The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 26, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1913
Page 6
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Xmas? Gifts with Babbitt Goods You need not buy Xmas gifts this, year. There's a new \vay. B a b b i t t Trademarks will "bar' iKera for ydirl- You,need oaly save the tr^cie- marks which come OR every one of B. T. Babbitt's famous scaps and eleansera, At Christmas take them to the nearest Babbitt Premium Slore- _ or send them direct to us and you can choose whatever you want from the country's greatest premiums. You need Babbitt's Soap for every cleaning purpose. You get full size. You economize--and receive gifts by the saving. .*Start Babbitt Habit Today Write for Beautiful Nev.' Illustrated Premium Catalogue B.-T. BABBITT, J P. O. Eox. 1776 City Medical advertising ccltrs icsil to that ma|ces «!:.:: ,,Lroi;s^ Jb-ea a siigh; co««i - ,f!x--:i -:^t checked in lime-.T\- »'.ry serious consequences: ·:,: ;. ·· ·- -t^-jgh some part of :".-cttf l".".g .tl^tte :s weakened t . c.;i- ."or;--? a Lrve-IiKs ground for the j 1 :·£·· -r 3 o." co«a:ni:Ga (Tubercle i ~ I-Ic Is v.hct inakes tl'e use of such a i · ":_···-;.' : s Heir's Enm'.sioa so partlc- | -. : _r v v--!uiL!e The usual cod liver : , .i t.r:.:l_:^~ u;s.:s liic stomach and . ::;· - :Ii_ syMei:i c^r w? order. But. ^ c r ; l!: :..s-o:i :s a naiu-al mineral | [ - . ' * « -..A :_:!::i:;l . it nourishes j ; -J . » ,, , ·"--_ svsie-n. while it soothes, : : - r " - . : . » ! relieve^ the tissues. .Very j . .,!- c,:.,- cr hacking stops ss i r" _ dv..- c: r---e:c-ra;io3. j " c_."s n-:-" : -Ic:i is n t»rne tried sue- j v-£*"I ;.rc'»^rjilou si:'! is on sale at ; - . r: 5 ' : : f ·"! drug stores--Si.GO the 1 ' o;:Ic .".r ?Ix fcr S=oo. Interesting: i o-itf v:.! :~;.:e : : :eraiure about con- · .-··v«\er vi-rh important infor- : -- !..'·- a-».I '-"i ilov.n systems v.-iU b e ; · -.· .t rc; :e-r if vou write to Dr.' . · . -. TTS T?-*- 1?r t,~n V- ! i · i ^.!.. -- . t e n , \ ^.. ( MAY P80K FATAL i 3IERSJJD SAILORS OELEBHATE O.HBISTMAS1 By every American soldier aud sailor Christmas (lay is celebrated witli feasting and sports, though the niea may be liiousacds and thousands of miles away from home Dinner, consisting of turkey, mince pie aud all other delicacies, is served. Tb^re is also a generous supply, of soft drisiUs- Intoxicants are never permitted In army and navy circles- Tiiose who attend ehtsrelJ in the moraifjs: are permitted to do so. altiioash ttsis is not couipulsory. as iu tiie British army, it is not always possible for saijors to go to tiie church aroaud tiie corner, but relltrious exercises are c-oudacred by iUe vessel's chapiaiii. The afternoon is usually devoted to athletic sports. Jr may be that a coacert of amateur rlsearrit-als \v!U ea'iven Uie evening or that the nieii «::! receive isera::ss:oa to give a tiaaee. Those v5:o w«sr Cn- cJe Sasa's wniforai do not lose tUeir zasie for soc-iaJ pleasures aad as a rule are capable entertainers. the men of an o'ltpost. ea- far ia :he interior of some province, attempt to invest tae