The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 26, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Exceot Sunday Time* mMTNewB PoUiiliuic Company «T. JLAVZRE HAFER, Secretary mcd Treasurer. PHELIP It. Pzwdnt PHIUP S. BIKLE, Editor ·UB3CKIPTXON Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 ceatc per momtk Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. Single copies to non-subscribers^ 2 centa^. _ BATES. IF wa wceive^THB TIMES by man yon can find'the'date up to wEch yon are rwid omthe pink address label on your paper. The date will be changed mtfeus 1 ten day* after your money is received at The Times Office. rytVy^ ...,..*.....·"*' * -- ..*"- .Jl-i- "i " i--t-i--^ .....-T..^........-j'.*-^-^^^...?,.,,-.-..,-,..,,.4^,.-,.-,".' ··-' _ _ _j-"j-"--~ * -- . . _.___.!. -- T- .*··-..! .i^~"a ·- 3 f --y*.- - - - -· -» ----- J-i-ir.,- J~- -- - . · S, '19041 -at Gettysburg. Pa^ as second^clau matter, o*d*r Congress March 3, 1879. . _ MEXICAN REBELS DEFEAT FEDERALS Genera! Villa Drives Back Huerla's Forces at Juarez. GENERAL AGUJLAR. Commander of Rebels That Cap- tared Territory Near Tuxpan. PENNSY iNDIOTEB 1C1TIES IN RACE FOB BEBATiN Want Honor m · · ^^m ^^r m m m « · · · ~^r ^^m FOR CONVENTION Re- SAUZAR REPORTED POTT. mmsK^' - ' * B5J1TED PHONE IK Northwest comer of Cettrtt Sqcsre, Gettysburg, ftilS PAPER RE?KESEr{T£D FOR t ADy~RTlSI?JG BY THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO Want ad*. One cent per word each insertion. Two cest« a word if 6r«t page pontiom. Resolution* of respect, poetry and rnemonams oa» cent ·cr worf. · ^ . TO OUR READERS | Many ""-Were "kii'led and Wounded In | "* : Two Days' Battle NeaV Border! j Town. ,. - ] -1 Si Paso, Tex.r*Xov.' 2C---HepeUed \ I ilonday aad Monday night :n- their | I attac-X 02 the rebels; \viio recently cap- · j lured Dnarez, the Afexicaa Federal | ·I rorees attacked again, and again v.-ere' | -..orsted in tiie fierce Sgating. · ! The Federals were driven hack and^ | ^lie Coastituiioaalis:s, under General 1 j Kraacisco Villa, claim a complete vie- · ! tory. j j The Constitutionalist officers in · Juarez reported that the Fecerals^ had ' t-«ea driven back all along the rebel j ircnt. aud that General Villa had or-; ucred a general advance of his men against the Federals, declared to be PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of Hews Telling of the Happenings in and abort TIWP People Visiting Here and Tbosi Sojourning Elsewhere. Officers. of Grain - Elevator Company Accused of Giving False Weight to 5 Get Lower Rates. Edgar S'. Faber Jr^iei^.Tuesday aft Is Eel-eved a Majority.of'the Com- jternoon for Wiffiainsixctwn, .Mass.; -· % _ , - ... . " - v « t ! where lie will represent ffee local chap- ·r.ittee Favors a New System of Dei- i _f - - ,-s- * ^j ·= _f^ ter of che Phi Delta Tfaeta,-tfrateriaty at the convention of the .AjfihaT- Province to be held^at Williams College egates. - ,. ; "; ·;. \Vashington, Nov. 26.--IE is appar- aily takea for granted that when the Philadelphia. Nov. 2G.--The Penn-j Republican national committee meets j syivasia. Railroad cosjyaiiy aad fiveji^ \Yashington next month K will : officers and former ofiicers iri tie Key- i a special national convention to Elevator and V.'arefcoase com-j change representation. and the Sria of L_ F- ii:i!er [ Different cities are already applying Sens, grain dealers, at .