The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 10, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1818
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10 bagYsup. Calcutta Sug.tffdm ffn jan 10 , ; , SS Pine street aud for Hi sunt" by Jar. rniurro, "TT i' b 11. CEIB'S Jtfirsic Slorr, 53 K'.M.nn.. janlOtf - . inuw cl'Uri"!1 TH.'.ATRH . mUKnlie an respectfully inlorined, tht . 1 the Anthony - tfeet Theatre has beeu bua I or the purpose oi exiuuiuug mi mui of the four celebrated ' V '., w .' ;.J l. tk. .kin Iniii - V frnm Calcutta. Tbe astonishing dexletny and celebrity of these men ID their native country, warrant - !... . . i , their ttfrform doctor ID anuruig uw'""vi ""V.VT L - ;n,l r ance will farsurpaw any thing of the kind ever . Before wiiuesreu us iuin.. iri,..V.,i Performance, on Monday , Jneiday, Thur,day and Friday evenings we l'2tD' ,nib 15th ,nd . 16th of Janeary. ' ' J fc.. nf .ar. 'I be emhibitiou win con" :,7t,Vitv GERDEMAIN, STRENGTH and ACTIVITY n h - .n. mavirur on a double stringed bow, at the ' wino theJuK f Mon "andkerctief: Will OI "uft6" , ,,, l , Tnmh lur wil l Knittintr f ire I Burei v,uu" . - "'si . - r " ... .rv.n t hrtinsr. a weight wnn me teethTaiid throwing it over the head; lifting woigbt olely with the eyes ; 3 spears, fixed in a tout injuring mm, rmiiunin6 u .,.,...... comet Tout .,f the eye; putting ao iron pin nm ' the eve, and drawing it through the note ; thrusting adagger Inches op the nostrils &c. ftci t - K numeioui and varied to be mentioned in ar , - Door will open at half part ux and perform : . arm t 7 nVln.' It nrpci'elv. Boxes one dollar ; children half price. " Fit oC cents. "" ' VV eoce Lottery, Third day'f drawing. rM nm n. in . sjuu . ai.iuui iw aav sv iiMf rinmn nummr. tni.l.... k.. tors onI oitththfl - fnl Jit Lottery OJL - e, Mo. it tWaiden - Lane. 1 of 3o,ooo dollara - 9 of looo dollars 2 of 10,000 dollar lo of - 5oo dollars S of 5,ooo dollara lo of Soo dollars 2 of 3,000 dollars , 49 1 f' loo dollars 2 of 2.000 dollars 99 of 5o dollars Present price of Tickets and Shares. Whole $10 1 Danes 6 i quarters z 5u; cimns 1 zo. Ticketa will advance to II dollars in a few - days. Cash pid the fortunate holders of priips drawn ' t WAITE'S Olfice, without unwarrantably pnl - 7mung meir name. jan (Yl EDtCAL Science Lottery, 4tli Clan, now ah irswioguve uojes a ween. - lCJiroaclway: XnrrectLittofPrizes. 3J davs d Jo. 5781, jOO; 2t,ti6, lot); 1230, 3350, . - each 50 dollars. . First drawn number. . Ketnaiu'd unsold at Graciet. , ' 4th drawinr. r ' ' ITo. 4596,10,614, t53l, 4JO, and 18,384, ISO. t Highest privc drawn this mofoin; sold at ,Craciea. , Draws again on Monday morning, at 10 oVIock. 1 u 1 r . 1 rnm iuB,m ui par 1 or warranieu ooarawo iickcis an snares. jan ill Jf ADE1RA WINK London particular Ma - Xv M. afira wine oT the moet approved brand,, in pipes, hhds. aud quarter casks At lor immediate use and wetl worth the attention of private taaiUie Will be sold at reasonable prices and in quantities to suit purchasers, by TUCKER & LAURIES, iaa 29 M USKET3 and FOWU.W PIECES, enu - XV I tied lu dpllt - fitm 13 cases Biitish Mushrts, with bayonet and & d)do Fowliiur Piece Jnst received per Carcli ia Ann. ironi Liverpool, for role by jan9 ' P REMSEN SCO. JC South - t. tUl"f OA, ic 34 bales new crop Louisiana . 6 bbd. retailing Molasses - for sale hy . . R.UD. TALCOTT, . J" 9 ' 64 South - trret. O CAIXUITAGOOLW. , " E hondred bale coniting of : " BafUs Lu. kipore, Chittabully, Callipatty andputka. Cossahs Cbaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna and Luckipore. SanD - hs Jellalpore and Mow. Checks Gillshs, Roma Is Ac (or tale by CHS. LmOUUEN and AHRM OGDEN, J" ' ' Wahiiurtoii - ttreet. MLHiMO U UOL, COTW.Y MiLY, S.i T YTANTED quantity of merino wool ; also, f cotton yarn, particularly low numbers. Proposals will aim he received for waking of sat - tinett. The manufacturer to be supplied with the materials and the business to be render! 'Jffobabjy, permaneut. . A contract i alto wanted, for the running ol a cotton mill, of from 1 to 4000 spindle ; the cotton to be tuppheJ, and the , yarn to be received at a stipulated price. Apply at 148 Pearl - street, tip rt - ir. ort23Pfcl . I'HIIM TJV L - n t..i .. . 1 j 1. . II The' Farm known tv ih nni r 1 tie Howard Firm. hnHyml ;,II .t 1 a anile from Princeton, boimdell in front by the nni nmpiae roaa rrom rniUrtclplin to New - York, and in the rear by Millstone Creek, it conUins 145 acres, 30 acre nf ahich U woodland, 20 acre lying 2 mile Gum the form, and a beautiful lot of 10 acres within about 300 yard of the right wing of the house. Besides ornament tree, it contain a variety of fruit trve, con;! injr, of grafted pears of the bent quality, 7 different kinds t cher. e, ainerent Kinds the most orthem grafted and an orchard of U. bet apples beide a young and thriving orchard of crab apples for making the cider so celebrated, also, one of sweet apple for fatting hog. The house is pleasant and commodious with an excellent gai den, the out - houses Mid fences all in good condi - ion. The ubove is a delightful summer or winter residence. For further particular enquire t So. 127 Pearl - st, New - York, or U the subscriber, on the premUes who will give an indisputable title for the tame. . j - - Z. MOUFORD. jan 5 tawtf SPA.MSH BRA.NUY. 30p.pes fcpanub U randy of good qvality, for sale by N. L. G. GRlSWOLDi' declS.. 