The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 13, 1936 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTED B1ARCH 13 193fi HOGS STEADY TO 10 CENTS HIGHER 9,000 RECEIPTS EQUAL DEMAND Hog Markets Chicago Prices at Highest Level for March in Six Years. CHICAGO, (#)--With hog prices at the highest level for March in six years but with the movement of dressed pork sluggish, packers' demand for swine was limited Friday. The run of 9,000 fresh hogs, o,ne-third of which was billed direct, though below normal in size, was about in line with slaughtering requirements. Packers paid steady to 10 cents Jiigher but competition was not fceen. The top of $10.75 was the same as Thursday's best price, high, est since the middle of February. Wholesale pork prices were strong in the Chicago market but reports from other distributing centers indicated the demand was uneven and the markets weak. There was no reliable shipping outlet for better grade cattle and prices for these were barely steady, Slower grades selling from $7.50 to 59 moved slowly but were quoted around 25 to 40 cents above a week ego. Heifers met with good demand and prices were fully steady. Fat lambs were steady. MIDWEST HOGS. Hos prices at midwest markets Friday: CEOAit KAl'lIXS--Good hygs 100 to i Ibs. 59.159.40; 1JO tg 170 Ibs. 59. ·10(^9.6 170 to J80 Ibs. S9.C5H.90; 130 to 230 Ib Sa.ifO^lO.lS; 230 to 200 Ibs. $9-83^10.1 200 to 270 Ibs. S9.65iy9.90; ^70 to 290 Ib $9.50®9.75; 280 to 325 Ib3. $9.35(^9.60: 3 to 350 Ibs. ?9.20i 1 9.'15; good packers 27j 350 Ibs. S8.65fi;$.90; 350 to 425 Ibs. S8--15 S.70; -125 to 500 Ibs. 58.25^8-50; 500 tt 5 Jbs. SS.U5@8.3Q. WATERLOO--Hogs lOc higher. Good Cbofcc 140 to 100 Ibs. ?8.S5(T(19.15; 150 to H Ibs. $9.10® 9.40; 1GO to ISO Ibs. $9,60i9.fli ISO to ^50 Ibs. S9,80ei'10.15; 25Q to 270 Ib $9.655/19.95: 270 to 290 Ibs. $9.45@9.75; 2£ to 325 Ibs. $9.30(Tr9.60; 320 to 350 Ibs. jy.: Si'9.45; packing sows 275 lo 350 Ibs. $8.60 8.90; 300 to 4^5 Ibs. $S.408.70; -125 to 55 Ibs. $S.25SS.5$. OXTLMWA--5c higher; HO to 1.10 Ib §S.85(5/9.15; 150 to JGO His. 59.15^9.10- .It to 180 Ibs. $9.55('t9.8.T; ISO to 200 Ibs. 59.S 1i.10.15; 220 to 250 Ibs. ?9-75@10.05; 250 270 lb.s. $9.30^9.55; 270 to 290 lb-s. $9.15( 9.75; 290 to 325 Ibs. SH.25Si9.05; 320 to i Ibs. S9.15fiiy.45; ;I5Q to 400 Ibs. $8.95(^9.25 packers 125 Ibs. to 3r,0 Ibs. Jg. 65?.: 8. 9.1; 8,43tyS.7$; -125 to 450 Jba. 350 $S.2.V Mason City Livestock MASON CITY--For Friday. HOGS Kve cents higher. Good tight lights 140-160 SS.80- 9.10 Good lights - . - - ISO-ISO S9.45- 9.75 Good light butchers ... 1S'J-200 S9.75-10.05 Good light butchers 200-220 S9.75'1'J.05 Good med. wt. butchers 220-250 59.75-10 05 Good med. wt. butchers 250-270 $9.55- 9.SO Good med, wt. butchers 270-290 $9-40- 9.70 Good heavy butchers .. 290-325 59.25- 9.55 Good heavy butchers ., 325-350 $9.10- 9.4U Gcod heavy butchers .. '350-400 S8.90- 9.20 dood packing sows 275-350 $8,60- 8-90 Good heavy gows 350-425 $8.40- 8.70 Good . biK hy., sows .. 425-550 58.25- 8.55 Good big hy. sows 550 and up $8,05- S.30 (The above is s. 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs. The difference in price Is for short and lonj* haul hogg.) CATTLE. Steers, good to choice S 7.75- S.75 Steers, medium to cood $ 6.00- 7.5o Steers, fair to medium $ 4.50- 6.00 Heifers, good to choice S 0.50- 5.50 Heifers, medium to good $ 4.75- 5.50 Heifers, common to medium .. S 4.00- 4.75 Cows, good to choice $ 4.25- 5.00 Cows, fair to good S 3.75- 4.25 Cows, cutters S 3.25- 3.75 Cows, canners S 3.00- 3.25 Bulls, heavy .. . .... $ 4 . 5 0 - 5 . 5 0 Bulls, light S 3.75- 4.50 Calves, gd. and choice 130-190 $ 6.50- ;.0(| Calves, med. to good 130-190 S 5-00- fi.OO Calves, infer, to ccm. 120-190 S 5.00 down LA .UBS. Lambs, good to choice .. 70-90 X 7.50- 8.50 Lambs, medium to good , 5 6.00- 7.00 Lambs, lair to medium $ 4.50* 6.50 Common to fair $ 4.50 down AUSTIN--Market steady; pood to choice ISO to 250 Ibs. $9.75(51:10.05; -50 to 290 $9.45^/9.73; 290 to 350 Ibs. $9,15Si9..jr packing sows, good 275 to 550 Ibs. $S.20'i COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOIMES, U',-- U. S. department agriculture- Combined hog receipts at 20 conccntratJo yards and 9 packing plants located in interio Iowa and southern Minnesota lor the 24 hou period ended at 8 a. m. Friday were 21,00 . compared with 20,700 a a year ago. ago and 13,50 Prices- steady to ]0c higher; mostly 5-10 up, undertone strong; loading some lighter Quotations follow: Light lights, no to 16 Ibs., good and choice $9(^9.70; ]i£bt weights 160 to 180 Ibs., Rood and choice S9.65® 10.15 3SO to 200 Ibs.. good and choice S9.S510.35 medium weights, 200 to 220 Ibs.. good an choice $9S5(i! 10.35; 22o to 250 Ibs., K ood an choice 59-85^110.35; heavy weights, 250 t 290 Ibs., good and choice $9.50 ' 10.15; 29 to 300 Ibs., good and choice $9.205i 9. 85 nackiiijr sows, 275 to 350 Ihs.. pood 58.70? 9.15; 350 to 42.% Ibs,.- jood S$.50@8.95; 42 to 550 Ibs.. good $S.2568.75. -Tearlings, good to choice 70-90 $ 7.00- 9.00 Yearlings, med. to good 70-90 S 5.00- 7.00 KANSAS CUT LIVESTOCK. (Friday .Market) KANSAS CITY. U'l--- U. S. department o agriculture-HOGS 1,000; 160 direct; early sales 24 Ibs. down to shippers strong to 10u highc than Thursday's average; later trade ver; slow, some packer bids lower; (op 510.40 desirable 170 t 0 240 Ibs. $10-25(5'10.