The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 12, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1818
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foil ULBr - mwifu A SLOOP, bow building of to llftmaUml, about 100 tous; timber. wtlf . . '.. .1 rr.lar: bottom hest (iflive plank JtrieywhiU oak, built oa purpost lor tht i Atta - , and inny trade where utpaicu, """" - i ir.I draft of water is required. A periagua SCHOONER, of 40 ?,. V.itU water. With a ton, l lee - W1 i Will .uraw - ,. v tkmuh the centre other keel, J&Mvfor a Liverpooi or v2i.cao be nnisneu w r r XTsJar,, timber and plank. , Also, Umber . iT - Vkn.. hnildul?. t'rtiirhl or Charier. fur wwi, ' k - :. Avif Rir.'AV. burthen 200 - 1 am von r. ....... - - , - .i. fo. ; wall Ihuud and can be a"" ' This tarii? w see vear .ulna. M4H i" - - . Mitt lo tt - K uiiiu'wt'J . . . ld. was built of the best materials ana was em uiu, - t,.i IuItmah Ihii this ployed tne last year iw F" " Sort and Savannah, lies at Murry's wharf rr . nnivwni.ns it COATE9. Ap - 'dec 15 63 Sonth - st For SALE, flip, vervfast sailine sloop PRA 'r.nv rliSM. master i burthen 66 tons vffiiff M;,l,ll.tnun fF:nnn. bv Mr.Tlinias MUUV , - Childs, of the best materials, nas maae uim .nt c to the West Indies, is one year old, mi can oe sent to sea immediately. For terms apply to the master, on board at Burling - slip, Of to - ot i dec 3 68 South - street. For GIBRALTAR, The fast sailing brig LAURA - ANN :P. F. Coffin, master: nas 6ne accoinmo datiuns for passengers. For freight of 500 bar rels or passage, apply to the captain on board WMt,ideBun".t:"G.GR.SVVOLD. dec tO U8 South street. For SALE, t The new and fast sailing brie FAME Hhuilt of the best seasoned timber, and fiiihfullv ' nut totrether. her rierKinir and sail.. are of excellent qutdity, this vessel is well calculated for a Southern Packet, ha ing hand - some accommodations. For terms and a view of her inventory, apply to GRIs WOLDS k COTES, dec 15 68 Swith - street. For Hate, r'retght or i harler. The excellent brie RlilN'G SUN, , Wm. iXapier, master, burthen one hun dred and five tons, will How about 900 barrels. two yean old, sails fast and can be sent to sea MBmeuiaieiy Apply io ine captain ou noaru a taeiooioi llarruoa - ttrect, or to JOHN BYERS. Who hat for Sale, 1500 bbls ground plaster of Paris 600 tons Nova Scotia iilaster 190 do French do in lots to suit par chasers A pply as above. u 11 tr For IHiiihE.HJX, "The ship DRAPER, W. Adams, master t a first rate ship, will meet wiui immedute di . patch. . t or treignt or pas. 'sage, apply to the master on board at Flv market wlru'fj or to dec 29 if B. W. UOERS k CO. For HUHLLW VF "ne suhsUntial fut tailing shin ll' WKPTIIWR. R.Field, intMUerj will commence loailiug on Monday, having nearly the whole of iier cargo ready to go on board, will be dispatched without delay. For freight of about 250 Cask flaxseed, cotton, or cabin and steerage passage, having excellent ac - commouaiions, apply to T1I03. S. WALSH, dec 13 , 113 Front - street. tXiH .YK.tV - ORt.KJiJrS, vi The substantial coppered shin E jjSjfcrin, Uevoe, master, to sail in a few days For freight, which will be Uken low, or pas .age, apply to P. REMSEN k CO. Jan g. 25 South street For Mobil and Biukelru, TV r...,, i. 2iiCi schooner THOMAS SHIELDS, capt. Tucker, having superior accommodation for Cabin passengers ; most of Iter cargo being engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For freight or passage, apply on board, west sine uia aijp, or to PETERS & HERR1CK,' dec 30 29 Coenties - slip. FOH JfMV - ORLMJfs, The shin MARI A CAROLINE. 1 ,ing at Jones' - wharf. will be disnaicl: d in all this week i she is averv fast sailor. "early new, and has elegant accommodations r ur ircigaioT passage, apply to JONES k MEGRATH, dec 30 83 South - street W AN i ED, A brills n bner of ahnnt 91111 Iran .load for a port in Enelsod or Scotland AppiyiO VA.YItKLLNli K rEARSON. dec 6 67 South - For Hale. Fret t hi or I hnrirr The staunch rood thin AN'firrin 270 tOOS burlhrn. on var nM h.oik d and in comDlete order stows about 2C00 bblf. n. rrv fa .oii;n has larzo accommodation f.ip well calculated for the Ne w - Orleani trade Ad - 86 South - Jt. for f mol. 1 Itr I 'hnrl.. daHvyiuiwainiui iwu ddis ; isrcauy lore ive a cargo, aud can be sent to sea without de ay. Apply oa board, or to jan6 R.&C. W. DAVENPORT & CO 'r rr Wanltito Charter. 