The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 26, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1913
Page 5
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1 ROYAL Baking Powder Saves Health and Saves Money and Makes Better Food BAER'S Buehlers Drug Store (old stand) 9 Chambersburg St. Gettysburg Pa. y Sale W^omen, Misses and Childem's suit?, coats and dresses at after Christmas prices! The backward season is respon- .sible. It will pay you to get here early to make selections. 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FFNLET. President of Southern Railway, Who Died In Washington. BIG RAILROADMAN DEAD Willim W- Finiey, President cf Southern System, Dies Suddenly. Washington. Xov. 2C.--ViMhaai Fin ley, president 01 the Southern railway system, died at his home here. He \\as Etneicea with apoplexy aad hemorrhage of the brala '.vblle preparing to leave home tor his office. Before medical aid could be samaioneC he v.'as dpad- ilr. Flnley had been apparently a gcctl health and the iatal stroke carae v.-ithout wars-rig. With his :£nl!y_ he had recently returned from 5is cca~- try home at "Warreatou. Va.; ai:I reopened his town bouse : n the capital He Is survived by a ·nlclo-.v, a son a" three daughters. SCORE INJURED BY EXPLOSION OF GAS Ten Oil; Blocks in Piiisburg Are Shaken, BIG F:RE AT^MAHANOY CITY Dozen Business Places Eurnsd--Less, $100,000. Pottsville, Pa, Nov. 26--Fire that burned" nearly four hours, destroyed a dozen places in. the business center of 3Iahanoy City. The loss is S100.000, one-half of it covered by insurance. A h:ga v.isd helped to spread the fiames. The los»es are: Myer Barret, 131 We;t Ceafr street, shoe dealer, stock and building: 535000; Insurance, f7000. Tae Sre orrgi- nated froai aa overheated furnace .a the cellar of tiis bulidrag;. William H. Snyder, 133 Wes: Cea- ter street, books and stationery, an-I household goods, 5400°; partly .insured; building property of Isaac Supo-A-itch, $12,000. Mrs. Margaret Horan. :23 Wesi Center street. mlHuiery, buiidiug an-I ti-e szoek^ $20,000; parrly injured. Abraham Yediasky. '«" West Center street, shoes; siocn and tsmldssg 515.0CO. Mrs. George Laniber:, 329 \Veit Center street, saloon and hoasehu!tl gocJs. SSfivO; baildiag leScngins; to Jaaes CSeary, SSOOO, parts, .nsyred. 3ji!dsngs easi-=-DeaL.:s isstrrs, 1^9 V e=t Center «treet. s"Usa---r;.-. *Cy.,'. T ike rear, boaae of Slo-r's Cos/nn, liou-ehc!d goods. loss $l^'. B:pper Co., 227 V/est Center s'rce:, carpets and rug=. uas-ding coui- pietely gutted; loss $30.0 y. Patrick Dillon, l i j »Vest Center street, Hquor. $2000. Aledical Kill Catarrh Use Booths Hyomei j Try th? sure and most effective way \ I to reach ins raw, tender inflamed tea- | · eous rrsenibrane infested with catarrh i ; germs--use Hyomei. Yoii breathe it-- j j no stO2iac dosing. · \ If you, sujfer from raising of mucus, i :frequent sneezing, husky voice, die-; i chai ge from the nose, droppipgs in the' , threat or anv other symptoms cf ea- · itarrh-- Lrei-tna the air of Hyomei. It acts directely or- ;he '· inSamed membranes, destroying the , disease germs in the nose, throat, and, l^ags and giving: quick and permanent '. relief, -c-i- money refunded by People's D TM» S.ore. I incomplete ; outfit, including peek- : i et --^-r and come of liquid, costs' Si.C-\ Evrra