The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 26, 1913 ツキ Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1913
Page 3
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"IN V ********テつサテつサ***テつサ********テつキテつサ+** :: Thanksgiving at I Lonesome Hollow S "We came down to prospect a bit There's talk of gold iu this claim, and. if it's worth our" while we may set up for a week or two.** "Ob. then, you'll be here over TUanksxivi'u;!. won't you? I'd like to bave you all take dinner with us tomorrow." The man looked at his fellows with a curious siai'e. half questioning, half im-reduloas. "It's rather unexpected," j EEilS awfully forlorn to eat a j be remarked humorously- i Tinisfeigiving dinner all alone,": "Oh. we're aU neighbors out here, said Milly. soberJy. looking"over- ?oa know." MHly explained cordially. : fellow who sat! "^y husband would be "very glad to i from tbe By FR.4NCIS A. MILLER THANKSGIVING POEM BY JOHN GREENLEAF WHITT1ER O N the banks of the XeuO the dark Spanish maiden Comes up -with the fruit of tbe tangled vine laden. And the creor~ _ Cuba laughs out to behold Through orange leaves shining the broad spheres of gold. Yet -with dearer delight from his home In the north On the fields of his harvest the Yankee looks forth. Where crooknecks are coiling and yellow fruit shines And the sun of September melts down on his vines. Ah. on Thanksgiving day. -when from east and from west. From north and from south, comes the pilgrim and guest; When the gray haired New Ens-lander sees round his board The old broken Jinks of affection restored r When the care wearied man seeks his mother once more And the worn matron smiles テつキwhere the girl smiled before. What moistens the lip and what brightens the eye, What calls back the past, like the rich pumpkin pie? Oh. fruit loved of boyhood, the old days recalling. When -wood grapes -were purpling and brown nuts were falling; When wild, ugly faces we carved in its skin. Glaring out through the dark, with a candle within: When we laughed round the corn heap, 'with hearts all to tune. 'Our chair s broad pumpkin, our lantern the moon. Telling tales of the fairy -who traveled like steam In a pumpkin shell coach, with two rats for her team I Then thanks for thy present. None sweeter nor better E'er smoked from an oven aor circled a platter. Fairer hands never テつキwrought at a pastry more fine; Brighter eyes never テつキwatched o'er its baking than thine. And the prayer which my mouth is too full to express Swells my heart that thy shadow may never be less. That the days of thy lot may be lengthened below. And the fame of thy worth like a pumpkin vine And thy life be as sweet, and its last sunset sky Golden tinted and fair as thy own pumpkin pie. at the youa_ mending a harness strap beside tbe! liave - vou v " itb lis ' We ^ . ... テつキ ._ _*. ,,, . . 1 テつォ;st. :nd vre're used to having eoai- blnziag beartb. "1 bavent the ceartJ . ._. , , . . . . 1 ^ . . . ,. , , J pany sor T'laaksgiviag. f to get up a big dinner for just us two.' j テつォ Yoijr bustbaml j., a pros pec:or. too. 1 "I don't see wbat else we can do. Xo: j : ,k e j t -.~ ceighbors to invite except old I'ete j -Oh. no. lie caane out bere for his | Sprat, and he wouldn't come. We might; hea'th two years ago, when be was aU I send hiai something by way of being Iran down witb overwork, \Ve ea-pect j ce'ghborlv." 