The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 26, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, November 26, 1913
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It-' THE GETTYS TIMES. VoL X1L No. 49. Gettysbcrg, Pa., Wednesday, November 2*Hh. Price Two Cent*. HAVE YOU SEEN THE New Short Stiff Bosom Shirts? LJ i J _ J u_ IJ1J j LLM i__ UHU j MlllMB1 1- m rBLjrj n-j|ii,JDC- n «i ^»* i -araMi ·"-!» .^^_»^ --J ^»»j a ^a BB M l «aai mmu · n We are showing them in the Corner Window; the ne%v feature about them Is that the bosom is set underneaih instead of on the top, thereby making a practicalle summer shirt minus the starch. The bosom is small and short and will not catch on top of the trousers. The newest sh?des of P ink and Brown, also the staple colors. The cuffs attached or detached. The Price $1.00 and $1.50. iGOMMiTTEE WILL iBISPHAM RECITAL OViR A BOES 'LETTERS ROM i SOLICIT FUNDS A GREAT MILLION MOHE : IN SINGLE HERO COUNTY TOWNS ; j i ! _ | : Bencrai Citizens 3 Committee of nf- j Lar§2 and Representative Audience Assessors of the County Return Mere! Aa Indication that there shatild be a I Correspondents send in Many Items j " teen wiii Assist Firemen's Com-] Heard the Sreat Singer in Brua: than a MiHJon Cellars MoreMoney] Cfssed Season, Say those who! of Interesting News from their ' mitiee in Raising Funds far Pur-! Chapel on Tuesday Evening. Fin-: at interest than in 1812. Two! Claim to Know. Deer Shot on\ Respective Towns. Personals chase of New Apparatus. ancial Success a!so V.'ith the plan in vie-.v of making £ j Davtd Bispham's Erua Townships Decrease. Final Day of the Season. The- reiurr.s of ihe i^-e^sors i:i the! W. I. Pol', of Chambc-rsburg, Vf» -- "5 the Square · zens to assist them in their j securing- subscriptions of iward the purchase or work of jniosc representative, ever a-^c-niUed in jcaritics etc. over last year. iM to- : new curnbina- ; I The county commissioners have for The program, was v/ell arranged. All isonie years been of the opinion that " _ -- . _ . 5 *" _______ __ » : tion water and chemical automobile : of the songs were sung iii Er.giish. as | the o!d method of niaksnji the assess- WALTER'S THEATRE THANBOUSER RELIANCE AMERICAN" THE SPIRIT OF EN'VY 1 hsnhou-f-r THE COUNSEL FOR TliE DEFENSE lt«!Un.x- Featnrc- w!ch Itoseinary Theby and Scanloa. THE GOLDEN HEART American \Vtsleni Showhijr how a life Partnership w:u= formed in a nulling canip. Show to-night for Benefit of tin- Daughter? of Lil»ert.y. Show starts 6:45 Admission Z cents. Coming Fridav November 2-5, A s-how f«»r Ev-rybxxiy. " J O S H U A S I M P K I N S A Great* Pastoral Play AVith its Splen-li"! Band and fsuarms Orchestra, see the funny Band Para-K Seat-; On Sale At I'eopJeV Drug Stjrc I'RICES 25, 05 an=! 5V. · fire fighting apparatus. council is expected · similar amount. to £ O " TM -- i v.-'-. VF^. J...X. 4.»w» v-- «**«,.....,..;_, ^f,.w- fci^-^^^7^ id she singer's j mtnt of personal property--money at supp!:td added ; interest--has not been getting the re- The town · is Bispham's habit, and she contribute a [faultless enunciation ] charm. Particularly weii dont were j salts. This,vear the assessors were ir.- I The following comoose this au.-c:!- j t h e '-vildiy dt-amatic "Ed'.vui tl" a:id the jslructed to furnish a blank to every ' inrv committee, Dr. J. A. Sii.g.-nast^r, | c-utii-hy uifHcuit s -Ein Ton", a com- \ taxable ia their di.-Jtricr and to «:uali- : In- VV -A Grunville, Donald P. ij c _! position re'-uiring the if.