day \vitU as uiach of the Christmas spirit as possible unless tbe country is ia a» uusettied state and partial war condition preva:!. The British so'dser makes the celebration of Christinas tbe chief event of the year, and t-':s only rejrret is that the cay does not estead'over an entire week. , - - Poets ! V.'hc-n ~.VHI Gettysburg People Learn the Importance of It? i Backache is only a simple thing at Btit if yu'j Snd 'tis from the kid; nsys: i That serious kidney troubles may 1 follow; j Thai dropsy o~ Bright's disease may I ba the fata: end. You will be glad to know the ioi- ^ A CKEISTMAS TREE TABLE- f; A; favorite; idea for dinnej tertai^ing fs the Christmas Hap/ail tliroiign." iieated wit hot air. StaBle. "butbuild- "-'Sfgs^efc. Lot 75 jfeet front. .gitsated at 112 Hano ^~^~^ -" -.w ^_*-C.~ ,,»- --; "V..* - . . ^ » , ^ . ~ r 0,Street;- ^~"j- - " r ~ 5 - " .'--*. ' ~ - "" .-" 8 -f^rp ., . - George C, Gottwald , * - *r.i^ c . i. ' " , ; - = » * . SALE * On Tues-lay Bi'ceaiixir 2, 19iS, The undersigned · sell on the S-iaui- ; P! Vaughn farm along the E!.in«i;sonr;i| road three miles soath of Gectysbr.r.;, the 1 fcllowinsr live stock: Ei-hteen head o: Cattle. -= M:ik G-v.s.! three of which i»i!l he iresh by msic v f j sale, one was fresh hi Se;ne:Kber and «ci- j will be fresh in Jamsr-ry. ! Hei'ers. - m ! them close springers. 4 lint; Stock Bui's l one a Sne Red Durnjim. , Fifty head of lio^s. ; ir^.vi Cht-u-r; 7 Berkshire lY-ar. : - wivk.- ,»'..»"lj fi.iy r.r | -sale. I slaie HOST. The balanre S!:'al£ | Also Two fatliogs. Sale to coamience at 1 o"ci*vk. F. 31. A credit of 50 inoaihs --viil ':.· :p\«.n m Ait snms over S5-f*'- FJ\V ····' n-nt. o'f !'·: cash- Sale will he i !·_·!· i r.nn «: sii:::e. 'Tis the's'catersent: of a Geltj-sburg citizen. ! Mrs. C. F- Brinkerhofr. 25 Breeken-, ridge St.. Gettysburg. ?s... says: "One of rny famiij- has hac great benefit : frorsi Doan's Kidney Pills and ~x"e ^vul- · iagly recotnisend them. Last v-nter \ tbe one had z. severe attack of kidney ; complaint and pains in ilie small of; his back. One * box of Doan's Kiclney Pills made a cure." i :. Brinkerhoff is . only one of', inner en" tree table-- Tiny f.r trees, arranned with Kats- 'Grseiav/ay symmetry in straight lines, are set In a row, one littfe Christmas tree being placed between every two guests. This ss not, haw- ovar, EO successful in the case of a round or ova! tabi" as it is where a dinner psrty for twelve or more is concerned, necessitating a long tsble. The trees, festooned from one to the other with ropes of tinsel and,g;:rlands of sii-.-ep and golden "rain," give a most festive appearance to the dinner. Each tiny tree, planted in a red lacquer tub, is hung with minute clistenrnc balls and with bb'nfcons' wrapped in bright tin fo:f psper in different colors, the light from the chndfes or elec-" tric^'lampsT reflected' by -the bright- decorations;' giving ins ·of !arr:ps._ - . - · rtbres. Foster-Jtiliburn Co^ Props..' r Buffalo. X.'T. -!W£ten Yoar Back is; Lame--Remember the Xame." ^ r For sale fay all -dealers- Price 50 j cents. Foster-jlilbum Cp_ Sufelo,} Me«- York, sole agent fsr tKe TJcited' LEGENDS CHHFStMAS; , Beraembfij^'ths sanis and take no -Doaifs- I ~. Most "sicknesses that linpai?