The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 10, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1818
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SALE AT THE SMP - YARD QF .THE SUBSCRIBER, ' ' fxwt t - - A SLOOP, nowhutlding materials, about 100 tons? tmbersoflive - X Vlioak, locust And cedar; bottom plank L1tSSTwWt oak, built on purpose for the Alba - ' y UJe A SLOOP of50 tons. calwiUted fcr ijKut trade where dispatch, burthen, w V'Veas draft of water U required.. A periagua SCHOONER, of - 40 too, .ilwfll draw but little water, wW l - Yv?V board through the centre of her, keel, . eaXuexpectedtoeailTeryfert. 1. Also, a SHIP eVSW te, enkuMeil kf tfer ft Liverpool or London trader, (that ' 'Jean be naUbedto wit the purchaser.) , gUInbaod f.aak: Alio, Umber ,.. , Sale, FmgHt or Charter, iTL The brig AMERICAN, burthen M0 V !itons, sails fait, le well found and can be - stolen immedutely. - ThU brig is eae year t . k:w r ik U! mitmnali and was em - pUi the tost jear at a packet between this ewrtaod Savannah, Uei at Murry'e wharf Aptly. - . r - nTcwni.najfeCOATES. l5 - 688onlb - t , ror SALE, : .JHy The very fist sailing sloop PARA - V VQON. Child, waster burthen 66 tons, bllatalMiddletown, (Conn.) by Mr. Thomas Child, of the best materials, has made one vask to the West Indies, i one yearokl, tnd can be sent to sea Immediately. J""" terms apply to the master, on board at Burling - slip, or to GRIS WOLDS St COATES, dec 13 68 South - street " fr " for GlUftALTAk, , Jj fK Theatt sailing brig LAURA - ANN, TP. F. Coffio, master; has fine accommodations for passengers. , For freight of 500 barrels or paiiage, apply to the captain on board, west side Burling siip, or to tltB,n. n . L. tt O. GRISWOLD. dee 90 86 South street. . For SALE, Jl The new and fast sailing brig FAME. ls? huilt of the best seasoned timber, and faithfully put together, her rigging ami sails are of excellent quality, this vessel is well calculated for a Southern Packet, having hand some accommodations. For terms and a view f her inventory, apply to GRIs WOLDS & COATES, . dec 15 68 South - street. For Salt, freight or Charier, viirv Th excellent brig RISING SUN, z.Wm. Napier, master, burthen one hun irtd and five tons, will stow about 900 barrels, two years old. sails fast and can be sent to sea immediately Apply to the captain on board at tne looioi Harruon - street, or to JOHN BYXRS. ' tVho htu for imle, 1500 bbls ground platter of Paris 600 tons Nova Scotia phuter 120 do French do io,lots to suit par. cnasertr Apply as anove. jcii u For. XUWEA VX, The shin DRAPER, W. Adams; master i a first rate ship, will meet With immediate dispatch. For freight or pes. aage, apply to the master on board at ly 'market wharf, or to . . ac 89 it a VI, ROGER8 k CO. - FUHSALF., The elegant pilot boat built schooner ALLrlT. 128 tous bnrthen. coDnered " iiDer iafuneu. ttowa tn mu aflraniaiM. .Tl . . " is a verv first rate sailer, and ii now tn a md coodiboo as when she came off the stocks For tems - appivto - .A.WESTON, dec tt jw MB orling - ilip. far IU'Rl.lJf. The substantial fast nailing ship iiiiri unE. k ririrf mmmi . v,ii commence loading on Monday, having hearty the whole of her cargo ready to go on board, will be dispatched without delay. For freight .wuii it j cuu naxseea, cotton, or cabin and steerage passage, having excellent ao ' THOS. S. WALSli, .. . dfc 3 118 Front - street For HA FA Jf A. vf el) in nne copperea ketch .WAKIA, - " - m.t - to sail on Sundav next la je . . i a . with what freight may offer before that time ; i or wntcn, or passage, apply to G.G.AtSj. HOWLAJTD, flec30, - - 77 Washitgton - st FOR MttV OKLMfS, u? suoiuniuu copperea snip t. . Lrin. Devoe. master, to aail in a few Hm Fortrciirht. which will fie it ken Inw. aage, apply to F. REMSEV & CO. jB 26 South street For Mobile and RUkeUv. Tti..lM.a r. - - : i : . . i a viv6ii . mukik nw paean schooner THOMAS .VHiri n Tucker, having superior accommodation for vUwi . iwnnigen , dhui ot ner cargo being en - rTgd, will meet with immediate dispatch. F5rfrei?ht0r apply on board, west PETERS ft HERE1CK, dec 30 29 Coentiea - alir, sw - v . . . .' T T " wt?i The ship MARIA CAROUSE, ly. i. j .aing at Jones' - wharf, will be dispatch i ui all this week , the is a very fast sailor, nearly new, and baa elegant accommodations ror freight car passage, apply to . JONES k MEGRATH, ' dee 30 . 