Swiis of 'iotiid. if la'e-i j^ 50 cents . - "' u -- ** | Old Eyes Need Rayo-Ught "My eyes aren't what they used to be, but- the light of this Rayo Lamp is certainly splendid". The clear, soft light of the Rayo Lamp is grateful alike to old eyes and ytrang: Built solidly of the best tin. Attractive, clean, easy to re- wick. Can be lighted without removing chimney or shade. The best light for the least price. At all dealers TEA KEEPS 1 Vnillt U l i n flints' TUUK HAlK DARK/ · When Mixed with Sulphur It j Brings Back Its Lustre j j and Abundance. MONEY Bill UP TO PARTY CHIEFS Democrats Call Conference on Currency Measure. "Washington, Xov. 2«. -- Democratic ieaders, dpauerately hoping to dispose 01 the points ot difference on the cur- ren- y taeassre aad to attempt to force party nienibers to support President V.'r-so". called a party t-ca-'erence for Pittsburgh, Pa., I\ov. 26.--A score or more persons were injured. 312."? vrinuows were broken and ten city blocks and several- buildings ti-ere shaken by an explosion of gas in a nine-loon se^er in the Lawrenceville dtstrici- of Pittsburgh. Xone c£ the injured persons -sill] die. but the property loss T ~l!i amoun"- to oo^san-ls- cf dollars Five mea v.-orking at a manhole in. Thirr;.-eighth street -were tossed inccj the a.r. Alexander Campbell. O3.e 01! the nsmber, -n~a-buried irt-iJie- holei the esjslos'cn tore in the hillside. j Anoiher hole 200 feet long and ten' fee; deep vrjis torn in Sassafras alley.! an;: another 3:teea feet deep cat thej sui.ace of ThirtF-ihm! street. A sec-j ·Jen of the Baltimore Ohio rai-roadi ^raclc was lifted fmrn i r ; new and a s number of giri= ^ni^ioyed in the upper! stories of aJaetory were cut oy flying! gia=s irom Lroken ivindows. alan» of the ctner persons infured were struck tiy Cying stones from the rss;:res 'ri the streeis. Ten city blocks IL was admitted by Democratic n:anaggrs that the coarerence's con- cS-j^lcas ··.-o-uld not be Inr* "ag In :ne secoaa clay's debate Senator PikencGCk fapitl the senate for more than an bour v. ith his speech in sup- pore of the F:i! ssrged iipoa by h!m- seif and the 5ve -Republicans or the senate corcr^iitee- Se^o-ior Shafroth, one cf the Democratic committee members who helped SB the ;"eparalion O* the Owen bill. Senator Jutchcock. He in- s.stec that less than e:gat regional ·sroisld leave the country -srithout "uate protection in case of z. panic. Sti" sEorher currency plan proposed by Senator ^few lands in a resolution Tsrhieh he presented and discussed. H:s scheme axralti create state reserve associations-, in v.-hicb the membership of state aafi national banlis "ouiu be coTapalsory- Thess sssoclatians wou-d hold ac least one- third of the reserves of all of the banks in tSeir respective states. In turn they would deposit one-Third of these reserves in a federal assoc:a- i:an at Washington. j Gray hair, however handiotne, tle- norfcs advancing: age. We all Lnow the advantages of a youthful appearance. Your hair is your charm. It makes or mars the face. When it fades, turns gray and looks dry, wispy and serag- g!y, just a few app'ieaVsons o*" Sage Tea ts.u Suiphur enhances its appea'"- ance a hundred-fold. L'on E. stay gray! Look young! E;:her prepare the tonic at home or get from any drug store a 50 cent bottle of "V.'yeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy.'' Thousands