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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, January 10, 1818
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i! :. y Sre aspect, not be ao difficult a taik. . ; - tteoal intelligencer, it would to M iu ' fact, that the president coniidert himtelf at hav - lor. done nothing more than having executed the ''t power' vetted in the executive by the law of ' ' ii ii Tttt Miwilntinii im rlptwn fmm th 'J The compensation bill, fixing the pay of the ' ; ' aaembert of congre at $9 per day, and (8 for every SO milu travel, p sited the house Wednet. ; ) day, 109 to 60, and wat sent to the enaU abr eon - NEJV - YORX EVENING POST. SATURDAY, JANUARY 10. Cor tsewspapert outnumber, w be tier, . those of an v two tut id the union, enb eed. probably, the whole number which it published ' on the continent of Europe. . There ar in this - itate, eight newspaper, published daily, nine emi - weekly, end Mveoty - tvine weekly total s omty - six. Estimating their averars editions at ' 500 copies it wiU (ire about 1X.UUU daily, , 72,000 each week, and mora than three and a half nillkai in a y ear Jttfet. fUguttr. To ascertain the number of newspaper pub - .tiiied require! only a little knowledge of arith metic j bat R would be a curious topic of calcn , . lation, if anyone would undertake to my bow many of those three and a' half Bullion f paper - .might wall be (pared without injury to the com ra unity t howmany ears their daily bread, and hew' many do not how many get what they ; ' earn, and how many, are left to exclaim K i all labor and vexation ottptnt t but to anew now very few of them acquire wealth and eate would, The editor of the Daily Adeertieer, in hit pa. ;V 5 ittotyotUitSaj learning, speaking ofthdocu. ' ' meats which we republished on Weduetday . erenin last, authorising the executive in 1811 a to take peMioa of the Spanish territory, very pertinently observes : , . ' ' By the teierei act of (congress which we . published m our paper of y Mtorday from the Na - j, : clrcumttance of the publicatioa of these act at the prttenl timet for unit it wat ioteodedto entufy the public mind on. the subject of the cor - . ( rectuem of the coarte pursued by the president, we are unable to discover an murticular reaton for the appearance of thete documents jutt at 'Win moment . y , , It will be observed, that the date of the '' ' most important of thete act of congress that i . the resolution and the firtt act authorising th ' - . taking possession of the Spanith territory it Ja - auary 16th, 1811, and that of the act prohibit - V tog the publicatioa of the various document, b v .March 3d, 18U teren year ago. It become, then, a matter of some iatportaac to taeertaiu the trae ground on which caorr - twt pitted thete act, that we may nndarstand Jww far they go to vindicate the Upt now taken bypreeideat . Uonroa.' ,? "' . . , . - V. To thi may be added the (allowing opinion, ;.' eMtpremed by a correspondent of the Aurora : . Tbe executive ollm United States under a . Cermani law. patted auiyeanaro, and which hta never been published until lately, nor never known to the people, .and not acted upon, hat - compromised tha peace of the conn try, and hat . Involved it m difficulty, rach at comprehension ,tnd anticipation are equally at a lot upoo : Which to. found a calculation." , ., ,1 - .. . : 4 kurrence. .... .. . - ; . - ' Ft lh 'Evening Pert. O. Hwi it AeuwU. Ybm conduct of thi - . "r. .a a .11 i M - mniouitnrn gemwmen nae nimnra aucniiuu ii. Iiii mmtn anil in RnmiM. With hit Doliti - cal character we hav nntltine; io do, but it it no - ntore than an act of justice to hiai to lay, that durrne; hi eiile, when he wat io private life, in ' thi city, hi whole tuul and hi wttoln time were i 'devoted to benevolence.' A evidence of tbit, - we annex a document which ha never beeo pub - lished. . - - . - V The Economical School Society i an ettab ' iiahmeat on the Lancatterian plan, and wat ori einallv intended for the xbildren of dittreeted eiigieatt free tflt fTeoch VVett Indiet ; but in , time it wat extended to all descriptions, and hat heen ingujarly uiefel. ' In thi ichool Mr. De 'KeuviUe bat oheu petformed the function! of a : volunteer teacher, from a pare apirit of benevo - Kune i mrui cuanuet in au uieiui ropecu, ' wereexteotive and munificent. ' ' ... . The Uoote of Industry, one of the bett plaa - ned and best executed luttiUtinn in the city, - svat modelled oa hit daily practice. ' Mr. CUe - ton, at the time the full wine resolution was . . passed, wa mayor of the city, and president f the Economical School. He had the best op por ta aitim of beina acquainted with the conduct of Air. ue neovuie, ana ae inoeeni it ni aury co fcropote it. It contain, m a few words, a true . and faithful expodtioa of Mr. De Neuville'i con - . ejuct wben retidiac amoac at. Suctarr or Ta KcoNemeai 8caoet, ' ' anting 0nlh$ I9tk May; 1814. ' At a ipecial meeting of tlie Trustee of the So ' ciety of the Economical School of 5w - York, Bold at the Cty Hall, the ltb day of May, 3 314 Present, the Hon. De Witt Clinton, .X Fretident t J. B. Lombart, Vk President , L. Larue, i. B. pu?rcque, IL Evrard, W. , i ). M'Neven, M. D.Tbe following 'resolu tion wat proposed Dy the preaident, and un '' animously adopted, t ' - It havinir been mentioned to the Truttee that G. Hyde de Neuville, who ha been a trustee and ecrtrtary of this society from ita first