The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 25, 1931 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1931
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

18 WANT. TO LOOK YOUNG? The secret o£ keeping young is't feel young---to do _this you mus watch, your liver ~ and bowels-there's ^no need of having a'sallow complexion--dark rings under your eyes--pimples--a bilious look in your face--dull eyes with no sparkle. Your doctor will tell you 90 per cent'of all sickness comes from inactive bowels and liver. Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician in Ohio, perfected a vegetable compound as a substitute for chlo- mel to act on the liver'and bowels which he gave'to his patients for years. . ' · Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets'are gentle in their action yet always ef- ' fective. They help bring about that natural buoyancy which all ahoulc enjoy by toning lip .the liver and clearing the system of impurities. Dr. Edwards . Olive Tablets are known by their olive color. 15c, SOc 60c. One Copper Cent . J. D. Martin of Richmond, Va. is the proud'possessor of a check foi ?200.00 paid him for an old coppts cent. The Numismatic Company ' Dept. 823, F.prt Worth, .Texas, who purchased this penny from Mr Martin, says .there .are numerous old coins, bills and .stamps in cir- culatipn'fpr which they will gladly pay big cash premiums. So tnat you ; will;know the value of old coins and stamps and what to watch for in your change, the Numismatic Company will send for only 4c to any /readers of this pauer who writes them, a large illustrated coin folder describing some of these wanted articles and the big profits to be , made. Better write_ them today for this large folder so you can post yourself and' know just what to look for. Remember that Mr. Martin's · knowing' the value of his penny meant a difference of S199.99 . to him. Without knowing its value that penny might still be in circulation, passing thru the hands of thousands until someone like Mr. Martin, who knows old'coins, recognized its value. It pays to be posted. Send 4c. now' for the illus- ·trated coin folder. You have ^nothing to lose, everything to gain. "Mythirteen-year-olddaugK- ter Maxine was troubled with backache and pain when she came into womanhood. I knew Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable' Compound would help her because I used, to. take it myself at her age. Now she does not have to stay home from school and her color'is good, she eats well and does not complain of being tired i We are recommending the Vegetable Compound to other school girls who need it. You may publish this letter."--Mrs. Floyd Bith chsr, R..#2, Gridley, Kansas. OFFICERS ATTEND ROAD MEETING D i s c u s s Secondary Highways and .Other Problems of County. County supervisors, auditors and engineers from "the 12 North Iowa counties that make up the highway district under the supervision of Raymond Zack, highway commission /engineer, gathered at tha assembly room of the courthouse Wednesday for their semi-annual conference on their mutual prob- .lems of building and maintaining roads, managing county homes; letting contracts, paying off indebtedness, making courthouse repairs and hiring labor. ' While the center of interest was focused on the secondary roads, which only recently passed from the townships to the supervision of the county engineer, the officers allowed their fancies free play anil discussed anything that came to mind. In fact the opening discussion was on Haskell-Klaus measure governing the state hospital for indigent. Charles Millington, St. Ansgar, Mitchell county Supervisor, presided as president of. the group. Second Session of Course to Be Held Here Thursday. The second session of the specialization courses in first aid arid archery will be held Thursday evening. The first aid course with Tom Connor- as instructor. will be held in the Lincoln school gym and the archery course, under the direction of Chet Stevens and Ralph Stanbery, will be in. the' manual 'arts building.. Thirty-seven men attended the first session-of the first aid course last week and prospects are bright that more than 40 will be in attendance at the second meeting. The basis of study for the second session in the first aid course will be "Kinds and Uses of Bandages" and "Artificial Respiration." Patrols will practice the various uses of the different bandages. The / members of the first aid course are divided into two patrols; The owls are being led by Stanley Haynes as patrol leader with Dr. A. L,. Miller, Dr. H, O. Young, Dr! O. H. Bimton as team captains. The rattlesnake patrol has W. O. Woodman as patrol leader with Ernie Lange, Ted Veeder, C. W. McFar land and Francis DeSart as team captains. Paul Manor, deputy com missioner of district one is moral officer. The class in archery will continu working on. their bows. There wer 12 men in this class last Thursdaj night and prospects are that th' number will be practically doublei at the second session. This group will close its work in