The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 13, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1818
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. I'M 4 3 ii H r :i a iu. 11 Bat per itu i m MIS ev 1, !' St S. ?' gtesa Lhy isf cs, fsir i sr? hs( sw sist MS aW IsttV thV d1a ,aaol hST refr fWf io'ss itsii irte tefr i ' ' IV I o IL " i gts . M A JVM. Thr ft talU. ? coppered ship Aft, ' iR. IL Croclur, toaster. Hr ca - o te - ' ' ' 'joTaii "engaged ud I inclpally , hoar will V ' .Uveiysail oorWur SunJ.iy, uiU Hav - s w - lmu few more jran - er, U unmaiUts . ap ' ?, ',' plkatieals taaJe to USe master on board, at FI - V ' for Freight 9 Charter, j : - fHl' Thi' fet:uUuibfifi LOUISA - CE - ; ' i "CILE. 123 tons j b tooe bat one toy - ,. and it uow iu re - dinest to r . - . v - jv jan 13 ,..,.. - ' 77 yyaAingtoo - rt. VTh regular pocket brig MINERVA, c,,i T - Ur. natter: baring half Mr ' Z t ;n ii . th 17U inrt. For freight the or , - as - agehavtaj M - ;cUent accommodations, apply oo board, west - ' jeie tv - XlKS)Bun ' so boJea UUV Boston Chocolate Vo. 1 . . . For sale by JACKSO.X & WOOLLET, 'Tan 13 ' ' Wall - street. V BROWiJi SUlRTlNGa. A few cases 3 - Browo Shirtinn, jit received and for sale brthe COMMISSION COMPANY, ian 13 14S Pearl - street. '" - .SlUER BRANDY 4c PfiA NlJ l's. bar 1. i r - li Cider Brsndv 8 tierces Pea Nutsfor sale br - '1 v - . - HENRY COIT, , ian 13 It V 83 Sonth - reet, - BOTTOM. 30 bales printe Upland Cotton, j landinz from brls Minerra, from Chnrlet - ton, Ibrsale by , KELLY U Mc BRIDE, jan 13 3t 149 Pearl - street O. O. & 3. HOVVLAND. NO. 77 Wathington - street, offer for sale, 30 bhds Bottou Rum - . ., , tOO or. casks bmos Wine . . . ' 100 do. Sherry do. 6 do. rery superior 6 pipes do. , t . i pipes old Dry Lisbon . . '. . , 10 cases Medoc Claret . - . 95 bbls Pickled Seal Skins 5 do. Paste Blacking ' 16 tons 8wedeslron, 9 do. English do. SO bales Liijin Rsgs SO caiea Half Pint Tumblers ' 100 bbls Ground Camwood, warranted pure , 3 tons Lirnsmviue . . 3 bales Calcutta Piece Goods, consisting - or uurrans anu Kei uiuas 4 bales fine Germao Sbirtings and Sheet - ins; Linens An invoice of En;tiih Cotton Goods, consisting of Prints, Cambrics,, Dimitiey Quiltiurs, Jeans, Lenos, 8arsnets, tu. ' UanuuK laoisMotris, jan 13 Q FOR &.ILA', The Uoass, Stable and Lot No. 19 State - street, on accommodating terms, If not sold by middle of February next, the premiss will be rented. For terms, applr at 39 Burlicg - ilip. ALSO FOR SALE, An tlrjrnat Lot, fronting Bowliog Greene, and House and Lot 45 Frnnkiia - s treet. Title to the foregoing indisputable. Enquire as above. jan 13 tawtFehU NEW f UULICATlO.Nr. JUST Published and tor sale hy ELIAS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway (3d door below Fine - street) Forsyth's Remarks on Antiquities, Arts and Letters of Italy, Nancrede Abridge a'ntofOrfieldoaPoivoDi. . . ' . ' - - ' The Hero, or the adventures of aKnirtit The White Cottase, B.llanceof Comlnrt The Itiueraot or Memoirs of an Actor, Sd part J rcls. , ,i . . The Ktleht or St. Johns, by Sliss Porter. - letters (rum the Sooth. .. ,'' Leejh's Travels in Ejrypt and beyond IheC - taracls. . . - ' Also will be published in a few days, a Print WM. PwtLirrs, iu the character f Capt. " BasLamaoK, enaraved by Giusbrcde. Jri 13 tf ;."a' HtNEUM, No. 19, or Spirit of Eagliih . aiagsjnoes, is mst received oy ' ; ... A.. T. GOODRICH CO.,; , 1M Broadway. ... ' - nmiTi. Eupentilioa j the miracsrtoM Imseje at Halle s ' pref - nt state of Endish poetrr poetical style of ; LMm erroa ; who on ivoixeBuet voyage rouna ' "'. the world Extract from bis Journal sent to his ' - father ; Aolhropophagi Letters from London ; iener v.;otatsinrnarediss;jilt, anew ' Aierowa , Tragedy j new travels in America Extracts of Letters from Swim . Traveller - - liko uw man, or Donolar iwvacher the Ahhev ofIrretih,MartheLakeorKillanieytGeoiogy ; - Adventures of a Pebble i Horticulture t Thecal - '; tivatioa of Rhubarb t origifl of the practice of ' bervine; m Church yards ; Tboea's narrative of lua suOvrmp among the Kaadians corrrocopta ; ' scandal , inf ulariUes i anecdotes ef Josenh Id . Time's telescope I circumciaion j Naw - YeatH ' Py; epiphany St. Laciaa ; Gsbboa j Birhop . . Home ; Howard the Philanthropist ; St. Vincent t Sir J. Reynolds t conversioa of it Paul i l memoirs or eminent persons j Ahrabam Gottlob Werner j Poetry New Year j Sonnet and answer ; to the Memory of Sophia j Asteria rocking the , : credit ; Relics from Waterloo i Epitaph onEn - . sane oa oeiac toM to rempmber, tic. ins aoove work is psLube4 twice every month, makint; t wentr - foor numhrra in th ar. j - j tn,l,,oder!P1',c of f Per Ann, and for .. . i n 4.Tanetyf is srarcefy - turpassed by "j rniwAUM u uwsoisirr. .jan 13 T?OR8YTH'4 REMARK. ON ITALY. fm ih AmtlnuitMA A ... ... .1 "Remarks oa yZ Hy.,T' .durif excursion in Italy, in the year '"2? "1 'i5 bT - Pb Forsyth,7 feso.." . - r ranee, oy Lay niorgaa, with trans - saiiwaanqpttKS.; jut reeivd and for sale J" St No. M Wall - rtreet 1V1 EW'ALjicieace LoUery, 4th Unas, now ? vA,rawmgOTOtiBiesawsk , .;, Cwrect List fPri, 6th days dra winx. Ho. 6323, W00; 5473, loO. ' - - Sixth drawing. " wi.03. SIOOO; t r.911, 100. , . First draws number. , t - . - tSuhl at Gracie's two days since. 