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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, January 12, 1818
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.. From the Bote Pttladmm ef Friday. VERT LATE FROM ENGLAND. By th ship Falcon, Opt. Lewis, which arrived J - est. - rday in 28 days from Liverpool, we received London papers lo the 24th Nov. and were favour - e ' Mr. Tonliff, and other friends, with them to the tahapd Liverpool paper to the 28th. The funeral of the Princess Charlotte of Wales nk alarm in the evenhur of the 19th of November. It was attended by a loog proeesaion, and coacht - ded with a Itinera! service, zne noayei inerno - cess wa placed in a mahogany coffin, that inclo - d inoae of lead, which was put hi an outer coffin of mahogany, covered wilb crimson velvet, and formed into pan oris with white plated nails, the lining of while sattia.. An urn containing the heart of the Princess was placed in a mahogany case. The cofans of the infant were like those of the pa - ' rent. The nrinclnal nrelateaof the Church. have paid visits of condolence to the Prince Re - rent and Prince Leopold ; and funeral sermons bare been delivered m nearly all the places of divine worship ; and the day of the funeral was marked la most of the town with appropriate ceremonies. Addressee of condolence are presented from many towns, be. in England, to the Prince Regent, on account of the irreparable loss be and the from France aad IloHaad,an4 pried must feS tM - MftV. . . J . m . a W M if I - nctt af LMtrpec Mem. 14 tuce.varamm, aww, iaaafitO. Hark. U a 23 Tar. 16 a a 17 1 Tstfpen - tine, 111 166 Slaves, N. T. Pipe, It 96 i Tobacco 4 a 9 l - VLiv pop. ' Pritw 1 Cbtdt. Zla Ashes, 46 a 63 ; Cotton, 1 - 8 Ma Bark, 14 a 26; Rax, 40a Tar. II a IS. fVfc at Bristol, Ashes, 62 a 66 ; Rice, 30 a M ; . Bark, 19) iar, 10; xurpcnuoc, torn 15s od. DuhiiM MarkH. JVoe. IS. We had a very animation is, our Cora Market yestenUyevery description of Grain was early cleared oft W heat from AO to 63s Am. Flour, sweet, 10 a bus, sour, US a 70. From Npv. 18 to 14, both inclusive, 1849 bbts, of Floor arrived at Liverpool, rom tne v. atates ana tnana. Imported at Liverpool, in the week ending nov 22 10R7 bbli. Ashes from Massa. ; 221 do. New York : 400 bbU. Tar, N. York, and other parts : 607 casks Turpentine, N. Y. ; 36t do. do. and other parts; 4 hhds J. Bark,Phila; 696hhdsTo - hajvn. n.!XI do. older Dans u. o. zkdus Cotton, Georgia ; 133 do. N. Orleans 611 other parts 17. 8 : 7, 030 do. Brastlts : 1121 do. Portugal, tc. ; 849 do VV. Indies ( 4713 bales India. Total I4,ISL Exported ; 1266 cwt Ashes; 123 tons Rke; fAJ IHM. M 4U JV WlK VWVU a W 1IIU M. wm,, a Tobacco fa) Kbit's Warehouse, 22d ; 3777 hhds. It is proposed in England to erect, by public Virg. ; 388 Kentucky ; 43 Maryland, 672 ail other auoscnpuofif a montimem u ui - j J , , "J" I Am. ports. the 'deceased Princess. This idea was noticed la following lines. - Raise not an Urn of sculpt ur'd art, That perishcth with years ! Her Moaumtad i tacb British Heart ! 1, I - - - . t .1 ! - Tmarmi A funeral service wu performed in the Jewish Synagogue hi London. By the Falcon, irons Liverpool, the Editors of ue Boston railaaiiun received Liverpool papers to Nov. 18, and Lloyd's Lists to 21st. Mr. Hopper favored as with a Liverpool paper of Nov. 24, and Mr. Topliffwith a file to the 28th, inclusive, among them Myer's Mercantile Advertiser of the zoui); alio, witn a uuciio paper 01 iiov. 19, ana a I Nnmitlr nanar at thm l.llh Wu ham neniaed a A itinera! service on the death of the Princess i ci rZf iwu. r.n shinninv r L. t i.. Charlotte of Wales, was performed at the Protes - 1 J7th, and have seen extracts from a Lloyd's List tant Church, in Brussels The English present I - the 25th. were In deep mourning. A part of the Church I Ship Fame, Dunlevy, from Phila, ar. at Cove of; was nung wuu owa. - ... , l uorK, Pi or. H 1 a - Henrietta, Batten, irom Lon - At Pans, on the day of the funeral of the Prln - don for N. Orleans, ar. at Deal, Nov. 19, and sailed cess Charlotte, all the English there shut them - j ,ame dyTbe French brig Jean Charles, from selves up fas their apartments. I Havana, vU Amelia, (where she was sent in by a A funeral service was aiteiwaros rrionneii oy privateer, and released) ar. at NanU Nov. 14 the Enrlinh Catholics In Paris. The French Court ordered mourning to be worn eleven days. A government messenger had been sent from ' England to the Princess of Wales in Italy, to in - form her of the death of her daughter. .The three persons nearest the British throne, - being mamed and having children, are tne King ' of W urtemberg, Prince Paul his brother, and the Princess Frederics Bonapart their filter, wife to , Jemme Bonaparte. ' The ports of England were shut on the 22d of Nov. against the importation of foreign grain and flour. In consequence of which Am. flour had ris - , en to 70s. Sour Ma 48. Some thought the ports would be opened again at the termination of the 3 months, ending Feb. tl. - in London, nov.zu, Am. nix rer ieni oioca was 10i,dulJ. . At London, Nov. 25, Portugal Gold 416 ; new Dollars AsS. It is said the British Parliament will be dissolved in the spring. The ship Grace, for South America, sailed from Portsmouth, Eng. 00 the 22d of Nov. She bat on ' board a corps of 400 lancers,whicb had been raised t to join the Spanish Independents, Cept. Clark, of the Am. ship Perseverance, covered from Mr. Thompson, of Scotland, Jerome his sister. up - waras of 2600 dls. for the detention of that ship 6 years fai the Clyde, and for imprisoning the captain. Lt. CUR Lee is to be fried by a Court Alartial ' on charges by Gen. Winter. An Lnruih letter save there have