Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 4, 1937 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1937
Page 10
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Mason City's Calendar Feb. 4--Double Y. Valentine dance at Y. M. C. A. Feb. 6.--Monthly meeting of U. C. T. and auxiliary with 6:30 p. m. supper Feb. 15--James E. Gheen of New York to address joint evening meeting of Chamber of Commerce and service clubs. Here In Mason City The Brick Masons Union No. 21 of Mason Cily, Iowa, scale of wages will be S1.25 per hour, becoming effective April 1, 1937.-John Horn, Secretary. At the Dcnison Community center Wednesday, 190 saw movies showing historical and scenic spots in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Washington. 25c supper Olivet church, Friday, 6 to 8 p. in. Pioneer boj's will holt! a skating parly on the Central school grounds at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. · An Indian club demonstration given by the physical education department of the Y. M. C. A., under the leadership of Dick Haskins and Dick Holman, will be featured at the meeting of the McKinley community center Friday evening. Movies will also be shown. Carl' Talelieii, superintendent of the city water department, ret u r n e d late Wednesday from a two weeks' visit with friends in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Cal. E. V. Kuckcr, 24 Sixteenth street northeast, was fined ?S and costs by Police Judge Morris Laird Thursday on a charge of speeding. Rucker was arrested'by police at Tenth sireel and Snuth Federal avenue at 6:30 o'clock Thursday morning. Kalph Dennis, 152K- Eleventh s t r e e t southwest, a n d Marie Sprqut, IB 1 ,!; Adams avenue southwest, were each sentenced to attend t r a f f i c school on charges of traffic violations. Herman Peterson, West Haven, forfeited a. SI bond posted when summoned to traffic court on a charge of double parking. A car driven by Paul McAuley, 8',-e Adams avenue southwest, was struck by a car at Fifteenth strce' and North Federal avenue about 12:45 o'clock Thursday morning Andrew Olson, acting count} agent, will lead a discussion on the responsibility of the producer .-and the consumer to each olhei at^a meeting lo be held at Hanlontown Wednesday evening. Mrs. A. L. Kirby, Hold Cerro Gordo, has received word of the death of the infant son of hei nephew, Carl Anderson, and Mrs Anderson, Rapid Cily, S. Dak They formerly lived at Clear Lake. Birth certificates have been filed for Thomas Alvin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin C. Frisk, 623 Wasliinglon avenue iiorlhwest born Jan. 20, and Barbara Ellen daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Car Erbs, Mason Cily, born Jan. 28. Suffers Frozen Feet in Lumber Camp Mishap Mrs. Martin Lund, 1322 Nortf Connecticut avenue, has rcceivec a letter from her brother, Joe Triggs, Bemidji,' Minn., telling of a lumber 'camp mishap which brought him a pair of frozen feet A fire destroyed a bunkhouse at the camp where Mr. Tri, worked when kerosene poured into a stove caused an explosion One man was killed and the others, chased into the 42 below zero weather in their night clothes suffered frozen limbs in their half mile run lo the nearest dwelling If Ruptured Cut This Out and m a t ) it with n a m e and address I W. S. Rice, Inc., 367E Main St., Adam N. Y. You will receive absolutely lr anrt no obligation a Rcmiinc test and fill particulars of his amazing Method lor reducible Rupture control thai is brin," ing a new ease, comfort and frcedo tr thausands who have suffered f years. 