ttablishroent, it about to resign, and the true - ' ; . tee taking into consideration bit unremitted r exertion to promote tbe prosperity of the in - atitution, hit entire devotedness to it intcrett, ' , and bis liberal appnipriation of time, talents and money to thi iuiportattt obj ect, by which it . ha in a great measure arrived at such a flour - isamr tte,ttat it now dispense the blessing . f ethication to tevcral hundred children i and , further considering, that hi conduct during his long residence in thi city has been characterised by a spirit of unaffected benevolence, doing good without ostentation, and dispensing coin tort rauo amicico, wsirucuon io ue ig - ' tiorant, and relirl to tbe indigent Therefore. - KcaoUtd. that the president of thi society be requested t sirnifl to Mr. De Neuvihe. the high tense which the trustees entertain of his ernces to thi institution, the reeard which they cherish for his character, and the sincere regret which they feci for a separation that will long be lamented by the friends of benevolence , A true copy. L. LARUE, Secretary. JVom tiu Demteralit Pru$, ef yulrriav. Wa mdentand thftt M W fiL,t expected herein a few daytoa hit way to the eat of government, whither he coes, as we are informed, tot the purpose of eudcavoriog to recover the amount of a bad which has been pud to tbe commonwealth adr the direction of th ( bUu4f;urfirKfav . ' - - BLTIMftRJan.7. Earlv thlt awnim - . rS ,h. Ehephard Brown, in a fit f mAinUy, leaped from a - iry wnuow m r raaertcK - ttreet. on ti - abed, the roof of which wat broken through - fail waifbt. laavinr ami, Mm u. k:. H returned oa to the shed br the tame aoerture. from whence he wat extrinted. He wat oon - WVM IO U hOSDltL tnd We nndent.nrf - . not likely to lurvir. He it a nati re of i. Orleaa Piotmvi'i n t t. c - " - 1. VJ. . We understand tha' two person t have beev apprenenaea ana committed to jail in thi yr - - enrrjia witn bavmgperpetritttl i bigb. or2v mliWv n xfr. Jolm W. Powell.' of the city of Hew - York, oa me evening ui wv 4 J . . .!. lull ttiumo. i.,... - r? "J v. - o:'..'"' iiouse or represestatives. . Tuetday, January.' 'i . COMPETfSA TiJfM TO MEMBERS, lie. Oa motkmof Mr. Holmes, of Mat. th several order ef tbe day, preceding th bill to fx tha compensation of tbe member ef the aenaU and houte of reprotealatires, were postponed, ft tha anbiect taken UD . Mr. Rots, of r - euniylTania, by way of trying ta leaee ef in commme e me uujow, wt - ed to strik out the word nta and insert tbe word tix, a the amount ef daily com pentatioo. i Tha auettiou on thai motios wa loudly called for, mdicatint; a dupontion to take the sens of the house without debate. Mr. Ogle ef Feen. repretented fanners bat ot men who wished person to labor for them at a certain low. Would any respectable farmer, himself, Mr. O. asked, agree to leave bis farm to manage itself, when he knew that if he did, he and hi family would become beggars? Certainly be would not t he pay those who work for him, and would expect to be paid himtelf for hi sacrifices and labor in the discharge of pub - lie duties) and it wa a correct principle, he added, that public officers should be paid for their service. In regard to th sort of talent necessary for congrees, Mr. O. luggetted that a graduated scale of compensation might be made, ii, by trepanning, th brain or all tn members could be taken out, and their actual value ascertained by weight in which case he did not know but b might himtelf come in for small pay. But niae dollar a day, he humbly thought, wa a compensation mU enough for a just recompense for attendance here ; and, though he represented farmer, he had never heard it tug - getled that that wa too much. On thi subject, Mr. O. mid, he had no instruction from bis constituent! he should vote, therefore, not for popularity, but for what he constitutionally believed was just " Ha most sincerely believed, he repeatd,that men who served th public ought to be paid; and did - not consider it n reasonable expectation that men were to devote their lives to thi object purely from patriotism. The question wa then taken en atriking out nine and inserting six, tbe daily compensation, and negatived. .. Some merely verbal amendment were made to the bin, and the committee rose and reported the bill. The bill being immediately taken np by the house - - ' . On uggetion of Mr. Goltton of Va. th question wa to divided, at t tak it separately on th compensation and oa th mileage. So th motion was negatived. The question wat then takm on atriking out nine and inserting tix dollars a the allowance for every 20 mile traval to and from congre ; which motion wa decided by Xa and May, afoHowt:t., v . i , . - i. For the amendment . - S3 Against it :,. - . 