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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Friday, January 9, 1818
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AT a "Meeting of Grocer. arw I Corwin being railed thf Cta. u r,iiaw.rizpreble - and rcsoluuww were the S'?,b Pr . ...I. - nnA&cred. the F5 duTy considered the being removed from me wx fn"7" S'intenfal U. and particularly e ib"dt on nd low price o' - c prinv.. .b erop 1 0r th - article. Mlt4 USCU III ,ivj. 1 Rewlved, That no Grocer or Inn - keeper purchase ami vena oeer in - - - - - P . . c.iu.mir ntH. that 19 for fin IT fi. - double, do. 47 50, per bbl. and that ech barrel .hall contain at least 32 gallon, tnd that expressed by city guager on aome risible part of the barrel, half barrel, or as 2. Resolved, That a committee be appoint ed to consist of two persons irora eacu for the purpose of carrying the above resolu - tions into effect by. such honorable meant as they think may be mo.t likely to obUin Us Resolved, That the proceeding, of this . knot, ivier - meeting be puuiisneu in r. - .'"6 cantUe Advertiser and National Advocate. GEORGE CORWIN, Chairman. ' GEORGE BETTS, Secretary. . jan 9 lt h',tTii.iAajf PARTIES. rrp The manager, give - notice that the first Jmaa party - will be at Washington - Hall on Tn.laT next, the 13th instant. jan 9 4t ',. 4 kLHS'JXjN. ilfv The new fast wiling schooner TON - TTLMflfer R Itnvt. master, will DOallivelv tail in all nut week For freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply on board ast tide Burling hip, or 10 jan 9 SAUU ALLEY, 98 Pine - st IIOTTOM, Ac 34 bale new crop Louisiana J Cotton, lanriiugrrom orig uneans 6 bbds. retailing Molaes for .ale by . 1 H. 61D. TACCOTT, ian 9 '64 South - street W HIDES. TIOUR hundred Hides landing this day from J Perseverance, and will he sold low from the wharf. Apply to JU3,t'H usuuttw, Jan 9 28 South - street. STRAl I S B HANDY. TWENTY five pipes Cette Brandy, for sale by CHA3. L. OGDEN, and . . ABR. OGDEN, Jan 9 Washington - streeL - CIOFFEE Very handsome Java Coffee land - J ins at pier No. 9, and Tor sale in lots to suit purchasers, by JOSEPH OSBORN, Jan 9 28 South street. c O I'l ON - 0 bales first quality Upland Cot - ion, lanaing, ana lor sate oy SAUL, AliiikY. 98 rine - street. IN STORE, 32 bales Sea - Island Cotton. Apply a above. Jan 9 PRIME POKE 30 barrels, Jersey inspection just received and for sale by Jan 9 4t CORN'S. DUBOIS. CALCUTTA GOODS. ME hundred bales consisting of V - Baftas, Luckipore, Chittabully, Callipatty Cowans, Cbaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna and &4Ui&ijivni, Smiuahs Jellalpore and Mow. Checks Gillahs, Romals, &r. for sale by CHS. L. OGDEN and a RM OGUEN, inn 9 W .hington - street.' MADEIRA WINE Loud in particular Madeira win of the most upproved brand, in pipea, hhds. and quarter casks, fit for immedi ate use and well worth the attention of private . families Will be sold at reasonable prices, and in quantities to suit purchasers, by TUCKER ft LAUR1ES, jan 9 29 South - st. . 1 USKEI'Sand FOWLING PIECES, euti - xS I tied to debenture. 13 cases British Muskets, with bayonet, and scabbards complete. 5 dodo Fowling Pieces. Jmt received per nun, iruui Liverpool, lor saie oy inn 9 P RF.MSEN & CO. 26 oouth - st. 1 mi 1 iuuui,u ib num. prune J1V Kentucky tobacco will be landed this af temooo from the brig Orleans from New - Or w .... .. , . . . leans r or sale by LA1DLAW, G1RAULT &CO. fan 9 7t 67 Coffm - Hrtuse flip. WAN1EI), a good double mahogany Dek, also, a pleasant Counting Room, near tne Ujiree - nouse one in South - street wotild be preferred. Apply at 35 Front - etreet jan 9 3t . J.Vl KoO. HOTKL 41 iiliu,..,.' fTHE partnership entered into by Aladaine M I: . ... , jl itimiuuMi ana ijr. Leieirm. lor carrying on th Jack'on Hotel, i. this day dissolved. The Hotel will in future be conducted by Ma dame MONDION, alone. The public are hereby cautioned, that no debts hereafter contracted ia the name of Deletra and Moodioo, will be paid by Madame M0NDIQ3. Madame Mondion solicit, tucb share of the public favour as the merits ol the hotel may, by experience, be found todeserve. Her customers will slinn And R n4 n.. inary, or Table d'Hote, well supplied, and a Club rooms always clean, warm and ready for the reception of guests. - R. MONDION. New - York. J&n. 8th, 1818. ian 9 2w Qi - OH. HALE, Th. house and lot of ground No. 18 Rose - street ; the lot is 25 ft front and rear, and 100 iset deep t the house a brick front, side, and rear filled In with brick, and built in the most substantial unnner For farther particulars enquire ef A.STEENBACK. jao 9 1 w No. 334 Broad way, VALUABLE REAL PROPERTY FOR SALE OOXTU ESDAY, the SOlh January iost. by Bleecker & Bibby, at public auction, n toe. Pontine Coffee House, at 14 o'clock. nTWO LOTS OF GROUND, with the BUILDINGS erected thereon, eituate No. 32 rio. - street. m th occupation of Robert Styart each lot is S3 feet 3 inches ia front, 21 fret 10 1 - 2 inches in the rear, and average length 75 feet 9 Inches. An inditnulnhU tiiU will k mwm the purchaser, and poncssion on the first of May "VTiu - .uwn 10 ine property, title, and had by applying te CORNELIUS BOG K RT. No . 