The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 25, 1931 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1931
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

FEBRUARY 25 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 13 NEWS AND VIEWS O BETTER ROADS BETTER FARMING \ THIS PAGE EDITED BY ARTHUR PICKFORD FARMERS BETTER SCHOOLS BETTER SOCIAL LIFE BUREAU STARTS CAMPAIGN MORE MEMBERS Greater Need Now Than Ever Before for Organization, Says Speaker. About 230 persons attended tha banquet which opened the membership campaign of the Cerro Gordo Farm Bureau Tuesday night. The banquet was hold in the Y. M. C. A. "We are at a place now where we need to put up a bigger fight than we ever did before," declared Art Mallory, Franklin county, who spoke at the banquet. "During times of depression we need to organize. 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Purchase a 25c, handy pocket tin of Stuarts Dyspepsia Tablets from your druggist, use after meals and be convinced that it is not necessary to suffer the distresses of indigestion. At All Drug Stores: 25c and 60o "A Street Stomach for twmty-flvc ccn«" DYSPEPSIA TABLETS and will be able to reap the benefits when times improve. "The next four or five years are going to be the testing time for farm organizations in the United States. If we are whipped in the next few years, we ar.e licked for .1 generation. There is no one who does not wish to leave conditions better than they are now." Beeler Speaks. O. W. Beeler, organization director, spoke of the accomplishments of the Farm Bureau. "There will be need for farm organizations as long as there are problems to meet," Mr. Reeler declared. "There is a greater need now than ever before for the Farm Bureau," he declared. "Certainly the man who says he cannot raise $5 for the bureau cannot be satisfied with conditions as they ,now are, but what can he expect to do without organization. "The Farm Bureau is a vehicle for carrying information and service," Mr. Beeler quoted. "In Iowa the fanners represent about one half of the population, receive about one third of the income and pay two thirds of the taxes. Bureau for Home, Children. "I know many women belong' to the bureau because it has an interest in their home, tneir children and their community. "The strength of the Cerro Gordu Farm Bureau depends on the number who have paid their dues into the organization. The Farm Bureau must have membership." Marion Olson, county agent, briefly enumerated the accomplishments of the bureau and spoke of tne program it is carrying on. Andrew Olson, chairman of the membership committee, outlined the. plan of campaign. The members segregated into township groups and laid definite plans of procedure. Fred Stover, president, preside'.! at the meeting. Music was by Earl Dean's orchestra, an organization introduced as being in training for next years orchestra contest. The campaign itself started Tues day morning when members began actual solicitation of farmers in tha county for membership. Workers are to report their accomplishments from time to time. FARMSALESlN TERRITORY MANY Bids Are Good Indication of r Value of Stock and Grain. By ARTHUR IICKFKD Farm sales are numerous at this time of the year and are good indicators of the value of stock and grain. As the sales are either on a cash basis of on a note which is satisfactory to the bank it would seem that there is some money in the country when the .farmer sees what he regards as a bargain. More than 300 cars and truck's were parked at the farm sale of Alonzo Morley near Aredale Feb. 18 and both stock and machinery sold well. At the closing out sale of Lou Kutschara near Sexton on the same day every thing sold high. Horses brot .$70, cattle 570 to $90, small pigs $3.10 each and large fall pigs ?7 to .