-~, =ki!!fi.i ify them to the accui-acy cf their re: Pherson. Pius A. Miller, Charles S. j mterpreiation. The more familiar] turn. The result ha.- Leen a touil re| Duncan, Charles E. Stahle, J. Donald j"Two Grenadiers" and ^Dan^y Uecv- j turn of $:i,U47,laS as a-ainst $2..V.f.- ;Sv.-ope. C. Win. Beaies, Alia.-i u.; er" were superbly sung. . \" [ Piank. Will:~m H. Tipton, C. A. I SLsphaui combines actor a.':d vocal- ] ·t. in 1: In on! lv.-0 of the districts ".va.s a This committee was seiteted with .tion of "King Robert, of Sicily"} $25U. This is said to be explained by '· the idea of having all the local inter- { v -" th its beautiful musical setting. | the fact that taxabies who had pre- ifcs'cs renresented, Dr. Singmaster and I ^ ir - Harry ?-L Gilbert's aecompani-1 x ie-u=:y returned large amounts have ' Dr. Granvilie appearing for the two j nients \vere beyond criticism, but it j j.joved from the d:sti-icts. The ! institutions of learning; Mr. McPher- j "·'·'"- * n kls s* 3 - 0 work that the audience j iritrls that showed increases son, Mr. Miller and Mr. Duncan for! CO:1 -u more fully appreciate his per- '· amounts are as follows: dls- the T T T O P L A Yis technique and interpretative .--ksH. ber.-burg Public Opinion says: "The fact of thi s many does in one herd is the strongest, argument that could be heard in favor of closing the- and Many Brief 'terns. ARENDTSVILLE sville--The Rally Day ser- Reformed church last Sun- iv.iij t.csiisig \vas largely attended and the prog-ram was well rendered. Union Thanksgiving sen-ice will be deer hunting season for a number of years." A Htt!e farther on he came across ·-h.,- body of a big- doe. The body was still wai :n and a trail of fr.;sh held in the L'-'cheran church in this place on Thanksgiving Day ia the Abbttstown ............... i2S,507 . encore number, an arrangement of Ai-endt^-Hie 1,3-13 ; Ciarence Bream shot a fine eight JXBIX ..ES3AXAY HIS CONSCi EXCE A crook encounters at different liuits the search ing look of one man iireukiog flown under the -rut;ny. THE JEPLSODE AT CLOUDY C VNYON* _- - -- ESSAXAY .Fred Harris, a vonns* V.'etterner. reprimands aa Indian for b«j.tini a horse. l-ater irh^a Frei ha~ an argunif-n; with a drunken cowboy and then shoe ilit c«»'xiK7 i- b'am^s. hist the slteriS nn-is the- real culprit. THE MAX : N" TSK .-TRHCT - SELIl!«i--ltij Str»-ct. "T::i; Mental Dt-iectivfe" Ti:d:caife= that · 'the two banks and the Trust Company; Stahle representing the directors f the poor and Mr. Sv.-ope the county the Lucia Sextette for left hai.d, was a j Bendersville 29,217 prong: buck on the closing day of the commissioners, and Mr. Reaser the · revelation. . j Berwick 11.270 season. Mr. Bispham and Mr. Gilbert, have i EiglerviHe 11.143 ' Monday, v.-hile Charles Simmers s.:vl c the highest possible standard for i Butler 9,257 r Samuel Bumbaugh were in the mou't . 5 ^-^ i::.-- An-l .--t-.iu- o ti-r j Sine-- · '·---- «M:! ! j- n we C-A f--i -'iv i ·'··--"··. , . to aanonnce tuat - · manuiacturing interests ul me town. j Four merchants appear on the comrnit- j'tee as well as represeniauves of me I three newspapers. i A genera! spirit of co-operation was j manifested by those selected and the j committee ·will start its work ·with a «meeting Friday evening when it is ex- jpeeted "chat definite plans v.-ill be for| mulated for the securing of the neces- «try funds. The plan of the fire com- \VIrh M ! r.J.TJ* U*H to-morrow. \ve \visri «. v --.i.*^..*._*- ~.--.