6 South - street I AMAICA RUM, ic - 17 pun Jamaica I Rum. .' v 2 do. do. very old, and of superior quality . 1 do Ca.tor Oil, t bag Pimento 4 casks Copper. A t(U.nti!j oi Lancewood Spar . Landing from cbooner Rover, from Port Ma - Oa, and for sole by POTT & M'KINNrl, . dcc 1" 58 8cwth - ttreet. . ... . " t,k,1. M ixtr icl bum I FLOTANT IXD1CO. - 15 wroons. Flotaat Indigo, jtt,t ret ei red and fur saebv . ... .G. C. i. IIOWLAND, V WaihirgtoB - itittt.. CTK FOR? EDWARD, . , r l "Tn'i.rA(.E. ftliMitiiiniU elrht acres oHUnd in the villag of ort Wwurd. 'J'Iiq Whitehall aoa wawnora 1 uniiE ruu Mtr..u5ii .nrt h ranal coniiectins Lake Cham nl,i with the Hudson is to be brought out in its hlaiajedUU vkiuitv. This property has been laid out iutefcuildwe tot 01. ua ee injni - tuc. the river reserved for the lumber and rafting bo - sinesswbich y5eld, a tndsonM inrorae to the present occupant, and it is rreiunied from the trowing importance of the place, that no village in the northern part 01 me sine joi:eai - ! ' ..1 ...tao. Thn bui dint's LODllst of two dwelling houses, a bla - ksmith's shop, "id1" extensive barnj WlUl sneas twnmro w tel. at present occuoicd by Jasper. DoeU. or i, ru - iii terms, ic. aiiDlV to Lr. John Lawrence, Fort t?vXinM dec23d6tCptf ; , 73 Fulton - street. XO PRINTERS. C10LLIN3 & HANNAT, 230 Pearl - street, have for sale a quantity of Printing Type ot various - , rues vi. rioa, Small Pica, Long Primer, Nonpareil and Pearl. The above type has been but little used and will be sold low in lots to suit purchasers. Order from the country will lie promptly attended to. . dee 17 DlwClm TO QlMRRYMEtf. FOUR experienced Marble Quarrynvrn are wanted immediately. None need apply but those perfectly acquainted with the busi lies ; to such constat)' employ and liberal wages will be given. Apply to ' . .EZRA LUDLOW, . " , 34 Beaver - street. ' ar ' TO LET, 5j) A small 3 - story fire proof STORE, No 27 Moore - street, next to tlie corner South - iit. Poasebsion given immediately. Apply as a. bove. . . . - nov 12 P&Htf ' ACADEMY AT BELLEVILLE, N. J. 'pHlS institution will be opened on the first J day of April next, under the direction ol JAMES STRIKER, A.M. as principal thereof. The course of instruction will embrace all the branches preparatory to a collegiate education, as well as those which are necesaary for the merchant, the farmer, and the mechanic, viz : A grammatical knowledge of the English, Latin and Greek language, arithmetic, inathematir, antient and modern Geogmphy, iuchiding the use of globe and map, ancient and modern hiftorj , natural and moral philosophy, composition,' book keeping, reading, writing, ate. " The terms of tuition lor day scholars in the lowest branches, will he two dollar cer Quar ter, and will not exceed live dollars per quarter, in any of the higher. To those at a distance, who are desirous of sending their children to this' healthy and .beautiful village for instruction, the principal offers to receive iuto his own family, a select number, who will be educatrd and boarded, (including washing and mendiii;) at the rate of $160 per annum. It 1 requested that thoie who intend to send their children to the day - school attached tojjUie institution, will give early notice. In offering this sefuinary to public notice, the trustee entertain a hope, that the bencticial pur poses contemplated in its establishment, will not br ileliatel iroio the want 01 puDiic patronage. Fur tue ability ol thoir principal to fuitil tlie im portant tusk he has undertaken, they refer to the fuojoinea recoaimewiauon ; ana no win employ ao uiihers or aiMslaut, hut such as shall be most satisfactorily recoinm nded and duly qualified. To the Inhabitants of the village and its vicinity, they offer a well rfjriilafcd school, for the instruction of their youth, a thing much wanted and long desired ; and to stranger, the advantages of education in a place admirably adapted for the purpose, by its nearness to, and daily communication with New - York, and its acknowledged superiority in point of health and beautr. r Kev. Staat Van Sutvoord,') - Abraham iaamus, - - .; ' John Van Rtnsseler, , 1 'James llomhlower, - Trustees. Eaekiel Wade, Jonathan Tompkins, - Bellevile, December, 1817. - axcoMMKirDATioif Of Mr. Stryker, the Principal, by P. Wilson, L. Li. u. rtoiessor 