The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 26, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1913
Page 2
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Pre-Inventoty Special Sale of Lace : and : Scrim : Curtains ~~.! J, ALL THE FOLLOWING ARE CASH AMPLESa6dtwo ; andl!. ... ,,,,. . . J""- , | S Pr. Heaw Arabian Curtain ""Regular three pairllots, many of 1-.J******* : .7?^-- r ^ 4 Pr. Corded Arab. Nets 3 yds. 10^ Regu- oW cost '' lar S6 "°° Values - s? 6 " 31 In *^° pair lots at an In going over our 'stock we find many patterns which we will discontinue all of which are included in this TEN DAY S A L E or the four Pair 329 5 Pr. Corded Arabian Nets . Regular $6.75. Special 2 and 3 Pr. lots yds. long. 4.19 insertion and 2 Pr. White Scrim wide lace neat edging 1 Pr. soiled. Regular $5.50 A C\f\ Special *t.UU 8 Pr. Lace Special curtain. Regular $1.25 79c \ 12 Pr. Sq- Mesh Net 3 yds. long. Regular O 3.50. Special £. 6 Pr. net with wide insertion '2'/ 2 yds. long. Regular $1.50. Special 1.98 i 5 Pr. Ruffled Bobinet 3 yds. long. Regular §2.00. Special 1.39 i 2 Pr. Ruffled Net slightly soiled 3 yds. long. Regular $2.00. Special 1.39 : 2 Pr. Bobinet ccrded Battenburg 2yi yds. long. Regular $2.75. Special J.98-1 : 1 Pr. Ecrue beautiful aliover design. Regu' lar $2.75. Special ^Remember; alter ten days i 4 Pr. Swiss curtains 3 yds. long beautiful 1.98 from colored border with neat edging. Regular §1.75. Special_ 1.19 S Pr. BorderefjSwiss 3 yds. long. Regular S1.50. Specf 1.17 6 Pr- White sertion, lar S5.00. red scrim, two rows lace in- ied*with lace edging. Regu- T H U R S D A Y , NOVEMBER 20, ; _ 1 3 Pr. Satin Stripe, Ecrue Scrim 2j4 yds. 1 s -]i . l j 1 long, wide lace insertion border. Regular these prices -will not be «· $5 ^ 0 Spedal 2.39 4 Pr. Ecrue SjKm, Hemstitched \vith Cluny lace edging^^ yds. long. Regular S2.25 i -TQ Special £ ' ·' * The cme» «* '^"31 and JTranbrort. in Germany, are trying u novel plan for housing their teachers. Thev are cell- ing to their teachers land at a low price and accepting a mortgage on It at low interest. In Seville, the chief seaport of southern Spain, flour costs nearly $10 a barrel at retail in small quantities, but oranges are less t!un a cent apiece. Ham averages about 40 cents a pound and sugar 9 cents. So that it will not be in darkness in event of damage below decks a steamship built recenfly in England was provided with a second lighting plant mounted on theltridge deck and -op-' erated by a gasoline eugiae. There were G9.QOO patents applied for in America last year. Only 35,000 patents were granted. Of these not more than 500 will get to the manu- faercrhig stage and be a source of to the inventors. Since Germany obtained the Island of IleJgoland from Great Britain twenty yfisr-* a^o the government hss been 8urn»ui:d!jja; it with a wa!l of concrete until now -it is completely protected agaist-t tlie Furoaus o* the sea. It fc reported from London that the fashionable young men of that center of nu!».-ul!tte fashion are trying to gro-.v beards because brown derbies are the correct tiling, and it is not :i-* entirely proper to wear a brown derby with a smooth face. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE On Wednesday the 17th day of December, 1913, the undersigned, .by i virtue of an order of sale to him u--j; rected by the Orphans Court of Adams! ( county, will offer at public sale , or j S vendue, on the premises, the following} valuable real estate; -" .. All that certain Tract of Land situate in Tyrone TownstCp, Adams County, Penna., kno*vn as the "Peter Gisa Farm", lying along the road which [ leads from the Xew Oxford? .road to · Bowlder, two miles ^orteast cf Heidlersburg and aboufc^faree and one- half miles from York Shrinks, adjoin- ng- lands of W. S. Houcfe^acob Zeop, William Shull, William Arthur, 3. F. Houck farm, and others, ~ r eontalning 103 acres and 43 perches of land more or less, improved with a two-story brick dwelling house and outkitehen, bank bara and. necessary out-buildings; also apple orchard and other fruit, several good wells of never-failing water. This property is in a fair state of and cultivation and is con- - venient to Church, School and Markets. ] 25 per cent, of the purchase money j to be'oaid or secured "on day of sale ] and the balance April 1st, 1914- Sale to begin at 1:30 P.~M- sharp. WILLIAM HERSH, Administrator of es^ite of B. Frank 1 Gise, deceased. Nov. 19.1913. CUOTHES Y ou young fellows who know what is up-to-date and wear it will find exactly what you're looking for here. We make a big specialty of Young Men's Clothes, carry all the newest "things--buy from the most progressive'anU^eirable ^* **-- j * * * ^ T v* v -· ,-~-TM-. house in the business-- u Schloss" of Baltimor ef _Co let us fit you in a Suit or Overcoat that's just right. O. H. Lestz PUBLIC SALE ££, « now" twent^ days in ?n SATURDAY. DECKER 6 the year recognized as legitimate occasions for holidays iti most cities "of Ensdanu. Tlieseli'-e in addition to the v.-er-kiy b.ilf hol'days observed on \Vedve~-dsys or Saturdays. An effort f~ iVini made to lessen the number »f holidays and to Ima? those retained Into more svsrein?!le order. Medical-Advertising ^ 8 Cherry Pectoral Awav back in 1841. Old enough to remember those "days? Still used for coughs and colds. SoM for 7O years. . . ., _ J. C-ArerOe.. Ask Yoiir Doctor. " | 5 Pr. Plain enter Ecrue Scrim, neat inser- j I i -i i {( 5 jfr. Jflain enter n,crue ocrim. neat mser- glVen and Only JValie mey^ tion and edging, 24 ydsr long. Regular 7 0 0 '" ""* S4.00. Special ' ' " - ~ ^-^^ ilkautikl Haih-a Scalp - t » -- * ~ | L . » " , -^ , » C S- -- r _r^ i -^- . ' ~" *· _ _ * . - -- . - , ,,-, . ^I'ast 'dlirihCf -the I en L/ayS. f: S Pf: Scrrm ruffled with neat blue figure in- cr " 0 - . " " ' ' ~ 0 Y_ ' !l ^border, 2C'yds. long.-ReguJ»r"finp: Sue-' o tile Give S. H.reen Trading Stamps. Corner Centre Square and Carlisle Street. Gettysburg, Pa geefe; r at one o'clock, on the farm of John \V. Benner, deceased, one half mile north cf Harney, along the Gettysburg and Taneytown roads, the following: One cow will be fresh by time of; sale, carrying second calf; 9 head of hogs; S shoats weighing from 40 to 50 ibs.; I brood sow will farrow in Feb- ruarv; 1-one horse wagon, new Studebaker; 1 Falling top buggy; 1 sleigh; 1 single row com planter, Keystone; Perry harrow; corn fork; 1 plow. Oliver chilled; shaving horse, -wheel barrow; grind stone: maul and wedges; cross cut saw; crow bar; digging iron; scoop shovel; spirit level; brace and bitts; cutting box; hog crate; manure sled; set of one horse harness: buggy collar; hames and traces; double tree and single tree; batt traces. Also the following household goods: 1 bureau: comer cupboard; cook stove and pipe: chunk stove and pipe; cream separator (Sharpless No. 2;) iron kettle; churn arid stand; tub; butter bowl: caroet and marring by the yard; meat vessel: stone jars: crocks; dishes and glass ware: lamps; 3 yards of linoleum and other articles too numerous to mention. Conditions and terms will be made known on dav of sale bv ~ . 