The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 6, 1944 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1944
Page 20
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20 Thursday, Jan. 6, 1941 MASON CITlf GLOBE-GAZETTE It is estimated that there will be 936 billion excess cash in civilians' pockets this year in the U. S. D A N C E Rudd, Iowa FRIDAY , JANUARY 7 HUCK SHAFFER AND HIS ORCHESTRA PALACE · END FRIDAY · _ AND "JIVE JUNCTION 77 " DICKIE MOORE Mat. Zlc - Eve. 30c . Fins Tax NO CROPS LOST DURING HARVEST Dry Fall Great Aid in Iowa, Decker States Des Moines, (yP)--Iowa exper- enced an abnormally dry fall but" he eflect was to permit the harvesting ol bumper crops without oss, S. E. Decker, assistant direc- or of the Iowa section of the wea- her bureau, said. Rainfall was. below normal in the fall months and indications are that December was considerably below normal, but the general crop outlook was not affected because of the wet summer, he asserted, adding: "The dry fall was somewhat de- rimental to winter wheat, but :owa does not grow much of that crop. Pastures were probably hurt, s were fall seedings, but the ieneral picture is not affected. "The excess precipitation of the summer months about offset the deficiency of the fall. Farmers experienced some difficulty from the wetness of the summer, but the rain brought bumper crops. "The effect of the dry fall was to enable the harvesting of the bumper crops without loss. If a dry fall followed a-dry summer it probably would be more detrimental, but Iowa crops depend to a great extent upon the moisture from March to June." St. BEGIN NEW JOBS Ansgar -- Mrs. George Halvorson has accepted a position as clerk at Paul Rosel's dry goods store and Mrs. Clara Brogmus, who has been a clerk there for the past year has accepted a position in the office of Robert Spencer. Mrs. Ernie J. Hansen, who has been in Mr. Spencer's office, will be employed in the REA office. All started their duties Monday morning. n c TILL 6:00 - THEN o -1 c Plus T» - Child. lOe £, 1 THURS. - FRI. A iwttthurt «f * kit . . . with m.slc CO-HIT IT'S TERRIFYING "OX BOW INCIDENT" HENRY FONDA Trade in Light Hogs Strong MAC'S TRUCKERS FRI. DON ERICKSON, Sat., Sun. LATE BUS WED. - FBI. - SAT. - SUN. B A L L R O O M A U S T I N MINN Namie Gerlach Fri. Don Strickland Sat. and Sun. HOLD BEEF, PORK GAIN TEMPORARY Experts Doubt Supply Will Continue to Hold Ames--C u r r e n t increases in supplies of beef and pork and subsequent reductions in point prices are only temporary, extension specialists at Iowa State college predict. Present increased beet supplies are at the expense of the future, Rex Beresford, extension beef spcialist, warns. They represent to a considerable extent the slaughter of cattle which normally would have gone into the feed lots to help furnish a steady flow of beef for the rest of the year. Pork, on the other hand, should continue in good supply. But there will undoubtedly be times when the consumer will not receive as much pork for his points at the present time. E. L. Quaife, extension hog specialist, accounts for the large pork supplies by the fact that ssyine producers have been marketing a record breaking crop of hogs. Combined with shortages of help "at the packing plants, this has led to an accumulation o f . supplies overtaxing storage facilities. Hog receipts at markets will continue high for another 5 or 6 weeks, Quaife believes, and then will begin to decline. The 1944 spring pig crop will be smaller than last year, and will continue to be marketed at lighter weights. The demand is bound to continue broad. Miss Marie Budolfson, extension home management specialist, reports that releasing pork from rationing is not advisable. In the first place, pork supplies are not large enough. Furthermore, releasing pork from rationing would