76 .' So this amendment wa carried. Mr. Little, of Maryland, then moved to strike oat nine and insert in lieu thereof eight dollars a the, daily pay. . The question on reducing the daily pay from ain to eight dollar, wa then decided a follow t , i YEAS Manr. Allen, Vt. Anderson, Pa. Austin, Baldwin, .Ball, Barbour, Va: Baatett, Bateman, Bayley, Bellinger, Bennet, Bloom - field, Blount, Bodan, Bott, Burwell, Campbell, Claiborne, Conwtock, Cook, Craft, Cruger, Desha,Drake, Earle, Edwards, Ellicotl, Erving, S. C. Floyd, Gage, Garaett, Hale, Harrison, Hendricks, Herbert, Herkimer, Herrick, Hies - ter, Hitchcock, Holmet, Matt. Huntingdon, Johnson, Ken. Lewis, Linn, Little, Livermore, M'Lane, W. Maclay, W. P. Maclay, Marr, Merrill, Moore, Morton, H Nelson, T. M. N el - ton, New, Par rit, Peter, Pleasantt.Poindexter, Porter, Quarle, Reed, Rhea, Rich, Richards, Robertson, Lou. Ross, Sampson, Savage, Scnd - der, Settle, Seybert, Shaw, eherwood, S. Smith, Bal. Smith, J. S. Smith, Southard, tyangler. Speed, Tarr, Taylor, Tompkins, Townsend, Trimble, Tucker, Va, Tucker, B.C. Tyler Upturn, Walker, N. C. Walker, Ken. Wallace, Wnterlo, Whiteside, William, Conn. Williams N. C. Wilkin, Wilton, Fen. 98. ' NAYS Messrs. Abbot, dams, Allen, Mass. Anderson, Ken. Barber, Ohio, Beecher, Bryan, Butler, Clagett, Cobb, Colston, Crawford, Cush - man, Darlington, Folgr, Forney, Forsyth, Fuller, Hall, Del. Hall, N. C. Haabrouck, Hogg, Holmes Con.' Hopkimon, Hubbard, Hunter, Irving, N. Y. Jones Kintev, Kirtland, Lawyer, Lowndes M'Coy, Marcband, Mason, Mass. Mercer, Middleton, Miller, Mceely, Mumfbrd, Murray, Netbitt, Ogle, Orr, Owen, Palmer, Parrott, Patterson, Pawling, Pindall, Pitkin, .Ringgold, Robertson, Ken. Reggies Sawyer, Schuyler, Siltbee, Slocumb, Altx. Smyth, Spencer, Storr,' Strong, Strother, Stuart, Tall - madge, Terrell, Terry, Wtndover, Whitman, Williams, Hi. Y. 7U. So the daily pay wat fixed at eight dollar. Mr. Little then moved to reconsider the vote by which the travelling expances had been reduced to six dollar, with a view to fix it at eight; which would make it stand on th tame footing at heretofore, but at a little higher rate. Mr. Comstock, of New - York, taid be should vote in favor of the proposed reconsideration Hit mind had arrived at the conclusion, that the compensation ougltt to be eight dollar per diem for attendance, and eight dollar for every twenty mile travel. When the question wat between 9 and 6, he had voted to ttrike out nini, but with the with that eight should be ultimate - lv substituted for it ' Mr. Pitkin, of Connecticut, declared himtelf of tha opinion that the allowance for pay and for mileage ought to be the same. This principle bad been loug settled, approved, and acquiesced in and he hoped woulJ not now be varied. He hoped, therefore; gentlemen would not be deterred from voting for a reconsideration of the former vote on this point, by any consideration fo. reign to the merits of the question. The quettion on reconsideration was than taken, and decided in the sffirmatire, and the' al lowance for mileage wat died at eight dollar for every 20 miles by a considerable majority. After an unsuccessful motion by Mr. Cobb to adjourn, and an equally unsuccessful attempt by Mr. Morton, to have the yea and nay t ordered oa tne question The bill wat ordered to be engrossed for a third reading to - morrow, without a division. Mr. Wendover, from the committee on the subject, made a report, accompanied by a bill. to alter (he flag of the United States ; which wat twice read. The bouse adjourned. wcDivasnav, tairuaar 7. CONTEMPT OF THE HOUSE. Mr. Williams of North Carolina, rote and ad' drettrd the house ia the following words : :. Mr. Speaker - 1 lay before tbe bouse n let ter addressed and delivered to me by a person called isotonei jono Anderson. . inai man bat mistaken m much. Wherever I am known at thia place, and in tbe country from whence I came, no attempt of the kind would have been made, J feel it a duty to lay the letter and the statement thereon, - made by myself, before the house. My feeling are too much excited, nor would it be my duly, to make any remark oa the subject. It is (or th bout to determine what thall be done." The papers handed by Mr. William to th ima were men read at lollosr : rf.i . WASHINGTON, Jan. 6, 1818. " Tbe Hon. Lewit Williams Honored Sir t return yoe thanks fo? the attention I received to my claims to past so soon. Mr. Lee will baodyoa tome claims from the River Katun, which will pxst through yor hooora - bi committee ; and I hate a wish that tbe conduct of the British in tnal r mi fit r w K treWan - ted io foil, va tUt fleet of Urrci j jhkh Till glva o ora troubi in making utthn PV ind apportinf b lame. I have eowto request thatyou wilt accept W Jiie smaii sum " dred dollars & Prt.Py fort ettrill vtkavni II in wOB KJ muum mm m w - iome teveramet. f hii eUenAfi . that only yoe and me may know any win. . or, V other word, I give it to yon at tw and Sir, abould it happen that yon will not accept ofj thi tmall torn, I requett yon will excuse me ; in yoa do But accept, I wtsn you w urup w I;M . ifwM swml 1 with bo answer.: I hope hp wiU tee ray view on this tubject t that it k lor extra trouble. - . ' I will make out a ttotement, and present ue ante to the'committee,' which will be up - norted bv Gen. Harrison. Col Johnson. Mr Uuhbard. Mr. Mcin. Put Master General, Governor Xas'. report a commit ion er, and other. 'Relvina - on vour honor in keeping thi a secret, and your exertion in patting thee claim as toon a possible, i neea not mrorrn vou. that we are a poor unfortunate orphan children, bavin; bo representation in Congress o must look on your nonoraoie ooay a our guardian. Pardon thi liberty from a atranger. I am, with Jtigh esteem, your most obedient and humble ervant, . r JOHN ANDERSOiJt. MR. WLUAMS STATEMENT. After breakfast thi mominir, Georcre, a cer - vant, came into the dining roirn, and told me that a gentleman wa in my room, waiting to w . 