-IO; bet ter grade HO to ICO Ibs. SIO^HUO; m heavier weights sold; sows S8.uO(y9. CATTLE 600; calves 250; fed steers slow, steady to easier; supply consisting of short feds of Jight weight; other killing classes generally steady in mostly a cleanup trade; stackers and feeders unchanged; steer sales downward from 58.25: two loads dopgies n SG.G.1 aca 57; good 711 lb. heifers J7.S5; £c\ butcher cows S55.75; low cutters and cut ters $3-25($'3.50; bulk vcalcrs or quality to sell downward from SS. SHEEP 1.200;-killing classes fully steady: top and bulk fed lambs S10. yearlings, faJr to medium Culls ... ........ ~...... iNative ewes, soc-d to choice Cull ewes ........... . $ 4.00- 5.00 S 4.00 down S 2.75- 4.00 S 1-50- JJ.f.0 5 1-00- 2.50 5 6.00- 7-00 5 4-00- 7-00 Wethers, 2 years old « Wethers, poor to best Buck lambs 51 less. No dock on lamos. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Friday Market) CHICAGO, L**)--U. S. department o£ agriculture-- HOGS 9,000,. including,3,000 direct; fairly active, steady to lOc higher than Thursday's average; top £10.75; bulk 160 to 250 Ib. S10.-tOSilO.75; 140 to 160 lb. $lQ.35ftl0.65; 250 to 350 ]b. S9.85SrlO.50: sows S9.15?i'9.5Q. CATTLE 2,300, calves 500; fed steers and yearlings slow; better grades without reliable fihipper outlet; lower grades mostly $7.50$ 9; hardly as active as earlier in week lut still 25ti40c over a week ago; good and choice steers barely steady with week ago; all heifers fully steady today; strictly choice veighty kinds $8; light offerings $8.75; fairly broad demand for lower grade heifers "but all prade cows I0@15c lower; bulls and vealers slow, steady. SHEEP 11,000; Jamb trade opening steady, f-arly sales around 92 to 96 lb. fed westerns 510.25; two loads around 100 lb. 510.10, all to packers; deck strictly good to choice £6 Jb. fed western yearlings $9.50; two-year- olds off at 58.50; best choice hea*vy fleeced fed western ewes S6.25. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. (Friday Market) OMAHA, (JBr--U. S. department of agriculture-- HOGS 7,000; 'fairly active, butchers under 250 Ibs. fully steady to lOc higher, instances ·up more on light weights; bids and scattered sales of other weights steady; good to choice 170 to 230 ibs. 510@10.25 to shippers, top 310.25 freely; 230 to 260 Ibs. $9-S5@10.15; 260 to 300 Jbs. S9.50@9,90; nothing done o n heavies; better 140 to 170 Ibs. $9.5Q'$iQ.2o; choice 160 lb. weights at §10.10; comparable 330 Its. at S9.50; good Sows 58-90 to mostly £9; stags 59 down. Average cost Thursday 58.78, weight 257. . CATTLE 2,300; calves 200; fed steers and yearlings slow and weak, quality plain; heifers steady; cows slow, about steady; bulls :f5-£yc lower; yealers weak; stackers and feeders scarce and steady; fed steers and yearlings mostly 57@8'. few held up to $9; SIOUX CITV LIVESTOCK (Friday Market) SIOUX CITY. (.7-1-- LJ. S, department of agriculture-CATTLE. 2.000; beef steers and yearlings uneven, largely about steady; heifers un- ihanged; cows stfcady io weak; stockers and feeders easier; small lots fed yearlings up to 19; lew loads S8@)S.60; bulk down to S7; few packages heifers up to 57.50; some held higher; most beef cows 55.50 down; Io cutters down to $3.50; few lots stockers up n iciive io all interests; strong WHEAT SCORES LATE ADVANCE Chicago Market Responsive to Firmness Developing at Winnipeg. CHICAGO, UP)--Responsive to firmness that developed jn the Winnipeg market, wheat late Friday scored something of an advance. With the volume of business light as a whole, moderate operations on either side had considerable effect. The majority of traders showed a disposition to await proceedings of the league of nations council sched- Stock List uled for Friday. Wheat closed uneven, lower to ',s higher compared with yesterday's finish, May 1.01 ® 1.01 '/s, July 90@!s, corn U@?i up, May 60% @6l, oats at J ,s decline to an equal ;ain, and provisions varying from 10 cents setback to a rise of 7 cents. CHICAGO CASH iKAl'. (Friday Market) CHICAGO. (iPi--cash wheat. No. 2 red SI. 1)6. Corn, No. 4 ml-vcd 57ti@57S; c; No. 5 mixed 55»t56!ii:: No, 3 yellow kiln dried i2c; No. 4 yellow iJT'-i 5SVif.: No. a yellow CiJCG-lic; No. 4'white 5flV-c: No 5 white 57'Jc. Oats No. 2 w h i t e 31 lie: No. 3 white 27® 30U-c; No. 4 white 26'«.27e ; sample grade !-lSj 1 27i;. No rye. Soybeans, all track Chicago nominal. No. 2 vcllow 82S.S3!ic: No. 4 yellow 71'.i, 78'..'. c; sample yellow 73W77C. Barley actual sales -U^85c, feed 30£H-lc. maltinj: -UfrSSc. Timothy seed S3 cwt. Clover MM 512.iiO'. U0..10 cwt. t-ard, tierces 10.72; loose 10.07; bellies NEW YORK STOCKS. (Friday i-'loal Quotations) Air Reduct 381 Loews -1 Chem Dye 178 Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Friday ). 3 yellow corn t. 4 yellow corn .., ir corn Vhite oats, No. 3 .... 