of folks rec-om- icnd this ready-'eo-use preparation, because it darkens the hair beautifully and removes dandruff, stops scalp itching and failing hair; besides, no one can possibly tell, as it darkens so naturally and evenly. You ;no ; sten a sponge or soft brash with it. drawing this through the hair, taking one smail strand at a time. By morning the gray hair disappears; after another application or two, its natural color is restored and it becomes thick, glossy and lus'trous, and you appear years younger. ' GETTYSBURG MARKETS ; Shoemaker Suxrk Food I ; White Middling ... . · Pnt »· - at i i.t- Gettysburg * srvi.c te «-oJ -. jie^ Middlings ! --i"*s fitily by C. Miiton Wolf, Jr., MU- ; Timothy Hiy 140 to J. Geo. VToiPs ?o:k- C«- ^ r {,, I* i? I v«- P i · v | Oats'" ! i Pw IOC' { Batlsr-r Dairy Fwj-J $l.3- Sprini; Bnui !^ic Packed Bran 1.40 Rye Chop tJd.!--l Plaster ................. $7. Cement ................. S1 .!.(1.70 50 p«ir ton. .40 per bbil Per bb!. Mour :K.OO Ter-bn v.- Ear Corn ; Cor-' -uid Oils Chop m · Kjf^^iS^S^f^i \ MARYLAND MOUNTAINS AFIRE V/ai! of Flame Sv.-eeps Over an Area cf Two Miles. ""ersiGVTE, ild.. Xov. 2G. -- Fire ---re·-?·_· 3 m Xo--h taountain. in the vt ci~.;? of Cherry nin and, driven oy a -i.r"i v.iac blov.-ing from the "west. ~?"t2'l rapluly until it swept an area r njjlc-s. Tl-.s rsSectlon of the flames leaping rtiga in fee air was clearly seen in Ha- ^crstovrr:. eighteen, miies distant. The tlry leaves and undergrowth furnished rsadv fuel for the flames. IMnch vaiu- aD-e standing tiaibe-r. cordwood - aad · rossllss were buraed- ,\. Isrge force of men are fighting tba aznes. V.'c^sn Den:i- ?ass-to Hanging. Siinb.iry Pa.. Xov. 2fi.--^3irs. Jennie Si'ae. sisrer o£ Harry E. Miller, of Sjinbury, for vvhose muzder Frederick Nye. will be iiaaged here Dec. 2. ap- ?I:sdro SfcsrifiL John, H. Glass, of Xor- tauaifcei'laTnL county, who will condact the- bans-las. Jor a pass to see X die. irsai vras- renised. "jaeJc' Gcrajghty «-or Alderman. Sastnn. Xcv. Z~ --Joan E- Geraghiy. crro=e -xlie wss Juiia French ,heiress lo ih" T-.:rk millicns. won a nomiaa- :icr. for alderssan-at-large la "Wolrarn, "being oss of eight names from seven tocn caa:!iaates for the f I WEATHER EVERYWHERE. NOTICE^F DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP j Xotice i c hercb5 ah en that the pnr-| nership lately subsisting belwaei Noah W. Sell and Aaron 5. Siesri«t, of Ka^t Berlin. Adams ConDty, Ponim.. nnder the- firm name of the E^ft Cerliii Miilinir Company, was .i«so!ve! hy nintnal -on- sent as of the l£t day of Xo\embcr. 101 }. All debts due the partnership are to he received by said Aaron S. Siegrisf, :in-l all demands on the partnership are to be presented to him for payment, and v.ho will hereafter conduct the business isi and under his own name a.*-ole owner. AAROXS. SrEGRTST, XOAII \Y. 5ELT« I will t^_irk I G e t t y s b n r p every a t P e n Myere" Jewelry j Store. \V. Observations of United Stales ·weather bureaus taken at 8 p. xa. yesterday loilow: Temp. Weather. Albany 36 Atlantic City... 42 Ecsion SS 50 64 ""'«*"*rvf Thlcaso Xcw Orleans-- St. !.oi:-is 44 43 45 Cloady. Clear. Clear. Cloady. Cloady. Clondy. Clear. Clear. Sain. Clear. Grad.of Optics,29 Pomfert St.,CarHsle. The Weather. Cloudy to-lay; probably local r-i-;s "oraorrow; south winds. . ECHO OF DAM':DISASTER Austin, Pa.. Mill Men Acquitted of Mans'aughter Charge. "VTeHsboro. Pa.. Xov. 2S.