1 . J ee me. t lieppea into my iwm, sua sui cuiui Anderson wa there. He handed me a letter, observing at the aame time, that he had prepared that letter, for me, and that perhap it would require some explanation. I read over the letter with attention j and, having done to, observed to Col - Anderson it was a very surprising communication. I then started to Mr. Wilson' room, immediately adjoining my own.. When in the. act. or opening my own door, he begged I would not show the letter, l maue no rcpiy to mis, out sicppcu into air. Wilson' room, and asked him to do me the favor to walk into my room. Thi Mr. Wilson did, following: on immediately behind me. After we bad rot into my room, in the pre sence of Col,. Anderson I handed the letter to Mr. Wilson, and, observed that it wa a very extraordinary communication, requested bim to read it When Mr. Wilson bad read, or was nearly done reading the letter, I told Col Andsrton that I repelled with indignation and contempt the otter he made me m tne letter. Col. Anderson said, he asked my pardon ; that it wa designed only as a small compensation for the extra trouble be expected to give the committee or claim in examining the claim from the Michigan territory, and exposing the conduct of the British during tire war ; that it wa foreign from hi intention to attempt a - ny tiling like a bribe i and requested me to burn the letter or give it to him. I told him I should do neither that hi offence wa unpar donable, uch a I could not forgive; and or dered nun to leave the room instantly. Col Anderson then begged pardon and asked for - givene with excessive earnestnes. I told him I should not listen to none of hi apolo - Piet ; that hi offence wa an attack upon the imcgniy ui iwiongrcii generally, suiu upon mine personally t trial no one thou ia ever nave my pardon or expect my forjrvenet who should suppose me capable of uch an influence at he had attempted to practise upon me. Again I told CoL Anderson to leave my room. He ad vanced to the door, where be stood for some time, endeavoring to obtain my pardon, at he said. ' 1 told him it wa in vain to ask it ; that as a member of Cortgres and of the committe of claim it wa my duty to examine hi claim and, if just, support them i that hi offer was an attempt at bribery s wa an attempt to influence my mind in opposition to my duty, and a such could not be fortriven. He then desired me ei ther to burn the Fetter or give it to him. I replied that I should da neither, and again ordered him to leave my room. Whereupon he did leave the room, Mr. Wiuoit, after talking on the ub jeet of the letter for ome time, suggested to me the propriety of calling in Mr. Win. P, Maclay but, a Mr Wm, P. Maclay was not in, I asked Mr. William Maclay, the room mate of Mr. William P. Maclay, to come to my room. He complied with my request i and, shortly after he arrived in my room, Mr. Wm P. Maclay, were in my tbe time the servant called to Mr. Wilson, and said a gentleman wa below waiting to see him. Mr. Wilson walked out of tbe room, and was gone a few minute. After be returned, he observ ed that Col. Anderson was the person who sent for him i that CoL A' busmest wat to obtam hit interposition to put a (top to further proceeding on the subject of hi letter to me. The precise conversation between Mr. Wil ton and Col. Anderson can be related by the former with minuteness. . LEWIS WILLIAMS. Januaiyltt, 1818. Tbe naner navine been read throurh. Mr. W. rWilson, of Pennty Ivaoia, referrod to in the above narrative, handed in a statement or the facts which 111 under hi observation, eatirelycorTob rating those ttated by Mr. William at far at they came under .the observation of the former. Mr. Forty th, of Georgia, moved that the House ao come to tne following resolution s Resolved, That the Speaker do ittue hi warrant, directed to tbe Sergtant at Arm attending the House, commanding him to take into cutto - dy, wherever to be found, the body of John Anderson, and the tame in hit custody to keep, tub ject to the further order and direction of thi Mouse. Mr. Harrison, of Ohio, rose in consequence of ins name having neen referred te in vol. Anderson's letter. He bad met with coh Anderson be said, in f course of bi military service, and had ahvayt heard him regarded a a highly respectable man t and, well knowing bit services and the tuiTerinsiof hi family durinx the war, he had felt a warm interest io hi tavoi. In the course of tins morning col. Anderson had seat for liitn and hit friend col. Johnson, out of the bouse. atid, with all tbe agitation belonging to terror or to conscious guilt, naa loiormea toem ot bis Ba vins; done au act wrucn ne learea would ne re garded, at Mr. H. wa lure it would by every member, as calling for th severest animadversion. The had informed him. Mr. H. (aid, that they weald not justify bis cooeact t nor, were it brought before - the boose, could they tay any tniog m extenuation oi it. M r. Jofantan, of Kentucky, exprejeed hi sin cere regret on account of the occurrence which bad iftst taken place, not on account of the indi vidua! implicated though wraly be wa to be pitied but oa account of the' gee tie man from North - Carolina, who on thit occasion had taken that court dictated by a just sent of hi own honor and th dignity of hi official station and on account of the suffering inhabitant of Detroit ad Michigan generally, that they should hart misplaced inetr confidence I a one, whoa, until this day, Mr. J. taid, he had himtelf held in tbe highest estimation. It mutt have been infamy of motive, or the gromett ignorance of the nature of th