01 innguage in Columbia Colleee. M This eentkman is anAllumnusof Cohimbij College, and received a considerable part of his instrut uon irom me. 1 am tbereiore well acquainted with hi taletit and have no hesitation in declaring him fully capable of fulfilline the task be ha undertaken, with credit to biinsrlf and beoebt to toe community." (Sigued) P. WIL80N. jaa9 lawtfdlic SMITH DA VIES, 0 ' nte conductoi of the brsiness of Air a A l ARIEL S M ITH, and ihe only regul tr tired Chvmical Perfumer in ew - York, who carried on tne business (having lor tlie last I a yea' made ihymal Periumerv hie tudy, tixteen of which wer under the particu - la - direction of Mr Nathaniel Smith, coniirlm himself entitled to the name of a real chyiuiiMl perfumer, and having taken ANTHONY W. TRAPPAN into partnership, wilt conduct the busineu under tlie firm of N. S. DAVIF.S b CO, At. No. 136 Broadway, New. York. Where they offer for sale as compleat and a general aa assortment of prnumrry and fancy soaps a were ever before oflercd to the public ; and they hope by at ten (10a and punctuality to receive a snare 01 weir patronage 1 among which are the following : Rose, violet, jestarun, pink, jonquil, marchalle, and rexeda Domatums JesMimin, musk, rose, abysioian, orange, naples aua pain soap Blue and red marble, carnation, lavender Herb and cosmetic waihball Essence of lavender, berramoU Hunxarr Orange, violet, Ao. , Kose, violeti and ptam hair - powder Carbonic, chymical, coral aud rose toolh - powder Opiate forth teeth Cloth, (bavin;, hair, nail, comb, hearth and wniixer tmisbe Rouge and pearl powder. Milk of roses Cold cream. Almond rast , . . Antique and Russia ou . Pomade d grae for thickeniog the hair Balaam, bp - sal v of rose, Alpine shaviog cake Transparent shaving bquid. Pads for the neck Gentlemen's (having cases complete silver mounted ' Tooth brushes Needl cases Scent boxes Arfults Tooth pick cases Spar suuff boxes Pocket books Ladies thread cases Lavender bags Fre?h tanquin bean - Writing desks, fisht taper Kazor strops Japan - ware ' Russia pocket books, shaving boxes Ladies' dressing case Pen and pocket pen - knives Fine scissors and razor Tortone - tbell and bora dressing comb Pearl, ivory, tortoise and bora pocket comb ?melhor bottles silver pencil cases, tweeter Ivory and box - woe J combs fiu durable ink Salts of leoioos Tolatil salts Tonf u scrapers kc Tbey have also just received t Ladies' work boxes from lOi to $40 Elermt bottles with wJourof rose fromalc vinegar (for the bead ache) " Cologne water, warranted from Cologne Orange, Aowcr, and rose water, of excellent qualitiA Spar smelling - bottles " ' - An assortment of hilr bruihes equal to any . hereUr offered to tha Dublic : and A greiit varioty of other artsde tee siamereni t mcaugp, . . doc 31 KENTUCKY TOBACCO 13 hhJi. prima Kentucky tobacco will ho landed this af teiuoon frusa the brig Orleans , from New - Qr - leaus For sale by - ' - ' . - LAIDLAW, GIRAULT &CO. ' jan 9 7t .. ' 67 Coffee - House slip. - HIDES. - - s FOUR hundred Hide laoaing thi day from Perseverance, aud will be soM low from the barf. Apply to JOSEPH OSUOR.M, Jan 9 - - . 28 South - street. STRAITS BRAAOY. TWENTY five pipes Cette Brandy, for tale by 1 CHAS. L. OGDEN.and 1 A BR. OGDEN, Jan 9 ' Washington - street. COFFEE Very handsome Java Coffee landing at pier A'o. 9, and for sale in lot to suit purchasers by . - JOSEPH OSBORN, Jau9 . 20 South - street COTTON - 0 bales Urt quality Upland Cotton, landing, and for tale by bAUL ALLEY. 98 Pine - treet. IN STORE, 33 bale Sea - Island Cotton. Apply a above. Jan 9 DR1ME FORK 30 barrels, Jersey inspection J. just received ana lor sale ry J .n9 4t CORN'S. DUBOIS. BALL DRESSES k THIMM IMS. TTANDERVOORT Si FLANDIN have just ' V received (in addition to their former assortment) a choice parcel of Klegunt Lace Dresses richly embroidered in goin, silver ana :ninMie Satin and Flower Garnitures for drrtsei, and Wreath for the bead. ALSO. . A small parcel of Infants Cambric Cap, and UAUici viuuuiiv ao ssij vv vi aabu f Large Ostrich Feather. jan 7 1 w Tjl LOUR, TOBACCO & FLAXSEED C60 X bbls Fredericksburg flour - .' . 21 half tierces flaxseed ' 14 hhds prime leaf tobacco, received per schrs. Wm. Heury and Virginia r or sale by ' jan7 WALSH & GALLAGHER. FLOIIk. ri.AXSKKrh t TOBACCO. VT1NETY - SIX bbls supf. Raltimore (Howard 11 street; Hour 50 do do Fredericksburg, for family, use 89 tiercef Flaxseed, and . , ; 13 hhds Fredericksburg Tobacco, just re ceived and for sale by ... R. CRUMP, - Jnn7 5t 90 Pine - street. FLOUR i Mills F & TOBACCO 100 bbl Richmond lour ' ' ': ' 300 bbls. Petersburg; Flour. Prides brand . . 52 casks Flaxseed, will be landed this day, andforsnle by PAGE R TR1PLETT. Jan 6 3t , 98 Coffee - house - slip. v IOSEPH OsbOKN. 23 Soulh - stieit, ofieo J for sale the entire caro of the ship Perseve rance, silver, master, from Ualavin, ru: . 