1 t s - av bere uati! he's quite weH." -And te "tamed away for our pains." j ~ We didu ' 1 aolice an / P 0 * 1 ^ * the woman Jaugbed. ' ! ^^SKs bllow^bS/on ^ "You can't even go oat on tbe 'high- j rlse ^ TM'ntt oaテつーtLe trail." Will you ways and hedges' and gather in strag- j COHle over r 0: テつサorrowr* g!ers like tbe ancient Host- of Bible テつキ -Well, being as yoa're so kind as to fame- .Maybe it is just as well not to'take the trouble to invite .us. we'll be uave all the work of gt-tt;u^ up a! glad to accept your hospitality and Thanksgiving dinner, for it seems to j thank you." me that you look tired. Milly. \Vbat"sj "Very well. I shall expect you the ciauerr* j promptly at 12. There are eight of "Nothing. Jim: 1 guess I need a SltUel you. aren't there? I want you all, re outing. I'll sake a run across tbe j member. Xow I'll go. for the walk hollow and be back before- supper" j Is rather long. You cross the bill and Milly put 02 ber cloak and went outjiro straight south till you reach the into the crisp autumn afternoon. The \ Sunrise wagon road, which will take woods were bare except for a few you directly to oar shack, going wesr_ torchlike Sauics of red which marked Hood night." the presence of an occasional gum tree-1 Milly returned in great good spirits- The sky was clear, cold anil p:i3!id. -J:ni looked dubious at first, but he licged with a greenish glow where the dark forests rimaied the far horizon. Not a sign of h(!Ui:ta habitation was risible, and not a sound broke the vast stillness save the steady tap-tap of a How :to Make : Christmas Sweets COOMBS WILL BE OLD SELF. T HE.candy season is again iritis, us. , In ^rnost; families hoae- . made candies are an. important ,' "feature of the Christinas fes-. Hvfties. ' The'., following testea recipes -will 'be to those who need fh- sirbction : iri"the pleasurable task of candy making- Here is a never failing fudge recipe: One-fourth - cnnfn! mils:; one cupful sugar, butter the.slze of,a iralBut, two squares or two ounces of chocolate. Place on stove and melt all together aad~toir~untl! dey~ca"ng together in" tbe water without being brittle. YTbeii stirring .quickly. iテつ」- the bottorx of- the pan sScr.-^ :a"aa "edges "snggest: sngari- cess, it is getting done. Just before taking off the Sre add one-half teaspoonful of vanilla, then beat thoroughly until creamy. Pour into a. well buttered platter and when almost: cool cut into squares. If preferred add chopped nnts jcsc before removing from tbe Sre or form the fudge into bails while warm and ro:i in ground nuts. You may use peanut better instead of ordinary bntter, especially if you do not nse chopped nuts- Preserved ngs are excellent when coated with fudge or-when raasbed and raised in fudge while テつォrarm. ^ Trro csofuis of biwva "sasar* boiled テつキwith" mi'k end stirred continually cstil it forms a v.-ax ball when tested in co ; d water makes an excellent candy if mixed with clipped raisins. This is an inexpensive and delicious candy: Grind one of blanched aluion-'s and tho'sanse amount of peanuts in tht food chopper, ilase a rich i fondant with Hglit, brown sagar and milk. ?t:r the fondant constantly until it fornis n bs!I of wax when tested in cold vrater. Remove it from the fire and stir until it foams. A little crenin of tartar -will assist ia making it creamy. Pour the ground nuts into the candy and place all on a buttered pan. "While warm cnt the candy into squares- Do not break tlie pieces apart cnril cool. When cold dip each テつキ piece into meUed chocolate, tmsweet- ened. A firm, ripe hnnana cnt into rather tbin slices and dippsQ ^n melted s-weet chocolate is delicious. Place on oiled paper and set in coo) place to narden. Dip mcrsbajallovrs iato incited, chocolate, roll them ia srosnd nuts and set aside to harden. Marsbmailows nasti- iy dipped into hard le-Qon taffy make a good confection. Melt unsweetened cbocolate ia a doti- WP pan and din loaf sagar into the raelted clsocoJate and sprinkle tie pieces "with groasd nuts. This is a テつキ a child. Weights Off; to Be Fut In Piaster Cast; After rlest r 5ay Train. Joiin Coicbs. tbe Aiii!etics" piicher, for tlie first tiine ia eisrliL v,-celテつ」s is able to move al^ut. the reason being tiiai i'.;e ! .asc of rue t!i:rty pounds of T.