83 Southtreet VVAiNIED. Hh A Orituh brig ef about 200 tons, to - v"1 for a twrt in EnrtanJ oe NmtlanH "Vyj w UASlBtRLtNU & PEARSON. ."eg 67Soath - st rf for bate, freight or Charier, Y !P,,tM1,cb8ooJ 'P ANGELICA, A m0 tons barthen, one year old, sheathed and in complete onW tn mm!.. . tows about SOOO bbU. a very fast sailing shir? kaslarge accommodatioos for paesengert, and wn calculated for the New - OrUans trade - Ap - P'yto W.L.4iG.GttI9WOLD - dfC essouth - st for freight or Charter, The brir ATf. a 'STIC D.n. O - - W UUUI, borthea ahont ITV) hhU i. ' ve a cargo, and can be sent to sea Without de - iXm A I t - ni'i'iT on ooara. orio jane R,ftC. W. DAVENPORT A CO. Mont to Charter. A rood SLOOP or SCHOONER. that willcarry about 500 barrels, for mif to Bermud immediate dispatch 'lUbegitaiii TUCKER ft LAURIES. - - fcVith - etreet K The schr UNION. Win at n.mar. i - iVi , . . . " . "7. - v - 1 ,7" W ciparea eei, ana wiu poaurdy jtirstwiod. F. eight wUl be taken low. I 0V flu . - r T.tSHOM. f The substantial coppered ship VER - I VMniT. Mauron. master t will. sail on the 3d January next. For freight of a few hundred barrels, or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board, at pier no. 9, east river, or to. - P. REVlSErl &Vo. .dec 30 ' ' 28 South - street - WOH. VKBICHT OR CBAJlTSJii . ki5 The schr FAVORITE, H. II. Fisher uRsler, lying 1st wharf abova Uorer - st. ...rtlu.. t inn harMl. 1 1 month nid. PhiladaU nLt. kiktt, ,n I a wwti ft rnm. Annhr to the Captain on board, or at 93 C. Fl. slip, to for Freight or Charier, l flv The substantial brig EUNICE, How, yl"tiMttr. of 195 tons, 13 months old, a superior vessel aoC ready to receive a cargo. Apply at 67 8ooth - ttreet, to - . - . r . jaa& . CAMBRELENG it PEARSON. . . For HAVANA, ' The fine ennnrred ketch MARIA. Rinev. muter i will hail an Thursday morning next. For passage or freight, which will he taken low. annlv to the master on board, at Pek No. 6, Ndrth River, or to C. G. & 8. HOWLAND, janS '1 - 77 Washington - street rr rrtigru or quarter, ' ) ine mie snip cJ3i cn, Duruien j jv r tons, is in complete order, for any toy - e and ready fur the reception of cargo. Ap - . . - - ... - :.. . l. l . jan 7 ' . W. it SAM. CRAtG. For wjuiMorosr, f. C. vfl The schr. LE - UNUER, captain Neal, iiiiilying at Peck - slip ; will sail on Thursday next For fright or passage, apply on board, or to R. it C. W. DA VENPOUT & CO. a 6 . . . ; i . for freight or Charter, vtft The staunch, substantial ship DRUM - iiiiiMOND, capt. R. Qoarles, wUl be ready to receive a cargo in a few days For terms apply on board, at Pier No. 17, or to WALSH & GALLAGHER, jan 3 CO South - it For BERMUDA. ' The schooner HOPE, capt. Snow, in tended to sail about the 1 1 th iutt. For paatage only, apply to the captain on board, at pier no. 10, or to , TUCKER ft LAURIES, jan 7 39 South - st for Sale, freixhi or Charter, f The schr. POLLY k SALLY, of 2i2i Philadelphia, burthen 120 tons, twelve moutns old, carries 1 100 bbU. is a fast sailer. in excellant order, and now ready to receive a cargo. Apply on board at Murray'a - wharf, or to - N. ft D. TALCOTT, jsn7 64 iouth - street tor bale, freight or Charter, The good fast tailing brig N YM PH, 157 tons burthen, in complete order to reianv cargo, may be rent to sea without delay. Apply on board, east Fly - market wharf, or to N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, jan 8 . . ... 06 Sootb - st tt The ship FOX, burthen 2300 bbls. U " ? A verv last sailing vessel, and in goodor - der to receive a cargo, vfpplyto ,Y ft. l. et v. ujtuavvt.u, jan 8 86 South - rt for Sale, frtwhl or Charter. A new pilot boat built SCHOONER, 120 tons burthen, built in the best manner, of good materials, and copper fastened, a very feat aailmg vessel, and may be sent to tea with small expence. Apply on board, at uurung - tup, or to jan 8 - N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD. , , for Sale, Freight or Charier, The ship MIRROR, 320 tons bur then, is a good vessel, 3 years old, stows about SUM bbls. and sails fast. Apply on board, west siue Bunuig - siip, or to N. L. ft G. ORIS WOLD, jan 8 86 South - st FOR SALE, The ship EMULATION, 330 tons, - .y.hnili in 181 1 at complete or der to receive a cargo inventory to be seen on board and at the auction room For approved endorsed bills at 4 and 6 months, to he told at auction to close a concern, on the 9lh inst by Jan 8 It C. G. FONTAINE. r - r - tor freight or Charter, (H The good thin BRILLIANT, J. iiiGeer, master i 330 tons burtban. 