450,000 lb. very handsome Coffee 14,000 lbs Sugar x . 400 Ox Hide 2 bagsCubub . . ." IN STORE. . 120 bale Calcutta Piece Goods vi : Beer l 1. u . u k.... ..J r.Uiif iwjin vruiiaiii1, iiaiiaiincuic, u.ici j onu wnt.w - ta checks red, blue and while Madrass pattern gilla hdkls. sooty romals,fhg and banda'noe hkf. sannas, couas, cawns, battas, jalalpore and blue mamoodies, tec. tc. Castor oil. senna leaf, assofoedita. Gum benjamin, copal, trajacantii, salamo - niac, OkC. ic. 50 bags mustard seed 40 kegs pickled safmon 35 kegs ground ginger 50 chests hyson and singlo tea 26 bags Calcutta sugars 300 boxes No. 1 & 2 Chocolate 100 bolt Russia Duck 60 tons Russia iron 500 Russia S ol SUins 1 case cror s bar'd Canton Hdkls. 1 case block Canton erupts 3 case colored 1 do ' V 200 piece blue Nankin 5000 piece long yellow do . - 30U0 Calcutta goat skins tWO Madras .do kc Sic . Jan 8 ptOTTON. 20 bale prime Upland Cotton, ior saie ny - . . R. Si C. W. DAVENPORT 4 CO. RICHMOND TOBACCO L FLOUR, bbl. Richmond supf. Flour 37 hhds prime new crop Richmond, princi pally large and leafy, now lauding from schr 1 nomas and 10, lor sme ov Jan 6 BOOR MAN Si JOHNSTON. COFFfcE. 'IMVO Hundred and Seventy bags St. Dorom - L go Coffee, received per - br. Spartan, for sale by LE ROY, BAYARD ic CO.. Jan 8 K ENTUCKY - lOBACCO - 6 hhd. Ktn - lucky tobacco, tuitaMe ior manulacViring, l r sale by A . K D. I AlA - l' ! I jan 7 LONDON .MUSTARD. 40 ik.xh fiist ua - i lily fresh London Masiard, in boxe coi.taiu. inir.g 6 doxen each. For ! ). TLCKER iL .CRIES, jar 8 . ;9 H'Ulh - ir et. I1LOOM RAHINS SW0 hoxts iVesh felocn I) Raisins just received hoI for s - l - t.y N.L.&G.GR1SWOL.D, jan 8 H6 South - street. HEMP tlean Si DUCK toU tons St Petersbureli lean Hemp . HO bolt first Quality Russia Duck - . For sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Junr jan 8 57 Front - street. I LOUR. 200 bbls. upeifia Petersburxh 17 Flour, landing from rbr Jane Maria, ior ale by ( ilMl t 1. iMitTn ORIS WOLDS & COATES. Jan 8 86 South - street. 1 USKETS, J Al'ES, ic - - 5000 Muskets entitled to Debenture 13 boxes well assorted Tapes, No 11 to 25 7 ceroons 1st quality t lotaut Indigo . 4 boxes Floxeu Linnen 2 bbl. White Lead, for site by J.C.ZIMMERMAN, Jan 8 1m .No. 72 Washington - street. COTTON New crop, prime, suitable for manufacturing, will be sold in parcels to ac commodate purchasers. Also, a lew bale or old crop. bnquire 148 Pearl - street, up stair. jan 8 DEER SKINS. FOR SALE, 30.000 lb. Dter Skins light and heavy, (from t'pper Mississippi and Missouri principally.) Tbey will be assorted for the German and English markets, or sold togeUier They will make a valuable remittance. Apply to ' GEO. M. WILSON, dec 24 " '. . 130 Water - street. SOUCHONG 44 KAMPOY TEAS, in boxes and cannisters, 33 and 24 lbs each, entitled .to debenture, for tale at 64 South - street, b CAMBRELENG & PEARSO 7 jan 5 CASSIA. A few ease superior quality Cassis, for sale by ROGERS fc POST, dec 30 St - . 51 South - street.. BLUE NANKEEN3. - 1750 p. Blue Nankeens, for sale t NK 2 Maiden - lane, (north udr) by GEORGE PALMER, entitled to de benture. .... jan 6 5t COLOUR A TOBACCO. 150 bbls Flour, r branded (Richmond Mill's) - 200 do Petersburg do 7 hhds Old leaf Tobacco 50 ken Manufactured do. branded I k P Labbr," raadirta from the sloops Brother and J nliet, . and for sale by, jan 6 66 South - street. TOBACCO 23 hhds new cmp Tobacco, of excellent aualitr. lasduig from sclir. Rolla, from Richmond, for sale by mj. pDlliv.ii. w. v.. Jas 9 ' it Coffee. llos - lip. OCOUJYTRT SEAT FOA SALE, AT Jama.ea. on Lone Island, Queens County, late the residence of John Troup, Esq. (treated.1 On the premise areagoou wo story frame house, barn, and othet outrbuud - ing 1 'M acre or una in a goou uue ior cur tivmtion 1 28 acres, of wood land, of a line thrif ty growth for fenring arid timber 1 and a lot of J acre sail meaoow. un tun propenj ar g apple orcliards, and a variety of other fruit tree. Jamaica beinir one of tlie mot nourism - ing villaff. son the Island, render tins proper ty desirable lor a gentleman retiring from business. For particular apply to. M. D1TMIS, 148 Pearl st. 1 or to . JOHN & ROBT. TROUP, , jan 9 tf on the premise. V.LUAHLE REAL PROPERTY IOR SALE rjTl ON TUESDAY, the 2t)tb January iiL by Bleecker Si Bihby. at public auction. in 1 he Tontine Coffee Home, at 12 o'clock, . TWO LOTS OF GROUND, with the BUILDINGS erected thereon, situate No. 32 Pine - street, in the ocrnpatioa of Robert Stuart each lot is 23 feet 3 inches in front, 21 feet 10 I 2 inches - in tlie rear, and nveraere length 75 feet 9 inches. An indisputable title will he given to the purchaser, and possession on tht first of Mav next. Information a to the property, title, and farms of sale, may ba had by applyiug to CORNELIUS HOGERT, No 14 Cedar - street. JAMES