^31 North j for the position of convention city, as Broad street, were indieiei upon sixjif tfee delegates had already been call- separate charges fcy the federal grand J tt i together and the only detail lacking I jury for aiiegei! rebathig by the rail- 1 ro^d at the Ktysusne elevator at me I North iiroad street station. The individual defendants are Har- ·vas that of the place of IE order to have such convention called it will be necessary 10 have a national committee Mr. and Sirs. Mark K. Eekert are spending- the day in Baltimore,. Msss Anna McCall is spending a few days at her home n Lktlestown. Misses Grace Daujjherty and Carrie Miller, are spending Thanksgiving: with Miss Mabel Detter, of Bendersville. Miss Mary Heagy and Belie Seiss, of Biglerville, turned home, after spending Miss M. have re- a few nialority cf the national committee I , ,,, . , , ,,, Ivey C. .Miller, ronaeriy die active vot i in its favor. The committee te }oays u, faamsuurg ana Tyrone on ac- made up of one member from each «««* « tne sudden illness of Miss : head of iliHer . Sons; his brothers, llorris F. Millar; Sloan and John F. Me- state and oae member from each terri- f ! tory. This makes a body of fifty-three absolutely no cart in polftioj, beiii*; neutral omjsfi m retreat. In our general news columns, concerning A newspa per man stationed i General A, L j cur off from ' : life at the can ecscezx -wnicn gives the same, news to^ - Socialist papers and ·which Ota advertisinij columns are open renresentat ~i charges of discrimination \vhich. have j the convention bail rolling. to ig He tliinp EAGLE HOTEL- Capacity 400 Booms -with bath.u suit* WILLIAM E. ZIEGLER Expert Electrical work. Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y. Juarez. He could see the maneuvers; ! \vi;!i field glasses. · \ i A general advance was ordered by; ! Genera! Vilia, The only fighting close"; 10 Jaar'ez was tka;. directed, against! I- General Salazar, oae of the oar .j |'Federal-leaders, is reported to have-; j-been-shoe 10-death in the battle. Forty! mere.of his command were "taken be-.- r « 5X Piv* j t.*J «J.4j.ii.i ti,*. 11 *_*.-= ,u.(«b*»« U-« 1^*.*.^,^ *_-.%·»-««----· ! General Salazar's Federals._,at Zap-i p., gossa. east of Yslets. - . '·' {*y in : in Farms. [ been made from time to time, and ! ; 'AJiich v.-ere presented to the gran- · jury early in the fill, several y | of investigation by the interstate coiu- crce conzniission. J. E. Miller, JF. Miller ana H. C. r j -.iiller, who, during i~*±3 period men[ j tloned In the lEciccejeiiis were eoaarL- { ners in the firm of Miller . Sons; j Sloan, the bookkeeper, and Mc-Laugh! Ha are indicted on three counts, charg- Xov. 25. -- Turkeys | ing them v.-ith conspiring -with the railroad to ottoin IO-B- rates on graia Trimmers 5 and 10 eenr.Stom",? znd BICE PRODUCE .COMPANY Hfgfiest Cash Prices Paid for nil *:--FARM. .PRODUCE-- ; Tiraes,-Office," Gettysborg. % length of tima. - f ,..:t..y.j- W.' "a .TIPTON --Photepraphsr-- , Sourcmira- · Tore General Villa and immediately; pii a delnhia, 1 executed. They were lined up aad! v .^ r retaiiis-' at from 28 to S~ cc-msj shipped to the elevator and us obtain ] shot, according to a wounded ° Scer ! ~ ~o aan{ j "go^-ecu; being the prevail- ce-tain refunds by making false il brought to Juarez- I ^5 "tiuoikJon arid 25 cents the" exeeu- claims. Colonel Juan N. jledina denie-J anyj » L, r -n e - -h-.-. r!.p --JP H - c - Miller and McLaughlin. it is I t^oi^ i c±.wicfi. _iiJi»i tii^r -- ui.