-e:sbt bus. been removed from his head aad feet: by order of bis physician. Dr. J. S. Caniett. CoosiL-s will be nut ia c. plaster casi nml Trill be kept tliere for several days. Then Le will be able to be -wbeelevi .T.:oct ;;ad sit up a Uide e~ery day. Hw aflraisce; oa tbe road TO recovery is assured- a^.i tlie big: nitcber is as happy as a smuH boy at Christmas time. T'nder tJie poslave orders of Dr. Car- uetr. Coombs v. iil go to Jfcis hoase in Maine and remain tliere until Slay, when be may be allowed to ^o to Phi!- anr-lpUi-i and !pcin to train. It is doubtful if lie TriU go sonzb Tri;Ii tbe team. He -rnM remain in tbe cold climate, and only wben tbe summer sun r-ezinp to break orpr Philadeipaia Trili h-.i .--c-:rt HJS doctors have ir- f'imicd lr.-,u that lie vrill be ss .cood as r*Te~ nn'1 tli.'t fill be neels to do is to t:rie his tin'e ah-ici: iretnnir into acrion- _ vralrcr Seh.ijQC._ -Joe _Fi:sb. Amos Strtink. E-l'lie Murphy and Jack 3IcIn- r.e^ visited t!;e "irun nzan" and paid tSseir respects. loath to dampen the ardor of his good j little helpmeet by voicing his doubts ' as to the wisdom of inviting eight strangers to their home. "I hope we bave enough sins' on woodpecker. Tlie loneliness oppressed hand." said cautious Jim. "It will take | MiHy strangely. For two years she j heaps to satisfy eight hungry men. you j had endured it in cheerful silence, j know." working patiently at whatever berj "Of course we have plenty. We'l! hand found to do in the rough little j kill both turkeys, and I*H make four shack, which bad gradually assumed | pies instead of one and two boi'.ed pud- _ i dings besides- 'We'll bave potatoes and ! T^^ s turnips and the canned corn 1 pat up テつキ'テつキ ! -テつ」 I myself and as much cider as they can drink. For dessert we'll have real good coffee aad iced cake- Oh. we'll have enough, you may be sure. Jim. you must rig up a table big enough to seat them a!L" They worked till bedtime that night. \ peeling apples, seeding raisins and j picking me turkeys. The nest mora- S ing Milly rose long before dawn and ' set about her baking and brewing. i while Jim put np a big deal tabla ibsT stretched almost tbe length of the room, and by noon it was set -with ail ,j the luscious viands of an eastern I Thanksgiving dinner, sefTwrEETboniely ! platters aad dishes, to be sure, but not rougher ia appearance than the men who Bnally seared themselves about the steaming board. Jim beamed hos- ! pitably from his place at_the bead of the table and tried dutifully to ''act i as if the company belonged there.'" as Miliy had said. The big. black whiskered fellow whom the others addressed i as Blaisedaie watched lilly with a j curious Inrentness which made her un- i comfortable. "Y O rfr e mighty comfortably fixed for these diggings." said he presently, look] ing about the waJIs with their homely ! prints and ornaments. _ ! "Yes. we are rather comfortable, j thanks to Milly's ingenuity." Jim answered, with a glow of affectionaie pride. "You're luckv to be able to afford a -,.zy. uozieiiKe appearance, aney, , UOTri es "for all those fancy fix:::!fl left tile busy, grinding east m: .;-jtt-t of health for her young husband. | wbu v.