1Vh A 8U)OP or SCHOONER V Wi that will carry about 500 barrels, for . - n VS Bermuu immediate dispatch wui Appiy,to . TUCKER k LAURIES, . J"3 29 Sou - h - street . TOR FREIGHT OR m D - rt - i ii Te " h.r FAVORITE, H. H. Fisher - i - ma atop Imnirlit I.' if ". uarreis, 1 1 monmi old, Fhiladel I YC ' ,ca"J rcvive cargo. A 10 the Captain on bnarH. or nt 09 n n - i: PP'T - jS f)lVK BETHUNE ft CO to r rp F or Freight or Charter, XlX Tb Db'lnti brig EUNICE, Ho iiiifcmwr, oi ij (ons, ir mootbsold, a su ...ATA.10"0""' Ap - Jan 5 CAMBRRLENG k PEARSON For Salt, Freight or Charter, The schr. PniJ.V s. cmv Philadelnhia.kiirtliMi km. Z .; ,u c'me lw bbls. is a fast sailer, "cciisnt order, and now ready to receive CarVl InnK. 1 1 . . . J - o - rf ' Boara ax Murray's - wharf, f. L D. TALCOTT, jan7 64 South - itreet, ,' For Freight or Charier, The fine ship FOSTER, burthen 350 tons, is in complete order, for any voy age and ready for the reception of cargo. Vp - ;y to captain Moran, on board, or to jan 7 W. k SAM. CRAIG. For Freight or Clutrter, The staunch, substantial ship DRUM - MONO, capt R. Quarlei, will be ready to receive a cargo in a few days For terms ap ply on board, at rier Ho. 17, or to WALSH 41, jan 3 66 South - ft. or Maf, Frttght or Charter, Tho good fast sailing brig NYM Pil, 157 tons burthen, in complete order to receive a cargo, may be tent to sea without de lay. Apply oa board, east Fly - market wharf, or to N. L. & G. GR1SVVOLD, jan B 86 South - st For Hale, Freight or Charter, The tlup FOX, burthen 2200 bbls. is a very fast sailing vessel, and in good or der to receive a cargo. A pply to. & G. ORloWOLD, jan 8 - - C6 South - st For Hale, Freight or Charter. A new pilot boat built SCHOONER, 120 tons burthen, built in 'the best manner, of good material, and coper fasten ed, a very last sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea small expence. Apply on board, at Hurluig - Mip, or to jail 8 N. U it O. GIUSWOLU. Fur Sale, Freight or 'harter, The ship MIRROR, 320 tons bur then, is a good vessel. 2 years old, stows about 3200 bbls. and sails fast. Apply on board, west side uurling - ehp, or to tt. L. 6Z G. UK1SWULU, jan 8 86 South - st FOR SALE, The ship EMULATION, 330 tons, built in 181 1 at Haduam,m complete or der lo receive a cargo inventory to be seen on oardand at the auction room for approved endorsed bills at 4 and 6 months, to be sold at auction to close a concern, on tho 9th inst. by jan 8 It V. G. FONT.41NU. For Sale, Freisht or Charter, The irood shin BRILLIANT, J. Geer. mas or : 330 tons burthan, 2 years ..Id, in complete order to receive a car. go, and L in every respect a fine vessel. Ap ply on board, west side Buriing - siip, or to N. L. K U. I.UISWULD, jan 8 86. South street. 3 t he new last sailing scaooner 1 uji &&TINE, S. Hoyt, master, will positively mil i:i all next week For freight or passage. H"iiig superior accommodation!, apply ou board mi. iJe Burling slip, or lo jnn 9 SAUL ALLEY, 9 Vmc - ft. BRISTOL BROWN Jd'OUT. J PL icatks Bristol brown stout, warranted Jl J" equal to any ever imported, iu casks of G 1 - 2 dozen bottles for sale by B. W. ROGERS & Co. dec 10 235 Pearl - street. 50 . CALCUTTA GOOOS. bales Calcutta Goods, consisting of Allenbad Luckipore I Jugda, VBAFTAS, and i Callapatty J Knoirabid8ttdiCOWDA Alleabad, ) Osinshur, and 5 MAMOOUT. Joirinepore j Alleahad, ) Khoirnbad and EMERTY. Lowberpore Fine Jallalpore and Muddoo Sawn Fine Chaudiiore, Cossas Beerboom Gurrahs Commuze Moharagungee Bandanna and ( unura Lungee Auhdy Silki HUS'3' Just received and for sale by GOODHUE & CO. dec 11 44 South - street. Qyf TOBACCO k FLOUR. 04 hhds new Richmond tobacco 20 do old do do 13 do Petersburg do 300 bbls Philadelphia superfine flour Landing from brig Rising Sun, and schrs In dian Hunter, Sea Lion, and Brothers ror aleby BOOR VI AN k JOHNSTON. Also, in store 500 oi.Ij supernua Richmond flour ; 200 do Petersburg do. dec 27 ni9Q COFFEE, SUGAR and INDIGO. & O bbls. and 20 bags line green Coffee 33 hhds, 1 tierce and 4 bbls Muscovado Sugar 41 ceroens Cnraccaslndigo Thomas, forssle by F. W. KARTHAUS, KKI.XICKrJ S CO, jan 3 74 Washington street. FOR SALE, the cargoof the ship Cririe, captain Humnlirevs. front Calcutta, and now landing at the foot of Liberty - street, consisting of r,ai inaia sugar Cotton Ginger ; Block Tin Gm Shellack Gum Copal ' Goat Skins of a large site Seine Twine and Gunny Bags Also for sale. India Muslins of almott every description. Also, a small quantity 01 naiians, ana Odor of Roses. Forsl by jan 7 ROBERT LENOX. FLOUR, COTTON, fcc - 250 bbl Philadelphia flour 21 bales upland cotton, new crop 8 do New - Orleans do ' d 5 tons ligflumvitn 15 tubs German steel - 2 pipes red port wine 11 hhds do do do 5 