'v v ' ' uraws arsia tomorrow, at 10 o'clock; ' rnxes taken at par. for warranted undrawn tickets and - hare. .Present price of tickets 10 dollars wUl ad - vance roasiderabry ia a few days. - Jaa I3i - .. . ..Fiah day's drawir. Tickets, balvet, cjn.rtrs and eighths, for sale at . - t - ry Oifice, No. 54 MaidetnLarw. t " Ute" ne wheeL v i Vr T2 lm" f ( lVxx dollars t rf 22 mr ! cf 3. 000 1 P AlH m7 Soo, too, loo, tc. tU ' wt 50 j eighths I ii Tickets wdl advance toll eWUrVia . , fcw lys. . .V.1. PA the fortanate ho! k r. r i i V AtTE'S OiEce. withoot .JTm. " unmstb - rr . - - '. BOARD ft tDGOG' rritVOw three Oent: men can beaeeorjiino - X dst ad to a Fr .ach fm ', with bourn and Lodrrr. where tiiey etta t i - nsiooe ia the French Liasoare if ibey cbue. ' Apply at thit office. 13 tw ' . JUS OF TICKETS i 0!f rriday seat nledicalbdoaceTkketa win ftdvtoce to eleVea dollar otil wlikh day tbey may penad at int loiiowinirprtsea, u ' ' CfcR.VAiTE'S - ' ; " Tly lortoqaU Lottery Oflfce, No,54Maidi - Ua HkOs Tickets 10 dU. Quarters, t dk. 60 cts. Osi Moaday tbs (rtt drawn tuaber will be eati - - ' " . .. llMita 7 TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. ' ' - janl3 ' - ,V . . - r , FLOUR. KLAXitfcD, it lOdALKio. NINETY - SIX bbU ivpf. KaHimore (Howard street) Fionr . i. ' ;. win r reaencxiourj, or lamiiy ns 89 tierces Fiaaseed. and 13 bhds FredericksbaiY Tobacco, juit re cettea ana lor tun oy u. uuuflr, Jan?6t - 00 Pine - itreet. HEMP U DUCK 60 torn St. Petersburg clean Hemp ou oons am quality KusitauncK Forsaleby" JAMES DWOLF, Junr. Joan " .'' 67 f ront - streef. LTUSKET3 and FOWUNG PUCES, enti. i.v.1 tied to debenture. i . . . 13 cases British Muskets, with bayonets and . scabbards complete. ' 5 dodo Fowling Pieces. - Just received per varciuia Alio, irom Liverpool, lor sale or s jan 9 P REMSEN fc CO. 86 South - st. io LYUIGO. cases very prime quality, entitled to debenture, forralo at 75 Wall - street, by jan 10 JACKSON 1c WOOLLEY. 150 RICE. tierces prime new rice, received per snip KaOius from fjbatlestan, and fur sale py ' D. BETHUNE & CO. jan 10 92 Coffee - Hoate slip. RUM, Lc2, bhds. old Jamaica Uum i 10 bags sup. Calcutta Soirar, ' undinr from stoop ateime, ana tor sate oy G. - W TALBOT, jan 10 A; 55 Pine - street. MADEIRA WINE London particular Madeira wine of the most approved brands. ia pipes, bhds. and Quarter casks, fit for immedi ate nse anu well worth the attention of private families Will be sold at reasonable prices, and in quantities to suit purchasers, by jag 9 - 29 Sooth - it. BLOOM RAISINS. - tOO boxes fresh Bloom Raisins, just received and for sale hy .. . W. L. fcG.GIUSWOLD, jan 8 - , 80 South - street. tLUUR lX)BACCO. 160 bbls Flour, branded (Richmond Mill's) . 200 do Petersburg - do ; 7 bhds Old leaf Tobacco ' ' 50 kers Manufactnred do. branded " I It P Labbv." landina - from the s loo us Brothers and Jnliet, and for sale by , m a Jt rw a a .at a - - ww - mn vVAUOll mL, jan 6 OS South - street. CALCUTTA UOODri. ONE bendred bales consisting of Bsftas. Luckipore. Chittabullv. Callipattv audPutka. - Cossahs. Cbaudpore. Comocoilr. Johanna and Luckirore. Unnuahs Jellalpore and Mow. Checks Gillnbs, KumaU, Ac lor sale by - r I CI a - v r T. r .V . , ( rt a - a . m - M , tviis, m uuui.ii ana Autiin ouuers, 'jan9v Waahinrton - street. JAMAICA HUM,, 4c 17 puus. Jamaica Rum. 2 do. eV very old, am) of superior quality 2 hbds. Molaaset " 1 do Castor Oil, 2 bags Pimento . 4 casks Copper : A quantity of Lance wood Spars Landinx from schooner Rover, from Port Ma lta, and tor tale by dec 17 . ' ' ' 66 South - street. - HIDES. POURbandredHidVslaodiog this day from rem y erases, aad will he sold low from the wharf.. Apply to JOSEPH OS BORN, Jan 9 - 23 South - street. oTRAIfd BKANDY. TWENTY five pipes Cette Brandy, for tale by ,, . CHAS. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN,' Jaa9 .. Washinxtoa - ttreet COT I ON 9 bales fiist quality Upland Cot toa, laadinr, and for tale by ,. r vbAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - street. . IN STORE, , 32 bales Sea - Island Cotton . Apply u above. Jan 9 JTlCEft TOBACCO.150 Uerces prime new 13 hbds Kentucky Tobacco, - 6 hbds old aad 63 do new Virginia do ' If ow landing from different vessels, for sale by . DI VIE BETHUNE ft CO. jaa 12 - ! i - BOOKMAN ft JOHNS TON. No. 67 South - street, have for sale ' 95 hhdt. new James Rivtr Tobacco, ' , 70 do .old do do 280 bbls. Richmond superfine Floor . : 350 do Philadslulua . do - . do ' 800 kegs Richmond maaafactured Tobacco of an qualttiea .; ... ; ' ' 70 boxes Spsniih Segart ; , ' ' ' '205 qr. casks Colmenar Wine ' . ' ' 25 tons assorted English Iron, entitled to de '. - 1 ben tors : 150 bendlet Hoop L Steel - " " ' " 60 do Crawley . - - . do . '. . 