The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 28, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XII. No. 50. Gettysburg Pru, Friday, Xovc-.-nber 2S;!i. !?13, Price Two Cent*. HAVE YOU SEEN THE g New Short Stiff Bosom Shirts? | o 3 ISAAC W. BUCHER INJURED WHEN TAKEN BY DEATH We are shewing them in the Corner Window; the new feature about them is that the boson: is set underneath instead of on the top, thereby making a practicalle summer shirt minus the starch. The bosom is small and short and will not catch on top of the trousers. The newest sh?des of P ink and Brown, also the staple colors. The cuffs attached or detached.. The Price $1.00 and $1.50. IN THE COUNTY tVeteraoof the Civil War, Life Long Caught by-Large Sl'de sf Earth,; Or. Chester Gitt and Miss Braes FOOT BALL TEAM ENDS ITS S LETTERS Fl COUNTY TOWNS 9 St I e Q as j i L Resident af the County, Oies at! his Home at Seven Stars. Harry! Milier is Found Oead. i Asboifstown Man is Held Prisoner \ fer an Hour and a Half whiles * Friends Dig him Out. ] Robinson Married. Mr. Harhnan | and Miss Wo!fort Wedded I Thanksgiving Day. Isaac W. Bucher, one of the best i For an hour and a half Lewis j GITT--ROBINSON : known residents of the county, died on Laughman. of Abbottsiown. watched · Miss M. Grace Robinson, of Litdes- Loses to Franklin 2nd Marshal! in j Correspondents send in Many Items Game Played in Snow and SfeeL j of Interesting Hews frrra their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief'teais. Season Shows Three Victories! and Six Defeats. GeUvsbursr closed its foot bail sea- ! son on Thursday bv losing to Franklin ; NEW OXFORD Xew Ovford--Mrs. F. G. Hemler and school ECKERT'S STORE, -0° the square" WALTER'S THEATRE TO-NIGHT A Show for Everybody Joshua Simpkins ; Civil War, in the occupation of farm- · men, was employed in digging out a · ing. He had expected to quit farming · ditch at the Paradise Proic-ctory near · next Spring-. For several years before | Abbotts'towii and there ivas :o i.-uiica- George S. Butz. The bride wore a gown of white! passed satin draped with chi-ToM. It v/as made · n:or« and : back the kick-on fiftv vanis. Scheffcr j to Mehaffie for twenty nve \ voice department of i ScheiTer in several short J Co., Johnstown, \vhii · every two weeks. ! For three vears Roland J. Morgan, chief of the in- the Cambria Steel !e on a business Saturday the guest nd Mrs. A. ·chance to ea-ape. An injniense quan-j After the reception. Dr. ar.u Mrs. led by the absence of Schaeffer who is! E. Buckniinster. On his return home n the Ilarrisburg liosoital anil -. OR Sunday evening. Mr. Morgan-was he .--erred with dLs- " tity of -round came upon him from G : tfc motO reu to York from which oiace i ill I · An interesting story of Way East. Doors ojen at 7.3'J PRICES 25. S5 and 5"i. H*-ar the famous Orchestra. Curtain S.20 i presence at Appomattox immediately j trouble in breathing but his .injuries j Mijiersville State formal School and j Hoar, ScheiTer and Mehaffie starred | ker mother. Mrs. F. S. Smith. j after the surrender of Lee, riding un-jind the broken arm jnadc- the position j vvas a tfea cher in the public schools of | for Gettysburg, getting away with j R- D. "Weaver and wife, of Oxford [ der the famous old apple tree two {most uncomfortable. Feiiov.- work- j Adams County for several years. 