hhds white do do 3 qr. casks do do Ho 1 hhd Madeira wine 11 qr. casks do do 37 boxes superior claret (1 dot. each) An invoice of lace veils, cotton lace, tc. An invoice of Dutch toys for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, jan 7 112 Front street - 1SI1J'U COCOA. rf WENTY - FIVE bags of very superior qua - JL bty Isl&nJ cocoa, lor sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, Jan 2 29South - sL fUSKETS, TAPES, &c. 5t00 MuskeU if L entitled to Debenture 13 boxes well assorted Tapes. Nell to 25 7 ceroon 1st quality Floiant Indigo 4 boxes Flaxen Linnen t bbls. White Lead, for file by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, Jan 8 lm No. 72 Washington - street DEER SKINS. FOR SALE, 20.000 lbs. Deer Skins licht smd ntavy, (from ('pper Mississippi and Missouri principally.) Thev will be assorted for the German and Enelisb markets er sold together They will malu ft valanbJe remittance. Apply to OLD. M. WlLdU, . dre 24 130 Water - street TEA, 40 boxes quality, Canton's Souchong superior cargo, for sale by HURL) k SEWALL, dec 15 65 South - street. IIOBACCO & FLOUR. 9 hhds. prime old . leaf tobacco, landing Irom schr. Sea Lion, from Richmond. lit STORE, 1030 bbls. Richmond superfine flour ' 75 do do fine do For sale by dec 30 106 Front - strret. rjlOBACCO, FLOUR k COTTON. 18 X hhds prime leaf tobacco 300 bbls Virginia flour 20 bales prime upland cotton, received per sloop Cashier, from Petersburg, and for sale by WALSH k GALLAGHER, dec 23 bo Soutli - street. SHOT, WHITE LEAD, tic. A htw tout Patent Shot, from BBto 10 A few casks Dry White Lead 3 tons best do. in oil, in 28 k 5Clb. kegs 35 casks beat Red Lead ,. 2G rolls Shret do. 10 hhds Paris White, of a superior quality 4 L&tfks Yellow Ochre, drv - Red, Yellow and Black Paints, in kegs of 1 cwt. each A few casks Fig Blue Rlnrk Varnish in keif a of 4 calkins each Window Glass 7 by 9, 8 by 10, 11 by 9, and 12 by io lorsHie ny Ai ivit'SVJlxa r r ijt,miiji, dec 52 lm 167 Pearl - street. CARPETS. 2 bales Mirrapore Carpets, just received, and for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, dec 29 55 Pine - street. FLAXSEED at FLOUR. 28 tierces Flax - ed . . . 250 barrels superfine Southern flour, iu re ceived, and for ale by ; dec 27 81 Pine - street. ODOR OK ROES. A FEW pound littles 91" Odor of Roses, just C V rot:eived irom Smyrna, ana mr sme oy dec 22 . ROBERT LENOX. TkUTCH GOODS, kc A small invoice MJ consisting of Marbles, slates, slate pencils Snuffboxes, violins, violin sticks Tortoise shell work boxes Tortoise shell tea caddies Cornelian ear rings, coral do gold seals Silver purses, lead pencils Porcelain tea and coffee cups anil saucers Coloene water, &c. received per brig Janus, from Rotterdam, for sale by UUB'T. GILLESPIE, dec 30 112 lVont - Htreet. 13 LUE GOODS, Aic 17 baies company blue LJ Mamowlief, hue qua! A Imlp.Cninimiiv blue Mafias, do "i? iin tmlin t.Hlicoeo. mD. nuul and new pat tern., selected particularly lor this market, just ree'd per ship inuia, lorsaie oy jan 3 W South - street. . COTTON. TWENTY bales Prime. Upland Cotton, - for sale at ih Peck - slip, by - K. It c, w. UAVtiMrurti n ,v. Jnn 6 CHISGLES ic. 100,001) Hi inch Shinjles, IJ 11,000 W. O. Barrt - I Sli, fralehy R. k C. W. DAVENPORT ta CO. Jan 8 rpoBACCO ic f LOUR. Landing this day X from the schooners Holla ana v eymouui, 26 hhds. prime old, and ToBACCO 53 do. new ) 103 barrels auperfim Flour In Stork. 100 hhds. old Richmond Petersburg tobacco 500 kegs ol 1st & zd quality manulactured do. various brands for sale by DIV1E BETHUNE k CO. jan 7 9J2 ConVe - house - slip. 11 Till i'E LEAD IN OIL. 400 Uk C V V White Lead, srnuud in oil. 28 lbs. eaci), lauding trum ship aniline Ann, from Liverpoal, or saie oy unit, de.iiiu.ic . jan 7 No. Oi Coffee - lioue - slip. TTPHOLSTERY 4 tierces best black curled U llurse Hair ' I case belt Satin Horse Hair Seating, and Thread Tickling, just received per Lorenxo, from London, and for sai ry iiunu &. er ail., jan7 ' 6 S'luth - strect. (LOUR Jr EJ.AXSEED iOO bbls super P Flour Irom Fredericksburg 50 casks Flaxseed from Baltimore, for sale by G. W. VVlLSfKAf, 130 ater - sireei. ALSO 20 bales Deer Skins packed for ship - pinn, if applied lor immediatel). Jan 6 I "iONGELS. tf caMjS suuerior. colored. Ton - r sees, for batter's usi. just received and for sale bv CAMBftELENG PEARSON. dec ICi ' 67 South - slrwt. CH RONOMETERS, 4ic 4 superior London Chronometers in cases, wiOl a small invoice of London Watches, for sale by Si. 61 U. I AUU I J , dec 23 64 South - street, f STARCH. KJSE Hundred and Sixty, kegs Philadelphia Starch, landing Irom schr. r air 1 rader, at Old slip, for sale by JACKSON tc WOOLLEY, jan 5 i 75 Wall - street. HOy INDIGO, SUGARS, .c. JJJ bags Benares and Radnagore Sugars, the latter very superior quality, hard grained, worthy the attention oi retailers 17 cases Bengal Indigo ' 4200 Goat bkins, laree sise and fine Quality, just ree'd per ship India, lor sale by r. U..l3t.i1 AC yJ. jan 3 26 South - street. IRISH MARKET TOBACCO. 