40 do Cast and Shear Steel I 1500 qr. casks Lomloa Tower proof Gnnpow , sjer, (, ir ana t s r - . 380 do large grain, for Dock shooting, of su - perior tlrerwth ' . .300 do " Butt's Cylinder Sporting Powder," . i cannisters ' 14 caset Eagiish Maskett aad Btyooets V 60 casks fresh Iadon Mattard , 179 pigs Slock Tin 60 catksdry White Lead xu xegs green raiat 140 pieces twilled Sac kmc , 24 pieces a arrow aad 10 do wide Cotton , . Barging m 13 pieces Hop Barging - ' , 7 bales Strefetx Osaabarght ' - , 2 do Cod Lines - , 7 puas. Jam. Runt ' ' : 8 casks Russia Tallow ' - - ; 1 bhd Pink Root - ' - - 2 bales blue aad bUck West of England Broad Clothe . 8 cases Moll Jaconet and Fancy Muslins 1 Uunk of Madras Hkfs - 1 de blue Bandaeoes, . 1 do Printed Shawls, 3 do Cotton Bails . 6 do smierfioe Plate Calicoes 1 do Milioets, I do Ixwdoo made Slop 1 do Sailors Woola Cape. janlOtf - . . ' I 'OHACCO U FLOUR. 17 hbds Iritb J. krt Tobacco . 6 do prime new crop do ' 87 bbls superT Flour, ' Landinz from tchooaen Native and Remit tance, for sale by JJ. Btl llUAK a t,u. dec 20. 8i Coflae - House slip MARSEILLES QUILTS. ONE case superfine Marteillet quilts, from 6 - 4 te 14 - 4, for tale by - MARCH A LOW,. . dec 19 - 210 Broadway. PHILADELPHIA FLOUa 600 barrels sn perfwe, Uodkig from the tcaooner Colaa bia. IN STORE, 160 barrel, Richmond enperfine flour, (City and Comtry rands.) For sale at No. 106 FroaUtmt, bv ' . . Jaa J . Tuvt. - .'Af.ysu w, . J y' Tht i legat f op . ISSENGER, I i 10 tons burtfani Porter, master, will awpajtched for the above placet by 30th inst, Ft freight or paitagb, havinj; vary tapcrior aceominodationa, apply to lh aaiter on board, at Pier No, 13 E. A. or tn lu WM. & CUA'S. PORTER, St South - Who bare loriale. and now laodiox romthe , of libdi bett retatliog Molaiaet , . ' ; 4bbdiW.l. Run :t ' '" , , SI bbU.N. &lUv ' , 8 bblfcCordiai i . ' 4000 II Leader ' - ; 30 boxes Candles ' " .. J88 do. Soap : . - . ; v.''; 1 . - . ' ; . V 150 do. Smoaksd Herrings. . ; jao 12 iw , . . ... v. , , ,, tt HAVANA. Tk. r - . :i: i ar. 2I1MEXANDER, Wm, Booth, maater, wUl sad on the 16th uut. For freight of 300 bbls. or passage, having excslleul accommodations, sp - ply at 3i Front - street, to jan ix zt ' j. r auk a it u. vfi(S The packet ship MART - AUGUSTS, VBMMW 9 ' ' ' . 'I hurail. nvt. having hkir Kj.r mwrt m.m - - r roriar. maaier. wm Dosiureiv aan an - ' j a a o t Tar freight of the reminder or naaaafe. havinr handsome accommodations, apply on board at rine - st, wnari, or to ,. v GRIS WOLDS & COATES, jan 12 '.. 68 South - it. JFfs Tbt schr. CARPENTER'S SON, H2dHubbelL lying inpsck - tliu: wiUsail on W cUnesJay next For freight or passage, ap ply to tbs captain on board, or to jan 12 - WIN;OIL, PAPER, &C13U qr. casks and tOO halfdo dry Malaga Wine 5 or cssks and 20 half do sweet da very old I5 do uoimenar do 300 half chests 8weet Oil, 30 betties each lOObaxes do do 12 bottles each 60 bales Italian foolscap and letter Taper 60 do titsette do large size 1 9 cases Felt Hats 15 rtses Liquorice Paste I box Ostrich Feathers, 1 do Chip Hats - 3 do Msnna in flakes . . Marl l - Slabs, Veined and statuary, assort ed iim, lor pier tames, tic. A few boxes very superior Anchovies and ', unves 500 Marble Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch If! hhla fun. onsitfSn nf W iid Cat, Raccoou, Fox, Mmkrat, ' and utter &xms Gunny Bars, fcc For sale by ' CHAS. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN, jao 12 Wathiqgton - atreet.' 1 1 ICE 30 tierces prime new Rice, landinr XX from briir Minerva, from Charleston, at pier No. 19, (west side Burlin; slip) ror sale by MULFORD fc LEKFINGWELL, Jan 1 3t . 18i Front - street RICE 103 whole and 13 half casks prime new Rice, landing this day from the brie Minerva from Charleston, and for sale io lots to suit purchasers oo accommodating terms, uta ken Irom the wharf,, by Jan it 3t HA I. JUS, SUH ft CO. HONEY 2 bbda. very superior Hooey, for sale by MULFORD c LEFF1NGWELL, Jan 12 3t 182 Front - street. UU .'.). 