five night after which time another specializa :ion course, selected by the mem aers of the group, will be con ducted. * MASON CITY GLOBE-fiAZETTB · PRICESTURN ' - FEBRUARY 25 · 1931 \| _ - - _ · . - ·· ' ^^^^^__ · ' ··____ ( . * if AND START UP CATTLETRADE STARTS SLOWLY Cut in Receipts Improves Market Little; Lambs Lower. CHICAGO, Feb. 25. UP)--After dropping sharply and threatening tho season's low mark, hog prices were turned upward without much effort early today. Receipts of-20,000 included 6,000 forwarded direct to packing plants, and 3,000 stala hoga were Jn the pens. Initial activity was limited but'-prices were marked up lOc on actual sales, while many loads were held much higher. Butchers of substantial weights at $6.75, and lights and mediums at 57.25 were $4.00 lower than a year ago..The average cost of $6.79 on Tuesday was within 13c of the season's bottom reached a week ago today. . Curtailment of bovine offerings brot little improvement to the local cattle trade during the formative period of the market. Narrow demand for the. mbetween grades of steers which made up-most of the run .prevented 'an active start. Calves were freely supplied, notwithstanding the continued decline in values for several weeks. Packers received 1,850 lambs on thru billing out of the run o£ 11,000. The ' abundance of good killing lambs caused buyers to hold back and lower prices were offered. Local Hogs offering! toward $8.50; other classes quoted steady; fat ewes salable $1.00 down; best feeding Iambs !8. de- KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY,. Feb. 25. Un-- U. S partment of agriculture-' HOGS 6,000; 500 direct; steady to lOc lower than Tuesday's average on 230 Ibs,; heavier weights steady to strong; top 56.35 on 180-200.Ibs.; good and choice 140-160 Ibs. J6.25®6.65;-160-180 Ibs.' S6.50®6.85; 180-200 Ibs, $6.60^4.85; 200-220 Ibs. $6.50@6.8.'i; 220-250 Ibs. S6.40(ii6.80; 250-290 Ibs. 56.15 ffte.eO; 290-350 Ibs. $S.S?6.30; packing sows 275-500 Ibs. S5.25'1T5.75; stock pigs, good and choice 70-130 Ibs. !6.25®6.75. CATTLE 4,000; calves 400; killing classes opening slow but .fully steady; good t' choice 3.402 Ib. steers ;9.25; stackers an feeders unchanged. Steers, good and'cholc 600-900 Ibs. S7.25a-10.50; 900-1100 Ibs. 57.2 5T10.50: 1100-1300 Ibs. 57.25ft10.50; 1300 1500 Ibs. 57.50SflO.50; common and medlui 600 lbs up $5fl7.50; heifers,, good ' at choice 550-850 Ibs. $6.25$?9; common an medium 550-850 Its. 54.25S'8.50;.cows. goo and choice 54.50^6; common and medlur S3.50ffi4.50; low cutter and cutter {2.50 3.50; vealers (milk fed) medium to cholc SS'frO; cu]l and common $3.50ij5; etocke and feeder steers, good and choice (a weights) 56.25/fT8.75: common and medium (all weights) S48J6.76. SHEEP 7.000; a few opening sales lamb mostly steady to lOc higher; lambs, goo and choice 90 Fbs. down 57.25t58.35; medium 90 Ibs. down -56.25S97.25; common, a weights S5r?T6.25; medium to choice 91-10 Ibs.: 56.25?TS; ewes, medium to choice 15 Ibs. down J3.25S4.75. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. Feb. 25.--Estimated receipt for hoga, 30,000; cattle, 5,000; sheep, 12, 000. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, Feb. 25. GT'H-Official estlmat ed receipts tomorrow:. Cattle, 5,000; hogs 24,000: sheep, 14,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO, Feb. 25. (/Tl--Representatlv sales as selected by the U.- S. departmen of agriculture-- CATTLE. Heifers-- MASON CITY, Feb. 25. -- Best sorted lights, 180 to 230 Ibs., $6.50; best medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., 56.10; best heavy'butch- ers, 270 to 300 Ibs., $5.80; best prime heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs., $5.00; best packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs., 55.20, best heavy sows 360 to 400 Ibs., Jo.OO. ITCHING ENDS WHEN ZEMO TOUCHES SKIN --thousands say. It's wonderful th way soothing, cooling Zemo bring relief to ,skin which itches an burns. Even in most severe cases itching- disappears almost as soon as Zemo touches the tender and inflamed surface. To draw out lo cal infection and help clear *awa' unsightly blemishes, we .know o nothing- better than invisible Zemo Always keep this family antiseptic on hand. Use It freely. It's safe a. can be. 35c, 60c and $1. All dealers Babies GAIN when bowels are strong, regular! isn't gaining his six or a week? Constipation BABY ..._. eight ounces may he the reoson. It is tehincl most of a baby's troubles. Colic. Frelfulness. Gas. It keeps Baby from accepting or retaining the proper amount of food. Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is good foranybaby. Itis aprescription . for tlte bowels written by a famous cioclor---one who attended over 3500 , births without-Joss of one mother or baby--a record believed unique in American medical history. · ' Half a leaspoonful of this simple prescription, often relieves occasional troubles tike that in a few hours. If Baby is bottlc-fcd or for any other reason is regularly constipated, give half a tcnspoonful daily until the little fellow is liappy; gaining as he should. The pleasant, syrupy flavor of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin commends it to children. Its gentle action makes it ideal for women. It doesn't sicken. Jt cannot gripe. So it is a blessing to elderly people. And it is thoroughly effective for the most robust man. All drugstores. Mail to "SYRUP PEPSIN,"""TM Monticcllo, Illinois. Please send trial bottle of Dr. j Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, entirely FREE. Name P. 0. '· CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Feb. 25. ijn--United States department of agriculture-HOGS 20.000; Including 6,000 direct- heavy lOc to 15c higher than Tuesday's average: light weights steady; pigs weak to Inwor; top $7.35; bulk 140-220 Ibs. S7.00® 7.30; 230-320 Ibs. S6.50W7.00; pics $6 00® 6,50; packing sows 55.75fl7G.GO. ^·, L rn^ l (^ ts ~ s "° d ana choice--.140-160 Ibs. S7-00@7.25; light weight. 180-200 Ibs. 57.10 5?7.35; medium weight 200-250 Ibai. $6.75© 7.30; heavy weight 250-350 Ibs. SQ.400B.OO- nf Sf««)^ ,T In ' !dlum und Bood--275-500 Ibs. {5.65® 6.15; slaughter pigs--good and choice 100-130 Ibs. S6.0osr-0.75 CATTLE 6,000; calves 2,500; strictly good and choice fed steers and yearllnes strong to shade higher on shipper account- lower grades steady lo strong but Blow; largely J 1 "". an* » e " U ? s TM n; hut not many'light yearlings here; slow but fully steady on. moat grades, and classes she-stock; best' weighty sleerai.$11.00: bull, however selling at « 25 ?SnTw : *"'!?,'"* vealer.-tending'lower [Slaughter catlle and vealers: n^.r 1' n eood Md cholc « 600-800 Ibs. $8» "i 25 -",! 0 , 0 ,-" 0 , 0 ' bs ' *S.23^11.25; 1100-1300 .U3, $8.25(g 11.25; 1300-1500 Ibs. {8.25® i;'?;,i-. commonr nrul medium 600-1300 Ibs. 55.50,,! 8.50; heifers, good and choice 550-85'! Its. 40.25ffS.25; common and medium S4.50 6P7; cows, good and choice J4.255pe.25- com. mon and medium $3.50«f4.50; low cultet and cutter ?2.75@3.50: bulls (yearlings excluded) good and choice (beef) $5.25fIG Cutter to medium S3.75@4.40: vealers (milk fell) good and choice S7.75®9.50; medium $7Q7.7?i- cull and'common S5S7. Stocker and feeder cattle; Steers, good-nnd choice 500-1050 Ibs 56 7' ©a; conimon and'medium S4.75®7 SHEEP 11,000; market mostly steady with higher tendency; bulk good to choice lambs scaling 94 Ibs. down JS,SOS'S.75, few S9 some held higher; fat native ewes $4ffi'4.75' Slaughter sheep and Iambs: Spring lambs good and choice, blank. Lambs, 90 Iba' down, good and choice $S«TO; medium S7.25 'tis; 91-100 Ibs. medium to choice $7®8.85' all weights, common 5QS7.25; ewes. 90-150 Ibs., medium to choice S3.50@5; all weights cull and common J24?4; feeding lambs 60-75 Ibs.. good and choice S7.75jj-8.25. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, Feb. 25. (.Tl--U. S department of agriculture-CATTLE 2.300; Improved undertone on all lines; trade moderately active; spots strong to 25c higher; all classes In mengre supply Bteer run largely short feds salable at S6.25 M7.50; few lots held to $8 or better; beef cows largely J4.50 clown; butcher heifers $5 ©6; lighter . weights S6.50gi7.50: cutters 52.50{?3.25; bulls active.' weighty medium grades lo f i ; bulk J3.SO®4.75; rnlr Inquiry for feeders and stockers. Calves 4,200;. veal- ers steady to weak, improved quality considered; good grades S7: choice offerings S9. HOGS 15,000; market uneven; light hogs average weak to JOc lower lhan Tuesday's opening; medium and heavy butchers strong to 10-lsc higher; better 160-210 Ib. weights SB.40(?S.65; top {6.05 paid by all Interests fpr sorted kinds around 210 IDs. and down; most 240-350 Ib. weights ?6(rf6.40; relatively few below S6.15; sows largely S5.25; a' few un to 55.50 or belter; desirable 100-140 Ib. averages S6.6S@7; average cost Tuesday 56.33, weight 231. SHEEP 3,000; market very 'slow; 'few medium to goo* lambs $7.50: packers generally talking weak to 25c lower; sellers asking sharply higher or to 58.75 and better on choice fed westerns; others steady; ewes scarce, $4 down. Steers-IS 20 40 21 100 23 15 19 42 14 12 17 Native 125 H6 138 85 110 ISO 80 127 65 45 59 23 78 30 14 1382 1372 1366 - 984 115 1195 1335 1194 1280 942 840 750 ' Lambs-82 83 85 94 . 91 78 89 90 72 100 71 85 107 55 . 27 14 16 COWB- 8 \U MO 9 725 814 760 1127 1163 1020 814 11.00 10.75 10.15 10.00 9.25 9.00 -8.65 .8.25 7.S5 7.25 0.7.1 6.00 SHEEP. , Fed Westerns-240 8fl 500 93 800 96 252 95 425 104 Fat Ewes-r-- 9.00 8.'.5 8.75 8.65 B.oO 8.53 8.50 10 62 25 3 8 116 130 162 160" 175 Heavyweight-51 228 62 296 50 288 64 278 55 269 37 252 Medium Weights-243 233 226 214 . 207 201 8.2.1 8.00 7.90 7.75 7.50 7. CIO 6.50 HOGS. Light Weights-.48 195 32 187 64 179 44 172 00 163 Light Lights-51 150 G.!,'? 6.116 6.65 6.75 6.0*0 6.95 7.00 7.10 7.50 7.25 148 141 133 4.3- 4.0C 7.30 7.20 7.2. 