BOGERT, . ) Surviving Exec and . etors of Jaco - JAMES VAN ANTWERP ) bus Bogert. Jan 9 I2t EIRE PROOF SIX) RE. J! For Sale, (if application be made before the lirst dav of Abroarv next). the verr valu able lot and store No. 34 South - street, between Coenties and Old slius, together with a joint right or title to the Pier in front. Two thirds of the purchase money may remain on mortgage for any number of years Enquire of the subscriber No, 1 Murray - it. . - S. D. CU.71CI. jan 9 Iw OU SALE, The bouse and lot of grounj No. 18 Roe street ; the lot is 25 feet front and rear, and 100 feet deep ; the house a brick front, sides and rear filled in with brick, and built in the most substantial manner For further particular enquire of A. STF.ENBACK, jan iw Io.3M tlroadway, Jackson hotel 41 rarsav - street TM1 E partnership entered into by Madame JL Mondion and Mr. Deletra, for carrying on the Jackson Hotel, is this clay dissolved. The Hotel will in future be conducted by Ma dame MONDION, alone. - ' The public are hereby cautioned, that ao debts hereafter contracted in the name of Deletra and Mondion, will be. paid by Madame MONDION Madame Mondion solicit such share nf the public favour as themerits.of the hotel may, by experience, be found to deserve. - ' - ' Her customers will always find a Bar and Ordinary, or Table d'llotn, well supplied, and a Larder embracing every delicacy in season. - Club rooms alway clean, warm and ready for me reception 01 guest. R. MONDION. New - York, Jan. 8th, 1818. jan9 2w FOR THE LADIES. TMIE RESTORATIVE POWDER FOR J THE l Ebl H Aiu uu vt 1 bi ex cellent preparation comforl and srenglheo the gums preserves the. enamel from decay, and cleanses and whiten the teeth,, absorbing all that acenroonious slime and foulness, which, suffered to accumulate, never fails to injure, and finally ruin them. THE DAMASK LIP SALVE. s Is recommended, (particularly to the Ladies) a an elegant and pleasantjpreparatjon for chapped and sore lips, and every blemish and inconvenience occasioned by colds, fevers, Sic. speedily restoring a beau til ul rosy color, and delicate softness to the lip - THE GENUINE PERSIAN LOTION, So celebrated anions; the fashionable throughout Europe, i an invaluable cosmetic and perfectly innocent and safe, free from corrosive and reilent minerals (tlie basis of other lotions) andofunparalleled efficacy in pteveutiug and removing blemishes in the fact and skin of every kind, particularly freckles, pimples, scurfs, tetters, ring wrrms, sun burns Szc. rendering the skin delicately soft and clear i improving the complexion and restoring tlie bloom of youth. Hamilton's Essence and extract of Muttard, tor uneumatism, Eurabago, I'aisy, sc. Haniilteu's celebrated Elixer, for coughs ooll, a - tnmat and Consumption. Hamilton's Worm destroying Lozenges : Halm's Anti - Bilious Pills Hamilton'sGrand kestorative, for nrvou dis eases, kc. being peculiarly adapted to r emale complaint. , Sold at LEE'S Medicine, No. 46 Maiden - lane. Druggist and country store - keepers supplied on liberal term. Certified cases of cure may be seen at the place 01 sale. Jao V eod PUBLIC SALE. "AN Tuesday, the 27th of January, at twelve yJ c'ciock, will be sold by Hones l own, l valuable and pleasantly situated Property in il road - street, helooeirur to the estate of the late Mr. John Post. The Lot is 47 feet 8 inches front and rear, on the north 126 feet 6 inches and on ihesouth side 138 feet in depth. The House ttands about the centre of the Lot. leavine go.xt gangway on the north side, and fine garden iront and rear. I be (ituauou 1 deemed Ueligru - ful. Persons desirous of purchasing, are request ed to view the premise. Title indisputable. Possession will be given on the 1st day of May nexu f urtner conditions on we day 01 see. Deborah Post, i Deborah Douglass, Executrixes, CaUiarine Ritter. ) Jan7t27 WANTED, a good double mahogany Desk, also, a pleasant Counting loom, near the Coffee - House - ode in South - street would be pi eferred. Apply at 35 Front - street. jan 9 3t " ADDRESS Sz SERMON. JUST published by K. W. A, BARTOW, 351 Pearl - street, Franklin Square, and for sal by them and the several booksellers A &ERMON preached on the day of thanks giving, iin iti ueorge's unurcD, oy me tveva. James Milnor, price rocu. An Address, delivered before the supenotend ents, teachers and pupils of the Sunday schools attached to Et George' Church, by the Revd. J a roe Miluor, price Zoctnts. jan 31" N EW and LXTE PUBLICATIONS, Life Patrick Henry Henry's Chemistry ; Hunter on the Blood Lady Morgan's 1 ranee welsh Mountaineers x vol Harrington and Ormood, 2 vols Meliocourt, 2 vol - Lalla Rookh ' - Pilgrim of the Sua A. Smilh's Theory of Moral Sentiment I Stuart and Playfaix's Essays Air of Palestine, a poem Adam's Narrative ' Tale of Fancy t Valentine Eve Rhoda il. Moore's Poems Comic Dramas - Female Scripture Characters Taylor's Essays t Sancbo Hale's Advice ; Lara Readings in Poetry Branches Report, vol. 7, 8 and 9 Forsaleby ROBT. M'DERMOT, jan J ' Tiz rean - sireei ALMOST!), BAISIWi, XIICLtSHCtIKsUC(&C. XX JJoubl UKweester Mgusn ucrie, m qriah'y jnuscarci Kaisins, iresn ana very one Bloom do do do Ladie oft shel!ed Almonds fresh imported Cnnarfirui ItW.mniul floor. Bade frOSB Wfitt, expressly for the rut of families. With a ccneral assortment of the best grocer - ies - forMlby . : m - wkrti wr f ; No. 1 15 Sosti street, west siJ PKk - lip. jan lw : t KEW - TOTiC CrfT ttsytNSART. ' f3 PI r BLIC notka is hereby given that oa Monday the 12th day of January, instant, few - twen the hour of twelve and one, thtro will be held at the office of the New - York City Dispensary, in Tryon - row; in the rear of the City Hall, thetannual alec lion of thirteen trustees according to the provision of the charter. ' By order 01 the Board, Jonathan Goodhue, ) Francis B. Winthrop, Committee. Edm'tL II. Pendleton, jan 5 6t - ' . - - ' NOTICE. , The subscriber having rellaquished tlie baking business, in cioscquence of Hie state of hi bealtu, requests all 1'ioso bavuig demaude a - gninst him to present Uiem for adjustment and settlement I ana mat an uiose wno are indeute.i lohim will call upon bim, at. his house, No. 188 Pearl - street, and make payment of what they re spectively owe 10 nun. JJatea January o, turn. SlUAftl. jan 8 lw ' ' v: 3V The copartnership heretofore existing under the Ann of George Astor ic Co. was dissolved on tli 31st day of December laaf, by mutual consent all debts due to the firm to be paid 10 ueorge Astor, by whom all claims against the miu uiui niu uu uquiuaicu. ; GEO. ASTOR, - . . WM. DILWORTH, jan 7 lw 144Water - t. fCr FREDERICK SHELDON. HENRY SULLDON.ii NATHAN LEAVENWORTH, bave formed a connexion in business at 140 Pearl - street, under tlie firm of - F. U II. SHELDON ft CO. Jari'3 tw NOTICE. rjy The Cbpartnership of A . S. Griswold & Co. is dissolved, by mutual citusenl. I he nii ness will be hereafter conducted by A. 8. Gris wold and Kneeland Tewnseud, under the mm unn. - " . A. S. GRISWOLD. . , i . KNEELAND TOWNSEND, Jan 3 2 NOTlCE. 'TBE co - partnership heretofore existing undei X the - liriii oikuu.ji ULt,AH.?iL. exri rrd yesterday, by its own limitation's. All con cerns of the Siid firm will be settled by LEBBEUS LOQA1IS, At Ao. 47 Soutli - street Who has in store, for sale, 94 rhesls lir.nerial Ten 8 do Hvson mt of urst qualities, and 86' do young hyson dof 56 do 11 yson rkin do I entitled to deben. 1 1 cask Palm Oil 56 ream Fool Cnp Vellum Taper 6 do Copper Plate - do A small quantity Cayenne Pepper, jan 1, 1818. ' HORACE LEARNED, late of the firm of Loomis beamed, has opened an omce ar Jy Burling - slip, for the purpose of transacting commission business, jan X Isr VI OTICE. The Copartnership heretolore existins: in tin city, under tlie urm 01 WlVvlf, Packard A IV Waif, is thi day dissol ved bv mntunl consent. All person havine un settled acconnts with said firm, are requested to call at 67 t rout - street, ior stiueuitiii ruew - York. Dec. 31, 1817. JAMES D'WOLF, - ISAAC PACKARD, JAMES D'WOLF, Jun. dec 3! CONCER P Of Vocal and Instrumental Music, at tlie City - Assembly Room. Citv - Holel. l R.4 MRS. MELINE'S Concert will take I VI place on TUESDAY EVENING, Jan. 13, laiu, assisted cy moss. 01 uie protessor ana are - ateurs of this city. Leader Mi. Hewitt PART FIRST Overture, from the Grand Italian Opera of " O - razii and Curiaxzi," composed by Signor Ci - qiarosa, r un urcnesira Duett. Love tny Mary." composed by V Stervenson. OaTcrestra accouipaniihents bv Mr. Meline Mr. ft Mrs. Melius CcBcerto, Flute, Viotti, . Mr. Me lint Song Henry Sweet Weeping Willow,' com - noted by Lane. Orchestra accompaniments by Mr, Meline . Mrs. Meline Italian Air, u II furbo contra il furbo." by a gin tlcman Amateur, accompanied 00 the PLuto - lorte ur Air. f.tienoe - - i Song " Blanch oILVvan," from Walter Scott's Lady of the Lake, accompanied on the Flute only, by Mr. Meline Mrs. Mtlint Walls . Full Orchestra Song and Recitative, " The Last Words of Mar mion." composed by Dr. Clark. Orchestra ao companimeuls, by Mr. Meline Tilr. Meline Finale Overture, " Slave ofLove," 1 Full Orchestra PARTSECOSD. Overture to Marmion, aa played at Olympic Lheatre, rhiiadeipnia, composed by Air. Ale - line Full Oichestra Song, M Loose were her tress," from Collins's - uie on me rassions composed by sigoior tr nrrfnni. Orchestra - arroinniinimi nti bv Mr. Meline Mrs. Meline Concerto, Clarionett, Micbell Mr. Melius Song, Tbo' Love is warm awhile," by a gentleman Amateur, who has kindly offered bis assistance Song, 44 The Soldier Slumbering after War," . composed by Wbitaker. - Orchestra accompaniment hr Mr. Meline Mr. Meline Grand March, composed for the occasion by Mr. Meline run urcnesut