20 bhds. Molasses Rum, first proof, forsaleby JACKSON 4 WOOLLEY, jan 12 75 Wall - st FLOUR 100. bbls Mayo's Mills, landing from schr. at Peck - slip. 1N8TORE, 100 bbls, Richmond Mills 334 do Petersburgh (Stokes aad Smith's brand) For sale by , GRISWOLDSfc COATES, jan 12 6Soa(h - street. plOT I ON. aa i bales very handsome Upland vtnion, waoiriE - irom mp marv from Sav - , ana lor aaie oy to JRISWOLDS ft COATES, jan 12 ' 6U South - street. OIL R03ES, ftc 100 ounces Oil of Roaes, 10 bales or 2,000 lbs. Goats Wool or Camels Hair ' 2 bales Turkey Carpet Rugs, and A parcel of Nicaragua Wood. Landing from schr Vestal, from Smyrna. For tale by. CAMBRELENO ft PEARSON, jan 12 67 South street ClOFFEE Very handsome Java CofTee huid - ing at pier No. 9, and for sale in lots to suit porchasert, by . - JOSEPH OSBORN, Jan 9. 28 South - street FLOUR. 160 bbls. southern superfine Flour, just received and for sale by 4 , GEO. M. WILSON, ' jaa 12 ' . 130 Water - street X CUT MILL SAWS, ftc. A SMALL invoice of X cut Mill and Pit Saws, li. 8. and C. S. for tale by ' i ANDERSON ft SHEARER, 131 Water - street ' 'Who have ia Store, HandVripping and dove tail Saws, brass and iron backs - Cast 8teel ChisseW and Gouges " Mortice Chiaselt and Drawing Knives Patent Carolina ft Virginia Hoes, No. 12 34 Wrought nails, 4d, 6d, 8d, lOd, 12, ft 20d Brass and copper wire, of all sites . Rolled and Sheet Brass, Brass Pans Londoa Pins, Nos. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 6 Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted for tbs country trade . . , r - , Engravert' Copper, in plates of all sizes., jan 13 A Ctm - ram WmtU. ' WANTED immediately, a corn - faa ; a se - cead hand one will answer. Apply to r . TUCKER LAURIE5,' jan 20 ' . 29 Soum - street 250 .. TURPEJCTLNlX. bbls toft turpentine, afloat, and for laaleby k. w. uAVLnrunx s vu. jaa It , LEGHORN HATS. I case very fine Leg. born hats, rust recairsd ; together with a reoeral assortment of lbs moat fashionable MIL - LIN ART, for sale by . - - MRS. MILLER, " 1 jaa 12 4t ' ' ' 128 Williata - sL L A DtbS BONNETS, DRESSES ft TKIM - M1NO. - J est opened by F. V. RIVIERE, 1 90 Broadway, a superb anortment of - EmhroideTed Gold and Silver Dretset of the richest kind Fancy Cap Patients aad Baodeatx,' embroid ered with silver . Gold and Silver Trimming for ball I dresses Bonnets and Hats of the newest faahion, and very eleganU ' ' - The whole ia ready for the inspection of ladies, at the above place, aad for sale oa the moat mo derate prices, - jan it ii VANDERVOORT ft FLAN DIN have jt received (ia addition to their former assort - meet) a choke parcel of le rant Lace Dresvet,' richly embroidered fa sold, silver and chinelle ' riHja ana r lowerv - aroiiure a tor uiumj, aou , Wreaths for the bead. ' , ALSO, A tmsll parcel oriafaata' Cambric. Caps, and Ladies Cambric Hdkft. richly worked I and Larr Ostrich Feathers. ... jan71w TLOUR,TOBACCd ft FLAXSEED - - - 8C0 jC bbls rr - dartckAuTg flour , 24 baa tierces fiaraeed " 14 hods prims leaf tobacco, received pertchrt. Wm. ft Uenry aad Vircinia For tale by , ja7 - - .WALSH GALLAGHER.' "MTiT aad LATE rTJSLICATTOirS, - - , Deary's Chemistry t Haotet oa the Blood j "J "uaa a ; ( - ' Welsh Mouataiaeers. t vols . . 41 ' Harriaetoaand Ormond. 3 vola . Meliocourt, tvblt , : - r.'Lalm Rookh ,: grimsoftheSun" ?j i - .M A, Smith's Tbeey of Moral Eeutiffient ' Stuart aad Playfair'a Essay - ' ? ,., Airs of Palestine, a poeea t - . ' t ""'' , . Adam's Narrative - . v " "v - . ; T"ales oFancy ; Valentine Eve. " Hhoda . . , ... f : V ' H. Moore's Poems . ,'. - i Female Scripture Characters " ' "' ' ' ' ' Taylor's Essays t Sancbo . rtaJe'a Advtee I Lara Rtadings in Poetry Breaches lleports, vol.7, 8 and 1 ' Forsaleby 4 R0BT M'DERMOT, ; jn 9 222 Pearl - street. KENTUCKY TOBACCO 18 hhda. prime Kentucky tobacco will be landed this afternoon from the brijJDrUans from Ntw - Or - leans For tale by ' i . ,. - . - :. LAIDLAW, GIRAULT ft CO. '' jan9"t 67 CoEseHoueitip.' piUMt PORK 30 barrels. Jersey kt pec lion a lusiieceireaanaiorsaie oy Jan9 4t CORN'S. DUBOIS. rpoUACCO tt hhds uew crop Tobacco, of ju excuieoi ouaiuy, lamuog irom senr. none, irom menmoou, ror saie oy . D. BETHUNE ft CO. Jaa 6 92 Coffee House - slip. TO BE SOLD, THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE PROPER TY, BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF THE LATE DR. THOMAS JONES. The Dwelling House and premises now in tbe possession of Mrs. Marraret Jones. known as number 343 Broadway, btrinx 3d feet 8 inches in width in front, and 32 feet 6 inches in the rear, and 140 feet in depth ; together with the brick stable, and lot on which it stands, in the rear of the dwelling house, btiog abont 27 feet square and tbe uudivided half of a lot frootina ou Leonard street, being V5 feet wide on Leo - nard - street, and 63 f - et 10 inches in deptb ; which undivided lot is held in common bet worn VVillinm Denning, Eiq. and the owners of the property now oiiured lor sale, and is intended lor a paisagi way io weir sutures ana yaros. The above nroDertv is situated in the most eli gible part of the city, and is, io every