'ceding barley To. 2 yellow soybeans 47c 45c 40c 22c ..25-350 60c Am Can Am Susar A T T Am Tob B Am Wat Wks ' Anaconda Atchison Auburn Aviat Corp E' 0 Barnsdall Bend Aviat Beth Slcel Borden Borg Warner c M s P . P 0 R j p Chrysler Col G . K Com Solv Comwlth Sou Cons Gas Cong Oil Com Can Cont Oil -Del Corn Prod Curt Wricht Deere pfd Du Pont Gen Elec GCQ Foods Gen Hot Gillette Goodyear 111 Cent Int Harv Int Nick Can 1 T T Johns Manv Kennecott ' 12211 53 IBS'.i SS'.i 20% 33 li 71 19=1 16 U 23 i,i 2 2 'A 91vi 33 -i 71 Lib O F Maytac WuKcsa Rob Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Morrcll Murray Corp Nash Nat Else Nat Cash Rce Nat Dairy Nat Dlst Nat Pow Lt' N Y Cent Nor Pac Oliver Farm J C Penney Penn R P. Phillips Pel R C A Kcp Sii Tob B Stars Roc Shell Union Soc Vac Sou Pat; Stand B'rands S O Calif S 0 iml S 0 N J Stew Warn Stone \Vcb studebaker Swift Co Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sill Tlmk Roll B Un Carbide Un Pac Unit A i r Unit Corp Unit Drug U S Gypsum U S Rubber U S Steel Warner Pict West El M Woo/worth Wrlgley 38% 29 li 35 S , 100N 23 »4 fiO'i Cities Service ·* Dexter II, Heilmann Br Co Il Katz Drup Kfftlose Switch Libby McNeil 9 Midwest Util Nat Leather 2 CHICAGO STOCKS Friday Final Quotations. CHICAGO. UT-Nat Standard .. .. Northwest Bane 1014 Quaker Oats 13214 Rath Pack Swift Co 23 Swift Intl 32'.S Utility Ind 1'A Zenith 16 U KR1UAV GRA1X CLOSE, CHICAGO. uly ept. ... OR.v-- ci is? l.di .9l)vj ,sy . f i l l 1 - .(JOx .61 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7 57.35. HOGS, 7.000: to mostly lOc higher; top 510.25; early bull 170 to 240 !b. butchers 510$ 10.15; 240 t( 230 lb. weights S9-75rti;10; little done or heavier weights; 140 to 170 lb. average; S9.50S1Q; sows $8.853'9; feeder pigs up t $9.50. SHEEP, 2.000; including 2,000 held over no early action for slaughter classes; earlj undertone steady; best led Jambs held around SlO; other classes scarce; late Thursday lambs 25©40c lower; top $10.10; few load $10; bulk 59.50(^9.85 LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. i.-P'--Officla estimated receipt Saturday; cattle 500; hogs 4.000; shee 3,000. Representative Sales. (Friday Market) CHICAGO. .T"~U. S. department of asri culture--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy-- Lights-- 3R 3-!S 9.Sr» 39 172 10.5 17 322 9.90 41 1S3 10.6 ot 30fi 10.00 29 194 10. 10.25 fil 1QS 10.7 10.50 Light Lights-- 10.3 10.51 30fi 2SS 66 252 Mediums-- 4S 23S 32 226 81 212 SO 213 Steers-16 1155 10 1253 19 1300 21 1240 IS 925 15 880 14 10 12 144 15fi 158 480 462 ,, _ Trails ?4.7S@5.25, few $5.35®5.50. Practical 426 top vealers S7.50. .SHEEP 3.000; salable supply; 15 loads fed ·evooled lambs, including 3 held over from Thursday and one load fed ewes; all killers; nil classes steady: fed wooled lambs 59.75^ 30. top S10 paid by all interests; one load fed ewes held above 56: no feeders here. no 194 210 Sfi 97 106 94 77 56 ] 11.50 10.55 10.70 10-75 CA'rxr.t:. ' Heifers-9.25 22 1051 9.75 21 7-.0 S.60 31 790 S.25 12 958 8.10 11 619 1 7.50 Cows-2 1105 3 1207 4 10SO 2 972 3 S64 SHE£P. Yearlings^-10.25 83 S6 10.25 Ewes-10.25 87 J0.15 10.10 10.00 8.75 9.00 122 128 148 160 103 10.6 7.65 6.50 6.00 6.30 6.00 S.25 5.64 3.75 9.50 6.25 6.00 5.75 5.00 4.50 SOUTH ST. TAUL LIVESTOCK .SOUTH ST. PAUL, .rj--U. S. depart- hient of aKricuture-- CATTLE 2,300; less active, opening about steady on most classes; undertone weak; medium to cood fed steers and yearlings S6.75S8.50; best held ht£hcr : plainer, licit- weights S5.50@6.50: few fed heifers 56.50 (57.25; common kinds 555T6: beef cows 54.5y@5.50; good load 55.75; Ion' cutter to cutter 'cows 33,50(5)4.25 or more; most sau- ca£c bulls 55®5.50; few heavyweights 55.75: medium grades stockers steers $6@6-£0; calves 900; steady; good to choice 140-190 Jb. vealers S7@8; medium srades down to S6: cull to common 54@5,50. chers; better 160-240 Ibs. 3103110.40: 240-320 led lambs: deck of fat ewes: balance natives; very little done; early indications steady to strong on all classes; best lambs held above S10; fed ewes held above $5.50; bulk fat lambs Thursday slo. HOGS 3,000; market fairly active to all interests fully steady with Thursday: spots higher on medium weights and heavy but- hhers; better 160-40 Ibs S10@10.40; 240-320 Ibs, S9,40@10.10; heavier weights down to S9.25 aad under: desirable 140-190 Ibs. $9.75 @10.40; sows S8.65 to mostly S9; pigs scarce; average cost Thursday S9.S1. weight 252 Ibs. Hides and Furs Quotations Furnished by \VoIf Bros., Die., 308 Fifth Street'Southwest. IIORSEHIDES Horsehides . . 53.00 ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Dp to 25 Ibs G^c 25 to 45 Ibs _ .1C Mora than 60 Ibs. ..5c Bull hides , ,, .3c ·Cured hides half cent more a pound. ' (On above -prices a cent higher to wholesale dealers In wholesale tots.) Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. F«T Phone calls WOOL MARKET. t Friday .Market) BOSTON, UP. 1 -- U. S. department of agriculture-- A very moderate amount o£ business was transacted in 64s and finer territory wools. Sales comprised mostly average to shurt Frencb combing staple \vhich brought. 86-89 cents scoured basis in original bag lots. Scattered inquiries were received in spot foreign wools, and a few sales were closed at prices steady compared with last week's quotations, A few orders to be filled in Australian markets were being placed, tut this business was slower than in recent weeks. th Dividcm! Announced. BUFFALO CENTER--E. J. McGreevy, receiver of the closed First National bank, announced a dividend of 20 per cent. This makes the fifth dividend to be paid which brings the tolal dividend paid up to 67 per cent. ay AP.D-- ar. ay Sept ......... BELLIES-Mar ....... May ...... . .10.72 .10.72 .10.SO in.7n in.7n- 10.17 .40 10.62 J0.72 10.72 10.17 M.SO 1-1.52 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (Friday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, ui--Wheat 109 cars: '.i-l'rt cents higher; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring 60 Ibs. $1.25=.; ®l.3S=i; No. 1 dark northern 59 Ibs. 51.23^1^1.34=;. 