representative character, that could have produced this unsrarrantaclt conduct. iAfr. Terry, of Connecticut, enquired whe ther, according to our forms of pneeedings and to our oonsbluljoual provmo - u, a general war - raat, as proposed, could be issued ! Wat it not opposed, in it nature, to the principle of civil liberty? . Th Speaker observed, that, ia th practice of the nous, napptly, instance were extremely rare, where such a warrant became accessary ; no such cat had occurred within hit observa tion. But, tbare could be no doubt, when offence wat coaamitted against th wivilege or dignity oi tn boot, it was perteetly m ill pow er to itsu a warrant to apprshatid the party of - Moding. Mr. Forsyth turned to a cat on record and be was sorry there wat rack a case on rscard where this proceedint; bad taken pracs, ia the yeul795, to which a bribe fa land had been J offered toon or more member., Mr. F. Uin conformed hit motion to the term of that precedent (a above ttated) fpm which it h4 befor a little varied. ' - v - " : ; Mr. Livermore, of New - Hampshirtj, atked, for information, merely, whether the focUou which the warrant wat to ba issued, should uot first be lubttantiated by oath. Th ttatement came, he knew, from a moat respectable tourc ; but wat not an oath necessary to justify snoh a warrant? ' The Speaker said. Certainly not. Th quettion on Mr. Fonyth't motion wat then taken, decided ui the affirmative and ordered to be entered unanimously. , The warrant wa forth with issued. " ( Anion? the variety of mode in .which the kidnapping of free negroes, for the purpose of selling them In the southern Mates a staves tor life, it carried on in thi part 'of the world, we have been furnished by one of our respec table correspondents wiUi the following ae count of an attempt recently made in this city. On the last Sabbath,, notice was given to a gentleman from whom we have received the account, by a tree biacc woman living in una city, that her daughter, a girl of about 15 year of age, bad gone early in the morning to assist another black woman, belonging to Charleston. South Carolina, in putting her bag. gage on board of a vessel which waa to sad that day tor that port uiat not naving return. eL the became alarmed, and upon enquiry. the found that the girl had accompained the woman on board, and sue supposed tne vessel had Sailed. It wa however discovered, that the vessel still lay in the stream i upon which notice wa given to the owner, whodetired measures murht be taken for her rescue. En quiry was soon made on board for tbe girl, and an answer returned that there was no girl there, except the daughter of the Charleston black woman,' The woman and the girl being found and questioned, the woman declared . t . . i - i i j i . i .l - tnai tne gin was ncr uauguicr, suv wc gin claimed the woman to be her mother. Upon being informed, however, that they must go ashore, the girl to her mother, and the woman to answer for her attempt at kidnapping, they both acknowledged the facts the woman say. ing that she only intended to take the girl to Charleston, to pass the winter, meaning to bring her back in the spring, and that. she therefore considered ner as ner daughter. The girl was returned to her mother, and the woman lodged in bnd wall. It it but justice to the gentleman who owned the vessel, and to the captain, to state, that the moment they were informed of the trantaction, they rendered every assistance in their power, to prevent tbe meditated miccniel from taking el - feet Daily 4d. ' FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. . Patriot b Mercantile Advertiser Office, I Baltimore, Jan. 8 noon. J From Rit Janeiro. The schooner Manlius, capt. Young, arrived at thi port last evening, in 4z day irom Kio Janeiro. Tbe following mtel ligence has been received bv this arrival : Tbe United State ship Ontario, capt. Biddle, ia 43 day from Now - York, 2d arrived at Rio Janeiro, crew all in good health, and would tad in a lew dayt for th Pacific, to afford protection to our commerce, which wat suffering from the depredations ef the Limn cruisers. Tbe British naval force on the South Ameri can station is to be considerably augmented. The brig of war Jairut and the Tyne and Blot - torn sloops of war, had already arrived at Kio Janeiro, th lormer ot which immediately lelt there for Kio d la Plata, and th two tatter were to b tent rjund Cape Horn. Commo dore Bowles, ia the Amphion frigate, had pro - cded from Buenos Ayr, for Valparaiso, sup posed for the purpose or entering into commercial arrangementi with the patriot government of Chili, in tbe capital of which, St Jago, pre paration were making to give bun a distinguished reception. Several Portuguese ship of th line, two Aus trian frigates and one Russian frigal were also at Rio Janeiro. The t pout of th heriditary prince of Por tugal had arrived at Rio. Her presence was regarded by th inhabitant at a most happy vent t her talent end amiahl cliaracter, it wat anticipated, would be instrumental in softening the atperitie which had marked the dU - positton and tamper of the prince, from which the Brazilian had much to fear i and a forma tion in which, would operate to tbe diffusion of general happuieti and tranquillity, which hi ty ranny and improper conduct 'had measurably subverted. The ceremony of the kin g' coronation, It was reported would take place oa the 17th December last A new tariff, with a coesidmbl Increase of