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A report on the outcome of the -·onfereuce, which was called to discuss the teacher retirement and the stale support lor schools measures now before the Iowa legislature, was made by H. H. Boyce, delegate Irom the Mason City high school and junior col-, lege. Also in attendance from Mason City · were . Miss Lena Nicholas, delegate from the Grade Teachers association, and James Rae, high school principal and past president of the Iowa State Teachers association. Many Turned Back. The various schools of the state were invited to send representatives to the conference and approximately 160 representatives of teacher groups were there. However, due to road conditions many started out but had to turn back. The conference opened with a luncheon at Fort Des Moines hotel during which each person announced the town and group he represented. Such introduction gave all an opportunity to learn how nearly statewide the attendance was. Almost every county in the state was represented, accord- Ing to Mr. Boyce. Guests of the conference were Speaker La Mar Foster of the house; Chairman Sours of the schools committee of (lie house and Chairman Hoffman of the education committee of the senate. All three spoke briefly and commented favorably upon the teacher retirement measures. Superintendent Bangs of Manchester outlined briefly the bill for state support of schools. The measure is now in the hands of a. committee of the house. As presented, it would reduce property .tax levy for schools in the state 512,000,000, that sum to be taken froni (he general lund of the stale. Superintendent Larson of Ames discussed the proposed bill for teacher retirement. He explained how, by an assessment from the salary of every teacher subscribing to -the ,measure, supplemented with a small annual payment by the state, legislation might be made effective at once with a consequent immediate improvement in the schools of Iowa and an increase in employment. Are Still Retained. The discussion which followed emphasized the point that many schools have leathers who because of their age should be retired for the good of the schools. However, they are retained because of a recognition of a lifetime of faithful service. According to Mr. Boyce, Speaker Foster advised all present to carry back to their communities a report on legislation to date and to notify their legislators of their interest, not just by individual letters, but by resolutions o£ individual organizations as well as by a council organization as a unit representative, of all community organizations. Good Reminder of Highway Safety Problem MRS. HAGENSQN, 56, DIES HERE Funeral Services lo Be Held Saturday Afternoon at 2 O'clock. Mrs. Kli/cabeth Hagcnson, 56, died at her home, 1002 Sixth street southwest, about 9 o'clock Wednesday evening following an illness of three months. She was the head nurse of the city hospital. Surviving Mrs. Hagenson are her husband, Nick Hagenson, a daughter, Mrs. Delbert Kay, Ma^ son City; a sister, Mrs. Bert Briggs, St. Paul; and three brothers, Clifford McEnelly, Waterloo; Charles McEnelly, Hanlontown, and Bert McEnelly, Goodridgc, Minn. She was preceded in death by her parents and one brother in 1905. Funeral services will be held at the McAuley funeral home Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with (he Rev. W i l l i a m Galbrelh, pastor of tlifi Olivet M. E. church, in charge of services. The body was taken to the McAuley funeral home. B. A. Degree Received by Gilmore Hartigan at University of Iowa Gilmore Hartigan, son of Mrs. Mable Hartigan, 304 First street southeast, has relurned ' to Mason City following his graduation with a B. A. degree from the liberal arts course at the University ol Iowa, Feb. 2. Mr. Hartigan attended the local junior college two years; then attended Drake university a year, and finished his course at the U n i - versity of Iowa. While a t t e n d i n g Drake university, he joined Alpha Phi Omega, scouting fraternity, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LOCAL DIVISION IN FIRST PLACE Wins Lost Time Accident Campaign of Standard Oil Company. To the Mason City division of the Standard Oil company goes the honor of taking first place in the Lost Time Accident campaign for the year 1936. This campaign, conducted by Standard.Oil of Indiana in all of its 30 divisions operating in the middlewest,' is an annual affair. The Mason City division, to