7.50 7.11 7.2S 7.10 G.SS S.flll Hog Markets By TUB ASSOCIATED PRESS Hog prices at Iowa markets Wednesday: CEDAR RAFIDS--Prime. ho B s: Medium 56ST6.25; heavlea S5.505.90; llghls «.zoTM 6.40; packers S4.00®6.25. i, ?. ES *i KOINES--3.100; steady; prim. llsht^ Sa.50©6.70; prime mediums $6.33® 0.65; prime heavies $5.75(if6.40; good pack- crs ?5({?5.75. OTTL'MWA--Irregular; 120-150 Ibs $4 60 150-170 Ibs. JO; 170-220 IbsJ «.55; 220-2GU Ihs. SB.35; 260-300 Ibs. $6.05; 300-350 Ibl J5.75; over 350 Ibs. $5.45; good packers S5.25; fair packers J4.25. WATERLOO--Prime hogs Sfl,10©6 40- mediums $5.So@6.25; heavies S5.504P6.10 packers S4.80g5.30. COMBINED HOQ RECEIPTS. DBS MOINES. Feb. 25. on--U. S. depart ment at agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 13 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today-were 22.600 compared ·with 35,500 a week ago. Steady to lOc lower on hogs scaling 220 Ibs. down, heavier iTelshls steady to lUo higher; marketing rather light; bulk of 170230 Ibs. $6.405?6.70; a few up to $6.80 scaling from 180-200 Ibs.; 230-280 Ibs. mostlj 46®6.50; big weight butchers.down to S5.Cn. Quotations for good and choice: Ll lights, 140-180 Ibs. $8.25ijt6.75; light weights, 160-180 Ibs. J6.40jre.80; 180-200 Ibs. S6.40rf?6.80; medium weights 200-220 Ibs. . S6.40S 6.80: 220-250 Ibs. S6 10ffi6 70- heavy weights. 250-290 Ibs. *5.00®B.r.O; 290350 Ibs. 55.65liT6.25. Good packing sows 275-350 Ibs. $5.25® 5.65; 350-425 Ibs. J5(S5.40: 423-550 Ibs. J4.75SJ5.25. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. I OStAIIA. Feb. 25. (.p--U. 3. department of agriculture-HOGS 14.000: Including 160 direct; mostly strong to lOc higher to shippers: top $6.90 on choice 180 Ib.-lights; 170-200 Ib. light* [6.755J6.85; 200-230 Ibs. SB,60S? 6.75: 230250 Ibs. .Se.S'Orffe.eO; nothing done on strong weight butchers; sows S5.50fr[)5.60; average cost Tuesday J6.38, weight 250. CATTLK 4,200; feeder steers and year- Engs opened fully steady; she stock and venlers steady; bulls weak to 25c lower; stockers and feeders scarce, steady; fed slcers and yearlings S6.75Sfl.25; few loartu J8.25T ( 8.75: weighty steers 50; heifers $5.50 ®6.65; beef cows S4W4.75; several lots SS; odd head S5.50; cutter grades $3®3.75; medium bulls $3,75^?4; heavy beef bulls S3.50(r3.75, practical top vealers $8; odd head S8.50WO. SHEEP 10.000; opened steady on all class- is; early sales and bids on fed. wooled ambs S7.75ll?8.25; , early top S8.40; some held higher; slaughter ewes up to H.75; 'eedlng Iambs scarce. HOG FUTUIIES. CHICAGO, Feb. 25. (,TI--Hog futures: Hogs to arrive tomorrow bidding S7-50 for lights. S7 for medium and 53.50 tor heavies- Grade · Offered Bid LIGHTS-- . ' ' . Peb March .....:.. May ....8.75 MEDIUMS-Feb March ............... . 725 May .'.' HEAVY-March 7.3S 7.40 8.35 7. OH 6.S5 7.00 7.0U MISCELLANEOUS SIOUX CITY I.IVKSTOCK. SIOUX CITY. Feb. 25. (/D--U. S. depart- ent of agriculture-- CAfrr,E 2,000. calves 100; beef steers and earllnKB moderately active, strong; fat sh-i tock steady; bulls SOc lower; stockers and ecrlcrs scarce, little changed; two loads ;ood 1,4SO Ib. bullocks S3; scattered lots round S3: bulk 57.75 down; few fed heifers .p to S7.15; most cows 53.75tH.QO; medium ulls $3.75 down; practical vealer lop SS.ftO: caltered bunches plain stockers In.75 down, KOUS 10,000 Including 150 billed thru: low, 160-100 Ib. butchers mostly 10-15c ower to butchers; other-welRht-j slow; pack- talklnR lower; packing sows steady; nrly hulk 160-200 Ib. butchers SB.50" 75; part load around 25u Ib. weights butch- ra lo city butchers 56.80; moat packing ows 55,50'3 5.65; few heavy weights rtowri to 53.25. SIIF.KF 5,000, no early trading; asking higher for fat lambs; holding best wooled POTATO MARKET CHICAGO, Feb. 25. 1/n--Untied States department of agriculture-Potatoes 104; on track 319: total United Slates shipment* SSI; about steady; trading rather slow; sacked per cwL, Wisconsin round whites $1.2591.30; few best $1.35® 1.45; ungraded SI.15(0 1.20; Minnesota round whiles 51.15iffl.20; Idaho russets No. 1, Sl.50ijfl.65: few {1.60; No. 2, Jl.15®1.25; mostly *1,20@1.25; Colorado UcClurei branded tl.70; few fancy $1.75; ungraded fair quality $1.50. MINNEAPOLIS MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 25. (.PI--Flour unchanged; shlpmenls 53,037. Bran Sl-1 OOSfH.50. Standard middlings $13.50ffH.OO. HAY MARKET. CHICAGO, Feb. 25. .l--Hay, 11 cars. Timothy mixed to $13rjHO; timothy grans, mixed S115J17; clover, $11(5117; mixed hay f!2@18; sample hay and threshed hay $0£? 11; alfalfa/choice numbers 1 and 3, $15324. NEW YOUK SUOAU. NEW YORK. Feb. 25. (/Plr-Raw sugar was unchanged. Fuluren al midday I lo 2 points net higher. Re'Ened sleacly at 4.SOc, .. TOLEDO SEEDS TOLEDO, Feb. 25. (.Tl--Seed unchanged. It is caay to make a success of marriage. Just find a girl who wants to quit a $30 job and wash dishes for nothing-.