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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, January 13, 1818
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V 7 7v'. a - ' !; - . kht to too., m .1; 2 - J v i .r ... 'I it". "': l .TIT - AT, JA"JAI - Y J3.'; '"" fVurf.rwi - Tterdaj cams on for ' trial btlLrt hh boat th mayor and ths aldar - mteofths eljnta. and testa WHwmw" ? Btnt Tuast Mordecai. Moses Noah, th editor 'of the National Advocat,' Cora asjsdsmesnor js lateTcepting and breaking epew private letter asd publishing ths content. - Ths trial biUd from 12 to C, during which s ' ywiety t testimony was give U fix lbs ibsrg f bUrccptlar sad breaking open Um sssL ; Oo " tisane fond. ttvrsairovdbv a witoss oo bv half of ths" defendant, that iho lsttsr was fcand open oath Scot of bit office, bat how it cam there, sad oi that situation, did sot appear., Oa th other. H contended that (bit stoexptabv v ed cirtamstaooe sfibrded the trongt evidence of Um troth of Um fact charged fa ths - indict - eat ft wm declared by Mr.' Mai wI3,oo of the coon sel oa behalf of tht proasvmtioe, that he should aotBuirtthat that ebarg wa ubstsa - tiitod br tba ariileoce, bat tho counsel with him contended most strenuously that tho la&reoce wti trromtiblo. Tho' Byar, (a bis charge to ! tho jury, Ar reeapkulatiog tho evidence at Jenytb, delivered his ootaioa W then to this effect that if they wera convinced that tho defendant broks tho teal or surreptitiously procured it to Iw dons,' they mast find" him guilt of tho snisds - neanor charged to tho Indictment . Tho Jury Uhdrewend returned la about twenty miqutes . Vilh a verdict of XviL's'. .t ' , ..Maxwell, fiogardus and Vaa Wye, counsel Or tho praccitioo. iw'. '': - : '.Fries sad fUk, Hat tba defendant. ' 7 P. 8. Wt giro tho report from beamy, V - ' 7notnuhmultitud4. - The eor.oratio hare ' ". ' T &e Ukeir duty in paadng tho ordiuaaco to baaitb '77. '.V ' , thoio aaianahflma the ttreeti J but wheqa, lot ; " i - ,r, ''. iseatk, la Mr. Jomu Pax kner, tho city - taper 7 v j.: ' - r . . jauahnt, with hia thoaiand dollar ft year, that " " . - i .". hedoaoootdohh, but porauto tboao who chose '7 to TkJate tho ordinance, do oo with impuniiy? '7 " - 'if .. If tho Isw'ii Bui renal, rarely Us operation ought '". "':', KdiM CSmcrri. ) tbiok this coocort caonot ;v77c WtootwtllatteBdeJ tbiiereoiog, If it is ooly . 7 - . witaeoi M erta of the gMtUoaas SAatear ' Who asaobacU is tho bill to stag oss of PU - ; : llpps'toogi, Though ioVt i waraa' awhile ''. by way, I prtamo,of shtariof his superior pow. ' . r, swootasss of tofle and aoro dittloct articuls - . .. Ota. - . i - .' .. ' Mr. Caoptrt BenrJU.Vit take tho liberty 7; barely ressiod too public, that' to - morrow - ; , wraoiaf b the benefit aight of Mr. Cooper, aqd probably tho last we shall bars as opportanity for sobo tisu to witaors. ' The play ' and after. 'piece are both well eaJcolatad to' shew brilliant ' sxd remtile talents. 7 , . .'..'coMBMMttosr. Mr. EdUir. . I have ao wiA to occupy any portion of your paper wilh a disnustai of the fwrticular merits 7 orproouioi 01 ins projected won w any iduiti. : dual 1 bt would cooflne dirself to a enr few reosaiks is reply to "A friend to Met it," in , , - your r nuay'sputoao. 1 aotaeirwouiy u min self to merit, mors sepecially of native growth ; snd atta tW w. - w - oiuerpiw aad assurance is the oolv dc&dency we can just lyrom plain ot, when w regret the paucity ofi Aatencaa talent, with rerpect at least to geogra - phioal descripuoo, or history, of our owe coun ' try. . 1 itutitute so comparison between the at - t talnsients . Americans and toreigners ia tlx ' J - Jgher departments of scienro t bat 1 have always tea sunned that actual residence, research .'. ' and oheervation, were amour tho best qnaliAca . iions, it solioditpensiMe rsquisHet in a writer of original geography and wbso I see a respectable work oa this country published in Paris iu ' 1816, denrkur its authority asd onpymg its ac , ' Counts from tho compilations (among other) of , the rentable Weld sad Henry, who ended hi? ? v travels ia 1778 j sad when I see the pro pectus r - ot Mr. Wivrden, speaking of tteenly.on ttattt aad re ttmttnut aodBnd m one 01 the mott ' supetb snd rt'pectable atlassos ever pablithed in ' the Eng tf'i labgoare, from the first engravers . and geographers in L - onlon, coy the iveeies, in '1814.) a state of Franktinia elegantly delineat - ed, a Sw Jersey district oa the Miiippi, and '" tba !nd ana temtory placed ia Vininia, 1 caonot "" btrt ni'pcct a general deficiency In the means of information, or a wilful aeslgo to deceive and " tt'ulead, In tho transatlantic asihors aad compi - lsn of maps aad geographios of . the United ' . States. Korean I bot tisw it el somewhat singular, in . anr writer, bow ever dutinguuhed by hit talents and eradition, that be should advaoce as a pnn tipal qaaliAcatloa tor writing a hirtory and do scrip tioa of the United States, a residence of ten . years at three thousand miles dhtance from the - osttntrr ! How atraostly malapropos la the case '" cf Michaui, quoted as a successful instance of . ; a work upon America bv a foreign author ! ,. Miehaux, father and sou, personally explored the 1 ' country, with great labor, care and awiduity, by - by traveniog and examining it ea feet, to