50 hhds 1 Drime Tobacco, an entire parcel, landins thi day from the sloop Mechanic, from Richmond, lor sale by dec 28 92 Coffee House - slip. rHiLADELPHIA FLOUR. - 300 bbls su JT perfine Philadelphia flour, landing from bng Rising San, lor sale ny BOO R.MAN k JOHNSTON. A lo in Store, 500 bbls Richmond superfine Soar 300 do Petersburg do do 19 do Richmond fine do dec 26 1LKAL LSTATF.. For sale the fee simple of 133 feet front on Division - street and 45 feet front on Eldridge - street, making front of 177 feet, under a lease of 5 years. The dwellings are all occupied as retail dry good atoree. This property is worthy the attention of a capata - list who wishes to invest his cash in real es tate. If the U ases and houses was purchased will girt 15 per cent per annum. The terms art 1 - 3 cash, remainder on morte&ire tor number of years. The title unquestionable, and a warrentee deed will be given. Tor particulars, apply to JAMES W. SHAW, - No. 5 Bowery. ALSOj A stock of Dry Goods, on liberal credit, for approved security. Apply as above, dec 30 eod&w JAMES D' WOLF. Jnn. will hence forward continue to transact Commission business in his own same. dec 31 TO BE SOLD. THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE PROPER TY, BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF THE LATE DR. THOMAS JONES. The Dwelling House and premises now in the possession of Mrs. Marcaret Jonas. known as number 343 Broadway, being 3d feet 8 inches in width in front, and 32 feet 6 inches in tne rear, ana 14U leet in depth; together with the brick stable, and lot on which it stands, io the rearof the dwelling houie, being about 27 leet square and the undivided half of a lot fronting on Leonard s tret t, being 25 feet "wide on Leonard - street, ond 63 feet 10 inches io depth ; which undivided lot is held in common between William Dennirg, Lit), and the owners of the property unw uereu lor sate, aim is iintnuuu lor a passage way to their stables and y ards. The above property is situated in the most eli gible part of the city, and is, in every part, in the Best repair and roost complete order. ; Three Lots of Ground, situated nt the corner of Broadwav and Warren - street; being known on the map of Die. Irifftls belonging to Trinity Church as N' - . 415,416 and 417, and contain, together, 75 feet in breadth on Broad way, and in the rear in feeto inches on Warren street, and 119 feet 9 inches on the northerly side. These lots, with the builjings thereon, are now under lease to various tenants, lorttims which will expire on the 1st May, 1890, and nt such rents as amount, in the whole, to $2425 annually, besides all taxes. These three lots will be sold in one parcel, aud subject to the unexpired leases. A Dwelling House and Lot ofGrojnd, known as No. 147 Water - street, between Pine - street and the Flv Market, beini: 22 ftet 10 ini hes iu width in front, and 2j leet 7 inches in the rear, and 100 feet 10 inches in length. This house and lot is under lease for a term ending 1st May, 1619, at the annual reut of 550 dollars and all tuxes. A Dwelling House and Lot of Grouud, known as Ho. 145 Water - street, actioinin the last above : beinz 18 ftet 4 inches on Water - street, 17 feet in the rear, aud IH feet 4 inches in lelitn. '1 his houre and lot are under lease for a term ending 1st May, IU 19, at the annual rent of 250 aoiiars ami ail taxes. A LOT OF GROUND, fronting th8 Broadway just above Jones - street, and next but one adjoining the property of Mr. Martin Hcffmau i and the lot fronting nn Mercer - street, in the rear of the Broadway lot. These two lots will be sold, together, aud are 25 feet 8 inches wide and 200 feet deep. A LOT OF LAND, known as number 645 Bayard's farm, fronting on Rynders - street, and running from that street to Orange street ; being in idth on Rynders street 26 feet, and on Orai ge street 25 feet 6 inches, and in length ou the n rlL - erly side 145 feet 6 inches, and on the southerly side 151 feet 3 inches. All Uie above mtn honed property it held in fee rimole. lit following uhtUt tndtr tiUatt fiom Co umbia College, 54 yean ouhith lease