The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 4, 1937 · Page 19
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1937
Page 19
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TWENTY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 4 · 1937 HOG VALUES DROP 15 TO 25 CENTS PRODUCERS STEP UP MARKETINGS Prices in Other Branches i of Livestock Trade Tend Upward. 'CHICAGO, (/P)--Taking advantage of a sharp upturn in hog prices eavly this week, producers stepped up the volume ol market- ings again Thursday and as a result forced values 'off 10 to 15 cents. Prices in other branches of the livestock trade, however, tended upward. The hog supply shot up to 27,000 head, by far the largest of Hie \veek and 8,000 head above expectations. This gave buying interests .command of the market and they erased some of the ·week's advance of around. 50 cents. Top sank 15 cents to 510.30. Packers were after numbers in ·the cattle trade largely because of the very small supplies marketed this week. Prices were bid upward 25 cents on most steers and year- liiigs.though, buyers said, the basic condition did not warrant the ad- varice because the dressed trade continued sluggish. Seven market receipts of cattle so far this week are approximately 30,0,00 head below last week, and receipts of hogs and sheep also have been cut sharply. Best cattle moved at $13 to $14.25, with a top of $14.35 paid for yearlings. The bulk of 'best finished steers late Wednesday sold at $13.50 to $14.50. Fat Iambs tended upward with the supply moderate. Bids ran up to $10.50 but sellers held on for 10 to 25 cents higher. Wholesale trading on fresh meats continues dull but prices, particularly of pork, have been forced higher because of lighter supplies. Trade to the flood zone is light with reports of mostly canned meats and eggs going as the main food because' coolers are not operating. Hog Markets jimivEST nons Hog prices at midwest markets Thursday: CEDAR BAWDS--Good liogs 140-1=0 Ibs. $7.45i7.75; 150-160 Ibs. S7.OjSjO.25: 160-170 Ibs. S8.45SlB.75: 170-180 Ibs. $9.03 tjD.35; 1 BO-200 Ibs. $9.35 QS. 65; 200-325 Ibs. S9.50jf9.60; 325-350 Ibs. 50.3JW3.65; eood packers 275-350 Ibs. 50JJ9.30; 350-435 Ibs. Sli.851iO.15; 435-500 Ibs. -8.65S9! 500550 Ibs. 8.55fe8.83. OTTimiVA--Hoes 15 cents lower; 110150 Ibs. S7.50ai.80; 150-160 Ibs. S8(H:8,30: 160-170 Ibs. S8.50a8.8t; 170-180 Ibs. S3.10SD 9.4D;, 180-200 ILs. 53.35iiO.C5-, 200-290 Ibs. S9.55SJ3.85; 530-325 Ibs. S3.-15tiO.7i; 325350 Ibs. S9.304J9.CO; 350-400 Ibs. S9H0.40; packers 275-350 Ibs. S8.95ffi9.25; 350-425 Ibs. S8.8ofi9.I5; 425-550 Ibs. S8.70G3. WATERLOO--Hogs 15 cents lewer. Good to choice 140-150 Ibs. 57.25ljj7.55; 150-1CO Ibs. S7.75S8.05; 160-170 Ibs. $3.35 CiS.liS; 170-180 Ibs. S9SI9.30: 180-200 Ibs. S3.309.CO; 200-325 Ibs. S9.30'a9.SO: :(2a- 350 Ibs: S9.30rjiD.60; packing sows 275-XiO Ibs. S3SP.3Q; 350-425 Ibs. SU.85'u.3.I5; 425550 Ibs, S8.70'.iO. AUSTl.V--Hogs 10-lye lower; good ID choice 1BO to :!00 Ibs. S9.40fi3.70; 200 In 290 Ibs. SD.60«i9.90; 200 to 325 Ibs. $9.Mf| 9.00; 323 lo 350 Ibs. $9.40S.9.70; packing sows good 275 to 550 Ibs. $S.BOii 9.50. C O J I I I I N K D H O G RECEIPTS. DES MOINES. (/Pi--U. S. derailment ol agriculture--Combined hop receipts at 22 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for" the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m, Thursday were 34.600 compared w i t h 1C,- 500 a \veek ago and 17,600 a year ago. Prices mosily loc losver, spots packing sows and light lights 5c to lOc off; undertone slow: loading slow. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 lo 160 Ibs. good and choice $7.90518.85; light weights Ififl to IBfl Ibs, 58,75^9.60: 180 to 200 Ibs. S9.45'i 9.95; medh]m~\veie.hl5 200 to 220 Ibs, 59.654 10.10; 220 to 250 Ibs. S9.B5 i?10.10; heavy weights 250. lo 200 lbj. S9.051ilO.10; 200 la 330 Ibs. 59.451; 10.10: packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs, good S9.25fi- 9.60; 350 lo 425 Ibs. ?9.10(S9.35; 425 to 530 Ibs. S8.90lri9.25." j Loco! Livestock MASON CITY--For Thursday nous Fifteen cents lower. Good light lights ... 140-150 S 7.10-7.40 Good lighl lights ... 150-100 S 7.60- 7.90 Good lights 160-170 S B.35- 8.65 Good lights 170-180. S 8.85- U.15 Good light butchers 180-200 · S 9.30- 9.60 Good light butchers 200-220 S 9.50- 9.80 Good me. wt. butch. 220-250 S 0.30- 9.80 Good me. wt. bulch. 250-270 S 9.50- 0.80 Good me. wt. butch. 270-200 S 9.50- U.BO Good heavy butchers 290-325 S 9.50- 9.80 Good heavy butchers 325-350 S 9.3o- 9.65 Good heavy butchers 350-400 S 9.15- 9.45 GflDd_pa.ckln.B-J5,pvV5_. 235-350 S 9.00- 9.30 Good heavy sows ... :l50-425 S 8.80- U.10 Good bfeJicavy sows' 425-500 S 8.60- 8.90 Good big heavy sows 500-550 $ U,40- 8.70 -(The above fa a 10:30 truck IIOR m a r k e t for good and choice hogs. The dittcienct in price ts for short and ior.y haul hogs.I CATTLli Choice to prime steers $10.00-11.01) Good to choice steers S 7.50-9.50 Fair to good steers S 5.50-7.00 Lo'.v grade steers S 4.00-5.00 Choice to prime yearlings .. S 9.00-10.00 Good to choice ycarlnies ... S 7.00- 8.00 Fair to good yearlings .... S 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair ycarlnigs .. S 4.0(1- 5.00 Good to choice heifers S 7.00- 8.50 Fair to good heifrcs 5 5.00- G.50 Common to tair neltcrs .... S 3.50- 5.00 Choice lo prime cows S 5.00- 5.75 Good I ochoicc cows S 4.50- 5.00 fair to good cows - S 4.00- 4 .Ml Fair to good cutters S 3.50- 4.0U Common to fair cutter* S 3.00- ."'