^- rent ·Id- pany. . _ . / the railroad. This lease "vsras entered into on Anril t-: i zar, \vhom the rebels are anxious to; j capture and bring to Juarez, where he j plainly h_eat-d"Ip} El;iPaso. Tesos,' : [ not cola storage out in THe~ biH-thai spoiled during It -svas' announced "that- .Cold firio Talamantes,. one bnels. -KTSS lolled m-.the^attfe. JThe~Federal,trqo_ps_resaiaed fighu-^ -r i-jg ;a their attempt TO caBture Juarez! " . _ L ~ - , . , i. ,.from -the Constitutionalists; under Uransportauon. 3acs, of uie shi General Francisco Villa.' " ; I coadeaaed vere com Ohio .Apparently -the.v depeaded^pn thc^ ^ a7 a --- L t° r -5t recau.aaj - 'h"eavy'guns to'oreaR the" reo'el lines;? · farmers cf P hipsxenzs! ^0^ Segt 3. 1911,_ to May i, -ISS^, :rn,e and %-rr- \ raiiroael --tent^pn., Sle. ^vith- the in3e -"cm the= 5- ai 6 co'iameree conrniisslon fcs^ta?:^^. Tens cf Turkeys Destroyed: ^ Xov. 25.'--Health de- sjate eoiameree and sched'ales. shoTCIng u demnrrage"^eharges, for the dS'SntioD at Xorth-Phiadenhia by the elevator company ol cars used in transporting Delaware. was §1 to SHOES BUYERS You will find on our Bargain Tables shoes of well known lines which we have dis-coniinuecL W. H. Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.43. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitzmiller lo j tsrelve miles'south - The proposed change v.ould aSect greatly the voice of the southern states in the national convention. Naturally, there is opposition to the plan in that set-ticn. And there are some sixteen southern states- Then, too, the territories vrould lose- their present representation, and there are five te -ritoria! members of the committee. That makes twenty-one votes that might be mustered against any change of program. Besides, there are several northern states that have always stood v.-ith those of the south 13. Republican polities. The alliance has been very strong in the past, and very etfec.ive. So it would take but a fe^r northern votes on the committee to defeat a motion to call a special convention. This is a situation that has not been realized by many -a ho have talked learnecllv about the duty of the committee to meet at once and take action. The party leaders of the north are in favor of the change. Some of thenf ,have been for it these manv years, anc nave fciigBt for it" on the convention Coor. But it, v.-oald .do _the party more harm' than good to have .the committee called together and rhen have the proposition defeated. It ~as not Tery lone: a^o that such a result .v.-as feared. There is no doubt of the sennment of the Republican party in favor of the c-nanse. and this sentiment has been having its e^ect- The res«:t is that today a majority of The national committee is probably in favor of a ne"x~ svstem of delegates eagy's grandfather, William Lady- Mrs. Farman Osborn, of Point Pleasant, X. J., is spending some time v.-Jth her mother, Mrs. Leech, on Carlisle street and with her sister, Mrs. George Riggs. The following visited at the home of A. J. Guise on route 6, on Sunday :£r. and Mrs, Robert; Shull, of Hiil- -.i\vr.- iJr. £i:d Mrs. Harvey Guise, of of Shippensburg; Mr. and Mrs. Nevin Guise and children, Walter and Catharine, of EiglerviHe, route 3; Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Guise and · children, joarie, Roy, and Elson Gutse, of Table Rock. NEXT ATTRACTION Jcshua Simpkins to be the Xcxt Play at Walter's. f ! used cannon. The appearance of the Federals near the race track indicated that had worked their vray around the rebel outposts during the night: Reports from Ysista were rbat die fighting was heavy. These reports ! stated that Villa ha:i taken four wagon 5 leads of supplies and ammunition across the border at Socorro during the night, together vnta a considerable supoly of ion aeen rhe fo-.