- health. · bave their star-; in qui£% 'ordir.ary |. aikaeiits cf the organs." "of'~dlges- ' tica or e.^iriinarion. Storsacb, { lirer. kidneys, and bo^-'sls are j quickly tecefited by tha aeifon ef j 1 -In C=erniany. tbere Is a-'Iegenti that TChea.Eve-£5lnoi=eu tlsa fatal appje-,the leaves ,shrivcIeJ. theotree changed, its ana hec^nie-e-ergreen. bearings In £.11 ssasess- to the fail of ·ruin. Only once^a year r oa th birthday of tbe HiCeesaer. it blooms \vith. * lights a^u is "aden, yrtth sifis ofi love, act! o .xve hsve .tfce,Christinas tree. In the S:aci r f£G:est resioss-in Ger- there i c 'irsQltloa taat on each Ci-risnE-is ev'e the Saviqpr - coines to earth in lire snise.o^ a__paor boy and' 3^^^-*, ^·J^-^^^Sfo: f THINGS TO BE. . r THANKFUL - FOR. 1 :he inrircirg- of v.-hicb found the coan- ; geatts of Presie r r y j-Tior!: v -s: ovjr this soes trough the year, from pse I - ^ otfl g z ^^- ship #o Thanksslvhia to ttermldsDe oi u:e .o!- -- . - , % - - , : .,;,,. ftf lft o-; ,_ h TM #g c cr.y on"\H?arS: that of 1SS5. N O"vT Taanksslvms fia~ ve see.. And tre all snould Tuankf ul be. If yon do ECC kaof." just Are the blsssicgs you have gor jnentioa just a f \Vhfch .mayfa_e pertata" to you: I!::it-yoar girls.are not boys and. are not therefore SUed TritJi a eoasamia^! tlrloa to play football. 1 vour boys are not girls and Trill ( Lierefofe tasr yonr discstion later: tLe nice iittie tilings they have i = ---- ._ .. -------- _ _ ._ in- Xoveoiber. a sum of c:oney for zrerj accident escaped, cauxmit., avert^ or sp«tol?5oj! -- ^ '- '- · - · » « e s e ofTenr-gs are not £7 £- ^essei? rn n i n e room hon£e Heat and all conveniences. Lot 4.0x232 ft, Ter.nstoi S=H c- 2ac- LiQZGE ZUILL'S "EASY" All Sissl, and Copper g r G- E. Thompson. Auct. C- C- Bream. Clerk. ter. It is sait! rest the popalar traditioi! of The- enrmnce of Santa Claus by i::a.ivs of tl:e chimney arose from the s-:ory of Herthr.. a goddess of the Xorse reytliolo^y When ttse festival in iier hc~or \vus celebrated an altar of stones vr!T=r erected :"n^~the bonse. and fir br:!:'«-5'£*-j v. ere i'i!ed upon it nnd set on fire ""'rojsh tbe dense smote made by the ^rec-n vu-ood tb goddess ^as s-ap;oscd to descent! nnd extend, her in- Saence accoruin^ to the petitions of the %ror£.I.irers. Some ot the Christmas nyinns aad carols are very anc'ent and have been in many casos transmitted orally thro'-ish *2a~y generations. In England it is ;=t::l tbe custom for icen and boys, called the Cbristnias "traits." to co around oa Christmas eve and sins earnls ' ~- *'¥ s? 3 ^^ ^^^ I ^.a favorite seat near the f ·*· Vv T Indo\v is comfortable on the coldest day when you use a Gives quick, glowing warmth where and when yon want it Easily portable. No smoke. No smell. Safe, clean, convenient Steady heat for nine hours on a single gallon of oil. Made with plain steel or turquoise-blue enameled drum. Dealers everywhere. or write for descriptive circular. -TheAtlaatic Refining Company