The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 12, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Monday, January 12, 1818
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lN.OliANCERY. :' - : CHANCERY. . Slate o' N e w - York, ss. IN pursuance of a decretal iirder of this honorable court, bearing date lb 7th day of July laL will be sold at DubtK. auc tion, at the Ton - una loiiee iioasc, louwtuj "i vi, derUie direction of tiietuh'crirwr, a one or the mastrraof thi court, on Thurtdag, the 8th day of Janiinrraeit. at lirefre o'clock at noou, "all tiu.t rrrfain block, or piece of srround and toil tinder water, to te made land aiid ground, out of the North or Hudson's lliver, situate, lying ana being between Washington - street aod a certain new street of seventy feet in breadth, to be marie . fronting on the raid North River, called Writ - ttreet, and i hounded at follow : north - easterly and easterly by Liberty - street; north - weterly and wester v by A est street nfoiesaul; loulb westerly and westerly .by Cedar - street, and aonth eailcrlr and eatterly by Washington - flrce.t : containing in breadth on Wasliinston - . street and West - street one hundred and tea feet , aii'inches. and iu leiieth alorui Liberty street one hundred and seienty - scven fett, and along Cedar - street one hundred and tfcventy - two feet" ; together with the appurtenance, fulyeet aever - theless to the rent, covenant, restriction and I. agreements to which id premise are tuhiect, in favor of the crporation of the city of New - York, imposed, reserved and created by them. Dated Nov. 56th, 1817. ; . . JAMES A. HAMILTON. . Master in Chancery. ' Note1. The sale of the - ihove properly is postponed to Friday, the 30th meant, at eleven . o'clock, A. M. at the same place. It will be told in loit or parcels, atid on liberal terms, which k may be known by applying at the Masters office, No. i Law Buildings : where a map of the pre - - mites may be seen. Jasnary 8th, IB 18 - " jJu9dtt i " r IN CHANCERY. . State of New York, si 'IN pursuance of a decretal order of this honora - 1 Me Court, wilt be sold at public auction, at tint Tontine Offee Houte. in the city of ew Yoik, ender thedirectiou of the (ubscriber, at . one of t ie master of this honorable court, on THURSDAY, the twenty ninth day of January int. at li o'clock at noon, all that certain lot, piece or pa'icet of land, situate on the easterly : aide oi Bnxulvai). in the tilth ward of the city . of New Vorv. known at Number 350, bounded , as follows : B ginning at the corner of Broad - . way bud Leonard street, thunce rnanirg norther f ly and upon Broai'wav thirty feet and ix inches, . to hou - e he! - , nsiug to and nccupi d by Stdihen Price, fcr lire, thence eatt. - rly nlonsr the mine 1 ani pir;ii'el to Leonard 1'ieet, one hundred anj seventy"Cve eet l. ler.(ri - tm - et; thence smith - , erly ai'd upon Benton street, thitty feet ix inch - c 10 Leonaril streer. thenrn westerly and ui - oo Leonard street, hundred and seveniy - tivefeet ' to the rla e of hymning ; wtln tre apurtenan ee. Dated the Tlhday f Januiry, one ihuut and eight hundred and eigl.teen ' - JAMK9 A HAMILTON, Jan 7 I U Intt. r i' ''ia;ir..rv IA ClIANCrHv. j. . Slate oJs'tv York, u IN piirnarjreof a decretal order ol thit h'n rar.ln court. hrirur date the tOlhdav of No Temlier, in the ear iil7, will Im sold at ijnhlir auction, at the Tontine. Colfrtr tlru.e, in the i ty iJl New - York, on Wlneiny, the serctvlh day of January nex', at twelve nVlouh,noon, tail lot. nitre or parcel cf e round, situate in the f.iunh ward of ttic ifr of ew York, on the corner of Cnerry and Dover - strei'ti, bounded n"rttwet erly in tront in Clicrnr tt.e e northeasterly by ' grnnd bclongins to Nfaria Otgool. tout h - 'atleriy in the rear l.y gr 'U'.d now - ir late tlw piope - ty oi Doctor J' itepli Young, and tou'huetlerly by )r ver - ttn - et ; aAd h uow known and ililtiii.iiiflied by hnie anl lot nnmli'r two Cberryilree.t, atid house number oue D'ver - irett ; containing iu lira - lth, in fwnt und rear twenty te yen feet and tX itii - h - 1, und in length n each aide, one tviwled and raven, lu the tame Inore r lew ;. together with the appurtcuancci. Dated Ueccmbe 17th. IC17. , JA.MU3 A. H VMILTON, Matter in Chancery. 17 5amhD tits (fc" Tha le !' H'ib above property is postponed to the 19ih instant, at t:,e saiue hour and place. Dated Jniiuary 7, 181ft - JAME3 A. HAMILTON, . Jan 7 (ltd Matter in Chaneyry. IN CHANCLUY. ' John I). alurray, i ' ts, " - State of New - York, u i Jtraes T. Watson. IN pursuance of a decretal order of this ho - Horable eoort, made in the above cause, will be old at nublio auction, at the Tontine Coffee flontc, in the city of New - York, undtr the direction ol the (ubscriber, as one ef the msttert of this e'Hirt, on Tuesday the second day of September next, at twelve o'clock at now, all that tract of laud joining on the town of Lowville, sod lying in the county of Lewis, in the state store - It id, being part of great lot No. 4 of Macomb's pui - rhatu, and eompriaet all the lots known on a eci - tain pita or luap ale by Datid Uronson and B. White, m lbs year ISoK, from No. IKR to 34.' inch site, containing togeiher IS.iXX) aires oflaas), with the appurtenances thereto belong lag or any wile appertaining. Dated J u as SO, 117. ,; (Copy) JAMES A HAMILTON, ' Jy it lawtwdld .Matter in Chancery. The aie oi ih above property it Mitoiied to the Ut day ol tlovembernext, at the tame hour and place. J AM Li' A HAMILTON, eu'ilawU Master in Chancery. The sole of the above property is postponed to Saturday, tht 8(h day of November, at the same hour