*. . , ,, ., ·«·'«·«·- ipany -s to go oerore the new council r,X \ -"- Y£ f AGR A?! I · at its organization meeting tn Jis.i-.ii- arv with the announcement that their « MUCK f i l l - . ! ' J M ! U'iili K! " i f THE G;£-·-.:· t;F-'..i:ALKK.n. KALEM COMEDY .. .-. K A LEM COM ED V - half of the cost of the engine has future musical events ia Gettysburg. [ Conewago .' 2?.818 tain, near Mont Alto, for a load of as those who had heard -Them · Cumberland knew full well they -would. Ths con- \ EasV Berlin . . ............... 14.SGO that was quietly nibbling- away a'c the series- ; i'airlselu .................... 24.700 grass. The horse was standing in the est marked the beginning of tudents and faculty of the college] Franklin .. i:id music lovers throughout the eouu- j Gettysburg. 1st \Vard Clt,*54G _ deer walked up within a few feet of Gettysburg, 2nd Ward 32,814 ' the animal. The t-.vo men ivere behind Gettysburg. 3d Ward 45.007. the wagon and if they had had a. gun tj. of whom there were many in the a-udierice, are rejoiced at the prospect of securing at leas't once each year hereafter artists rei'-ognlzed as being leaders In their pt'ofessfea. for recitals at Gettysburg. The memories of Tuesday evening's music will long lin- i- -, BREXNAN : been assured and that all council now I ger with us. The program follows: 5HANKSCIVIXO DAY . CO.OD T;i;\t:s tre not ^11 Hitiiteu to thi:;jt^ J-, iowever enjoysbls tl.ey may be. Ihere are -Iso gcod th'njrs tu v.-^ar, Specially these included in tho.-e es- jentials like crava1s. gioves. h-nd- fcerchlef?. fancy vasts and hcsiery ?hich all go to make up tha line of goods as sold as furnishings. Selig- have an exceptionally fine line. The Quality Shop WILL 31. SELIGMAN The Cash Tailor s need to do is to authorize its share of ! the cost and place 'the order. It will re- · quire about'fife months after the or|der is plai-ed before the engine can be I Various methods have been sug- j crested for the raising of the town ·firr.d. all of which will be considered i Friday ng-ht. The company itself has 'pledged §509, leaving a balance of j 33250 to be secured by popular sub; scripVion. DANIEL H. STONESIFER | Former Resident of_this County D:cd | in Illinois 3Iondav. ·c «: is. U K O D A K S F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer our entire ?lock is of the E a s t m a n M a k e Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Care- i fiii attention to the development of film". Mail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E J. H. HUfeER. Druc:i.-c- · Daniel H. StcncsLfer. a native of I Reading township, and a brother of L |S. Stcnesifer, cf West Jliddle street. Idlefl in Lee county, liiinois. Ivlcnday |j-morning at G:CO o'ciock. I He left Adams County in 1S66 as a ! young- man, 17 years of age. and Tvas j a prosperous farmer up to the time of Part I. Classical songs from European Composers. Kf-ar- Me. Ye Winds and Waves t'-Scigio"), G. F. Handel: I Attempt From Lovesickness v o Flv. ifv. Purcell: When-.Two That Mountjoy ::1.12 morning. Rev. Dr. D. B. Lady will deliver the sermon. Luther A. Cute-hall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Cutchall, of Franklin biood iov.