PhUadelphia , Pittsburgh efr'so ro:i a fnrther extension O f - -*rc^ *· tl'Vt partiCHlKr bin ^on': gro^- i ^··"-- " ' - aanng tbe last year lost | ri~ last reicnant of -our hair, your , -^-rrv attraction have at last ceas- · a nice zi . country Enoumed qver theJdeath -o* . Ih^sldent Thomas __Headricks. ^ last slee at'iiis'ladin- last sleep , Sa-, don't sorjv ose a - T^fti* *"'OIi ; realized. Tliis is devoted to ippy ThnEksg.v-ing any. It clo-^ c=;t ahvays 50 into the rt-ra:"r c-banncls. ( As :L-e -n-oman says, tbe poor an« cos t pitals are usnaily v. ell cared f^r \n ! 'vonrlov ridiiis: chauffeur bar-1 holiday seisins. . , ,, . _ , . 0 = u-«I vour S2.0CO car to scmo ; Sometimes a consesic^ ^i. in - . " , c c-TM ~Ar, _ _ i CT*--**"e citv '« sr^aa car f:\re bome :or , i^-or, VOM ora relieved of a £3.uOO nn- i s»t~---s«- «-"· .^ -»-=.» ^ _ ^ , "«^i" " -.--jcnse in rsaintalr.ias h'Ei ! die TbankssiviiKj ~atucr:ng sne V.G-..C. , Ill ~5!'.,. "* "*" " * ° [otherwise m:ss. Oace :t raasie !o---er i ^^--·1 vhat^cr «!ss happens in the! TM s S^es a season ticket to «» sr»- j Wo' drninin- vour noclietboofc yon ' Phoay concerts. Agnia a doctor - o:... ^-t !sav« -o r'r'Tv a check for t'JD that bad worried a yo«i« sten'-pra- , p ?T "isc2t of Tonr'own funeral expenses i Per who had her ffiotner to sapyo.c . iHH3S5^i|SSs^2| y^.*.'^^r^^:^%£"^^ J 4?!'s: - ! ^JQS- ajjjj sa^r tae joy rsy tnaEainiaess j brings to otfcors." A. Thanksgiving Monologue. | r ^^ I Ar." son:e rais;a stuSJn" too. 1 g-^1 Uncle Jim, I-5:ke a pear- I S ' \ Ftasd. witfe plcKes. " |j^l J ycu? i Aunt ilsne. I w^ht you'd pass ? jie ih' Jani--that ain't enocgbt = Waut's mat la ttat big ETsen \ glass? i At^, I Tiiea^ that Irotliy staSI · Kin I ha^-e son:e wh:re meat, pa? f Vess.r. I'm a-sosn" to be ? Keerfu!- S'. f r/anr some siatr. | Goe. you'rfc ai-.vays suatin" rae! i VThoop -- whocjp -- ctscUI 1 never ? m^a"! T To ur ? ^^ »^ai sra'vy boat. | Guess tbac s:u:r=n" nus,t 'a.' went ^ Do~n rn Sunday meetin" throat! Pa. as!:"t s.rser« one more drumstick? SuJ-.! Er.t "three if i''J Jest to'l Un-y^mr' Xa w. I HOTI'C be sicfe"^ 'nctber piece O" p5el --Charles C. Jones sa Pucit. 6 O T r-oo- ob- i Such a box. besides cultivate? one's | j. *""* · »3"* * s'i^. t^Ai-ci»«*-vt *l J^v*-*-» ·'«-' i -*. j ·* rr"* T "*in'- rf^**"A~ 1 «C ^ S^SSf i" - --· 5X2 · Sf^' s«n.r ju i t * In 2 Gastronomic Way. "Do yon think Thanksgiving tnrfceys ^o dovmTM "I am snre of it." "That's good. Do yon thiafe they fail much;" ^ dida - t any tbins about their ^ t ^^ ^^ Baltimore American. yon met or.e. _ _^ That, aot bc:n^ a -svomnn. yoa non't j bare to wear a hobble skirt to trip yon , up ^hea yen so -alkiss in p-blic or, carrv car fare in a small porte- | monnaie inside a pocketboolc. isside a , walict wrappefl cp in a baafikercbicf. ' insMe a cba!n bag. inside your raa:i. , beia" a man.' vou ^lon't ' " ch fe p cisars. j n "Jat yoc iite thera better loan *hose made of real tobacco, or taint np 5 fooiishlv transparent explanations for having" Stayed at the clnb jrafil 4 o'clock in the morning. -- aarper s - ^^,-By JOt CO«-Si=. A Dinner Jingle. St no turlcsy d!sh yon vis's? Possum's good enough fer ycra! Ef no posscns's on the plate Rabbits overran the state AnTTrav, in light -we're An' ·we're -srislin' f«r Tna = --Atlanta. Constitutlcru HOV/ THAT TURKEY LASTS. on tha turSey. m's or.e an' a:^. otber. as' tie to set -jjg ai^ser r it is time to £e t KS cora, . ^ m- appeztite. 