been warm . debates in the French Chamber of Deputies. Mr. Bignon proposed to inform the King or the impos - ' sibility under which France lay, of paying the im - postsof 1818 ; and to pray him to require that the . Allied Troops should evacuate France. These propositions were rejected. Mr. Lais tie, said " the de - mauds of Foreign Powers were constantly increasingwe must rid ourselves of such insatiable ppressors," These expressions were reprovedas . indiscreet. The French Funds are a little depressed. They fl actuate between 64 and 65, owing to the foreign claims. A new law on the liberty of the Press is before the LecrsUture, and expected to pass, but it is not satisfactory to all. Prussia has lowered the claims which the lately - - warmly pressed on France, owing to her own embarrassments being such as to require a loan. - A meditation in behalf of Spain and Portugal is . proceeding favorably at ram. Texel, Nov. 11, ship London Packet, Durkin, Baltimore ; Mary, Otis do. : brig Sturgeon, Richard son, of Plymouth, fr. Richmond, via Newport ; ar. at Helvoet, IMhibrig Mars, Hall, Bait, and 6 (lays from Cowes : 16th, the Clara, fr, Bath the Wol - ra, (Bond, or N. York, supercargo) bound to St. Petersburg, ar. at Whitehaven Nov. 6, and intended to winter there or at Workington ; tlie Danish brig Gott Haab, Smit, from N. York, ar. at St. Ubes Oct. 27 ; ship Otis, Newman, from N. York, ar. at Dublin Nov. 13', the Mary - Jane, from Greenock for N. Orleans, ar. at Belfast about Nov. 8 ; the Br. brig John M'Cammon, fr. N. York, ar, at Belfast Nov. 13, the Elixa, Thompson, for N. Orleans, sailed from Gravesend Nov. 14; the Com. Hull, ar. at Antwerp Nov. 9, and was ready for sea on the 20th, lor Havana,; twig I anny, merrui, of Portsmouth, hence for Rotterdam, ar. at Flush ing Nov. 2 : briff Shakspeare. Brown, from New - York, ar. Havre Nov. 8 ; a Dutch squadron, of one 74, a frigate and sloop or war, ar. at ruapies as 1 Bonaparte and a son and daughter of ot w . the Frederick, Allen, from South Sea, ar. 1 maoame murai, vrsnra vkww, ww h Gravesend Nov. 11 ; ship Commerce, feterson ' ginning of Nov. and returned t Madame 's seat at t'rochdorf. . Tbo Minister of War In Holland has resigned in consequence ef a warm dispute with the Prince of Orange. " - The King refused to receive' the resignation of the Minister of War, Count Golti, but defended his conduct ; upon which the Prince threw up all bis military commissions, and appeared aftewards at the theatre in a citi sen's dress, and was received with great applause. Some accuse the Prince of being ambitious and irritable. It is said he put aside his mourning for the Piincess Charlotte, immediately after the church service was over, and the next evening attended a ball. The Princess refused bimfor a husband. The King of Holland has ordered 100,000 florins to be advanced to the Linen Manufacturers, to buy Stock. . 1 ' - The Dutch Revenue for 1818 is calculated at 67,400,000, florins ; the expenditures at 74,000,000. A Iom is necessary. , The Dutch frigate Amstel wu off Cadis Oct. 11 , to protect Dutch vessels from the Barbary corsairs. live Archduke Charles, of Austria, has been blessed with an heir The Prussian association in favour of national manufactures consists of 4000 members. A duel fai Poland between Prince Csartoryski and General de Fas, has been prevented by the arrest of the latter. The London papers mention that a very violent shock of an earthquake was experienced at St. Helena, on the 10th of September, and produced muck consternation. Las Cassas, late private Sec of Bonaparte had arrived in England. The prevaleuce of a contagions fever in London, ' continued to cause anxiety. A meeting bad been held, at which Fever Hospitals were recommended, the use of yeast, and fumigations. A letter from Eiiester, (Islay,) dated 10th Nov. says, " A laage vessel was last nigh - lost off the back of the Islands here, and all hands ; she has Kne to a thousand piece. The boat came ashore, t no name anon it, but I found a board on which the Augusta Tor rbiladelphia was painted. A good quantity of square timber is come ashore betwixt rortnanaven and t;iaadacn umaoa raper. . also. Olive Branch, Kelly, R. Island ; ship Miner - va - 9mytne, Allen, from p. lore, ar. at lAmei Nov. 18, and sailed same day for London ; the Princess - Elisabeth Packet, for N. York, sailed from Falmouth, Nov. 18 ; the Johanna, Meyer, bound to Bait put back to Cowes, Nov. 17, after hemg out 12 days ; ships Clara, Parker, Irom gal. HHMOIVI IWlKIWHJliWIU V ., itiiMl w for Amsterdam, ar. off Dover, Nov. IS ; the Laura - Ann, Farnham, of this port, ar. in the Texel Nov. 5; the Orion. Poor, of Newbury port, for Maran - ham, sailed the same day ; ship Oryaa, Auld, fr. Baltimore, ar. at Helvoet, Nov. 8; the Anthony, Norte, from Charleston, ar. at Brielle Nov. 11; ship Merchant, Odiorne, from Stockholm, for N. York, ar. at Liverpool previous to Nov. 28, with loss of mainmast 1 ship Nancy, Burger, fr. do. for do. was on shore at Knott's Hole, and received damage ; brig Christopher, Hayes from Charleston for Liverpool, was on shore near Ince, and expected to be got oft" without damage, but must be discharged : ship Asia, Ormsby, of Providence, from Hamburg for Batavia, ar at ileal Nov. 10 ; brig Hope, Snow, from this port ar. at Amsterdam previous to Iov. 10 ; nng Sampson, uiu, 01 wis port, for Virginia, sailedfr. Bristol Nov. 13 ; the Deaux Amis, Dob le lair, for Charleston , sailed from Antwerp, nor. z ; tne Ann ai xjixanein, moyes, and Sophia, Melhuish, for Charleston, sailed from Fowey , Nov. 6 ; the Curlew, Young, from Charles ton, ar. at uravesend inov. zi : ar. at Bremen, Nov. 13. shin Temoerence, Malvin. Baltimore : srhr. Mary It Martha, Shaw, Boston , ar. in the of this Dort.from Richmond, ar. at Bremen Nov. 9 ; ship Garonne, Whiting, from N. York, ac. at Trieste Oct. 30. . - Ship Calpe, Cranston, from New York, arrived at Hamburgh rvov. o. Shin General Hamilton, Fellows, of New York from Pernambuco, (sailed about Sept. 10) cargo cotton, arrived at Havre Nov. 8 ; brigs Eagle, uooke, from rroviueuce; ana rairtot, irom iv York, arrived 11th. Ship Eagle, Spaflord, from Philadelphia, arr. at Rorrleaiii Nov. 12. The John, Cote, from London for Vtrg. arrived at rortamoutn Nov. zu. At Havre, Nov. 16, the Caravan, for this port. STMh ; Factor, Tor New York. London. Aim. 10. The Elixabeth, of Philadel which arrived at St. Ubes 16th Oct. from Bremen has proved very leaky, and would be obliged to be hove down. The American brig Jane Coutts, Burrows, from London to Charleston, upset at sea, during a gale of wind on the 22d of Aug. near Bermuda. Of the crew and 21 passengers, only the second mate 1 1 nomas V. Uardner,) was saved, tie was taken off the wreck on the 27tb. bv the Frederick. Mat sen, and ar. at Cuxhaven 2d Nov. The J. C. we believe, belnneed to Richmond. 1 Ltmrl,i, Jfut. 14. The brig Cannon, Delano, (of New York; from Havana lor cowes, which put into Plymouth, in distress, on Monday, 40 days passage, must discharge to repair, being very leaky, and muchdamaced in sails. . An American built ship, timber laden, supposed to be the Augustus, of ljverpool, was wrecked on the Island of Inlay, on the 8th inst. and all the crew drowned. Most or the cargo saved. LtrerDM. JVoe. 24. The Augustus, from Mira mkhi, lor this port, was lost ou the Uland of Islay , on the 1st inst The crew drowned : great part of tne cargo saved. Liverpool, JVoe. 1!V Arrived, Br. ship Alexander, Martin, New Orleans, 47 days from Balixe. Nov. 25 Tlic Friends, hence, for Charleston, has arrived at Belfast ; also, Favorite, (of Boston,) from do. for savannah The British brir Elixa, Phillip, from New Or leans, has iVrived at Liverpool. j .: i - . y f ,n r i r I Aumumiil mciuvui, MJvrriuii, lur Extract of a titer from Meurt. Marrall U Walton, I New Orleans ; Harmony, Tullock, for Charleston, ana . On tne 11th March hut. an order of the Treasury appeared, allowing until the 5th April next, the free importation of Rice, or till the pleasure of Parliament should be known. Notwithstanding, bow - ever, this implied guarantee of the Treasury, an act was passed, subsequent to the said order, Urni - ting to the 14th Nov. Soot, and of coarse there is a discrepancy between the order and the act. The question awaits the orders of the Board of Customs, but the construction put upon the act is, that being mixed up with other articles the limitation of Rice from the original period (contended by the Treasury) ta the ,14th instant has been a mere oversight and though, until the point is set at rest, the duties will be held in deposit yet we have authority for saying that no doubt need be entertained of the free admission of Rice until the 6th April, 181K. CetcHi and Pot Aibes continue to look well Bos ton rms nave been soki at oJs per cwl. Extract of letter rem Lkerptiol, Ifnr. 18. w Considerable lots of Upland Cotton have been disposed of within two or three days at lad Holders appear firm, yet are very glad to get rid of old Cottons durig the present lively demand, being ap - nreheasive that when the new crop (of which the quality is represented to be very superior) begins to arrive, the old crop will be neglected. "Tot Ashe have advanced in consequence of a speculative demand. The quantity to come from Canada fa) expected to be small, and a further rise anticipated Ms has been riven for Bostons, 63s fer New - Yorks, and 49s for Montreal! - Is advance is now dVmauded. " In rVr articles no material change. Flour, boo pot as moderate rates, and shipped immediately so as to to arrive prior to 15th or Feb. may pay haixKomeiy .There seem to be no doubt entertained that the Ports aril re - onen on that day. Sweet Am. Flour is scarce ; sour to brisk request at 96 a68s, per barrel, and expected to rise. " Hop have declined S a 31 per cwt, in London. Holder are afraid of heavy imports from Germany nti li. S. " American apple 21 a 21 10 per barrel. Large quantities are expected from your side ; as well a Dec 4 Cleared at Liverpool, Nov. 17, British ship Nelly, fciiin, ueorrta. SUtb, the Iveptune, Allen, savannah. Kd, William, Caitcheon, Charleston. The Little Cherub, for Savannah, up at Liver pool, nov. zo; also, B rutin snip Indian, Baloer - ncv, for Charleston, December I. LtMoVm, Abr. 2ith The Diana, of Berwick, from America, and 1 1 other vessels, are lost off the coast of urKnry and snetland. Ship Leander, Wyer, from New York, has ar. at Nanta. The new Dey of Algiers has released the Ham burg ship Keilicrsteig, and ber cargo: though both were condemned and sold. I he crew were also restored, and delivered to the English Consul MONDAY, JANUARY 12. Awuk Itlttnd.' Those editors who maintain ed that the Executive had a right to exercise the power that be did in sending an expedition a. - gainst Amelia Island, triumph at the discovery of thelawof 1811, authorising him to do so : a law passed in tteret sessions more than six years ago, by those who declare that a republic should hare oo serreb, and kept a profound tteret ever since. It is not a little mortifying, the Advocate thinks to those who maintained the contrary, to find, by the publication of the late documents, that they were awtxkeo in their doctrine. But does it not occur to him, that the Tory circumstance, that a law of congress was necessary to legalise the act, aflbrds satisfactory proof, were there no o - iher, that without some