-r.ship, who spent the last two year-s showed diut the unlawful and fatal; :n Ohio has returned home again. He shot had besr. fired just a little while i reports a good corn crop in the vicin- before. Forester iL G. Conklin ordered | iiy of Xorwalk where he last resided, i he carcase sent to vhe ChamLersburg j Miss Mary Leisler, of Gettysburg, -;!:d her sister, Mrs. Samuel Gochnaur, of Bendersville. are visiting their brother, Daniel Leister, in this place- He is confined to his bed owing to a severe fall he had in his wagon shed lact week which was noted in The TEmes- Anthony Deardorff and his sister, Mrs. Anna Wilson and Bon. George Trostei. of York- Springs, were receit visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. FT. \V. Troslel, in this place. Eilis Kremer, of Harrisburg, is a visitor in the home of Mr. and Mrs- Frank R. Culp. Anthony Deardorff and sister, Mrs. Anna Wilson, of Ycrk Springs, and -Miss Ella of E. R. 3, Get- spent last Thursday in the home of Mrs. Laura DeaTaurfr. near this~pl£cer Ths Arendtsville and Buchanan Valley Hunting Club got five deer during Wanton destruction of ueer and elk by hunters in Center County is reported by eit r ht Lebanon hunters just back fjo;n a tv.-o weeks' camp in Cin- neinahoning. The bodies of thirteen does and two eik were discovered by the Lebanon hunters. The elk weighed 700 and 400 pounds, and the carcasses were shipped to the nearest hospital wood, they came upon a large buck 8,270 road hltchsc! to the wagon and the Hamilton 5,141 · they could have shot it. As soon as | this section. Hamiltonban 27.128 the deer saw tiie men it jumped into rir encampment. The turkey crop Is a short one in H:gh!and - 14.970 ] the bashes and in a short Iitinriugton _ 10,260 . back on the road. L-a.ti.awre 12.953 i 1 time came I-^^y ...................... 5,260 THANKSGIVING SERVICES Little'iown ................. 10,075 ' - MeSherrysrown 1st ward ...... 9.161 Ecligious Observance _of_ .Thanksgiv-. a!cSherrystov.-K 2nd ward ..... 18,065 j »*»«£ Day in Town and Count y. -tlenallen ............... _____ 24,527 ±2.203 Blspham. Piano solos. Nocturne (D j York Springs 29.522 -^"j-L canis of notice are going out \veek. and the commissioners have F. Chopin: Rhapsodic (C. Maj- E. von Dohnanvi. Mr. Gilbert. jthis Part II. Compositions iy American "omposers- An Exhoriation, Cook: m Thv (Tom. Moore). fi.-.fcd days for hearing appeals on . c-unly tax and personal prooeiVy tax.' 1 ^· an ^ 5 5'" V!n AH hearing for appeal will be held -- lhu '-^·"nvn KiHic-krankie (Robert t'" 1 '- commissioners" offiea between the ^ i at thai time whom he had net seen for j EE jfosty years. lie was married In Ilii- j nois and leaves ssven children. Three ; brothers survive. Joseph G. Stonesifer. I of Wsllianiipcrc: Eiias Stonesifer. of ] Springfield. Ohio; and I- S. Stonesifer, j of Gettysburg. Sleep Louis Elfael: 3i.-rn.-0. Ii- H. Wetzer: Danny Deever j ^ -'--^ of l f » a. m. and :: p. m.. each day J:-JGyard Kipling). Walter Daiaros=h: j £ r d lhe ?chedwie of tialfes and districts riccAation to music, riing Robert of j' s as ^oiioivs:-- Rossstter G. ] Dt 'C- 3--Tyrone, Iluntingion. Laii- jn;jre. Jlenallen, Butler. Franklin Financially, the event -eras a success.! tov.-.^hips: Cer.dersville, Bigiervilie. jiLErinq- bc-tCveen S3G and §40 over the I Yor]; Kpr:"^s and Arer.citsviHe L.or- balance will be j t - c sr- :r - -·oncert or re-j !'£«··--union, ijer^any, ?.!our,V«oy. Freedo.-n, Liberty. ITr.rr.- Ser-.-ices will be- held ni a number of on Thnrs- Dayf, The, union will baneld at'~ half evening in St. James the sermon being r. A. R. Wagnsr. Tbere v*i;l be service at the Church of the Brethren on South Stratum street. Thursday morning at 10:30. The F'.ohr's and Cashtown Reformed ctrtiirregations \vill unite in a union service on Thursday at Reformed church at 2 p. m. Rev. Ij. T. Koscr will preach the- sormon. All are welcome. There will bo service in the Memorial Church of the Prince of Peacfe A sunrise Thanksgiving service xvili