take first place, went through the year without a lost time accident. According to Howard ,E. Jackson, safety supervisor, in charge of this .work, the Mason Cily division has 345 employes,-localed in 30 north Iowa counties. The rating is based on million man hours worked and according to Mr. Jackson, the local office has gone since January, 1935, without a lost time accident. WOOD TURNING DEMONSTRATED Hathaway Tells Kiwanians of Working in Wood on Lathe. A demonstration of wood turning on a lathe was given by P. B. Hathaway, head of the high school manual training department, following a talk to the Kiwanis club in Hotel Manford Thursday noon. "Wood turning is one oL the most enjoyable hobbies," Mr. Hathaway declared, atter lelling of Ihe commercial possibililies of this slrill, when combined with other handicraft. He described the various types of wood turning, use of tools and exhibited samples of work. Mr. Hathaway, who . has been head of the manual training department for 17 years, said wood turning was known to the aricienl Egyptians. Only recently has mass production of power machines brought tlic price to Us present low point. The lathe which Mr. H a t h a w a y used in his demonstration was furnished by Currie- Van Ness company. Max Boyd, who introduced Mr. Hathaway, .said a craftsman's club has been formed here which meets twice a month for the purpose of studying woodworking. Carl Henkle announced that the Kiwanis club will meet Monday night, Feb. IS with She Chamber of Commerce and other service clubs when Jimmie Gheen will speak. Mr. Henkel, who had heard Mr. Gheen at Ihe International Kiwanis convention at San Antonio, spoke highly of his abilities. Guests were Klco H. G i l d n e r ol Austin. Minn., F. \V. Vorhies and F. R. Curric. Dye Goes to Edgewood Arsenal for 12 Weeks Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Dye anrt children, Betty Twelfth street and Keith, northwest, 107 l e f t Thursday for Baltimore, Md., where Mr. Dye has been ordered to report for active service at Edgcwood Arsenal for a period of 12 weeks as captain in the chemical warfare service of the United States army. Mr. Dye is chief chemisl at the Jacob E. Decker and Sons packing plant. Before returning several eastern points of interest will be visited by the family, including Washington, Annapolis and Gettysburg. William Allen White believes some sort of compromise can be worked out between the "security" and "free opportunity" permitted lo scale the Alps, but handrails will be provided.--Barron's. The people of Hancock county are going to be reminded of the' street and highway safety problem everytime they enler their public buildings. This picture is of a "spot map" prepared by Ihe county safely council, headed by Mrs. C. E. Barnes of Garner, for display in the Garner postoffice. Like maps are to be posted at the county courthouse and in public places at Britt, Crystal Lake and other points in the county, according lo plans. On the maps pins will be sluclc to indicate the spols where accidents have occurred within Uie year. When this piclurc was t a k e n , Ihere were three pins--Iwo wilh yellow heads to denote slight personal injuries and one, at Britt, lo denote a pedestrian injury. The Hancock counly unit was organized only a month and a halt ago and already there arc nearly 400 members displaying the star of safely on Ihe rear license plates, of their automobiles and pledged to safe driving practices. Officers, besides Mrs. Barnes, include Dr. A. i.. Judd, Kanawha; Dr. W. F. Missman, Klemme, and Supt. G. W. Beacom, Corwith, vice presidents; Mrs. J. E. Tierney, Garner, secretary, and Chris Gilstrap, Crystal Lake, treasurer; directors. Mayor A. C. Johnson, Corwith; Mayor J. L, Loyd, Britt; Mayor A. O. Christenson, Crystal Lake; Mayor John Bode, Woden; Mayor J. J. Slille, Klemme; Dr. C. R. Powers, Kanawha; Supt. Russell Fish, Goodell and Mayor I. C. Hastings ot Garner. At a meeting of Garner club women sponsored Tuesday night by the Hancock council, J. J. Burnett, Mason