and puce, 3v i, iu JAMES A HAMILTON, Matter io Chancery. nov 1 Sat Mon i Fri 3t " The ale of the above property is postponed to Torsday. tlie llsth dayot novemfwr, initatit, at the Rine boar and place :ov U, IB 17. - JAME3 A. HAMILTOV, nov 89 W M17 3t Master in Chancery. Tr safe of the above property is postpon ed t. the 4th da v of December next. Uatea November 18, 1817 ' " . . JA.ME5 A. II V.VIILTON, txrySfdU Master in Chancery. The sale of the ah ve prorty is postponed to the second day of January next, nt Uie same hour aod place. Dec. ltt, l!!l i. JAMES A. HAMILTON,, decSlawtds Mailer in Chancery. ' - The sale ofthe above pn - perty is postponed to Thursday, the 2t ins. at the same hour and bJace. Jan. 2,ian. W - JAMES A. HAMILTON, jan3dtt : - Matter iu Chancery IN CHANCERY. Malt of Jt'ete - York, . TN nunnance of a decretal 'riU r of this hnnora 1 blecoait, bearing date Ike ftrth d.iy of De - cemlier, in tlie year 1817, will he sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee tlie city of New - York, on Tuetday, the thirteenth day of January oei, at i utiock at ntHin, all that cer tain lot ol ground aod messuage, situated in the fourth wnrd of the city of New York, known and diMiuguiabed by bouie and lot number four, ii Cherry - Mel ; bounded northwesterly in front on Cbvrry - street, northeaitrrly by lot and house number six in said street, belonging to Maria Ogood, soutneas'rrty in the rear y ground own cd or occupied by Alexander H amifton.antt south - tvesteily by other ground of the said Maria ()v - ' good J containing in bread:)) io front twenty fi.e leet ; io tlie? rear seventeen feet five inrhes ami one quarter of an inch; iu length on the northeasterly side one hundred and three feet nine inches ; and on the lou'bweiterly side one hundred and seveh'feet six inches, be the same m re or e ; togeltier with the appurtenances. Dated December TZ1, 1817. WM. E DUNSCOMB, ' Masterly in Chaacerr. dec W lawtJanSdts ' FOR S.1LK, Tha oaodim built bateroe - it story H - ttte. No. tier - street, computus urnuiii. Tbe furniture is new and fitlu nnb.e and will be soi l at a large reduction from cost, together witiithe bou'f, or xpirately as tony suit be pu ret i user. which may be tiewed troaa 1 1 until 3 o'clock. - 7i low! 'ty w c pii:uiiK 4mi7 lw oi or t iTasTecrAt of the honorable Court "f Cbal I eery of this state, will be sold under the dir tion of one of the Master, on lbs second day February text, nt ,14 o'clock, at the Tontine coueeuouse, u the city ot wew - 1 or a ah uu certain tract, piece or parcel of land, situate ly ing and Dttiig In Uie county oi uien ana dcihj - harrie and iu the township ot Bristol and Free hold on the west tide of the Hud tons River, be ginning at a water Ash tree narked with the letters and fixates. 8 8. 176D for the soathweit corner of a tract of land patented to Samuel btin - ge, from thence south eighty - sia degrees, west twelve chairisty the south of a tract ol land patented to JolinTVloriu lcott. Esquire, and otliers, tbenre south fiilv seven chain and three roods, thence north fifty seven chains to the south line the tract of land patented to the said Samuel fttinges, thence south eighty - six degrees, west liv the south line ol the said Sauiu. J Sticges land. fiiteco chain and three rods to the said water Ash tree, the bounds flrst mentioned And als, atl that certain pnrt, tract and piece of land situate, lying and .in in the town of Freehold, county ot Green, and state of New - York und cuntieunus to Die land above mentioned, tx cm nio2 at the east Kne of Samuel ScovilU land, where the same intersects the turnpike road, running them e north one degree wett ten chains and sixty links to the soutli line pf Die above granted Innd. then on the tame westward two chains and forty links then south rne dtgiee east ten chains and lorty links to tl.e turnpike, east two cnaint, forty - two links, containing two acres, two roodi and tix rods, which tosether with the first tract contains about one hundred and filly acres, which premises were mortgaged to 1 nomas of the city of New - York, Pilot, to secure the connderatioo money. Lidled ini &tii day oi ja nuary, Iftlll. Jan 6 MKTb tds. UN CHANCERY STATE 09 BEW - X0RX, tl. FN pursuance of a decretal order of this hnnora I hie court, benrins date the sixteenth day of October last, will be sold at public auction, at the I ontuie Cntlee House, in the city ol iew - oru, under the direction of tbesiihw - rilier, Htone oftue wasters of this court, on WtAnttiay the smmth, day of January next, at twelve o'clock, at noon, all Jliat certain lot, tract or parcel ol land, suua tell in the county of Delaware, in the state ol New - York, and in Evans' Patent, and known by ereat lot thirty four, and bounded as follows : be - ginninjat a stake and henp of stones near a beech tree, marked No. 34 and 37 ; twins the northeast corner ot lot thirty teven t thence along the north bound thereof south eighty uiue degrees, west one hundred and I enty tight chains and ninety six links to a beech tree marked iNo. Jt and J4 beinx the southeast corner of lot f No 33.) num ef Uiirty three ; thence along the east bounds thereof, north three degrees, east eighty one chains and twenty links to a beech tree marked No. 31 and 3; ; thence along the south hounds of lot (.No. lil) numiwr thirty one, wrth eighty nine lcgreef,east the distance of one hundred and four chains, to a stake and heap or stws; thence south thirty tivechaini and twenty - four links t a beech tree marked No. 6 ; thence north eighty nine degrees, east twenty chains to the well hound oi lot thirty live ; theme along 'lie same south