1 long runs and forward passes but! township, spent Sunday with Jacob P H O T O P L A Y ; hoars after Che surrender had taken 11 men at once:Vvent io his rc-^-ue and. Dr. Gilt is a graduate of the Lit- j weakness in defense and inability t,;} Myers and family, near Bowlder. llestov.Ti Eij'h School, the ilercers- j keep up consistent ground gaining j Mrs. C. A. Cashman lefc on Monday burg- Academy, and the University o f : were responsible for the decisive de-; -° spend some time with her daughter, Pennsvlvania, lie is ROW nraclicinir"feat. The record for the season fo!-! --i^s. J. L. "iontz, at Danvilie. IJJBIX A RAJLKOAD CONSPIRACY . An engineer, uischar$.-e«! for r:runkenaes=, conspires v.-jth thieves to cake a train containing valuable goods oat on the road so his confederates may 1 - j place. At the time of Lincoln's visit to ; started to dig him OL.'C- C'are had to be i Gettysburg, November la. I8G3, he · laker: ail the time to prevent a further | stood mounted guard at the cemetery · 3ilcle of eanS and in this the men | and later told interestingly of the In-'. Vv-ere successful. A physician -.vas SUIR- |cidents of that day. i rnoned ani gave all the reilef possible. ESiANAY [ Mr. Bacher was z. member of Cor- ; Mr. Laughir-an, though sti'i suffering . .KA1..EM j poral Skeliy Post 9. G. A. R. He serv- i frorn his injuries, will ia all probab- ! ad a term of 'three years as director of | the poor of Adams County an-J v.-as a | TYEjir, j,C BIN" j member of Ffohr's Lutheran churc.h. ' the po£Uui=tres3 an.l shears to -ivt- ! Ke leaves his wife. Mrs are roarried ; becan=e of j Hartman. Bucher. and. si:^ sick and to support \ i^ r i-i n j_ recover. Gas Xose Fractured. ?-,- v i ----~ rti ^cncnter, cr;ec ~ ara - i rears, whc*niakes his home with his A children, j ^ rand?arents . Mr . .. .,, ..... o«~ .. o-e crooked deal arid is exposed. li^'De^d^'o^C^o^K-S I Lawrence ' near -^-KI-X-«T5-"''^ r )«-"'o TOX "FSSiJS'AY WESTERN i * ~~~ _ ,, '*" * ""' f 1 .- ! a flight of stasrs ·,,- I-.KN *··! i - « - - - . . ' - ' · ' » HI*. _ T:. , , . Bucher, or Seven Stars: Mrs. Luiu · f r-r !-.. Ili-'.:v ;·:,..-!·[.:-,,- -ii.Tiff, bas to arre=t a. uor£e Uuui, the brother L-,.7- rf _ f H __ rv .._. 4 T _ - ' - Uif - -, -.- - .- _ . .: i ,-,,_ !.,,... :.^.,}- .,-. _./l.-e.c.:r-i it. j --«-».ert. or ±lanG\cr, AU^. j Dearcorn". of Murnmasburg-; Miss j 0!He Bncher. at home- XEXTTUKSU.-.Y --PilE IXTRC.DEK'' VITiGRAril in f.vo rot-Js, dentistry in Gettysburg. HARTMAK--WOLFORT i:ear Gettysburg-, was the scene \ . A i i-r or-.lti-T .; *J»:.,% - « » I ( * r i t t f Iltl^ fcl_* «i i-t^ri- .1 iiv/i~^ biv*.~, t.tiv- »»ivn-'^" ;i- r:-:-:-t~^ her plea /or her brotiier. so =he dresses in ni.i i 1-A- Lhe deputy a vqld goose chase. vTith U. M- i'KAXKSGIVIXC DAT GOOD vinxcs sre not all limited to tuia^- to eat, tMwever enjpvable they i :ay be- Sliere are also good things to wear, ^jpecial'y those ir.cIcdeJ in those essentials like cravats, glove.-, haad- ifirchlefs. fancy vests aim hosiery rthich all go to make up the line of goods as sold as furnishings. Seiig- *4an's have aa exceptionally fine line. The Quality Shoo WILL M. SELIGMAN The Cash Tailor ·"iineral Sundav sustainea a imc- j iure oi the nose, besides a number of Qaentin j painfu } bruises about-the body- Girl's Arni'-'Broken. Myrtle, the 12-year-old daughter of morning- meeting} at the house ac nine o'clock. Services I Mr, and Mrs. Henry Duncan, of Herat the Lutheran church in ArendtsviJIe | wick township, accidentally tripped and interment in the ArendtsvilJe j 2nd fell a few days ago and hs.d her cemetery. Friends and relatives win right arm. broken ac the wrist. Dr. T. C. Miller, of Abbottstown, adjusted the iniurv. ease ne: l:e this as notice of the fu- HARRY MILLER. Harry Miller, for more than t-iventy SURPRISE PARTY. 