58 Ibs. S1.21 vi Ql.SS-li ; fancy No. i^hard Montana 14 per cent protein $1.22=1 ffil.24.14: to arrive Sl-2l=l@l.23=it crade or No. l dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter $1.05'i fol.ll":;: to arrive S1.0't ; ;i©1.10 : ;i; No. 1 hard araber durum Sl.Oo'sSil.^i^- No l red 84tsc; May Sl.08% : July 11.03%; Sept. Corn, No. 3 yellow 61@62c. Oats, No. 3 white 25Ts@27";c. OMAHA. OMAHA GRAIN. (Friday Market! Wheat. No. 2 hard si. 02® . 1.01: No. 3 hard 51.02; No. 5 northern spring SI. 10. Corn. No. 4 white 61 lie; No. ,5 white 52^5 57c; sample white 37c; No. 3 yellow 64c - No. 4 yellow 5S«7.59c; No. 5 white 52@57c; sample yellow 49c. Oats No. 3 while 24iS26c; No. 4 white 221iC"26c; sample white 22« g:23?ic. KAXSAS CITV GRAIN. (Friday Market) "KANSAS CITY, v! J --Wheat 61 cars, l-"ic lower to Ic higher: No. 2 dark hard 51.12^; No. 3. S1.01!fil.l5 nominal; No. 2 hard S1.01«:@1.06: No. 3. S1.04J/i@1.06U; y 0 ^ o red $1.04; No. 3. 51.011.05 nomina'l. Com 64 cars; }~-lc lower; No. 2 white 69 SiTlc nominal; No. 3, 67@GSi/ic nominal; No. 2 yellow 665?67c nominal; No. 3, 65? 66c nominal; No. 2 mixed 64@65c nominal- No. 3, W K S M H c nominal. OaLs 5 cars, unchanged to Kc lower. No. 2 white 28@29c nominal; No. 3, 26 J /« I Public Utility and Industrie! Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke and Company, Telephone 1300, aiason City. DOW JONES AVERAGES Jnits. Kali* nil*. Close 150.35 45,96 30.71 Tolal Sales 2,660,000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 9-''i Marshall Fields 16',s Cord Corp 6 ! Ji Walgreen Co 31'i Kaliimazoy Stov 61 ; ,i .\li\V YORK CL'KB Am Gas Elec 37 Tg Humble Oil Co 73'i Am Cyanamid B 35',-j Lockheed 91s Am Su POW Co --"i Niag Hud Pow S{« Ark Natl Gas A 6'.* Kilcs-B'em-Fond 39 U Asoc C El A l-;l Pennroad Corp Hi Eisier Elec 3% S 0 Ky Co 20 : ;i El Bd Share 18 Un Gas Co " r ;s Ford Mo of can 24 Vi Un Li Pow Co 4 J ,i Ford Mo of ling 8% Util P Li A 2 Hud B M £ S 24% SEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Juiieau ll-"i Gt North'n Ore 18-"s, Uraham Paige 3 !·: Gt Nor pfd 3C! : ;i Hudson Motor 16- vt Hupp Motors 2';; Inti Carriers 8 Kelvinator Co 20"ji Lambert Co aa'.i Liquid Carb Cp 37 ^ Lori Hard 22 Mack Truck 3Hi Mathleson Alk 32=i McLellan Stores 13 Mex Seab'd Oil 40^ Minn Moltne Im JO 1 ,!; M K T 7'i Mo Pac 3'/i Motor Products 33 M: Ko Amer 25 No Amer Avl 9 Otis Steel Co 13 5 ,i Owen 111 Glass 153 Packard ICotor jiji-J Park Utah Cop 'I 1 ,:: Plymouth 14 Proc Gam W Pub Scr of N J 4L Pullman 4'iVj Pure Oil Co 22'i Purity Bakery l'l'-» R K O 7% Rem Rand Reo Motors Simmons Co So Cal Edison Sperry Corp St G fc E Telautograph Tide Wa As Oil 17 L 7 S Ind Alch 50'^ U S Smelter 86 Util P L- A 5% Vanadium 21 SI Union Oil Cal 26 J ,1 Un Gas Imp 16 \' Warren Bros 7 Western Myld 9% Western Union 83 tf. Worth'n Pump STOCK MARKET SLUGGISH AFFAIR Leans Heavily to Offside in Selling Flurries During Late Trading. NEW YORK, t/P)--The stock market was sluggish and leaned heavily to the offside during late trading Friday. Recurring selling flurries drove leaders to new lows on the movement but on each occasion there was a tendency to rebound a trifle when the pressure lifted. At the beginning- of the final hour active issues 1 to 3 or more points net lower included Bethlehem, Allied Chemical, Owens-Illinois, Deere, J. I. Case, du Pont, General Electric, United Aircraft, American Telephone, Western Union and New York Central. As on the previous day Standard Oil of New Jersey displayed independent strength, advancing more than a point. Others holding steady included General Motors and Electric Power · Light. The late tone was heavy. Transfers approximated 3,000,000 shares. Foreign currencies were heavy in terms of the dollar. Brokerage houses reported that, notwithstanding the apprehension existing over the threatened European flarcup, important stock holdings have thus far not been disturbed. Some more liquidation was understood to have come from abroad, but the volume was believed to have been much smaller than on Thursday. Observers, attempting to chart the movement of equities in the event that war actually gets uncer way, pointed out that a new conflict on the continent might inter fere but little with domestic busi ness recovery. CHAPTER 39 Thora shook her head with weary little gesture as Sherman proffered his love for her. It was hard to find words to combat his eloquent pleading. She Jelt dazed by it all, unable to think clearly. Sherman gave her little opportunity to voice the arguments her judgment tried to dictate. "And you're just foolish enough to imagine," he hurried on, "that I haven't thought things out logically, You're telling yourself that my family would raise a polite row . . . the only son, and a!l that sort of bosh. If you knew my dad and mother, you'd forget that. They're the most sensible pair you could ever hope to meet. They'd love you right from the start. Not on my account . . . . on yours. They couldn't help it! Why, mother has always wanted a jirl and when she meets you . . ['11 attend to that right away." "Please don't, Mr. Gordon," Thora managed in a low voice. "You . . . you're hurting me." "You mean . . ' . ' ? My dear. Forgive me. I was so sure . . . I've been io sure, that I guess I didn't think. You mean . . . you're trying to tell me there is someone else. Is that it ? Don't be afraid. . ." "No," Thora told him, in a voice he scarcely heard. "There is no one I little, if it hadn't been for . . . what I was telling you about. I know you well enough to see what would happen. When you made up your mind to go away from here . . . you would go. Disappear, perhaps. Then I'd have to find you all over again. We've wasted too many years as it it. Don't you see?" "I'm afraid not." "Thora . . . you're not angry because I have told you this?" "No," she said slowly, "I am not angry. Why should I be?" At last, she was able to speak her thoughts. "I could almost be proud ... because you have made me believe that you else." 