duties was to be established on th first of lb present month t and th tarn amount of tonnage duties exacted, at 1 paid by the Portu guese in countries to which th vessels arriving belong. , Prices at Rio Janeiro, JVov. S7. Coffee, 3 - 800 reit per a robe Sugar, white, 1 900 Hides, par lb. 95 reit Flour, very heavy tale, in consequence of th great quantities continually arriving from Chili. The markett generally, for United otate produce, unutuallv dull. From Burnot 'Ayrti, It appear by a letter from Buenos Ayres dated 6th September, that in tuprem director, ruerreydon, had retired from the government for two months and had goo to hi country teat being in ill health. Brigadier Gen. Asquenega, had been appointed in bit place. Congres have not dared to re elect Pnerreydon for three yean, as he asked notwitnetaaoing tne motion wa made in public letsson two moo ins past. The Portuguese bold possession of Montevi deo, but make no progret. They have established a bouse at Cue Dot Ayres, and are publick - ly tuppiywg Montevideo with provisions and au kinds of munition of war; thut enabling them to hold out against th brave general Artigai ; wail the British government, to shew their disapprobation of the invasion by tha Portuguese, have ordered all their officer in th Portmrneu ervics, employed in that expedition, to retire. i ne patriotic general, i. M. JJ. Carre ra, is said to be lirinr at present under th nrotection of general Artigai ; tbe moment not having yet arrived for him to return with safety and advan. tag to his beloved country, Chili, which hat patted from a ttale of subjection to the royal force of old Spain, into a state of no lets absolute and unqualified subjection to the policy and tne oayonet oi ttucnot Ayres. . Arrived, tchr Manlius You nr. 42 davt from Rio Janeiro. Left there 17 th Nov. thin Enter prise, Coffin, from Valparaiso, with wheat and flour, expected to tail for Havana in It or 15 dayt; Ship Warrington, Smith, of Richmond, aiscoarging wneet andnoar, from Valparaiso; cnr. Ins, jutf W. from New - York with flour; ship , Daniels, from Portsmouth. N H. with lumber; brig Antelope Low, had sailed tor tuo uratM ; ong IleraJd, Haly, of Pbilad. bad tailed for the Pacific ; bre Enterprise. , tailed for Rio Grande. The ship Ellen. - - " , - ... svi, j w.i. put Hi iw sxiu'sn uis - trs repaired damage and tailed for the N. W. Coast 4 The tch Ellen, Bartlett, of Boston, 55 davt tram iiatt a uracc tur Alexandria, arrived in the Potomac jtt intt Left ther 6th Nov. brig Fctor, Curnn, for NYork in 1 day. In th Road of Havre, oth Nov. ship Archimedes, Bunker, 28 dayt from New - Bedford, destined for the South Seas. Doc 23, lat 38, 30, loo 39, tpok ship President, Strain, of and frost Nan - tackst, SO day out, beaod a a whaling voyage toUnSottflsSca. , ' FROM OUR C6RRESPOXQEXT. Cotton, F..tiange Coffee House, Reading I - arid Nw - Rooro, Jan. 8. ' J V '.,, r.nrttuuL Arrived at thi Pbrt thit morning, the Sue fat mailing coppered tliip Falcon, VAiVl. LW1, JO aayt irotn "'K"" - .. Th. n - nen are to the 26th November. They contain verj precise detailt of the solemnities at the interment oi tne remaint oi tne princess vmi - inttm Anrt hr infnnt. The Fakoo wiled in co with nhipn Hercules Macey, for New - York ; Zodiac, Ayniar, ao Ariftide, Charletton ; and Aldebaron, Borden R.,tiimnr i.tvprnnoL thin Dido. Max well, Philad next day ; Einelow, Chase, Savan nah, do ; Ulfnthorn, Stuiman, iew - iora, ui , Ik. .... jift - in. Va.ln. Rfirtini. Alia iiiuriB, aiic, uu ,w, do 2Utb ; Albion, Cox, do do ; Courier, Bowne, do Jan 1 ; Pacific, Williams, do Feb 1 ; Triton, Hnlcornh. Boston, do : Belvidera, H obton, Bal - runnr Jn 1 tillle Cherub. M'Kever. Philad frwrtays; Ceres, Forsyth, Charleston, d! - ii - gb n, Sbackford, NOrleantdo Potomac Brad - f.rd, Alexandria do; hng William Esra, Bald - ...... . . . . 1 v l - - Win, Kl - nmond 00 ; imp manna, aciniruj, jus, arrived fromPbilail John and Adam, hnigbt, do for Richmond. Sailed from Liverpool Nov. iO.Jane for Philad ; Langdm Cbevet, Savannah ; Walter, Baltimore ; bluabeth, Wilton, for Portsmouth, N II. Spoke Nov. 5, lat 47 32, Ion 81 50, brig Swan, from Bottoa for Antwerp. Dectl, sfaip Regent, 15 day from St Andrew lor Liverpool, - From Lkvds Lul$. vet Falcon Hftmbro, Nov 6 Arrived, Calpe, Cranston, frni N York. Havre, Nov 11 Arrived. Eagle, Cook, from Providence ; Patriot, NYork Cowe. Nov. 17 Put back, the' Johanna, Meyer, bound to Baltimore, after bciog out 12 dayt. Liverpool, Nov 15 Arrived, Windermere Corlett from Savannah. . Ship Commerce, Peterson, of Boston, from Norfolk, arrived at Bremen, Nov. V. Prieu of Com and Flour el Literpool. Nov. 18. Wheat and flour in good demaad, but without alteration in value, except sour flonr. which was 2 dearer. Saturday, Nov. 22. In consequence of the ports being closed, wheat aavancea ya pr dusii - el, and Hour 5 pr bbl. American wheat pr 70 lb. 15 a 16. Am. flour, pr bbl. 66 a 70s sour do 56 a 58. V In the London Com market on Friday, there was a lartre arrival of all kind of cram, ine demand for wheats was rather heavy, but those of fine quality, obtained Monday's price. Price of Stock, London, Nov. 22. - 3 per cent red. 82 1 - '.' 