01 2 i very pretty weclJiny; Thursday. at| hh;h r.oon. «?hen her daughter, Ethel! Regiaa, v.-as married to Ernest L. j Hartnian, formerly of Arer.dtsrille. The house was very tastefully decorated, jrreen and white being the color scheme. Rev. J. C. Coulson. of Guldens, peiv formed the ceremosiv. i lows: j Gettysburg- j Gettysburg ! Gettysburg , Gettysburg GetKrsbarg Gettysburg i Get'tvsburg 5" Bloonisburg 0 0 TJ. of Penn 53 7 Albright 7 0 State 16 G . Muhlenberg 20 ?,-* Mt- St-ilarys 6 13 Dickinson 39 14 Mt. St-Marys 6 0 Bucknell 2-0 7 F. and M. 40 Sirs. J. Smith and daughter, Lalu, ^ Irs - Annie Pittentarf and tv.-o dauga- j ( lers .- Beatrice and Estella, aD of York I Springs, were visitors a; the home of ! -'" 3S Katheryn Wagner, near town, on j Sunday. ! Mrs - ?iargaret Spellman, of Gettys! ^- r ^- spent Sunday at the nome of her ju:: rents. Sir. and Mrs. V. A. Lawrence, ! near own - H ^r husband, Howard j Syeilman, of Baltimore, spent Sunday Totals Gettysburg- I'M. Opponents i""- lne same P Iace 210. Games won 3, lost G, tied" 1. ! : ' Ir - WJngeit, of Orrtanna; Mr. and A team composed largely o'f Scrubs j : * Irs - A 'J- V"-*£ett, of New Chester; "Melody of Love" during th; rnor.y. i ?:trs-Haitman is a graduate of Ship-j pensburg Xorma! School and for the; Crtishiu- Sia- for RcoSnsj ilaterial £i" "NSW IKDUSTRY past tnree Branch. X. J. Mr. IJareman in Lonj Gladhill's Station. sister, Mrs. Vi 7 . S. Becker, near. Brush. Hun school house. Mrs- W. F.' Resser and three child!-en. of York, are-spending some time with Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Leib. is a graduate or! new Industry lias been inaugurat- j at the Carc-y ! years caretaker of Meade's Head- i Many ilnjoy an iiveiling- a quarters on- the Taney'ccwn Koad. v.-as"! fcand dead about nine o'clock this! morning- bv Colonel E. B- Cope and j A most enjovabie surprise Dartv was j IChar jnoor 1 house j Banks Business College, of Phiiadel- ed on the mountain, on the Wills farm, j BONNEAUVILLE Bonneauville--L. C. Myers and Eli j u'clford lost a valuable horse by ! some hours. He was sixtv vears of Vocal and instrumental music I age. K O D A K S F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer our entire stock is of the s.ardard E a s t m a n M a k e Direct from the factorv-. ALWAYS FRESH. Careful attention to the development of films. Mail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. H T T D T ? T 3 » Q r^t?!!^ 1 \J ±3 Hi IV O i_y i\. LJ Vj. J. H. I1UBEU, Drnesist. were j furnished by Harry Taylor ar.d Alva j Mr. Miller had r.ot been in robust' Starner. Mrs. Carey received many |" uescs " i health for a number of months but i useful presents. Those presen'i were: j . i was able 'to be about- Thursday even- : 3.1r. and Mrs. John Carey. Mr, and I CR 1 ^""^ 1 B^STIC ; ing- about eight o'clock he was talking ; Mrs. -John Bowers, Mr. ar.d Mrs. Abe!'. _ _, ',, _ . ^ : ^ · ! L/r. Chester u. Cnst, of phia. whore he now holds a position , at Gladhill siding. ! .v;th Proctor and Gatnbeli Co. i Some time ago the Messrs. Wills * ( ? -.---**!,».» At four o'clock thgy left for a two · became impressed with the peculiar | T F \niler and wife, Fabian Staub -.....-_. ., rock on thei , fcrmi- nd ,,;.