'Oh . I was afraid." His face ighted with relief. "In that case .. . : won't give up. I'll never give up! Sven you can't argue me out of it. I've loved you for years. I Jove you now. I always will love you. Now, what have you to say?" "That I'm still . . . sorry." "But you mustn't be, dear. What Js there to be sorry about? Even if you could ever make me believe you never could find it in your heart to Curb Market NEW YORK, (}--Stocks worked irreguis Jy lower in the curb market Friday with number of issues slumping a point or more Shares down around a point were Amcr lean Gas . Klectric, Bunker Hill Sulli Lake Shore Mines, Pan American Atrway and Technicolor. Koya] Typewriter pltche down mere than 4 points on one sale, Gulf Oil of Pennsylvania was bid up brisk ly and around midmorning was up mcr t h a n 3 points. Other stocks which resiste* the genera! d o w n t u r n with gains of frac lions to about a point v.-ere Creole Petroleum Sherwin Williams and Cord Corp. Altcslicny Am Bank Note 47 Am For Pow 7 Am Cry Sug Co 22 £ Am C Fy Co 33 U Am Pow Li 9 Am Eoll'g Mills 28 Ti Am Metal Co 33 Am Ea S Co 2(1 % Amer Tob Co SV: Armour Co 6 Armour Co p£ 80 Vi As Cry Goods Ifi Atl P.Cf 30 1 ;: Bel Hemingway Best Co Baldwin Loco Briggs Mfs Co Bcndls Budti Mfg Co Burr Add Byerg A M Co Calir Packing 51 Vi 5 20% 33 li Caterpillar Trac 6-tvi Cerro de Pasco 49 : :i Ches Ohio 5ii',i Chi Gt W pi'd 6 Coca Cola Co 90 Com Credit 4S r ;» Com Solvents 3 Cont Motor 2;s Cr o£ Wheat 36 Cudahy Packing 3S;s Curt-Wri Co'A ISvs ·Diet Corp Scag 25 li Douglas Airc 6 Eastman 156V* 29-:k Eaton Mfg Co Auto Lite 3S-;i Elec Pow . U 13-7-i Erie R R Co ia»a Fire'ne Ti Ra 29^ First Natl Stores 411 Foster-Wheeler 31 Freeport Tex Gca Am Trans Glitiden Co Gobel Gold Dust Yellow Truck Youngs S T 29 Vs 15% 48 U ST. THIKD BASE OPEN PETERSBURG--Third base Bid and asked Friday: Cent St El 6 pet pfd ,(525 par) 13 15 Cent St El " pet pfd (525 par) 14 16 Cent St P L 7 pet pfd 16^ 17!£ Cbaraplin Rqf la 7 pet pi'd 7.1 Creamery Package com 26 27 Hearst Cons A 23^ 24 U A Horrnel A Pfd 98 100 A Horrnel B p f d fifi OS Geo A Hormel com 18 19 nterstale Power G pet pfd 2(» .27'£ :ntert-tatfi Power 7 pet pfd ..... 3H .12 Iowa Ktectric Co 6\~ pet pfd .. 52 -M [ovra Electric Co 7 pet pfd H3 55 ta KJec Lt Power 6 pet pfd .. 73 75 [ a Elec Lt power 6^ pet pfd 74 7K Ta Klcc Lt Power 7 pet pfd .. 75 77 :a Power Light 6 Pet pfd ... 99'-3 101 :a Power Light 7 pet pfd ... 102 10-t ^a Public Serv 6 pet pfd 89 91 !a Public Serv 6 1 ,- pet pfd 90 92 'a Public Serv 7 pet pfd 95 ia. South Uti| 6 pet pfd fi4 ta South Util 6^2 pet pfd 65 la South Util 7 pet pfd 69 Minnesota P L 6 pet pfd ..,. SO 'Minnesota. P L 7 pet pfd 90 Northern St Power 6 pet pfd . 4 . 73 Northern St power 7 pet pfd ... S* N' W Hell Tel G 1 ^ pet pfd 116V: W St Portland Cement 24 " Rath Packing 6 pet pfd 9 "h Packing 7 pet pfd 100 Sioux City Gas . E 7 pet pfd ., S9 United Lt Rys 6 pet pfd ..... 70 United Lt Rys 6.36 pet pfd .... 70 ^ Jnitert Lt t Rys 7 pet pfd 77 Vcstcrn Grocer pfd S2 Vtstern Grocer com 7~' t 66 67 SI 86 119 100 102 91 will be a questionable spot in the Bees' lineup when they meet the Yankees Saturday. The veteran Pinky Whitney has a sore arm from ;oo much spring 1 tSrowing- and there doesn't seem to be a standout for the job among the rookies. Al Lopez, catcher, played third in Thursday's scrub game. Bond Market NEW YORK, \VP,'^Medium and low priced rail issues slid back a little in the bond market Friday. Other sections of the corporatf group were quiet and steady. U. S. governments were lower. The decline in rail liens, analysts pofntec out, reflected the dribble of liquidation carrier equities and lower freight loadlnRs. Issues down fractions around mid-day eluded Baltimore and Ohio ·! Vis, St. Paul 5s, Erie 5s, Missouri Pacific 5s and St. Louis San Francisco 4Vis. Illinois Central 4~: t s went against lti e general downward d r i f t for a major fractional gain. A feature of the corporate division was a rise in Royal Dutch 4s "with warrants" ol around 27 points over the last previous sale which took place more than two weeks ago. The warrants entitle holders to buy 15 "Ne York shares" at 570 a share on or before April 1, 1936. U. S. government obligations turned down presumably under the continued quiet f.lov of profit taking. The Treasury 3 l ,is. the 3s oE 1916 and the 2;;s were off around l-32nd to 4-32nds. The action of the foreign list was interpreted by bond men as indicating unrest stil prevailed over the outlook for a nearby amicable settlement of the German situation. Bel' gian 7s and British 5%s were down a little. Produce Butter, Iowa State Brand Butter, Corn Country Butter, Kenyon's Butter, Very Best Butter, Brookfield ROOKIES HITTING - LAKELAND, Fla.