part, in the neat repair ana most complete order. wrK Three Lots of Ground, situated at the 4i - J corner of Broadway and Warren - street ; io irioity L - nurcb as inos. 415,410 and 417, and contain, together, 75 feet in breadth on Broad way, and in mc rear B7 Jeete inches on Warren - street, and 89 feet 9 inches on the northerly side. These lots, with the builainga thereon, are now under lease to various tenants, for lei ms which will expire on the 1st May, 1820, and at such rents as amount, ic tbe whole, to $2425 annually, besides all taxes. .These three lots will be sold in one parcel, and tubiect to the uaexui - red losses. ... A Dwelling House and Lot of Groind, known as No. 147 Water - street between Pinu - street and the Flv Market, beine 22 feet 10 inches in width in front, and 21 feet 7 inches in the rear, and 100 feet 10 inches in lencth. This bouse and lot is under lease for a term ending 1st May, 1819, at tbe annual rent of 650 dollars and all taxea. A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground,, ai, - J known at No. 145 Water - street adloinin - the last atove : beiox 18 feet 4 inches en Water - street, 17 feet ia the rear, - and 84 feet 4 inches in lengm. '1 hit house and lot are under lease for a term ending Jtt May, 1819, at the annual rent of 250 dollars and all takes. A LOT OF GROUND, fronbrnr the Broad way just above Jones - street, and next but one sdjoining the property or Mr. Martin Hoffman ; and tbe lot fronting oa Mercer - street in the rear of the Broadway lot These two lots will be sold. logemrr, ana are za leet a uchet wide and 200 leetoerp. A LOT OF LAND, known as - number 64; atufl - rm, fruaiiilcou nvnaers - aireet. and running from that street to Orange ttreet ; being ' jal. n a AAA, r at. uwiuui on nyooeraaireeixoieei, ana on uraete . e... . it : - . i i . .1 .i .r . im j i., u iu, ii , ana ig lengui no inn nirin - erly side 145 feet 6 inches, and on the southerly iiue lot isei jincnei. AUtht abort mentioned properly it held 4n ft timplt. Ilufoliowingukcla under mleaM from Columbia CoUrre, 64 ytan of ukicK Utut sves unrrpirtdonlttScplttibtrltul. fTl A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground. Stnaal known as No. 217 Greenwich street, now under lease for the annual rent of 250 dollars and all taxes ; lease expires 1st May, 1821. QA Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, known as No. 215 Greenwich street, now under lease for the yearly rent of 350 dollars and ail taxtt i lease expires 1st May, 1B1. tv i A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground. at the corner of Greenwich street aad Barclay ttreet, under lease for 450 dollars and taxes; leare expires 1st May, 18ZI. r, Two Dwelling Houses and Lots of Vuuuu Ground, known as No. 69 and 71 Barclay street now under lease for 600 dollars annually and all taxes; lease eipiret 1st May, 1821. These) two houses being leased together, will be sow sogetner. i. ,i? Q A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, known at No. 67 Barclay ttreet, now un der lease for the annual rent of 90 dollars aad taxes ; lease expires May lit, 1819. . QA Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, known at No. 65 Barclay ttreet, now under lease for tbe yearly rent of 90 dollars and the taxes; lease expires May 1st, 1819. This leasehold property cannot conveniently os aescrtoea wiuun (tit limns or an adveraae. ment, but the site and extent of each lot may bt particularly seen oa a map thereof, at the office of Mr. JONES, 44 Pine street Tbe title to all this property it rm estiooable, the greatest part of the property having been owned and possessed by tbe late Dr. Joaet aad bit representatives for more than 26 years, now last ; and for such part at hat been purchased wiuiin mat penoa ue luotcriucra doiu warraniy deeds from the grantors. ' The boase and premiaev first above described is offered at private tale, and mar be viewed af ter the fourth day of January next, any day between one and two o'clock in the afternoon.' If eot told oa or before the twentieth day of Janua ry aext, that property, together with all lbs rest of the above mentioned property wilt be exposed to sale by auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, by Messrs. HONES ft TOWN, on Tuesday, tbe tenth day of February next, at 10 o'clock m tbe forenoon of that dsv. Tbe termi of tale for the house and premi ses No - 343 Broadway, will be 10 per cent on the day of sale and one tli ird or the residue on tbe first of May next at which time a deed will be executed srul possession riven - the re maining two thirds to be paid in 2 annua) pay. meats, with interest, from the first of May, se tured by a bond and mortgage on the premi set. Terms of tale for the rest or me proper ty will be 10 per cent on the day of