14 dLrtmt. . JAMES BOGERT, 1 Surviving Eiec - nu uiors ol jaco JAMES VAN ANTWERP bus Bogert Jan 9 let ; - . flHE - PROilf smur nil. For Sal. tit innllrallA - k K.A.U t , . T V t I BIUU. WWIC u7 , uaT 'efmary nest) the very valuable lot and store No. 34 South - street, between Cosoties aed OU .Ups, together with a joint right or UUe to (he Pier iu f, oot. Two thirds of the purvhase money may remain on mortgage for any number of years Enquire of the subscriber No. 1 Muiray - tL g. jj, CR1G. jan9 Iw ' CuUXTHt St.iT fOH SALE, AT Jamaica, on linr,.i - i,.. - ouniy, ne tne resiaence ot John Troup, Esq. - 1 cexjed. On the premises are a good two etory frame house, barn, and other out - bua.t. inrs ; SB acre, of land in a rood su fnr ..!. tivation i 28 acre, of wood land, of a fine thrifty growth for fencing and timber j and a lot of 7 acres Silt meadow. - . On th'.s property are two pp!e orchard, and a variety of other fruit 'Y: Jamaica being one of the most flourishing village. oil the Wand, render, th'.s proper fty desirable Ar a gentleman retirinr from bu - ines. For particular apply to . - M. OITMIS, 143 Prarl - st j or to JOHN i: BOBT. TROUP, Jn ' t ! . on the premiiej. ' ACADEMY AT BELLEVILLE, N. JY THIS institution wilt be opened on the first j r n.vl nnfl.r fh riinr linn of JAMES STRYKER, A. M. as principal thereof. - . .' '.. The course of instrucuoo win emorace an me branches preparatory to a collegiate education, as weu uiu "" - . - : . chant, tlie farmer, and the mechanic, yu : - A ' I I nr In. li n.lich I 111 n crammaticai anowieugo and Greek language., arithmetic, mathematics, . i MK JnM lnmtnnr. lucludiiisrthft Uf anueniunu niuci w - ,. - - - of elobe. and maps, ancient and modern history, natural anu morm - "r - - i - - keeping, reading, writing, 4ic - ... Tneterm. ol tuition lor day scholar, ia the lowest branches, will be two dollar. ir quar - ter, and will not eceed five dollar, per quarter, in any of the higher. - sending; their children to this healthy and beautiful village for instruction, the principal offers to receive into his own family, a .elect number, WOO Will DC OIULDKU M uwh.uwu, v washing and wending) at the rate of $160 pel annum. It is requested that those who intend to send their children to the day - school attached to the institution, will give early notice. In offering this seminary to public notice, the trustees entertain a hope, that the beneficial pur pose, contemplated in its establishment, will not b. defeated Iron, the want of public patronage. For the ability of their principal to fulfil the important task he has undertaken, they refer to the subjoined recommendation ; and he will employ no ushers or assistants, but such as shall be most satisfactorily recommended and duly qualified. To the inhabitant, of the village and its vicinity, they offer a well regulated school, for the in - fltruction ol their youth, a thing much wanted and long desired ; and to stranger, the advantages of education in a place admirably adapted llll U1C UI - w , - J , " j .. communication with New - York, and its ac knowledged suiertorny in point oi ueajin anu Deauty. . hev. Staats Vaa Smtvoord, J Abraham Cadmus, John Van Rtnsseler, V Trustees. james norouiuwcr, Ezekiel Wade, JnnHlhnn Tomnkins. Cellevile, December, 1817. RECOM M KHO ATIOrf Of Mr. Stryker, tlie Principal, by P. Wilson, 1 L. D. f rolessor of Language, in Columbia "nil " This gentleman i. an Alltrmnus of Columbia College, and receiveu a consioeruuie joh i w 1 urn therefore well ac llr.llliivu " " - " . . . Quamted with his talents and have no hesitation 71 l. - i - ..n ui r r..iriilinor iK. in aecianng mm iiwy i;anuiB uiiiii..b task he has undertaken, with credit to himsell and benebt to me communny. - (Signed) P - WILSON, jan 9 lawtfd&c IN CHANCERY, ftonrv rrkford. t i u. Slate offttxD - York, . Jane Week, and others.) IN nunuance of a decretal order of this nonora I l ronrt. made in the above caue, will be ...l.l nt nnhlir Auction, at the Tontine Colfce - House, in the city ofNew - YorK, on Monday, the ninth day of February neit, at 12 o'clock at noon of that day, under the direction and super - intendance of the subscriber, one of the masters of this court All that certam lor, piece, or parcel of ground, situate lying and being io the se wild, ward ofNew - York. and partoi the real es - ato of V.henrzer Youn - r. deceased, and to the northward of Cherry - street, and between that nnH l.nml ,&rH.itreet : bounded southerly partly on ground now or late in possession of George Peck, partly by a gangway of eight feet, and partly by Young', property, now or late in the occunatinn of Eiisha Blossom : west erly by Isaac Clason ; northerly by Kbcnrwr Young, Junior ; and easterly by Juhu Sinclair; containing in breadth throughout fifty leet nine inches : and in length on both sides eighty nine feet ; and also the right to, or privilege, of all that certain gangway of tight feet in width, leadifg from blurry - street io uie grou.w nareoy conveyed, with the absolute right of passing and repassing at all