Favorite Duett of "Alt's Well," composed by Mr. Braham. Orchestra accompaniments by ' Mr. Meline Mr. A Mrs. Meline Finale, ' Full Orchestra Tickets one dollar to be had at the Music Stores 1 Mr. Ronald's 188 Pearl - street, at tlie City Hotel, and at the door of the Concert Room. Concert to commence at 7 o'clock precisely. Jan 8 6t THE FORUM WILL be re - opened after the late reews, on Friday evening next, the 9th inst. at the Assembly Room, Ofcy Hotel, when the following quevi3n will be discussed.' ' Is no vel reading beneficial V ' - ! The discussion wui commence precisely at 7 o'clock. A ticket will admit a gentleman and lady. Tickets to be had at D. Longworthi, and at the door, at 25 cent each. : The surplus proceed of that evenior are ap propriated to the Union Sunday School Society. jan 7 3t TEN DOLLARS REWARD. IOST, on the 1st instant, from Westchester, a 1 1 . ... l. 1 - 1. . : J ...(. I W l JUJ Willie 11m uruwp rung u jiicu uc iter wv. ol the English breed has six claw on each hind foot, and auswers to the name of Rosiclc had on a leather Collar with a brass plule, engraved L. BtansbieTAew - Kots:.'" whoever win return said Doc to Mr. II. CHEAVENfc, 153 Broadway, or to Mr. LEWIS, Weitcheter, shall receive the above reward. Jan 8 3t . TEN DOLLARS REWARD WILL be given for information so as to coo - Ik. nMM . n. ra.OT . who had tOC T V ,iv,uicpTiNiiM - - - - - audacity to squirt tobacco juice upon tb wniie satin coat of a lady waJkiog ia Broadway. Apply at this office. j 3" TO LOAN ON BOND st MORTGAGE, f?ROM Five to Twenty - five 1 housand Uol - rt i i. k. i.Mil kr tmnA unrl mrrt .m. on pro petty in the city aodcoanty of New - York. Apply to A - H. LAWRENCE ft CO. vr urnr'lliMTa " AY015O MAN, having enr lately amirH kM Rrifain. far Him rLurmmtf rrTtsw. cuting bmioeai m his owti evecunt, woyUI L i;Ud ere he commence., to put 1 2 moolbi in ft re .Ma.K' tw aft r - rr7 te arnntM m Ir nAssrlsift nm m .v - ayi. m - u w - v f ( waaewv rvvsv of the mercantile system of this country. No SALARY will nqaired, nj he csz make nimtelf esefuL eittter a book - keeper or kniu. A. liMlnJ. M. iml Uft at tlm PmI Office, will U atluflded t. ja92t I PUBLIfJSALEa 111 a - , l - aiiixs s ': At 9 o'clock, at their auction cootn 148 Pearl street, a general assortment of Freocit aud English dry goods. . - BY FRANKLIN ft MINTURIf, - ' ' Wednesday, the 21st instant, . r 12 o'clock, at the Tontine Cofite - Ilouse, REAL ESTATE, ; That large and elegant three story brick house No. 13 Courtlandt - street. ' . Also at the sumo time, those four briclc bouses No. 10, 12, 14 and 14 Moore - street, three stories high, recently built, and good raiuauunx lur uuiiicv v. its DCing U1C COT ni'pnf Witerjlreef and Mivu - ei - ' Unquestionable title will be riven and term liberal, which will he made known at the time of sale. Persons disposed to pur chase at private sale or wishing. furthei information will please upply at the auctioneers. . - Hiu trusai 1 ! iui . . XII o'clock at the T C II. that very eliriblr k n .. IBiS Miuaicta aim tiiuiiiiiii i;ivuu mm iva i nn l. formerly occupied by Palmer, Nichols h co. at :. . . j j ui - a. ....if. utaD 1 . r present by Laverty, Shelter at King, The Lot i about feet on Pearl st. with m privilrge in common of aa alley 9 feet iaehe to the depth of the Store, 4 feet 10 inches in the rear, and 146 1 - 2 feel in length, more or lew, having lb right of a cartway into Pine - st. , The store is a 4 - story sub. - taulial fire - prcof building, 50 Cett teep, completely httetl ior the dry good busi nets, with iron safe, shelves Curtains counter and book case; is now renting for 1 C00 dollars per annum 1 15000 may remain on mortgage probably for some time. The purchaser may take a deed and pay the residue ou tb first of February next, receiving the rent from that day or on the fint of May next, when possession will be given $6000 Is insured on the store for 2 years from the 20th February next. '. I cq per cent of the purchase money to be paid on the day ofsale. ' ' ' - .a ' 1 Tuesday, Jan. 20. . , " . " ' XII o'clock, at the T. C. II. by order of Wm. Denning, surviving executor of Thoroa Smith, Esq. deceased tbe House and Lot, 40 Wall - st. next to the City Bank. . s . , lt'tdnetday, Jan. 28. . , ' At XII o'clock, at the T. C. It. . The two houses and lots of groumJ, Nos. 7ft and 80 . Rivington - strect 1 tb lots ea b25 feet front aud 75 deep; the houses two - story, with good front cellars, cellar kitchens Szc. 2 rooms ou the first floor with padtries between and wida airy halls 1 room on the second with 2 pantries aud a good garret each, house ba an alley inrougn uie yaru, wuere mere 1 gnus jiiauu, cisterns, &c. Ac , - , . . . PRIVATE SALE, - . , On liberal terms 5 valuable LOTS, situated between becord and Third - streets, on Division street, making a fiont of 172 feet, ail occupied as retail