--Fountain Inn Tribune. PRICE OF WHEAT ADVANCES CENT Firmness of Winnipeg Mar ket Largely Responsible for Gains. CHICAGO, Feb. 25. (m--Whea advanced about a cent a bushel her today despite an equal decline a Liverpool. Firmness of the Winni peg wheat market was largely re sponsible for Chicago gains, an was more than a counter-balanc for the action of Liverpool. No rai or snow was/reported today i either the American or Canadla wheat belts. Wheat closed firm, unchang'ed to 1W higher, May old 82«^Vic, July 67Vi®« Corn H@lV4c up, May old 6 4 % @ % c Ju' 68«®5ic; oats %«f%c advanced, and pro visions at a rise of 6 to 25 cents. Shorts In the corn market turned buyer on price upturns and the market at time encountered little selling. "There were som spreading operations, however, In which Ma was sold; and July bought, f CHICAGO CASH DRAIN CHICAGO, Feb. 25. (/Tl--Wheat--No. red 791ic: No. 1 hard 79c; No. 2 hard 78 @y«c; No. 1 yellow hard 78'As; No. northern spring 7Bc; No. .2 northern serin 78c; No. 1 mixed 78 VI I? % c. Corn--No. 3 mixed 58«c: No. 4 mtxe 5744tfr58c; No. 5 mixed. 55 y,c; No. 2 yellow 61{f62e; No. .3 yellow 58tfT60Wc; No yellow 58VSffl58$4c; No. 5 yellow 56V4® No. 3 white 60«c; No. 4 white 58® Oats--No. 1 white 32'ic; No. 2 whit 3I«®32Kc; No. 3 white 32c. Timothy-seed S8.75fff-9.00 Clover see'd 513.00@'20.75. Lard 8.20. Ribs 10.75. Bellies 10.37. MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, Feb. 25.-Barley ; 33, Oats 23 Shelled corn, No. 4 43. Ear corn .401 GrainFutures WEDNESDAY GRAIN CLOSE. . CHICAGO, Feb. 25. May CORN-Mar. old... new.. old. .. new.. July ...... Sept WHEAT-Mar. old... new. . May old... new,. July Sept. OATS-liar, old new.. May old... new.. July ..-,.. Sent , RYE-- . Mar. old... new.. new.. May old... July Sept LARD-Mar. May July BELLIES-May July High .62 « , .65% .68 ,i .66 .67% .68 Vj .33 VI .3311 .33" .33 VI ' .39 S ..39H .43% -79H .82 .83 VI .66% .3251 .32'i . .381.4 .3Bii .43.4211 .42 « -.621 .64% .60 h .83 »i .n .63% .32 « .42 I, .33 IA ,39 «4 .39 '.4 .-I3-1 8,20 8.37 8.50 ORATN OI-KTf 'CHICAGO, Feb. 25. (/PI- CO RN-Mar. Close Tr. Ago. 1 May old new.... old ; n e w . . .. July Sent WHEAT-Mar. old .' n e w . . .. May old.. neiv. July Sept OATS-Mar. old... new.. old... new.. July Sept RYE-Mar. old... new.. May old... new.. July Sept. LARD-Mar. ...... May ....... July BELLIES-- tfay July .83% May ... 1.10K .4214 .42% Close Yes'd'y. .79'.; .70% .82 .83'i Open Today .6.1 vi .64 S .65% .65 -7DV4 .70% .33 ',i .3814 .30 H ,42% .43 .421.4 .44% 8.10 · 8.37 8.40 10.75 _ 10.30 MINNEAPOLIS CHAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 25. (,T-- wheat-- 160 irs compared to 191 a year ago. Market tnchanged. Cash No. 1 northern and No. 1 dark northern '12, 13, 14 and 15 per cent roteln 73i4St77!Sc; No. 1 dark hard Mon- ana 14 per cent protein .71V4©73%c; to arrive 7li4®73Wc; No. 1 amber durum 72K,o Side; No. 2 amber durum. 60 Vi !? 73 !4 c : No. red durum 64'tc; May 78%c; July 7flUc; ieptember 67*4c. Corn-- No. 3 yellow 52J4©51',4c. Oats--No. 3 white .10.62',!. .10.80 .11.05 .13.45 .13.7214 .381i .42 .43' 8.12 8. 30 8.42 10.50 10.70 OMAHA GRAIN. OMAHA, Feb. 25. (.11--Wheat--Hard No 70c; No. 2, 68'A®69c; durum nmutty No. 60c; mixed No. 2, 660; No. 3. 66HC. Corn--White No. 3. 521,4®53c; yellow No. 51W®52',ic; No. 4. 49%B5Ic; mixed No.' 5USi5-52c; No. 3. 4D@52c. Oats--Sample while 26c. KANSAS CITY GRAIN. KANSAS CITV, Feb. 25. Ml--Wheat--02 cars; unchanged. No. 2 dark hard 70c; No nominally 68M071C; No. 2 hart 69U© Wc; No. 3, 68i4c: No. 2 red nominally l'/4ri'73c; No. 3 nominally 70g;71^c. Corn--J8 can; unchanged to l\5o nlijher; 2 white 55Kifi55S%4c; No. 3, 54iff54«c- 2 yellow 5a®5BHc; No. 3. 62««55cr o. 2 mixed 53Kc,; No. 3, 5I®52Vi:. Oats--I cur; unchanged; No. 2 white omtnaily 32!4@33c; No. 3 nominally 32{f $4c, _ illlo maize--Nominally 93c@Sl.02. Kafir--Nominally 86094C. Rye--Nominally 443T44Kc. Barley--Nominally 40@44c. 3HAPIN WINS AT WALEDALE 26-20. SWALEDALE, Feb. 25.--Chapln efeated Swaledale here Tuesday vening 26 to 20. Ahrens was high or Chapln with 14 points. J. Ward vas high point man for Swaledale Ith 12 points. Hansen of Mason 21ty refereed. Many a republican believes that here ought to be two major politl- al parties, but a democrat is a man who believes, that there actu- lly are two.--San Diego Union. Market Notes BV TICKER TAPE Opinion Is about equally divided *s to whether the advance In the market Is Justified or not. The bears stress the business situation while the bulls emphasize the "cold out" condition. If the market was-too low J* i »i? h * current advance started the bulls feel that the rise has not been excessive The market has gained ground for five consecutive days. During this period the Dow- Jones Industrial average has recovered about 15$i points or little more than half the gain from the low.point reached the middle ol last December. . Net assets of the Sheoandoah corporation amounted to 463.257,602 as ol Feb 20 It Is estimated. Thla Is equal to $100.08 a share on the $50 par preference stock computed on the basis or valuation used In the annual report In TVhlch the corresponding figure as of Dec. 31 was $52,220.696 or J80.08 for each ahare. SHOUTS. I.OZYGS BATTLE OVER WESTINGHOUSE Westlnghouse Electric continues to reflect k, £*£"* belw «n 'he =horts and lon B s which has been In progress In this stock for the last several weeJu. Wastlnghouse had tmlll up a bis short Interest before the market . turned upward and the street hears tnat, while some covering has taken, place, the shorts still have maintained their position. Nevertheless the stock has recovered more than 25 points from the low of the .. T". 