such law, the president's conduct was a daring military usurpation of (be stajramf sViotr tTb, thus, lot awt cmm for triuapb " ' IthaabUthasakarflhasrjanwntsaer - ly, admitted, that the act of 1811, Mttorisad the executive to take posse rri on of the territory in question ; bnt I am by do means prepared rabscribe to that opinion. Let as Uk a flanca at the act itself. la the preamble it recites that " the Uuited States under the circumstances of the exuling triiit (at that date, 181 1) cannot, without inqui etude, see any part of said territory pass into the hands of a foreign power,' ice. and therefore enacts that the president b authorised to take possession of the same, " in cafe an arrimftmin.1 Kubttn wAall be mad wilhla total authority for delivering up tht pout u ion of Iht tame or any part thtreqf to tht United Slates, or in the event of . tht tUltmpt to occupy tlu taid territory or any part thereof by any foreign government." No axiom in law is more clear and indisputable than that all power Tested by grant matt be exercised in strict conformity with the terms of the grant la the case before us the president was retted with power to take possession of the territory in question, only, on the happening of one of two contingencies mentioned in the aforesaid act. Now, it is certain that the event first mentioned, has not happened ; and it yet remains to be prov ed that the second has happened. For aught that has yet appeared, the president has acted entirely without authority, and diametrically in the face of the constitution. I presume, how ever, proof is not wanting. I only mean to say, the public hat not been yet made acquainted with any. The sbip Minerva Smyth, capt. Allen, landed her passengers at Covet, on the 18th of Novem ber, in XI days from Arte - York Price of U. 8. Stock at London Nov. 206 pr, cents 105 ; 3 pr. ceatt 72 1 - 2; U. States Bank shati 33. Cowmun teaton. Mr. and Mr. MelineU concert To - morrow night we shall have an opportunity of witnessing: this lady's powers. Fame speaks loudly of her tinging i and from the anxiety manifested to pro - care tickets lor the occation, we none that both nr. ana Mrs. Incline's exertions may be re warded by a full concert. From the London Morning Chronicle of Nov. 11 Meeting qf Parliament Oeneral Election A utroreeMamaetof the Royal Duket. It was yesterday reported in the political circles, that Ministers had come to the deter tnination. contrary to their settled plan, to as. semble Parliament before Christmas, for the purpose of removing; the Suspension of the Ha beas Corpus Act, and of passing some other necessary Hills, preparatory to a dissolution of Parliament. We mention this as being re - porlea yesterday ; we do not know it from au thority, but it certainly is not improbable. The recent calamity is of a nature calculated to produce most important decisive nature. Already a subject of great delicacy is every where discussed. Even the Courier of last night hints at one most interesting event as a means oi anoruy sewing an aiai ms as to a quick succession of Kinga without issue " May not the Prince Ketrent himself have is sue r" This may be interpreted in two ways. and accordingly we have heard in one quarter. a pretty significant hint, that the new Parlia ment may be moved on the subject of a Di vorce, " the principal obstacle to that measure being now removed." We believe that the great majority of the people of England will not feel that there is any political necessity tor recource to sucn a measure, especially as it could not, under all the ciroumstanres. be sanctioned by moral or religious principles. but certainly the measure is not called for. The health of his Maiestv and of the Recent gives the promises of time for the offspring of one ot tne fnnces to come to mature age, so as to avoid tne danger or a long minority and we trust that precautions wilt be aken for the union of the unmaried Royal Dukes, so as .to secure the inheritance in the lineal blood of our venerable King. LATEST FROM THE ARMY. Extract of a letter from an intelligent officer in tbe detachment of Georgia militia, to his friend in .Hilledgeviiie, dated " Camp near Hartford, ti Dec " The army arrived here two days ago. where we have since been detained tbr want of provision, we snail move again to - morrow evening I last Wednesday I nut it is my opinion that our progress will soon bo retarded from the same cause. I had, neiore my arrival at tins place. Battered myself that the opportunity would not be wanting to rentier service to the couutry ; but my opinion and belief is now entirely changed. From every thing I hare been able to learn, the Indian towns which lay ou our route, as far a Flint River, are as friemlly to tne w rules at any people can oe. At l lint Hirer 30 miles above Fort Scott we are ordered by gen. Gaines to build a fort, or works of some description, and await further orders and I be lieve at that point tbe expedition will close." Gen. Games, it is believed, still labors under wore embarrassment with respect to pursuing the Indians bevond the limits of the U. States Not having the requisite authority from govern ment, be very naturally has temples about carrying the war against the Indians into a neutral territory on hit own responsibility. Should this difficulty be removed, hostilities will be recommenced about the middle of next month, and prosecuted with vigor, till th savages are effectually chastised. A gentleman just Irom Ilartibrd informs ns. that the militia had not left there on Sunday morning, - being unable to move from tbe want of provisions. There was nothing new. Extract of letter from Washington City, dated MJttember Z7. On Chrismas day Elizabeth