urey Cloth, 6 - 4, lor great coals Blue do do for coats, dyed in indigo Black Cloth, for GairJiert, 6 - 4 wide weri; Grey battinet, 3 - 4 for jacket! Flannel, of wool aad cotton, for thirU. Sample of the above will ba lurnitnedi on ap plication to this omce, in person or by letter 1 al so forshoes, leather caps, blankets, abort stock ingi, wingt of wonted, epaulets of worsted, and for iron camp kettfet an'l meat' pan. Samples of these article! may be seen on application to the Uommissary Ueneral, at rmladeipbia, orto the Deputy Commissaries, at New - York city, and at Newpoit, KuotiKkV. ,:. Commiuary General'! Ofbce, Philad'ia,) Z4Lb December, I H17. C ALLEN DER IRVINE, dec 26 3w - - Comm'y Gen. ot Purchase. OF0K SALE AT AUCTfOjr, AttheT.C. H. en the lit day of March next, the FARM belonging to the estate - of the late Dr. Isaac Ledyard, situated one mile touth of the village of Newtown, Long Island. Tbe Williamiburgh turnpike runt through the Farm, oa one tide of which itanewexcelleatitona wall, half a mile in length. Tbe farm con taint about 150 acret, 15 of which 11 a fine Wood Lot: with two apple orchards, ont old, the other just begin ning to bear well, and a suitable proportion of good talt meadow. . Tbe Mention House it large and convenient, four roooit on each floor, with a p d kitchen and cellars ; attached it a. large bam, crib, hen bouse, smoke bouse, well, and a new cistern, Ac. loecourt yard and rarden con tain a .variety of (rait treet and shrubbery, a large atparaui bed, rupnemet and eurranii. - Also A ARM adjoining the above, contain ing about sixty acret ; attached to which it ane - Qua! proportion of Salt Meadow, and lot of young wood, lituated within lest than a mile of tnc laxm, containing ten acres, with a larm - hoose, bare, wed, garden. Sic. - Likewise A Lot of Land, lying at Spriofield, south ot the village of Jamaica containing between four and five acre, oa which am about a dozen large cheinut trees, suitable forteacing. Tbe above land wi I be all regularly surveyed, and map of the tame exhibited some time previous to, nod at the tale, and disposed of by ! acre, with tbe building thereon, inclusively. rocsecsiou given oainenruoi prn. - , For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - ttreL jau8tdi v . KOOsEVELT - STREET NOl'ICE. NOTICE it hereby given to all person! interested, that the commissioners of estimate and assessment, appointed by tbe supreme court ot judicature of the ttate of New - Y or, toner - form certain duties relative te the ealarging and improving Rooserdt - itreet, between Batavia - Lane aad Front - street, ia tbe aaid citv. have completed their eitimate aad assessment, as well of the lost and damage tottained, over and above tbe benefit aad advantage received by - tbe own ers of the lands and premises required for the taid emerging ana improving rtoovvrtt street, a a oresxKi, a ano oi tne benefit and advantage re ceived by tbe owner and parties interested of and ascertain land! and premise not required for the stid improvement t and that we the aaiH commivsinnrr have deposited a true ron of such estimate and BMeHmcnt In the clerk's office. 0T1 uie ci j w .iew - 1 or a, lor ine inspection or whomsoever it may concern. And notice it nerehy further given, that tbe report l the taid estimate ano assewmtnt will be presentet for confirma uon 10 me supreme ojurt of ludicatura ut tha state of New - York, at tlie capiloh ia the city of nwmmj, m i Kiaj, me sixietiun aay 01 January bcs.1, ui me opemng 01 tn taid court, - en that day, or a - oa thereafter as CouqmI caa tie heard thereon. Dated this 2 9 lb day of December, 1817. .'