--Three rookies --Outfielders Buddy Bates and Chet Laabs and Infielder Don Ross--led the Tigers spring exhibition scries hitting lists Friday. Ross, challenger for Marvin Owen's third base job, collected four singles in five trips to the plate and Bates a double and two singles in three turns as the rookies trimmed the Reds. Laabs singled and tripled in two turns. sr, su Physician Locates in Lcdvard. LEDYARD--Dr. and Mrs. GHIcs- le of Kellogg moved into the Rink home in the south end of town and he doctor will practice here. 7-,ed- 'ard has been without a doctor for 10 years. SICK MEN RALLY CLEARWATER. Fla. -- Casey Stengel of the Dodgers was cheered Friday by news that his sick and injured were fast rounding into shape. Lonnie Frey, who has been down with the grippe, was expected to get back into action by the middle of next week. Max Butcher's infected knee was improved as was Harry Eisenstat's bum arm. MASON CITY--For Friday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 14c Springs, heavy breeds 16c Leghorn springs 13c Stags, heavy breeds 14c Heavy hens, 4 ibs. and over ....16e Under 4 Ibs. I3c Cocks lOc .Turkeys, No. 1 20c Geese lOc Ducks 12c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 17-lSc' ~ ' cash 15-17c* ..38e ..37c ..37c --38C ..37c Potatoes, peck stic and 45c I 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These repre- ' sentative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO PRODUCE. (Friday -Market) CHICAGO, u i -- B u t t e r 9.963. steady, creamery specials (93 score) .'U%si 3t-"ic; extras (9U) 30-"ic; extra tirsts (90-91) 3 30\c: firsts (SS-S9) 29',;?;.20vie: standards (90 carlots) 30'^c. ESKS 10.6(52. steady; extra lirsts local I3c. cars ]9',:;C; rresh graded firsts local ISc. cars i9c; current receipts IT'.jc. Poultry, live. 16 trucks, steady; hens Ibs. and less 23c. more than j Ibs. 20V Leghorn hens IDMsc; PIymou» and white Rock springs 25c, colored 21c: Plymouth and White Kock fryers 25c, colored 24c; Plymouth and White Rock broilers 21c, colored 23c; roosters 16Vic; turkeys 18!S23c: heavy white ducks 24C. small 22c, heavy colored 23c. small 21c; gccse 15c; capons 7 Ibs. up 26c. less than 7 Ibs. 25c. Dressed turkeys steady, prices unchanged. Britt Woman Gets Divorce. GARNER--Mrs. Pearl Stielow was granted a divorce from Herman Stielow. The couple was married May 1, 1920. and had no children. The couple lived at Britt. Judge Joseph J. Clark granted the divorce Tuesday, SEW YOBK PRODUCE (Friday Market) NEW YORK. (.Pi--Eggs. 2S.497, irregular. Jlixcd colors: Special packs or selections from fresh receipts 21$i.22 1/ ic: standards and commercial standards 20-'!ic; firsts 19 1 ,! ^20c: seconds ISSilg'.ic: dirties, No. 1. 42 Ibs. !S^;frl9c; average checks ISc. Butter. firmer. Creamery, higher than extra 32H5I33c; extra (92 score) 32c; firsts (90-91 scores) 31-'ifff32c; firsts (SO score) unquoted; centralized (90 score) 31-^ a 32c. Cheese, 30,315, firm. Prices unchanged. Live poultry firm. By freight: A l l prices u n c h a n g e d . I'RODUCK I'TTURES. (Frllliiy .Market) CHICAGO. -.I*--Butter fii'urr.i rK.pcd: Storage standards. March 30?»c: storage standards. November 2fic. cp f u t u r e s : R e f r i g e r a t o r s t a n d a r d ? . Oc. tober 215c; storast packed Units, April Me. ) ove me . . . I'd never be sorry about iris. It's the most beautiful thing hat ever happened to me. It will a ways be like that. And, some day you will love me a little." "Please . . . " "I won't bother you . . . much But, Thora, I can't bear to ever los you again. I would have waited are sincere . . . Please!" as he started to speak. "I think that any woman might be proud to have Uie love of. a man like yon." She was looking thoughtfully into the distance. "You hav been honest. I will try to be. too. could not feel towards you the wa you would like me to. I am not sur that I ever could. But, if such : thing were possible . . . it woul' be unfair." "To whom?" he demanded. "To us both, perhaps. Most of all to you." "Nonsense! I told you I would b pretty dumb in trying to say wha 150 DEALERS AT "D-X" MEETING Tire, I wanted to I don't know how Business Notes Excessively low interest rates bring abou a trend io speculation that "cuuld grow ml a speculative boum which mlfTht result in other crash." Frederick H. Ecker, prestden of the Metropolitan Life Insurance company warned about l.SOO guests at a banquet New York Wednesday ni^hf celebrating th f i f t i e t h anniversary of the Life Underwriter association of the City of New York. He found in the present situation "mi than a suggestion" that the low wages cO manded by saving. 1 ? in the true invcstmen market, had already started a movemen toward speculation. Herbert Hoover, who is now a director o Mew York Lite Insurance company, and Dr Frederick P. Keppel, president o£ the- Car negie corporation, and a director ot Equit able Life Assurance society, aL«o were Tea td speakers in a symposium on "The Trusteeship of Life Insurance." \FFECTS JJ1-E LNJStRANCE "The 63,000.000 life insurance policy hold s and their beneficiaries, probably nut fewer than 100.000,000 individuals in all. hav L stake in the interest earnings of life ir. urance companies." Mr. Ecker said. "Thej outnumber, by far, the borrowers, who an .he principal beneficiaries of low interest rates. The rate of interest affects the cos of Iffe insurance to them. In the process of calculating premium rates, the companies effect, discount future obligations at a certain rate