-as slowiy regaining his IOSE; r-trenirn: au-J vicor in the bracing cii-j mato 1 of Ccloniclo. which alone kept! ?.!iii"s heart light and iiopefuirbut in: ^ s-pstv of that jovfnl fact she could not j r ': x !, r _. . . ; ;',t-H a shrrcr oMoinrfiness when she! r:ed - nno , when , TMr beakh broke I5:テつォテつォi5ht of the long, dreary-winter be-! she S!mfliv ^ ok ai! responsibilit ., i u v ., -,. j . faer own jjgntis. it was her money that lost any retailer will now sell you /by the box for 85 Cents! This famous confection ,^ that's liked everywhere-II that benefits everyone-/ that's constant delicious and inexpensive aid to teeth, breath, appetite and digestion --is now selling for less than // a cent a. stick -- by the box! Take it home tonight! f t*s clean f isre, healthful sWrigley's CAUTION! The great popularity of ," the clean, pure, healthful Wi$iGLEテつ・*S ES22 テつキ1*Z L.ISC- TO HAVF. iOT7 Aテつ」Ii TAKE J^ER WITH cs TOSIOKSOW." _. Homelike appearance. Iney, ings are luxuries in Colorado." Blaise- I dale remarked significantly. "Yes. I count myself one of the iest men in the world. I owe everything to Miliy. even my life. I was a tnar- i fori- them "Tni geitins morbid simply for the. ' enaMed me to come bere- It's her bit RITCHIE TO GO ABROAD. American Champ Will Meet England's Best- ( WiJHe Illt'-'.;:e iiitemis to cross tluj l^iinfling ifusfn and try conclusions; vrr.h s-me of Kns:amr tnitt artists i .7Oft v.-hcn the iittie champion TrrilisaL; is proMe'uatical. :Gt it is said thai 1 int of a little company.'' she said as i of Hion^r that wo're Jiving on now. A3! ^So w-i!k-d down the untraveled road, ::i ih^ faテつサ-e of the crisp north wind.' "Tlrsi wili never do for you. Jiiily Ben-j iic't. For -lini's sake, you mustn't give: w;j; to ssn-h fot';shness." | MiJIv".- ear caught the' that s=!itテつサ has In the ivorUI is in the lit- is causing unscrupulous persons to wrap rank imitations- that are not even real chewing" gum so they resemble-genuine*' 1 :'] WRSGLEY'S. The better -class of stores will'not'try to fo'bT you with these imitations. They will be offered to you princr-- pally by street fakirs, peddlers and the candy departments of _ TM some 5 and 10 cent stofesT These rank imitations cost dealers 9 one cent a package oreveniess~ancl~are soM-to^c^feless^people^" for almost any price. If you want Hfr%テつ」eyテつーsjook before you; ; : buy. seテつ」' ihst f^テつ」5^ pay fテつョrテつサ Me SUME M's ^e are i^ssrCRS the =bc-rc cr^t-on c-olelr to protect our cxstoraers. v.ho rre cx-i-.tirually' テつキ"Tjuas; cs thar taey I^-.c bees deceived uy imitations u-tuch they purchased tiunVir.g U:ey v,are WRIGLEFS. i: is tip bank at f our*- a nj'j;Ui -!im f'テつォr o : ir I"v- coi ;o テつキwork w:iy nlテつサDC: テつキnr:t':o;it ; - nnk ! tcU von I . where she goes J to dr.-itr the :is But now that i . - ! re re mak:nc onr テつキ m: hollow beyond the di-! ;nd made her way! ., . " A-G, : ft Sa= 3 JVn ideal crft f-r the "faan-Jy" bos. co::t::i"^na tass. r-.i bands. lnlK!s. ilsnnib tacks, trrint- fncf. almost any artic'f one n:clu n in di:;wtphing :: i .i_;-.::~f o bui3!re* ::jiJ oi,e ol:ior c whicb thテつォ.- needful sTtlclo put One bachelor says he derive;) more pleasure fr^-ni OoO '"f these iHses which wr.s given to l*.l"s. t!i;'n t'ro:;i :il most any other gift he could niontion The boxes come In vnrions sizos. the number of useful articles contained varying vrith the size of the box. A gift of this character is well worth considering -where a personal gift is not desirable. JEWS PA PER I from テつォ:ds- Suテつォ- i-!j-.'i;, tliroiicb the ieaSess taicket. j n:i::.i:j^ hriskiy over .he hill and down! ;;x.