times through said gangway, with horses, carts, carriages, loaded and unloaded, at pleasure. And alsoj all that certain lot of ground, situate, lying and being in the said seventh ward of the city aforesaid, on tbe nortn sine oi unerry ktreet i bounded southerly io front by Cherry' street, aforesaid - . northerly io the rear by ground late oi saran nainoira, aua lormeny ueiuoguij to Ubeneter Yoaor. of the city aforesaid, de ceased ; easterly by a gangway of eight feet in breadth, and westerly by ground now or late oi Isaac Clason ; containing in length on each side one hundred feet, and in breadth, in front and rear, each twenty five feet; which twenty fire r l I . I .i I 1 r . rl : I I ft l luciuues uie uw uau pari ui uic saiu way, aed also the use and privilege of the said eancway. in common with the proprietor, of the lot. of land adjoining thereto : and which raid gangway is to be, and remain, a common gangway or passage for tbe uses aforesaid ; which said tot of rrouod is Dart of the real estate where of the said George Young, deceased, was seixed in lee at the time or his death ; and which was riveo and devised to Sarah, the wife of John Rainbird, in and by the last will and testament of the said Ebenezer Young, and by the said John and Sarah conveyed to William weeks. Together with all and singular, the edifices, buildings, richts, members, privileges, htredita - nieots and appurtenaoce. thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining. Dated New - York, January am, ioib. , WILLIAM SEAMAN, Master in Chancery. jan 9 law3wfcdtd. IS CliAISCEKV. State of New - York, ss.. IN pursuance of a decretal order of this honorable court, bearing date the 7th day 'of July last, will be sold at public auction, at the Ton - i : - .. r.jrnA iIahu i ik. : i r v v.i. .... iiue wuu, uww, u tire viij vi c - m via. under the direction of the .ubscriber, a. one of the muter, of this court, on Thurtday, the 8th day of January; nest, at Iwth e o'clock at noon, ' all tliat certain block, or piece of ground and soil underwater, to be made land and ground, out of the north or Hanson's mver, situate, lying and being between VVasliingtoa - ftreet and a certain new street of seventy feet in breadth, to be mnde (rooting on the .aid North River, called West - street, and u Dounaea as lonows : north - easterly and easterly by Liberty - street ; north - westerly and westerly by West - street aforesaid; southwesterly and westerly by Cedar - street, and south - easterly and easterly by Washington - street: containing in breadth on Washinrton - street and West - street one hundred and teo feet six inches, and in length along Liberty street noe bandied and seventy - .ven feet, and along Cedar street one hundred and seventy - two feet" ; together with the appurtenances, subject nevertheless to the rents, coveuaaU, restrictions and agreements to which .aid premise, art subject, io favor of the corporation of the city of New - York, a. imposed, reserved and created by them. Dated Nov. 6th, 1817. JAMES A. HAMILTON Master in Chaucery. Note. Tbe .ale of the bove property is postponed to Friday, the 30th instant, at efevea o'clock, A. M. at the same place. It will be sold in lot. or parcels, and on liberal terms, which may be kaowa by applying at the Master, offkt. No. 3 Law Buildings ; where a map of tbe premise, may be seen. January 8th, 1818, Jan9dt " , ADDRESS fc - SERMON. JUST published by R. ft W. A. BARTOW, 351 Pearl - street, Franklin Square, and for .ale by tbem and tbe several booksellers, " A feERMON preached on the day of thank. - Jivtngjm 1st. George's Church, by too Revd. emesMilnor, price5cts. An AdJrtss, delivered before the superintend ents, teachers and pupils of the Sunday schools attached to St George's Church, by the Revd. James Miloor, price 25cenU. jaa 93t TO MERCHANTS. A YOUNG MAN, having rerv lately arrrived ht - rr from Britain, for the purpose of prose cuting business on bis owa. account, would he glad ere be commences, to pa, li oaooins ia a respectable store, in order to acquire a knowledge f the mercantile system of this country. no BALiAKY will be reauired. and be can make himself useful, either as book k.eprur ssletmaa. A line to J. M. and left at the Post OSte, will be attended to. . ja&tt NEW and LATE PUBLICATIONS, Life Patrick Henry Henry's Chemistry ; Hunter 00 the Blood ' Lady Morgan's France . . - i . Welsh Mountaineers, 2 vols - Ilarriugtonand Oimood, S.vols Aleliocourt, 2 vol. 