2 year old, in complete order to receive a car go, and is in every respect fine vessel. Ap ply on ooara, west side uurimg - ehp, or to If. L. ft O - GRISWOLD, jan 8 . . 86 South street. . . for CtLi HL US TXJJY. Jti The new fast sailing schooner TON. 1 .a i 8. Hoyt master, wUl positively 'ad in all next week For freight or passare. having superior accommodations, apply on board emn siue ouriing tup, or io jan V SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - st BRISTOL BROWN ATOUT. 1 K cask, Bristol brown stout, warranted ej J equal to any ever imported, in casks o, o j - zaoxen Dottles lor tale by II. W. ROGERS & Co. dec 10 35 Pearl - street 50 CALCUTTA GUODi. bales Calcutta Goods, censistinff of , Alleshad Luckipore . Jugdea, . BAFTAS, and I ' CaHapattyJ KhoiihadiCHOWDAGAliT, Alleabad, i Osinjhur, and MAMOODY. Joicinepora ) Alleabad, ) ' Rhoirabad and EMERTT. Lowht - rpore . Fine Jallalpore and Muddoa Saws . Fine Cbaudpore, Cossat Beerboom Gfrrahs - Commase . ' Moharaguncet Bandanna and i urtwe Lnngee Aohdy Silk ( DKrs Jest received and for sale by . GOODHUE ft CO. dec 11 44 Sonth - street Qf TOBACCO U FLOUR. Oflr hhds ow Richmond tobacco. ' 30 do old det do 13 do Petersburg do 300 bbls Philadelphia tsperfine floor Landkis from brbr Rautr Sun, and scfart In dian Hunter, Set Lion, and Brothart ' For sale by BOOR MAN ft JOHNSTON. Also, ia store 600 bbls superfine Richmond Sour j 300 do PeUraborg do. - dec 37 273 COFFEE, SUGAR and INDIGO. bhla. and M ban Ana srreea Coffee 3J hhds, 1 tierce and 4 bbls Muscovado Sttgar 41 eeroontCaraccas Indig Laodiac fiosa tbe schr. Grey bound, frost St Thomas, forsale by EA, 40 boxes Sonclwng Tea, superior 1 . INAPT IC si SATURDAY, JANUAJIY 10, 1018. NUMBER 4861 NO. 42lNE - STnF;ET. H 11' - . JV, h 1 1 - . I ,ai - m VAV. . . Y . I I I J LL ilii - ec 30 JOSIS ft KEG RATH, . quality, lanlou'scAreo, lor sale or dec 15 65 South - street. 1 TOBACCO at r LOUil fl hhds. prime old leaf tobacco, landing from schr. Sea Lion, from Richmond. . . iti'iroii, ... 1030 bbls. Richmond superfine flour 75 do - - do fioo do For tale by .. - ..'... TROKES, DAVIDSON ft CO. - ' dee 30 - '.. ,106 Froot. street TOBACCO, FLOUR ft COTTON 18 ' hhds prime leaf tobacco 300 bbls Virginia floor . 20 bales prime Upland cotton, received per sloop Cashier, from Petersburg, and for sale by WALSH ft GALLAGHER, dec - 23 . - '' ' 66 South - atr eft SHOT, WHITE LEAU, tic. - A few tons Patent Shot, from 6 B to 10 A few casks Drr White Lead . ' . 3 tons best do. In oil, in 38 ft 661b. keg 35 casks best Red Lead 36 rolls Sheet do. 10 hhds Paris White, of a superiorquality 4 casks Yellow Ochre, dry . Red, Yellow and Black Paints, io kegs of I twt, each , - , A few casks Fig Blue . Black Varnish in kezs of 4 rations each Window Glass 7 by 9, 8 bx 10, 11 by 9, and 1Z Dy IO lor save ny ATKINSONS FLEMING, (fee 33 1m 167 Peart - street lAltPETS. 2 bales Mirzapore Carpets, V just received, and tor sale by . GEO. W. TALBOT, dec 29 55 Pine - street 171LAXSEED k FLOUlt 28 Uercet Flax - r seed 350 barrels superfine Southern Flour, just received, and for ftle by HENDERSON & CAlRNS, dec 27 81 Pine - street ODOR OF ROSES. A FEW ponnd bottles of Odor of Rotes, just received from Smyrna, and for sale by , dec S3 ROBERT LENOX. DUTCH GOODS, ftp A small invoice consisting of . Marbles, slates, slate pencils Snuff boxes, violins, violin sticks Tortoise shell work boxes Tortoise shell tea caddiea ' Cornelian ear rings, coral do gold seals Silyer purses, lead pencils ' Porcelain tea and coffee cup and saucers 1 Cologne water, ftc. received per brig Janus, from Rotterdam, for sale by , ROBT. GILLESPIE, , dec 30 ,112 Front - street. . H UKD ft SEWALL, No. 65 South - stieet, offer for sale 200 tons PSI old sable iron 60 do GAD and COND do 30 do Swedes square do 35 bundles 6'wecks steel 100 bolts half duck, or heavy ravens 160 do 1st quality ravens duck 100 ps. do Russia sheetings 35 bale Beerboom gurraht ' 16 do Calcutta and Bernagore checks 10 do sooty romalU, and gilla bdkfs 2 do blue mamoaditt ' ' ' 5 cases gum benjamin,' 5 do gom copal 1000 eunnybaes, C bales senna leaf . . 