tale, 1 - 3 of the residue on the delivery of the deeds, which will be about 10 days after the tale, and the rerpauisng two thirds in 2 equal annual payments - , with interest from the date of the deeds, secured by a bond and mortgage on the premises) the purchasers are to receive the rents of tnch parts of the property as are under lease from tbe 1st of February next. For all other information and particularly ia relation to the title of all the above property, applr to D. 8. JOtNES, esq. at his office 44 I'ine - strert, where the title deeds, and maps of the property may be seen. MARGARET JONES.! MALTBY GELS TON, Exec'rs. MARY GELSTON. deeSO. - eodtds - " s V&LEENVi M)Wt.K, at arranged and sang by ,Wr. PHIUPPS, It now ready for sale at J. A, ft U. GEIC'3 Afmic Store, 23 fktl - laor) j - ui 10 tf TiTOTlCE - Tti Coptrtnershlp LeieloibH JL. i - existinr to this city, aoder; the firm of! WiYaU. rikar It IT Wolf, ia tiro Ml. red by mutual cctMeat' AU persoaa ha viae aa - setued acooants with said firm, are reejavaud to call at 67 rroot - etreet.' for setUemcnt Saw - York, Dec, Hi 1817. - - . - - ? , . . jaMES D'WOLF, - i n ,c. A.f ... ,3AAC f ACKAR6. Jfu dec Sf . ' V concert 5 Of Vocal and lasirsmieatul Music, af the City . ' Aitembly Koom. City - HotoL ' " it TR - MRS. A1EMN PS Concert will take 1A place oo TUESDAY EVENING, Jan, 13, ioio, asMtveo oy uoii oi m aroiessors and am. ateurs of this city Leader Mo Hewitt. ' . . - .. f ART FlRaT" Overture, from the Grand Italian Opera of M O - raxi and Curiaxii," coinpoasd by SigoorCi - maroar ,....,,. i ; Full Orchestra Uuett, " Love my Mary," composed by D:. Stevenson. . . Orchestra accompaniments bv Concerto, Flute. VWtti, ,v , - Mr. Melioe song iionry buret veecinc Willow." com - , posed by Lau. Orchestra.accompaniments by i ii, meuK v.,, ?, ,, i : jvirs. meiinc Italian Air. 11 furbo centra il furbo, by a geo, . tlemaa Arosteu r, accouiiauMid oa the Pianoforte by Mr. Etienoe , - . Boat Blanch of Devaa," from Waller Scott's x.Ady oi trie uake, accompnued on the Flute oniy, oy Mr, meiine , , v, Mrs. Melioe Walla - . . - f r.u r.i ... Song and Recitative. " Tbe Last Words of Mar - Biion," composed by Dr. Clark, Orchestra ac companiments, by Mr. Melioe . - Mrs. Melioe Finale Overture, Slave of Love. . i .. , , , Fall Orchestra . PART SECOND. . PTrrture to i Mansion, at pltyed at 'Olympic Theatre, Philadelphia, composed by Mr. Melioe ........ Full Orchestra Bong, u Loose were her tresnes," from Collins's was on ue rassioas, composed hy bignior Ui - ordani. Orchestra accompaoiments by Mr. Meliue . .. .lrs.Melins Concerto. Clarionett, Mkhell . Mr, Meline aong, J ho' Love is warm awhile," by a rea - ( tleman Amateur, who has kindly offered bis assistance . Song, " The 8oldier Slumbering after War, composed hy Whitaker. Orchestra accompaniments hy Mr. Meline M,rs. Meline Grand March, composed fur the occasion by Mr. Meline Full Orchestra Favorite Duett of" All's Well," composed by Mr. Bra ham. Orchestra arrompammentshy Mr. Melioe Mr. St Mrs. Meline Finale, Full Orchestra Tickets one dollar to he had at tbe Music Stores : Mr. Ronald's 188 I'earUstp - et at the City Hotel, and at the door of the Concert Room Concert to commence at 7 o'clock precisely. - Jan II 6t ' ANTHON Y - STREET THEATRE. THE public are respectfully inlormcd, tiiat tlie Anthony - street Theatre has been hmd lor me purpose of exniiMong the perioral antes of tbe four celebrated EAST INDIAN JUGGhERS Lately arrived in tbe ship India, from Calcutta. The atoohinr drxtetriy and celebrity of these men in their native country, warrants their conductor in assuring the public, that their petform ances will far surpass any thing of the kind eyer before witnessed in America. ' 1 Per form idc es on Monday, Tneaday, Thursday tnd Friday evenings, the 12th, 13th, 15U and ICOj of January.. The exhibition will consist ef featt of LEGERDEMAIN, STRENGTH and ACTIVITY by tbe four Indian Juerlera. - Aiaomr a variety of amusing performances will be aeea tricks with cups and balls, egg and bag, thread, land ; o oaiis moving oa a aounie stringed now, at tne will of tbe Juggler ; Money aad Handkerchief Spitting Fire Burnt Cloth. Tumbiiasr with swords and spears ; lifting a weight witfs the teem, ana throwing it over tne bead t nitinc weight solely wiOj the eyes ; 3 spears, fixed ia aa inatrument ofSO inches diameter, falhnsr from height of 13 feet aad enciotinethe JaexlerwiiJi - out injuring him ; swallowing aa iron pin which comes out of the eyes ; puttW aa iroa pie into tlie eye, aad drawing it through tbe note ; thrusting a dagger 6 incites up the. nostrils, ftc. ftc. ; too numerous Ind varied to be mentioned ia an advertisement. mm. m Mi Mm fmt sat sura pes nn an anca commence at 7 o'clock nreeiaelv. Boxes oae dollar ; children half price. Pit 60 