'LaUuRookU : . Pilgrims of the fun A. Smith's 'J'beory of Moral Sentiment ' Stuart end Playfair's Essay. Air. of Palestine, a poem Adam's Narrative Tale, of Fancy ; Valentine Eve ' Rhoda H. Moore'. Poem. Comic Drama. . Female Scripture Character. Taylor'. Essays ; Sancho Hale's Advice ; Lara Reading, in Poetry Branches Reports, vol. 7, 8 and 9 For sale by KOBT. M'DERMOT, jan 9 ' 222 Pearl - street. FOR THE LADIES. T'HE RESTORATIVE POWDER FOR J THE TEETH AND GUMS This ex cellent nrmarAtion comforts and srenzthens the gums, preserves - the enamel from decay, anil cleanses ana wiutcns me leein, notorizing an that Ri - cnmoiiious ilime nnd fouluess. which, suf fered to accumulate, never fails to injure, and fi nally ruin them. THE DAMASK LIP SALVE. Is recommended, (particularly to the Ladies) as an eleearit and Dleaeant preparation for chap ped and sore lips, and every blemish and inconvenience occasioned by colas, fevers, ffce. speedily restoring a beautiful rosy color, and delicate softness to tlte lips THE GENUINE PERSIAN LOTION, So celebrated ainone the fashionable through out Europe, is an invaluable cosmetic and perfectly innocent and sal'ej free from corrosive and repellent minerals, (the Dans oi otner lo'.iousj ofun paralleled efficacy in preventing and re moving blemishes in the face and skin of every kind, particularly freckles, pimples, scurfs, tetters, ring worms sun burns, &c. rendering the skin delicately soft and clear ; improving the complexion and restoring the bloom ofyoutb. Hamilton's Essence and extract of Alustard, for Rheumutitm, Lumbago, Palsy, &c. ' Haiflil ton's celebrated Elixt - r, for coughs, cold, alhma and Consumption. Hamilton's Worm destroyiug Lorenge. Halm's Anti Bilious Pills. Hamilton's Grand Restorative, for nervous di eases, Ike. being peculiarly adopted to r emale complaints. Sold at LEE'S Medicine. No. 48 Maiden - lane. Druggist, and country store - keepers supplied on liberal terms. Certified casts of cure may be socn at the place of sale. jan a ena tor ofr, freight or Charter, The good fist sailing brig NYMPH, 157 tons burthen, in complete order to receive a cargo, may be tent to sea without de lay. Apply on board, east Fly - marUet wharf, or to N. L. & G. UlUMYULU, ian 8 86 South - st 44$ The ship FOX, burthen 2200 bbl. is Agj.a very tut sailing vcwel, and iu goodor - acr io receive a cargo, ppiy io N. L. k G. GRlsWOLD, jan 8 86 South - st for Sale, b'reight or Charier. w4fti A new pilot boit built SCHOONER iV'MiOfi tons burthen, built in the ten manner, of irood mtite. ials, and copper fasten ed, a very fast sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea with small expence. Apply on board, at Hurling - slip, or to )xn 8 N. U & G. GRISWOLD. ' Far Sale, freight or Charter, The ship MIRROR, 3:0 tons burthen, is a good vessel, 2 years ol J, stows itjout 3200 - bbU. and sails fast. Apply on board, west side Burling - slip, or to N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, jan 8 86 South - st FOUSAl.E, Th.ship EMULATION, 330 !om, built in 181 1 at Haddam,in complete or der to receive a cargo inventory to be seen on board and at tlio auction room tor approved endorsed bills at 4 and 6 months,' to be sold at unction to close a concern, on the Pth inst. by j:in8 It C. G. FONTAINE. . For Salt:, Freight nr Charter, The good ship HRILHANT, J pps&Gccr. mas - er; 330 tons burtlian, 2 years old, in corr.plete order to receive a car go, and is ir. every respect a fine vessel. Ap ply on board, west side Biirln - slip, or to N.LtG. GRISWOLD, jan 8 85 South street. LONDON MUSTARD. 40 boxes first quality fresh London Mustard, in boxes contain - iuing 6 doten each. For salo by TICKER &LAURIES, jan 8 89 South - street. OLOOM RAlalNS. 200 N.xe. fit oh bloom U 'Raisins, just received and for .nlc by N.L.&G. GRISWOLD, . jan 8 lifi South - street II EMP U DUCK - 60 tons St. Petersburgb XI clean Hemp bO bolt, first quality RiiMiaDuck For .ale by JAMES D'WOLF, Junr. ian 8 57 Front street. I rt LOU II. 200 superfine Petersbjrch V Flour, landing from schr Jane Maria, lor sale by UlUSWULJJS t lUA I ts, Jan 8 .86 South - street. A UbKE I'S, TAPES, tc. 6000 MuskeU if L entitled to Ue Denture 13 boxes well assorted Tapes. No U to 25 7 ceroons'lst quality Flotant Indigo 4 boxes Flaxen Linnen 2 bbii. White Lead, for sale by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, Jan 8 1m ' No. It Washington - street. COTTON New crop, prime, suitable for manufacturing, will be Mid in parcels to ac commodate purchasers. Also, a lew bale, or old crop. uiquire 140 Pearl - street, up stairs. ian 8 COTTON YARN. be COMMISSION COMPANY, 143 Pearl - .treet, have now foi ale, most Nos. of Cotton Yarn, from No. 4 to WO. ian 8 VV i v i - ' dmT'1 - 1 t - : r . t v , : 11 i tics, in bulk, for sale by . , - ULU. ftl. HllSU.y. janS 130 Water streeL DEER SKINS. FOR SALE,, 20. 000 lbs. Ier Skin, light and heavy, (from Upper Mississippi nnd Missouri principally.) They will be assorted for the German and English markets, or sold together They will make a valuable remittance. Apply to GEO. M. WILSON, dec 24 c 130 Water - street. SOUCHONG 61 KAMPOY TEAS, in boxes and canntftert, S3 and 24 lb each, entitled to debentuie, for sale at 64 Snuh - strret, b CAMBRELENG & PEAKSO jan & ASS1A. A few vases superior quality Cas - ia, for sale by . - ROGERS fc POST, dec 30 5t '51 South - street. IJLUfc ?iA.A..t.!. 1750 ps KCCll. iut,iib i .vp. i niuru - iaiic, ipi.u ide) by GEORGE PAL U Ell, entitled to debenture. tan 5 5f ' i - r.. - . vA m i - 1 ,. - . v. rMjUUH. TOtl ACCO. loli Utit Flour. P branded (Richmond Mill's) , 200 do Petersburg do 7 hhds Old leaf Tobacco 50 km Manuftctared do. branded MAP Labbr." iandine from tbe .loops Brothers and Juliet, and for ! by . WAUnCUALIiAUIlMli jan 6 - 66 Soath - ttreet. 