free brown stamps for such things as buiter and beef, which are too scarce to permit increasing buying. FRESH RECEIPTS SHOW DECLINE Holdover Swine Serve to Swell Offerings Chicago, (£)--Although salable arrivals of hogs dropped sharply, swine held over from Thursday's session swelled receipts again to exceed slaughter requirements, and another sizable holdover was expected Wednesday. Fed steers and yearlings were steady, with few strictly choice grades in run. Slaughter lambs and sheep were active and fully steady. Arrivals of 24,000 hogs included 12,000 on direct billings to packers and with the 19,000 heldovers head it was estimated holdover would number 15,000 for Thursday. Trading was slow, but weights under 200 pounds, which have been selling at a discount, gained 25 cents. Good and choice 200 to 300 pound weights brought S13.75, the top. Receipts at the 12 leading midwestern markets were 143,600 head, a sharp drop from earlier in the week, but larger than a week ago when shipments totaled 122,683. Midwest Livestock (THURSDAY'S PRICES) Albert Lea, Austin, Minn. Mmn. Trend Steady steady Good Butchers-140-150 Ibs t S.80 J 9.60 150-160 Ibs tlO.VO $10.60 160-170 Ibs. 111.10 5 1 1 . 1 0 170-180 Ibs. J11.70 S11.60 180-200 Ibs »12.20 $12.20 200-220 Ibs 113.40 $13.40 220-240 Ibs. S13.40 $13.40 240-260 Ibs $13.40 $13.40 260-270 Ibs $13.40 $13.40 270-300 Ibs S13.40 813.40 300-330 Ibs $12.75 £12.90 330-360 Ibs (12.75 $12.30 Good Packing Sows-270-300 IDS $11.70 911.90 300-330 Ibs $11.70 ' S11.90 330-360 Ibs. $11.70 S11.90 360-400 Ibs S11.60 511,00 400-450 Ibs $11.50 S11.80 -500 Ibs 511.40 511.70 -550 Ibs SI 1.30 Waterloo Steady S11.50 $11.40 $12.70 113.43 $13.45 $13.45 $13.45 $13.45 $13.00 $12.80 $11.90 $11.90 SI 1.90 $11.30 SI 1.70 $11.60 Cedar Rapids Steady $11.00 $11.40 S12.SU . $13.45 $13.45 $13.45 $13.25 $12.90 112.70 $11.80 $11.80 $11.60 S11.70 S11.60 '$11.40 (WFA)--Salable total 24,000; slow; 00 pounds and CECIL MASON CITY'S BEST THEATER NOW PLATING A TRULY GREAT SHOW An adventure serast IT'S S O M E T H I N G T O S H O U T A B O U T ! Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. STATE Thursday - Friday Only A K CLEARUKE ENDS - THURSDAY "WATCH ON THE RHINE" FRI. - SAT. Merle OBERON Brian AHERNE Co-Hit WILLIAM BOYD "UNDERCOVER MAN" "KING OF THE MOUNTIES' hogs 12,000; weights over sows steady; weights under 200 pounds strong o 25 cents higher; good and loice 200 to 300 pounds $13.75 he top; 310 to 340 pounds $12.75 o S13.IO; 170 to 190 pounds $12.25 o $13.00; 150 to 170 pounds ?11.50 o $12.50; good and choice 300 to 50 pound sows $12.00 to $12.25; stimated holdover 15,000. Salable cattle 5,000; salable alves 800; fed steers and year- ings including yearling heifers, teady; fairly dependable trade on medium and good grade; these iredominating in run at $13.00 to 15.00; very few strictly choice attle here; top $16.50; bulk $13.00 o $16.00; best heifers $15.65; cows n liberal supply, weak to 15 cents ower; most common and medium beef cows $8.25 to 510.25; with good offerings $11.00 upward; bulls active, firm; weighty sausage of- "erings to $12.00; «vealers scarce nd firm at $15.00 down; stock cattle dull. Salable sheep 10,000; total 13,000; slaughter lambs and sheep active; early sales fully steady to shade higher; good and choice fed vooled western lambs $15.10 to $15.25; early top $15.25 to shippers on about 600 head well finished ambs; about 3 loads good lambs $14.75; 3 loads medium to mostly ;ood fed western ewes $7.35. GRAIN PRICES MAKE ADVANCE May Wheat Future Clings to Ceiling Chicago, (£)--The May wheat future clung to the ceiling of 51.71% Thursday and all deferred contracts advanced under aggressive' mill buying. The July delivery was ,.at its highest price since 1928 and September at its best level since 1917. Gains of about a cent were recorded at times, but these