0 , com , ! ""v ' " ls ""mated, will show the 55 dividend Just about earned for last ?h ar V, W . catl . nBnouse eaTMi H-25 a share In the first nine months of the. year as eom- P f T , e ?o w " h S7 ' 33 a Blmre ln the llkB period of 19^9. The last year was an exceptionally poor one for the company, altho it Is the first time since 1922 that earnings have not exceeded 55 a common share. BEPORT FAILS TO CHECK' MAItKET Sustained strength In the market, despite the report presented to congress a few days ago repanllnc railroad holding companies, emphasizes the anility of 'the market to forge ahead In face of unfavorable news. Had the news been released last November or December, It would probably have been taken for another reason for selling Blocks. While the proposed action cannot be regarded as. bullish, considerable comfort was found in the extensive holdings of rallroa4 stocks listed in, the report. Taking the New \ork Central, for example, there were found £L TM£ 38 ' 000 sharM neld hy lne Vanderbllls, 204.000 by the Bakers, 67.000 by E. S. Harkness and 15.000 each by the- Fahnes- |? ok . an Wldener families, not to speak of tne holdings of insurance companies and Investment trusts, which run Into large propor- AUTO REGISTRATIONS SHOW INCREASE ^January .auto registration statistics for "the .a 3 , """·" "Porting show that a total 58.667 new cars was registered durins the month, compared with 48.501 In December, an Increase of 23 per cent. The showing is confirmatory of recent announcements of a definite pickup In the retail demand and to which response was made by the Industry In the way of Increased production schedules. The January registration, however, represented a decrease of 22 per cent from the record for January. 1030, when the some states registered 89,739 passenger cars.-· In the 30 states reporting a total of 20 335 Chevrolet cars were -registered against 17,043 for Ford. Chevrolet showed a galh cf -a per cent over. December but a decrease of 9 per cent from January of last year. Ford showed an increase of 13 per-cent over December but a decrease of 52 per cent from January, 1930. LAMSQN BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER : GRAIN MARKET REVIEW . , "HEAT--Winnipeg was strong 'moat · of the session,.and its tone was largely respon- ible for the Chicago advance. Our market !? i^f '? nd """I.""" «° weakness until the latter part of the nesslon. when short erlnB came In as Winnipeg B ave no Indl- i 5 breaking. Strength In corn also helped sentiment. The WlnnlpeK firmness easily offset, weakness at Liverpool Demand for wheat abroad seemed very slow- but around 650,000 bushels were Void V Winnipeg Interests late yesterday. Some seeding was reported being done In parts of Saskatchewan at a record early date, and some early planting was claimed to be underway this side of the international line. Wheat seems to be marking time pending the development of some new Incentive ,,., R ?T Tho CIlsh Ell «atlon was more cheerful today and this was reflected, In a better market for the futures, shipping demand Improved over night and sales today amounted to 143,000 bushels. In addition Buffalo reported 75.000 bushels so!d but the destination was not given out. Omaha claimed country offerings were small and expressed the belief that the movement I n ' he state was about over. Kansas City cash asls gained half cent as compared with tfay. Trade In futures was lirgely of a oca! character, with shorts disposed to coyer on the minor dips. Bookings to arrive since late yesterday were.placed at 80000 jushels from outside markets, and 25,000 .rom the country. Look for two-sided mar- tct In corn, but prefer purchases on' breaks. Liverpool Hue So to %c higher STOCK MARKET GETS SETBACK Prices Spill Over From Too Great Enthusiasm of Bulls. NEW YORK, Feb. 25. (^P)--Tho stock market spilled over again to- it did a week ago when bullishness became too violent. Utility and amusement shares turned decidedly weak and large scale profit taking appeared thruout the list. Toward mid-afternoon some rallying tendencies appeared. Losses of 2 to jj points were numerous, and Auburn was off more than 7. At those levels, however, some support appeared; ' Allied Chemical and Eastman lost about f points, and issues off 2 to 4 or more included American Can, Amerioan Telephone, National Biscuit, Westinghouse Electric, Warner Bros., Fox Film, Loews, John . Manville, International Telephone, Byers an American and Foreign Power. Due ing the morning, TransAmerica Montgomery Ward and Sears wer sent up about 2 points, and Ameri can Power and Light more than 3. The steel trade reviews indicate; that Ingot output h'ad expanded fo the ninth consecutive week. Auto mobile demand continued to provid stimulus. Further expansion in Elec trie Power production for the wee ended Feb. 21, and a small gain i freight car loads for