.' (Copy) " ' " ROGER STRONG. ) ' ' 1 - 1 . JOHN FORBES, - Comfh!tt!nnan.' "NOAH JAR VIS, ' - - PCS9 lot ; Li ,' l" "Vt - ' ' KJ?mu T j , 1 1aw.n1 iiirii n id , . 1 I'fiS'rrOACtTJLINr xba PHILADELPHIA w 4' ixtORTAXT TO rAUiUll. .' - ' NncoeaectioDWUh the post chaiti hoffor tbs v. - iieain - uoai iCTna. 1 PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, - sAKl5 OFPQ - c ' SmON REVIVE.: '" J 1 A KEW Line of Pott Cooibet on Springtwitn r eyery ronrenienre for paitencert aud btst - gage - THBOUGH IN ONE DAY - betwen New - York and Pliiladelpliia. Tbe Pott Coach Lire will itartfroin w York every morning nt fi o'clock, (Surtdayt excepted) in the Steam Boat AUiianta, ana arrive at rbiiadt iunia ise saint evening, in the Coach.' Fare 8 dollnrai In.:, ne attorn jfeat Zyin'iuuaini, win ittrt from New - York - every ; morning (Sunday t excepted) at 10 a'clock,io the Steam Boat Atalanta, from tha north side of the Battery, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 10 o'clock tFam through $0 50 - - Tbe UoiledStates M AIL COACH, on iprhit, - , with every convenience for pasiengeis and tlieir bagage, ttartt from No. i Courtlaud itreet, Sd office iroro Broadway, New - York, etery dny at 1 o'clock, aad arrive at Philadelphia next nionw' ing at 6 N'clock. Only 6 pasteogon admitted . iu tint Coach. Fare 10 dollars. . "'" - Patsengert are requeited to be partkutarln taking their seats io the Post Coach Line, at the coaches belonging to tbit establishment are of u superior quality lor tha accommodation of pas tensers. 1 : ... i . For seats in thet bove named Lines, apply to thus, wniif ILL.IJ, at the old uuumipn Coach, Stage and Steam Boat oflife, at the old No. 1 Courilandt - stieet. the second office from Broadway, New - York, or to ISAAC BROWN, Steam Boat Hotel, No. 1 Wasl.mglon - strett, comer of Markelfietd - ttreet, near the Battery. - frrAII goods and baggage at the riik of the owner. ; JOSEPH LYON, SONS & CO. i n. d upreucs sent to aay pan 01 11m von tiaent, by , THOMAS WHITFIELD. - , not 8 . i - .i . . - - i 3, - . . fUST CHAISE LiNt, FOR PHILADELPHIA. The POST CIIA ISE, with every convenience for Panengera and their baggage (throng!) in one day) will leave tne Uity Hotel every na; (sun - dayt excepted) at 7 o'clock ia the momin;, by way or ewark, ana amvt tnc tame oay ai i ni ladelnhia. The MAIL COACH PILOT, in opposition to the Mail Coach, with superior accommodation! for raiM'nzers and their baggage, will leave the City Hotel every day (Sunday excepted) at halfnait 1 o'clock P.M. will proceed before tbe Mail, and not tubiect to tbe inconvenience of topping at the numerous Pott Offices on the road, but every accommodation provided for tbe traveller, and arrive tome hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. A II letters and papers carried free of expewe by the Coaches. For seats in tbe above lines apply at the Pott Chaise and Albany Mail and Diligence Office, No. 1 18 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel. tr All cood and bacrare at tbe riiquo of th owner. ' i JOHN N. CUMMINO, Newark JOHNGULiCKASONS, Princeton.; STOCKTON at HOWELL, Philadelphia. JV. B. Exprtuei tent to any fart f lit Umn. Jan6 . , ' , tf , . .' NEW ARRANGEMENT. " MA IL - COACHt.S, B ETfV EEXftEJl' 10JOS if IU LA DELPHI A. t - (C? The public ar assured thafthtrc It now handtomt coaches, on spriagt, equal to any ia th V Smtet, now running on this line. ' Patengen forth U. 8. Man Coach will leave New - York everv day at 1 o'clock Dina at J. 7 - von It Sont hotel, at Powle't llook, and arrive at Philadel phia next morning at e o'clock. . Oulywx patsengert admitted in tbe Mad Coach. Fare tia For teatr, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at tbe old established coach' aad ttage office, old No, 1, CourUanJt - etreet, ' second office from Broadway, Maw - York. . 