forty fourcliains and ninety six links to the idhce of breitining : containing nine hundred and lortv nine acres and three fourths ol an acre 'if Und, with the And aim, all that .crtain other lot, tract, or parcel of land, situa 'ed in l lie county of Delaware, in the state ol Ntw Vorlr. in Kvnr.t' Patent, an. I known by great lot thirty seven, and is bounded as foi - lowt : lt gii.iup' ai a hemlock tree maik - ed No. 37 and 4U. being the northeast corner of lot No. (4l) n u in her forty ; thence along the noith hounds thereof, south, eigli ty nine degree?, went one hundred and thirty - ur ciitiins ami ten links to a beech laplmg marked Vo. 3d U 37 t thence north three e - giei, east seventy eight chums to a Btech tree with it"nei round it ; thence on tho south bound ot lot thirty four north eighty nine degrees, eatt ne hundred and thirty chains to a liirth tiee u;rk"d tliirly seven and thirty - eight ; thence on the wet houndt ol lot thirfy - eigt t, south teventy - eight ctnins to the place of hegiuuing, containing one thnusund and twenty - tour acres and one fourth ot an acre of land with the tppurteu:inres. Dated. December , 1817. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Dec 3 lawtiidls Matter in Chancery. , fty The sale ofthe above projerty it pontpo - oed to fie eighteenth dy of Fehniary next at the same hour and pi:ice. Dated I an. 7 '118 JAMES A .HAMILTON, Jnn7?aHts Matte in Chancery II Voider ol the . lo.ioraoie Jtmes Ci.uiii, a I J judge of the superior court r,i" (he ttvecf Coo.h eticut, notice is he. - e!y ci ve - i to tiie i edit ors ol Isaac E. Judron, of Uie i - iicie.icy ol hit e - ution beiore the honoralile superior ourt, in r,e holdcn at Lilchfu hi, in and lor Litchtii - ld t.'onn - ty, on the first Tuesday of February, 18 Hi, praying for an net of insolvency. Litchfield, 16th December, 1817. dec ') aw i 1 V rler ol !' honoraolo Ju.ei Gcuid, ai J judtjeof the tuwrior Court ofthe ttatc of tj - innecticut, noti' - e. ittierehy given to the rredi - l - irs oi noswetl I ayior, oi irie ( euoency oi ni" ix - titioo before tlie honorable superior court, to ne ooiucii ai Liio niieiu. in an', county, on the first Tuesday of February, 1818, pray, ine for an art of iutoivency. Litchfield, I6lh De - coiuber, 1817. dec 2U Uw3w BY order of Alexandei Sheldon, Esquire, firtt tudae of the court of comin m pleat in and for the county of Mootgomei - . notice it beret y givin to Nicholas Uerdiue, now or late of Churls - ton, in taid county, an abscoiidingdchtor, toall others whom it may concern, that on duplication and due prpol made to hun the said Alexander anetiion, purtuuni io me oi inc uci oi the legislature oi the state or iev York, eotitltd " an act for relief against absconding aod abtmt debtors," paised March 31st. IUOi, h - hath di rected all the eitatc real and personal, wilhin the county of Montgomery, or the s ud Mchotat tier dine, to ne sciira i and that unless the said . u no las Rerdine do return and discharge his debt! within three months alVr tint notice of such set Hire, all bis estate will be told for the payment and sntitlaction ol nit dchts. MARCUS T. REYNOLDS, Attorney, dec 5 Iaw3m For attaching creditor, POLICE OFFICE. Notice. All persons mtereiled in, or claiming property, which remain uuclaiuied in the ruliaeUihce,onthetilib'ay ol January ism aie requested to make prorf before I lie 'Artli day of February next, a the same will afterwards i.e told and the proceeds paid into tiie city Treas ury a com I'm to law. JAMES WARNER,) JAMES HOrSO.N, Special Justices. JOSl tH HEDDEN. S Theotti.'r Printers lor the Corporation will in sert the above in their respective paper once I week fur six weeks, on account of the Corpora ti n. Jan 6 lawriw IN 1.3 TIM ABLE DICOVrRY. HEALTH preserved and restored without jVeilk.ine or Quackery, ' which often de - ttruys the delicate constitution and debilitates the strong Colds bring on the most al&rming disorder, with those torturiuf rheumatic pain, lumbago, gout, ic. which all the faculty have not been able to eradicate, i o prevent is bet ter than to cure. R. Y EO has prepared (from a receipt of a very eminent physician) leather (of which he makes shirt) of the mmt vital ami nutrition quality, which will prevent all tbe alove nin lioned complaints. They produce an ariml heat to the bedv, which caunot be obtained frooi Qunuel, patent fleecy boie.y, or mmn's wool they aboorb ail perspiration, and reit all the humidity that injures the human frame they are sft and pleasant to wear aud do no rrxxluc e that irritability that u so uiplaaaut its fl irnrl I bote who hare favored hint with their on'ers have d - Ured thi ir astonishment at lh benefi' derived from them. To b had of RICH'D YEO, Ivercbei maker and leather dret - er, 16. Water - street ; where al - o roav be bad leather pantaWtont, doe i!un vev,all kiidt of glmesand mil ten of the bM quality, wholesale a d - vtail, at tne snortet notice. dc3l iw c Jl iw - vw cron. rrm. suitable lor manutactunn - '. will he l Jd in min elt to ac i iincuii - iaic mi ii'lieni Alto, a lew bales of old em. Knneint 119 I n i . . . mi - juni) ujj sibut, jao V To be told and Dossestioa eiven btfore the required, a modern built substantial - brick house, three stories hich, (with several acoommodatioM and coovenicoces which make it an izreeable dwetlinf for a eenieel la - milyj situated in the meet Orbotetome part of this city, and having a pump of cxcelleot water within the M ; the property a tee simple, ana free froia all incumbrance. It not sold at pri vate sole before the ISth (if February next, it will then be sold at auction on the loth aod loi fultowios day. Also, aconipkiU set of carpets, elegant furnitures, household utensils and various efiVcts, particularly a choice collection of books, nv C. tl. FONTAINE, to whom annfv for par ticular, at nit miction ijo raicr street, corner of Pine. ian7 Until The houses and lots So. 161 and 103 William itroet If aot diipoted of at private tale, prcviourto Uie 211th inttaut, they will on that day be olered far sale, by auction, at the Tontine Colfee Houte. For furllier particulars apply at No. 21 1 I)uane - treet. jao 7 tl FOR SALE, real raorsETV iw trk citt ov aew - toRK rflCi A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II Js5I Bowerv S I'ARLK in the rear toseth er with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and Hi leet on each sulo. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - treet i and House and Lot No 3J Vesey - treet. A BOND and MOR'I tAC for IWW dollar. do find do for 750 do do and do for 450 do On valuable nronerty in the city of New York Tl . . 1 ' I H .. nn: A i oc iniereti lias iiiwhj, urro jjHn.iuiiij jiuiu. r or parucuiars mnoue at trie onr e oi STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, der? 10 tf No. n Widl - street. Wi HALL .iT AVi TIO.Y, At the T. C. H. on the 1st day of March nexi. the FARM be.loc.2ine to the estate ol tin; late Dr. Itaac Ledyard, situated one mile south of the village of Newtown, Lone Island. The Williaunljureh turnmke runs through tlie Farm on one sideol which is a new excellent stone wall half a mile in length The farm contains about 150 acres. 15 of which is a fine Wood Lot, with two ariple orchards, one old, the othrr jutt btgin "ing to hear well, and a 'suitable proportion of good suit meadow. The Mansion House is large unJ convenient, lour rooms on each flour, witn a go d kitchen and cellars ; attached is a large bam, cno. hen boue, smoke house, well, ami new cistern, 1c. The court yard nd garden con tain a variety ol iruit trees an . Mirutmcry, larce a'pnriieus bed, raspberries and currant Alto A i ARM adjoining the above, contain inr about tixtv acres i attached to which it ane quul proinrtitm of Salt Meadow, and n lot of young wood, situated within lets than a mile of the larni. containing ten acres, wiui a laim house, t arn. well, earden. &c. Likewise A Lot of Land, lying at Sprinfield 9o(ith e tiie villnge of Jamaica, containing tie tten four and five acres on which are aiioul dozen laree thesnut trees, suitable for fencing. The above lands wi I be all regularly surveyed, and mam of the same exhibited some time pre vious to, and at the t ile, and disposed of by the acre, with the nuii - ung thereon, inctuiiveiy. t osM'itinn eiven on die brtl o April. For furllier particulars, apply at 49 Dey - ttreet jan a mi' 1 A;!!,!, h - sold at pti'.lic sale, at No. 44 V V Market - street, Philadelphia, on Vedne lav. January 14. 1818. by order of the assignees H John Warrington, all his stocK in trade, con - listing of Gold and silver patent lever and plain watches Cold, gilt and steel chain", teals and keys Gold aud gilt finger and ear rings Do do bronchos spring and other biushes 8 dny and M hour movement . )o do brafS cattiues I)k do and niu - ii hi Im41s 1 do firsed w oik aod pinion Sheet bratt, pig brats, spelter lllack lead mtl sand ciucihles, Rollins ir flatting mills PlaniliLig slakes and hummer Clot k hud watch dials and mainsprings And a large and general assortment of Clock jnd IVaich Mukers. and Siler Smith'a Tool. Files .lid Sale to commence at Jl) o'clock. 1 erms at sale. jan 5 lw I.YDIGESTIOJV OH SOUR STOJUCU. S acknowledged by medical writers to be a conipl viiit o. stubborn kind, nnd at all time1 verv riirliruit of cur: This is suihciently lllus - trateil in Ihedisnptmint'uent of those who unfor - i. itely suffer under it, at they, for the most pari, find that after n.ivine tried many things to little r no uuriKwe. tliev are at latt obliged louse (lor ...rl.ti.a ll.A P..mniiiil - P ol'litV BUfih ftlilllet At caa at best but palliate theditease. Under such rircu - '.siaure - s, :iny medicine cupaoie ui lenio - icg the ccmphiint, must surely ne an article igirly deierving the attention of all those who are - afflicted with it ; such a combination it to be nu t wilh in fir MbJIlrS JiSf 1 1 UXor.f - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the succes of which has nv . r yet been equalled, for the cure oflytpe,ia in it's most complicated form, such ts loss of appetite, nausea, heart burn, Uatulcn - :y, knawitig paiu in the stomach pain in the iile, grrat otiveue, palenest io ttte counte - nam e, languor, lownes of spirits, pain in the head, virligo orgi - ldinets, and disturbed sleep Whoever applies these pills in the aoove oifease, according lo tbe direction, will never be disappointed, a they have never been once known to ail III prOtllll 1H B raUH Bl ItllU 1.IUIIHU I'he uteof a single box will convince the most unbelitvine ef their iflkacy. They will most efu - ctualjy remove all sourness of the stomach, not merely by neutralizing the acid, but by correcting that morbid state cf the secretions which gives r se to it. nnd at the same time will re - I n to the d. imitated organs oi uigetiion, iuai toi e an I vigour which it abiolutely necessary to the we I lieing of the animal economy. To be had ar Brook at Carle', l'earl - treet, atJ.C. Morrison''. tJreenwii h - it reel, and at Hulli Bowne's 146 Pearl - tlreet, where drug - itts and country de tiers will be served on libe ral tennt. (Ij - Prire one dollar per box. dec. 21 6 Aieir ani tltgant txhibi(ion,aithe old Museum Ckalham - ilrttl. THE TOWN OF BOSTON IN MINIATURE 'II BUCHF.SNE respectfully informs the la L . dies and gentlemen of this city, that he hat now exhibiting at the above place, a complete mM of trie town or uoiton, in mock work, which rfprestnts the public buildings, tuch as chiocbe?, ttores, public edifices, fcc. A.C. Also, n View ol a Sugar Plantation, black at work, oackios ngar, cutting rnne. tic sc. A View of South Wales. The mot promi nent feature of this a mountain, on the summit of which it acastle,tmngly fortified ;rob - l - r' ve in tbe u.tenor of the mountain, etc Admitlam e 45 tents. )r,..r i pen from 9 o'clock in the morning till iu in tlH - evening. janxw 'II ltKO.N, ttoi seal engraver and jewel 1 . ler. No. 166 Broadway. Coah of arms, crests, cyi - hers, &c. engraved on ttooe. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, chain?, ard olh - r jewrllery. I. lies' seals engraved with coat of arms, oio'toi, ami fancy devices. Diamonds amethysts, crystal!, kc. bought in the rough or rut t" any form. Fnokt of heraldry kept with npwarik of tJO.ODO name. . Jan 7 3m "tOI'TON Y - tHV Hi COMMISSION OM? ANY, 148 Peart - street, have now for ale, n.ot Nos. of Cotton Yarn, Irom No. 4 to 3i. jan 8 . A ; 1NE BOTTLES. - 2i gros of Wine Bot - t t ucs, in own, lor site ty CEO. M. WILSON. 13" V ater - striet jan 8 OOL'CHONGfc KAMPoY TEA?, io rwxrs O Mid cannisters, 33 - did 34 lbs each, entitled toxlebentu e, lor . at 6t "routb - hr CA.MBRLLLNU aiPCARSO.N, f i ': i fOR sALE, ' ' - , - ! A Farm situated oo tbe eatt bank of Hud - River. fire mile north of the village ol Poughkeepsie, in tlie county of Dutchess, coii tRinlne six hundred aod seventy acres, hating a front of three quarter ot a mile oo the river, two hundred and Uiirty acres of which is a fine plain ol great fertility, the residue is araoie oi a auiereu. quality, pasture, meadow and wood, of which there IS agrui tiuunaaiiui oi ins uur,i kiiiu. Ti.oro nre uiimi tiie iiremiiet a eood farm - bouse. harnand extensive sheds: a large and excel lent ilwellinr house and a variety of out - build inga, with every convenience for a largo farm irg establishment, j i.e innu it verjweii wuicnu ad in irood fence, and hat ut'oii it two tliriiiy youtig orchards; and the garden is filled with a real variety of Ihi best fruit. It is to the neigh - DOUrnooO Ol til x.isvopai niiu a :tiurrh. and adioins un academy for tlie educa i I . I. - : I .1 ....... - .n tion of Iniys, uuder the direction of Doctor Allen, and within a mile ol Hyde I'aru landing ; iroru whence iloons sal ecrv week Io iew - 1 ork, onu where panenger are taken and landed by tl.e pastiiij: ittam - boati. Thit tract may be divided into three convenient farms ; 200 acres may be taken from the north and '200 from the south. ( leavins 270 acres, with the principal buildmgs, iu the centre) oa both of w hich are fine situations, commanding neautitui ana extensive viewt oi the river and adjacent country. Tlie aboe will be told altogether or io separate part to suit tlie purchaser. Alto for sale, two Farm, situate in the town of Washington, in tlie tame couuty, lying about twenty mile from the river. - one of them contain ing zi i acre, i tie other sxj acre : on doui oi which are new and commodiou dwelling houses, barns and out buildinrs. and good bearing or chard ; the toll fertile and the farms io excellent fence. A considerable part ofthe purchase money for tbe above may remain lor several year on inter est For further particular apply to the subscriber. J Hit JUJU.tlStUiH. Hyde Park, Nov.S7th, 1817. dec I eodfjw f TO Lt.i or for SALK, tsnit And possession given immediately. convenient two story house, finished in the mod era elite, now occupied by the subscriber. ELBERT ANDERSON, dec 9 tf No. 28 Piovott - street. j fjt I.I LI HI.K k'jtUM. "f o be told or exchanged fur property in New - York. Tbe subscriber being in a very low state of health, and having very little hopes cf recovery offers for sale his farm at Barbadoes neck, conn ty of Bergen, containing about one hundred am thirty five acres of arable, meadow aod wood land. This farm Iteson the main road between New - York and Newark, about hall' a wile thit tide of Newark Bridge. It it in a very high ttate of cultivation, and is not surpassed by any other in the vicinity of New - York, as a valuable and agreeable resideure. eflher lor tlie larmer or private gentleman. The dwelling houte. thougt small, ii neat and well finished, and the fences, vatct, barns, stable, and other out - bouses, are in excellent order and well planned. In front oi the hue, bordering on the public road, is handsome and well sleeked garden, and on the premises is a youog and thriving orchard, containing a choice (election ofthe bet grafted fruit trees. A more particular description of the pro perty is thought unnecesiary, as those disposed to i . ill . L. : 'I - l . : 1 1 : llllflH8K vkiji view mr rtL:!l8e. l lie line ! IU' disputable. For particulars apply to the tub tenher, No. 188 Pearl - street, or to Mr. Andrew .Smith, near the premises. n.vl4tf ROBERT STUART SIOH.AGK cit t - , . I,..! ... 