dry good (tore - ground under lease to the present occupants for a term of year. For particulars apply at the BiKtiou room. . BY J. P. DlETKRWtt & CO. PRIVATE SALE. 1 clrrant extent hnnriiir lamn. iiilnhl fin - assembly room. ' . - ' " . Also, anouto miles irom the City Hall, on t lie f. . " 1 - ." '. VVM.I I - seat, with very convenient house and out buildings, commanding a flno view of the north river would be exchanged for merchandise ; terms nc - cummodatinr. For particular btdIv at tlie auc i.iminiinirnf.m r i in .1 . ..r tinriiikin. uminin. tion room. 00 - JOHN CUFFE having pubUsbed ia the Gazette of Jan. 71 h, a statement tending to chanre Mr. Arthur Hirst with reina an accom plice of Joteph Lee in, defrauding him, and having connected my name with theirs in tbo publication, I conceive it to be a duly whkh 1 owe to myself and Mr. Hir.t; to snake a fair and correct statement or the transaction, for the information of the public. - . , . Joseph Lee arias Levy, called noon me and declared that ba wasiaeaibarrassedcircumston. ces, that he was daily called' upon to pay his ooara, nut wasunai - re louoir. ante oe could obtain the money, by put line the clothes, which he then wore, into uie possession of om gen :., - " nVHIU VVfWtV, VII Bin.,, WHrilJy what be wished, lie (aid be had bartered with Cuffa for the cluthes, by giving him a gold watch, and wished me to sell them immediately and ptH the balance) over what I advanced, .to his account. 1 supposed Ihe property to be Lee's nod advanced the money without a moments hesitation. . I Ulcere uueted Mr. Hirst, as a friend, to dispose of the clothes in Charleston After Lee had secreted himself, Cuff caused the ship Morning attar to be searched. 1'be officer found Lee' trunk, and ' thc - n asked Mr. Hirst if b bad any clothes belonging to Lee in hi possession. He answered he had a suit of clothes belonging to me. former ly Lee' He proposed having bis trunk exami - ned to satisfy Cufle and the Officers before they suggested carrying it to the Police Office. The request wa not complied with, but the trunk: was taken into court and all the content exam ined. The clotlie which I requested Mr. Hirst to sell, were claimed bv Cuffe. As a witness. 1 atafaH Ihfirf - finnftlnfir0i. I r. n rt w mint,An.fl. In uie coun. - Tbey restored to Mr. Hirst every article con tained in hi trunk, without passina the slichtest censure upon bis conduct, and voluularily directed bis things to be sent oa board. My claim to the property was considered honorable and it was restored to roe again. Mr. Hints conduct was not censured. Mr. Hirst thought himself ' injured and openly expressed his detestation of Cuffe's proceedings. 1 leave it to a candid pub lic to tudee whether Cuffe has acltd honorably in attar kinr an absent gentleman, that be acknowl edged in court wa not connected with Lee in fraud. Mr. nirst, did not mow until Monday morning, that Lee bad any intention of going to Charleston. Cuffe expressly state that Lee slept on board with Mr. Hirst, and as positively asterU false hood. It 1 well known that Mr. Hint did not sleep on board until the second night after the search was made. It is astonUhing that thi John Cuffe, Merchant Taylor. 46 Broad - street, should introduce the name of Mr. Arthur Hirst in an advertisement tending to injure him iu the estimation 01 bis numerous asu respectanie inrnua who are unacquainted with tbe circumstances, without reflecting, mat an attics upon aa inno cent man will ultimately involve toe accuser name in inevitable disgrace. c - ,TB O J m 0 Ot " jvonvi ci vii. A .CARD. fXT - Mr. WHALE respectfully aakkniwo to the ladie and g rttlunB7iat hi next public will take place on Monday evening the 12lh inst. at tb City - f ssembly Room, City - Hotel ; in the course of which several tWy dance will be J:inced bv Mr. W papil. jae 9 3t CO - PARTNERSHIP. llOlIf us) arvassB ve uti snv k i n ueiiirci vuj 'commission ia this city, aador the firm of J NO. . ;rn W S VM'VI , . d : tr.m f 1 . txumAAA f leanaajtfin kmiaas m m. w ucu. inu, .. . JOHN LYNCH, GEO, W. LKACIL . . New - Tork,CtbJaB. 18I8. . - - :', , simitcti. Mer. l Roy, Bayard ft Co. i ff',.To,: Messrs. Prime, Ward ft Sands i K,w - ",t - Hon. Ja. Lloyd, ; ' Measr. Tho. C. Amory It Co. Boston. . Messrs. Mansos) ft Barnard, J jaa w sawia ... . COflLLiUX PJR'JltS. . . ' The managtrs give notice that the first cotillion party will be si Wachiogtoo - nall oe Tuesday next, lite lClh uutant. jao 9 4t - . FOR S ALE, - THE Dock, Stores Dwelling Horse, Gar - deo. Sir., at the lower landin; ia the village of Poujbkeerwe aboet one acre, cr tbere - ,inii initi.nnts.hlj. vl farms asad a sy to purchaser For further partjculan aprly to J aaiM FoiUr, senr. oa lh prmn, r to j , . A, J. I1UL.1 illi il' . . Greenwich, NeT - Yrk dec 31 Dlw3ir C4w -

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