.SO Fair to good canncrs 5 ~,7a- 3.00 Common to fair canners .... S 2.50- Good to choice bulls S 4.50- 5.5( Lichv bulls S 4.00- 4.50 Calves, gd. to choice 130-190 S 7-00- 8.00 Calves, mcd. to Kood 130-130 5 4.50- 7.00 Calves, inter, to good 130-190 S 4.50 down 1.A.1IB5 Lambs, gd. lo choice 70-90 5 8.50- 9.75 Lambs, ined. to good 70-90 S 7.50- r...» lambs, fair to mcd. .. 70-00 5 4.51)- L-imbs, common . 5 4.50 down Xearllngs, so. lo cb, 70-90 t 5.00- 6.UO Yearlings, medium to good 5 4.00- . VearllnsA lair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, culls * 2,00- a.SO Nauvo ewes, good to choice 3 2.UO- 3.01 Culls, ewci 5 1-flO- 1.50 - BUCKS * i.oo- 2.00 Welhcri, 3 year olds » 5.00- 6.01 \Vclhcrs, old * 3.00- S.OI Buck lambs SI lows. 'No dock on lambs, .Quotations subject to market fluctua 'lions. S I O U X CITV LIVESTOCK ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) SIOUX CITY, VTi--U. S. department ot agriculture-CATTLE GOO; calves 25; slaughter sleers and yearlings u n e v e n , steady to 25c higher; · other killing classes litilc changed; stockcrs and feeders about steady; load choice ' 1400 Ib, bullocks 511.Bo; other sales above $10 limited numerous small lols short feds 57.7511. .50; few good heifers above $B; most jeef cows 54.5056,25; few around $7; cuter grades m a i n l y 53.K5^4.25; few common and medium loads stock steers 50 down; c u r r e n t slocker and feed cattle quotations; steers 550 to 800 Ibs. Good and choice $G.255r0.2a; common and medium $41*0.25; 800 to 1.050 Ibs. good a n d choice SG.25S 3.25; common and medium $4.25ft 1.23: heifers good and choice $5.2ofjiG.r,0: :ommon and medium S4'[t5,25; cows good $41? 4.50; common and medium S3.50iT 4; calves (sleer) good and choice 55.25^8.35; TTiCdinm 54.50^6.25. H O G S 3,000: moslly JO-loc lower; pack- :r and shipper lop S9.75: part load $9.85 o cily butchers; bulk £ood arid choice 150 o 270 Ib. butchers 59.60^9.75; 170 to lyu b. lights S9.40S9.60; 150 to 170 Ib. lishc ignis S9S9.20; most 130 to 150 Ib. aver- gcs Sa.2.H''9; sows fully 25c lower at 9.35*79.40; slags S9.23 down;, .feeder pigs ~frl;.25, S H E E P 500; early fat iamb bids strong: oad lots choice fed woolcd skins Ijjd 10.35; held above 510.50: slaughter ewes carce. choice quotable lip to 55.75. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. (Thursday Market) OMAHA. (/Pi--U. S. department of ag- icullurc-- H O G S 5.000; 10-2oc lower: top SO.BO; 00 to 300 Ibs. S9.00fi/9.75: 170 to 200 Ibs. 9.35«3.65; 140 lo 160 Ibs. $8.75019.35; 100 o 130 Ibs., S7sn.50: sows S9.25fi,0.40. : CATTLE 2.500; calves 300; slccrs steady 8.50"i 13: heifers tip to S8: cows SC^i'7; ultcrs S3.5034.50: bulls $5.75'B6.30; veal-' r top 510. IEtr fi.OOO: steady; lambs SlOfilO.50. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. W i -- O f f i c i a l cslimalerl re- icipls for Friday: Cattle, 1,500; hugs, 4,000; sheep, 7.000. Reoresentative Sales C H I C A G O LIVESTOCK (Thursday M a r k e l ) CHICAGO, tvj--U. S. department of ag ricullure-- H O G S 27,000; including 9,000 dirccl mostly lOJt'lcc lower Ilian \\ r edncsday average; -top S10.30; hulk good an choice 180 to 310 Ibs. S10.15S 10.25: com parable 140 to 170. Ibs. S9.3oelO.20; few good sows 59.256X9.65. CATTLE 5,000; calves 1,200; fed steers and yearlings 25c higher; active at advance; starvation run main s t i m u l a t i n g factor as dressed Irndc continues slup- gisli; seven market receipts better t h a n 30,000 less eatlle than week ago: local abridgement around 10^00 head; t h i s led to b u y i n g for number at week end and pushed all classes unevenly higher de- spile basic dull undertone; common and medium grade $7ft9 Thursday; strlclly Rood, choice offeringsSI3SH4.25; (opyear- lings $14.35; f a i r l y good clearance choice and prime steers late Wednesday at S13.50igl4.50; k i n d s scaling 1507 Ibs. at inside figure: oilier killing classes strong today; practically everything closing the ·week strong lo unevenly higher than ·week ago; vcalers however 50^$l tmdcr last week at $10 down to $F); few SI0.50. S H E E P 8.000; i n c l u d i n g 300 direcl; f.ii lambs in fairly broad demand; snoply moderate to light; early u n d e r t o n e fully Mcady lo stronger; generally asking higher; good lo choice lamb offerings bid upward lo $10.50 freely; asking sio.60/rr. 10.75 and better; sheep f i r m ; scattered native ewes ( T h u r s d a y Market) CHICAGO, (jj'j--U. S. department of afiricullurc--Representative tales: I1OGS- Ucavy-- ! Lights-16 338]85 192 15.25 332 10.1553 17B 10.20 Cl 290 10.;5[B2 160 111.15 74 2S5 10.20110." , 1G4 10.20 Mediums-- (Light Lighls-- (55 244 10.:lOI4(i 157 ]U.O[) 59 231 10.2ii2a 145 9.50 225 10.30| 17 210 10.201 CATTLE. Steers-- (Heifers-22 . list 14.35129 042 21 - 1 1 2 1 14.00127 874 9.C.O 4.1 1208 I4.ooj:(3 1121 n.n: 2R 1342 I3.50|27 740 7.51 20 1241, 13,00; 1(» 072 (1.7. 