were shaved in the late trading by profit-taking. Oats and rye advanced at times with the bread cereal, but barley was only steady. Ceiling prices were quoted for oats and barley in the cash trade. Purchases- of corn, on a to-arrive basis from the country were somewhat disappointing, totaling around 75.00C bushels. Dealers had expected larger marketings because of improved weather conditions. At the close wheat was unchanged to % higher; May $1.71-TMs: oats were up % to %; May 79%: rye was unchanged to ¥3 higher May Sl.SOis to $1.30V, and barley was V* lower to a cent higher May 51.22%. STOCK LEADERS MAKE RETREAT Inclination of Traders Is to Take In Profits New York, (IP)--An inclination o rake in profits after the strong -session rally put brakes or 'hursday's stock market anc Tany leaders retreated fractions o a point or so. A little support arrived Dear the lose and extreme losses were re- uced in most cases, with plus igns in evidence here and there "ransfers were around 800,000 hares. Behind most of the time wen J. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Chrysler U. S. Rubber, Sears Roebuck, In- ernational Harvester, Kennecott Jeneral Electric, duPont, South :rn Railway and Western Union 'A." Occasional gainers included chenley, Santa Fe, Great North ern. Woohvorth, Douglas Aircraf nd J. C. Penney. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN' (Thursday Market) Chicigo, (/P|--Wheat, none. Barley, mailing $l.22',4ftl.44 nominal feed S1.15'.i{n.22.. nominal. Soybeans. No. 1, yellow 51-90. Field seed per 100 Ibs.. timothy Sa.To'i? 6 nominal; red top S14'F( 15 nominal; re clover 531.50;- sweet clover S10.50 nomi Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY--For Thursday Steady to 1C1 cents lower. Good lipht lights 140-150 S 8.9ft ood light liRhts 150-160 S 9.50 Good light lights 160-170 $10.90 Good lipht Ijfihts 110-180 $11.30 3ood lipht lights 180-200 SI2.90 Good lipht lights 200-220 S13.40 Good med. wt. butchers .. 220-240 S13.40 Good med. wt. butchers .. 240-270 S13.4Q lood med. \vt. butchers .. 270-300 313.40 iood med. wt. butchers .. 300-330 S13.00 iood med. wt. butchers .. 330-360 S12.75 Good packing sows 270-300 Sll.dO ood sows 300-330 Sll.30 Sood' sows 330-360 Stl.80 3ood sows 360-400 Sll.80 d sows 400-450 SI 1.70 Good sows , 450-500 £11.60 Due ID excessive run of hog*, please call the p l a n t before delivering: mny hots. JACOB E. DECKER SONS. CATTLE MASON CITY--For Th'ursday Choice steers and heifers .. SI4.Oy-ln.00 Sood steers a n d - h e i f e r s S12.nO-13.aO Med. steers and heifers 510.00-11.50 Com. steers and heifers S 8.00- 9.50 Cows, dry fed S 8.~0- 9,10 Com. cows S ".50- 8.00 Butcher bulls S 0.00-10.00 Bologna bulls 55.00- 9.00 Botopna bulls, lipht S 7.00- Cutters s 6.00- . Canncrs. heavy S 5.0(1- 6 00 Canners. licht $4.00-5.00 Fancy select calves .' SI2.00-I3.00 Calves, cd. to choice. 130-190 sll.njl-12.00 Calves, fair to good .. 130-190' S 9,00-10.00 Calves, common to f a i r S 7 50-8 50 Calves, cull S4.00d'wn SHEEP MASON CITY--For Thursday Genuine sp. lambs, cd. to ch. 312.75-13.75 Gen. sp. lambs, med. to good Sll.75-12.ilo Fed ctves. Rood to choice ... S 5.00- 5.50 Common ewes .. s 1 0 0 - 2 0 0 Bucl « S .73- L50 Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Thursday No. 2 white oats 70c No. 2 shelled corn (15V»% moisture) $1.0: No. 2 ear corn (15V4% moisture) 98 No. 2 soybeans $1.8 Barley 75c-$ CHICAGO GRAIN* CLOSE (Thursday Market) Chieaeo, WHEAT-May July Sept Bee OATS-May July Sept RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May July Sept Hid] l.Wt l.WHi 1.70',b .BO .79 . .78 . 1.31 . 1.30'i . 1.29-i . 1.24 . 1.22 Low 1.71'i 1.70V. 163=, 1.6914 . 1.2914 1.2 an 1.2" i, 1. 