Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 23, 1934 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1934
Page 13
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FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY MY DAN* KNEE IT 5ots our c? JO/NTT; A«AIN '.'. J IHAT/1ESM FIDDUNIJ CXEen *TROJ3;NSOMS STOKE. IS envAns, -me soxs IN SHAPE FOR A THE LOCAL. FIREMEN PUTON UgLAST DANCE CTsTHESE^sgy. Big Sister VJELV.,I'WNOT STOPPED VET. I - U-\ CATCH Tv-tAT P(GEOM AND P\X VUS I V4\NS VET IT'S NKY V-AST ACT'. I LET ME. GET Tv4VS OlSW *EAD THIS FIRST: Capr. TUtfe Turner, returning to England from India, finds pretty Viola Norman on shipboard, deserted by her husband and irlcndless. After frustrating her attempt ut suicide, he leama she Is to become a mother. He Introduces her to friends of hbi on board, the Rutherford family, when they reach England, Viola goes with the Buthcrfords for a ·visit and TlKKle proceeds to the home of his sister, Janet, realizing he IB deeply in love with Viola. Janet's husband, Harvey (xllmore, an artist, shows Tlfffrle a pointing of a dancing girl he had found In a cabaret on the continent. Amazed, Tlggle rccoK- nlzes her as Viola, lie grows morose as she falls to write him. As Harvey and Tlggle leave for a visit to London, Tamer receives a letter from Grlerson and company, j lawyers, with a cheque In payment for a i loan he had advanced Viola. In London he ^makes nn appointment with Grlerson. The A lawyer refuses to clve Tlggle Viola's ad- B dress. Grlerson tells Tlggle Viola Is not f marrlei] and that ' now In h!i care. the Is his step-sister and (NOW 00 ON WITH THE STOBV) CHAPTER 22 "And what are we going to do now?" said Harvey, rising from the seat under the plane tree on which he had been stretched comfortably smoking during Tiggie's absence. "Hullo, old chap! What's up?" Tiggie's jolly face wore a stony, preoccupied expression. He looke at Harvey for a moment or two as i he hardly knew him. Then abrupt!; he laughed. "Hullo, Harvey! Afrai I'd forgotten you. Been waitinj long?" · ' · 1 "Just as long 'as you've been in side there," retorted Harvey. "I be i- gan to think you'd at last decide to shake me off and gone out at an other door." "Oh, rot!" said Tiggie, and took a deep breath. "It's quite nice to se you again. Let me just get my wind that's all!" "Been having a tussle?" asked Harvey curiously. "If so, I'm jus in the mood for doing someone in.' "No, it's all right," said Tiggie He took out his handkerchief and wiped his face; then he felt for his cigaret case. "Think I'll sit down for a minute and have a smoke." "Good idea!" said Harvey. "I' go for a stroll through the gardens while you do it." He sauntered off with the words and Tiggie, dropping thankfully on to the vacant seat under the plane tree, realized that the action displayed that tact which in Harvey meant friendship. He began to smoke, at first furiously, but gradually with more composure length the first wild chaos of conflicting emotions subsided and he found himself able to review the situation with a calmer mind. He went through the recent conversation point by point, making mental notes, excluding all personal thoughts, taking stock of the altered outlook with steady and unflinching perception. It came upon him again as once long ago that the normal man would have dismissed the whole affair completely from his life, consigning it to the oblivion of unwanted things. For what was there to be gained by pursuing it ? It was a will-o'-the-wisp that he had followed, and he was lucky that it had not led him to disaster. When Harvey strolled back again a quarter of an hour later he found a perfectly calm and collected Tiggie awaiting him. Tiggie got to his feet with a steadiness that testified to complete self-command. "Well, I'm off to a club in Prague street now," he said. "It's somewhere Soho way. Care to come ?" He spoke but little during the taxi journey to Spot's club, sitting deep in meditation which Harvey was too considerate to disturb. "Do I wait outside?" he asked meekly upon arrival. "No, you don't," said Tiggie, and pulled him in with the words. "I only want