1 1,. ,, n.r tk OIUI f UltlJ IK1U UM I.I" .1 1 . I UW. Ul ...c ftore No. 9 Siu h - street, which will save the expense of hoisting. dec 28 VALUABLE PROPERTY for sale. H ILL BE SOU), At ooblic auction, on the premises, on Thursday, the 2A1 day of January next, atone o'clock, P. M. A SMALL PRM, containing about ten a - cret of land of the first quality, lying in Brooklyn, about two miles from the ferry. On the premi ses is a handsome new dwelling house, standing nn an eminence, which commands a most beauti Toi nod extensive prospect of New - York Bay, Staten Hand, tic. aud tor pleasantness of situa tion is not exr eeded in King' county ; aud a new liarn or Carnage noute. ALSO. A FARM, of about 17 acres of upland and 8 1 - 2 of Salt meadow, adjoining tbe property he - lore uescrioea, naving a goou nuutr, uoru, o.c. ALSO, A FARM, containing about twelve acres of upland, in a high state of cultivation, aud 8 I - ? acres of salt meadow, adjoining tke turnpike leading from Brooklyn to Jamaica, on which it an excellent young orchard, a good dwelling house, a first - rate barn, Sc. Sic. . LIKXWIIK, Four lots of Woodland, of 7 acres each, lying about a mile from the above described farm. The above property will be sold separately. Any person wishing to purchase is invited to call on the subscriber, by whom the premise will be mown, ami any tanner uuormauon givrn, - wnicn may be required. JOHN C. HAM. tan 3 tils lirooklvn. TO LET, Vnr ft form nf vpftn. thit hnilii Ihnd lot - - j - N - . 5 Broadway, at present occupied by the Mitt Kintev's. a a boarding house. For parti culars enquire of KUHr.rW Li. Ljivii us 1 u.s, uermooi. jan 3 1F1 PA TEMT ELASTIC RAZOR STROPS. GEORGE SANDERS, lately from London, onco more addresses the public, tbanki them for past favors, and once more ventures to recommend his strops as one of the most comfort - giving contrivances that ever blest the chin of ma, lie will instruct any seu - shaving gentle maa in the use of it, and when once possessed of the secret and a box of composition, be may say with the poet of nature, " I o shave to sleep perchance to dream while in the operation and who would bear the tweaks and acts of bar ber ba;e ; who would grunt and sweat under a loathonie beard, or a dull razor use, when he might hu quietus make with a simple Saunders tropf" Come then to his manufactory at the coracr of Reed - street and Broadway, and there you will And the subscriber always ready to re ceive the commands ol his customers. dec 5 tf ROOSEVELT STREET NOTICE. XTOTK'E is hereby given to all persons inter iN eited, th'tt the committinners of estimate and asetsinent, appointed by the supreme court of judicature of the state of New - York, to per form certain duties relative to the enlarging and improving Rt ojevelt itreet, between Batavia - Lane and Front - street, in the said city, bave completed their estimate and assessment, as well ofthe Ion and damage sutaioed, over and above the benefit and advantage received by the owner" ot the lands and premises required for the said enlarging and improving tlnoaevelt street, as a foresaid, a alto of the benefit and advantage re ceived by the owner and parties - interetted of and in certain landi and premise not required for the taid improvement : and that we the laid commitionerhavedepjiited a true ropy of tuch etirnate and aisettment in the clerk' office, of the city ol .New - York, for the inspection of whom - never it may concern. And notice it nerehv further given, Ihat'the report ol the said estimate ami aiHs - inil ul be preente I for con or ma tion t the m - re me court of iudiciture nf the ttate of New - York, at tlie caiit i. in the riy of an r - i .i ... - ioaey, mi rrinay. ine sixieenui uav oljanuary next, at the opening ol the ad court, on that d.iy, or as on thereafter ;, connvl can le heart thernou. Dated tlut S9th day of Decem ber, IH17. (t'"py) R(K;ER 8TRONU,) JtiMN FORCE?, Commitsiooer. NOAH JARVIS, S dec 59 if)t COV tr..yeitt.utite stable ol Wot alnw - lev, 31 John - street, oo the 3l)th Dec. of a Uiht rtl color, lit in Nh ears "' - out 7 year old. Whnr ver will SriivIS,! K.iH fT. , i. anv inforautiun thereof, suail rcceire agewrous' o - i POST COACH LINE iron PHILADELPHIA. IMroETAHT TO PB.BUKR. No coeaectioo with the post chaise line or the steam - boat Jt.ttlk. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPO SITION KLVIVLD. NEW Line of Post Coache on Springs with every coiivemence for passengers aud bug - gage - lHROUGH IN ONE DAY - betweeu isew - rorKand rtiiiadtiphia. I heron toacn Line will start I'rotu New - York every morning at o'clock, (Sundays excepted; in uie Biearu uoai Atalanta, and arrive - at Philadelphia the tame evening, in the Loach, r are Udollnrs. Hit Cileam lioai L.tne irnoisini, win itart from New - York every morning (Sundays excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the t - lcaui Boat Ataianta. irom me north side oi trie uauery, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning nt IU o'clock ; f are through $j M - The United slates MAIL ou springs, with every convenience for pasrtngers and tht ir bagasc, starts from No. 1 Courtland - ttrect, 2d office Irom Broadway, New - York, every day at 1 o'clock, and arrive at Philadelphia neit Denning at G o'clock. Only C passengers admitted io this Coach. Fare 10 dollars. Passenger are requested to be particular in taking their seats in tiie Post Coach I ane, at tlie coaches belonging to this establishment are of a superior quality lor the accommodation ol pat. lenders. r or seats in tlie t love carried Lines, applv to THOd. WHITFIELD, at the old estaditbed Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at tbe old No 1 Courtlandt - stieet, the second office from Broadway, new - York, or to ISAAU Urtuws, Steam Boat Hotel, No. t Washington - slrc t, corner of Marketfitld street, near the Battery 05"AII goods and baggage at the risk ol the owner. JWbhl'll LYOK, cU.tS t o. N. B - Expresses sent to any pert of the. Ci - n - THOMAS WHITFIELD nov 8 FUoT CllAlat LIN t. FOR PHI I. A It E h I'll I A , The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Pntseiigen aud their baggage (ihrnugn in ne dy) will leave, the City Hotel every day (Sun days excepted) ut 7 o'clock in the morion.', l - j