4 cases beads, necklaces ftc calcnlntod for the N. West and Span. Amenca 3 do English writing and letter paper 4 do superL London made hats ' 6 do domestic stripes, ginghams and ticks 6 de Bohemian picture glass - ' 350 kess cut nails, assorted sizes 400 boxes American window glass, assorted sixes, Ac. dec 37 DLUE GOODS, ftc 17 bales company blue gj Mamooaiet, nne qoai. ' 4 bales Company blue Baftas, do IT do India Calicoes, sen. anal and new pat' terns, selected particularly for this market, just ree'd per ship India, for sale by P. KHMSEN ft CO, jan 3 36 Sooth - street t 'ii i 'i nM WENTY bales Prime Upland Cotton, for JL saie ai JO rrctt - aup, ui R. & C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. Jan 6 HlGLKS - c 100,000 22 inch Shingles, vj ll.OUO w.u. Barrel Slaves, lor sale by R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. Jan 6 niOIlACCO it FLOUR. Landiss this dav X from tbe schooners Rolla and Weymoath, 36prro,dl.ndTolACCO 105 barrels tupernae Flour - - - 1st Stokx. 100 hbds. old Richmond & Petersburg tobacco 600 kegs of 1st ft 3d quality manufactured do. vanooa brands lor saw oy D1V1E BETHUNE ft CO. jan 7 93 Coffee - houte - tlip. ITHITE LEAD IN OIL. 400 kegs of V V white Lead, around in oil. 38 ine. eacn. landing from ship Caroline Ann, from Liverpool, lor sale oy uivik D&ttiunc. u vu. jan 7 No. x tonee - nouse - tnp. UPHOLSTERY 4 tierces best black curled Horse Hair - 1 case best Satin Horse Hair Seatine, and Thread Tickling, just received per Lorenxo, Irom London, and for sale by jan 7 65 Sonth - street FLOUR k ELAXSEED 100 bbls super Flour from Fredericksburc 50 casks Flaxseed from Baltimore, for sale by ..... O. M. WILSO.f , 13U water - street. ALSO SO bales Deer Skins packed forshin - pmc, ii applied icrimmediatei. jano I K)NGErjj. 6 csnes superior, colored. Pon - 1 goes for hatter's use, juft received and for sale by CAMBRELENG k PEARSO.V, . dec 33 67 South - street. rill ROftOMETERS, ftc. 4 superior Londoo $ frfuinwrli. in rftaea. with a imall invoice of London Watches, for sale by dec S3 64 South - street. O STARCH. NE Hundred and Sixty, kecrs Philadelphia Starch, londinr Irom schr. Fair Trader, at Old - slip, for sale by JAU&aUJ V(W1.LLI, jan S 75 Walt - street. LVDIGO, SUGARS, Ac. OdO ban Benares and Radaaeore Surara, the latter very superior quality, hard grained, worthy the attention of retailers 17 cases Bengal Indigo . - ; .. 4300 Goat Skins, tare site and fine Duality, Must ree'd per ship India, lor tale by fan 3 36 South - street liUsH MARKET TOBACCO. - 60 hbds 1 orina Tobacco, an entire riarcel. bndinr this day from the sloop Mechanic, from Richmond, for sale by DIV1E BETHUNE ft CO. (leczu vz ikiiimi noiine - iiip. PHILADELPHIA FLOUR. 300 bbU su - nerflna Philadelihia floor, laodiner from brig Kiting Sun, for sale by ... BUUilAlAI i JUlUSlU.t. .ilto in Start, 600 bbls Richmond superfine Hour ... tOU ds relertbnrg . Co do I 19 do Rictmoad flss . sV ' dec 25 I TOBACCO ft FLOUR. - 17 hhds Irish mar ket Tobacco ' 5 do prime new crop do' 87 hbwsuperf Flour, Lnndisg from sioooers Native and Remittance, lor tale by . . . D. BETHUNE & CO. . " dec 3D 93 Coffee - Houw slip. . - ,.. MARSEILLES QUILTS. Operate superfine Marseilles quilts, from M to 14 - 4, for sale by - .i .l XARCH k LOW, - deet 310 Broadway. CtArirtKELKNG k PEaRcON, olfer for sale at 67 South - street 500 tiftk chests Kampoy Tea ' 600 df and caniiters Souchone; Tea 1 10 bogs double boiled Calcutta Sugar 350 oos Russian and Swedish Iron, flat and qofcrt, assorted 100 tori plate Stoves, Pig Iron, Iron Wire and r shttj t Iron . 60 pietet neavy bear Ravens Duck , 6 pijws and half pipes Madeira Wioe ' 14 ad Sicily Madeira do 150 boset Florence Oil : 100 boxes Gorgona Anchovies ' 300 ban Salt Petre, very superior qaaUty 8 casks Earthenware An asaertaeot ef Glassware, Apothecaries ' shpn Furniture, 4:c. A smailinvoice of Drugs . Boston Beef No. 3, and Mest Dutrh Elates, Box Wood, Beads Toilet Glasses, and Toys. dec S3 UNBLEACH'D SHIRTINGS, GINGHAMS, ' ftc. ftc. A FEW cases ofUnbleacb'd Shirtings, just received. Alto, handsome patterns oTGing - hams, made from Sea Island yarn, from No itt to 33, and a general assortment of cotton and woolen domestic goods. Also cotton yarn, particularly low numbers, for sale by the , . COMMISSION COMPANY, dec 33 . : . 