the week ende. Feb. 14, were 'other moderated .cheering aspects of the mid-wee' statistics. Intercredit condition were about unchanged, altho ca money was a little scarcer at 1 pe cent outside than it has been of late Curb Market ' ' - · - - a o p r o blew over the curb market today upsetting efforu of operators for the ad vance to keep the rally moving.' · Irregularity was pronounced. Altho trad ing grew relatively quiet while selling was 1 progress, there was only mild cnthuslasn when prices were mending and the marke on the whole acted rather tired Realizing was most Insistent In the utlll ties. Electric Bond and share sagged mor than 2 points. Many industrial specialty sagged. Driver Harris, Aluminum of Amer lea and Technicolor eased moderately. Investment trusts took up some of th spread between quotations on their Block and the Improvement In their portfolios Selected Industries, Securities Corporalloi General, Goldman Sachs and Ungerlelder Fl nanclal Improved. - » · = » * » Oils .were extremely Inactive. Cities Ser vice ruled fractionally lower. Coll moley renewed at 2 per cent. Bond Market NEW YORK, Feb.... 25. (/TV-Changes In bond prices today were of a. small fracUona variety that failed lo budge the market from its moorings. . United States governments were Inclined toward lower levels on quiet trading. In · view of the .lethargic stale of bond that are widely held by financial instltu lions and uncertainty as to price trends Ih increase of $102,000,000 In the investmen m Dld lhe E3 w 0f federal rcs "ve member ' With the approach of the month end norne banker* foresee a slightly firmer tone In Produce MASON CITY, Feb. 25. -Cash Quotations by E. Q. Morse, EGGS Eggs (current receipts) ....... lie POULTRY .. Lieghorns, spring ....... ' Heavy hens, 4% Ibs Jght hens ................... ig c 31d cocks, heavy ............. gc Ducks ............ . ........ . _ gc leese .................. !!!!!! 7c Merchants Quotations. 3ggs, in trade ............... i4 c Sggs, cash .................. j2c Sutler, Plymouth ............. 36c Suiter, Clear Lake ...... . ..... 33 C Suiter. State Brand ........ 36c Butter, dairy ................ 30c "'otatoes ...... 40c and SOc a peck FUTURES. CHICAGO, Feb. 25. (jn-- Egc futures lose: Freah graded firsts Feb. 17c; freah raded firsts, March ITc; storage packid IrstE, March 19«c; storage packed firsts, prll !3Kc; refrigerator standards, Nov. NEW YORK POULTRY ' " NEW YORK, Feb. 25. (.!·)--Poullry- ressed, steady. KANSAS CITY rnonucE. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 25. (.pK-Hens, 6c; other produce unchanged. NEW YORK NEW YORK. Feb. 25. (,P-- Butter 30,074; rmer; creamery higher than extra 20fi- c; extra (92 score) 28'.4c; first (8S-91 core) 28ST28c. Cheese -- 102.597; steady. Egg«-- 37,288; steady; refrigerator sec- no's 13V4®15«c- Neatby and nearby western hennery white. verage extra 22c; Pacific coast white, extra rat 22 A 325 'Ac. Poultry-- Live Irregular. Broilers by relght 32c: express 25ff42c; fowls, freight (Mi22c; express 17®23c; ducks, freight 21 23c; express 27c. 'ERTILE DEFEATS CENTURA 23-20 VENTURA, Feb. 25.--Fertile de- eatcd Ventura 23 to 20 at Ventura Tuesday evening tho the Ventura ive staged a valiant rally irr the losing half. Fertile was leading at he half 17 to 1. Ventura was minus ne of its outstanding forwards, nderson was outstanding for Venura while Oswald, Fertile/ won igh scoring honors for the eve- ing. CLOSING BOND QUOTATION'S. NEW YORK, Feb. 25. (/!·)--United states government bonds closed; Liberty 3'/4s 101.12. First 4Vis 102.25. Fourth 4 K s 103.13. Treasury 4«s 110.10. HIDES Quotations furnished by Wolf Bros. 308 Fifth street southwest Horse hides ..'........ ....... 517; Cured beef hides _____ ....... .3y, c Green beef hides Barrett Neal,. Ill Several Weeks, Dies at Home in Bristow BRISTOW, Feb. 25. -- Barnett Neal, who had been ill for several weeks, died Tuesday morning- at his home here. Funeral arrangements are not yet made, awaiting word from distant relatives. STOCK LIST*! NEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK. Feb. 25. Final Quotations. "t,. K c So Kelvlnator Kennecott Kresge Kroger Lehtgh Port C Llgg i My B Loew'a Loose Wiles Lorillard 7,ouls G E A -: Pastor Finds Sister, Separated 30 Years, by Hunt in Directory MAQUOKETA, Feb. 25. W-Separated for 30 years, the Rev. D. B. Killoren, pastor of the local Baptist church, and his sister, Mary Ann Truesdale, were together again today. Killoren found his sister in Moline. HI., Monday after many years of Constant vigilance. They had become separated in Davenport when he was 21 years old, letters to old addresses were returned. While in Davenport Monday, Killoren checked the Trl-City directories and a clew in the Moline directory Jed to the reuniting. Two other brothers, Michael J. Auslin, Minn., and Tom, Minneapolis, also have not seen their sister for many years. DO YOU NEED MONEY? Our personal loan departmen: offers good service and reasonable terms. C. E. Brooks Co. 20D'/ Z 1st Natl. Bit. Blilff.. I'h. 2HO Al Ch * Dye Allls