3 - 4 5 - 6. - 3 per cent con. 83 1 - 4 3 - 8 1 - 4 do. for acc. 84 4 1 - 8. Prices at Liverpool, Nov. 32 Ashes, pot, 50s a 52 1 do pearl, 58 a 61 1 bark, quer. N. Y - 18 a 20 1 cotton AT 2 8 a 3 9, Upland Land, Is 6 a 1 10 Orleans, 1 a 2 I. We have mad th following batty extracts from tne papers : . LONDON, Nov. 23. At the .appointed time, a mourning coach and tix drove up to the grand entrance of tbe bouse ; toon after, thecofho containing the infant and urn, were brought out, and placed in the coach. Tbe hearse thin drove up ; and tbe state coffin, containing the remaint of tbe Princess borne by ten men, wa brought out and placed in the hearse : it then drove oil. drawn by eight horses sad went completely out of tight, to prevent .V... . U..AH K. .... .... '',.. coach which was to convey bun, being announced to be in readiness hit Serene Higbnett came out and entered it, attended .by the Kev. Dr. Short in hit full robes Nothing waa beard but uic ft nuvc i. nimi um vim , uc the deep tight of afflicted tnectatort who were ad mitted into the Park. - Tbe procession did not eater Windor till a little before two o'clock, where a trreat concourse of people had been wait - 1 iog tome hour. The remain of the Prince i wat received ( the Lower Lodge, by the Yeo - 1 men or tbe Uuard, who carried thecoma, rruice Laopeld, hi attcadant and othen, in the mourn - ins coaches, aliehted at the Lodse. Tbe coach containing tlie body of the infant and tlie urn arove to tne cnapei, wnere ii wat received oy the Dean, and deposited tn tbe vault, without any church service. fc u j: - i J UJ: l L expected the Princess to lie iu ttale, whereat oa account oi tne tmaiinett oi the premises and the want of pattaeet to enter and retire, those only were admitted who bad ticket. Tbe awful rite are terminated, and tlie' tomb bat Just doted upon two generations from whom we expected a long line of Patriot Princes, continuing to the remotest potterity, the royal dia dem in tbe illustrioui hoot of Brunswick But the fond anticipations, thete towerine honet are dashed to the earth, and instead of the joy iui Aomem - unto at a cnua i oorn, uuto us too it riven." we have bad to listen to the fune ral dirge, and join the requiem for tbe death of two generation! of Prince in tlie short space of lew bourt. LIVERPOOL, Nov. 24. The paper by th mail from Hamburg - state. that oue of the contingents of the army of occupation io France it certainly to return to its own country. Thit is luppoted to be the British contingent, which report tays I to be withdrawn ui tbe course ol tsar or Bv months. . PARIS, Nov. 18. According to tome foreign intelligence, a great northern court it at present occupied with a ve ry extensive project which, il earned Into effect would realize on of tbe withe of the good Abbe St Pierre, namely, tha establishment of a supreme tribunal of confederation for all the pow - en of Europe. The report of the arrival of the Russian squad ron at Cadis b premature. - Lhamberof l)tpvtitu the (itting of tbe 17th Nov. the Chamber resolved itself into a secret committee, in which tbeaddres to tlie King wa agreed to. Tlie Keeper of tbe Seal presented the projet of a law, for suppressing oooxs, ana outer worst ot an obi ectionable na ture. The period of presenting the bungct for iojo, it not yet aeterminea upon it is tup - posed it will not be ready before some tirae in the next month. ' B rCTTAD. Nov. 14. . A considerable change has taken place in the ministry here. ' A new general Diet will. it u expected, be toon convoked. raanxroar. Nov. 12. The Count de Beinhard. the French Minis. ter Plenipotentiary to the Diet, has delivered his credential. Yours J. HOOPERJr. Extract of a letter, dated St. Mary's" Dec 27, 1817. General Grine has just arrived at Fernanda - ns and it i believed that Martial law will be proclaimed thi day at that place. New advertisement omitted today, shall appear m our next MARRIED. At Hempstead, f L. 1.1 on Tuetdav hit, by the Re?. Mr. Hart, Air. Molt Smilb,to DIED. Thit morning, after an illness of 9 years, Mr. David fearL senior, aged 72 year. Hit friends and acquaiotancs nd those of hit ton - in - law, captain uoanet 1 eunner, are respectfully invited to attend hit funeral to - morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock, Irom No. 1 14 Water - street Suddenly, at Richmond, (Vir.) Mr. Thomas b urung, pnoter, a native of thit city. At Providence, f R LI on Saturday niirht last, Samuel Aborn, Esq. merchant in the 53d year 01 ni age. t . EVENING POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. bng Aurdla, H.tch, v , Savannah Schr Emely, White, - Savannah Hope, Snow, . ... , Dennuda - .' Tucker Sr. Laurie Sloop yastuer, llalleck, Savannah Armlet, uoyt, . Savaonjih iiRRJPED THIS FOREM30K 8lW Maria, Page. 5 days f join Plmn.,.i V. f with taveajid naval (tore, to Kimbe? ly b Waring, and Blount & Jackson. Lit 39 long 74, apoke sch Ounslow, of Boston for Al exandria. Yesterday, off Egg Harbour, spok, sloiM Herald, Thorp, from Plymouth for He, York. ' . ' - Schr Eagle, Russell, 4 day from Washln. ton, NC. with naval stores, to R It C W Dt venport & Co. ( The sch Catharine, Boyer, bad jvt arrived, ? : Sloop Edenton, Hathaway, 5 days front I aenton, u. to uyer i uremner. - : Sloop Spark, i'mith, 4 day from Watfi'm. ton, with naval stores, to D & G S Brainard . . 1 . m .A , : 1 I. a wiiite noiuiin eioup, tiiworu uuuua, Wtj, snore on ucracocs iiar. BELOW, . ; ' Ship Radius, from Charleston, to 1 Moor, wood. - . - .".. 