148 Peail - street. TOBACCO, FLOUR, c 1(100 bbls Richmond, Petersburg and Fredericksburg Flour . .. 18 bhds'pnmeold leaf Tobaceo 10 bhds new .do 43 ken Labby's common Tobacco. 38 hales prime Upland Cotton, landing, and for sale bv WALSH bAljliAltHMi, dec 3l 66 South - street. FLAN&ELS, PLVS, Ax, A lew bales as - . sorted flannels, white, red and yellow Do fine and superfine white do. very wide Green table covers, from S qr. to 8 oy 10 Men and women's cotton stockings Do do white silk do 'A fewcases London mixtpins, jn 1 - 2 ft 3 - 4 lb Do pack pin - , 3 1 - 3, 4, 4 l - S and 5 1 case mourning pint, 1 do ihort white do " White chnpel needles, assorted, No. 1 to 10 1 ct'e hooks and ryes I do brads and steel lop thimbles : Brass and card wire For sale by . ATKINSONS ft FLEV11NG, , dec 22 1m 167 Peari - st. FLOUR, TOBAiCO.tVc - litHlbWt Richmond, Petertburc and Fredericksburg Flour . ft LLJ f T I o iiuu puiue BZM I UU,L.U . .... I ' 38 bales UiHand Cotton, of very superior quality, Innding from dilTerent vesoels, and for salt i dec 28 - 66 Sou I h - street. K.tTk COTTON. . J J bales prime Upland cotton, lauding from sen. Boulh - caroiina lor sale bv . .: , , . 8. ALLEY, . dee IS - - - .". - 08 Pine - st yifk PAPER, OLIVES, HATS, Ac. i" Bales Italian foolscap paper ' ' 16 do letter paper , . 15 cases liqitorice paste ..; - . 1 box ostrich feathers. 1 'do chip hats . 1 do pressed sop. straw do from No 32 to 54 3 do taauua m Hakes , . 557 marble atortars . ; i 23 capes wined and statuary marble slabs, ' arsoited sites, for pier table, Ac. 300 boxes anchovies 130 do olives ' 4 jars oil laveuder - just received per brig Louua Cecelia, from Leghorn, and lor tale oy , , , , CHAS. U OGDEN.and dec27 . ABR. OGDE.ii. WashinstiKi - st. PHILADELPHIA FLOUR. 500 barrel su perfiae, landing from the schooner Columbia',. irtfsmnt!. 1 160 barrels Richmond superfine flour, (Cify and CooDtry brands ) For sale at No. 106 t roni - sireei, ny Jaa 3 TROKES, D WtDSON, k CO, TICKLENBURGHS. OUCiC, ftc ti bales of Tickhnburzhs orbrowu German Linen. of an excellent quality, suitable for common ibeetinn, sec. 89 bolts KtMial OCX i I 30 pieces fine French Csmhric 5 cases brown lla'illa,. 60 casks dry White Lead - 300 boxes Cheete, entitled to nVbenture, for sate by N. ft D. TALCOTT, jaaS . . '. 64 Souu street. D' RY GOODS 6 cases Prints,T do wore - ted Cruvaia. Cauea. Aic. 8 do. black and blue fine London Cloths, inst received per Loreoio. from London, hnd lor tale jan 7 . 65 Soulh - itreet iNE Hundred Reams fine vellum Fools Cap W Paper, for tale by .. COLLINS ft IIANNAY, Jan 6 No. 230 Pearl - street IAMAICA COFFE - 5 hhds. very tneereen J Jamaica Coffee, eatitled to drawback, for sale by TUCKER LAUIlltS, dec x uin - sireei. f.LOURAC TOBACCO. 160 bamls Rich - F mood supf. Flour, Haiall's brand HO do do . do Country do '5 hbds Leaf Tobacco laadios from schoo ners Rolls and Ruing; States. Jnttoro, 109 bbls Richmond Flour. City brands 60 do do do Country do 350 do Philadelphia do 9 hhds fine old Leaf Tobacco 100 kees Manufactured do lor tale at 106 Front - street, by TKUKES, DAVIDSU.X St VU. Jan 6 iw luVViliSTlt? V OTHl'H VVAit(.'.M THE sutocribers keep constantly on hand o extensive assortment of tbe fllosviiig goods, Dutch and En; tun ' Gunny Bags, ftc. Pope Heals 1 Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common . On lor Blacksmiths H..I1 and Entry MaU Pails and i ubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sievet Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, tewing, wrapping, baking and ban Twine - FithLir - es Shoe k Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballan - ces Bmomi - ' Duster, or Coaster Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan - y and common - Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do tMioe ft Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools , Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes " Horse do Bed Cords. Clothes Lints i Sash Cords, Trace Rnne Wreopht and Cut v.:i. . nMrl. ' ..nil. nu wm.. I . ., Which thev will tell wholesale or retail a U Serai terms. CEBRA CUMING, - iaa A 70 rean - srreei. JAM3DVVOLF,Jmi. will rjeocefwwara continue to transact CoanJsi - ia bnttnets at bit r v NOTICE. .. 