1 ; ? u AU goods and baggage at the risk of tht owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS U Co. 1 '27. U. ExpressMf coaches, extra ftaret, tic, furnithad'to ro to any part of tha United States. on the 'shortest notice, by Thot. Vi'bMeld, No. 1 onnianm - ftrcet, new - York. ... , nov S , "Ai.i - .l , - TO LET, : - The Store No. 134 Fronf - treet, an ex cellent ttand for a Grocer. , For further partku - Ian inquire of ' ' RIPLEY & WELD, 1 ' nov 11 . ' ' 192 Front street. ' 'TO LET, " V - " And Immediate potscuion tii - en.tbr house No. 9 Peaii - ctreet, together .tvith fho U Me and Coach House ia the rear 00 BfidsaVst. Tbe premiset are in complete repair ami. arret every convenience neresiary lor iae acconimo - . : . 1 aauoo oiaiainiiy. f or parucuiart apply to - i ; octta - . v.. l. braoish; j 8ANCKER - STREET NOTICE. I N0TICE i hereby given to all persons Inter - etted, that the eommittionert of estimate and assessment appointed by the supreme court of judicature of th ttate 01 New - York, td perform certain duties relative to tbe enlarging, extending and improving of Biincker - ttreeT, between Clinton ttrcet aod.Grand street in Use taid city, have completed their etUmatc and astcti - meot. u well of tbe Ion and damare sustaiaed o - ver and above the benefit and advantage motived by the owners of tbe lands and premise! required lor the taid enlarging; exteudiag and improving of Bancker - stieet at aforesaid, ai alto of tbe benefit and advantage received by the owner and partiet interested of and ia certain landi and pre mises doi requireo tor ine said improvement . . 1 . . 1 - j - . . nuu ui n. un aoiu commissioners, nave neno sited a true copy of such estimate and assess ment ia the clerk' oflice or tbe city of ,e w - York, for the inspection of whomsoever il may concern. Ami notice is hereby furl her riven tlmi the imrt of tbe said estimate and assessment will b n re lented for Confirmation to the supreme court cf juaicaiure 01 roe ttate 01 new - iork, at the capi - 101 in we cny 01 a many, on t nday, toe tixteuntb day of January ntxt, at tbe openinc of the said court on that day, or at toon therearter at coun. ei caa be heard thereon. Dated thii 26 tb day .r n 1 in., . ui utxcuprr, ion. . - - I'ETER HA WES. ' ) ROGER STRONG, - - Committionert 0i.aJAaiUi A. AKtllLl . ) de6 ' . t 101 CORPORATION PROP ERTY. "POhetold at Public auction on Fridav'lli JL SOlh February, 181C, at Uw City Hall. 12 v wmh, aa j The highly valoabld FAUM now occupied hv Mr. WUliam A. Hardenbrook, about A miles from the city, containinc toe - etber nearry Cfl v a - cret of land. It Will be sold in lob from 5 to 10 acret each, tituated 00 the Gib, 7th, Otli, Oth, ii 10th tvenuei ; 00 the latfcr Und the dwelling bouse and out building, but a short distance from the Hudson River. s . - ' - Thii property it worthy the attention of thore whowish to rfcitcesibaodioine tountry teat ; as luiconiusmiy io tne city, ct.mman.lmj vieniof ioetiuu5n, retired iituatioH, andehmce q - ialitr of tome of the ground, toother wju, an