-iu- I!CM put until .she distinct-; .5 -jc;:rd vo5-iBs. Farther on. at the; or :i naruni! clearing, she came; :;テつキ!! :i jsi-jy of travelers camped be j :t new :y c-irid'.od fire, where a lean, j :r.!U':T :5|ijf.:riim fellow Jmsied himself; f!i iri-i.-:;a5i,:: for the evenins meal.' i-H-:i テつキv'i:-t ~" テつォr テつォ the .'d !i Jvo IK n'-'-^:!"! all-- a rough. nn-| ,_, ru jackets and! .., J . e . , _ ., , . i r*:テつォi--(-'a ". s Bc-nde the rook lay a bag ii!3c!! iie!p from the 3iafテつォHl to use that but If it badn'J Lord only knows -ojnt- of me.*" !y a:i 01 i!y. it \--'-ii i p.ijjonn; to that.' -':テつキ v.-H'i a s*i:ip テつォf IIST broTni finsers テつキ "All I'.Ji- in"i!".v In ilif frond tvoiild v.or:l:'テつォ-^-= := n^- sf 1 didn't linve Jim." he.ird n テつォ;ay;!-!^ ahont 'n croon of i o. baron and two corncobs she- -. ;! r. :, s,d,- r?eJ; ob-crree by tbe of the eSsht stransws. tben cbang-j r raind and iiwsed the icy htl.c nai;i crook nnd made Her way toward the, .,.,,;_ afljw everytiiing IMS been arranged and that iins been promised some big ncr by sporting njeii abroad. Vnude- ville contract^ liave ai^o been hinted .nt. but These rv.incrs are !ittie ? here. Good A Cornel! v,-o'l wts'ier sti^^rsts (h:i! CcKii-h Coテつォrr;iey bc c:il!crt in to tench thf foolbnll tivuii t!テつォiテつサ Fuccessfii! Cor UC-H r.^^.!Tl5テつキ "tr.ilcc- . A bi=. h'ack whiskered man dropped S .,,.. v Sis :J r: ; :r S .-! テつサf horse feテつォ3 and looked at. !;pr r-H-rrinrfy. "LostV" be asked Selz Royal Blue Hummer A very popular, men's last. It is a strong, sturdy, stylish shoe that seems to retain the favor cf these who once select, them. Made in Gun Metal. We show the popular corn cure and children's models, selected from the "Blue Ribbon" prize winners. You can be sure of the quality, for back of them Is the name "SELZ." You probably know all about the famous Seiz Guarantee \vhich accompanies footwear bearing their name. It's the only guarantee that leaves no doubt. ! ;jvo two TOiics up the divide | T ,; ank vou !5:i;テつサrcneテつサ: to fieftr yois chopping iテつサ;it of i-5irio^i:y." in^stent caze annoved her/' ._i-. ; .,^ . ' lテつォ.tiv.!i^ her owテつサ cozy, cheerful little shack, j m ORe W;JS f n si;rht aTjd not a with Jim waiting for her beside the! broke the dpop stillnesfl of the icv glowing heartn. j n j cbr _ ^j, ;Uv rpnd fjle nofe over fa}s "1 suppose here fo ing about at the meager comforts Of the camp. "Well no " r.aswered the blacfe browed man. who impressed her at . n j cbr _ ^j, ;Uv rpn f l e nofe over uppose you are simply camping, shoi ,, der a3 . this ^ wb nt it said: r the night." she ventured, look-! SoTne curious ^^ prompts me to once as beins spokesman of tbe party. : pleasant hour, They're Called "Help" by Courtesy. "This is a large house you have," said Mrs. Pozozzle to Mrs. Puzuzzins. "Do you have to keep much help?" "I keep two," cooed Mrs, Puzuzzins, "but they're not much help." proves the tT trrcat !.'テつキ esert a rnvs- , )Vpr _ . ;! , k:]T|Ti . ,,,,,, ( . f ng Ht qiicproi of Uvrbrokers, bul Jjni l;rt-:)ib:psテつォlv s 5ns , j ? Jlisテつォ i?ircs5!old nad hel ri \jj.j_ v ' cne j orce jrimp!j . von w vo .. BLAISEDALE. tel , you { },at it was our Intention to break into and rifle テつォhe little eggshell bank at Sunrise before quitting these diggings, but SHELL oysters always on hand at Evans' Restaurant United Phone.-- advertisement "SELZ ROYAL BLUE" STORE B 1 Y M O H O a n d M Y I H S Chambersburg St., Gettysburg, Pa. ,,_.,, NEWSPAPERfli

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