was unrrptrea oa Hi Dejiiemotruut. f - Gi A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, ktiiiJ known as No. 217 Greenwich street, now under lease for the annual reut ol 260 dollars and all taxet ; lease expires 1st May, 1821. . A Dwelling Hone and Lot of Ground, known at No. 215 Greenwich street, now under lease for tne yearly rent of 350 dollars and all taxes ; lease expires 1st May, 1)121. ' A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, at the corner of Greenwich street and Bar clay street, under lease for 450 dollars and taxes; leate expires 1st May, lovi tfT4 Two Dwelling Houses and Lots of Sinjy Ground, kuown us No. 69 and 71 Barclay street, now uuaer lease lor uou dollars annually and all taxes : lease expires 1st Mav. 18 '1. These two houses being leased together, will be sold together. A Dwelling flouee and Lot fit Ground, anown as ;o. or narc v tfrppl. now un tit r tease for the annual rent of 90 dollars and taxes; lease expires May lit, 11119. A Dwelling II oue and Lot of Ground, 4ulbj known as No. 6i Barclay street, now under lease for the yearly rent of 90 dollars and the taxes ; ieaie txpires may ii, juiu. This leasehold properly cannot conveniently described within the limits of an advertise - lueut, but the size nnd extent of each lot nYav be particularly seen on a map thereof, at the office of .vi r. ju.xf.s, 44 nue street. The title to all this property is unquestionable, the greatest part of the property having been owned and nossessed by tlie late Dr. Jones and his representatives for more than 25 years, now last ; and for such part as has been purchased wunin period ine suoscrtoers noiu warranty deeds from the grantors. 'The bousu and ptcmires first above described is uttered at private sale, and may be viewed after the inurlh day of January next, any da he tween one and two o'clock in the afternoon. II not sold on or before tliein eniirth day of Janua - 7 next, that property iv;ll..e tid by auction, on hursday. the 29th .Uy of January, at the Tontine Coflee H'Juse, at li o'clock nt noon. The renidue of thu property will be exposed to sale by auction, at tle Tontine Colfce House, on Tuesday, the tenth day of February next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that dav. The terms of sale for the house and premises No 341 Broadway, will be 10 per cent. on the day of s de anil one third of the residue on the first of May next at whxh time a deed will be executed and possesion given the re maining two thirds to be paid in 2 annual pay. ments, with interest, from the first of May, se - siired by a bona ana mortgage on the premi ses. Terms of sale for the rest of the property will be 10 per cent on thf day of sale, 1 - 3 of the residue on the ueuvery ot the deeds, which will be about 10 days after the sale, and the remaining two thirds in 2 equal annual payments, with interest from the date of the deeds, secured by a oona ana mortgage on the premises the purchasers are to receive the rents of such parts of the property as are under lease from the 1st oft ebruary next. For all other information and particularly in relation to the title of all the above nronertv. applv to D. . JONES, esq. at his office 44 Pine - street, where the title deeds, and maps of the property may be seen. jviAKUAne.!' ju.tba, MALTBY GELSTON .xec'rs. MARY GELSTON dec 30 eodtds FOR SALE, Bv order of Die executors of George Stanton, deceased, the two story house and lot No. lo mrrison - sireet. naiti nouse is orics. front, contains four rooms with fire - places, a cellar kitchen, cellar, and a fine vault in tbccel lar. Tne lot is eighteen feet tt inches in widin, front and rear, and eighty seven feet six inches in lengtn aaesiraDie situation ior swan gen teel family. For terms, &c. apply to JONATHAN LITTLE, 218 Pearl - street, Or, HENRY STANTON. Brooklyn. ' rrr - Should the above property not be disno sedof br the 14th January next, it will oo that dav be sold at the Tontine Coffee House, by Messrs. Hoffman tc Glass, to close the concerns of tne estate. ' oecaidiawzw EAGLE TAVERN, AV. 9 IVARREA' - STRREET, (Formerly kept by James S. Hedenburgh) CONTINUES, to furoish beef - steak es, oyster, tc. at all times of day. HOT COFFEE is constantly kept in the porter room, with or without relishes, in ft style that will not fail to please. B. CARPENTER. , N. B. A large npper room to let by the week, mouth or year; Jan 7 eodlm . (Kr JOHN CUFFE having published in the Gazette of Jan. 7th, a statement tending to charge Mr. Arthur Hirst with beirit an accom plice of Joseph Lee in defrauding