$8, potatoes 51.40 a bushel-a 1S25 tudor Ford §88. Mr. and Mrs. Kutschara are moving to Clear Lake. Curran Herd Cleans Up at Big Des Moines Show BUTTER FLAVOR IS DUE TO GERMS A reporter o£ the Forest City Summit aslted the buttermaker at the creamery what caused the flavor of outter and got this explanation. It may seem strange but the excellent flavor of creamery butter IK made possible by lactic acid germs These germs make buttermilk taste so good on a hot day. We were shown a small bottle containing a milk-like liquid which is called the mother culture. Ten drops of this liquid placed in a quart of starter will produce enough germs to flavor Between 75 and 100 gallons of cream. This starter is placed in an incubator which is kept at a constant temperature for a stated length of time. During this time the germs multiply. This starter is then placed in the cream to be churned. By controlling the temperature the germs growth can he controlled and the flavor o£ the butter controlled. It they developed too rapidly it would not only spoil the flavor but would affect the keeping quality o£ the butter. To receive the full benefit of the lactic germs the cream must no pure and sweet. The pure cream js first pasteurized by heating to one hundred and fifty degrees for 30 minutes to destroy all the undesirable bacteria which might get into the milk during milking or handling of the cream. So expert do huttermakers become that by smelling and tasting the starter they can tell whether it is suitable fjor the cream. In preparing the starter everything must be sterile. Great care is taken in sterilizing the containers and all the utensils used in handling it. It is, only by producing superior cream that superior butter can be made. It means more money to the producer, who will find himself amply repaid for taking care of the cream he produces. Cerro Gordo Polled Herefords Win 5 Out of 7 Trophies. Cerro Gordo county figured largely in the exhibition and sale conducted by the National Polled Hereford association conducted in the state fair grounds at Des Moines. J. L. Curran and his son, Lester exhibited 9 heifers and bulls ana walked away with 5 out of the 7 silver trophies offered and an almost countless number of prizes in the individual classes. Will McArthur, who exhibited two head of stock, was re-elected as director of the national association. The Cerro Gordo party, which included, besides the ones mentioned, Lee Curran and Mrs. J. L. C'urran, returned home Wednesday morning. Curran Will Go to Texas. Lester Curran, who was in charge of exhibiting the Curran animals, has gone on to Fort Worth. Texas,* for the national Polled Hereford show to be held there in the near future. This will be his second trip to that place. Four of the Curran herd, 3 heifers and 1 bull, will be exhibited. In a field of -121 Polled Herefords at Des Moines this week, the Currans, who live 9 miles southeast of Mason City, came away with the following winnings: Second on bull calved before May 1, 1927. (Biolet's Boy). First and third on bull calves between Jan. 1 and April 30, 1929, (Santos Bullion and Iowa Kenyonl. Fifth on bull calved between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 1929, (Iowa Boy). Third on bull calved after Jan. 1, 1930, (lowe. Mischief). Second on 3 bulls of any age. Third on 2 bulls bred and owned by exhibitor. Here's 11 Firsts in is Koxv. First in junior champion bn'l (Santos Bullion). · First in heifer calved between May 1 and Dec. 31, 1928, (Iowa Viu- let). First on heifer calved between. Jan. 1 and April 30, 1929, (Iowa Belle). First on heifer calved between May 1, and Sept. 30, 1929, (Iowa Miss). First on heifer calved after Jan. 1, 1930, (Iowa Glory). First on, 2 female's ol any ago bred and owned by exhibitor. · Senior champion female. Junior champion female. Grand champion female. First on yearling herd. v First on pair o£ calves. First on get of sire. Best three animals. First in weiglrt for age contest on bull calves. Premier American exhibitors' cup. Have \Voii It T.wice. One of the 5 trophies won w»i.s the secretary's trophy, which wii.s also won by the Currans last year. Another winning will give permanent possession. Two of the Curran animals exhibited at Des Moines were sold at a good price, according to Mr. Curran. 'Wherever the Itching Whatever the Cause Resinol Relieves it Quickly Sample free. Wrlto Rbslnol ( Oppt. Baltimore, M i l . LKSTEK CURRAN RAY II. BOGARDUS Drainage Engineer and Surveyor Mason City, FARMERS! We P:iy a Premium [''or Quality Poultry FOOD PRODUCTS CO. Phone 096 23U2 S. r«der:i! WANTED! LIVESTOCK WE SMOKE MEATS G. GRUPP'S PACKING HOUSfi Home-Made Bologna I'honc 23 401 So. Federal Pennsylvania House Committee Votes to Table Repeal Bills HARRISBURG, Pa., Feb. 23. (.