'TOBACCO 28 hhds new crop Tobcro.ff JL excellent on - 'ity, lauding from schr. Rolb, iroua Richmond for sale by V. at, I nu.i c ot iu. Jan 6 . 9i Coffee How - slip. JOSEPH OStfORN) , ,iiit fcwuUrsutetrtii for sale the entire cargo of tbe ship Perseverance, Silver, master, Irom Batavia, ' - 450,000 lb. very handsome Coffee I 14,000 lb. (sugar '" . 400 Ox Hide. - ' , ' " ' 2 bags Cubtib IN S TORE. . . ' 120 bale. Calcutta Piece Goods, "vi. : Beer - boom Gurrahs, balianagore, bagry and Calcutta checks, red, blue ana white Madrass pattern gilla bdkfs. sooty romals.fl.g aod bandanoe bkfs. sannas, cossas, sawns, baitas, jalalpore and blue mamoodies. Sic Ic. Castor oil, senna leaf, assofceditn, . Gum benjamin, copal, trajacauth, salamo - niac, tic. 4c. 60 bags mustard seed ' . 40 kegs pickled salmon 35 kegs ground ginger 50 chests hyson and sinlo tea 26 bags Calcutta sugars 300 boxes No. 1 U. 2 Chocolate 100 bolts Russia Duck 60 tous Russia iron 500 Russia Seal Skins 1 case cross bar'd Canton Hdkfs. 1 case black Canton crape 3 cases colored do 204. pieces blue Nankins t 5000 dcces long yellow do 3000 Calcutta goat skins bOOO Madras. do &c. Sic, Jan 11 FOR SALE AT AUCTION, At the T. C. II. on the 1st day of March next, the FARM belonging to the estate of the late Dr. Isaac Ledyard, situated one mile south ol - lie "village of Newtown, Long bland. ,Tbe Williamsburgh turnpike runs through the Farm, on one side of which is a new excellent stone wall, half a mile in length The farm contains about 150 acre., 15 of which is a fine Wood Lot, with two atinle orchards, one old, the other just beam - niog to hear well, and a suitable proKrtion ol good .alt meadow. The Mansion House is large and convenient, four rooms ou each floor, with a co d kitchen and cellars ; attached is a Inrge barn, crib, hen huue, amnke house, well, und a new cistern, tc. The court yard and garden contain a variety of fruit trees and shrubbery, a large asparagus pen, rnspuemra ana curmmn Also A FARM ailiuining the above, contain - in? aliout srxtv acres s attached to which is fine - uual proportion of Salt Meadow, and a lot of young wood, situated within les than a mile ol uic urm, containing icn " res, wiiu a ianu house, barn. well, sarden. lie.'' K Likcwi - c A Lot of Land, lying at Pprinfield, south of the village of Jamaica, containing be tween fjiir and Cve acres on which are about a dozen large chesnut trees, suitable toriencing. The above land - wi I be all regularly surveyed, and maps Of the same exhibited s"Uie time previous to, and nt the sale, and disposed of by tbe acre, with the buildings thereon, inclusively. Possession iriven on ihe first ol' April. For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - strect. jan v ws FOR SALE, RP.AL PROPRRTT IS TBE CITY Of KEW - YOBK A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. 11 iiUl Bowerv STABLE in the rear togeth er wuh the LOT, 44 feet front - , 43 feet rear, aod I2' leet on each side. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - .treet and House and Lot IS o. 39 Vesey - .treet. A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars. do' and do lor tio do and do for - 450 do On valuable property in the city of New - York. The interest has always been punctually paid. I or particulars inquire at the ortice oi STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dec 10 tf . No. 27 Wall - streat. PUBLIC SALE. ON Tuesday, the 27th of January, at twelve o'clock, will be sold by Hones tt Town, that - valuable and pleasantly situated Property in Broad - street, belonging to the estnte ol the late Mr. John Post. The Lot is 47 feet 8 inches front and rear, on the north 126 leet 6 inches, and on the south tide 138 feet in depth. The House stand, about the centre of the Lot, leaving a good gangway on the north side, and fine garden root ana rear. . i ne snuauon isaeeaicuueiignv ful. Persons desirous of Durchatins. are ed to view the premises. Title indisputable. Possession will be given on the 1st day of May next. I urtrter conditions on ine day ol sa'e. Itebornb Post, ) ' Deborah Douglass, Executrixes Catharine - Riticr. ) .' John I. PosU . F . Peter R. Post. Exccotori. Jan 7 127 rp BROWN, stone seal eo - atcr and jowcl ler. No. ICS Uroadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, Lc. engraved on stone. A liaudvoma auortmcnt of fine gold seals, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coats of arms, mot ten, and fancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, &c. bought iu the rouzh or cut to any form. Book, of heraldry kept with upward, of 60.000 names. Jan 7 3m TEN DOLLARS REWARD. LOST, on the 1st instant, from Westchester, a white and brown long haired Setter DOG. of the bnglisn breed ; Da six claws on eacn hind foot, and auswers to the name of Rom etc. had on a leather Collar with a brass plate, engraved " L. Stansbie, New - York." Whoever will return said Dog to Mr. H. CIIEAVENS, 158 Bivadway, or to Mr. LEWIS, Westchester, shall receive Uie aoove reward. Jan 8 3t TEN DOLLARS REWARD ITT ILL be eiven for information sou to con V V vict the person or persons, who bad the audacity to squirt