II. Walker, a public Minister of the society of Friends, from new - iorK, preacnea in the Capitol befi - re a large meeting of members of Conirress. public k officers and ladies She gave two prayers, and an excellent sermon oi two hours and a quarter length and during all that time she rivet - ted the attention of the meeting the scene to many was new, and to all interesting." Extract from the Board of the Proceeding of th Koyaj Society of lbnburgh, t en. IV, 1817. Dr. Brewster communicated an account of' the sleeping woman of Dunninald near Montrose, drawn up by the Rev. James Brewster, minister of Craig. Margaret Lyall, aged tl, daughter of John LyalL labourer at Dunninald, was first seized with a sleeping fit on the f7th of Jane, 1 815, which continued to the 30th of Jane; next morning she was again found in a deep sleep in this state she remained for seven day ; without food, motion, or evacuation, but at the end of this time, by moving her hand, and by plucking at the coverlet of ber bed, and pointing to her mouth, a wish for food being under stood, it was given ber this she took, but still remained in bar lethargic state till Tuesday the 8th of August, being six weeks from the time she waj Mixed with the letharrj, without p - tearing to be awake, P Ik. WH 1 ueuy tuv weeks, her pulse and passed to a second reaJiiig, the 'Vi : .. - . i I tr tne act entitled " an act ibr the gradual increase of the navy of the United states," specifying what ; quantity mate rials procured for ship building : and also the sums of money which may have been paid out or the luud created by said act, and for what oh iccts: and likewise the contracts which may have been entered into in execution of tbe act aforesaid, on which moneys may not yet have Deen advanced ; was taken up and agreed to. 1 he senate then proceeded to the cooiiUera boo of the following resolution, offered yester day by Mr. Campbell : Kesolved, That the committee on military af ire be instructed to inquire into the expedien cy of requiring by law the nomination of agents ta Indian tribe to be submitted to the senate for their consent and approbation, in like manner as the nomination of other officers now are, Mr. Tait suggested whether it would not be proper to embrace within the objects of inquiry appointment also to tne character ne naa sustamea tnrou;n ue. Whereupon the sergeant at arms was direct ed to take the prisoner frem the bar. Some converr.itkn took place as to the pre cise mode of proceeding, which retultrd in drawing up a resolution that the Speaker be authori zed to inform the accused that the house com ply with his requests. Mr. Hernck moved to amend tne motion, so th. nnmUrnf .hin. m.l nn Ih. .Wk. .! f I amuiauou. i ..a uJe w . K, . . , , ,. .i7r I ther the accused admitted or denied the otleoce class and the and kind of imputed to him. If he denied it, it would be luuirtu Ku.uia . was wi uuiuw oi uuui iiuuur 1 . . . . - i, t f.,.:. u tance and responsibility, he said ; through which was disbursed large sum of the public money, but it was an office at present filled without the concurrence of th senate, Mr. Campbell accepted the amendment sug - ed with a copy of the fetter on which the pro ceedings are founded, and ofthe statement of an honorable member of this bouse which accom panied it. I am further directed to inform you, that to - morrow at one o'clock is the time assign' 5 UUT - 7.;. ' , .u . ed brfurthr proceeding in thUcase." ... IZZ T'"irri.r nd then the sergeant at arms withdrew from ufitaHBUurai ih lutuui intuo was nicauu "MiUaU.iui,:, - - ;.. there was no such officer as superintenJ.nt of "1' .1. T K. ZZ ": Indian affair the governors of the territories were tern tones were toe superintendents of In dian affairs and suggested as a farther inquiry the propriety of providing for the nomination to the senate also of Indian factors; when, Cm motion of Mr. Tait, to give tune for inqui ry into the proper objects to be included in the resolution, it was postponed until to - morrow. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Januarr 8. , The speaVer laid before the house petitions of sundry inhabitants ot Missouri territory, praying that said territory may be admitted into the union as an independent stale. On motion of Mr. Linn, it was Resolved, That a committee be appointed to enquire into the expediency of establishing by law a standard of weights and measures Mr. Livermore moved a resoluboo, which. after being amended, at the suggestion of another member, by the addition of the last clause, was agreed to as follows : Uetolved, 1 nat the committee of way and J .,.. . i,.r - A ik lu'.nnLti of the hour. That, af - ltiofl. and Messrs. Fortvth. Tucker, and lr. tJune. - For the first - two ter such interrogatoriei m. answered, if the cer opposfed tbetn. .11 at considerable length, wa. wneralW about 60, the 3d bouse deem it necessary to make further inquiry The deft - te was one of unusual abdtty, and BKviotoherroco'v.ry,at o. the subject, tbm. b - conductedby - com - w.J be gtven at j - rge. except eu t was i T w lELSr eet.1. lor some mittee to be appointed for that purpose. When Mr. Ervin concluded, on motion of 70 to 72. Though TlirZfoZ Mr. BTmade T motion to refer the report Mr Holmes, of Massachusetts, the House ad LV JfJS. whole bona Negativ.4. journed at past 4 o'clock, without having come 'T LZ, ,h. hrvt on the lands of Mr. Mr. Beecner then earnestly protaiiea agaum any oecision on uie question ociore them. Srktay, and continued without inconvenience to the adoption of the report, fcr reaaont wnicn will ."T! r". appear rathe sketch to be given of the debate. I permrm ner laowv J rS h. reDnrt asreed to without a division eJrJTS f mSSS r Becher