an,p(J. UFIMJ 01 wooa, render u one of tbe most desira. bla objects of purchase. . A map of tbe premises may be seen, and for - 1 i"Y "S Anorrn, at tut CWiptroJIert Ol - tSaUimt cabhr know itcw f dlrtkrska a. - I - IfjO tSocTOR HORNE, foraerl. I,, 'J y( JJoftbity af loodoa. . KWeM Tftlnra that A. - tm atberof tha faculty of pby. surgery inert, twems it hit cu. ty to repeat some ooarrri. Uie abuse of. MEBjCURY, 4 h uiguuiuuwia) ana unouaji. fied us Uiertof, bu been prodie. tiva of infinite miacineC Tk: ! saadt are annually mercnrialissd out of exiiu The di irate we bava in view owet iu faV rnce. 101 itiuiu uiieuj to iuu source.' wtiat a nit that a young man, the hope of hi icons try. the darling of hit parents, should ba tattcbed a 1.1 ...U. .k .A .L! . ...... way from all the prospect and enjoyment of Ufa pj mo cuowtooences ot one unguarded moatecL tad by a ditoatt not ia iU owo nature fatal t,I trhkb ooly prove to from neglect or inmrorH. treatment." - A geirtlemar, (late Dr. li't o. tient) now perfecfly bearV aad well, bad besa under iitiysiciant of gtneiJ practice, tix yean: tod repeatedly talivab d ; when recommended u Dr, U. (by a gentleman of thii city) hi boot, were c snout, and bit flesh dropping from them! hit friends declared he could not possibly suniva t wo months longer. Tboui andt oxperimcntaJi! know with what eateand aaiety Dr. H. eradl cstet the severest case, and confirms the const, tulioo. The Doctor's plan (advertising) is aT cessnry to guard tht public apaintt the abuse af mercury, and other fatal delusions, lield fortbT Persons, therefore, bavins: contracted a va(a disorder, or tuipecting latent poitcn, ai( admonished not to tamper with their cowtita. tion, or conceal tbe disorder, till put recor. ry t other having tha remain of to old cats, or other impuriUet of tbe blood, ' at well uotf er complaint of a delicate nature, io either set. should remember posterity, nod do rustic, to - their consciences, by making appucatioa to Dr. D. at hit old and respectable ettab. tishment No. 64 Water - street, four house wesi of OId - Iip, to obtain that prompt assistance . lone calculated to prevent disclosure. And ktr let me claim your teriou attention Rcmerabo a superficial cure is oo core at a)l ; aalett the ba. linettia radically dune, you will certainly bat Ine ditorder break out again with redoubled bu lignity. at tome future penod ; perbap tliea wj be too late for reniedy. Don't you oitea meet it the ttreett miierable, mutilated beings, without even a bit of note on tlieir face f Taiuwaraiw. I beseech you. . " Dr. H't. character for skill and stubborn int. rriiy being universally known io this city, tuci 1804, guars utee to patient! that delicacy and st - ctecy hitherto unknown, aad baying confined bu practice foryeara tut, exclusively to thecurAi diieases of the blood y ifem. they may safely cj. culate on the most decided advantage in cca. lulting Dr. H. , ; - Gleet eradicated in Ura or those weeks. - . Stricture removed without bougies r any other instrument j and all debiLtiti ; likewue til old ulcerationi, fjttula't Su . A plurality of officti are prorided, and m lita - a ted thai patients are not exposed to each other1 observation. Open till half put 9 io tbe eveiuag. All persons concerned are invited to be free ctlling, and speaking with Dr. H. wbicb it tm ofcotL And here the Doctor cannot ayoitfOw tspresiion of gratitude for ianumemble recommendations, tnd for the decided preference (it i uretumed with iuttctute) lone riven