--^Geo^ge C. Bayless and Fred M. Hamlin. presicear: and general manager of tae Bayless Pulp and Paper company, -arere acq-iitted here of the charge of Invol- izatnrr manslaughter, brought against taem as a result of the great daro disaster ar Austin. Pa.. Sept. SO, 1911. Seventy-four persons "Krere drc\vnaa and zhs \ iliages of A-c.^tlii ana Costello ·nrere \viped out trhea 500.L-OV.OOO gallons of water poured out with, the b-eaking of the fiam Buy a Andrew Carnegie Is /S. j Xew York, Xov. ^U.--^Andrew Carae- gie Teas seventy-eight years old yes- j terday. A number of Intimate friends j called and extended congrazu'atloas. j while hundreds of others sent letters aad telegrams of good wishes. Carnegie told his friends that be was In tae _ toest of health and hoped to celebrate raaay more birthdays. " Find Man Nearly Beheaded. Milwaukee. WIs., Xov. 26--The bc-ly of George Marqaardt, a machinist, nearly decapitated, was found 271 a cl-ainp of bushes. He came to Milwaukee from Pittsburgh. Pa. His wife and children are in New Tork cit-. GENERAL MARKETS PHILADELPHIA -- FLOTJR dull: ·sinter clear. S3.65@3^5; city ml:ls, | fancy. $4.90«5.IO. j RYE FLOUR guiet, at ?3 50@3.SO 2 perbarrel- \THEAT steadv; Xo. 2 red nevf 93 The Savory, Self-Casting-, Self-Browing Roaster: "'Improves the qua'it\- of meats"or fowls. Testimony of one woman; - ^:--5 "I can highly re. commend the Sav o r \* Roaster, f ormy urkey was Ind ed roasted to perfection-tender, and juicy, with a fine natural fiavor". Prices from 75c io $3.CO- Buy now for the Thankgiving Turkey. a V/edcesday, November 26tL, Red Letter Day, Sl.OO worth of S. H. Green Trading Stamps, absolutely -Free. Get them on Red Letter Day, at the Premium Parlor. Gettysburg Department Store ! . 2nd there will be sold some excellent ' ment AT Emory Zepp's sale on December. DecT 2--Lecture. Dr. Charles W, Stork. Brua Chapel. Dec. 4--"The Dust r-f the Earth". Walter's Theatre. 'cattle, hogs and chickens. -- advertise- . CORX firai; No. 2 yellow, 82 OATS steady; Xo. 2 white, 47c.: lower grades. 45c. POTATOES steady; per bushel, 70 ©85c_ POUIjTRY: Live steady; heas. 13@ 14e_: old roosters, ll@12c.; tarKevs, lS@-20c. Dressed firm; choice fowls. j3c_; old roosters, 13c.; turkeys, 23 @24c-___ BUTTER firm; faacy creamery, S~c. EGGS steady; selected, 43c.; aear- by. 40c.; western, 40c," Live Stock Prices. ·' CHICAGO--HOGS lower; bulk of sales, S7.40©7.65; light, S7®7.65; iriixed, $7.23@7.75; heavy, $7.25@7.SO; rongh. S7.25@7.40; pigs, $4.75@6.90. CATTLE slow: beeves, $6.60®9.25; Texas steers. S6.40S .60; stoekers and feeders. $4.80 @ 7.40; cows and heifers, $3.35(?i)S.25; calves, S6.50@10.50. SHEEP steady; natives, ?4@5.1S; vearlinsrs, $5.25@6.50; lambs, $G@7.65. Dec. 8-14--Pickerf Stock ·(Company. Walter's Theatre. Dec. 19--"The Shepherd of the Hills." Walter's Theatre. YOUR THANKSGIVING DINNER -i j- I c e Will not be complete without C r e a And vfc will be ready to furnish you with Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Fresh Peach, Cherry and Walnut. ALSO BRICK ICE CREAM Pnt kV» rnul «U l i \ « : t 1 anywhere in town. Order now. Both phones. Gettysburg Ice Storage Company

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