moved that counsel be allowed rannra nl the surgeons who attended : to whose to the accused. attestations are added those of Mr. Arkley, the DroDrietor of Duuuinald, and Lvall, the father; and is in every reaped enuuea to ine luuesi cre dit. From the National Intelligencer, Jan. 10, The House of Representatives has found it self, almost without knowing it, ana certainly without the advantage of having anticipated 51r. Sergeant suggested that it woald be time enough to do that when tne prisoner asxeu tor it - Mr. Bcecher raid it was tne ngni oi mis inui teruayien on our minus xiik imprciuu . b . y , prisoller tj,e bar of the bouse. great respect for the talenta now composing Qn hj$ - appearwice y,. speaker directed a die Representative body it was, in fact, al ......,. h; an.i lurefaed him to j:...i.u Af nk.Ci. cn.l liinpne ..I unimiu.u uj; vt (OUt eOeCt ' The debate is not termiiuaea, uiougu u ap - M , hn anaert0oyoa are no doubt aware pears to us so much light was shed upon tue a . are brouzht before this house in conse - question yesterday, that it will not be ;nucn aueace of having written and delivered to a gen further nrolonsred. The Questions aenateai. .i. . .!,., ... rh,,;,... .r, mm. from the Savannah Republican, Jan. 5. Lalettfrom Amelia. - By a gentleman, who left that island on the 26Ui Jilt, we are inform, ed, that, on the arrival of the United States' squadron on the 22d, despatches were immediately forwarded from the Prometheus to k avkn aatr - .swwlawl CrW flMUMlV thmf' tla A 1.1 - ridual,placedinsonovel asitoaUon, tobavehil nten reiUtlUK.e but would have wiilinri - privdege pointed out to him, which otherwise he (urrerKtered the piice the Saranac alone, mi?ht not know. Mr. Tucker reud a resolution, that the speak er be authorised to inform the accused that he mi?ht ask counsel. &c. Which was superseded by an intimation irom lt enirairtd in the discussion of a question ot ,. . ... . .k.,Mi.i,w ; n rlnt. it . i: ,l,.;.nu. nnwera ' " " biiU.8.uiuut,i:Su.f " r." no objection was made, to give tne accutea in and tlie rights of the citizen, as invo.ved in fo J on head the case of Col. Anderson, lneaeoateoiye Thfl rnni at arms was then directed to such a demand had been made. iNextday, the 23d, the American squadron anchored in the harbor of Amelia Island, and landed about two hundred healthy looking trrfts, who marched up, to the tunes of "Han Coiumota" and lan. kte Doodle" and took possession of the foi t, where the American flag was instantly display, ed. As our troops landed on the beach, Aurv ordered a gun loaded with a blank catridge to be bred, and immediately nauieu down the Mexican colors. He and his men are allowed to remain until they can conveniently embark, with whatever belongs to them, but are prohibited the wearing even of side' arms. At the time of surrendering there were six privateers and three prizes in harbor j the latter hare - " O . . ..I UtUCtU. HIIV W M l .llVt BUM ' " . , . . . . . are, hrst the legality of the warrant issuea ir, i mitt - . - f ,hi, . ofthe eontenU of 8U1CB De augmeniea oy iwo more, anip the first instance ; and, secondly the power of ou mre anDrized. ' Before I proceed to P' e Mexican Umgress, and a lugger, the House to duwuc withpunishrnt (andnfl of Colonel Wool, Inspector General of the North Division, it appears that there has been performed, in that Division of the Army, do ing the year 1817, 133,654 days labor on for tifications, army buildings, and public roads, t.....ivfit, mt iiij wuiiuiHga, nu .uw..v . nmonund to van an interrotratorie on this sob - ken Dy me ravioia. ai w tnem, as our in - m A n. ;nf - rotnr;. on lhii mb. taken by the PeUriota. All of them.uour in. course, iu power to recognize) any contempt , w, a'prue you that, if you have any re - formant understood, would be aUowed to de - commitletl beyond the walls of the House J t to house : if you wnh for part wii Amy ; whose motely squad have be - r ii . i ai u ... .. J , i k.. - tkamcali - tM with itnrimmnn rivilitv amra. the lions, diversity I bared themselves with uncommon civility since On - e nues there u to preat rn. of opinions, as to render it a mutter ofdoubtlyg privileges belonging to persons in the surrender of the island. any ui uwn unfiin ucwi'siw w " - . . the how the latter will be decided. We are informed that, by the official reports Our infoTOAnt , similar tituauoos, the house U TdBposod to grant further ,utes,Uiat American squadron was it. If you do not wish for time, wrcounsel, or uusny cnipmycu, u .v - .w, ... . - .uig for witnesses, the Speaker will proceed to put a large quantity oi orunancc aiw a......umon - to you such interrogatories as may seem proper, wnicn, wnen xaaen in w view wju. u ucsuno t - ,uu ,),. .n., h. h.. ranliad. in Itioo of recent drafu. ui our opinion, indicates .ubstance, although indistinctly, that, in hit pe - the expecUtion it the minds of our govern - ruliar situation, he deiired the assistance onmcni oi uib uimuuh; - " ute . I . . i . exclusive of the ordinary police of camps and counsel; he desired time until to - morrow, and Bnusn. : i .t t . r . : Mh. j.i.rMwtiinltv Ar.timmMiinff witnMSMtn tastifv I the oiiDortuoitr of summoning witnesses to testify garrisons, and the establishment of two impor tant military frontier posts. Greenbay and Chi cago, on tbe Upper Lakes. CONGRESS, IN SENATE. Jan. 8. The bill fixing the compeojatioti of the mem ber of the senate and of the'bouae of represen tatives, was received from the other house, read Exchange Coffee - house, Reading and News Room, Boston, Jan. 10. Arrived, scbr Coquet, Vail from Alexandria. 