18 1161 12.00I21 33 5.73 22 1074 ll.COi Cows- I D 937 10.25; U 127.1 27 1240 9.75i!) 1221 7.0 33 irm2 n.oniifi li-n (T.n 31 024 7.5DI22 1041 R.O |I9 975 5.CJ 127 nr.a 1.2 S H E E P . [Native Lamhs-- Lambs--4l fl( in.\ i 10.8.11170 84 I0.(i 10.7r.l72 RD 10.5 10.73(43 72 10.2 I0.r.s[slaughlcr Ewes-- 10.60|I5 108 li.ii i n . n n j l l 141 5.7. 10.3517 185 5.0' Fed Western 120 210 200 231 240 200 180 93 BB 87 83 103 108 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. (Thursday M a r k e t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL, (if)--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 1,600; more active, slaughter steers fully fileady; few sales $7.50Q9.25; mostly medium grades; plain kinds down to $6 or- less; some held around 510 or more; she stock fully sleady to strong; plain r lo medium heifers $5617.25; most heef cows ,$4.75115.75; few 56 or more; low cutters and cultcrs largely SS.l.l^r- 4.50; bulls steady: mostly $5.50 down on sausage kinds; liltle trade on stocker accounts. Calves 1.400; steady; good and choice $890.50; sclccls $10. HOGS 3,500; uneven: weights around 230 Jbs. up mostly IOC lower; others steady, spots strong: most good and choice 200 to 300 Ibs. $9.90; top 59.90; 160 to 200 Ibs. 59.50iTiD.90; sorted 160 to ISO Ibs. to shippers 59.651i9.80; 140 to 150 Ibi. $0139.15; 120 lo HO Ibs. S8.r0fi9; bulk Bond sows $9.50: average cost Wednesday $9.76, weight 201 Ib.i. SHEEP 6.000; run Includes 15 cars hack; early salable supply around 1,500 slaughter Iambs; nolhinp; done, undertone about . fileady nn alt classes; bulk goorl to choice lambs Wednesday $105(10.40; medium lo choice ewes $4£5, Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES. (Thursday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (,Ti-- U. S. d e p a r t m e n t a g r i c u l t u r e -Potatoes 42; on track 241; total u. S shipments 854; old stock, supplies modcr ate, Colorado McClurcs slishlly weaker demand slow, Russet Burbanks steady f i r m undertone, demand light, norther slock slightly stronger: demand moderMC sacked per cwl. Idaho Russet Burbank U. S, No. J, S3.25e3.50; V. S. No. 2 prac ttcaliy free from cuts and clipped end few sales SJ.10113.15; Washington Ru.'sc Hurbrtnks combination srade S3.10: Co orado Red McClures U. S. No. 1 fe* sales $2.15: Nebraska 50 Ib. sacks BUs T r i u m p h s U. S. No. 1 and partly Grade S2.90 cwt.: Wisconsin Hound Whites U. S No. 1 feu- sales 82.40^2.50; U. S. com mcicial S2.30; new slock sleady, Mtpplic moderate, d e m a n d light; no track sale reported; street sales Florida bushc crates Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. I. S2.I ·S2.15-. f a i r q u a l i t y S2; U. S. No. 2 mosll 5I.8Jei.oo; few slightly hishcr. NEW N K W YORK SUGAIt. ( T h u r s d a y Market) YORK, (in-- Raw sugar , changed at 3.65c. Futures, May No, 3 2.R7c, and July 2,C7c. or 2 lo 3 poinl lower: No. 4 May 1.12c, or u n c h a n g e c July l.Hc. or \'-2 point lower. Refined tin changed at 5.00c for fine granulated. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR. ( T h u r s d a y Markel) MINNEAPOLIS. (i?)--Flour: ' Carloa lots a barrel in 93 3b. cotton sacks: Fnm ily patents unchanged. $7.45S?7.G5; slant ard patcnls unchanged, $7.25S7,45. Shipments 20,740. Pure bran S32.2of; 32.75. Standard middlings S32.50(ii33. PRODUCE FUTURES. (ThurnJay Market) CHICAGO, l/Ti--Bullcr futures closer! Storage standards. February 32c; Marc 3Hic; November 30c. Egg futures: Refrigerator standard*. Oc loher 2411c; February 21Tic: March 23c. Polalo futures: Idaho Russet?. Marr No. 1, S3.B5: March grade A $3.57; Apr ffradc A $3.S2. INDEXES OF WHOLESALE PRICES PERCENT 120 110 100 IN UNITED STATES E ' B U B E A U ' O F LASOR STATISTICS 1926-100 PERCENT 120 110 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 I93S 1936 LATE REACTIONS DEPRESS WHEAT Chicago Market Is Carried Down Cent Lower Than Top for Da}'. CHICAGO, W 3 )--Late reactions arried Chicago wheat prices down Thursday to a cent a bushel below prices current 24 hours previous nd to around 2 cents under Thursday's top. It was intimated in export cir:les that Germany's grain needs lad been satisfied for the time jeing. Assertions were current hat German purchases had eased. At the close, wheat was Vt to % ower than Wednesday's finish; lay, $1.30% to 51.30; July, $1.13% o 51.14; Corn, Hay, $1.06',;. to to down; 51.06%; July, 1.00'i; oats, % to 1% off, and revisions varying from 15 cents etback lo 5 cents advance. Stock List Al Ch : Dye 240 Am Can I07V« Am Srn Hot 94 Am Sugar Rel 5'i A T T 1CI!1 Am Tob B SDVi Am Wai Whs 26',, Anaconda 59*it A T S F 73',i A u b u r n A u l o 3 4 f a Avialion Corp !i',-z Ball Ohio Barns dall Bcndix Aviat IMtt C H I C A G O CASH GHA1.V. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, m--Cash wiicat: No sales cportecl. Corn: No. 4 mixed $1.03; No. 2 yellow .H: No. H yellow Sl.lOii: No. 4 yellow .O-rttl.Kl'.i; No. 5 yellow S1.061? l.OT.i; o. 5 w h i l e S1.07 3 ,V'gl.08 1 ,a; sample grcdc ·VfiSl. Oals: No. I w h i l e 53c: No. 3 -white 53jJ 'ic; sample erade 43c. Soybeans: No. 2 yellov.' $1.6l^l"62',V o. 3 yellow SI.60g-l.60i:.. No rye. Barley feed R0cft$l nominal: mailing f i 1.4G nominal. Timothy seed $GrfJ6.25 cwt.; now S3.75 K civl. Clover seed S27'ri:u cwl. Lard, tierces $12.55; loose SI1.32; bellies Gen Elcc en Foods en Mot llcltc ood'r T udson Mot inois Cent ;t Harvest it Nick Can T T lins IMaiiv rcsgc Moson City Groin MASON CITY--For Thursday to. 3 yellow shelled.corn. .$1.05'A o. 4 yellow shelled corn... .$1.03 £ar corn 95 C oais No. 3 '.. ,49 C 60-UOi .. .§1.45 T H U R S D A Y GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, Wj-Low Close 1.30^ 1.30 1.13 Soybeans, No. 2 yellow WHEAT-- ·lay .... 'uly icnt CORN-May new May old July new J u l y old OATS--"""" May July Sept SOYBEANS-May July RYE-- Itlly .... Sept BARLEY-May .... LARD-Mar. .... May .... July .... Sept BELLIES- Msy . .. July .... l.OS'.i J.tIG J.R8H I.S7 1.112'A .92!'. l.loii l.dfi'.i 1.05 J.tTO'i 13.25 ....1.1.41! I3.G2 l.U.i l.illi'/i .41 .41 l 3.09-; 1.0111 .90' 12.C7 12.9.1 13.15 13.37 16.27 16,62 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. (Thursday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. r,pj--wheat 2r c?.rs: '.', lower; No. 1 heavy dark northern spriiu, 60 Ihs. Sl.49TiiTrI.5B1i: No. 1 dark north crn 59 Ibs. SI.48;ifil.57%: 58 Ibs. SL47M1? l.SfiTi; fancy No. l hard Montana 14 pe cent prolein Sl.42nfil.44-;;,; crade of No 1 dark hard or No. 1 bard Montana win tor Sl.3BTiTl.3S1i: hard amber d u r u m No. I. $1.4.14tfl.61i: Kb. 1 red durum ; 1 Corn: No. 3 yellow Sl.IfiliS I.17SJ lower. Oals: No. 3 while 4.1',i«r!tltic. Hides Q u o t a t i o n ) · F u r n i s h e d b? Wolf Bros, Inc., 308 F i f t h Street Soolbncst. no as en IDES Horschldes ...S4.0 ·GftEEN BEEF H I D E 3 Up lo 35 Ibs. loli 25 lo 45 Ibs 8 More lhan 60 Ibs K Bull hides C'.a, ·Cured hides halt cent more a p o u n d lOn above prices a cent higher wholesale- dealers In wholesale lots.) troor, MARKET. BOSTON, HI--U. S. department of ag rictiltnrc-- Quotations were mostly quite firm domestic wools, but there was very 1U tic demand Thursday. Bids submitted depended on the urg cncy of the buyer's needs. When a buyc needed a small lot to fill out stock, h paid prices up to the maximum or recen selling prices without hesitation. Bid made with a view of future needs wer lower lhan recent selling prices. A limited , amount of business transacted on Australian nnd Soin American wools at prices irregularly low er than were being paid two weeks ago The saturation point in employ iflent has not yet been reached There are still millions in th country who haven't jobs to strik from.--Wasliiriplon Fast. NEW Y O R K S T O C K S . Li luolations Lib O 1' Gl TliVn Mnylae 1 J ,« McK Rob 13u Mid Cont Pet 32V* Jlonlg Ward 58 Nash Kelvin 2:1^ Nat Biscuit 3H« Nat Cash n :l6!n Nat Dairy Pr 23*4 Nat Distill 28 Nat Pow Lt 13!i N Y Cenlral 43 Norllicru Pa Oliver Farm Packard Mot Param Pict Penney Perm R R Phillips Pet Radio Rey Tob B Sears Roco Shell Union Sac Vacuum Sou Pac Sid Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Slewart Warn 1LH* Studebaker Iti^ S w i f t Co 2G}b Te.\as Corp 53ra Tex Gulf Sul 4H. Tiink Roll B 73 tin Carbide 107',i Un P.ic IKIVi Unit Air Corp 2a!z Untied Corp 7''* U n i t Drug H'.i U S Ind Alco 4iV.\ U S Rubber 55»i tl S Steel "Warner Pict West Un Tel West El fc 111 -Woolworlh Borg Warner 7!Ma Can D G Ale 2o?4 Cauad Pae Ida Case lliBli Chi N W 4 CIH Gt West li'i C M St P P 21. C H 1 P Chrysler Col G · «; El Com Sou Coil Edison 46*' Con Oil IIS; Cot) Can fil*. Cont Oil Del 45 Corn Prod li!i?f Curllss W r l g h t ' T J i Dcerc Co 127 D're So Co pf 30'! DuPont de N 173V til'A ll^.\ 3'J'A 23- n ·19 1G 49 12 65 28 9!) InVi 73 161 Cl'.i CHICAGO STOCKS. ( T h u r s d a y Final Cluota(ions) es Service IlilNall Leather 2 exler l(j 3 ,i[Natt Standard 32 3 i eiiniaun Brc 11 JNorlliwest Bane M T n alz D r u p H;i|Quakcr Oats 121T* bby Mu-Ncil miiswift Co 2G',i lidwcst Corp J o l i l Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Office In Baglcy-Bcck Cldg. Telephone No. 7. D O \ V JONES A V E R A G E S Inds. Hails Utils. P. St 188.70 30.46 33.0: 'otal Sales ...2.390.000 C H I C A G O STOCKS Butler Bros I5»i Marshall Fid 22H Cord Corp 5Vj Walcvccn Co -!2!a NEW YORK C U R B Am G El 44 Vm Cyana B 3.t^i \m S Pow Co 2',= Ark N Gas A IPi \SDC G Jc El A 4V» Can Tnd Alk (i 1 * Marconi 2',=j ^1 Rtl : Sha 2r? B 7 Mo of Can 27M» ? Mo of Entj n'.ii NEW Y O R K STOCKS Humb Oil Co SO'l Lockheed , 11' N Hud Pow Ifi : Nil-Bem-Pond 40 Pcnnroad Cp 4 : S O Ky Co 13 Un Gas Co 1.1 Un L is Pn Co 0 U t i l F L Co 1 \Iaska Jim Alleglicny 3~' H \llied Sirs IBVi Am Bk Noto 3t ·\m ^ Fox- Po l l ^ i C Slip Co 32^« Am C Si F Co fiS'i Om POW i; Li 13',1 Am R Mills tt Am R S: S Co 23 f\m Tob Co !59',b Arm Co 101/4 Ar i Co pfd so» As D Goods 21»i All Rcf Sir, Bald\vin Loco 10','n Brigcs Ml Co 51!',4 Bctidix 28 Budd HIT Co 13b Burr Add .15 Bycrs A M Co 31 Catcrpil Trac 93 Ccr tie Pasco fi.O"^ Chcs Ohio rfi*\ C G W p f d 1S''» CMSP Si P pfd S'/» Coc Col Co 135 Com Solvents 20 Cont Motor 3 1 /* Cr of Wht rie'j Cudahy Pack 4 l ' i Cur-Wri Cn A 21 Dist Cp Scag iV'i DOUR Airt; fS^ Easlman 174',-', Eaton Mf Co 35''« El Aulo Lite 44H El Pow Lt 23','. Erie R n Co 15',b F'nc Ti Ru 3ATi Foil-Wheel 53 Frecport Tex 23',2 Gen Am Tr BO Cliddcn Co 4!)