5 The Subscriber, ia beiuU of himself and his associate?, civet no Lice, that an atiDlicaiian will be made to the hooorable the legMature of wit state, at its next session, for an Act to incor porate a Bank with a capital stock of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, and with brave to in crease it to One Million r to be beated north east of Beekmanrttreet ia the city ef Rtw - xorir, ana to be called "The 1 ranklin Bank of the city of New - York. , Dated New - York, 16th Dec. 181T. . By order of the Associates, . decSOtf NOAH BROWN. Scc'ry. ' CO" F MAVERICK, Eutraver( o Newark, has (scommenrail I u.I.a. 7 - lvi.Vnrir tin. der the firm of P. MAVERICK ft DURAND, turner oi rme - sireei and Broadway m the runr of the LiUstry Rooms of Messrs. J. Eaatburn ft Orders received by Messrs. Eastbarn ft Co. net 16 3m Sj Wanted by two or three gentlemen of respeciamuty, about the nrst ol February next, two bed - rooms with a small siltinr. room ad ton ing, furnished in a phun manner, and wiUiin ten mtaulet walk of the Coffee House. . A line addressed to Z. M. and UR at this office, wui dimi wius prompt ailsnlion. .jan 8 4t NEW - ENGLAND SOCIETY. Vt The annual Election l a Board of Ofli cers for the New - Eneland Societv of the Citv anu mate oi new - .ioriE, wui oe held at the Bank Coffee House, on Wednesday the 14th flay oi January insiani. at i - a past o o'ciock, M. AMHERST WIGHT, eecry. Jan 8 fit Tbe cieJitora of Wm Wells deceased, are requested to meet at tbe office of Mr. Blake. No. SLaw Buildings, on the 15th of this month, at iu o'ciock in the forenoon, ror the purpow ol proving toeir accounts. JanfJenctSt ' SOUND STEAM - BOAT LINE.. ftr - The Steam Boat Connecticut, Capt Bun - L . - 1 1 t - .7 , r i . a aer, win leave .wv sort lor.iew iiaven on nwi - daymoniing, lSthiast at 9 o'clock, winds and weatner permitun?, ana win leave iewtiavcri on Wednesday moruioir, 14ih Inst, at 6 o'clock. mi rt . . .i i ., j ne raatengrtrt o'BJiua i new - iort u uic Boat will lodge on board I uesday night. Jan 7 4t :. ... . ,. .... .. 1NESTIVIABLK DISCOVERY. HEALTH preserved and restored without ATedicins or Quackery, which often de stroys the delicate ' constitution and debilltatot the stronr Colds bring on the most alarming uisoruers, wim loose isnunnr roeumauc pains. lumbago, gout, lit. which ail lite faculty pave not been able to eradicate. To prevent b better than to cure, t :' " ' R. YEO has prepared from a receipt of very eminent physician) leather (of which be makes shirti) of the most viml and nutritious quality, which will prevent all the above mentioned complaints. They produce an animal heat to the body; wliich cannot be obtained from flannel, patent fleecy hosiery, or lamb's wool they absorb all perspiration) and resist all the humidity that Injures - the human frame they are aft and pleasant to wear and do not produce that irritability that is se onpeaiant in flannel. Those who have tavored bim with their orders have declared their astonishment at die benefits derived from them. To be had of RICH'D YEO, breeches maker and leathtr dresser,. 105 Water - street where also may be had leather pantaloons, doe skin vests, all kinds of cloves and mittens of in best quality, Wholesale Sua retail, at the shortest notice. dec 31 Tw 1V1 IT S IC A LL the 8 ones. Duetts, as tune hy Mr. Phi f. ripns at (tie New - York Theatre, for sale at Wm. DUBOIS' Piano Forte and Music Store, No. 136 usoadway. ' ' Behold in his soft expressive face Tbo' love is warm awhile - 'Til but fancy's sketch - , Is there a heart Uiaf never lov'd ' ' In vain may that bosom lost quite deplore . . My early day what joys was thine Love's young dream . . J Ttiis blooming rose at early dawn Robin Adair ' - : Beautiful Maid. ' . T Let lame sound the trumpet : Had I a h( art . - Evtioen's Bower ; - . ,; Dear maid I love thee , J - ' ; Ah sure a pain was never seen , Said a smile to a tear . . . Sigh not for love Mv heart with love is beatins; ' Tbe celebrated serenade of4' Ltltacome down Bird Duett ' tonfe" flora's wrearn. . W ith a large assortment of new music. 