him ha. ludiciom public. it. i. au leiiert mutt do pott paid. ,c Dr. Buchanan. - Angt7 ! ' ' . KUTllElt (iUALKKHY AOH JMPVii . Tiojr. DkR. EVANS super i( method of curing a cit. . tally acknowledeed ia th. city j hit mode oftreabaett f it perfectly mi.'d, safe, tx - rieditiout, and bis charm frcaaanaMa " w. m j ia. J stance he warranU a cuti, ? Joe not perform agrea itocoDtracty . ,ufun.w.ioimr aiwajs observed. UtereartmanypersonsinUiiscityaad iUri - ciuity, laboring under various chronic disetsav rach at cancer, old inveterate ulcere, tcrofat or kingt evil, fistulas, dhieaset of the urethn, bladder and kudniet, old complicated complaat) of a certain aature, hilioui and ,.iKr rj,.ti7 lions, rheumatism, Ac. which they r.f ii ' - wi - rmuiL - , van wimimr i rurcKI ito geaertll by applyinr at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, Nt, 9, Peck - clip, baving practised in exttAtrw hotpitals io Earcpe 12 years, under some of tit first Surgeon nnd Phyiiciani in tbe world, tat made those obstinate tuseaset bit constant tferj fof 30 years. . Oct H .OCT WHEATON A DA Vld, Fancy Chair Manufec - rers, .o. ulton - itrett, oppotite 8t Paul - ChurcL offer for tale, wholesale sad retail, a large and elegant assortment of Cnrld Marts. plain painted and oraametr - en in gold attroote, Bimbos, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, nnd Coavem - uoa unairi. aoiu. bettrts. Lossaeeet, Music' Stool, tc. ' . , ' Ortltrt from an part of the continent execatei with aeaiei and diipatch." ,.r Old Chair repaired, painted aad orntmentei :ot13 ' i . . - A GREAT . ; A AT t' tt A L C U R I O S I T I. - sL, THE public are Ua toed that tbit Btonv ing'waf landed the ksr expected FEMALE EV EPHANT, and i tea teea at No, 598 Br way, aenr Watliinfta BalL The site of Ihi niin.l 1. ahnnt T feet hlL'TU SJld abnuflflllt long from (1 end of the pmbotcit to tha ttajf the tail, one 11 to oe teen irom oxiocaj a. to 9 io the evening. .Price of admittance O eeatei'. - v... . - .... ; 1 ' v novTTu . : . wanted . To hire or purchase, a good two tHry brick hoate, tituated on the west tide of t town, between Liberty. tt Cbamber - ctreeU - Poeuion to be ttken at any tune previous w the lt of May next. Apply at: No. 148 tertreeU ' - : " ,". ,f. ? J 5 eodft . . ran sale. SinJ "The Houte and It No. 101 Liberty - ; Deiili34feet. breadtbtSi Depth of tbe lot ' feL Those who may with to parch tie p"? ty bf fbiiditcription, can at any time T1w" premises, and terutt of itlt may ba agreed byappJicauonw rw V - nn - wn . ,t - iisrs?P .1U11 ( Bl - Ui" - dec 31 ."V"..."' h& South - street GRAND PIANO FORTE. ' FOR SALE at. JOSEPH .WlLLSOJ's Muiu: Store, 14 Maiden - lana, j2' bly fine toned tecoad hand piano, by rT wood. Alio, tbt following tongt, tang by V - Phtlipptt - v finid a tmile to a Tear ; Sigh not for ET' Let Fame toand tbe Trampet " Jntt like Love ; Love' Young Drctnf Is. there a heart that never loved, &c. , The Bower of Rose; from Lalla R - Wilbxm. - ' ' , , . ,. , . 1 - . - . Clinton Grand March, .compoted, PJ Willton. ., - . Tbe5mnefAffectoa - s - . . Tlit yotmg Mary Moor t Gh ! - Remember The Wood Pecker, rung bv Mri IocUJot " Elack - Eyed noran r J - ' And every article hi Iht musical lift .Jan7 Sa' - - "''.' Lj E NOLlbli Vaunoa and Musket Pewd! j tale by , LEROI, BAYARD ft C V. dec 9. " ' PEW - YORK 'in t PRLYTED jIND PVBLISUS0 MICTI A tL'fi UIlNlIA .tf ca 'No. 41 PmE - T" - - ' ..pBDHBajj tanyaujsI t F 1 ' Vw 1 : . I J

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