of interest. The higher the rat* ol merest which it is assumed the company wil earn, the lower the premium necessary tc be charged," The history of life insurance during th depression, Mr. EcUer said, justified the wisdom of the industry in resisting the "siren sonj: of common stocks." "There are, today again, temptations to shift Investment policies of iifc insurant companies from paths which have been proved sound. There is, for instance, an urgt finance building construction with insurance funds by lending a larger percentage o, the total eoFt of the undertaking t h a n the experience of the past has proved sate trustee investments." SOCIAL HENEFITS ARE LISTED The influence of insurance in pollening the blows of a depression was siresaed. He said It would be d i f f i c u l t to overestimate tin social benefits accruing from the payments to poiicyholders and beneficiaries during normal times, but during the troublous times .hrough which we have been passing thi "" ons paid out by life insurance companies lave fulfilled an exceptional need. Thej lave, we know, been the only financial resources of many thousands of policyholders and beneficiaries. As a reservoir of financial tability the influence of invested reserves and surpluses of life insurance companies lave been profound." The high regard in which insurance is held, s said, checked the demand for cash values ind proved a check on panic psychology. ?hus it was unnecessary for companies to lump their securities and hold large amounts liquid funds. Another stabilising influence he found in the ability of the companies to etain possession of real estate which they e forced to take over. "They were ;p a tosition to rehabilitate such properties, toring their income producing status, and n flue course selling at a normal, rather than a depressed market." he said. Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET (Friday .Market) CHICAGO. i.7"--U. S. department of agri- uiture-- Potatoes. 7". on t r a c k 161. tolal U. S. h i p m e n t s 1.04S; sui-plies l i E h t ; seed stock, oca! offerings very l i g h t , demand active; able stock firm for best stock, demand slow; acked per cwt. Idaho Russet B'urbanks U. !. No. J. few sales SI.SO; Wisconsin Round Vhites U. s. -No. 1. Sl.20-iil.2ri; few tine uality ¥1.30; Cobblers U. S. No. 1. SI.10: linncsota Cobblers partly graded M.30?t .33; North Dakota Cobblers U S. No 1. 1.45; Colorado McClures U. S. No. 1. SJ.SO i'1.90: Nebraska Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. and partly graded SI.55^1.60; less than iriots. Florida bushel crates Bliss Tri- mphs U, S. No. 1. few sales 52 per crate. NEW YORK SIGAR. (Friday M:irkel NEW YORK. (.TV-Eau- sugar (inner; spot ichanged at 3.50c, Futures unchanged to 4 ighcr. May advanced from 2.67c to 2.70c; cptcmbcr from 2.70c to 2.74C, Refined un- hanged to 10 higher at 4.75-1.Soc for fine ranulated. GOVERNMENT BONDS (Friday Market) NEW VORK. i.l'j--U. S. government onds closed: Treasury - J ' i s .I7-52 117.10. Treasury 4s -14-55 112.9 Treasury 3a; s 10-1.1 1.S.1!". Treasury 3'is 43-17 107.26. Treasury 3'^s tfi-13 103.1. Treasury 3s r,l..",r. 103.20. MlX.NKArOI.l* (Friday Marlirl) MI.NXEAPDI.JS. (.71--Hour u7irh,incc(J. arload Ms family natenls SV.O.V'} 7.25 a arrcl in !)S Ib. c o t l o n sacks. S h i p m e n t s 27.20; purr bran $15.73S'1S; standard mltl- inss 515.75316. to put this at all. I told you I didn' know why you came to Fair Acre as you did. I don't want to know But you don't belong there . . . o in any place like it! If you bav some foolish idea ... "I haven't!" There was a chal lenge in the blue eyes now. Thora': chin lifted. "I told you I'd make a mess o trying to say it," Sherman admitted gloomily. "But I couldn't help bcin; afraid you'd think all that would make some difference. Of course it's worried me . . . sick. Why, I even told Selwyn . "You told Mr. Marsh what!" Thora was a dangerous · glint in Thora's eyes. "I told him that you meant more to me than anybody in this world,' Sherman retorted boldly. "I didn'l ask him about you, of course ] didn't want him to misunderstand anything I might do. I told him that I was going to try to win you . . . that you were the only one who could stop me." "And what did Mr. Marsh have to say?" was the chilly response. "Told me to go ahead." smiled the luckless young man. "He said he couldn't blame me." "Oh. He said that." "Sure. He likes you a lot ... admires you, I meat;. He's a good sort, after all. That crustiness is pretty much put on." "I suppose so. May we go now, please?" "Of course." Gordon obligingly started his motor. "I'm planning to devote the rest of my life to doinj the things you want. So I may as well begin now. There's only one thing more . . . May I say it?" "Yes." "You know, now, that I love you. That's all that matters for the present. I'm asking for nothing, I never will, until you are ready to give it. I'll be waiting. And in the meantime . . . we're still friends, aren't we?' "I hope we may be. I value your friendship, Mr. Gordon. . . . I haven't so many friends here." "It isn't 'Sherman' yet, then?" "Not yet." "I won't insist, not even on that small favor. You were good to hear me out. . . ." To Thora's relief, the sound of the car made Gordon's last words inaudible. She sat looking straight be:ore her during the entire trip back to Fair Acres, making stereotyped ·eplies to her companion's cheerful observations. Sherman did not seem to notice her preoccupation, however. As they turned in the main jate, he said tensely: "I don't know how to thank you 'or this afternoon. I shan't even .ry. I'll only hope to see you again soon, if I may." "I am nearly aways in the house," Thora answered, without looking at " "m. "That's'the-trouble," he laughed. 