him, and having connected my name with theirs in the publication, I couceive it to be a duty which I owe to myself and Mr. Hir.t, to make a fair and correct statement of the transaction, for the information of the public. : Joseph tee alias Levy, called upon me and declared that he was in embarrassed circumitan - ces, that be was daily called upon to pay his ooara, out was unable to no it. unless nn could obtain the money, by putting the clothes, which ne men wore, into the possession ol some geu tleman, who would advance on such security, wnat ne wisned. He said he had bartered with Cuffe for the clothes, by giving him a gold watch, and wished me to sell them immediately and put the balance over what 1 advanced, to his account. 1 supposed the property to be Lee's, and advanced the money witnout a moments hesitation. I then re - queted Mr. Hint, as a friend, to dispose of the ciuines in isiianetion. Alter Lee had sec it ted himself, Cuffe tawed the shipMornini; Star lobe searched. The olficers found Lee's trunk, ant! then asked Mr. Hirst if he had any clothes be longing to Lee in his possession. He answered he had a suit ol clothes belonging to me, former iv Lee's, tie Dronoseu bavins Ins trunlt exami ned to satisfy Cuffe and the O Ulcers, before they suggested carrying it to Uie rolice Oliicc. J he request was not complied with, but the trunk was taken into court and ail the contents exam ined. The clothes which I requested Mr. Hirst to sell, were claimed by Cuffe. As a witness. I stated the circumstances, already mentioned, to tne court. fliey restored to Mr. Hirst every article con tuined in his trunk, without pusfine the slightcit censute upon his conduct, and voluntarily directed his things to be sent on board. My claim to the property was considered honorable and it was restored to me again. Mr. Hirsts conduct wn not cem jred. Mr. Hirst thought himself injured and openly expressed his detestation ol Cuffe's proceedings. 1 leave it to a candid nub tic to judge whether Lune has acted honoiably in attacking an absent gentleman, that he acknowledged in court was not connected with Lee in fraud. 'Mr. Hirst, did not. know until Monday moraine, that Lee had any iuteution of soine to unnrieston. Cuffe expresily slates that Lee slept on board with Mr. Hirst, and as positively asterts a false hood. It is well known that Mr. Hirst did nut sleep on board until the second night after the earth was made. It is astonishing that tins John Cuffe. Merchant Tavlor, 46 Broad - street jiould introduce the name of Mr. Arthur Hirst iu an advertisement tending to injure him in the. estimation of hisoumeruus aud respectable fricndi who are unacuuuinted witn the circumstances. without reflecting, that an attack upon an inno cent man will ultimately involve the accusers name in inevitable disgrace. janv o jushua sruiiii. NEW - YORK CITY DISPENSARY $y PUBLIC notice is hereby given that on Monday the 12th day of January, instant, be tween the hours of twelve aud one, there ill be held at the oliice of the New - York City Dii peosary, in Tryon - row, in the rear of the City Hall, the annual election of thirteen trustees, according to the provisiaus of tne charter. By order of the Board, Jonathan Goodhue, 1 Francis B. Winlhrop, Committee. Edm'd.H. Pendleton, jan 5 6t NEW - YORK FIREMEN INSURANCE COMPANY. ftr - The CapitaLStock of the Company hiv ina by a new subscription been reinstated to the full sum of Fix hundred thousand Dollar which is tin ply secured, are new ready lo receive ap. plications for Fire and Marin lusurrnct at their Ofhce Ho. 56 Wall - street. The OUice solicits the patronage of the public in the confidence that ade)ifntt protection will ne ttOordM to - tbe tuur eel and all losses be promptly adjusted. By order of the beard of Directors, Jan 6 1m WM. M'NEAL, Sec'nr. EAGLE FIRE COMPANY ftt - Notice is hereby given, that an election for thirteen Directors, lor the ensuing year, will be held at tlie Office of the Company on Tuesday, the thirteenth inst. from 10 A. M. until 2 o'clock, P. M. JNO. D.MEYER, Sec'ry. Jnn 2 tJan 13 NOTICE. aing I The subscriber having relinquished the baking business, in consequence of Uie state of bis health, requests all those having demands a - gainst him to present them for adjustment and settlement ; and that all these who are indebted to him will call upon him, at his house. Mo. 188 fearl - ftreet, and make payment or what they re - spectively owe to him Uated January 0, IKIU. ROBERT STUART. jan 8 1w NEW - ENGLAND SOCIETY. 