City, assistant slate chief of Ihe driver's license division, was the speaker. The slogans in the right hand corner of Ihe picture, "Save a hundred -lives" and "It can be done" have been adopted for the statewide program of which the Hancock county council is.a part. Spot maps such as Ihe above are lo be maintained in every part of the state as a part of this same statewide program too. At the Hospifols Charles Prohaski, route 4, was admitted to the Park hospital Wednesday for a minor operation. Mrs. Forrest Bull and infant son, 406 Thirteenth street northeast, were dismissed from the Story hospital Wednesday. Miss Palma Bilstad, 2()(i Third street northeast, was a d m i t t e d to the Mercy hospital Thursday for a minor operation. Mrs. A r t h u r Lundberg, Northwood, was admitled to the Park hospital Wednesday for treatment. W. H. Board, 1417 Virginia avenue northeast, was admitted to the Story -hospital Tuesday for treatment. Mrs. Frank Senneff, Brilt, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Thursday for a minor operation. Stanley Brown, Rock Falls, was admitted to the Park hospilal Wednesday for treatment. Mrs. John Osnes, Clear Lake, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Wednesday for. treatment. Mrs. R. A. Thcisen, Algona, was ndmittcd lo Ihc Park hospilal Wednesday for a m a j o r operation. Mrs. Edwin Zook. Clear Lake, was dismissed from the Park hospital Wednesday following treatment. A son weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wcston Warner, 22 Adams avenue northwest, at the Park hospital Wednesday. A daughter weighing 8 pounds 12 ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Knyder, 208 Twenty- first street southeast, at the Park hospital Wednesday. Marriage is a blessing. It's the casict way to get somebody to seem interested and say, "Atta- boy!"--Davenport Times. GOVERNOR TO BE ON PROGRAM OF IOWA GATHERING J. A. Van Ness, Mason City, to Preside at All Sessions. An attendance of 2,500 hardware dealers is expected nl the .lih'ly-rjinth annual convention of the Iowa Retail Hardware association to be hold at Des Moines Feb. 9 to 12, according to indications at the o f f i c e of the organization here ;ind hotel reservations, Philip R. Jacobson, secretary, slated. The theme of the convention program will be "How--developed daily by session themes--· "How to Manage, Sell, Merchandise, etc." lo better meet consumer needs. Tuesday morning the opening session will be held in the Hotel Savery with the following speakers: Gov. Nelson G. Kraschel, Des Moines; Rivers Peterson, editor of Hardware Helailer, Indianapolis, Ind.; J. W. Slocum, secretary, Iowa Pharmaceutical association, Des Moines. A Question and answer period on the social security law will be in charge of Mr. Jacobson and A_ C. Kammeier, Mason City, field service manager, Iowa Retail Hardware association. Also mi Program. Other speakers will be Harry Boyd Brown, national merchandising manager, Phiico Radio anc Television corporation, Philadel phia: E. J. Malloy, secretary Wisconsin Food Distributors association, Milwaukee, Wis.; G. W The United Spanish War Vet- ^ ul , ! . ey , m ^ rcl ; an1 it s . c ;' vicc erans held their first meeting un- '" der the newly elected officers at the V..F. W. hall Wednesday evening. The new officers are: Steve Barren, commander; Charles Bistline, senior vice commander J. F. Corcoran, j u n i o r vice commancdr; George Ficken, officer of the day; C. L. Nutting, officer of the guard; Starr Parker, adjutant; H. L. Brown, quartermaster; C. E. Fierson, senior color sergeant; M. J. Dixon, junior color sergeant; M. S. Barren, chaplain, and J. P. McGuire, E. E. Flemming and J. Boyle, trustees. Mr. Ban-on, Clarence Harris and Starr Parker were named on the Memorial association committee. The organization voted $5 for flood relief. UNITED SPANISH WAR VETS MEET Commander Steven Bar'ron Other New Officers Take Charge. TO HELP FIGURE EMPLOYER'S TAX State Employment Service to Assist in Making Returns. The Iowa stale