2 (Hi Clo: 1.71= 1.70 1.69 1.69 s .73 a .77' 1.3TP 1.29: 1,29 1.22 : 1.21 1.20 : Hides $65,690,809 Obtained From 13 Special Taxes and Liquor Monopoly Quotations furnished by W n l f Brntt, Inc 3C18 Fifth Street Southwest Horsehirfc? $6. ·GBEEX BEEF HIDES Bull hirtcs : From l.i Ibs. up I From 15 Ibs. down , l: ·Cured hides Ic a Ib. hipher. Also Ic Ib. higher for preen hide? to wholesale dealers in wholesale quantities. BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN A FUNNY TWNG / AUfJT CLARA, JUST TO SHOWrtXJ HOW SMALL THe V/ORLC IS;--- THERE^ FELLA COMES HERE, CALLED ' TVO'GUM TERRV, ---- AMD HE SAYS HE KMEW -yOU WHEN YOU WERE A SCHOOL MARM FORTY YEARS AFOUMD HERE ASAJMr THAN Ah! EGG-BEATER./ I NEVER TAUGHT FIRST TIME I SAW AGO IN 'HANGKNOTV COUPLE OF YEARS A HABIT OF GETTIM PEOPLE AAIXED UP- CRYPTOQUOTE--A cryptogram quotation J H J B B I J M J H R M W B'E X B R V V B J R M H Y H A W D O W C C X I W D R U J C H Y W C C W V J H -- Yesterday's Cryptoquote: DO NOT WORK FOR NECESSITY; WORK FOR THE GLORY OF1VORKING--ROUSSEAU. Produce (Merchant Quotations)' Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse MASON CITY--For Thursda Sggs, current receipts 26 Springs, heavy breeds 24 ^eghorn springs, 2 Ibs. over 21 ·leavy hens 21c -lens, under 4 Ibs 18c Cocks, heavy 17c locks, Leghorns loc All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less Sggs, at retail 36c 3utter, Iowa State Brand ....49c Butter, Corn Country 48c 3utter, Brookfield 49c Butter, Decker's lowana 49c CHICAGO POULTRY (Thursday Market) Chicago. (/Tt--Poultry, live, steady; no cars, 21 trucks; market unchanged. K. Neu Announces Young Republicans of 15 States Will Meet Des M nines, (/P)--Young republican leaders from 15 states will meet in conference here on Jan. 22 and 23, Kenneth Neu, publicity director of the Young Republican league of Iowa, announced Wednesday. Arthur H. Jacobson. chairman of the Iowa group, will preside. States included are Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota. South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Iowa. Schweinfurt Bombing Reacted Disastrously for Nazis, Red Says - London, (/P)--American bombing of. the Schweinfurt bearing works in Germany "reacted disastrously for Hitler on the eastern front," a soviet commentator said Wednesday in a Moscow broadcast. "This was a hard blow to Hitler's war machine and it reacted disastrously for Hitler on, the eastern front," he said. "Allied bombers are raiding war industries with the result seen in the catastrophic retreat in the east." .Sixty U. S. bombers were lost in the Schweinfurt attack Oct. 14. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Thnrday Market! Chicago. (/PI--Butter, firm: receipts 300.438; market unchanged. Eggs, receipts 9,751; unsettled; market unchanged. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Thursday Market) Chicago, in~ t --(W. F. A . ) -- O f f i c i a l l y estimated salable livestock receipts for Friday: Hogs 3,000: cattle 1,500; sheep 9,000. ICE CREAM SPECIALS Friday - Saturday Hand Packed, Quarts Hand Packed, Pints Machine Packed, Quarts ....... Machine Packed, Pints ........ 49c 24c 34c 15c Home Cooked Luncheons Every Noon -- Except Sunday FREDA'S ice Cream Shop 217 No. Federal Moines. JP)-- T h e state S65,6SO,809 from its 13 DCS lained special taxes and its liquor monopoly profits in 1943, which was 56.936,707 less than the record revenue of 1942, State Treasurer John M. Grimes reported Tuesday. New car freezing and gasoline and tire rationing cut motor vehicle license fees and gasoline tax Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES (Thursday Market) CTncaro. lii*i--(W. F. A.I--Potatoes, arrivals 54: on track 93: total U. S. shipments 8«: supplies lisht: demand for best quality good, market .steady; for other varieties all sections demand very liEht. market dull: Idaho Russet Bvir- banks U. S. No. 1. ^.15^3.25: Minnesota and North Dakota Bli=s Triumphs U S No. 1. ·«.«)«.1: Florida Bli.