'So near and . . . Hello!" He ap- Jlied his brakes at the sight of the tfarsh limousine standing before the veranda. Alec Babbas was leisurely mounting the steps. Pat Donahue was lifting a suitcase from the machine. "His highness All Babba is arrived rom Bagdad," Gordon laughed. He Dressed his thumb on the horn but- on and launched a strident greet- ng. Babbas turned in some surprise, miled when he recognized the occu- iants of the car. "I'm going O n," Sherman hastily old Thora, as he helped her from he car. "Goodby and thank you o." "Goodby." To Thorn's annoyance, Babbas .'as waiti; to speak to her. If only he hadn't happened lo meet him ke this, she thought. But it was oo late, and she greeted him with erfect composure. "Good afternoon, Mr. Babbas." "Hello. Both of us getting back t the same time." "It seems so," she smiled, pausing as he made no move to let her pass. "Are you glad to see me?" "Of course." "Then why don't you ask if I've een having a good time?" The smile left Thora's face. There ·as an ominous little note of calm n her voice, as she asked dutifully: "Did you have a pleasant time, Ir. Babbas?" "Oh, very! And you. Miss Dahl?" e moved aside with a mocking ow. Thora walked swiftly into the ouse. up the stairway and to her oom. Closing the door, she jerked or hat from her head, crossed to ic couch and throw herself on it, ace down. For a long time she lay icre. motionless. (TO BE CONTINUED) Accessories Salesmen Hear "Mid-Continent Sales Program. More than 150 dealers and company men attended a meeting of D-X tire and accessories dealers, sponsored by the Mid-Continent Petroleum company at the Hotei Hanford Thursday evening. Earl Godfrey, local manager, was in charge of the meeting. The dealers were from an area which included southern Minnesota, west to Algona. south to Iowa Falls, and east to Charles City. This was the ninth meeting of this kind held within the division in the past two weeks. Attending the meeting were H. C. Wurster, division manager; B. I. Adcook. assistant division manager; C. E. Hoppe, credit manager; B. K. Schmidt, W. c. Heavrin, C. E. Burright, W. H. Patterson and H. H. Spiegle, all of the Waterloo office. St. James Lutheran Brotherhood Meets The St. James Lutheran Brotherhood met in the church parlors Thursday evening. George Dieckmann spoke on "You and I." Ernest Meyer on "Mother" and the Rev. O. Mall also took part in the program. Henry Wandrey served the lunch. The meeting in April will be held one week early on account of the Holy Week. Plant for Processing of Soy Beans to Be Erected at Clinton CLINTON, UP)--Erection of a plant for the processing of soybeans was announced Thursday by the Clinton company, which, up to this time, has been engaged exclusively in the processing of corn. The new plant will have an annual capacity of from 400,000 to 500,000 bushels of soybeans. As soybeans yield from 20 to 25 oushcls an acre it is estimated that n excess of 20,000 acres will have :o be planted in this vicinity to fill equirements. Exhaustive tests have been made of Iowa and Illinois grown beans and it has been determined that Iowa beans arc somewhat deficient n protein content but that proper reatment of seed will improve them. Further tests are to be made n connection with a joint project vith the Iowa agricultural experiment station in Ames. 7 inal Registration of Every P u p i l Testing Program Is Being Made IOWA CITY--Final registrations or the University of Iowa's every- jupil high school testing program now are being made with the col- ege of education. Prof. E. F. Lindquist, director of he project, will close the lists next veek, with several hundred schools tn the roster for the affair of May : and 5. For the first time in eight years, here will be no competition he- ween schools. High racking pupils n each of the thirteen suhjects will ualify for the state indidivual schol- .rship contest here June 1 and 2. Wolverines, Hoosiers to Tangle for Track Honors CHICAGO, ··?)--Michigan and In- liana will tangle in another one of heir battles for the Western conier- nce indoor track title Saturday right in the University of Chicago ieldhouse--with Wisconsin poised o snatch the honors should Wolver- ies or Hoosiers falter. Michigan, relying on well dis- ributed power rather than individ- al stars, will be seeking its third traight championship. The Wolver- nes won easily last year, shaded In- iana in 1934, and finished runnerup o the Hoosiers in 3932 and 1933, fter rousing struggles. Funeral Held at Church. DECORAH -- Funeral services ·ere held for Mrs. Ole Harare, 63, ·ho died following a heart attack t her farm home near Decorah. The ervices were held at the Union rairie church, with the Rev. Paul ioren officiating. Her husband and ne sun, Osmund Hamre, survive. WANTED HIDES - WOOL Highest Trices Paid CARL STEIN Phone 470 111 Sixth S. W. W A N T E D ! CJTY LOANS AMORTIZED 10 Year Loan $10.85 Per Month 1 5 Year Loan S8.17 Per Month A. M. Schanke Company 208 Foresters Bldg. Telephone 1300 Mason City, lews

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