tobacco juice upon the white saun coal 01 a laay waiKing in uroauway. sip ply at this office. . ian 8 3tt IxrANTS A SITUATION as a Seamstreai. VV. nhl fnmiliT. a vonnir tvnman. acquainted with plain and ornamental sewing. A line aanressea 10 .i. m. ana ten ai mis vmce, . . . . ... . .1 . win ne aiienaco 10. jaa ji - TO LOAN ON BO.D tt MORTGAGE, 17 ROM Five to Ttsenty - five Thousand Dol JT lars, to be secured by bond and mortgage on property in the city and county or New - 1 or. Applyto A. H. LAWRENCE tt CO. Jan 6 6t No. 40 Wall - street, I AMES D'WOLF.Jnn. will henceforward con J tinuc to transact Commission buiioets in his own name. dec Jl HALL DHEStbS fee TMMM ISfQS. TTANDtKVOORT FLAND1N have just y received (in addition to their ronner assort' meat) a choice parcel of l.kgnnt Lace Dresses, richly embroidered in gold, silver and chineiie sntin and r lower uaroicure. tor arestes, ana Wreaths for the head ALSO. A .mall parcel of Infants' Cambric Cart, and Ladies Unrohne tirtkis. ricniy worked ) ana Iarge tist'ich reatherc. jan 71 w Almopd., naisiirs, Jci.i8H.t hrke, acc. Doubft Gloucester Englhh Cheese, best quan'y :iucatei riaisins, iresn ana T,ery nc. Bloom do do do . Ladies soft shelled Almonds, fresh imported huperfioe Richmond Flour, made from vhile ttheat. expressly for the use ollnmiltes. W 1U1 a general assortment 01 the Dtsi grocer ies lor sale oy JOHN FRANKLIN, No. 1 15 Saitu - .treet, west side Peck - slip jan 8 Iw FLOUR. H.AXSfc.El). & TOBACCO. NINETY - SIX bbls supf. Raltimore (Howard tre - ;t) Flour 60 d j do Frederick iburg, for family use M liirres Flaxseed, ond 1 1 hhds Fredericksburg Tobacco, just received and for sale by R. CRUMP, ' Jan 7 5t 9t)Tine - street. 17LOUR Si TOBACCO 100 bb!s Richmond Mills Flour y0 bbla. Petersburg Floor, Prides brsnd 52 casks Flaxseed will be landed this day, and for se by PAGE ft TR1PLETT, Jao 3t - 99 Coffet - hoe - Iip, le firm of George Astor Co. wa d solved on the 31st day of December last, by mu tual consent all debt, due to the firm to be paid to George Ait or. by whom all claims against the said firm will b liquidated. GEO. AS 1 UK, ' ' v WM.DlLWORTH, jan7 1w. . 144Water - sU ft - y FREDERICK SHELDON. HENRY SliLLDON,& NATHAN LEAVENWORTH. have (orrucd a connexion in buiines. at 140 Ftarl - stretl, under the firm of . I . Sc It. bULCDU. S CO. Jan 3 Iw - NOIiCf - rr The copartner Jiip of A . S. Griswold ii Co. is dissolveU by mutual consent. I he business will be hereafter conducted by A. S. Gris wold aud Kneeland Tewnsend, under the same firm. - A. S. GRISWOLD. KNEELAND TOWNSEND, Jan 3 2w NOTICE, ' IH E co - part ner?hip heretofore existing under X the firm ofl.OO.VHS & LEARNED, exfi - red yesterday, by its own limitations. All con terus oi the did brm will be settled by LEBBEUS LOOMI3, ' . At No. 47 South - street. Who has in store, for sale, ' 24 d ents Imperial Te U do Hysoo dof of first qualities, and uo io young nyson nor enuiied to deoeu 56 do Hysoa fcUin doj 1 1 casks Palm Oil 56 ream. Fools Cap Vellum Paper 6 do Copper Plate do A small quantity Cayenne Peppers, jan 1, 1U18. . , HORACE LEARNED, late of the firm of Loouiis J Learned, has oHned an office at 39 Burling - slip, for the purpose of transacting coni - mission business. jan : t i NEW - YORK CITY DISPENSARY. rjj3 PUBLIC notice i9 hereby given that on Mouday the 12th day ol January, instant, be t ween the hours of twelve aud one, there will be held at the office of the New - York City Dis pensary, in Tryon - row, in the rear of the City Hall, the annual election ot thirteen trustee; according to the provisions of the charter. By order of tho Board, Jonathan Goodhun, ) Franris B. Winthrop, Committee, Kdni'd. II . I'eadleton, ) jan 5 6t 07" The creditors ol Win VN lis deceased are requested to meet at th.e office ol Mr. blake No. 3 Law Buildings, on the 15th of thi. month, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose 01 proving their accounts. Jan ueod5t CONCERT Of Vocal and Instrumental Mii'ic, at the City Assembly Koom, titjr - Motel, fl 1 R. It M RS. MELINE'S Cow rt will taV 1 v L place on TUESDAY EVENING, Jan. 13, 1818, assisted by uiot of the professors and aw ateurs of this city. Leader M 1 . Hewitt. PART FIRST - Overture, from the Grand Italian Oera of" O razzi and Curiam." composed by bignorui marosa, Full Orchestra Duett, " Love my Mary," composed by Di t - tevenson. Orchestra accompaniments hv Mr. Meline Mr. ii Mrs. Meline Concerto, Flute, Viotti, Mr. Meline Song " Henry Sweet Weeping Willow," com - Kosed by Lanz, Orchestra accompaniments by Ir, Meline - Mrs. Meline Italian Air," II furbo contra il Turbo," by a gi.n tleman Amateur, accompanied on the Piano - , forte by Mr. Etienne Song "Blanch of Devan," from Walter Scott's Lady of the Lake, accompanied on Uie Flute oniy, oy mr. menne nira. meiuie Walt. Full Orchestra Song and Recitative. " The Last Words of Mar Biion," composed by Dr. Clark, Orchestra a - companiments, by Mr. Meline Mr. Meline Final Overture, 44 Slave of Love," ' Full Orchestra PART SECOND. Overture to Marmion, a. played at Olympic I heatre. riiilaUtlptna, composed by Mr. Me line Full Orchestrii