1 received tbe following from my correspondent at the Vineyard, this morning. HOLMES HOLE, Jan. 8. Arrived, brigRa - by, Nichols, 19 days from St. Pierre, (Mart) for Boston. Dec S3, 10 leagues S by W from St. Bartholomews, spoke brig Minerva, 30 days from NYorK lor smarts ; bad lost ner main - Ta tT to "enueV ZTLLbi M accu,ed fan"hvi PrtvioUsly wilb topmart S d.,i beforein a heavy gale. SuttlaXtoblflaia proceedings which may have been had under UIU1. To this Mr. Forsyth objected, became it would be inconsistent with the object of this ex - dria for Boston. Schr New Sophronta, Jenkins, 7 days from N Carolina for Boston. DIKD, Yesterday morning, Mr. Frederick Spring, a red 42. His friends and acquaintances, are res - for the house to substantiate it : if be admitted pectfully invited to attend his funeral, this after; it, it was for the house to proportion iu decision thereon to the magnitude of the offence. Mr. Hemck withdrew Ins first motion, and moved that the accused be furni'heJ with a copy ofthe letter which was the ground of this pro - noon at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, 22 Walker - Street. On Saturday evenincr. 10th inst. after alineer - ing illness, Mr. Andrew Hosie, a native of Glas gow, aged aa years, i ne iritnas ana acquaint ances oi tne oeceaieu, ana oi mr. Atex. o - ceeding ; to which was a:lded, on suggestion of I Glase. are respectfully invited to attend his fune - jur. men, a copy oi tne statement oi ivir. yyu - ral, Irom lunate residence, no. wniiw - nreci, liams accompauying th letter. on Tuesday afternoon, precisely at 4 o'clock. I hus amended, the resolution according these privileges to the accused, was agreed to. 1 he prisoner baring been remanded to tne oar ol tne bouse Tbe Speaker addressed him nearly at follows : " John Anderson : 1 am directed to inform you that, pursuant to your request, you are at liberty to engage such counsel as you may think ..LTnrk .mh"u ch wbpoenas for witnesses as you may - means be instructed to enquire whether, in any case, further time than is already prescribed by law, ought to be allowed for the redemption of lands sold lor direct taxes, and purchased by collectors, in behalf ofthe United btates, pursu ant to law : And that the said committee be also instructed to inquire into the expediency ofmak ng provision by law to enable persons whose lands mav nave been told for the payment of the direct tax, to redeem the same by paying such sum only as said lands shall be justly charged witn, together witn reasonable costs and inter est. CASE OF COL. JOHN ANDERSON. The speaker having stated to the house that the sergeant at arms had returned oo the war rant uiued to him yesterday, that he had execu ted the same on the body of John Anderson, therein named, and that ha now held him in bis custody subject to the further order and direc tion of the house: Mr. Forsyth offered the following resolution : Resolved, That a committee of privileges, to consist of seven members, be appointed, and that the said committee be instructed to report a mode or proceeding, in uie case of John Anderson, who wa taken into custody yesterday by order ofthe bouse : and th same committee bare leave to sit immediately. mis motion gave rue to a debate of nearly two hours in length, net so much on the propriety of tne particular proceeding proposed, as on the legality of proceeding at all in the case. This debate is one too interesting to be omitted, and was too long to be compreesed within our pre sent limits. It shall be presented - to - morrow if possible. Mr. Beecher, Mr. Livermore and Mr. Ball, took the ground that the house had been radically wrong, if not unconstitutional : Messrs. rortyth, Tucker, Hopkinson, Pitkin, Sergeant and Comstock took the opposite ground. ine reaoiuuon wa Bnally agreed to; and Messrs. Forryth, Hopkinson. Tucker. SenreanL Johnson of Ky. Pitkin and Taylor, appointed a committee accordingly. COL. ANDERSON'S CASE. Mr. Forryth, (rom the committee aDDeinted tn day, made a report, recommending that the house do come to tbe following resolution : Kesoived, 1 hat John Anderson be broirht to the bar - of the bouse, and interronted bv the speaker, on written interrogations, touching th charge of writing and delivering a letter to a memoerot in novse, ooenng nun a bribe, which, with hi answers thereto, shall be entered on the minute of th bouse. And that evtrv Question proposed by a member be reduced to writing, and a motion made that th same be put by the rpealer and the quertiMt ai tuuwtr thai! be And the house adjourned, at a late hour, Errata In consequence of th lateness of the hour at which our last paper was put to press, an error or two occurred, which those who read, and those who copy from us, will please to cor rect. In the publication of col. Anderson's letter, an error occurred ol o tingle utter, which was, ne vertheless, important, and requires particular correction. The name of Hubbard therein men tioned, should stand Hulbard; who, we learn, is a person in this city from the western country, fruiters are particularly requested to copy this correction. COtfGRESS. IN SENATE January 9, The bill fixing the compensation of the mem bers of the senate and house of representatives, wa read the second time. The senate went into the consideration of Ex - exntive business ; after which The senate adjourned to Monday. HOUSE OK REPRESENTATIVES. Friday, January 9. . Mr. Ogden, of New - York, appeared yester day, and Mr. Mason, of Rhode - Island, to - day; and were respectively qualified, Mr. Harrison, from the select committee ap - trEJfiyO POST M.1RLYE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Angelica, Shepard, Lisbon n L fit li Uriswoia - Illinois, Funk, Bordeaux David Wagstaff Mary, Shaw, New - Orleans Talman & Torrey pomted on that subject, reported