cenia. ian iu PUBLIC SALE. N Tuesday, the 27th of Jtneary, at twelve Vr o'ciock, will do told oy noaes sv i own, O'cioca, win do sold oy noaes ar i own, int valuable and pleasantly situated Property i Broad - st - eet, belongine to the estate of the late Ir. John Post The Lot it 47 feet 8 inches front was vaiuauie ana in Mr. and rear, oa tbe north 126 feet 6 inches, and on the south side 138 feet ia depth. The House stands about the centre of. the Lot. leavint? rood raneway on the north tide, aad fine rardea front and rear. Tbe aituation it deemed delight ful. Persons desirous of purcbasinr, are request ed to view the premises. Title indisputable. rossesnon wm ne riven oo tne lit day or way aexu x unner condiuons on toe asy oi iae. Deborah Post,' , i Deborah Douglass, Executrixes Catharine Ritter. N Peter R. Post Jaa? 127 1 UST published, and for sale by KIRK ft J MERCEIN. No. 22 Wall - street Memoirs of tbe Life ami Writinn of the Rev. Claudiqs Buchanan, - D. D. hy the Rev. Hugh rearsoo, M. A. 1 rice $X 75 ta Doarat. E i tract from the Lomloo Literary Garette M We have thus condensed ia as short a compass as possible the memoir of this active and liberal divine, whose labours wilL long be renters bertd, particularly in India, where we trust he hat sown tbe seed of ta abundant harvest - Hit Bio grapher hat done justice to the subject, aad we can say of hit work, nearly what Dr. Johnson observed of another edifying narrative, that it is a periormaace worms oi uie nerusai m uie rniio - .a w - a. aai ! sopher. on account of tlie variety of important considerations which it emhrsces, and of Uie Christian, ror Its animating stimulus to tne noblest exercise of charity, ia spreading the.lirbt of Revelation where tuperiliiioo is learned with cruelty, and ignorance sinks human nature a monio prataiuy." - Letters frora the South, by tits author ofjohc Bull and Brother joaautan, - Salmagundi ,v 4.y y Knickerbocker'! New - York . i ' ' John Dull and Brother Jonathan Knights of St John by Mist Porter - The Heir, X romance. Useful knowltxure. or a familiar aad einlsna tory account of the various productions of nature, mineral, vegetable and animal, which are chiefly emtitnved for the use of man. illustrated with aa merous ncures. and lareuded as a worn own oi rostrucooo aad reierestcs rjy ins tvev. vriina Uingley. . , Jan iz. V TO QUARRYMEJf. - FOUR experienced Marble Qivarrr en are , wanted immediately. None need apply but those perfectly acquainted with the buai nest i to such consUnt employ and liberal wages will be given. Apply to " . 84 Beaver - etrtet. TO LET, A m.n S - atorv fire nroof STORE. Ko inAMtmL. next to the corner Routh - st rossetsion riven immedi - tely. - Apply aa a - hove. no? 12 PtHtf MERINO irOOtn CO7T0LV TARJf SA T WANTED, a quantity c4 merino wool j also, cotton ram, particularly low a umbers. Proposals will aim be recairsd tar snaking of sat - tioetts. The manufactnrer to be seppued. Witn the toateruUs, and the bosioesS to be reiulerad, probably, permanent. - - A ceatract is also wanted, for the rtmnktg of a cotton mill, IVomrl to 4000 spiodlrs the cotton to be supplied, and tbe ysra to be recwir - d atastjpiilaUrdprkt - Ajjitl4SFtrUotT, UTtjiairs. ec - sjru. PUBLIC SiUiES. v , ,tr sYTRANKLlXft MlNTURlf ' Taarsday, lthlast.i . XU o'eloskat the T,C H. that very ssTkfbSr sitaated and saluable Sara tad Lot IU Pearl St. form It escuuied ay Palmer, Nsshots Is oe, at prv stay sAveny, BOtstcrt at Mag. , s. ae Let UaVoeAiitaet oa t'aarlat. with a vrt - rvstcte la sommoe of sa alley 8 feet t iueh to the depth of the Store, 2s feet 10 sssnhea la the rer,a4 14(1 1.2 I t m l. - w. k - - - m I.. I - W0 tka right o4 a cartway bto Plus St The store is a . 4 - story sub - tanlial ere - proof building, 64 (set deep, completely fitted for the dry good bus. wuu aroa aaiia, sneiTts, cunauH, counter and book case ; Is now renting far lUlO 'dollars - peranuuiat ciauuo may remain qn ssmrtgage proDai iy lor some time. The urcbaaer may ;, take adasd and pay (he retidu oa the first of, . February oext, receiving the real from thai day or on the fir - t ef May ntaf, wb poasfwaiusi will be gives f 6800 is msared on the store for 2 yeare from tlie 28th February next Tea rr . cetofthspurchast.rJH)aejtobesoBtMatt of sale, . ' ' ., ' ' TaesdT,Jan.20. XU oVIork. at the f . C H. bv order of Wist. Drnaiar. survivinc eiecutor of Thetfess Smith. Eta. deceswrl ll.a IIum A Lot 4A WllUL aext td the City Bank. m .. . vv tuoescuy, the z 1st lnstsni, 12 o'clock, at the Tontin CoAee - Hotisci v REAL ESTATE, . That larrt) and clerant three ttorr brick bouts) No. 13 Courtlftudt - itreet. Alaoattht tamo time, tlrose fimr brick house No. 10. 12. 