-Pi --The house committee on law and order today voted to lay on the ta- ole all bills before it repealing- the itate prohibition enforcement act. This action was considered as equivalent to killing these measures. The bills laid on the table included one providing for a referendum on the prohibition question and three which would have repealed the stale enforcement act. E. L. Quaife Bases Opinions on Observation of Entries in Contest. AMES, Feb. 2H. (.-T1--Whether'a sow can produce and care for a litter which will weigh a ton in six months often depends on her care during the period of gestation, E. L. Quaife, extension specialist in animal husbandry of Iowa State college, has found. He bases his opinion largely on observation of the animals entered in the Iowa pig crop contest for the last four years. Quaife found, he said, that the sow must be of good type, must be able to consume large amounts of feed before farrowing and must have reserve strength on which to draw. Gilts of the right type may well be made to gain 150 pounds or more during the period of pregnnn- GOINDAY-4-in-lWAY Take two tablets of .safe HILL'S CABCARA QUININE right away-follow directions, and almost before vou know it that nasty COLD IS GONE. HILL'S works faster, surer because each tablet is' a compound of four medicinal agents that combine to KNOCK COLDS IN A DAY. If not satisfied, druggist will refund your money. DEMAND THE RED BOX Baby Chicks Custom Hatching- Simplex and Newton Brooders Vitaline Starter PEERLESS HATCHERY PHONE 1339 404 S. Fed Mason Citv If G e t t i n g UP Nights, Bnckaclto, frequent cwy call3, JJOKT Paing, Ncrv- oiiHno.«9, or Burhinh', duo to f u n c t i o n al Bladder IrrltjlUon, in acid conditions, n m U o s y o u foot tired, depressed and diacourueod, try tho CystcxTest. works fust, slru'tn c i r c u l a t i n g t h r u thu system in 15 minutes. Pruised by t h o u a n m i a for rapid nntl positive action. Don't sivo up. T r y C y s t e x ( p r o - nounced SlHs-tex) today, under tho Iron-Clntl Giiiiruntce. Must q u i c k l y allay these conditions, i m p r o v e restful sleep :ind energy, or money Uncle. SOLD IJV ISHADY DJUHi CO. y. The sows should be brot into ood flesh. The ration most often fed consists of ear corn and whole oats :mml fed, supplemented with a good protein feed such us tanknge, linseed oil meal, skim-milk an'd alfalfa hay. Good protein supplements consist of 75 pounds tankage and 25 pounds linseed oil meal fed at the rate of one-third pound a day a sow. Half tankage and half soy beans also may be used, Quaife said. A gallon of skim milk a sow each day will practically balance corn and oats, he added. Quaife also advised the feeding; of a mineral mixture. He said a mixture consisting of 20 pounds of salt, 38 pounds of grolund limestone, 38 pounds of bonemeal, four pounds of iron oxide and one-third ounce potassium iodide should furnish any minerals not found in the rest of the ration. With nine-foot challens cut in the big river and free use of same given to boat lines, it looks to us like the railroads are due for another bump. --Kolfe Arrow. SORETHROST Almost instant relief guaranteed 35c with one swallow of 60e THOXINE SOLD BY IIUXTABLB DRUG CO. A clear skirt CQmcs frcmwithixv CLOSING OUT SALE I t i ' j mil us north of Clear Luilco CYcMint^ry on Thursday, Mar. 5, '31 Livestock and Farm Machinery JOHN PAUL \v. ,1. jujurnv, Auct. jra^artigagiAtClM W a y n e C a l f M e a l it easy to raise strong, vigorous calves, as quickly as on whole ,i'jj^ milk -- imd at a much ' lower feed cost. Asfc us for the new \Vaync booklet: " H o w t o Rnise G o o d D a i r y Heifers." It's I'UEE. WAYNE CAL£ MEAL cA Real Calf Grower / -- SOLD BY -- PHO.NK 270 iiOO 3rd ST. N. K. YOU'LL HAVE TO HURRY Tf you want Jamesway Hatch- · cd Chicks from our first hatch, which comes off TUESDAY, M A R C H 10 Most of this hatch is already contracted for, hut we can still fill a lew more orders. Custom Hatching-, $3.00 per 100. We can serve you better if you will Thorn- Us Your Orders K'.irly JAMESWAY HATCHERY CLEAR LAKE, IOWA H. \V. Hayes Sons To be held on the «nsl sute of Mason City, on the Hartman Dairy farm, Nora Springs road, on