-rl. being pac!:ed TTi :aS- bad spoiled in transit. rate, tne in- levator corn- longer than the usual time aiiov.-ed by the railroad 1 for unloading, for which the deuiur- { rage charge of 35 was never collected. j-| A number of similar offenses are cited t which rend to s SEPARATE YOUTHFUL ·3 a ~~.s Ps- Wife. ^ and Husband,j l « 3 alle " ed ^endly relation between i! S^rirt at EJkxon, Md. | '^ carrier and the elevator company. WEDS AMERICAN COUNTESS y?ur For A Period Of 30 Days during the quarantine of C. B. Hoffman, J. C. Wright \vlll conduct the Green Grocery Stand m front of the First National Bank An entire fresh stock of goods has been secured from the City Markets. Your patronage will be appreciated. ge. The soasi! of the battle soazh, of J-iare:. the center of General Viisa'sf :·; battle front, was heard in Er Paso! -,-] early, but the fighting was not close enough for any missiles to faU in' Juarez or SI Paso. I think it is a shame." declared pretiy :"3UEtss3i-year-o!d iiinnie Jieishaxr, at mil-Rrav station here. James Hazen Kyde iVfarries Eldest Daughter of John ·V.Vi.iiU --i~f 1 «jt2* ·· £i · ^3-_*fc«^JV»ii --.·*»,* ·_,. - _^^_ _^_ _ Ischaei Coahlef. her eighteen-} ?ar!s ' Ncv - 2=,---Jaines Eazen Hyae. ' -*fv..., fw-r. -i-;^»ri i-.-«-£asr»j : 3£nr n? Tna l-^nmt-a rs*e» SEIZE AESERJCAN SCHOONER Get Awsy V/ith Vessel Ka!d by Mexican Authorities. ] San Diego. Ca!.. Xov. 26.--A party i cf American fishermen from this port I entered the har'oor of Ensenada. Lower | California, and seized the big Sshing ] launch Ttowaaa. belonging to E. W. ! Potter, of San Diego, which had been i held by the Mexican customs officials. i The last seen of the Utowana she i was heading north and traveling at ! speed. The guards sre to be court{ njarualea. The Uiowana's owner was · charged with poaching in Mexican wa- ! ters. as taken in charge) - oraer vice President of the Editable and hurried to his -'-'« Assurance Society, was qmeuy married aere to Countess Louis De y his parents erne at Shcaa.adcah. The c-onpie had ust returned ions !EP.«ca, lid., where they were jC-Tied. Tie Barents, hevrever. think -ho rc-ar,-,c too voung to begin mar" Contact-Biros, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs- John G. A. Leisbinan. of Pittsburgh, a. jlr. Leishman -sras for- raerly United States ambassador tc Germany. There were " two ceremonies, crrii "Ths-y could let come and Real Estate Kicks Gas Tube: Dies. South Heir. I them. Pa., Xov_ 25. -- Isa- core 'Yassersirom, ^wentJ·-ta^ee years old. was asphyxiated at his home when lie accidentally struck v.-itb. his foot a '· tnbe from a jras jet while snatching a j few -winks of sleep on a cot- Wasser J strom had a sick child, and In order to i get rest he weal to another room. .. Tae rengious services fohawsd m - i'ne Holy Trinity American church. A 1 _ church ceremony the Kride ws- _ = given away bv the Dake of Croy. he- WILL RENEW LOSSY PROBt ] father being in the United S-atos =« 5 r.res^at. She v.-as attended by Prin - =r.-.nih;i2e to Resume Hear- ·r^s Next iuesday. isriir^T--,^. Xov. ^6.--Renewal was oi -jj. Luc i ng e. Stesl Movie Lantern; Prevent cd u.,ou L-y the Overman eomnnt-l ,. PoitsviiJe, Pa.. Xov. SC.'