way of Newark, and arrive the same day - ut Philadelphia. " The MAIL COACH PILOT, in oppoiiti. n to the Mail conch, with superior nccouimoou tionsfor Paitenzers and their baggage. H ill leave tlie City Hotel e - very day (Sunday excepted) at half past 1 o'clock P. M. will proceed before tbe Mail, and not subject to the inconvenience of stopping at tlie numerous I osl umces on the road, but every accommodation provided for th' traveller, and arrive tome hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. All letter anu papcricarried free ol expense by tbe Coacbes. For teats in the above lines apply at tbe Post Chaise and Albany Mail and Diligence Olice, No. 113 Broadway, opposite tlie City Hotel. fjr All good and baggage at the riique of the owner. JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark. JOHN (iULICK & SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON Si HOWELL, Philade'phia JV. B. Erprtsta tent to ani fart of the Lnion, Jan 6 if NEW AliKANutllwr." U.&. MAlL - COACllt.S,BETH ErVAYXT. YORK & PHILADELPHIA. QT The public are assured that there it now handsome coaches, on spring, equal to auy ui tht U. Slates, now running on this line. Pa.tenger for the U. S. Mail Coach will leave New - York every day at 1 o'clock Dine at J. Lyon It don't hotel, at Powle'i Hook, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only six pas - Kenjers admitted in the Mail Coach. Fare $ 10. For seats, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established coach and stage office, old No. I, Courtlandt - street, second offiqa from Broadway, New - York. AH goods and bagjajo at the risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, SON3 & Co. N, B. Expresses, coaches, extra states', &c. furnished to go to any part of the United States, on tlie thortest notice, by Thos. Whitfield, No. court taunt - street, Ne - York. nor 5 m TO LET, ieat The Store No. 134 Front - street, an ex cellent stand for a Grocer. For further particu lars inquire of RIPLEY Si WELD, nov 1 1 192 Front street. 71 TO LET, . inh And immediate possession given, the house No. 9 Pearl - street, together with tlie sta hie and Coach Houte iu the rear on Undge - it. 1'he premisei are in complete repair aud have every convenience necessary for the accoinnio dation of a family. For particulars apply to oci28 l. n radish. BANCKER - STREET NOTICE. PtJOTICE i hereby given to all persunt intrr - Ll ested, that the commissioners ol eilimate and attctsment appointed by the snpreme court of judicature of the state of New - York, to perform certain duties relative to the enlarging, extending and improving of Baneker - street, between Clinton street and Grand street in tlie taid city, have completed their estimate and assessment, as well ofthe loss and damage sustained o - ver and above the benefit and advantage rectived by tbe owoers of tlie lands and premises required lor the said enlarging, extending and improving of Bancker - slreet as aforesaid, as also ofthe be nefit and advantage received by the owners and parties mien tied oi end in certain lands and premise not required for the said improvement And that we the taidcommiiiioners, have depo tited a true copy of such estimate and assess ment in the clerk' office of the city of New - York, lor the inspection of whomsoever it msv concern. And notice it hereby further given that the report ofthe taid estimate and asseitment will be pre sented for confirmation to the uprc - me court of junicaiure oi tne siaieoi aew - iorK, at tbe capi - tol in theciry of Albany, on Friday, tbe sixteenth oay oi January next, at the opening or the taid court on that day, or a coon thereafter a counsel can be heard thereon. Dated this 26th dav .rt, l .n i. . oi iecemoer, ioii. I'ETKK HAWES, ) ROGER STRONtt, Commissioner DtN JAA11N A. AKtRLY. ) dec S6 I8t CORPORATION PROPERTY. TO be old at Public auction on Fridar I he J. 20th February, 1818, at the City Hall, 12 o' lock. The highly valuable FARM now occupied by Mr. Wiili oQ a. Htrdenbrook, about 5 ruiles from the city, con'aininz trcreUier near I v fiitv a - cies of land. It w ill be sold in lots from 5 to 10 acres each, situated on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9li, & KJtn avenues ; oa the latter st ind the dwellic house and out bnilcings, but a short distance fnm the Hudson Kuer. This property is worthy Ihe attention of those who wuh to i - otsetthandtume rcu.itrv tett s . its continuity to the ity, c.mmnudi. - g new of tl.A II...:. H . .. - uv i w. - ii. icineusi'uauon. auu choice qualify of time ofthe ground, together with an ample ,t i". " " ""i "snoer ii one oi we moit ueiLra - bl oi - iect of purchate. A map of the pr. mixes may be. seen, and fur - her P,,.r,i'2,:,r mow, at the Coaiptrollers Of - rvwxu. riot ; u"i . jan v et uerhliit pabhf knew how in dbtiniri,kfc sw. tweea thing that differ. - DOCTOR IIORNE, former), ofthe city of Loudon, aid member of tbe faculty of phvrU ty to repeat some onservatioo. c the abuse of MERCURY, a rath, iiiiiitcrujiioate, arid imquati fied use thereof, bat been produL tive of infiuite aiischief. n - w j .v..c, vtciua n lauds are annually mercurialited out of exitk tnce. Theditease we have in view owm if. t. tel result chietly to this source. What a nirT that a young man, the hopes of hi country the darheg of hi parents, should be tnitched way from all the proipects and enjoyments of lift" by the consequence of one unguarded moment aod by a disease not in it own nature fatal. n.i treatment." A ecntk!map. flate Dr. li. tZ' lieut) now perfectly hearhr and well, had bo ...., . . iii.i.c, iix years, and rejeated!ysalivat,d; wheu recom mended