Song, " Loose were her tresv.," from Collins1 ()lo on the Passions, composed by Signior G ordnni. Orchestra accompaniments bv M Meline Mrs. Melii Concerto, Clarionctt, Michell Mr. Meline Song, Tho' Love is warm awhile, " by a gen tleman Amateur, who has kindly oflurcd his . assistance Song, " The Soldier Slumbering after War," composed oy wintaker. Uicncstra accom paniment. by Mr. Meline Mrs. Meline Grand March, composed for the occasion ny Mr. Meline Full Orchestra Favorite Duett of" All'. WeH," composed by - Mr. Braham. Orchestra acccmpHniments by Mr. Meline Mr.;" It Mrs. Meline Finale, ' Full Orchestra Tickets one dollar to be had at the Music Stores : Mr. Ronald's 188 Pearl - .treet, at the City Hotel, and at the door of the Concert Room Concert to commence at 7 o'clock precisely. Jan 8 bt ANTHOM - STREET THEAl HE THE public are respectfully informed, that the Anthony - street Theatre ha. been hired (or the purpose of exhibiting uie periormances 01 uie tour ceieoratea EAST INDIAN JUGGLERS Lately arrived in the ship India, from Calcutta The astonishing d - xtttriy and celebritv of these men in their native country, warrant, their con due tor in assuring the public, that their perform. tnces will lar surpass any thing 01 the Kind ever oeiora)Wiinesaeo in America. Performances on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday evening, the vtb, nth and Vtn 01 January, The exhibition will conutt of feats of LE GERDEMAIN. STRENGTH and ACTIVITY by the lour Indian juggler, imong a variety of amusing performances will be Men tricks with cud. and ball, egg and bag, thread, .and : il nails moving on a aouoie stnngca oow, ai ine will of the Juggler. 1 umoiing wnn .worus aan spears 1 11 1 ling a weight wun uie teem, rno throwing it over the head ; lilting a weight solely with the evet. and tricks with pigeons, eggs, ftc too numerous and varied to be mentioned in an advertisement Doors will open at 6, and performance com me nee at half Dast six o'clock precisely. Rose, one dollar ; children naif pnee. ru mi cents. jan 7 THE FORUM . 17TLL be re - opened after the late recess, T Y on Friday evening next, the 9th m.t. at the Aembly Room, City Hotel, when the following questun win do uucusseu. - is no vel reading - beneficial f" ' The discussion will commence precisely at 7 0 clock. A tiCket will admit a gentleman and lady. Tkkeu to be had at D. Longworth., and at the door, at 25 cents each. The surplus proceeds of that evening are ap propriated to tbe union Sunday bc(iooi socie ty. . jan t 01 GRAND PIANO FORTE. FOR SALE at JOSEPH WILLSON'S Music Store, 14 MajdWIaae, a remarka bly fine toned second band piano, by Broad - wood. Also, th. following songs, sung by Mr. Philipp.: Saul a smile lo a rear ; sign not tor ijot ., Let Famajound the Trumpet Just tiki Love ; lve's Yooog Dream Is there a heart that never loved, ftc The Bower of Roses, from Lai la Rookh Wilbon. Clinton's Grand March, composed by J. WiUson. Tbe Smile of Affection The young Mary Moor ; Oh ! Remember Me The Wood Pecker, sung by Mr. Jocledjo J Black - Eyed Susan " . And every article ia the masscaj line Ju7 ?w tuiurr me nrm of ueore JL U - IJ - LilW O ti - lUildtJ. BY FRANKLIN ft M1NTURN, ; .. ' . Wednesday, the 2 1st instant, 12 o'clock, at the Tontin Co3'ce - !Iouse, ......... . That large and elegant three story brick i house No. 13 Courtlandt - .treet. Alaoattlie same time, those four brick house. Nos. 10, 12, 14 4md 16 Moore - street, three ctorie. high, recently built, uid good situation, fur business No. 10 beinsr the cor.' ner of Water - ati - cct and Moor - treet. Unquestionable title, will be given and - terms liberal, which wdl be made known at the lime of .ale.' Ptrson. disposed to pur clinse at private sale or wishing further information will please apply at the auctioneer.. ''. .1 hursOsT, 15th insU XII o'clock at the 1 . C. 11. that very eligibly ' situated and valuable Store and Lot 163 Peart sc. formerly occupied by Palmer, Nichols h co, at present by Laverty, Shelter. & King. The Lot - is about .3 fret on Pearl St. with a privilege in common of an alley S feci .inches to the depth of the Store, 24 feet 10 inches in the rear, and 146 1 - 2 feel in length, more or less, hat ing the right of a cartway into Piue - st. The store is a. A.mturw mh - tantiftl fire.omnf KniM'tir. fi.t deep, completely fitted for the dry good business, with iron safe, shelves, curtains, counter and bookcas; is now renting for 1UUU dollar.' peranuum 1 '$15000 may remain on mortgage probably for some time, j ho purchaser may take a deed and pay the residue ou 'the first of February next, receiving the rent from that day or on the firet of May next, when poseesiion will be given $6000 1. insured on the store lor 2 years Irom the 5!olh i cbruary next. J en per cent of th. purchase mouey to bo puiJ on the day of sale. . . , - Tuesday, Jan. 20. - XII o'clock, at the T. C. H. by order of Win. Denning, auiviving executor of Jhomes Smitli, , Esq. deceased, the House aud Lot, 40 Wail - st. '. next to the City Bank. if - J J T nr. - rr cuikiuui uun. ;o. At XII o'cloc k, at the T. C. II. Tha two hnu,ea and