difler - :. ' ent direction!, froen the state of Gonrsia to Ca - "Bada, and published the result of their actual obrwtioQ and personal remarks. Of what . ; Eurweaa reographer can as much be said ? This was aiaUrially.diflerent from " a residence ia farieof tea yeans d reading ten thousand newspaper" there. - . , . : I complain, rewerJlft of a disposition ia mv 4 couotrvmea to patronise exotic talent aad eoter - : prizo in prelVrnce to American genios asd bb - ' dertakingv' I monlioo the csa of a respectable geotlemaa purchasing a aapef the United Mates .. publuhod a fans, at a price sf twenty dollars, airer refuting to pay tea lor Bradley's. 1 ces . sure so tbreirner lor siak'mr books' tor as, when he knows they will be prsferred to those of ear ews manufacture. Oa the Contrary. I a cheerfully yield my gratitude sod applause for tne inoaicuiaois Dentins we buve derived from tbem. Hot tor ituarmstioa of the nature, cha racter, features, history, itxtistks aad analogy sf , owco4Utry - HDmwtelge to be derived only from . the personal experience of anthers, er compile tkns of editors, I conceive the United Stntei, as the source: ought to be the seat aad repwitory ot ' iatelUgence, whether the publication be deeded for Eamoraa or Aoehcaa readers. To ttoU aod ill M comet iojonaatioa a ladat4r attssspt, and br s people tonoraat as the rea ders of ear French ccapthtvoa mast be, should ' he rratefollf received aod liberally supported. f this side the Atlantic, the case is entirely dif - Bala atore tericcn complaint. Mr. Editor, I " most pr - S(r against Kansas jtenms, who, with mease of kfioitsty better Imowledre within tSeir power, eaibosy and dirMininate the saot issala. - riest, fciearrect, and iqjarioos sccoanto of the Uwtod SWn. I stronrty saspect a dfea t ' these sdmirn of le?itunate royalty, to beaute" and mierepriseiit. frnm politic! motives, every moul (joiity aad rtataticel feci ia this growia j I wpnlSa. tisawbytt!tunUefoarcaa - i d. Jom aad t wy, wriue rweoiy r uiiny r proci.7t,ou.:'i"ranJ ..,!o T P " wbitB the Uou 1 Sw' 3 le o ie every t! ar.lre: - eatUiesi to 01 tiTsi 1', .jasijatualcooiliet.isltl.8f "by re tne I rest s reaaeri aoui, mmmmm, u . isis. iir. JaCmeS wsa presidasU s bet aaaa - (.nutdoalt Uhow the tMTiod is which Uv to - leao was writtsn, sotwitbstaadiDg S psrtkslar lUtoiSMstofthodillMeBt eortioos, wrUlcS by Ibe Mveral coespiUrs U that Terr year! Osr nary Mil arm an rirtjs at oMM troops, ainmae, tee. with roasariuoaiU woaksess. Mr. MerssH suhtis of 700,000, ttieatated, woold be asert correctly 150,000. . A law other Wanders, wil fail M anl. InllAaV t ', ... - i - t s f , Is Jfew - Eogtaod, the lssgoago is (said to he) to corrupted, that as EnglMhsaa tas scarcely SBdersUsdSBAsMricaa.phraot Tke Drtiled rt(xwl relirioos preraiL but ia Marrla&d the Catholics are the asost aojas - The tsgabosdago of (he emigrants Is Oo ecribed in a peculiar sty to. The nrasident is elected lor 7 Tears! ' ; Plynvoatb, Mi. tai 19,000 uhaUUats, snd Bos - loo 2aooo. , . , , 1. ... In Boa too, the Marias Society placed at the bead of the learned insUtations 1 - - , Consscticat proJaccs rice as' a staple and imports it from tho West - Indie t The population of Mow - York Is estimated at 630,000, up to 1795 otUy 1 And in this region commences the horrible yellow - fever, whkh a cures thro orb the southern itatea. as annually Jf populating the towns sndcitiss! A sQvermino 10 Uu state I (Joe banic ea no city, besttlea branch of the United States. ' . Id Philadelphia, 70,000 inhabitant: the gross - nessoi tho lower clsates aarprismg stnuigen. - Yeilow - fever araia.' UObo,tren40feetinc'uTomrercnce. Maize, bacon, milk and butter, the food of the people seldom any thing elte tband lohabitants lire in cabins,' or log - bootes ' Bilious and yellow - torers is Virginia; paging described ; 000 - eyed men namerooe. - No church in Richmond . - preach to the capt to) - tic. tic. kc ad infinitum Upon the whole, I am not of opiaioo with a learned and modest editor of a morning print, that the inhabitants of this ountry are bettor taoges loan boroprans or Us events of ins eastern continent, (the author afraid idea alone ex cepted ;) nor am 1 convinced that the cititen of the United States osld be store likely to profit ty compilations from weld, Atfte, Henry, or la - tor European travsllera. thas from the research es, disnuJsilloiM and labors of native or resident oographers, statists and writers, on tho peculiar suae ana aran or norta America, cm tne score of advantage, then, and on tho general unndpie of eitooaragios merit la tho most sata ral and beocficul manner, as well as from mo - Uves of comnra patriotism, or national pride, I wish to see the United 3tates independent of lo reigners on subjects of local interest aod know - ledge, liberal in fcxUrinr native talent and enter prise, and vindicated, to one particular at least. from the charge atado, or quoted, by our Parisian Saras, thit " Lot repabliqoes ont toujours etc utgrates." " ; A Frimi to Ameriemn Literahtr. Foreigners are aotalooe guilty of this ca lumny. - - Ed. E. Post. iv COMMtrXICATIOT Jfanuoefurrs. The eveuts of the late war were sufuctctit to tntisry our anod 01 the necessi ty of domestic aannufactares, and their patron. tation by not only the meaiures of the general government, but by the feelings aod actions of very metuoer or tne community, uuiaaawe a doubt on the subject, it would have been dis - polled oa witnewiug the deleterious effects of the V . 