to ask the fellow's whereabouts." But his Inquiry for Dr. Rutherford's address elicited a most unexpected response from the porter. "Dr. Rutherford, sir? He's here now. I saw him come in a few minutes ago. If you'll give me your name, sir, I'll go and tell him you're here." "By jove! A stroke of luck! ejaculated Harvey. "The first!" said Tiggie, as he gave his card to the porter. "Well, you don't want me now," said Harvey. "I'll go and wait outside." He was gone before Tiggie could remonstrate, leaving Tiggie mutely marveling at this exhibition of decency. And then the coming of Rutherford with eager geniality banished all thought of him, and he remembered only the quest that had brought him thither. "Hullo, old chap!" Spot's hand wrung his with cordial violence. "This is jolly. Come right in and talk!" He piloted him to a secluded corner of the smoking room and settled him in an easy chair talking hard himself the while. "Sheerest bit of luck my being in town; only up for a day or two. ·Been busy house hunting with the wife and found a cottage at last at a place called Fame on the very edge of the Atlantic. Ought to do the kids good what? A bit primitive of course, but none tne worse for that. It's a regular smugglers' haunt; not sure that they don't do a little of it round there even now. Oh yes, the family is all settled down there and very fit. I just dashed up to town yesterday to do a bit of business. You'll have to come and look us up. Can't put you up ourselves, but there's a cottage pub close by where they'd give you a bed. How are you, old chap? You look as if a mouthful of sea air wouldn't come amiss." "Oh, I'm just up from the country," said Tiggie. "I've been vegetating ever since we landed. So you're all fixed up, are you? Got Mrs. Norman with you still?" He blurted out the words in his own downright fashion. It was not in him to approach the matter by tortuous means, and somehow at that stage he was beyond caring whether Spot 'suspected anything unusual or not. But Spot was too full of his own affairs to take much notice of anything else. "No, poor girl! That's another thing I've come up to do. want to get hold of her, but don't know how. She crocked up about a week after landing. Nothing serious, but my mother got wind up, and so she went to a brother out Putney way. But she never left her address, rlelen and I were away, and she'd aeen gone some days when we got jack. The children are brokenhearted about it, and they've been at me ever since to try and find her; iough as I don't know her brother's name and heaven only knows where :'m going to look." "Out Putney way, did you say?" said Tiggie. "So my mother said. But she was r ery vague about it. Of course I .hink she was a bit hasty," said Spot. 'She oughtn't to have let tha girl go iff like that. But the poor little idng was so afraid of being a bur- en. She didn't need much per- uading." "She wouldn't," said Tiggie. "Well, THW'S \T SODDV. PUT ft VATTLt PVV.E U\CE UNDER Tr-MERE. STREVN VT A.UOMS TOWARD BUSHES NNHERE TvAE VS BE QUVET FOR TvAE WALK UNJOEO. TV4AX Great Expectations Copyright, 1934, by Central -5P\n.H\U_ PoiMfe Pressure Pete So Near and Yet So Far Copyright, 1934, b'y Ccntrel Prtw Auoclaifon. liw. WtU Vt CERTAIN VOU NEVER, 00 OR, VU_ Frank Merriwell at Yale LISTEN, STIR.UNG. I'M NOT A,PRMC THKT. STfSfMGHT Tom Accuses Frank By BnrtL. Standisb V/HEW PAR.TV! V/oKlT YOU HAVE WELL,PUT ode. IN YouR FbcKET.'FoB. UAT6R. - Muggs McGinms ANOTHER CAKE. Mo.THAUKS \ x CAW'T- T/M F U L L ' Sufficiently Sufficed! Copyright, 1834, by Central Press Association, Inc. ·*.?- IN oTHtaz. wottoj- WAS A MAN HATEK,- AND SHES LEAMINQ C.U HStt. FORTUNE IF \OU DONT MAPKY !f I'M GOING -To BE AND ME A BACH6ljOrt..*THER£s NOTGoiN'TO OE- AHM MOTHS IN KH HOPECHSST If i CAM HELP rr' BLOND BON FIRE -? SVIEU.