lnta nf rmnnil. Nab ?0 md 80 Uivington - strect ; the - lots each 25 feet - font and 75 deep ; the' houses two - story, with good front celhrr, cellar kitchens, &c. 2 room, ou the first floor with pantries between and wide (iiy ha'.ls, 1 room on the second with 2 pautrie. tnd a good garret each house has an alley, ihro'ugh the yard, where there is grass plants, cisterns, ftc, &c. . nuinir. CALL, ' . On liherol terms, 6valuable LOTS, situated between Second aud Third - streets, on Division - it rceL m&kiiie a front of 172 feeL all occuniedaa retail dry good store. ground under lease to the present occupants for a term of years. For particulars apply at the auctiou room. BY j' P. DIET ERIC II tt CO. PRIVATE SALE. " ' 1 elegant patent barging lamp, suitable for an assembly room. AI50, about 6 unles from tbe City 1 Jail, on the Bloonungdale Road, a very handsome country - seat, with very convenient house nnd out buildings, commanding a fine view nfthe north river; would be exchanged for merchandise ; terms accommodating, For particular, apply at the auction room. NOTICE. ft - The subscriber having relinquished the baking business, in consequence of the .(ate of bis health, requests nil those having demand, a - gajnst him to present them for adjustment and settlement ; and that all those who are indebted to him will call upon hi house, No. 183 Pearl - .treet, and make payment of what they respectively owe to him. Dated January 6, 1818. ROBERT STUART. jan81w NEWiENGl.AND SOCIETY. (y The annual Election of a Board of Officers for the New - England Society of the City mm v. i.civ - VIK nil, w imu ... .1 IU Bank Coffee House, on Wednesday the 14th day of January instant, nt 1 - 2 past 6 o'clock, P. ' M. , AMHERST WIGHT, Bec'ry. t.n Q tf nil W UI ' The subscriber', place of businus. i. at 57 Front - street. ,jnnB3t - FRED.G.BULU .. . .1 , l . . . i . .1 . c iU vnieu oy two or uirev geiiueuien ca respectability, about the fint of February next,' two bed - rooms with a small sitting room adjoining, furnished in a plain manner, and within tca - minntes walk of the Coffee House. A line addressed to Z. M. aod loft at this office, will meet with prompt attention. ' jan 8 4t SOUiND S'i'EA.Vi - BOAT LINK, fj The Steam Boat Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New York for New Haven on Moo - day morning, 12th Inst, at 9 o'clock, winds and weather permuting, and win leave new - uaven on Wednesday morning, i4in insi. ai o oxioca. The Pnssenger. coming to New - York in the Boat will lodge on boardTuesday night. Jan 7 4t KEH - iORK INSURANCE, COMPANY. The president and directors have this day declared a dividend of five per rent on the capi tal stock of the company lor the last six months, payable to the stoc kholders, or tkeir legal repre sentatives, en and after the 12th instant, at tbe office, No. 34 Wall - street. janS 1m C G. oHIPM AN, MC'ry. NEW - YORK FIREMEN INSURANCE 4 COMPANY. ft - The Capital Stock of tbe Company havi insr ii a new subscrintion been reinstated to the full sum of J'tr hundred thoutand Dollar which i. amply secured, are now ready to receive application, for Fire snd Marine fnsurbnee at their Office No. 56 Wall - street. The Olhce solicit. the patronage of the pu blic in the confidence that adeuuate protection will tie afforded to the assur ed and all losses be promptly adjusted. By or der of the board of Direcsors, . . Jan 6 lm w; ivi'.r.Ai eecTy. jVsr - f ere Ftremrn Inturanct Company, frj - The first instalment of the second Sub - , senption, to tbe mock oi tins company, win oe received at the Office, No. 66 Wall - street, on Monday next, the 5th instant, between tbe hour. 01 10 and 3 o ciock. iT oracr oi ine uoaru, WM. M'NEAL, Sec'ry. Janf tf NATIONAL INbURANCE COMPANY, Th President and Directors of the Nation al Insurance Company, have this day declared a djyiJend of fifteen per eentyon their capital tock, ft their la.t .ix months payable to the .(elr hnldera. or their legal representatives, on and after Thursday the 15th in.t. ian 5 tPebl JOHN J. juntas, aecry jjie ftf,fie Iwurnet Cmpoijr of Net - York. ; rmm Th. Mar uholdera are hereby notified Uiat an Elect'" for Sseventeen Uirector. win ne new at the Odice No. 49 Wall - street, on Monday the 9th instant, to commencsat 10 and close at t o'clock. ' By oMer of the Board of Directors. WALTER IU JO - ta, &ec'y. Jan S tl9th NO I ICE. ffr The Pacific Insurance Companyof New - York have this day declared a Dividend of twelve per cent, est (lie capital Stock, payanie at weir omce, no. v ihu - sitoh " instant By order of the Board of Director.. Jan 5 lm WALTER R. JU.M - 3, aec Eagle Firt Company of NecYorl. NOTICE is hereby given that a dividend tor the last six months of four aod a half per cent, eta tbe capital Stock, ol this coaipftny na been declared, and wiU be paul to tbe Mocanos eersoolf !. - JOHN u. DILI JU sen. FLOUR, TOBACCO ft FLAAAI - tJ - oo bbls Fredericksburg flour . ' 24 half tkree flaxseed 14 hUJ prime lrf tobacco, rece irsd per senrr. Win. ft Henry and Vrrrtne - - - r or saie oy jaa? . . WAL5U ft tj.UJ - Auirv.

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