1 1 1 c 1 1 1 .1 - - uneaampif u imruiuoi umi hiuowiu uje savs, We now see trie questioa of domestic manufac tures before tongre - 9, and iucerely hope the sulject wiH most that attention it so justly tot - rits. ' We canout douM its eventual succem; but wo tbluk there - will ret be much occa lion for the efforts of its patrons 1 and uuder this mnvirtinn .a aieelins of the " American Society for the en ooiagemeut' of Domestic Mmufict ares' announced for this evening at Tammany - Hall, on the annual election for officers, which wo trait will be generally attended. A Letter from a respectable boose, dated Gas ' - - dtdoupo, 11th December, 1817, says, " We have received ia 3 days 5000 barrels of dour from the United Stales. The article will experience a depreciatios. If In time, fie; lr reduce the quantity ordered, and if you have bou;ht the rye flour aad ladiaa meal, sell it again ereo at a loas." , .. AVoti the Vnitti States Guttle 0 Januarg 9, . We have extracted in thii day's Gatette, from the LooUen Courier, a paper high m the coon deuce of the British administration, an article upon the subject of Uie bank of the united States. We deem it proper that the public should b apprised of what is thourht aod said abroad of an mstitatioa is which Ihie oation saa so deep as in terest, whether the opinions so expressed be well or ill founded. , BA5K OF. THE UNITED STATES. ... r Vest the London Courier. txtract of a letter from a merchant in PhUadel - phia, to his correspondent ia London, dated July 30, 1317. . ' M n - evioas to the purchase of the bill remit ted you, 1 had it in contemplation to invest the proceeds of your old United Slates Hank shares in stock of the aew bank. It would bare been for your interest had I done so, but I did not be lieve an advance of 34 per cent would nave takes place so soon, sad 1 am sure yoa will agree with me that the ri - e is premature snd extra va ran t, betnr fbaoded oa a calculation that pur chasers to a larre amoant from your side ofi the Atlantick would come into the market. The stock is held chiefly iy speculators, men who bare bought solsly with the view of selling oot as soon su the balloon is sufficiently inflated by puibng, sod before the prewure ol too much gas occasions it to burst. In Philadelphia and Bal timore, four individuals are stockholder ia the soot of six millions ; and it is asserted, that half the capital stock is now is the hands of about fifty persons, fissidee these, bold and avaricious adventurers are ronitanUy saonopoliaing at high prices all that comes into the market, with a view to prevent depression, aod to give an an - sataral currency to 'he stock. To assist ths operation of these mes, a ooostderaule part of whom are in the direction of the Hank, every thing has beta doae by the boa'd to encoarage the rare of soeculatioa. Lk the first place, thev oommuwiooed Mr. Sergeant, one of the directors, to purchase from Messrs. Barings, of London, 1 large amount sf specie, to order to give a gloss to the eyas of your countrymen. encoursgiag Use early ressmpliooof rpySe payments. The saeasere, it if true, aSbrded general satisfaction. hot it was dwovefed immediaiely after Jttr. Sergeast had embarked, andflve months before a dollar arrived from ICnrope SnJr his miivion, that the banks bad the capacity to resume, asd actually resumed tbesr socostnmrd sperations m the payment of specie throughout the United state s so that the millions boosht by Mr. er - ITsaot will come here loaded with commissions. freight, issrance, aod turiits. On the heels of this the board of director fa considerable su Jorityof wlmmandeesocraij) resolved that the divulesdsoa lha slnck kssiU to Earope should he ststf payable is Loodont asset that, dnrieg uauimioisiraiioB si ute evaal bsnr, was r - prhated by the' whole - ormocraUe rhalaua. This asnn. aatlnuh. v.11 a. .j, .Curopeaa vWciliolUsr, b U of tmfltciaBt to the u,an?..a.'.t the rresent ! ro!lowlr is e - vck snccsssinn, the board . , r - - - . ... 4a.nhrr rssolrod to aks 1 aas ea their - own ...,k. . rv. 1 t mr. to everr apply: y stocka.vidar, which eaabled (hoes With small mesaa to porcLaaa' largely," and prior stackhoUm to mcreete theirauaiuam to Inmost say extant. TheeSect of these Ksoiauosa was aasnstaataiisoasadraacBi tot, after the orgaa - kaliamofthabaak.aad before they were adopt - sd the stock retted hi smatoosAdoraiantsttie about par. ; liaviag stated the principal causes of ths rauid adraocseseot sf the stock, I will ta mis the seasons most vmwerfalW operating y auna way tas present rates wsm v supported. ; 7' " ' 7 7 I. The commerce oftbe U. Matss rmce ur general peace, has ssaterially declined 1 we were carriers uuriar us iiropesn conies u ior the beliigsrents, which gave employment to oar shipping, sad coaseqnently to oar banking insti - tatioas 1 sreatels are as longer wantau, except (or ear ows produce, other nations employ their AW H " ' 1 1 r v . fl. Since the Absolution of the UU tank ot the llnited States, whose capital was only ten sullioosofdoUaR, a batch of 3 1 banks has bees erected by the legislators of Pennsylvania, and 50 or Skore by other itatee in the anion. . 