1 rac£o=, is tie o^ses. leave' an". Uon"- anytiiias behind. | ' Cuz toea? ~s tvant to ssmplft raoiner. « ' eacli an* ev'ry klr.d. i ; So fion't furgit the pjo-5;=\ an' please | | Today's T^anks£--v;a\ raother, ar.' ^re're j mijn* TO imVSi 12TM-- * Hoastsd tart on Th r"r:daT eat it cold: Sstaraav It's tarkey (Eat aa ilbat yoa can ay you -s^U^iave croQaettea-- loaday you'll «at ste-ss-; they Viil surely get Sorne tcrkey sosp in yon. " this turkey: How it lasts!" Every oae triil saT- "Ton't let's .ave imother one T.Ii T5e=:t Thanksgiving darl** phia Xortii AJDericaa. THE TRUTH OUT AT Table Etiqcetts. Don't scalp tbe Indian pudding; cut straigbt dovns. . i -* ·What is saTJCe for the goose is also ; A . n . fc ^^-^ ^t a caisy? Ain't he O ld irothe^ Spbbarisheg^^^^g ^" ^. +1lo *--j- e v ' iHfcv^tKfeP^SSs^fcn^snaS.i." - - board" " ' · - ·~~**~*_ __ *·_ ·-* S«xOCe .or me i» . - , ^ { Do:l , t h0r - ra ik e you Hmsry; nrtlher? Ain't | To ^ z poor fiogr a: *^e-~V"- _,_ This is no da., to pic~ a (iTJa^e., *.. . ^o ^ ^ ^^ ^^ Cr0 v. n ? , But when ste sot there tie^ofooara waa it OB the bones. ' See! His S'.OEST sKir. is bustm', an' the I *- ·· Don't trv to "paint the tab'e clotli red , stisffias runn'.n' ont-^^c -x 1 -svi-b the cmnberrv ?n'Jce. ' Oh, I tell you. moOw*;" cMWrea. this -.s , but of respect to the fallen a»W.|er; ^^^^^ aeVwe: loos- ! * » ·· _ ^.«A**v + 1^? *i«-*' ·»»· ·£-** IT" ·*'· **· »· «. ** --"__» i CTI buttons where, you fcr3. i You don't want your h:sl:est collars In \vith-ycur cJiIn. don't try to gobble every thine 5n Do not ask for helpings JiJiti! you can no Jonswr help yourself And : so 'the poor 6os fcal none. The caase of this osseous vacuum was. The turkey, neck, stern and breast. Being eaten, the cook had made up n«r mind To make hash, and soup o*. tSe rest. O.CV* *-*J »^%^^^v« » » ' - ' · * · - - - -- . out of yonr appetite-Baltimore Her aid. , . , _ . , , - Some Eventful Thanksgivmgs, , Among the days s c t n p a r t fo"tlianks.|* ' A Dainty Holiday Dish. Scoop out yolks from two hard boiled add one tablespoonful of butter. U ^, J . a tcaspoonfal of anchovy paste, i a few drops of lemon juice, half a tea- ! «-poonful of Trnite pepper and fill .th'e Coat with liquid -: - '-"- j Amon; the clays set nparc 1 0 - m a u ^ - j A wealthy Astoeville (X. C.) woirr.n ; g5ving ^ Wch in ; . e:li iry k.iv« been days j «» A ^- Place on tomato slices A w e a y ev . . g v n g ^. i l . e: . ^j th ollve oil and tatrag)n fired her physician when lift rciusea j o f ,, nt ioii:jl SOITOVV- way be numbered , ^. adding salt Garnish to treat Ler pet dos, and vbon the pnp 1 tln!t v , isn,^.i^-tse ciiUri? country , * ^ aspic and parsley . died -buried it in aj?200 coffin. . "

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