1 - Brig Ninervs from do. to A G Phelps. ARRIVED LAST ErEJWG. Prench ketch L'Etperance, Crevell, 60 (by, from Havre, with phuter, to De Rham k fj, Letsert. " - Schr Pacific, Lewis, 6 day from Boston, ;j merchandise, to tundriet. Scbr Abigail, Elwell, 16 days from Turks Ii and, with salt to Bailry St Hutted. Left 1 on Buck, Wbetfler, for N Carolina, next day. bchr Stamper, Nichols t day from Black Rock, with rye, to tbe matter. Sloop Halcyon, Howard, 2 day from Net. London, with crates molattes candles &c,k Buck AlCoit and otbert. Sloop Juno, Lamphere, 1 day. froth New - Lot don, with flaxseed, candle, 5ic. to H. Holt, & Goodwin & Co and other. - Sloop Satellite, Davis 6 day from Botfot, with merchandise, to tundriet. Exchange ColTee - house, Reading and) New Room," Boston, Jan. 7. - '3 Arrived, British tchr. Lerk, M'Cerdy, JJ dayt from Demerara. Left Khr. Douglats, Tho. mae, jutt arrived from New - Lohndoa, with bor - tet ; brig France Ann, Hallett, to sail for Ae. York in I day. Dec. 30. lat 37, 23, lona, 71, 30, tpoke n ship 46 hour from New - York for Havana, understood her to be tlie Commerced Oairoi. VU lonuoj loai. UJV jmtm CArnc. ced a tevere gale, and had her long boat and oai man, named Benjamin Dodge, oi Botton, wuk. ed overboard. '' Cntish chr Concord, Carver, 35 day froa Grenada. I ft tht shin PanrVon. Hvde. (m Botton, nrri - od about the lOUiNovt - mber, it 8 day pattage. Sbe bad been thrown 00 bet beam end, and lott her mixeu matt in a ga). The brig Dolphin from Botton, arrived abotl November 15, having lott part of her deck load in the tame gale. 1 he brig Friendship, Lawsot, of Liverpool, 40 day front Botton, bound to Dominica, having got to leeward, put into Gtt - nada in distress having a large quantity f nre stock on board, and nothing for them to eat the wat likewise very leaky. The brig Frieae of Argyle, from St. Andrews, put into G renin in distress about the 85th November, havat sprung both masts. Dec. 25. lat 35. 31. km. 67, tpoke chr. Neriad, 3 day from Botton, 1st nuriean. Jan. x. lat. 2, zo, song. o, m, tpok British brig Alert. 26 dayt from Jamaica, for St John's N. B. bad lott 4 of her crew bt ticknett. Dec. 22. lat 35, 63, long, 65, M, tbe Concord experienced a severe gale of wit, and lost both ber roattt. THEATRE. Last Night but one of Mr. Cooper Engageiaeif Wfll b preasBted, (rhr tbe lit time these 7 yean) tne 1 rsaeuj oi KING JOHN. King John - Mr. Coontr To which will be added, the Musical Fare of THE DEVIL TO PAY. NO I ICE. f AH oersons hiivinv AwaawiAm .ml..i it. estate of tbe late Tboma Cooper, decMi J & ... nic rtuvncu. iu ifrcw - H mm tame, ana ail pel - ton indebted to the taid estate at iwquetttd tt maa payment 10 in tuntrnrjer. i"vii n.Lii oiindl "uw Jan 10 Im . Administratrix. luting Afen'r Mitnmarjf Sonet y. nrf Tbe Young Men't Miationary SocitV4 Ne w - York. will meet on Monday EvatiintraeiL at 7 o'clock, at the School Room in Ro - trt near Peaii - tret Member are reqaetted to be punctual il their attendance. MARCUS WILBUR, An. Clt; jan 10 . vf IHrif mtTl Academy of th Fine A rtt. . ' Notice it hereby given tbat an Iectita for President Vice Presiden and Director, be tbe insuing year, will beheld in the gallery of the Academy 00 raesuay next, tn 13m mtiaat. Th poll to be opened at 12 and clot at 2 o'clock. By order, . ALEXANDER ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. Jan 10 2t MISSIONARY NOTICE. (TT A it ted meeting of the Nevv - York I vangelical Society of Young Men, will be heU on Monday evening next, at 1 - 2 past 6 o'clock, in the Lecture Room of the brick church. Tbe annual report, together with tbe addresses delivered at tlie Anniversary Meeting, are published and will be ready for dir. tribution. Members and Member elect, trs desired to be punctual in their attendance. jan 102f R. J. HUTCHINSON, Clerk. fX If Mr. JOHN MAY, who was at Kief - tton, (Jamaica,) in th year 1805, will call n No. 76 Fearl - ttreet, he will confer a particular favour. Aaj information a to hi resident will be acceptable. jan 10 lw - . T BENGAL INDIQOK JL J cases very prim quality, entitled dabentnr. fortala at 75 Wall - ttreet br ' jan 10 JACK50N ft WOOLLEY. 1 RICE. - 1 1 JLF tierce nrima new rice, received P ship Radius from Charletton, and for tale .V. JJtlHUtK VU. . jan 10 82 Coffe - 1 louse slip. B 00 KM AN b JOHN3TON. - No; 57 Boattv (treet, have for tale 95 bhd. new Jamet River Tobacco, . " 70 do old do do 280 bbl. Richmond tuperfine Flonr 350 do Philadelphia do do 800 keg Richmond manufactured Tobacco of all qualitie 70 boxet Spanith Segar 205 qr. catkt Colmenar Wine . 25 ton asturted Englith Iron, entitled to debenture . 150 bundle Hoop L Steel - " 50 do Crawley do ' - . 40 do Cast and Shear Steel .' - 1500 qr. catkt London Tower proof Cenpov." der, F FF and FFF . 330 do large grain, for Duck shootinf, W - perior ttreogth 1 J 300 do 44 Butt't Cylinder Sporting Powder,,, in cannitter ' " . 14 cases Englith Mutkett and Bayoned 50 cask fresh Loodoo Mustard 179 pigt Block Tin . . , 50 caskt dry Whit Lead , . 20 ktgi green Paint ' j, - , 140 pitce twilled Sacking ' ' . 24 piece narrow and 10 do wide CrM Bagging - ... . 13 niacM Hon Barrins ' ' - 1 bale Streftt Osoaburgbs ' " , 2 do Cod Lioet . . - ' ' 7 pun. Jam. Bum .; ' , ' ' 8 catkt Russia Tallow ' 1 nna rina itoot ' , j 2 bale blue and black Wet of Eogl - Broad Cloth - . . 8 case Mull Jaconet and Fancy MwU 1 trunk of M ad rat H kit ; " " t Art StliM. RnndttllMI. - J . . . j L i a J.P.IIu Rati t so rnoiea oimwn, j w - 6 do uper.oe Plate Calicoes " ' ; f; 1 do Milinets t do London mad SF 1 do Sajlori Woolen Cep.. '

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