^i Gobel ft Gold Dust }:,··', Gt Nor'n Ore 15V* Grah Pa/ee 4 U Gt Nor pfd «i Ilouslon Oil IG!* 77 37'.', 231 221, SS'.l 181. Hud Motor H u p p Molors J n t l Carriers lud Rayon N K c l v Vr Lambert Co Leh Por Cc Liq Car Cp L o r i l l n r d Ulaek Trfc · Jlath Alk McLcl Sirs Min. Mo! Im M K T 7!; Mo Pac 3*'Mot Prod 3W No A m e r 31 No Am A v l 15^! Otis Sll Co 19 Owen III Gla ICfl Packard Mot II 3 Park Ut Cop 41 Plymouth 261 Proc Gam G2V P S of N J Pullman P u r e Oil Co Pur Bakery R K O R e a d i n g Co · Hem Rand Rco Molors St Jos Lead Simmons Co S Cal Edison Sperry Corp St G E Ti Wa As Oil 21 U S Ind Alch 401 U S Smeller Env U t i l P Li A 3» V a n a d i u m 32^ Un Oil Cal 27T Un G Imp 151 Warrcti Bros fil Western Myld 9 Wesl'n Union 7B Wor'n P u m p 4(7 Yellow Trk -HH V'gs S ,t T 72 24 20 Bl 43* 71 AH 551 .1(1 22 12! .84 BONnS. ( T h u r s d a y O u o U t l e n s ) NEW YORK, wj--U. S. bonds closed Treasury 4'As 47-52 120.10. Treasury 4s 44-54 IM.L'O. Treasury 3^85 40-43 June 107.8. Treasury 31is 43-47 103.9. Treasury 3!',s 45-43 10S.7. Treasury 3s 51-55 106.24. I N V E S T M E N T TRUSTS. (By The Associated Press) B(d nnd asked Thursday: Corporalc Tr Sll .1.17 Corporate Tr Sh AA Mod 3.85 Corporate Tr Sll Ac Scr 3.01 Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod 3.8. Dividend Sh 2.0!) M a r y l a n d Fund 10.RH Nalionwide Sec 4.9S Nationwide Sec Vtc ...... 2.2.1 Nor Amer Tr Sh 2.04 Nor A m e r Tr Sh 1055 .... 3.82 Quarterly Inc Sh in.4.1 Selected Am Sh Inc 16.24 Super Corp Am Tr A .... 4.4i U S El I. ft P A 2(1.M U S E I L P B .1.30 U S El L i: P V i c 1.24 2.24 11.C2 5.n: 2.3D 21. CO 3.4(1 1.32 EARLY ADVANCE IN STOCKS LOST tains Reduced or Cancele as Traders Begin to Take Profits. NEW YORK, ^--Following an arly burst of strength in Thursay's stock market, when manj f the leaders pushed up to new ost-depression tops, traders bean to cash in profits and upturns £ fractions to 2 points were re- uced or canceled. While an assortment of special- es continued to lean forward .'ends were well mixed near tht nal hour. There was a coinciden- al slowing of activity. Transfers /ere around 2,350,000 shares. U. S. Steel provided the sensa- on of the session with an open- ng block of 5,000 shares changing ands at par, the first time the 00-mark has been reached since lay, 1931. The cheering of brok- rs and clerks on the floor of the ock exchange, however, was hort lived as the chief steel issue ell back. Having gained for five consecu- ve sessions, analysts advanced IB suggestion the list was entitled o at least a temporary rest. Busness news continued as a support- ng influence and an assortment f shares managed to hold gains p to 2 points. FORGET . Tie ifj llMy* rrmonleT, lit it] Ito! 1 J to continue working conceals the fact he READ THIS FIRST: Janet Paynter, newly married to a second-rats actor, Joel Payn- ler, whose show has just closed, obtains a card from an old friend, Harry Devanter, a film scout, re- cruestinff a screen test for "the bearer." Because of his pride, Joel first refuses to permit Janet and then has Teen playing the role of gigolo at a cocktail har hccause he can find nothing else. Joel is elated when Janet tells him of !iis chance for a screen test. He floes not know that the card was intended for her --not for him. Janet proves to be Joel's .inspiration . d u r i n g : .the screen test. Anxiously they await word from the studio. Joel receives word of a six mouths' contract in Hollywood. Janet and Joel go west and stop at a luxurious hotel in Los Antreles. Three weeks later, when told to report for work, Joel brings Janet a mink coal. Now Go on "With the Story CHAPTER 12 JANET STOOD there in the middle of the room that was costing them ten dollars a day and held the mink coat mutely. Her face was a study in the mixed emotions ol bewilderment, pride and exasperation. "Put it on, princess," Joel urged. Janet slipped her arms into it and felt the soft caressing warmth of it as she folded it about her. Still she didn't speak. She looked at herself in the mirror of the dressing table and, looking, saw that Joel's face had fallen. It did something to her. It twisted her heart. "It's beautiful," she said at last. "Much too beautiful for me, my darling." Then she took it off and put it back in the box. Joel was on his feet to stop her, "It's for you, Janet." "I know, deai%" she said, "and I love it as though I were going to keep it but we can't. You can't 'afford to buy me such things. We've got to find a place to live and save some money in case the studio doesn't pick up its option and you've got to have lots of new clothes for your wardrobe. Some day, you can buy me a mink coat when we can afford it." "I've bought it," he said stubbornly. "I've made a down payment on it and I'll have it paid for in eight weeks. I couldn't give you a honeymoon when w ; e were married. I couldn't even buy you an engagament