-State po- The 1 T~ssday. press w:: atiGJ5 whl Contend Smith, presi- ·ice are searching for bJirgiars who ea- 0 _i i iered a motion pietnre theater at Cres- "tV:l s^a aad stole tlie projecting machine, I wagon. The theft was not discovered French Aviator Killed by Fall. rations w ! '! follow. C.rc--.3:«.:c--ri of advertisements it- ihe following day becasse he coald aot get aonther machine snipped | two days after the robbery. and wil So a tion vv-II! probalsly be called. If so, it is likely to be "acid ia March or April of next year. Tue convention 'weald consist of the sane -number of delegates as attended the national conventici: or 1212. The" committee has no rigLc to change the representation, so the call '.vot:3;i go out to each stite 10 send fonr delegates at large and fsro from each congressional district This mafec-s z. convention of a few iess traa 3i c '1 del agates. Already several cit:as have signifiefl r beir desire to have the convention- Arsons tb.eiE are Phi-adsipliia. Washington. Cinc-inaati. Cleveland ana Sr. Lours. ''Joshua Simpkins"'. a four act New England play, \vill be presented at Walter's Theatre on Friday evening-, November 28. The climax of stage realism, ic is asserted, has been reached in the presentation of the stirring savr-mill scene in "Joshua Simpkins" and will be presented ID this city by a peculiar mechanical device has . never been introduced here before.'The' corapany also boasts of a splendid or" ' ches"ira.' -A-hidi is carried complete by the organization, to aid in the proper presentation of the play, which is said ro aLoand with musical and dancing' specialties of a. high order. To assist '·Joshua Simpkins" in popularity, a. band of music is also carried and a concert is given vvhich is said to be far above anything usually heard with 2. traveling- musical organization- The. vote so in December. Dara de ^iii leave the theatre at the- Reptinilen.:! national conven- A B!G COAL DEAL Is SOOG Acres !r. Greene Coar.ty, Pa Scld For 54.000,000. Pa.. Nov. 20.--The sec osd largest coal aea! in Greene county coal lanns was completed when J. V. Thompson and fony-seven other Tiromiseist Graene county residents .-onveyed nearly 6000 acres of ccal lands to ihe Ycnnssto--n Sheet and Tube company. Tlie land Is worth from S523 to S700 i2 acre. a::d It is i-ndersrooa taat. the purchase p r '''* '"'as abouz S4,0w.«w?. payn.l)le in fro«2 Oree to-ten vears. The sale'Tcezns that an extension cf the Pittsbars'n. Tirsinia fc'Charles- .on mriroad will be made to Rice's 'T.cnu.ns. It will also connect with the ?.icnr:ng3n.e!a. river at the mouth- of Eunkf-r creek, tans giving 23 cutlet to ·.lie coal laiaed in Greene county. Man Swires to Kis Deai*i. New Yori, Xcv. 2G.--A well dressed n:an, presumably a plunged into Xs-wark l»ay irosa a Central Railroad of Xew jersey train whsn it stopped oa a trestle while entering Xew York. As he struck the water the man began to swim toward the Siaten Island shore. Boatmen set out after him,-but he disappeared ana was no doubt drowned. ususl rime and take the usual '- route, making a burlesque paracie--^-a«Iver^ tisement ~ - · Twenty-nine Days to Christmas Early Shopping Means Better / Bargains. Medical Advertising FEEBLE OLD PEOPLE Strength and sale. Wewcl.sriketo add a few farms to our list oi Real Estate for If y ya have any that you would like to ecll and place, in the hands of Real Estate Agents. v.-e wiH be g!al to har..l!i- caaie for you; no matter whether large or small or %\ here lotste-L Or if yon WHiit to buy a:jy Rt.i! E.-:at.-. call on or ai.ijv*.-, Troxell and Swisher Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. KWSPAPLRl julretl 5n;x Press asents of bis bust j Chicago." 5C53 snicks'; will also be called. : self-denial i Chicago Egg Boycott !s On. Xov. 25.