Thursday, Anyone having property or livestock msiy list it in the Public Auction. E. J. FRITZ, Manager \V. .!. MURl'HY, Auctioneer At this season of the yuar, f a r m e r s f r e q u e n t l y find themselves in need of MONEY. To Buy Farm Machinery. To Pay Rent. To Buy Feed. To Take Advantage of Bargains at Farm Sales. To Buy Brood Sows. and Lo use to an advantage for numerous .other worthy purposes. We are org-ani/eti to meet this need a n d ' i n v i l c farmers needing f i n a n c i a l service to call at our o f f i c e or.write ami let us explain our special loan service for farmers. Our employes arc always friendly and arc experienced in handling farmers' problems. They arc always pleased to discus* them in confidence with you. l''loor \Vcir OK MASON CITY vit nn ·*) U'rsl St;ilr St. 1'hom! :!^-t e Milling Co. Will give a demonstration at Chas. W. Sorcnson's, 2i/ miles north of the Clear Luke creamery, Tuesday, March 3, at 2 p. m. Will grind Alfalfa, Corn Stalks'and fine grinding. Everybody Come! SALE A few good POLAND CHINA GILTS to farrow in March and April. Sired by the 1,000-lb. champion, "New Model," and bred to the "Clipper." Some good Pig Club gilts in this lot. TRICED FROM $25 TO ?35 T. J e Baiffagy«, Itoek well, la. ION As I inn moving on :i smaller farm I will sell at Public Auction on the. Peter Fromni fiirm 5 miles west mid 4 miles north of Blnscm City and i/ 2 mile south of the Lincoln Mill on the Scenic highway. . 27, 1931 STARTING AT 1 O'CLOCK 39 -- HEAD OF LIVESTOCK -- 39 14 HEAD OF HORSES '^ 9 ami 1 years old, weight 2700; 1 Team Blnck geldings, 8 years old, weight 3(100; 1 Iliads gelding, 4 yours old, weight 1400; I Black mure, 8 years old, weight 1GQO; 1 Sorrel mare G years old, weight 1500; 1 Sorrel team, 5 and 6 years old, weight 20BO; 1 Sorrnll mure, 0 yours old, weight. 1400; 1 Gray horse, 7 \ears old, weight 1GOO. 1ft WT? ATI m? r l A r TT 1 T T? 10 BOW8 ' Ked ana Whlte 1U llJCjAJJ Or l_;AJLIljlii faces. Some of these cows arc fresh. 15 BROOD SOWS r . Klrtck P»''""J Chinas, 5 Hump- ]VrAr!TTTlV17!T?V ' 20-whecI InlernuUnnuI disk nearly ncwr l¥A^iV^ilXlXjJ!.X J. 2 KanK plows , Kock , Blilnli j Oliver; 2 corn plnws, I .John Deere, 1 Perfection; 1 srcul-wfiecl wagon and rack; 2 sets or harness, 1 hack nail, 1 breeching. Other items too numerous to mention. TERMS AS ARRANGED WITH CLERK . E. TIBBITS .J. K. DORSEY, Auctioneer It. V. WILKINSON, Clerk, Farmers Savings Bnnk, Kock Falls ·1 IMilofi South mill \'i Mile East of Mason C'lty Snle Begins at 1:00 O'clock HEAI* oi HOHSBS -- 1 Jersey cows, Tresh; S Guernsey uovvs, f r r n h ; 2 Guernsey cmvs, springing; 1 Vjncriwoy cow, fresh in spring; 1 Guernsey heifer, fresh liy April; 1 Ilnlstoin liffifcr, fresh in Mny; 1 Guernsey hull, coming 2 years old; ·! Guernsey heifers; 2 hull ciilvcs. -- 12 10 Kpollnil Poland China, hrond sou's; 1 Jersey red iirond sow; t Jersey red stock hoy. 200 laying hens; ·! Silver I^tccd Wynndotto. roosters. 1 John Deere n o t n hinder, new; 1 8-ft. Ideal Dccrtng grain hinder, nearly new; 1 John Deere corn planter with 120 rods of wire, new, J John IJeere one-row cultivator, nearly new; 1 John Deere manure spreader, nearly new; 1 John Deere 16-whceI disc, nearly new; 1 John Deere side delivery rake, nearly new; 1 John Deere mower, nearly new; J 4-horsc Hoover potato digger, new; ] TCmcrson .sulky plow; 1 wagon and three top box nearly new; 1 John Deere iron wheel wagon, nearly new; 1 hay rack, new; 1 International corn sheller, new; 1 fiOO platform scale; 1 .Tohh Deere hay huckcr, 1 broadcast seeder with grass attachment; ] -i-section drag and cart; 1 Economy cream separator No. ]8, nearly new; 2 Sol Hot brooder stoves; 1 Buckeye brooder stove; several chicle feeders and watcrers; 1 barrel spray; 1 hand spray; 1 individual hoghoiise, 6x16; 2 sets of work harness; 1 good heating stove. loO bushels Early Ohio seed potatoes; 10 bushels Irish Cobbler No. 2 sccu; H bushels yellow seed corn; 700 bushels early oats, good for seed; 000 bushels good yellow corn; some corn fodder; ·ifl hushcls good Red Globe Onions. Aiso Other Articles. TERMS as arranged w i t h clerk. Owner VV. .1. M u r i t l i y , A u r l . l-'lrst National Hnnli, Muson City, Clerk.

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