St. mes K cni'.erhirui. Freed- jihonban. Highland . , . i^-aiirrsgivir.g sen-ices will tic ado . _ ^ - ne ~*" Jry -^ E ' m:rcn - ***"*'- street, at 7:30 p. m.. Thursday. G. = I PETTY CHARGE ^ ! I . i Brings Action Claiming- Dogs Annoyed his Chickens. i YOUR - TURKEY - DINNER Will taste better If you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Da\*. We have a large variety of choice (abrics at prices to suit everybody. ; J. D. LIPPY, TaOor. MERVIN O. BKEAM O. Bream, mail carrier 3!aii Carrier from Idavfile Of- ! Iiec. S--MountpSc-nsani. ficc Dies in Hospital. | Berwick. Reading. jScraban township?; M,'^! on i r-Cc'v Or-ford. AbbotU-iOwn Ci.nnv,-a~' THANKSGIVING HOURS -T:.^ H..yrs for Thar-ks Day. No Jiurr.l Delivery. 1 A hearing v.-as held before -Justice J. jC. Cams, in Abbotistovrn, on Monday, | in the case of the Co.Tjynoriwealth vs. i William Reichart and -Jesse Reichart. j charged on oath of H. V. Rahn, of that " jplsce. vdth malicious mischief. L. D. I Seil, Esa.. cf Hanover, appeared for j the plaintiff. After the hearing- the i defendants were held for the action of ]the Grand Jury. The offense is the al-1 jJesred asinoysnce of the plaintifTsi ! chickens, by dogs, at the instance of [ · the defendant. Iftuviile Route 1. died at half past two: BjriZr. j'c-ock Tuesday afreTioon in the I Mc-ihcdift Episcopal hospital, Philn- i deiphia. where he under-.venfe an opera- 1 acr for a form of stomach trouble.; \jr x He v.-as taken to the institution 1.1--.1 i T?,-/ L- -.-cek. Jir. Bream leaves his \vife and tv.-o KO EL-- HOCKENSMITH o r Bopnoan^:lip. and Miss Ii« x kensBs:!h, of Bra*hlown. Marrk-d. Cilice \v5Il be open from 11:00 a. m. ' ..'· 32:00 nocn, ar.! from '5:00 to 7:00 r. m. The city carriers will make one delivery an-.; collection as. 10:"0 a. m. X-i deiiverv bv carrier?. McSHERRYSTOWN McSherrystown--The Eagle Pool tea:u will cross cues with the Smoke Shop learn, of York, in the Union Opera House, Friday evening:. The g ^d-.'.-arfi XoeL son of Mr. ard M'-.^. as. Ralph and Arthur, a:, He;Jc.. XufL of "BonncuuvilJe, f.r-d VAi- also survived by several brothers i Kegina Hockensmith. tlauphter of Mr. ;r-d sisters. -and ?-u-s- Sanue! IIo"ker«-^7ith. of The bosly was brought 1o his home ! were marred at a r 5 jpiiai this afternoon. The funeral arrange- !r.:::s ; ; in St. Mnr\*"s Church. McShcr- 4«e2:is have not vet been an THOMAS--FRITZ wiii Szl5-o'clock._The open=_ ing gama promises to be a hot one and the pool rooms will be crowded -with " spectators. The ' local team will be -Midget"' Brady. "Moon"'- Lawrence, -·Spikey" Klunk and "Kid" Hankie. C. J. Deione is having his com hiidVed and shredded by machinery. Th;s is quite an improvement over the ild \vay of husking by hand. The horse and delivery wagon be- Icnging- to Fran!: Burkee, ran away sarlj- Monday morning. The team was n rr.arge of Gilbert Klunk. As he -was ?etti.:g in the wagon the horse be- ·-amc frightened at an engine standing nc^-i 'ihe Deione barn gnd ran down Main street to the stable. The tvagon vas ;.HghtIy damaged. Several narrow i.scapes from coilisions were made on .c street as the frightened animal jessed several teams- Miss Anastasia Lawrence, of Mt. Sock, spent laa*; Sunday with her sis- er, T-Irs. Cevine. The Kome and Foreign Missionary 3cciety of St. Paul's Lutheran church ·.-Hi hold their annual Thank-Offering nojting. Sun-day afternoon, Xov. "Ji. i; 2 o'clock. The principal feature of 'h.2 fitly \\-ill be an address fay Mrs. S. .'