«s Triumphs U. S. No. 1. S2.SO per 50 Ib. sack. NEW YORK PRODUCE (Thursday Market) Nfw York, .4»j--Butter 667,666; firm. Prices unchanged at ceiling. Cheese 616,231. Nominal, no quotations. Epgs 31,570; weak: current general wholesale sellinc prices as follows: While, extra large 43 Ibs.. and up. 4 ·IRc; large 45 to 47 Ibs.. 39'fi42c: heavy medium 42 to 44 Ibs.. 30'.a i n i 32c: medium 40 to 41 Ibs., 30c; pullets 35 to 38 3bs.. Duck egps, average 52"fi34c; small. 40^ 43c. Brown, extra large 48 Ibs., and ovei 37Vafi38Vac; large 45 to 47 Ibs.. 36',^ 371 ic: heavy medium 42 to 44 Ibs.. 29I "Oc; medium 40 io 41 Ibs.. 27-~fT2Bc: pullets 35 to 38 Ibs.. 24T/24',i,c; mixed colors, exlrn large. 48 Ibs.. and over 38' 4(lc: Jarce 45 to 47 lh?.. 36^37'ic; me- ium 40 to 41 Ibs:.. ZWiG W*c; pullets to 37 Ihr,. 24«iJ24V2C- current receipts 33c: dirties 43 to 44 Ibs.. 30t32',ic; hecks aOfiSUic: refrigerators 29333C. OIL COMPANY MEETS Joice -- The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Community Oil company, which includes Lake Mills and all the surrounding towns, be held at the Mills theater. Lake Mills. Jan. 17. Three directors will be elected. revenue, but other showed increases. tax yields Among the large increases were the 2 per cent state sales tax which produced more than $20,000,000 for the first time; beer and ciga- rct taxes and the oleomargarine f*c. Income taxes totaled $7,261.814; a decrease of only $1,229,688 despite the SO per cent reduction ordered by the last legislature. Mrs. Pierre McCoy Granted Divorce on Grounds of Cruelty Marriotta McCoy was granted a divorce in district court here from Pierre McCoy on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment and desertion, Judge M. H. Kepler who signed the decree also approved a stipulation between the 2- by which she is given custody of a minor child, S30 a month alimony nnd title ot her personal property. The couple was married at Spirit Lake Oct. 15. 1919, and lived together until May 10, 1941, according to her petition. FAMOUS LOVE AFFAIRS A collection of 44 short stories telling the essential details of the love affairs of famous people Antony and Cleopatra, Count Orlov and Catherine the Great, George Eliot and George Lewes, and Jerome Bonaparte and Betsy Patterson. More of romance and human interest has never been brought together in one small volume. Much of it is more fascinating than fiction. 15 cents, postpaid. --Use This Coupon-The Mason City Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskin, Director, Washington, D. C. I inclose herewith 15 cents in coin (carefully wrapped in paper) for a copy of the booklet FAMOUS LOVE AFFAIRS. Name Street or Rural Route City State (Mail to Washington, D. C.) 2 Refresher Courses Available at Iowa U Iowa City --Refresher courses in mathematics and physics now are vailable tuition free to teachers hrough the University ot Iowa extension division. Miss Helen Williams, head of the Hireau of correspondence study, said the courses are offered hrough the co-operation of the 'ederal government as part of the JSMWT program. These courses first were offeree n 1043 when it became apparenl .hat the shortage of teachers would make it necessary for persons with limited knowledge ol mathematics and physics to take over such work. Teachers may start this work ·my time. Miss Williams said. Detailed information will be supplied upon request to the bureau o correspondence study of the University of Iowa. Winfield Pastor Will Conduct Revival Here The Rev. Elbert Dougherty o Winfield will be the guest speake at a series of revival meetings I be held at the Church of the Opei Bible. 