employment office has the proper blanks and its personnel is at the service of employers in making out their unemployment returns lor compensation tax 1936, Frank Ball, manager, announced Thursday. Mr. Ball was in DCS Moines Wednesday, together with other employment office managers, con- fering with the Iowa unemployment commission on the matter of expediting the returns. "The returns are due on Feb. 15 and the penalty attaches on Feb. 16," said Mr. Ball. "But due to the short time the blanks have been available, our offices were asked lo give what help we could." Funeral Rites Held for Frank Rice at St. Joseph's Church Solemn requiem high mass was celebrated Wednesday al Hie St. Joseph's Catholic church by the IU. Rev. Monsignor P. S. O'Connor Tor Frank Rice, 85, who died Sunday morning at his home, 824 Connecticut avenue northeast, following an illness of one week. Pallbearers were John P. Hogan, Earl Lambert, J. W. Arenlsen, Richard MeGuire, Edward O'Donnell and John Skopec. Ushers were Howard Cloarman and Francis Tcnney. To Preside J. A. VAN NESS HENRY DYER, 36, INJUR Step; National Cash Regislcr company Dayton, Ohio; Harry L. Fugle- man, sales counselor, Zenith Radio corporation, Chicago; Frani G. Herman, Furblo company, Hermansvillc, Midi.; M. G. Skinner, Marathon Finance company, Wausau, Wis. J .A. Van Ness of Muson Cily, president of the Iowa Retail Hardware association, will preside at all sessions. Harry Jacobs 15 Off Second Floor a Brick and Tile Plant Grinding Station. Henry Dyer, 3G, received injuries above his right eye and on his wrist when he fell 12 feet froir Ihe second lo the first floor o the central grinding station a Plant No. 7 of the Mason Cit\ brick and tile plants about 3:15 o'clock Thursday morning. Dyer was standing near the edge of an opening left by workmen while machinery was bcin dismantled. He turned and stcppe off from the floor into open space according to workmen. He wa: taken to the Park hospital, when his condition was reported as tai Thursday afternoon. Mr. Dyer resides in Wcsl Ha of Davenport vice president and the directors present will be C. Ben Bjornstad, Spencer; Frank Rodgers, Ames; C. E. Pedrick, Douds; A. C. Hansen, Holstein; Harry E. Vieth. Oakland; Louis L. Hill, Postville, and E. E. Brenner of Marshalltpwn. Special entertainment has been provided for the ladies auxiliary of which Mrs. A. C. Hansen of Holstein is president. There will be a luncheon at Younker's Tea room Wednesday and on Thursday a second luncheon in the Hotel Savery at which time Mias Marian Van Ness, harpist, and Mrs. Philip R. Jacobson, soprano soloist, both of Mason City, will present a program. To EntcrUiii. Billy B. V a n , the famous comedian of the late '20's and now a successful manufacturer, will be on Ihc e n t e r t a i n m e n t program Wednesday evening in addition to a stage show. The annual ball will be held Thursday evening. All entertainment will be held in the Hotel Savery. In connection with the convention, the Iowa Hardware and House . Furnishings show will be held in the coliseum. In addition to the main arena, the new room on,the second floor of the Coliseum will be filled to capacity with displays of merchandise. The Iowa Hardware and House Furnishings show with its "00 displays is rated lo be one of the largest in (he northwest. There will be in attendance buyers from several a d j o i n i n g sl;i(es, according ID Mi-. Jncobson, ;i's.jocia- tion secretary. Tlic Church nf Chrisl has iln- nated G,T pairs of shoes and 2fl!i articles of clothing for flood relief. PRACTICE L I M I T E D TO PLATE WORK Clean Out Poisonous Acids Your Ktrlneys c o n t a i n mil lion t i n y lubes or filters i\*hrch may he cntimt- fl creel by neglect or drastic, i r r i l a l i n j ; rirups. He careful. If f u n c t i o n a l K i d n r y or Bladder disorders m a k e you suffer from Getting Up Nights, Kcrvoitanes.T, 1*055 of Pep, Pains. R h e u m a t i c Pains, Dizziness. Circle. 