07" The annual Election of a Board of Off! cer for the NewrEngland ' Society of the City and State of New - York, will be held at the Bank Coffee House, on Wednesday the 14th day of January instant, at 1 - 2 past 6 o'clock, P. M. AMHERST WIGHT, Sec'ry. Jnn ft 6t 0 - J he creditors til Wui Wells deceased, are requested to meet at the office of Mr. Blake, No. 3Luw Buildings, on the 15th of this month, at 10 o'clock io the forenoon, for the purpose of proving tneir accounts. Jan 6 eod5t ' MUSI C A LL the Songs, Duetts, a sun; by Mr. Phi - x lipis at the New - York Theair, for sale at Wm. DUBOIS' Piano Forte and Music store, No. 126 Bsoadway. Behold in his soft expressive fact , Tho' love is warm awhile 'Tis but fancy's sketch Is there a heart that never lovVf In vain may that b""m lost quite deplore - My early day what joys was thine Love's young dream This blooming rose at early dwo Robin Adair Beautiful Maid Let lame sound the trumpet Had I a heart Eveleeo's Bower . Dear maid 1 love the Ab sure a pain was never seesj Said a smile to ft tear Sigh not for love M v heart with love ia beatinr The celebrated serenade of Lillacojne dow Bird Duett v to tnV . r lore's wreatn. With large assortment of new music, dec 24 PROPOSALS WILL be received at the office of fbm Com - nissary General of Purchases, for sop - plying materials of Domestie Manufacture lor making Clothing for the Army of the United States for the year 1818, as follows, vis : Grey Cloth, 6 - 4, for great coats Blue do do for coats, dyed in indigo Black Cloth, for GaiUters, 6 - 4 wide Grey Woolen Kersey, 3.4 for overalls White do do .1 Grey battinet, 3 - 4 for jackets Flannel, of wool and cotton, for shirts, . Bamole 01 the above will be furnished, oe ap plication to Uus omce, in person or ny letter ; ai - in fnrahoes. leather caps, blankets, short stock inn. wines of wonted, epaulets of worsted, and for iron camp kettles nod mesa pans, basapkt of these articles mav be seen on application to the Commissary General, at Philadelphia, or to the Deputy Commissaries, at rsew - iork city, and at Newport, Kentucky. Commissary General's Orhce, PhilaiTift, 34tn tvecemner, 101 1. v . CALLENDER IRVINE, . dec 26 3 Comm'y Geo. of Pcrchas. KanJtofAmerie;Dte. 20, 1 8 17. ftT - Notice is hrrebv riven to the Slotkhold ers of the Bank of America, that a dividend of two dollars and fifty cents on a share, for sit montiis, endingnn tlie 31st inst. will tie. paia ai the Bank, on Friday, the 5d January next. uy order 01 the Hoard of Directors. GEO NEW HOLD, Cashier. dec 20 lm - - PHEN1X HANK. fT?'. A dividend of three per cent, has been this day declared on the stock of this Bank, pay able on the 2d January next. The transfer book will be cloned on the 24tn instant. .. By order of the Board of Directors, dec 20 . D. I. GREENE, Cashier. ffr - "If PATRICK DILLON, wholelt Tra - lee, iu Ihe County of Kerry, Ireland, in the year 1803, will transmit Mrs. I itzherry, of Trnlte, his addrees, it will be a particular advantage to both parties." Ti alee, October, 1815. 'I he above is inserted at the request of Mr. Dillon's friends. . ... Anv communication on the subiect will be thankfully received and transmitted by dec 16 - BENJ'N. W. ROGERS fc CO. ft7 - ISAAC F. BRAGG, lute teacher of writing in the Adelphi School, respectfully announces the opening of a seminary on his own account, is the upper room ol the building mit - ly occupied by Holmes k Loofhorrow, at the corner of Eldridge aod Pump streets, where he (iurfum iiiitruimiB pupus inreauii'g, onnrgra - phy, English grammar, writing, arithmetic, geo - f;raDhy, the drawing and colouring of maps, iotk - keepiiig, tlie mathematics and drawing TV. ..... i T.'t.u .. i I . .?.!. j tic uiicbi witn miiiu lie uaa luiucrio laugnt penmanship in the Adelphi School, end in Mrs. Smith's Boarding School, ke. emboldens him to solicit the patronage of an enlightened and ditcri luinatiiig public, with a conhdent hope Uiat bis industry will meet en adequate encouragwment ; and at the same time that he feel all the anxiety incident to anew aud important undertaking, he looks forward to Xbt progress of his establishment with a cheerful determination to use his ut - rnost efforts to make it satisfactory to his patrons, in each branch of a liberal English Education. N. B. An Evening school is now open at I. F. B's residence, 122 Harmau - street. . neo iv .... m . NOTICE. Public notice is hereby civ. n that the subscribers intend to cpply to the legislature oi the state of New - York, at their next session, for nn Act ol Incorporation, incorporating tin m and their nnsnciatcs by the - name