1MARY C. BENNER '.· Smith, Auctioneer- _ D. 3. Hesson; Clerk. _ f . STIEFF PIANOS When You Buy a Stief f Piano Yon get an instraaiant into which I- bulk all that- the ss.Hl and experience that 71 years c.u give you. Ths career of the Stief f Piano is one of uninterrupted honor. I lessor because of excellence -- and honor with success. It is a r»iano known to GIT Fathers anil Grand-fathers, and from the first i: has been sought aiter. honored and esteemed, and always because IT IS THE BEST-- INVESTIGATE. SEE THE STIEFF-- HEAR IT Satisfy yourself as to where yeur piano money will bring the utmost Stieff Player Pianos They are «liffereuc from other pLiyers. It is the one player-piano £ thai can he played with a human-like touch. X "Write for our beautiful neve- catalogue, fully zHubtratm; each piano. $. We will mail it to you. free, or call and «ee the instruments. I EVERY PIAXO ELTLLY GUARANTEED. WHY NOT OWN A GOLD 5 MKDAJLPT1EFF | Old pianos taken in Our prices are right; our terms $* suit you. I S t i e f f P i a n o W a r e r o o m s 1 WM. T. ONG. -10 West Market Street | 3Igr.' - YORK, PA. | tt^^ a T J_ 1 Gettys%ufg AtifbTire Repair Shop * - - - - 142 W. HIGH STREET ~ | TUBES A SPECIALTY"^, __ S ,,Ttitli p-.oderfvsteam eanipmenr. . ,prppared to"'To general r^pap" ' *low*crats. se4nfnp %nd retrtsoing. ~If the hdfe l not 'loager^'tbajr thtulr it ge repaired- at:£iaction guaranteed. *-' , f - ; · - * ) ; . , _ * ^ v - -- - TWELVE PASSENGER :.,, j-- . -· 7- AUTOMOBILE FOR fflRE 0-j'mfortable, EeKable and Powerful. Try it. Tours and Batdeneld trips a specialty can Local Phone 117 X C.A.STONER, prop. . Sage, a scientific prepara- 'tion. supplies hair needs. It contains ·the exaciTelements needed to make the [hair soft, wavy, and glossy, and to jmake TC grow-^4t is delicately per;'fumed-^-nor sticky on greasy.; ; = 1 i ' - Apprv Parisian. Sage:and th,e effect I [ !is immediate. - One -application stops ·········Ml, the head from itching and freshens up j? -the Tiair.'Use it daily for a week and '/· jyon will be surprised -and delighted. if? 'Parisian Saee is one of the quickest 1 * I will be in, my room on tnf Parisian sa se is Square over ^taUsmithj| jacgng h«r^gTM^^ People , s on second tlOOr, every |£) ra ^,Si:ore to-day--every one, needs it. afternoon-- from - ^ . ,. - . .12.30 to. - » · - " -where I Trill do fitting, or I will call you in yonr home, at your 'cdapenience. oifany Thursday*,"jfrpon receipt of post ^ card. " Please call and see the Spirilla ; corsets and corset accessories- . i C. MYERS. Xew Oxford, Pa . Spireila C9rsetierre- KELEYTREATSENT issfully \KHWZ54U OeSfff£faOftfHK**OffU [ 812 N.BROAD S^PHlLADELPHtA.PA.J Effective November 16,1513.' TEE--¥ESfE8H-pRYUBD RAiLfAY 8:56 A. Tvf. Daily Except Sunday for Baltimore, Hanc\er, York and Intermediate Points- 10:28 A-lM. Daily^ for Hagersto\7ri, Waynesboro, Chambersburg, ,Hancockj Cumberland, - Titls- burgh and Chicago also "Elkina. W.Ya- " · ' 12:25 P. 31. for Highfield and intenne- ] ; : diate stations- { ; ; ^E^t- -4)r;Y«rk, Ba^inore »sp£ '·!: _ Jntermediate Points. J i. · [y except Sunday for i _ _ ^ _ -iB-and H? Divisidn~"'Poi2ts r · ." ~ HTghSeld, also Hagerstown, [ "Waynesboro, Chambershurg and j Shippensbiirg- i 6:13 New Oxford, Hanover, York, j and intermediate stations. i THIS^STOVE' H 'HAS BECOME FAMOUS for " its heating quality witfi. a small consumption of coal. In addition to this, which Js the essential reqiureraent of any heater, it is especially "no ted for Its attractive appearance. We viill take pleasure in showing it and explaning its full merit at our \vVisrfrnry*m? ; - ~UA L ". -' -*i' : l .