3.:The canital oftbe Present bank is 33 eaillioas, five - eighths of which was to consist of six per cent stock of the United States, redeems - bis at the pleasure of the - general government, or in ether words, whenever they ould coo., dude a good bargain wiih the bank. . Applica tioa has accordingly been made for the whole of (his stock, aad the bank is now left with an ac. tire and ponderous capital of 35 mUlioos, equal to three and a half of tho original bank, requir - kg such an amount of private paper to discount, as in my opinion the slate of commerce does not Justify, to enable the directors to make dividends 00 actual profits commensurate with ths present advanced price of the stock. If vour capitalists are disposed to make largo investments at commanding price, the stock may hold up its bead and improve J out on the other hand, if they are backward to engage ia the speculation, it unavoidably mast and will tall." 1 From Me Aurora 0 January 10. There is reason to believe that durinr the em bargo and the war ceryvin officers of the United States1 government, in different parts of the United States, contrived to amass Immense turns of money by compounding with smuggler as congress is about to punith a mall rogue, it would comport with itsdiguity and its justice to investigate the conduct of those grref rogues an auquiry might be made requiring a return or all the vessels seized during the period between the promulgation oftbe embargo down to the close of 1 the war specify tng ia each case the following particulars: 1 The name oftbe shio whea seised S The names under which such ship had be fore tailed 3 The owner real or nominal whoa seised 4 The names of previous owners 6 The names of commanders and officers and ship's company when seized , 9 The port at which the ship was built 7 The voyages previoasly made from a date prior to the embargo 8 1'be name of the person seising - 9 - The name of the person informing 10 How proceeded against, and ia what coort aoa oy wnat law omcer , , 11 The period of trial 12 The ifsne of the trial " 13 The value of each cargo and ship, as esti mated 14 The amount paid into the United States' treasury in each case ' ' ' 15 I he rases which were brought under the dispensing power cf the treasury L 16 How many of those cases were remitted . 17 Cases is which the whole was remitted 18 Cases in which the informer's moiety was reserved and the Uuited States' moiety , re - milted ' V. 19 Cases remitted by the prerogatire of the HTmiit gtlfr t "11 1 ' or esi Jinm SO Cases yet under the briberg screw. . ' CHARLESTON, Jan. 5. 'Report ef Actual Sales br the wttk put. HOV - K PRODUCTIONS. , CoUoa - - 6ea - lsland, 65 s 58 cents per pound. Short staple, (new) 34 a 35 cents. Rice Prime, 55 1 - 4 as 3 8 iecood quality, 13 - 415. flour - Camden, (fUp.) $11 1 - S. Philadelphia, 11 1 - 2. REMARKS.' Dry Good k Groceries The holidays daring the two last weeks, together with bad weather for most of that time, have nearly put busi - nam to a stand ; and the horrid situation of oar streets has rendered the transportation of property very difficult - - Of coarse we can offer nothing new on the general state of the markets in these two departments of business. Cottons Continue at about the same prices as last week 1 Bea - lrlandi are only nominally at our quotations, there having been no sales Upland are alo rather dull at their present high prices, occarioned no doubt by the Ute unlavor able accounts from the European market. Rice To the disappointment sf every one, maintains its price, and is in rood demand. 5alat have been made a little over our last quota lion ; my 15 3 - a ths Flour Most of this article baa been bought ap within the la4 lew days, and prices have advanced half a dollar on the barrel. PHILADELPHIA, January 12. Cmrelrssneti of tlaeo - drttersOa the 3d Inst at York ia this state, immediately after the pas - sen re rs had alighted from the stage, the horses were Irightened and ran away ; lu passing down aod the plaiform giving way, one of the hones was unfortunately precipitated into the tetlL be tween the pump and the wall, where be was sus - tpended by the pars after some time ths animal was taken out lifeless. Would it not be advisable for the legislator to pass a law, regulating the duties of stage dri vers, and inflicting severe punishments and pe nalties lor neglect of ths perbruance sf that duty - . ...... . i UST. CLA1RSVILLE, Dec. . EaoCKlIS ACCIDSRT We leant thai some time but we k, while s Mr. Bale, sear Jacobs burgh, in this county, we about butchering bog, hi us was suddentv denrired of life h the fal. lowiax nr&aner. A hog had bees throws osttie ground, al while the boy was aoeisiint, in eca nng or ouet tne aeg, sir Hale hling his kmis with the point elevated, ths boy w throws violently upon it it plunged into his seek, and he b!;d to death to less (had two sai - aate. . PHILADELPHIA, Jaa. - tt CciiltrfeiJi. Last friday, a mas was cnos - mitted to prison by the mayor, to whose possession was found aeariy C4O)0 to counterfeit sola of the ' following denoaunation. 