17th and Carolina S. E., be ginning Sunday night, Jan. 3, a 8, Services will be held ever, night except Saturday for an in definite period: Mr. Dougherty i a fiery preacher. Meetings ar open to the public, the Rev. Rus sell E. Pope announced. SEES ACCIDENT; DIES DCS Moines, f/P) -- Miss Hele Con.iw.ny, 36, died in a hospital few hours after she collapsed from the excitement and shocK of wit ncssing a t r a f f i c accident. The a tending physician said she su: fered from high blood pressure PUBLIC SALE As I have rented my farm r I will hold a closing out sale at the farm located 5 miles south and 5\' miles west of Mason City; 4 miles.south and ZV-i miles east of Clear Lake; or \V- miles west of Burchinal; on Wednesday, Jan. 12 Commencing at 12:30 p. m. Sharp 30--HEAD OF WHITE FACE CATTLE-30 Three cows; 2 small calves; 5 springing heifers; six heifers, 1 year old. Fourteen steers on feed 120 days. 40--HEAD OF FEEDING PIGS-40 150 LAYING PULLETS AND HENS 150 BALES OF CLOVER HAY FARM MACHINERY, Etc.--Allis Chalmers tractor; 2 row corn plow; 1 2-bottom plow; John Deere corn binder; John Deere 11-foot disc; John Deere manure spreader; 1 22-foot folding pounder harrow with levers; 1 20-foot harrow; International corn planter; 10-foot disc; side delivery rake; hay rake; John Deere 6-foot mower; endgate seeder; single row cultivator; walking plow; 1 wagon and box; 1 small elevator; John Deere gas engine; 1 pump jack; 1 set of steel wheels; 1 drag cart; spring tooth harrow; hay rack; corn sheller; small grinder; 1 2- lamp hog waterer; feed mixer; self feeder; tank heater; cream separator; 2 brooder stoves; and other articles too numerous to mention. Most of this machinery is practically good as new. Some household goods, including cook stove. TERMS: Cash, or if you want time, make arrangements with the clerk before sate. No property to be removed until settled for. ED. LONG, Owner Ora Bayless, Aucl. First National Bank, Mason City, Clerk CLOSING OUT SHORTHORN and FARM SALE Sale starts 12 o'clock noon -- Lunch wagon on grounds As I am quitting farming I will sell my entire herd of Shorthorn cattle, consisting of 16 head of con~s, 9 head of yearling heifers, 10 calves, 7 head yonnsj bulls and my herd bull, DIVIDE EMIGRANT 2051558. Divide Emigrant is a very dark roan, 3 years old. sired by Duke of Killarney. He is very compact, low set build; is a proven sire, and is one of the good balls to be sold at public auction this year. We are not going to a lot of expense for this sale, thereby passing the savings on to the new owners. These cattle are in » condition that will permit yon to estimate their tnte value. MONDAY, JANUARY 10 Farm Is located a half mile west and 4 miles south of Britt, Iowa. 200 WHITE ROCK and 160 WHITE LEGHORN HENS FEED AND GRAIN --400 bales.of straw in barn; about 40 tons ensilage; some baled clover hay; 500 bushels of Boone oats, combined early; 300 bushels of Richland soy beans. 1 TEAM OF MARES, 12 years old, weight about ISM pounds. 1 set of heavy harness in good shape. HOUSEHOLD GOODS: Enameled Round Oak cook stove, in good condition; double burner oil heater, in good condition; china closet kitchen cabinet; 2 bed steads; studio couch; electric iron. MACHINERY --2-row Allis-Chalmers tractor corn planter, used two seasons; John Deere 15-foot tractor disc; 10-foot land roller; McCormick-Deering mower; New Idea manure spreader; four- wheel trailer; wagon with box; 3 feed bunks; electric grinder; pump jack; 5 chicken feeders; 2-bottom 16-in. Minnesota-Moline plow on rubber; 4-section steel harrow: spring tooth harrow; McCormick binder used for windrow ing; John Deere hand corn sheller, good as new; hay rack; wagon box; 4 galvanized hoff troughs; 1-horse electric motor, good running order; vise, in good order; hay «lings. TERMS: Cash, or make arrangements with clerk. No property to be removed until settled for. J. M. TOWNSEND, Owner L. A. Ma (ern, Algona; H. H. Brnmmnnd, Kanawha, Auctioneers First State Bank of Britt will clerk

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