£,, and daughters. Marie and the Advance Supply j p a «]ir:e. spent Sunday in New Oxford [ paests of the latter's parents. Mr. and Miss Grace Iiempt, of Camp Hill, a; As a resuiv the latter company has ; "Vlrs Vincent S'aub classmate of the bride was among the erected a building about 70 feet sauare i ! on the Wills farm, equipped it ! five crushers and is now converting the ! Miss Marie Schott, of Hanover. icn ! spent Sunday with the Misses Myers. Mr. and Mrs. Crisl Gebhart and Mr. Mt. - Alto. j Colonel Cope and he tried various Zora Day, Rae Crum, Mae Ho.iiusi;.i,,^ r ,^ , u ._ ,, (--:!-,,,, | Wii.-dovrs and doors and than pried iMary Cline. Uriel Siiatteron, Myrtle I"" '" L -~"" 1- J " s ~" I opan one of the windows, getting en- · Shettsro;:, Mary Moiter, Myra Motter,! tter. Dorothy Carey. Sarah j NEXT ATTRACTION ana,: Peter Gebhart was a .Hanover visit- consis-; or on Saturday. ; Miss Marj- Miller spent Saturdav in e · Baldniors. i.- each day and the supply ,j 0 - nn Staub left Monday to spend ; some time with his brother George in ; Bahimore. ' Those who spent Sunday ac the . "-erne of Etivrard Oiyner were: George : -"IcClaugrhlJn. of Fairfield: Mr. and EXB OF SEASON = i trance to the house in that way. only-' Dorothy Motter. jE i to nnd the dead body Ij-ir.g on the floor.. Btam. Messrs. ; Fewer Hunters and More Beer ' lhan Last Year. ' .M.-==. David Me;z and ehildrer!. Lutr Lemuel Beam. Enlph i , Mr. Miller leaves his parents. Mr. : CHne. Bruce Cline, Harr\-*Tavlor. C?ri' Josliaa Sirnpkins lo bo (he Next Pisy ; T;.- ;-. -..;ir.T scasor, for deer, which ~ " " -- - . n! V%aucr"s. clcs-jd Tue?dsy nicht. -."23 declartrc b; _ Dr. -Joso-ph Kalbfus. secrct;iry of the "Joshua Simpkins". a four act Xcv: . g. a . c Q.T n , e Co^r.iission, to nave re- be presented at Fri.Ja- ·= j and Mrs. Daniel Mi'Ier. living: near I Brigg-S Guy Lobaugh, Roy Crum. OI- i 5 itown and several brothers and sisters. ,;ver CJijie. -lob Cline. Herman Dixor.. j The funeral v.-j!i be held on Sunday · Lloyd RoiTRian. Ira Heller. Brighton ' _ j afterr.oon from Meade's Headquart- ; Yenjjsr, -John Hershey. John V.'nlney,: ^"'S--1 " P' a J d in less IVJTS cf Hfe and a iare YOUR - TURKEY - DINNER Will taste better if you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T on ThanksQfivincr Day. We have a laroe variety of O O - " ·* choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. J. D. L1PPY, Tailor. For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. · his late home. Services and interment " j at Xew Chester at 2 o'clock, Rev. S. E- ', 1 Smith or.d Rev. W. A. Horn officiating. " -WENKSVILLE | ^o. Orchestra M« S1C . Wenksville -- Sunday School vrill be ·' On and after Monday, December 1, ^ held in the Lutheran church Sunday i "JValter's Theatre will be under new · afternoon at 1 o'clock Preaching ser- j-sanagemer... The College Band wili ner, Hoy and Doris, of Virginia Mills; 1'hark-s NV.vman. of Ilarover. and .':hscs Pnuhne and Gertrude Omdorff. Mr. a-iii r»!rs. Eugene Melhom, hailc Kbsnk and George Miller .- p---:n Sunil-y as the guests of the former's parenis, Mr. and 3Irs. John Mvshorn. in Xe-A- Oxford. E. L. Golden rjjade a trip to the :.iou;j"ia;^ j Tuesday. r«rrs. Ida Wagner and daughter, . _ . _ _ _ 7atbarine. sp^nt Tuesday i n Hanover. peculiar mechanical device which has TC - jr -· ^.{ rw. Kaibfus. "Con;rar%- to - Mrs. 3IcMa=-ter was a visitor Mon- nc-.-cr been introduced here before. The {^e general belief fewer docs v.vre " fisy at the home of Crist Gebhart and T ^ t ~Ti T * TV :c-mpany also boasts of a splendid or- ,.:,,: d Tj, 5r ,ea r seventv were kille-3: wife. Rand to Manage Local Thea- ^^ wfci( . h 5s c . lrried conl?lelo b - .^. .^ kn ^ of ^ Jt L I nonscnss I D - Mr,. Jjademan and Theresa Golden the or.v-":zati-r:, to aid in the P ro ?