ring." "We weren't engaged," she said with a twinkle in her eye. "We didn't have time." "Even your wedding ring only cost a couple of dollars. I haven't done anything tor you but pay the rent and buy pur food. Now, when I want to do something that makes me happy, you don't want it. For the love of heaven, Jan, are you always going to throw cold water on my plans? Is there so much difference between us that I'm always to think of a month or a year ahead before I can do one thing that I want to? We've got to understand each other right now." For one brief moment Janet thought t h a t they were quarreling, she thought that Joel's citing in- eompatability was a serious thing. But then she realized t h a t he was hurt and that when people are hurt they say things they do not mean. She took the coat out o£ the box and stroked the soft fur. "No, Joel," she said gently, wanted you to say these things to me. I really want to keep the coat! It's the most beautiful thing I have ever had. I had planned tc ·tell you some day that I hoped you'd give me one." Then she was in Joel's arms and he was happy again, confident of himself, forgiving her and calling himself a fool for having talked to her as he did. But he didn't see the truth. Janet was to have other gifts without number from Joel but she never had anything that she cher- shed as she did that mink coat ts value was beyond price to hei nd its warmth was for her hear ecause it was a symbol of Joel's Curb Market N E W YORK, f/pj--Minor variations ere registered in the curb m a r h u l luirsdny as the t r a d i n g tempo Tell to a ow beat. Few stocks had broken out of frac- onal ranges late in t h e morning and ains and losses were about evenly dis- ributcd. Several high-priced shares, sxicli as U u m i n u m company of America and h e r w i n Williams stood about a point up. ScWllllnms Dredging, selling in the nms- ium priced section, added nearly a point. Small setbacks were suffered by L.nkc shore Mines. A m e r i c a n Gas and Electric nd. Sunshine Mining. . Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City 12 17',!, Bond Market NEW Y O R K . (,r,--The bond m a r k e t Mljled along in a narrow groove Thursday. f r a c t i o n a l gains were scored by Amer- can i: Foreign Pawcr 5s, Bntlimorc : Ohio 4Us, North Western 41^s, Colum- bln Gas A; Eleclric »s, Inlcrnatioiial 'elephone 5s. Loeu-s 3',js, Southern Rail- vay 4s and Texas Corp 3!js. Slightly lower were American Telephone 3'/ 4 5, Gontiyear 5s, Hiram Walke: ;. lulcrnational Paper 5.T, New York C e n t r a l 5s, SUidebaker converliblc 6s and Younpstown Sheet Tube 3',is. The foreign list was steady with Itala n \ issues n f f n i n favored owins lo a 'celinp political stability has improved Aroutul mid-day t h e U. S. treasury LEt showed slight improvemcnl a l t h o u g h prices were a t r i f l e u n d e r early highs, jainers were Ihe 2'is, Ihc 2?i(S and Ihe f,\f of 1039. The 4s a n d the '3»is ot 943 were a little lower. Dealers .caid advances r e f l e c t e d an- c cnce of l i n u i d a l i o n r a t h e r t h a n affgrcs- ;ivo demand. Inslitutlons remained on lie sidelines, It was said. Produce MASON CITY--For Thursday Casb Quotations by Ii. G. Morse '·SSS, current receipts 16c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Under 5 Ibs 9c Springs, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Springs, under 5 Ibs lOc Stags 8c Leghorn springs 7c Cocks Be All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Mc.rchanls Quotations Eggs, in trade lB-19c* Eggs, cash 17-18c Butter, Iowa State Brand 39c Butter, Corn Country 38c Butter, Kenyon's 38c Butter, Very Best 39c Butter, Brookfield 38c Potatoes, russets, peck 75c Potatoes, cobblers, peck 52c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. C H I C A G O P R O D U C E . (Thursday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. l,Ti--Butter 9,194. steady creamery specials 193 score) 34^34'^c cx-lms (02) 33.s,c; extra firsts {30-91) 32 a ; fiiSHc; firsts (113-83) 3l»Hi321bc: stand arris (00 centralized carlot. 1 :) 33'^c. K p g s 10.439. weak; prices unchanged. Poultry: Live, 1 car. 30 t r u c k s , Mcatly hens over 5 Ibs. 17c; 5 Ibs. and less l i e Leghorn hens 12c; colored springs 18c P l y m o u t h and W h i l e Rock 20c; colortr nrnllers 2lc; P l y m o u l h and W h i t e R 22c; bareback broilers Ific; Leghorn chtckcns 13c: roosters 13c: Lejzhori rnoslers 12c; t u r k e y s Ific: young toms JUc old 13c: No. 2 t u r k e y s 13c; d u c k s V,V Ibs up M-Ji(c and colored 18c; small w h i t ' ' 97 102 02 911 lOOT 2G', called called Bid and asked Thursday: Cent St El G pet pfd (525 par) 10 Cent St El 7 pet p f d 1523 par) 11 Cent St P S: L 7 p e t pfd 14',i Champlin Ref la 7 pet ptd .. Ml) Creamery Package com 24 Hearst Cons A 23 Gco A llormcl A pftl 104 Gco A Hormcl com ........ 22 Interstate Power cr pet pfd .'. 15 Interstate Power 7 pet pftl · - IB Iowa Electric Co B'.j pet pfd 53 Io\vn Electric Co 7 pet pfd .. 54 56 la Elec Lt Pow C pet pfd . .' 73 75 la Elec Lt Paw S 1 .-! pet pfd 75 77 In Elec Lt .t Pow 7 pet pfd . . 7 9 81 la Pow Light G pet p f d .. 