a bUl to provid, Co. Kelly & M'Bride, Mulfbrd & Leffingwell; ui vigoiiuiuB, ojuuug aim uw - iiJiuiiiis wo muif insider, M'Lea tl Co. ami U L Dodge tia ; which was twice read and committed. Mr. Johnson, of Kentucky, from the committee ol investigation, on so much or the public ac, counts and expenditures as relate to the war de partment, made a report respecting a certain contract entered uito with the government by col. Elias Earle, on the 3d of Feb. 1815, while a member ofthe house of representatives, explaining the nature of the transaction, and exculpating col. E. from any blame under the circumstances of the case ; which report, together with one of the last session on the same subject, was oruereu to be printed. Mr. Ham son, offered a joint resolution, pro posing to tne states an amendment to the const Brig Wm. Henry, Stackpole, Havre Kattman It Baker Archimedes, Bunker, Cork and a market I Wright k Son Schr Henry Dennison, Thompson, Richmond . Virginia, Anderson, Norfolk i Page ti Triple ARRIVED THIS fVRlCJYOOJi. Ship Telegraph, J. R. Caswell, 9 day from Charleston, with rice to A. G. Pbelps tl other. I,at 39, 30. Ion 73, fell in with the brig Agent, Lewis, 120 days from Marseilles, bound to New York, in distress, and took on board from her, Mrs Mendenhhll and servant, of Savannah. Passengers in the Teleeranh. Mrs. Rogers, Me. C Murkle, P ft C Vanhornc, J C Multtz, Jcno King, Catharine Cornell. BELOW Sloop Messenger. .1RRIFEO LAST EVESltfG. Ship Mary Augusta, Porter, 6 days from Sa vannah, with cotton and rice, to Griswolds k Coates, Hicks, Lawi ence & Co L Goudain, J Magee & Co. T Phelps & Co. C Richards, Wil - letts & Lawrence, De Kham it De Lassert, U Lathrop, Elliot & Co. Saul Alley, H Bundy, W Colgate & Co. J Mount, J k N Haight, Die. brow, Parish It Hoi brook, G Lee, Brooks and Ho) t, H & G Barclay, J Lovett, A Low, E T Douglas, and O Stiles, Passengers, W Stanford, P Hall, L Galpin, F Giraud, jr. A Buist, A Pepin, W Hamed. W Comwell.O Stile. W P Harris, and F Scott, Ship Radius, Delano, 7 days from Charles ton, with cotton, rice, dry goods, kc. to E Morewood. Brig Minerva. Tyler. 6 davs from Charles ton, with cotton, rice, dry goods, &c. to Jones k Megrath, Regnault tc Davis, Saltus, Son ft Schr Laura, Lewis. 0 days from Savannah, with cotton and rice, to Bell ft Timpson, J at C Bolton, H Thomas, Otis c Swan and J Magee ft Co. Left, ship Cotton Plant, Fash ; brig A - melia, Mott ; schr Milo, Bradley i and brig Ro derick, Hardy U for N York. Th brig Volant was to sail for N York next day. On the 3d inst. spoke in the river sloop Phoenix, Murphy, from Philadelphia for N York was blown off in a gale on the 20th December, lost her main - sail, and was obliged to put into Savannah. Sloop Active, Fulford, 4 days from Newbera, - with naval stores and peas, to Hyer, Bremner k Co. Bosroa, Jan. 9. Arrived brig America, Sel - "3"" X - TTk , ,J C?grtS' 49 fm Bilboa. Left no American !??Cn,"!U.w'4!thV,,te,'th Pw"toPH vessels Nor. 20th. - Pa.sed goin in, sch Rose - whii aur iraininwina rniiirig rr'Aminw lAtna iii.i w . . vide for training the militia according to the discipline prescribed for the purpose, Ic. and to provide for teaching in the primary schools, and o - ther seminaries of learning in the several states, the system of militia prescribed for the militia - . wnicn resolution was twice read and committed. CASE OF COL. .4NDERSON Mr. Spencer, of New - York, then presented to ine nouse ine louowing preamble and resoin boos : The house of representatives, entertaining great doubt of its possessinzthe competent cow er to punvn jonn Anderson for bis contempt of ine nouse anu nts outrage upon one of its mem bers Resolved, That all further nroceedinei in this house against the said John - inderson do cease, and that be be discharged from the custody ofthe sergeant hi arms. Resolved. That the attornev - nneral of the Uaited states be directed tn initif lit urh nm. bia. Resolved. That the committee of the Jmli. ciary be instructed to enquire into the expediency cf proridinr bv law for the ntmihment of any contempt ofthe Senate or House of Ue - presentativet or the United States, and of any breach ofthe privileges of either House. Mr Spencer opened a debate which occupied the whole day t in which, be - 1 id. the mover, Messrs. Anderson, BarbaourJ Robertson and Ervin, stmported the Hcsohi.i eta, - - way, Cooper, of Plymouth, 49 days trom Mar - blehead. Spoke, Dec 18th, lat - 44, long. 43, ship ILbernta, from NYork for Liverpool. BAvaawaa. Jan. 2. Arrived, British brig Kelsick Wood, Fisher, Havana 7 days. Oa the 39th ult spoke sloop William ft Henry, from Havana bound to N York, in a leaky condition. The captain of the sloop informed captain Fisher that he would endeavor to isake Charleston or this port, not being able to proceed to her place of destination. . NASSAU, Dec. n. Arrived, schooner Hone. M'Alister, N' York. Dec. 21 On Xatanla 1sl. th slnnn Wash ington, Mattocks, master, from New - York bound to Mobile, put into this port in distress. OS, Abaco, she was fired at several times by a ship, which was afterwards observed to engage with schooner. anrtxrnfl a nrivataer. The ship . I I J i - eeediogs against the said John Anderson for his 1 ,0PPod to be a Spanish slave ship, said oliuuce as may be agreeablo to the laws of tne United btates and of the district of Colum THEATRE. Last night of Mr. Cooper' engagement. THIS F.VENING;1 JANUARY 12, 1818, Will be presented, the tragedy of rne apostate. . , Malec, Mr. Cooper r . To which will be added, tbe grand allegorical pantomimic spectacle of CINDERELLA; vr, The Little GlastSUpf' - 37 Oft Wedneiday, Mr. Cooper's be neliu

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