^ '^y that so r.iar.y were killed '.his "spent a day in Gettysburg. " the play, which is ..^^ Hunters know that the klHsn-r j vf does i. r.i*a: S ,.«. the law ar.d they : CASHTOWN ^re belpsng -.!.- to see that iV is obeyed. *· Cashtown--Or, Wedr.esdsv _ , - . i-, XE"V\ 5LANAGSMENT ; vsca at 2 o'clock. 5 Mrs. Gulie Showers " take ccnip-Iete charge of the 7)-y- has improved house and will install entire!" new a " In orchestra ! Mr. and Mrs. Denton Lynn and son," every evening. " of Lucknow. spent last week with ' : nsr property by r.a\ing her house up-to-date motion pictures. i - : , .- .., -,, , , toaiMted. , tion thpv v.-ill have an orches to abound with njus-'ical anJ dancing · r^-jiakier of a h:gh ortler. To as^t ."Joshua Siniokhio" in popularity, a biK.i o-f ;r.-Ji;c is ul.-o carried and a is jr- T -^" wisK-h i.- srssd to be far r.noxc anylhitig usually heard with · a ii^ivcHng rnuical oijxanizafion.---ad- ; friends in this vicinity- ; C. A. Hershey is having a registered , I Mr. and Mrs. Harper Black and son.'slock sale on March 16.--advertise-; OX :Mar]in,of Harrisburg, are visiting' ment 1 .wood delivered from either after Docombcr rnomsng- "I do not think that the number of ,he- Cashto'wji Hunting Cansp'retarned rr^r.niu.r j,i-s-ido:iis will i^o r.s great a ? ' t o Shis piece with iour large^b-ocks. :n fo:n:or years, verj- few h:.\e bee:: '-"".-.a Mar.-h Cre^k Hunting Club re- reported thu.^ far." .'or.Unuc-,. the gairi-:- \.rnc-I the ^^MO with a large i.aio ho-.n ab-'-ut -Js'0,«")0 huiters ir. th«- , Isuat. D. Mick'ey broke ground for fe!-?. I bt-'icve .ibout ^.J".t!^') took «ui ; his new stable v.hlch ha -v\*ili build this hunrei.V lioor..-ys, but \ve casiisot be ,f^\l on h: property to which sure of that until v.v ret the re\uvn* |r.iove this sprincr. he will their pai-ente, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Black and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bearner. 1st. r.;l factory ,v.-jil be sold strictly cash on delivery, from ail cjunlie'. Then there \vere, The ketcre on Saturday evening by FOR RENT: three rooms- Furnish- No deviation from this rule will be thousands cf fanners ar.d their sons : Miss. Xettie Hamilton, Field Secretary Furniture Com- n j dauqihters who hunted on their ! of Chr.utauqi.-a Institute, ChauViuqua, Mrs. Alfred Taylor and children, ed or unfurnished. 161 X. Washington allowed. Gettysburg Evaline and Marlin, spent Tuesday street.--advertisement. OLDFASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, 40 cents to., Butternut Taffy, 50 cen'a lb., Peanut Taffy/20 j Carey B!ack vis ; ted Isaac Black and cents lb., Peanut Brittle, 10 cents lb. Ici Cream Taffies,-10 cents Ik-Piwh ' fami]y ; of Huntsdale, on* Sunday. ' pany; Hcn?er FiirnittJi-c Company.-- 'own lunu? and who did not have to j Xew York, was of a high order and advertisement t t a k e ovt licensL-s." FURNITURE auction, Saturday.' November 20. at one o'clock. See ad- DON'T foi get Emory ZcppV sale on CHART for "Tho Dust of thj at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN Mr, and Mrs. H. C. Warren visited vertisement. Chas. S. Mumper and Co. Dec-ember 2nd, for !--ood cattle, hoj:s Earth", will open at -People's friends near Hanover over Sunday. --advertisement 1 and chickens.--.advertisement 1 Store, Saturday.--advertisement I * vtrt-y much appreciated. After the '"cliire there was~a social hour at the l.earruo rooms.; were curved and all had a very pleasant time. SFAPERl

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