1 ; Under Eyc.s, Ncui'.ilpin, A c i d i t y , Hiii n i n e . S m a r l i n p or 11 chin 5, dcn'l lake vli.incm. Get ihr cJot'lofs flvtr- anlccd p r o c r i p t i t m Cyslcx. t h e mo.-t modern n r l v a n r r d 1 r r v i l m r n l for t h c s u Irmihlr^. ?ir).0niu)i ricjin.silcrl xi/itli H a n k of AnieriLM. Los AnjrrJrs, 7n()fonii;i. £ijflr.nnlce.=; l h a l Cyslex must hrinjr new v i t a l i t y in -IB hours ami m a k e you fp^l year*, younger in n n o week or m o n r y back on rntiun of nrnpty pac!;ice- Tnir- plionc your d r u g g i s t for sunrnntoctt Cyslox (Si,tt-Tcxt lothiy. IOWA'S ^^ ffbgl TON BEST COAL ljP©elTO CASH Thousands of homes use this Iowa Coal. It will pay you to try it. Fitl your bin at flit's Bargain price. TON CASH Good Grade ILLINOIS NUT * We also have a full line of good Eastern Kentucky and Illinois Coal. 309 THIRD STREET S. W. Mrs. Samuel Twining Obtains Divorce Here Judge T. A. Bc;irdinorc grantee ·A divorce Wednesday to Mrs Lcnore E. Twining on her tcsli mony charging her liusbutio Siimucl A. Twining, with erne and inhuman treatment. Tlic dc cree also awarded the p h i i n l i f the right to resume her maide name, Swinehnrt. The toupl was married Jan. 8, 103-1, at Wa terloo. LARGER BUILDING SHOW PROPOSED OR THIS SPRING Committee at Work Making Study of Booths and Other Phases. Extensive plans are already indor way on the annual biiild- ng and home tiu'nishing show, ivhich will be held at the high chool gymnasium probably April 7, 0, and !). A committee made up of 11. D. Makeover, Ray E. Pauley, lohn Moen, H. R. Holloway and I. M. Knudson, has been selected .p make a study of the silua- ion with the purpose in view o£ nuking improvements in the 1937 show. A partially new booth arrangement, additional prizes and possibly an evening style show arc among the plans discussed for the project. Recently elected officers of the exchange are: Ray E. Pauley, president: H. D. Makeover, vice president; H. C. Determan, treasurer, and Frank Mclius and John Moen, directors. The Chamber of Commerce furnishes the secretarial work for the organization. Firemen Extinguish Two Small Fires Here Firemen extinguished a fire in a trailer liovise owned by Harry Christcnsen, 2221'j Twenty-first street southeast, shortly after 1 o'clock Thursday afternoon. The house was located at the rear of the lot. An overheated stove pipe ivas the cause of the fire. Wednesday evening firemen helped R. K. Ferris extinguish a fire in his home, 510 Carolina avenue southeast. The gas pipe lo his stove caught fire from the pilot light when he attempted lo move the stove while painting the floor. No 1'ills Arc Needed ThoUM^ul-t of sufferers. rnaJty tnse* of vpars stltnillir,,', altor n a t n s U D G A . report amazing relief. l/PGA relieves you of |i:ilu, imuJicii, and olllfrr discomforts. UDGA Is hiEMV rcr- ojmjieniJed for UlL-ors. Acid Dy3ie;?siu, Jrearl- lumi, T n d f g p s t l n n and flna Tains, uhcn due ' . Knur: SAMPLE or UDGA Michael, Ford Hopkins ami Wal- ereen Druff SUires. C H I R O P O D I S T Successor lo Dr. J. D. Keclcr 316 1st. Nat. Bk. Bldg. Pli. 331 OLD MOWAWK INDIAN TONIC ith this \vondcr- l swccl tas\in^. quick and easy laxative. OLD _ MOHAWK, TONIC "is a 'body LuilcU'r, it is readily absorbed into tho system whore it begins work by aiding ihc Slom- *ich, J-twjr imrt Intestines lo perform their duties thor- o u g h l y , wiuiin i:» hours it will drive poisons from yim- systom .is hmck ,ns ink. Try it foi- Jii(ifi(,'c:;lio:) l BiJ- lou.iiiL'ss, Const!' nniion. Ftliciinia- Tisiii, or niiy other form of stomach rlhuicior. L i m i t /,'. In n customer. H U X T A B L E DRUG CO. 116 South Federal aircil A n y w h e r e loc per H o l l l c EXTIIA * * /ril l^-=«5^^?k- f ftlGUSM WMUT IS WoT EMllSH [ Proof of this will he found in our Ad on \Viinf Ad 1'a^c TliE Who's A V h o (if iMolprrlnm is ri'prn.srnlctt in our fine .·iclci:liiu (if R. and .',. renown! .and f r n n i ; i n l f c l nsod r;irs. Sen (linn, comp u r e l l i r m i n i p u n l i t y ant valm:, a n i l K f l I l i c t n i t l i ! 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