1011 105 la Pow Light 7 pet pfd .. lot 106 la P u b l i c Scrv G pel pfd 93 101 la Public Scrv G',i pet p[d .. ICO 102 la Public Scrv 7 pet nfd .... 101 103 la South U l i l (i pet ptd 78 3D la South Util (i',i pet pfd 70 81 la South Ulil 7 pet pfd H3 Minnesota P «= 1. G pet ptd ... 95 Minncsola P «; L 7 pet pfd ... HI) :orihcm St Pow (i pet pfd ... 90 'orlhorn St Pow 7 pet pfd ... 9fi ' W Bell Tel 6'.i pet pfd 105 3 W St Porlland Cement com 2r lath Packing G pet pfd 100 .nth PaekinB 7 pet pfd 100 .ath Packing com . 32 l ,i 33 ioux City Gas E! 7 pet pfd 99.i 101" Jnitcd LI Ryu G pet pfd . BS'.i til) United LI Rys G.36 pet pfd BD 91 United LI Rys 7 pel pld .. 94 9n Vestern Grocer pfd 9G 100 Veslcrn Grocer com 14 16 O M A H A (!KAIN - . ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) OMAHA, m--Wheat: TJnrk hard No. 1. Sl.40: No. 2. Sl.asib; hard No. 1. 51.40; No "'Corn: Yellow No. 3, SI.18: No. 4, SI.lfi',2 igl 19: Nti. 5, SI.16: w h i ( e No. 3. $! '" Oals: While No. 3. 55a5Gc; No. 4, ! j2c; sample 50fii32c, K A N S A S CITY GRAIN. ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e l ) K A N S A S CITY. Wi--Wheat: (in cars ?c tower to Ic higher. No. 2 dork hart SI 37' No. 3, S1.29: No. 2 hard nominalli sl3UT1.4(Hi; No. 3 n o m i n a l l y 51.27WI.3G No. 2 red S1.37; No. 3 nominally Sl-33 T ,jG 'corn: 22 cars; '.je lo\ver lo \\*c h l c h e r No 2 while nominally SI.2l'.i-i? 1.24=1: No 1 nominally Sl.IOW 1.II1V No. 2 miNed nominally SI ; lS!-liS1.2T«: No. 3 nominally Oats: 1 car; le lower li . 2 u-hite nominally n o m i n a l l y 54WS7c. 5S«l,58c: No. 3 K A N S A S CITY L I V E S T O C K (Thursday MarkeO KANSAS CITY, (iTl-- U. S. d e p a r t m e n of .lariculture-- H O G S 1.500: no directs: weak to lower t h a n Wednesday's nvernp.e; ton Sll).10 rood lo choice 100 lo noo Ihs. $1.B3«? ln.ll) 140 lo 170 Ibs. S0179.B5; sows S0.25t.79.50 stock nics scarce. C A T T L E 1,81)1): calves. GOO; beef sieer ·md yr.irlinqs f u l l y sli-odv: as compare wilh Wednesday's d u l l close: large nrn Dortinn of supplv common and m e d i u n O u a l i l y : other k i l l i n g classes ceneralls .steady: stockcrs and feeders slow, un chanoetl: two loads choice m e d i u m wcinht slcr-rs SI 1.25: _nvmicrouK load common anrt medium weiohl f l e e r s most Iv liehlwpi"hl? : . Sfi^S.nO: m e d i u m lo vr, licifers SGfln.15: "nod to c h n i r e veal *!fl^,10: f f \ v !o ri'v hnlrhcr': S l l : jrr k i l l i n i i cah-e-; mostlv "lfi^7; few fat me dinm w^ifht« m lo 58. S H E K r 11.0(10; very l i t t l e done: scat tcrcti opening sales lambs steady SI0.35 d o w n . a n d colored 16c: geese Me: capons 7 IDs. up 22c; less than 7 Ibs. 2IC. NEW YORK PltOmiCE. (Thursday S f a r k e t i NF.W YORK, («--Butter 12.BB9. easier Teamcry higher t h a n extra 34^i'Q.3: 1 ,it. e x l r a 192 score) 34ic: firsts (8i!-9 scores) 32'.ifi34Vic: seconds 184-87 scores 31T/32C; centralized 190 scorel 33',!ic. Cheese 9(!,209. stow and unchanged. Eges 18.527, f i r m e r : mixed colors, tipc cial packs 24'/«t;24^;c: slandords 23?11T 24c: firsts 221T23'.'c; seconds 21«i22c: me d l u m s 20',ji21','=e: dirties No. 1. ZO'.?" 21',ic: averaRt; checks lOc: imricrcrsdc unquoted: refriRCrnlor firsts 20ffl20',4c seconds ls^ IQc. Live nnultry wr.ik: hv f r e l c h l roosler l i e ; other f r e i g h t prices unchanged. The /ivsl ease of real insomni we over hoard of is reported V the Hiawatha World, which quo 1 :" a woman as saying that she can't even sleep when it is time to get up.--Topcka S(a(c Journal. ove. Joel's dislike of responsibility as obvious those times that Jane 1 icntioned their need of finding a ome. It was simpler for the two them to stay at the hotel while c was working' on the Jarret icture, he pointed out. Tania Jarrett was Federal's emperamental Viennese artisti straight from Jackson Heights .ong Island), and working hours vere not easy in her picture. Joe vent off at six in the morning riving out to the studio with an ther actor from the cast and re Urmng late in the evenings. Meanwhile the bills at the hbte vere giving Janet heart attack very time the discreet gray en ·elope was presented to her. Finally she took matters in he iwn liands and began to make th ounds of the real estate offices ihe soon learned, atter bein hown English manor houses, Ital an villas and Austrian palaces for ent at the staggering figures you night imagine, to leave her mink ioat at home when she went on icr house hunting jaunts. ITinally she found the house. It vasn't a little white dream house --it was a small edition of the architect's idea of an English manor house. That is, it was built of brown stucco and had a great m a n y darker brown exposed beams here and there over its fa- ays later without telling him the easou why. "Whom shall we have?" he isked, willingly enough. "We on't know anyone." "We're going to know every- he," she answered blandly. "So el's think about it." "Suppose we ask Mary Pick- ord and Charlie Chaplin and . . ." "Not to this one," she answered lasily.