100 and Cl Philadelphia baak: thO Scfeevlkill banh. alter. ed from $5 and f iO, Usios hank, Mary - lanut and ft, llagerstewa bank; f 10. Farmer asd Mechanic tank, sf fitlsburyti : ilO, So W.York Stole Baak j flO, Merch - nls ank, 5w - Yorkt $5, Fsmers Bant. 1K war t 5, Merchants Bans, city of New. York; t &marcia Bank of Peomylvania. sod $3, Bank of Germsntowsi all of which ran be ea sily detected by persons .conversant to handling bask sotaa, hat the generality of our eitiseas any be deceived, particularly with IheCoeisurr - etal and Germanlowa f3. Tersoos who hare lately rjcivd counterfeit moory, would do well by cal!in;oa Ihe atror, j owrnwjw nmmmijKm too V - tstant, a small boy, about ax jsart of its, sea Joha . - ' e. a.'li XV, nluaf,Maf IMCtm W - , Townih Delaware eonuij, ' B0lher Ulr .. atae ta4bseadrfsdBijsatt.a times attempted to be discharged ba fciUJ 1 he. fas Is thought) without tne w Smare, presented the gas at hi lister, of aboirt uTyears of age, drew the trigger, and onfortu - - .k. .n.t ntr. snd lodred it contents ia her bowels S M immeauiw7 extremity of her distrem called for her ppa, . .r..i .taa snrvived about an anu swww. - . . AlA hour, bat little more man worn " - father, and a weeping mother, to behold a bloonv ing beloved child's untimely ueein Letter from UvsrpooL of the 28th Novem ber, state, that flour bad fallen about 4s. a bar - t .i ... 1 k above date. 64s. for tweet, ami 52s, for sour. 1 Tea bags of the new crop of upland cotton, very one, sua at xzu. . i t m.. t - n D . l A vnimt of the Com misuoMisof theSiuking rood, are whhshed in parsaasce of direcUoos gi von to the manes r k ska rVmmnn Council S : The Commissiooersoftl:e Sinking road present to the Common Council, an account cum at for tho half year, endins; tne oeconu oiujuoj (10th) of November, 1817. ' 7 ., ' Tk.. k.ii. nnirkilal HurMr that time, KB thousand one hmvlied dollars city stock, whkh h..h.MnuinrnutArths funds antwopriattd by law for that purpose. Although purchases have been made above par, yet it wa thought adviseante to invest the cash on band, from time , 11. ik;. mu - u, r twk at the market price, in preference to any other, as the object of estat) lulling tne smaing 1 vou, was "J"."5";" by parcbases the puolic aeoi m ne cj. JLm KmMn. midmI So the 10th SOV. last. was srilv - Tnor Oxuisand dollars. SISCS whkh purchase have been made, aad inore are expected shortly to b accomplished. Tba balance 00 hand Noy. 10, 1817. is 1S5 agreeably to the annexed account. a The Siskins; Fund in account current with the lyOmn wseonrre, or uie nan jrr uuia; cood Monday (101b) of ov. IBI. , 1817. ' July 16 To cash paid for f 1300 city stock, bought of A. H. Lawrence, 100 1 - i per cent. 1306 50 DR. Brokerage, 1 - 4 percent ' 3 20 (1309 76 9. - D0. for ft400 city stork, bought of A. tj. L - awrenco, iui 1 - per cent, - . 2430 Brokerage, I - 4 do 6 Nov. 10 Do. for J6400 rity stock, . bought of Geo. F. White, 1031 - 2 percent. , . 6560 Brokerage, 1 - 4 do ; 16 40 Balance la the bands of the Commissioners 2436! 6576 40 135 12 $10,447 2D 1817. , CR Mav 13 Balance oa hand, as per re - port, a' ' esv oycssn re a.ior maraei ices, an wn Do. interest city stock, 2970 . Do. street vaalts, 2091 75 Do. Commutation Water May 12 quit rests, 143 84 to Nov. 10. Do. water lot rent,previous to 1804, . 425 Do. pawn - broken' licen - ' ccs, , 160 $ 10,447 28 Nov. 10, 1817 Balance to faroarof the commissioners, . . . . ." fli 12 Jacob RadcIifT, R Riker, Tbos. K. Smith, Ch. Fin. Com. W. Fisfi. Treas. l Commissioner of the Sink in: 1 usd. G. N. Blwjter, Couip.. J The City Inspect or reports the death of 47 oer sons, from the 3d to the 10th day of January, ' lQis, vu: ' . k Casualty 1 j coniunpiioa IH convulsions 6 cramp in the stomach 1 1 diarrhoea 1 1 dropsy 2 droDsv in the bead 2 J fever typhus 1 1 tout I Lbe, orcroap S - . jvttMcalx iniUmntalion of tne cnest 9 iumammatioa 01 tne over X 1 intem perance It old are 1 1 palsey 1 1 small pox 1 1 sure throat 1 1 still bora 4 1 sodden death 1 , tabei mesenteric . or whom waXRK, Of the asre of 1 year snd under. 12. betweea the are of 1 and 2 rears. 3 1 2 and 5. 4 1 5 and 10. 1 j 10 and 20. 1 s 20 and 30, 5 1 30 and 40. 0 1 40 aodoiJ, oroUandtiO, 3; 60 and 70, 0 i 70 and tsu, 1 j uu and w, 1 1 90 and ioul 1. GEORGE CUMUVO, City Inspector. . . - DIED. t Oa Monday morning, 12th init Mr.' James Betts, aged 34 years. His friends and acquaint ances are requested to attend bis funeral on Wed' nesday afternoon, the 14ln inst. from No. 4 Mar ket - street, between Harm an and Division - streets at 3 o'clocK, precisely. iKJiVfJVO POST MA Riff E LIST. CLEARED. JSto . Maria Carol too, Macy, 'New - Orleans - C. R. DufSe, Brig Riing Sea, Wbittbead,' Brazil Terrfl k Ksarney. ARRIVED THIS iVHXMHtr. ' Schr Cere. Mills. RicVsond. and 4 davs from Norfolk, with dour and tobacco, to Boormaa jonnstoo, w uurgess, u Beuoae at Uo. Walsh Si Gallagher, asd V Benton. BELOW. - Brig Agent, from Marseilles.' ; ' . Two schooners. - 7 " ARRIVED LAST EPEXIXG. Brig Eliza, Thayer, S davs from Savannah, with cotton and rice, to II Thomas, and others Sch. True American, Kelly, i jdays from riiuaaeiptiia, with merchandize, to L Horn medieu it Brown, snd others. Sch Two Brothers, Nkkeron, 9 d ivs from Wilmington N. C with wheat, cotton and rice. to Geo, Gibbs, and J Fi ch and Co. The pilot boat Ulysses, Hyer, in 44 hours from tbe Chesapeake. Sailed in co. with the sclirs Gen Macomb, for Charleston 1 Diamond, Jird, fur N 'York Jane, for do. Spoke, in the flay, the sch Sea - Flower, 9 day Com Portsmouth, N H for Norfolk. 