and style of the franklin Insurance Company wun a capital or Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for tht purpo ses ol making all binds of insurance auainrt tire, and en a life or lives, and also on the inland trans - Imitation of goods wares anil merchandize. ' tTi - nurv uuii'urv DlftlllCi.l " Illlttl BE.VJ 1. SWAN, KLIHHA 'MB BUS, . dec 4 tf JOHN AIM MM. a NOTICE. . (tr The undersigi.ed give notice, that they intend to apply to the Lti(itlature of this srate, at their next session, for nn act to incorporate themselves and tueir aisociatesinto a company. in Uie city or Newborn, under uie suit ei 4 The North River Stexm Boat Company," with a capital of six hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of navigating with Steam Boats the waters of the North River. Dated the 22a day of December, 1817. ' - ': FDWARD P. LIVINGSTON, ROBERT L. MVINGSTON, CHAS. AUG. DALE, li. LYjtCU, Juur. dee 22 d6w ' (r P. MAVERICK, Engraver, of Newark; nas recommenced i - usiness, in iew - iorn, under the firm of P. MAVERICK k DURAND; corner of Pine - street and Broadway in the rent of the Literary Rooms of Messrs. S. Eastburu U Co. , . .. - . Orders received by Messrs. Eastbura k Co. ct 16 torn .. - EUTERPEAJf SOCIETY. fy T he Anniversary Concert of this Socie ty, will be held At the City Assembly, on the) 15 Ji of January. The members will receive their Tickets by applying at No. 206 Broadway, or at tht practising room of the Society. dec 15 lm JU3. KNIGHT, Secretary. N A TlONAL INSURANCE COM PA! - Y. rpHE Stockholders are hereby notified, that J. tlie annual election for nineteen Directors will be held at the office of the Company, 47 Wall - street, on Monday the 12th January next. The poll will open at 12 and close at 2 o'f tocki dec 27 JOH N J. JONES, Sec'ry. NEW - lOKK JiTfcURAflLE COMPANY. , THE stockholders are hereby notified, U.attbt annual election for twenty - one Directors, will be held at tlie office of .the Company, 34 Wall - street, oa Monday, tlie 12th January next. The poll will open at 10 o'clock in . the forenoon; and close at t o'clock. . C. G. 8111 PM AN, Sec'ry. - dec 23 3w. - . JfEW tORK ' IASURAJVCE CO.VPAJtY. The president and directors have this day declared a dividend of five per cent oa the capital stock of the company fbr the last sit mouths; payable to tne stockholders, or their legal repre sentatives, on and after the 12th instant, at the otfice, No. 34 Wall - street. jan 5 lm C. G. AHIPAIAn, sec'ry. . NOTICE. . .... , ( The Subscriber, in behall of himself ami his associate, gives notice, that an application will be made to the honorable the legi iaturc of this state, at its next session, for an Act Xo incorporate a Bank wilh a capital stock of Five Hun dred Thousand Dollars, and with leave to in urease it to One Million to be located north east of Beekman - street, in the city of New - York, and to be called " The Franklin Bank ol the city of New - York. Dated New - York, 1 6th Dec. 1817. By order of the Associates, decSOtf NOAH BROWN, Sec'ry. - JVtiff - ire, Ftrtmtn injurant Company, fry The first instalment of the second Sub scnption, to the 8tck thi company, will be received at tlie Office, No. 66 Wall - strert, on Monday next, the 5th initant, between the hours of 10 ana o ck uiwuri'iuniMiu, WW VM. M'NEAL, Sec'ry. Jeet tf NATivNAL INSURANCE COMPANY. The President and Directors of the Nation - si Insurance Company, have this day declared a dividend of fifteen per centfon their capital stock, for their last six months, psyable to tb stock holders, or their legal representatives; on and after Thursday the 15th inst. . ... . Jan i tFebl JOHN J. JOKE3.. Secry 7 he I'atijic Insurance Cevfusjr of Acwlorhi fjry 1 be ctocftJioiders nre oereoy ftouited utai o Elect too for Seventeen Directors will be held at th Otfice No. 49 Wall - street, on Monday tht 19th instant, to commence t 10 and close at S o'clock. By osder of the Board of Dim tors. WALTER K. JONES, BeCy. Jan 5 t19th NOIICE. (Cr The Pacific Io sura ore Com psny tf New - . Yorst base this day declared ft DivMspd of twelve percent, oa tht capital Stock, Jo sN tt their office, No. 49 Wall - street, on the 19tU instant. By order of the Board of Directors. Jan 5 lm WALTER JCJUES. tc. . F.aglt Fir Company of Ans - Iert - . NOTICE is hereby given that a divideol for the last six months of four and a hall per cent co Uie capital Stock, of this Cobpwt bai been declared, and wU be paid to tot Stocknei a.. teas.. - . ornofl ism ijuisW . W mil ilsl V1A4S VaaUMttSMM

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