^ whareroom /Maring Rear of old Reading frelsjhc station in b.nW- 'ng formerly occupied by Strawstatker Co. G O I N G ! G ' ' VJk * 6 But a few more weeks remain to dispose of our Stock. . miss this opportunity to buy what you need for the winter Eve^thing must go. Don't at about cost oPmanufacture, We Call Special Attention to a Few of the Many Bargains i * Ladies' Dep't 25 Ladies' Coat Suits $16.50 Now $12.45 20 " $14-50 Now $10.45 Other Suits from $3.98 up. 55 Long Coats in Blacks and fancy inixtures, were $9.00 --now $6.95 Other Coats from $3.85 to $24 oo-- \vere £7.00 to $35.00. FURS! FURS" They are going at prices never heard of before, from $35.50 to $29.50 sets were $6.50 to $40.00--one special lot--about 20 sets--at $4.85 were S7.50. Men's Dep't. Men's Suits at prices never beard of b'.-forc. One special lot for this v-e- of $14.00 and $15.00 Suits at $9.75. Odw-r Suits froir/$3.50 to $21.75- FUNKHOUSER SACHS "The Home of Fine Clothes." REPORT I OF the condition of the CITIZEN'S TRUST COMPANY OF GETTTSBCKf;. Aoaros Co Pa . at tSc close of business. XOV. 1. 1313. RESOURCES Reserve Fund: Casb.Spexie and Notes S 26.45650 Due from approved reserve agents. -- * 3fj,3 ei = at,par...- iiOCCOO :.- and cents j? 5 ^§ A asd csv-^B, item* - 4iSi 4a ' DGO from Sanfcs- and Trust Cos.. r ^ \ rot in reserve -- 5.0-7 79 j CocEn**** r 'cUii jp£ipt-r purcijactl- I Cpo= i A o or more nsmes . C63S:i "ft \I Time loaas with collateral 4243)fp StocUs bonfia. etc - -- H- 3 ;$. 2 ! Morta^a^es and jud^juenis of record is. t«5 ~l_ !OC1cs,bai.aio?and lot !9 S?"^ Fomitnre and Sixtares J - 3 ** '.,, Ov*"""^rsi'ts...-.-.-----."- ------ ------ i.ic9 ~o Kook vaitie of reserve , nu» above rar 15i» » - (P.TOD 00 LIABILITIES Capital stock pa'd in Sarp'us fncd "Ciicjv.dei* promts les^ expenses* , and taxes paid ! Icasvidual de:o*.:is suhj"ct to ciiecit _ _ o ! exclusive- of ins^i fund-, i. savincs lot 7W =I TiiiH* ccrMtJC3tes»of deposss -------- 32.*- Q^_ -, ireas. andcerliCed caeck*-oatslinc- i ,r,~ Sf.651 i Anst- o: trusl rnad.-, invcste-1 ' AHJi. o r ims S 735.632 K ..... 25 "''T5 ?"- --- J43 la BOY'S SUITS Ro\ ^ Suits from $1.15 to $8.00 -e h;iv- picked cut a special lot of Mci.'s O-.rcoats that were $15.00 end $16.00 now S11.25. Seperate Trousers frcm 75c !o $5.98 Overalls 6cc to85c now 51c 79c Bath Robes and Smoking j.-ickri? a big reduction. Total Trust faoos 5 25.£72 63 Corporate irusts s 159.000 00 S'n'* fij P*nr,xy'tlfiif. Vo'inly or AdaiK*. «· I. Harrv L. Pnvder. Treasurer o* tbe 3^? T « canned Coaneay. co solemnly erwear ^^~ and OGiicT HARRY I. SXYDHR. Treas-_ j-!ied and swora lo before iae tni- 7t.Ii day of Nov. 1353- TV3I- I. MEALS. X F. Correct Attest--- \VM- T. ZKIOLEK. CHAS S DTJXCAN". JOHX D. KEITH. Medical Advertising Rheumai 7 is^Ftee From Narcotics Relieves Rheumatism by Cleansing the Whole System of all Impurities. Do not try to relieve Rheumatism b v dosing: the* system with dangerous drugs RHEUMA is free from all opiates and narcotics and cleanses.the svstem in a natural bat scientific manner. The dangerous "raste" is eradi- icated from the kidneys, bowels liver 'and skin. RHEUMA costs only oO cents of People's Drug Store. ,.j .^^g a great sufferer from Rheumatism for ten years. After two day's use of RHEUMA I laid down my crutches and have since given them away. I am a well man. --J. it. Crocker, 614 Sumter St., Columbia, S. C.

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