14 and 16 Moore - street. three stories high, recently built, and good situations for huaintrs No. 10 being the cor ner of Witer - street and Mr ji Unquestionabla titles wiU be .riven ahJ. tei - mt liberal, ' which will be made uown at . the time of tale. Persons disposed to pur cbaae at private tale or wishing further information will please apply at the aocticaeara, ,.:! fVtdnuday, Jan. 28. . At XII o'clock, at the T. C.H. " . ' The two bouses and lots of ground, Nos. 78 and 80 Rrvington - street j the lote each 25 feet front and 75 deep ; the houses two - story, wUh good front cellars. Cellar kitcbeae, ftc. 2 roots! ll . M - l,V - ! k. - . . 1 ' A uu hi? ursi uuvr wiui jmuwi vnwwa aaaui wimw airy halls, 1 room on Uie second with 2 pantries and a good garreteach house hat an alley through the yard, where there is grass plants, iBMcrua, cw, sti;. PRIVATE SALE, On liberal terms, 6 valuable LOTS, situated between Second and Third - streets, oa Division . . . L.:. r - - ., .rila c - j - - - - I nj,, uia.iiic n ii uui vi Mil ia.vujiw M retail dry good stores - ground under lease totht present occupants for a term of yean. For per ticulart apply at the auction room, . jjr '. p.: DiETERica ft ca PRIVATE SALE, r ; 1 rlennt Detent banrinir lamo. suitable fbrtl assembly room. Also, about (I mi lei from tlie City Hall, oatbe Bloorningdalt Road, a very handsome comtry scat, with very convenieat hoase and oat btrild - ings. commandiug a fine view of the aorta river; isi,l 4 kvai a as rK tk rmri (rsj aantaaw.l, antiaA a Oaa atA a. copuaodating, For particulars apply at the auction room. CO - PARTNERSHIP.' The subscribers have formed a cosmos), tioo, for tbs purpose of transacting business oa commission m this eity, under the firm of JNO. ft GEOwW.LiMClL J. ... frACltkt infrfff GEO, W. LYNCa. New - York, 8th Jan. 1818. . . unrxaxncct. Messrs. Le Roy. Bayard ft Co.) a - a.. Messrs. Prima, Ward ft Sands, " - - - Han. Jas. Lloyd, I Meter. Thos. V. Amory A Co. Sostcss. Messrs. Maosoa ft Baraard, J jaa v xawim iY - n, aauum pa tnmm maII thaif tk . a - at coUUion party will be at Wsjhinrton - Hall ot . - f iv..t.t.i , . . u. a m ... NOTlCK." ftfr AU pertons hsvinx demands araintt the estate of tie law Thomas Cooper, deceased, sons indebted to the said estate art) requested to make puyment to tbe subscriber. ii rrit,. aajM ciu i 'rU7,r j Jan 10 Im ' Administrntrlx. . tCf U Mr. JOHN MAY, who was at Kiot ston, (Jamaica,) In the year 1805, wiU call at No. 70 Psarl - itreet, he will confer a particular favour. - 4ny information aa to hit residence will be acceptable. . jan 10 Iw (U 1'he copartoerahip hsrttoforn existing under the firm of Geoire A slot Co. was dis solved on the 31st day of December last, by mutual consentall debts due to the firm to be paid to George Astor, by whom all claims against Ike said firm will be liquidated. , . . , . . - UKU. A5TOK, . WM. D1LWORTII, jan7 Iw .' ' 144Wtter - sC NOTICE, . 07 "The ooMurtoership p of A. 8. Graswold 0 Co. is dissolved by mutual consent. - The business will be btreaJler conducted by A. ft. Grit wold aad Kneelaad Tswnssnd, tuder the same firm, . - A. 8. GRIS WOLD, . h KNERLAND TOWNSEZTD, EUHU TOVYNSEiD. Jsa 3 2w ' WAiaiaoTox nnaavoLUT sociaTt. il'p A .i tin nrtlu, Hnriftv ill tia hold at Harmony FiaJL oa Wednesday evening next, tbe isia insiatn, at bbii past sit, e - crac - u dX order of tne presioeni. ' ANTU'Y WOODWARD, 8ecry. ' jsa lS3t. M W.VfiRK ciri si:mbly. rrja The mtnanrt givt notice that thre wCl be an nssemblv on the Ereninr af Wednesday tha liih todant ' Jaa 12 3t i t i. - hi rw - i i ill urlVlRD. 1 OST, on the 1st instant, from vwcnesterv a SC., wtrfrn mm . Li white and brown long nai i ir "Vyi oflhe English breed l has six claws oa each hind root, aad answers um - oat leather Collar wlia a brastplate, en - raved . a tar. Vahssk f lA Ksmmts Saw ill tsn wLt.fiiaULUiasilvtOT ' s s tura said Dog te Mr. H. CHEAVEN9, 158 7 to Mr. LEWIS. Westchester. shall receive the above reward. Jan I W " ' ' I. fl The nntTRF. aaul ATflRE. Ne. 93 Fal aiA.i Ml i,.urt i built In 1816. ef .the best smttsiale. Th rtm . 33bt lona - aad IShirtii th lot 67 a 25; Isaaed of the Detch church for 63 years, qttjre at the above place. - - . jaa It - 3w RUSSIA OIU - , NHMlln liaviu . ft Ca ChvmicsJ i'srfsmert, and Tsuscy Soap Makers, No. 136 Broadway, New - York, offer - to the tadiea aad geatlemea of this city their Russia Oil, which is one of the most exreesv - ble and useful oil for pre raoting the growth of the hair. Ladies will find tt k I 0 ftifMainar teal lor false hair. GeoOeatea whose h. .has heesi injured by had powoer, vr w this oik as it corrects the mjery It may be had ia bottle, with pred tUrjtos - s, ttireaa ca , rmc - mnth surer pencil cases, tweeters, TT nick cWeTaniber and spar ssallmg boillee - . 4or of rrt sa botOea, J0P,V"Trr,, WM eranrt ndwet aaa rote wawi - ,

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