-"Now,, let me see--" She lad a pencil and small pad in her land. "\Ve can't stay here and be )uried. There's Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart. They'll be excellent and know they'd love to come." Janet had made the acquaintance of Mrs. Lockhart--the wife of a screen writer--at a beauty parlor and the two girls had often had :ea together and whiled away lonely afternoons. "Then there's :Iarrison Teagle. He is sure to lave a girl and he has been in Hollywood a long time." Teagle vas the actor who had driven Joel o the studio before they came out lo the little house to live. "How about that Kellar chap?" Joel asked. "Kellar? Oh, the man we played bridge with? No, he won't do. He's lot in the picture business. But .here is that couple--you know the ones I mean--we had lunch with them in the commissary the day 1 went to the studio wilh u." "You mean Frank and Laura Crowell? I thought you didn't like her?" "I didn't," she'answered calmly. 'But what has liking got to do with it? She's secretary to* a big agent and he's in a producer's office. Also she told me 'she belonged to the Montblane Tennis club. Yes, r/e must ha%'e the :ro\vells, by all means. Then there \r. that yonn man who met us r,t the train and that girl from Screen View Magazine who interviewed you on the set. Let me see* hat brings the list up to ten. I wish we could get ten more." Joel was reading a magazine. "Why not some of the kids on tin- sot? Kathy Grace who plays opposite me and old Mr. Stanford and his wife? They've been here in Hollywood for a long time." "Wonderful! Do y o u think they'd come?" "Why not?" he asked and went back to his reading. "I can get a butler for the all-' ernoon and evening. The caterer will supply the food and liquor and I think a boy to play the accordion or perhaps if we could get a player who could bring along a little studio piano. . . ." Joel put down his magazine. "Mrs. Paynter, you're going at this in too business-like a way! What have you up your sleeve?" · v "Your career, darling. We've been here two months, a third o£ our time, and it's time we mixed around and lound out what's going on. It's time we made inroads." Joel roared with laughter. "Y6u little fixer," he said affectionately and forgot about the whole matter. Mrs. Paynter didn't; she didn't do things by hall measures. way (To Be Continued) But it did have a comfortable, spacious living room for a house so small, a small alcove for din- ng and a good-sized kitchen. Upstairs there was a large "master's" bedi'oom, a guest room and bath. And it was nicely furnished. The living room had simple, colnmal, modern furniture and a grand piano and Janet saw at once that she could do a great many things with it. Janet paid the first month's rent and made a call at a garage where she priced modest second-hand cars. That night, sitting proudly at the wheel of a car that cost a hundred and twenty-five dollars and looked worth two hundred, she hailed Joel at the gates of the studio. That astonished young man got in beside her and Janet drove him out to their new home. That night she learned her first lesson when Joel expressed delight. Thereafter she was to make all her moves without fear of what Joel would think of them. "We've got to have a housewarming," she said to him a few Luke Miller Letter Gets Praise From Procter and Gamble Luke B. Miller, owner and manager o£ the '1 local Sterling grocery and meat stores, recently entered the Profiler and Gamble contest in which six automobiles are being given away each week for a period ol weeks. To enter the contest, one must state in so many words why lie or she prefers Ivory soap. That is lust what Mr. Miller did and he has received a letter from the Procter and Gamble general manager, T. J. Wood, who had Hie following to say: "It is indeed a pleasure lo have your letter and I am particularly grateful for the support you are giving to Ivory soap and the other members o£ our line, f think so much of this letter that T am sending a copy oC it to the Western Division district managers." Mr. Miller was formerly employed in this territory as salesman for the Procter and Gamble company for ten years, and feels that this fact 'should disqualify him in the contest. Mrs. Roosevelt says that five months old' Elliott Roosevelt, Jr., is the most responsive baby she has ever seen--"he smiles broadly at every one and never cries when strangers approach him." It's the inherent and congenital politician in him, Mummy.--Arkansas Gazette (Liltle Rock.) Kanawha Sales Pavilion At Kanawha, Iowa, Located 12 Miles South of Britt on Highway No. Ill Friday, F©bs?ias?y · STARTING AT 12:30 P.M. 20 HEAD OF HOUSES--All agrcs and weights. 150 HEAD OF CATTLE--Some good milk cows. Several heavy springers. A good listing: of slockers and feeders, and all kinds of butcher stuff. 100 HEAD OF FEEDING PIGS--25 HEAD OF BUED EWES Last week we had a cood snappy sale of all kinds of livestock. IVc can sell all the livestock you wish In cnnsitrn lo us and Kcl you tilt Best Market Price on them, as we have one of the best markets in this part of the stale. A square deal is assured at all limes. H. BRUMMUND, Auctioneer and Manager 1

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