7 - - Sloop Betsy, Somen, 4 days from Philadelphia, w:th floar and wine, to Byrnes, Trimble and Co. - . Sloop Messenger, Porter, 4 day from Portland, with rum snd molasses, to W. St C. Porter, and Fish Jz GrinnelL7 Ship South Carolina, arrived at St. Croix I2th Dec torn this port PHILADELPHIA, Jaa It. Arrived, scbr Ceykm, Burger. Boston 12 days. Cleaied, brig Mary Ann, Lewis, N fork 1 schr Eagle, - filackman, N Yorkj PocahooUs, Sey - bert, do. ( sl - wp Ana, Fox, do. OsAatcsTov.Jan. 5 Arrived ship Mont go - met y,Easm, St. Jigo de Cobs, and last from Turks - bland. 7 daya The brig Pope, of Boston, was lost on the cast side of Turks tsUnd, on the 24th nit Brig Peggy ti Pamela,' Pray, (of Norfolk) Gibraltar 58 day Nov. 4, 1st 23 37, long 61 33, spoke ship Wallace, Lee, of and from Salem, bound to Cklcatta. out 15 dr. all well Dee 19, lat 19 15, kmg 61 30, spoke ship Po - m.las, (or a name similar in sound,) Pickrl, SO day from Marseilles bnnnd to Hew Orleans Dee 29. lat 30 16, long 7J T ipoke brig Wil - iimm, Dfvw, uk;i out irom uuadaioupe, boond to Wilmmgtim, N C who politely supplied as with some bread and potatoes, Sara e day, spoke sch T.moleoa, (of Bjton) 8 days fiom Philadelphia, bound to Havana . Sch Hero, Corfietd, Salem (Mas) 'udays. 8ch Salome, otuversck, Euhaw I day. tto Friday snurning oil SL Helena Br,"was iaca.j with a brir. prise to s Pkirtot neie. Uar brig, waiA was slso ia tv. They wished ,oJbr,r!ia Used Ld ttW t - - . cheap - n - lri.S .htn IYMtmoro. ,ttw tes Grt Udays. Ct Joeaday iiLionrTO 43. sooke a ach from - 1 i&t ReOrleanshoondtoCharleaton. Same day, shlpkUttd, from sf York bound to iSavan - aah - - ' r .v. .'' : ' BimUs heir Helena. Manaeu. tsremen oo days. Kov 24th, to the EngUsh unaiinei, spoxc snip saiiy, staiawii, u ... ferpoot 12th. let S3 01, sang 37 26, spoke ttr'nUh .hio Cornwall. Jordan. 42 days from the Isle pf France, bound to London, short of Drovis'ions eupphed her.. , Dec si, tat 01 40, long. 7W Vt, poss uruisu orisr. NeeL 49 days from Liverpool bound to 6a - vannuh. - - ' 1 ffeh F.lUa - Ann. WHer. Havana 10 day Sen Rarnenter. 5tinson. Batb. (Me) 13 days. On Friday last, off Cape Hattera, poke brig Rapid, omith, or 11 alio well, iv oays irom asar - Unique; bound to Wilmington. - Sch Hannah, Beach Gloucester, (Cape Ann) !i days. . . - V , Sch Union, of Boston, Swabe, Havana 6 days. Left brig Angelina, Chaxel, fur this port, to sad in 2 or 3 daya 1 barque John and Charleston, Coomb 1 brig Boxer, Neill 1 George, Wudridge 1 Fame. Stanwoodi Deli - gence, Jones , Mary, SUckpole 1 Francis, Bray - er t rrancu, jninet 1 Samaritan, uuery ( aidcti, Ptincev Cordelia, Footman and Median ic, Smdl ; all from Portland brig; CatncL Perci - val, of Boston 1 schr Rachel, Uutler all wait - in? carrose 1 snd Younir Sea Horse, Moore, unsea worthy. Th e captain and crew of a brig from Boston, bound to Havana, with nsn, soap Sc. arrived atH. the day capt. Swainc ssucd the brig Was tost in ths Bahama Passage, and nothing saved from her but the boats. Markets, nee $8, flour 23 1 coffee 16 cents, molasses 10 bitts, , ' . , - ' Bloop Adeline, Bradley, Saraaoab 11 bourse Spoke in the River, sch'r Patriot, from Providence, R. I. bound to Savannah, , 12 days out ; also brig , Atwood, from Boston for Satan - oah blowing fresh could sotleara what passage. A large snip at anchor on savannau oar. Cleared ships Thalia, Morris. Bordeaux i Canton, Rogers, Liverpool: schr Margaret, Vail. 1? York?. - ' Weot to sen ea Eaturday, British ship Hugh - Crawford, Athol, for Greenock ships Lliza - neth, M'Intosb, for Liverpool ; Fhocian, Congar, (from Liverpool) for Wilmington, NC. British brig Mary, Duparcq, for Liverpool ; brig Factor, Turner, for Bilboa schr Angler, Cloutman, for Boston. ' ' Below last evening, brig Ageooria. Foster, 13 days from tkNtos schr ooutb iaroiina, &i icn. irom in lore. A British shin in the offing. The ship Ceres, Callemler,for Liverpool, in crossing tho Bar on Saturday, struck, aad broke her rudder off short at the upper piittle. ' Capt. C. came ao to tows same eveninsr. in order to procure another rudder (he ship is at anchor off the uar. - Norfolk, Jan 8. Arrived, British brig Slr' 1.. a - 1.1 mi Jt . a Sloop Romeo, Peckham, N Bedford, 5 day. Brig Alligator. Coulsoa. bound to Halifax, which got aground oa the Diamond Shoal, has got off without injury, and gone to sea.. Scaa. Hilar. CarT. Hahd. By the per severance of the captain, and the indefatigable exertion of Col Tsyloe's ship carpenter and sailors, ooiaiuea irom nil manager at neamco; the Ililan has been raised, asd towed into fleob - sco Creek, for repair. Her cargo is os beard VUI. A RIIW I VI 111. UJV aiVTOUl, ! tuv VIWSi aad will probably be seat to the District by that T l. . L 1 . .1. - - 1. THEATRE. Mr. Coo pet's Benefit and last sight of hi ap pearance, if Oa WEDNEDAYEVENIISO; Jan. 14.' WiU be preseated; the Tragedy of jIUUUS CUSAR. - Mark Authonr. r Mr. Coooer To which will be adifed, (for ths 1st time these 7 years! the farce of . THELYAR. - ' Young WtMiaeJ - MntW . (hi 1st appearance ia thatchsraclcris N.York.) THE FORUM Ofr Win be opened oa Friday evening next, the 18th instant, at the Assembly Room, City Hotel, when the following questioa will be discussed : " Is it possible that the pretest pacific state or Europe will ho of long continuance," The diKuyon will commence precisely at 7 o'clock. The surplus proceeds of that evening are appropriated to the Female Missionary Society. A ticket will admit a gentleman aod lady. Tickets to be had at D. Loogworth's Park, and at i ie aoor, at Jo rent eacn. tan 13 4t - - NOTICE. 