0C 24 - . . ' - t - ; . . Phi ipftual .s TfT If t. k. Mraiviut at th nffiee nf the Com. missary General ef Purchases, for supplying materials of Domestic Manufacture lor making Clothing for the Army of the United stales, ior tne year iomows, th . . .i . r . ,. orey lOUl, 0 - l, lorgrroi coau 'Blue do do for coats, dvrd in indigo Black Cloth, for Gaithert, 6 - 4 wide Orey b - ttioet, 3 - 4 for jacket 4MIMC s vwwa - p - w - ... C.MnU .t that nkiwa wvill htom lnrnifthf4L Ha sin . I: 1 Jl.:. nfRM at nl hv LwilA f ol. ajjs nswu tv vtMW hs . - w - a rw.ksas. lonlltiif font hlnnstetsa. salinri if (ark IV lll erllVOs liuiuvi wita - v vw - !, sMuuin.iin trttfflassl aaffkH Irisifl TVArll. fiaiTinl?! of these articles rosy be Ken on application to . . Jii.:. .... tne lommrtsary venemi, mi rinraoeiuiiia, "i the DeMiy Commissaries, at New - York city, I .. .' .... L'.L mm . . Commissary Gineral's Oflx e, Pbilsd'ia, 34U) December, 1817. ( . lllUlfI.,U(iA inii.lfif : dec 26 3w Comm'y Gn. ol Purcbaits. f?OR SA Lt the cargo of the ship Cnrve, cap - landing at the foot of Liberty - t tree!, consisting of r - asi inula ougur Cotton Ginger t Block Tin Gom Slieltack ' Gum C"pal Goat Skins of a large sire mLm,,nm 1'luliv. anil fHflnV R.rl Also for sale. India Muslins of almost erery oesenpuou. , Also, a man quanuiy oi n.aivan, uu Odoroi'Rotet. For tale Ijr jan 7 ROBERT LENOX. FLOUR, COTTON, ftc 250 bbls Philadelphia flour 21 bales upland cotton, new crop 8 do New - Orleans do d 3 tons lignumvitts 15 tubt German eteel , ' - 2 pipes red port wine 11 hhds do do do " 5 hhds while do do ' . . 3 qr.ctsktdodo do' 1 biid Madeira wine 11 qr.caskt do do 37 boxes superior claret (1 dot. each An invoice of lace veils, cotton lace. Le. An invoice of Dutch toys for tale by . ROBERT GILLESPIE, jan 7 . . 112 Front street lol - AAO COCOA. TWENTY - FIVE bags of rery superior qua lity Island cocoa, for tale by , . TVCXJUt t LAUIUK3, JanS WSouUtHt ja 3 74 Wathittgtoa tUttt. BankoJAmriti,lJee.W, J317. ft - Notice is berth riven to the SiorlliQld - ers of the Bank ofAmtrirt, that a dividend of two dollars and fifty centt on a share, for six months, ending on the 31st inst will be paid at the Bank, on Friday, the 3d January nt - xt - By order Oi the BardorDireelors. GEO' NEW BOLD, Cashier, dec 30 tn r . . PHLN1X DAMC , . : ,. ' fXT" A dividend of three per cent, has beeia this day declared on the stock of this Bank, pay. able on tbe 3d January next. The transfer books will be closed on the 34la instant ; : .. By order ef the Board of Dirscton,. . , dec 20 D. I. GltEENE, Cashier.. fj - ' If PA TRICK DILLON, wholelt Tra lee, to the County of Kerry, Ireland, inilie year 1803, will transmit Mrs. Fi tt berry, of Tralee, bis address, it will be a particular advantage to both parties." Tralee, October, 11115. The above is inserted at Las request of Mr. Dillon's friends. - Any communication en the subject will bet thankfully received and transmitted by , dec IS BENJ'N. W. ROGERS fc CO. (r IB A AC F.. BRAGG, late teacher of writing ia the Adclpbi School, respectfully an - ' nounces tbe opening of a seminary on his own account ia the opir room ol the building Ite - ly occupied by Holmes ft Loofborrow, at tbo corner of Eldridge and Pump streets, where bo - purpotes instructing pupils in reading, orthogra - phy, English grammar, writing, arithmetic, gee - graiiby, the drawing and colotrii.r of suape - " boott - keeping, tlie mathematics tn.l drawing , The tucceu with liich he has hitherto taught ' penmanship in the Adelphi School, and in Mrs. Smith's Boarding School, ftc. emboldens him to. solicit the patronage of an enlightened and discri - i minatiog ublic, with a confident hope . that hie, industry will meet sa adequate encoaragement s anil at the same time that he foels U the anxiety . incident to sinew and important undertaking, ho looks forward to tlie progress of his mtablijh - ment with a cheerful determiuation to use his utmost efforts to make it tatisl&utory to bis patrons, in each branch of a liberal English Education. . N. B. An Kvenipg school it now open at 1. 