. Burgor. wife of Rev. Mr. Burger, a ·missionary in India. Mrs. Burger is low home on a furlough, to regain her ij-Ilh. A cordia! invita'tion is extended to all the missionary societies of Ha-icver and those interested to at- :er.J the meeting. W-Iiace Xoei. is planting some fine -rTMt:e trees around his residence jc" r.-rr M" XcrtI) s'creet and Oxford M-i-s Fritz nT5d Mr. Thomas on Sundav. Marrit-d i ?.!:* Keulah Fritz, dauq-hter of Mr.-.. Lucy Frits, of ?»l-'Kni.s:htstO'vvn. | r\ lovrn. at »5 o'clock Tuesday i«orr.injj, and Francis Thonia- 1 , Mclvn^chtstoivn }}." Iie\. I_ Auir. Reudter. They \wrc i\ero n:a~ric-i Sunday. Xc»vember -'·;£, ON TRIP TO CANADA For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results wil! please you. I OX and after December '1st. all wood delix-cred from either fac\orv will be sold strictly cash on delivery. Xo deviation from this rule will be allowed. Gettysburg Furniture Com- par.y; Reaser Furniture Company.-advertisement 1 O L D F A S H I O N D MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, 40 cents *., Butternut Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy, 20 cents lb., Peanut Brittle, 10 cents lb. Ice Cream Taffies, 10 cents lb.-- Fresh Uaily at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN NrWSPAPF.RfllCfilVE® ,,_.. FOR RENT: three rooms. Furnished or unfurnished. 10; N. Washington street.--advertisement. A special Thanksgiving dinner will be served at Hotel Gettysburg Thursday. 75 cents.--advertisement 1 M«-= Vi,-.ict · er of iiie bride. 'V Rev. !.iv:J 1'. Ko.-^r. POST CARD SHOWER - nis Pian LiUlc Surprise for Boy in HosaitaL nd ANNOUNCEMENTS Oi'T JIarry Goiliieb. who conducts s. shoe ! ; .-C]a:r!njy shop on Chambersburg j street, has gone to Toronto. Canada. ] where he \vill he the guest for several I v.*eaks of relative* whom he has not'. L'r. Porfornu-d Rris-hse--Ber- s?cn for fifteen years. Returning hu j ^cr Wedding Ceremony. ; ~il! spend several da\t= in New York] * Philadelphia. I«rin? Mr. GoVt- Arnouneements have been issuec NO PAPER THURSDAy ?, isjsUf of Th»- i f :' j:.-.;i:i w:! i,? ro n ordei that his Thanksgiving Day y he a iiitie more cheerful the col- ·* students are sanding quantities pcV cards to »leorge K. Schaefier. ,vho xvas taken-»o the Harrisburg H6*^*-" -,s on Thankss^- i 3 '*- a ' ' 2:s '- week st:t7erir?- from blood-" -}c:,o:i:ng. the resale vf a foot ball in- 'ury. All tho students are joining in he |!ar! and several hundred cards v'li reach the voung man during the ax-.k. The licb's absence his shop charge of A. H. Butt. will be in ! the marriage of Miss Bessie Berger,. jVo Xorman G. Reichie. at Baltimore, j A!,! . on Saturday, Nov. 22nd, IJOX'T forget io attend "The Oast 3, by!of the L^irth", for benefit of Fire DOXT forget Emory Zepp's sale OP. ! December 2nd, for good cattle, hogs and chickens.--advertisement 1 H. Dunbar. of St. Mark's Lu- Company, at Walter's Thea'ire. Thurs- CHART for '-The Dust of the lh«,ran Church that city. iday, Decembjr 4th.--advertisement 1 HOUSE for sale or ren'c in Bigler- ORDER your Thanksgiving- vilie. Apply to Willis IL Lady, 223 cream now. See Gettysburg Tee and FURNITURE auction, Saturday, Vovember 29. at one o'clock. See advertisement. Chas. S. Mumper and Co. Earth", will open at People's Drug j East Middle street, Gettysburg.--ad- Storage Company ad on another pac.e. ( 1 Store, Saturday.--advertisement 1 vertisement 1 '--advertisement 1 *i FURNISHED rooms for rent with bath-room convenience. For particulars call at 223 East Middle street.-advertisement -IWSPAPKR!

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