Coal Mfg Am Can 125 Am Car * Fdy 38 Am Coml Al 32% Am For Pow 47^4 Am Intl 24 Am Loco Sf -Ji A.m Pow L '61% im Had St San 19 Am Hc! MIII «»ii Am Sm Ref Am Steel Fdrs Am Sug Ref A T T Am Tob B Am Wat Wks Anaconda Andes Cop. Arm of 111 B Atehlson All Ref Auburn Aviation Corp B «Y D Bamsdall A. Bendlx Av Beth Bt Borden l Borg Ward Brlggs Burr Add 27 'A 27 *,, Say, 55 y, 20% 56 V» 399 H 119 74 »4 2 200 22)1 203 /j 5 86 13H 23 H, 67 »4 74 « 35 54 Cal Hecla Con Dry Can Pac Case .!..,, Cerro de Posco 28'A Ches O Chic Ct W Chic Gt W pf C i N W C R I t p Chrysler, Coca Cola Col Fuel ir Col G E Col Grapho Coml Solv Comwlth So Congoleum Consol Gas Contl Can Contl Ins Conll ilot Com Prod Cudahy Curtlss Wr Deere pf Drug lne ,Du Pont Kastman El Pow L Eng Pub Ser Erie FIsJc ·Fox Film A Freeport Tex Genl El Gen Foods . Gen Motors Gen Pub Ser Gillette * Gobel Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear- Orah Paige Granby G N R pfd G N I O ctf Get W Sugar Grig Grun Hohn Hartman B Houston Hudson Hupp III Cent Int Comb Eng Intl Har Inl Nick Can I T T Johns Manv 38 44 ',4 125 45 7% sr.'4 44 61 22 Ti 29 Vi 43 11 21 ,D9(i 4Jl, 85V* 45% 21 * 71V, 89 -A 1EU S7 43 3514 52 U 54 43% 10% -3H.'. 7',i 38-Vi J8-T1 49 4 % 20% 95 4 W 8% .'1-4 03 Vi 21li 12 38 72 !i alack Jrlath Alkali May D 3 JIcK Rob Mex Sea Oil Mid Cont Oil M K T Mont ward 2!) Mot Wheel 19 Nash SfiVn Nat Bis 81 Nat C R A 361, Nat Dairy 45« Nat I^ad 130 Nat Pow L -iix Nat Tea 2oife N V Centrol 129% NVT NH 4 H . 91H Nor i W 213 No Am 87\5 No" Pac 50 Oliver P 41, Otis' St 1554 Pac G a E 50 Packard 115. Para Pub 47 Pathe , 2?J Penlsk Ford 441, Penn ejij Phil Pet MV Pills Fl - 305, Proc Sf Gam 70 Pub Ser N J 8S7S Pullman. 53% Eadlo 26'i Had K o 22V5 Rem. Rand 18 Ileo . sis Bep Stl 2314 Rey Tob B 47?, Hoy Dutch 40 St L San F 535i Sear.i R ejaj Shell U 0% Simmons 20 H SlnclaJr 14U Skelly 0% So Pac 106 !5 So Pr Sug 14;,, So Rail 6151 Stand Brds 20 St G E 82". St Oil Cal 49" St Oil N J 50-li S t Oil N Y 25 -stew Warn is Mi Stone Web 47 Stude 23;;, Superior Oil . 1%, Tex Corp S4ij s Tex Gulf Sul 54% Tim Roll B 58k Union Carb G9'A Un.Pac 2031? United Airc 34i/. Unit Clg - 5% U n i t Corp 25 Unll G i E 321. U S Iml Alo 74 U S R u b 1r74 U S Smelt U S Steel 148', lit P Lgt A -Vpnatlium. 70? s 20 Word Bak A 25'., Warn Plx 16 1 1 W Marv IBiJ Went Air 3a,', West E (t MfK 104h, Willys Ov 5?. Woolvvorlh 64 WrlRtey 73% Yellow Tr 13 j, Young S t W 27',t CHICAGO STOCKS By Tile AiiHouhiled --±»ress. - ·- CHICAGO, Feb. 25. .UP]-Cen Pub Ser A 175S Nat leather Cities Service J954 Gr Lakes Alrc 2V4 Grlgsby-Grunow 4% ftwull ut Inr 4S KalE Drug 2314 Kell Swllch 4% Mbby McNeil 12V(, Majestic Househ '4% M - W Utll 24 M W Ut 0 pfd 991', Midi Unit pfd 21% Nat Standard Quaker OaU Rath Pack Std Dredging Stelnlte Swift Co Swift Intl U S Gypsum Utll ind Zenith ! SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 NEW YORK STOCKS Ab Pow a P Co llii risk Rubber Am Beet .Sugar 3=4 General Mills' Am Car Fdy 38 Am Metal 22 Ant Sum Tob 10 « Am Tob 118 Vj Kclvinator Corp 13 Lambert Co 84 Vi Llnuld Garb Cp 53i/ 4 Louisiana Oil Am Zc Ld i Sm 7»i Mnthleson Alk Ar * Co B (III) 2 McK . Robb Assoc Dry Gdi 2714 Nev Conn Cop 27'i 15 'A Baldwin Lo Otis Steel n-» s teel Briggs Mfg Co 20Yi Patho Exchange ~ Bums Bros A _. Burr Add Mach 29 Bush Terminal so Butte Cop Zc i Calif Packing Cora Credit Coml Solvents Cont Motors Conll Oil Cudahy Packing Curtlsa Wr pfd Davl Chemical First Natl Sirs 2111, 20i.i 20% SI ... 2V. Pure Oil Co Purity Bak Cp 46 il Rco Grande Oil 8H Reo Motors 8',*, St Joseph Lead 27K Schlllte Re Sirs So Calif Edison Standard Brds Tobacco Prod U S Real Itn 32-71 Vanadium 70^ Western Myld 1811 Western Union 146 Wrigley Jr Co 74 5V-J 20 « NEW YORK CUIin QUOTATIONS Amer For P Co 2S * Amer Gns El 82% Am Sup Pow 151^ Ark Nat Cos A 6 VI Assoc G El A 2114 ?an Marconi 4 Tons Auto Mdae 3-16 3eforest Radio 6li D u r a n t Motor 2 Eisler El 4vi 31 Bd 4 Sh - 5 8 H ·"ord Mo of Can 2fiV, ?ord Mo of Eng 17'.i ?ox 'Theaters A KVj Hecla M i n i n g 67! -- CIHCAOO Allied Ma I n d u s t 2.i Auto Co '203^ Bendlx Av Cp 24m Borg-Wam Cp 2S Butler Bros s'A Cont Chicago Cp 03; Chicago Invest 3H oid Company 10-)H t Lakes Alrc Grlgsby-Grunow Hudson B . Humble Oil 65 N l n g t Hud 13 '.t NIdes-Bm-Pd 2114 No Amer Avlat 9 Pennrond Corp 77jj ^ S O Ind 35 S O Ky 2314 Transcont Air T flvi Tlnited Gas 10% Un L P A 30% UU1 P I, 14 Vacuum Oil 63',1 Walgreen Drug 25Vi STOCKS Horm 'G A Co 27 Lions O II Co 6 Morgan Lllho 8 Nail Leather Natl Standard Quaker OaU Unit Corp U S Gypsum 160 44 'A Utll i Ind Cp 8-li 1 U a Ra Tel 30 SHNNBAPOI-IS STOCK First Bk Sk Cp 22' MINNEAPOLIS CHAIN MARKET CASH SAI.F.S Flax 154 to 158 The per capita .consumption ol neat decreases year by year, leav- ng- us still puzzled over the filling 3f a hot dog-.--Kewanee Star-Cour- er. LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS for listed or unlisted SECURITIES on any Stock Exchange Investment Department FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mason City

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