7T7 ftT A meeting of the New York Manumission society wui ne beid this evening, at the Societv's Schoof - Rooia, to William - street, at 6 1 - 2 o'clock. v . ... KUBT. Will 11 Asst.Sec'ry. Tbe committee on the sabiect of nraiiui art. uiiiubbi BcconnDoaauoaa iov toe Bocteiys scnool wui report at mis wee ling. - jaa 13 11 TUB jwl'A PKLKCJSXS C'HAKLoffe. BJ Several gentlemen participating to the general feeling of grief that pervades Um British empire for the death of this beloved princens, navmg expressed a wua to tots to forwarding an address of sasndolencs to ths prince regent, I therefore reqssst a meeting of his Britannic ma jesty's subjects now to this city, at the British consulate othec, oa 1 hursday next at 12 o'clock, for th above purpose. - - ju is XI JAS. UUClIAnAN. fTT - 1'be Creditor 0 Mrs. SYIl.KV Hf.W. ITT. are requested to meet at the noVe of Mr Blake, 00 Friday next at 10 o'clock in the fore noon, at No. 3 Law - BaiJdings. jan 13 3t ttT" At the Anniversarr Meetins - of tha Lite a. rarv and Philoaonhical Soeietv of Srm.Yntk held on Thursday, the 6th Jaeuary, 1818, the following officers were elected for the ensuing mis txceiiency JJe will Clinton, L, U. D. President. ',.,., ., . . Viet Pretiimli. " David Itosack. M. D. IV R. S. Li b t. , .! - Samuel U MitchULM. D. F. R. S. Ed. : , '. James Kent, L. LTD. - - - ' , : . .). .:''. 7 John Gri scorn Rev. F. C. EhaefTer . Josiah O HoCknan,Eq. C. D.Colden.Eso. James Eastbsrs Alsx. If. btevrn. II D Valentine Mott, M. D. Edia'dLV Genet. eq. Johs Watts, M. D. . Jacob Morton, Esq. . W. J. Macneves, M D G.C. Verplanck. Esa. " M - m 1 . VorrttnonJ'ni' SirrHnrima. H. Winiamson, M. D. I James Rwwick, A.M. Kecordtng Secretaries. - W. Francis, M. D. J. Slooghton, Eiq.' Samsel Moore, M. D. I John Le. Coats. Thomas Eddy, Treasurer. - j 13 ' a , . PVUUC AOTJCA'. rfr' Ths New - York African Qihla W.w will hold their annual meeting oa" Thursday evening the 15th instant, at th African Church in Church - street whan tha n;.iwn ;:i mh a report of their proceedings for the last year - 1 nere wiu D an ad Iress delivered by one of iu member. After whirh.' an elartion ni" nirts - mr. for the enduing year will take rtace. - sy orueroi me Board or Managers, janU WM. MILLER, President COfiPORTIOJf.fTICli, (& Applkation having br en made to ths cor. pom ion, for widening and improtirg Dover - street ' NOTICE is herebv riven tnall MmMia. etted thereto, that the subject w.ti be laid before uj wwiamon sooncii, on Monday, the 19th inst aod a decinos had thereon. miections are made thereto ia irntm seated on or br for that time. y order, 4 . jtrtCmm!S.r office, . ' r J Jas.l,Sig. J aaiJ. TO THE PUBLIC. rf1 Id con tin nation of my general ilaUJ Bow Before the poonc, 1 most crave the 3 iKswa anHnl - msxAa JjMitiinsi Sw si 4.,4 y expoM bwttYDsH u to xlol Tirtoc, f t&b. 1 a - i - w wvwv wW.w1 s bb UUIT sslwk.' liberty to iu)ire few mart qqeri to bit y Ueior ireUakti frieodt; II it thotild fksi aeltle sjf lhm sBavas4 srw ttnrk ulsw jasrarm vm we waaaw i whwi uwj CK)fffle ktin& of tbv living - , I thiok a fentroot dolgtiU fmblic will jMtify om who has 1 muKviwIa fka nkiJVIitMllASI f Ikftl m. .7 losopher and statetman, Doctor Frankka, 4 dear for his rAe.w J shall therefor J 4 ssasK w wa wtrua wiajaas v wsa. Vsxuasarsl. I1IHIUJIIUWH) Hivv.. - . M. l.,UR, Vftler J u i : - :k u. m; 1...u I vtgiu wiui mi. v..... wwce, W mJ ia whole clan, I became fi. - st scnoaMj And now Mr. Jacques, as candor and trstjj be the rock we must build upon, I will ani u uie urii toiervours vt navuaiiging Mui and of coarse responsibilities, was not Xjal quest and that it proceeded to such n that I grew' alarmed, aod addressed a ihoitj IO J UU H1U piunf. u wyimy I Freeman, oo tba solvency of yourselves. 4 sots was delivered to yoa ia person, and . J dated 30th April, 1814, and It th joint iJ of Mr. Tucker, as well as myself, who wt,J entangled ia your business ; and, I befita) wall as myself, without profit ana wholly score of friendship. Yonr snswer to a J sots (it being confidential) was delivered , J of yoa verbally, that yoa knew yoarsslvej B solvent and able to pay all yoar jost dsbts,), too closely pushed. In consequence of did not Mr. Tucker, as well as myself, 04 oor favor snd friendship mors than osajj thereafter, and to a considerable amoosty And further, did hot Mr. Freeman so cJottW set me a well a Mr. Tucker, to bdon ik cosopany' note, (indorsed by Mr. Jacobs? now deceased, but then a firm friend and hwD about tha time, or a little previous, for tottf often thousand dollars i which I refused, J Mr. Tucker would stipulate, in writing, Q rantee the one Iialf, if any final loss should kti tained ; whereby he, Mr. Freeman, dm (as he was vary handy in composition of kind; an instrument that Mr. Tucker siga I received tbe .fame, snd indorsed th $10,000 at our joint risk I This nets ir , newed at th end of sixty days for $8000. ft Mr. Tucker and myself exchanged tan meats (in form) for the final liqaioulies f i note, witnessed by my theu