1 B't residence, 13 Warm an - street. , dne 17 . . . Jm AO 1 ICE. T1 Public notice is hereby gi v. n lhat tlt sujitcribers intend to apply to the liegislaturerf ' the state ef New - York, at their next session, for an Act of Incorporation, incorporating them and their associates by the name - and style of tlit) Frankliu Insurance Company with a capital tf ' Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for the fur petes oi making all kinds of insurance icninst fire,, . and on a lile or Jives, and alto withe inland tfa liortatioo of goods, wares and merchandise. - BTEPftEN WHITNEY, BEVJ. L. SWAN, , , ELISHA TIBBITs, " : de4tr . . JOIIN ADAMi. : 4 NOTICE. - ,TT i htteod to spply to the Leciskiture of Ibis ittefc at their next session, for an act to incorporates iiw . t,i. wiu i imw.w. law , luiuimilj, in the cify of New. York, under the ' style of J ne forth Hirer team - oat company," with a capital of six hand red thousand dollarav for the purpose of navigating with Steam Boats, the waters or uis North juitr, JUaUd the Z3di day of Decemlier, 1817. - r.uvv aivu r. uvi.vusi uiv, ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, CHAS. AUG. DALE, .. . a LYNCH, Jenr. ' V dec tt . - ; Mw ' EAGLE FIRE COM I' AM Y. fjy Notice is hereby given, that an electioii for thirteen Dim - tors, for the ensuing year, will be held at tbe Office of the Company onTeesday, . the thirteenth inst from 10 A. M, uutjl 3 o'clock . P.M. " JNO. D.MEYER, Sec'ry. Jan 3 tJah f3 ' " . EUlERfEAJt SOCIETY. . (C7 Hi Anniversary Concert of this Socio ty, trill be held at the City (Assembly on the . 15th of Janucry. ,. . ; The members will receive their Tickets by applying at No. 206 Broadway, or at the prac Using room of the Society., ( ,. dec 15 lm . JOS. KNIGHT, Secretary. i A'l'IONAL INSURANCE CoMfA. f. THE Sioek holders are hereby notifleil, that tbe annual election for nineteen Director will be held at the office of the Compssy, 47 Wall - street, on Monday tbe 13th January next. The poll wik open at 13 and close at 3 o'clock. NEW - YORK ifttfJKANCE COMi ANY THEttockholdtrtare hereby nobOvd. thatthn annual election for ,tiva(voH) Directort. will beheld nt the tvOIco of the Company, 34 Wall - street on Uooday, the 2tb January next, Tbe Doll will open at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. and close at t o'clock. . . - f . C. O, 8IIIPMAN, Scc'ry. ileCZ13W The ureaident and directort have thit day declared a di vldend of five per cent on the . capi tal stock of tbe company tor the last tie mown, payable to the stockholders, ur their legal repre tentative, on sod after the 12th inslant, at (hw office, No. 34 Wall - street. , jan 5 ' In C. U.MtlPMAiv, secry NEW - VORK MREM..V LlaURA.VCk: frV The Caoital Stock of the Company bav. ing by a new subscription beeq reinstated to tb full sum of Fire hundred thoutatid Dollar whkl, im arnnlv tet - urerf. are now reeds to Tree We ap plications for A'trvand Marin (otiirtnceat their Office No. 66, WtU - street - The Office solicits the patronage of tbe public in the con fide ate that arfconate protection will be afiprded to the assur ed and all losses be promptly adjusted. By order of the board, of Directors, Jan 6 1m WM. WflHU aec ry. Af. V.,l I'.kmuii i.Mim.i f.atkntf. . " IWI , M - I"'" . . ww j "W , scriiitioo, to the Stock of this compter, will bo . .'.'.a nf . awe m ft - 1AV a. II received at toe voice, no. oo wv . - u ..i k. tik ,..n hetweeatbeboura of 10 and 3 o'clock. By enter of the bonrd. JtaS tr .iTuini. l8UHACE COMPANY. - . . b. - .!! - - , nd Directors of the Nation. al Insurance Company, hsve this day declared a diridend of fifteen per. cerrtjon the capita) .. - Jr. c. - iheip last ai months mvahle to the uib.f i . - stock holders, or their legal representatives, on and after Thursday the 15th inst jan 3 treni juhn j, - j, necry The foejie Iwptmct CPfc Veie - )r - , 0 - T - i ieaioc'toider arenereuynounet) voat i Usctioo for ficvenleen Directors will be held at the Office K - i. 49 Wall - street on Monday tbo 19th instant t a commence at 10 and close at 3 o'clock. By 7dee of tbe Board ftf Directors. ' WAL ILK Ik., OCO'J. Jan 5 t19h f itOtlOE. " " - rVr - Tha Parifie lataraace Ceeaterrv ef New - YorSx Itave this day eecltrtd Dividend of twelve per cent, on the etpittJ Stock, pays bin at UsHtf office. No. 49 Wall - tireet, the 19l)t iostai it. By order of the Board of Director. . , i . . 1 - . . - r V V'.r4 - PaT Ol ICE U herel - v niveo that a dividend Jot J.M the tattiix moo'the of four and a half per t en, on tbe capital Stock, of this Company has t. a declared, end wiQ be paid to the ntockhal vraonvne i.uiun. ..r - r - t, JaaS lm . Q - p - TUo tabtcriber's place of busiueat it at 1 : i : v , , ' :. r .'ti": m . 1 At: i. t 1 t it r 1; V 1 I i a.

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