--The campaign of in the eating of eggs has '- Blown to Death by Gas. Sharon, -_J?a~ Nov. 26.--Blown from the dome of a.tank car with tie speed of a caaioa ball when gas exploded, Daniel Rosco, twenty-eight years old. | Buc, France, Xov. 26.---Edmoaa Per-) -boiler ytety newspaper insides, dis ! · reyon one of the best known French' .^tasa as reading matter, will be in j · ; aviators -was crushed to death undei, ;u:r j e motor wiien his monoplane capsiz- j · «d Awhile he -was flying at a low altl-j | |, eg ., n herein an effort to rednce theifeet away... His body was terribly nm- ! Affir,;ty Earie Fairs to Arrive- } price to 32 cents a dozen. It is estJ Itiiated. Mike Perot, another employe, crasced through,'a saeetiron roof over the repair shop of the Pennsylvania Tank'Car company. He landed 150 tade over the aerodrome here. 6300 Pound Cheese Cut I Chicago, Xov. 26.--A cheese. mad price -- -- , Eostsr. Xov. 26.--Ferdinand Pinnej- mated * nat 12.000 clubwomen and their |\vas probably fatally burned. Earle ar.i -e eight-year-old son o| families are in the movement^ Fresh j his former --;fe were not sen e*rr S arc selilr.g at retail in Chicago 1 Strawberries From ~ =3 ~ : * . -_ . . S -m -- ^*. j-i;4~» -ntl« Ing 6300 pounds, -was cut into 20,000 pieces and distribnted to patrons of 3 land show being held here. The cheese is a product of New York state. , « the «, aU3 r Man,nctte, which ar a t from 45 to 4Tcents. Speculators are I C i . Fla, Nov 26-Two car- rived h?.-o. Henry ^V. VTach. attomej for the b-\y"s mother, Mrs. Fischbach or. scrutj'i'ned the passengers care paid to control the market- A year ago loads of strawberries were shipped the women broke the market by sell- from here for Chicago. Growers netted 'ng e?3s themselves. | "5 cents a qnart for them. MARRIAGE LICENSES Nov. 28 -- Simpkins. Walter's ' j Theatre. i 'Dec. 2. "Maud 1 Theatre. Muller". Walter's Dr. and MVP. G. D. Stanley left this for a visit of several A marriage license was issued by Mr. and Mrs. Link, returned to York Clerk of the Courts Olinger to Ivan F. Jv/ith friends in Philadelphia. clays after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Eekert on Springs avenue. M. K. Withers, of New, Oxford, and Miss Elizabeth Noel, of McSherrys"town. Are Told How to Vigor. f As one grows old 'the waste_ Oi tne svstem becomes more rapid than repair, the organs act more slowly and less effectively than in youth, the circulation is poor, the blood thin, and digestion weak. Vfnol. our delicious cod liver and iron "conic without oil Is the ideal strengthener and body-builder for old folks, for it contains the very elements needed to rebuild -wasting- tissues ^a renlace -weakness -with strenjjth- Vinol also fortifies the system against colds and thns prevents pneumonia. Mrs. Mary I\-ey,~of Columbus, Ga.. says: "If people only knew the good Vinol does old people, I am sore you would be unable to sapply-the demano. I never took anything bef ore-that did ^ me so much good as vinol. _ It is the " finest' conic and strength creator I ever used in my life." " - , If Vinol fails to build up the feeble. eld people, and create strength we will return vour money. People s Drug Store. Gettysburg, Pa. P. s. _ Our Saxo Salve stops itching and begins healing at once. SUPPER by Fire Hearth Circle: The Fire Hearth Circle of.Arendtsville will give a supper in Warren's Hall Saturday evening, Nov. 29th, or, in case of inclement weather, Monday evening. Usual refreshments. Everybody invited. -- advertisement. IV

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