clerk, Ur.i Leckwood. This not was finally redtxtd,, the continued indorsements of Mr. Ehst, Mr, Tucker and myself, at the time of yowi stoppage, (it then being $3500J had Is am, indorse a - new, and take up the sama - count from this time to the time we OnaCj ths concluding payment hi fall, a Hxtti, (t 66 cents. Thus ended the note of 10,000, indorsed, with occasional loans and sullerrf changes, while yoa coo tinned business soi new firm of Memreao, Frosmaa St C. i next favour that was roqaested, asd IsxO; my regret, granted, was my indorsemest k notes to Joseph T. Baldwin, esq. dnstl Jacques k Freeman, for tho Newark BaV Company, for $13,000 The whole kM first, by Richard Jacques and 8. StillweGfc' oa Totker, and Aferterean, Free mas kCJ These notes I was finally, after nidgmentsi mis for the sum of fear thousand dollars,, a annual inetahnents, with costs, as before sto Tbe next I shall note is Jacques It fiteW sote to Messrs. Dualism Is Randolph as ktz stated, wito costs, 11335 43 - 100. The seas' endorse meat was engaged oa the part of M.F i Co. without my knowledge or consent, ts sV Major it Gillespie, for a cargo of salt, ted first informed by Mr, Major of th circsate I refused, but finally, in cooeeqaasce sf tetk snd strong besetting of Mr. Frees aa, I cos ed to indorse two notes for rising of$22Stt: to save ss be said a good bargain, othsrt sinking credit - The next wa a sots jtnni favor of Ira Bush, dated lZlbof Eept 18UK $1000. ia exchange Tor their M. F. A CH a lor tbe same ism, without an csdorter, vk w as never paid. Tlie next, whkh cap to mas, was Mersereau, Freeman A Css.a $5000, with th indoisemcBU of Jacques lb ton. and Uomao, rrimrose St Co. UHjJi and Confidential friend except Mr. rnari who was I am satisfied, igaoraot of this trior tioa. v. Is exchange tor said note I gave By notes, om for $4100, tbe other for $2000. h first I took up at friend Jacob's Exchange la the other at the KewYork Baak. Om st note in favor of Mr. Lswis Ford for $13, 1 their M. F. Si Co. own sccommodatioa, u I took apt also my check for ftiOO lent is par to Mr. O. Jacqies ; aod for all these respsct traosactiqas and payment made for asd is te snd others, 1 have only received as before so from Mr. Mordecai tloman, ths sum, in p tbe worst that could be selected from ths sv of Ira Bash, who informs me that tbe sssJI Freeman was at the time of his and their fak s joint partner, aad that he the said Frees others had the aforesaid invoice of goods sso red and red need by the honorable Mr. He, to be nut off oa me. And now, particularly, to yoa Mr.' Hosus Did yoa sot press the receipt on tsr Part si invoice of goods, declared by Mr. P. Frecsw be generally good to quality, but Invoiced at prices? And did yoa not express yosroais freely ss to ths propriety, a weH as the fin vantages, mat would result by my takaw said invoice at any stipulated sum, by rtrfsci the groce amouAt f ' And that yoortwosstsik (650 each would be Punctually paid i ass a hs honorable Jsdgs Mersers was as hoassto hosorable mas, and woold, i no doubt, k after do right i bat the other yoa had as much confidence in t Asd, that ths worthy P. Freeman bad declared, under heavy f cations, that be would bot amend the oflef k advantage f This yoa will recollect was morning of, at Mr. Mulligan's Oft in his and Mr. Lockwood's presence. Tat ' gency st this time wis occasioned by th am cation of Mr. Richard Jaconet, under ths is vest art, at Umt time of the firm of Jacfl"' Horton i tbe latter (I have no doubt) ao sad fair dealing man, unacquainted with thtsr ticular circumstance of bis partner, by ha nee tioa with, as well - as the respontibility such a a brother and other friend of ths e section, at theirold stand. Aad, only onr a sir Did j - vjd not ex in in the enumerated cles after 1 had unpacked them iaay tw the presence of Mr. Lock wood, aod declan' it was, to say the least, a gross impositioe, your confidence was lost in tbe mdividk' rerned ia packing and price Leg ; sad rarsr that yosr two promissory note for f &0 should be penctually paid? For the corretw of all these ecqsiries 1 refer to Mr. JobnLso wood, my then clerk, whose veracity can doubted.; And I would berg - only farther serve, that ss printers cannot afford to give 17 the use of their valuable eokimns to expo v and folly, I must Uqoidate their charges, twt. ' a duty I owe the public, and regardles pence, I reserve the right to hereafter '"J"! view all who have been to viny way a oer connected with those particularly aou, bove Most solemnly declaring, that i7 or exposition will be made or asked for at a lies t but from s consciossness of duty. . time sod leisure permit I shall clos thssef mnnicaticu. hv a short but cOBOreoa" a continuance of health will permit - ' 7. . . - JOSHUA BAT1 . New - York, Jan. 12, 1318. . Th fin ship DUUMMOm' iiisiR. Quarlss, burthen 6000 bbls 1 s sv ready to receive a cargo, and will take 6. for any part of Europ.. Apply esi boixU1', no. 1 1, Fly - Market slip, or to - I WALSH L GALUGHXB. jan 13 - . , ; 6 South - i 'Jflv ThfastrAilingchrGBEIU33 or . r Having the , uwuirj , www. part el her I sf freight etirged, for the rcffli apply oa board, east aid of C. , cawaga,) - F. Vf. KARTB.VUS. RmiCXlff jaa 13 - - 74 WaAJtSssa - S" ni' t - 1 m t ;

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