U Dr. II. (by a goutlemnn of this city) U bones were carious, and bis fieih dropping from them i hi frieudt declared be could not possibly survivs two month longer. Tiiousands experimental!, know with what ease and safety Dr. II. eradi. cates tlie severest Rises, and conlirms the cooitjl tut ion.' The Doctor' plan (advertising) is nt. ctttary to guard tbe public against the abuse r mercury, and other fatal delusion, held forth. - Perscnt, therefore, having contracted a pr - . vate disorder, or suspecting latent poison, art admonished not to tamper with their constit. tioci, or conceal the disuidur, till past recovery ; othci having tlie remains of an old cast, or other impurities ofthe blood, a well u other complaints of delicate nature, in either, sex. should remember posterity, and do justice ' to their consciences, by making application to Dr. H. at his old and respectable estab. lUhment, No. 64 Water - street, four house west cf Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistance . lone calculated to prevent diiclosure. And her let ma claim your serious attention Remember a superficial cure is oo core at all ; unless the ha. sincss is radically done, you will certainly hay, 'In; disorder break out again with redoubled ma litrnitv. at jome future period : perhaps then .m t 'f too late for remedy. Don't you r.fteu meet ia the alreeti miserable, mutiiattU Lemri, withotil tveD a bit orooKoa (heir (s&et Take warnio. Lprecy hitherto unknown, and having confined hit practice lorvears p:wi, eiciuiveiy to uie cure c( diseases ofthe blood system, they may safely cal. cuiuteontlie mott decided advantage in cos. suiting Dr. II. Uleeti eradicated in Iff or three weekt. Strictures removed without. bougies or any other instrument ; and all debilities i likewise all old ulcerations, Cntula's &i . A plurality of office are prorided, and sou'ti. - tied that patients are not exposed toeach ohVt'i .fiservation. Open till half past 9 in the evening. All persons concerned are invited to be free it ; uliing, and speaking with Dr. II. which i tre ol cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid tin expression of gratitude for innumerable recoa - uiendations, and for the derided preference fit it presumed with just cause) long given biui by judicious puhlic. N. B. All letter most be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Ati"?7 iv JftLlTH ER QUA t A t.HY A OR JAPU! TIOjV. DR. EVANS uperi method ofcuring a ce tainDiieasr, is now uniret. ally acknowledged in thit ' city ; hi mode of tren tines! i pencciiy mild, ae, ex. peditious, aod hi charge reasonable. In every w - itanri h - iJ Hid will return tltpna ifl5 - sdoes not perform agreeable' 210 contracL tt BWBy onseryed. 1 here are many persons in this city and it vi cinity, laboring under various chronic disease, sucb as r.ancert, old inveterate ulcer, scrofula or kings evil, fistulas, disease of the urethra, bladder and kulnie, old complicated cotrinaioti of a certain nature, bilious and other otirtrnc. - f . . " j f mmm aivuiii j hospitals io Europe It yean, under some oftt tint ScrgeoD and Physician in the world, asd made those obstinate disease bis constant study for 30 tears. , Oct 1J ,.jSWHETOW & DA - V IS, r ancy Chair Manufacturers, No. 153 Fulton - street, opposite St. Paul CburcL offer for sale, wholesale ana retail, a large and elegant a - ortment of Curld Maple, plum painted aod ornament ed in gold &Jronxe. Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Ball, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs. Sofa. Settee. Loungeet, Music Stools, Sic. Order from any part of the continent executed with neatnets and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented. oct 13 A GKKA I' N ATURAL CURIOSITY. THE public are, infos - med that this men tag was landed the long expected r c.viALK ELEPHANT, and is to bt seen at No. 296 Broadway, near - Washingtoa Hail. Tbe tiie of that animal it about 7 feet high, and about 16 feet long from the end ofthe proboscis to the end. of the tail. She ii to be seen from 9 o'clock A.M. to 9 in the evening. Price of admittance SS centt. nov 87 tf f?H WANTED , :To hire or puncluue, a rood two ttort brick houte, situated on the west aide of tbe town, between Liberty it Chamber - streets Possession to be taken at any time previous t the Ut of May next. Apply at No. 148 Wa ter - street Jan 5 eodbt FO SALE, nciil The House and Lot No. 10I liberty - ; Depth 31 feet, breadth 35. Depth ofthe lot 107 feet. - Those who may wish to purchase proper ty of tliisdiscription, can at any time view the premises, and term of sale may be agreed oa, by application to - . ' run c xn'iwiisitij, dec 31 . 66 South - treet. GRAND PIANO tVRTK. F' OR SALE at JOSEPH WILLSON - a Mniic Slnra. 14 Mai.Ien.lan. si remarka bly fine toned second band piano, by Broad - wood. Also, the following songs, suagbyM I'hilippt : Said a smile to a Tear ; Sigh not for Lor - " Let Fame sound the Trumpet Just like Love ; Love's Young Dream Is there a heart that never loved, Sic. The Bower of Roses, from Lalla Rookk Willsoo. , Clinton' Grand March, composed hj. J - WilUon. The Smile of Affection 1 he young Mary Moor ; Oh! Remember The Wood Pecker, rang by Mr. lncledon Black - Eyed Susan - Aivl every article in the musical Una Jan 7 gw T;.OLISH Caunon aod Musket Powder, f lid sa sale by LEROY, BAYARD ft CO. dec 9 NEW, YORK: - PRINTED AND PUBLISHED MICHAEL BURNHAX k CO - No. 4t PntB - iTt:sT. ur. H't. character mr sriii and stubborn iots. gn y oemg universally anown in mis city, tine lt()4. guaiantee to itatienti that delicacv and ...

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