-- SANE ME: SUNDAH-- QASfirtr A DATE' YWAr NOU THINK/ He Craves Sugar Paul Robinson i.U'a Pit. Oil, copSzht, l9K Centra! Prra Aji' ual interest. "If she's gone to her BRICK BRADFORD Ownership of the Trademark is vested in the control ponderously, "she probably has made you think everying was quite other plans. Anyhow, I O. K, there, don't you? My mother was a bit suspicious about her; but Working In Chicago. what's the idea when you do find ·r?" "Oh, she's to come down to Fame t once," said Spot, "unless she's made other plans. There's a fisherman's cottage close to ours where he can have a room, and I can look after her as I promised. Helen's got girl to look after the children, so lie'd be able to lend a hand. It ould cost her next to nothing, and know money was a consideration." He looked at Tiggie whose face xpressed nothing, but the most cas- NEED MONEY? PINE WILL LOAN YOU On furniture, autos, personal property or anything of value to persons who have steady employment. LOANS DP TO SSOO Fay back In monthly Installments, LOANS MADE SAME DAS OF APPLICATION C. L. Pine Loan Company Of Mason City Second Floor Weir Bldg. Phone 224 iow you're going to find that's the only clew you've got." "I don't know how I'm going to face my family without her," said Spot. "You'd better put me on the job," said Tiggie. "I'm only hanging about." "That's an idea!" said Spot. "And when you've found her, pack her up and bring her to us without delay! Seriously, though, we owe that little soul a good deal, and I want to be sure that all goes well with her." "Yes, I know," said Tiggie. "I feel the same. I hate losing sight of a friend. Well, I'm glad things are going all right with you, anyhow. Joyce quite fit now?" "Oh, she's wonderful," said Spot. "Better than I've ever seen her. You really must come down and see us all. When can you come?" "Not yet," said Tiggie. "I've got a few things to see to first, and I've got my artist brother-in-law in tow too. He's on the verge of paint- Ing a picture but is still minus a subject." "Well, make him come along too!" exclaimed Spot hospitably. "He'll find nothing finer than Fame in the British Isles. It's a grand spot." "P'raps I will later," said Tiggie. "But I must get back to him now. He's waiting outside." "Oh, I say! Bring him in," said Spot. "We'll have a drink." "No, old chap, thanks," Tiggie spoke with unusual firmness. "We won't wait for that. I've an appointment to keep. Can you let me have a look at a directory?" "Rather!" said Spot. "There's one in the hall. Must you really go you know what old women are." (TO BE CONTINUED) Butter Control Board to Meet to Place New Iowa Law Into Effect DES MOINES, March 22. OB--A meetirfg of the newly created state butter control board will be one of the next steps toward placing in operation a law passed by the recent special assembly session. Known as the "butter bill" while it was under consideration in the legislature, the measure went into effect recently upon publication. The president of the Iowa State Dairy association, president of the Iowa State Creamery Operators association, the dean of agriculture of Iowa state college, the head of the department of dairy industry at the college, and the state secretary of agriculture compose the new board. The board has the duty of seeing that the requirements of the law are met with on all butter manufactured ii the state for sale under the Iowa Butter Trademark and that creameries desiring classification as Iowa Trademark Creameries comply with :he legal standards. Under the law all butter sold under the trademark must be manufactured from cream containing not more than two-tenths of one per cent acidity and must have been pasteurized. The butter must score at least-93 . . . I HAYFIELD--Miss Ethel Geddes, R. N., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Geddes, a graduate of the Park hospital, Mason City has obtained a permanent position at the Edgewater hospital at Chicago and has commenced her duties. Miss Geddes took a post graduate course in that hospital last year. /VOAH NUMSKUU. NOAH = IS IN A MANS HAIft A SK^N op oi_c COOU? )T BE OFF- OF A PJN? GEO.A.HUST/P4, PEAR NOAH= IF HE IS A tC^PADliATEt DOC-TOW VfHY IS HE ON!-."· PRAJCTICING,? ,,. CARoUO SWANSoM, MINNEAPOLIS, MIMH. NOAM*: IP IOWA. . UCBANON, " By William Ritt and Clarence Gray ; 1 HALT/' HE IS AYU THE AVENGER\_SARI BJEGS^YOU, SAVEJ^IM, A MAJESTY, OR A/AARU 15 DOOMED/ -J AYU .'AYU/ HOLY MAN. ARE 'YOU MAD ? HOLD THY BLOW, EXECUTIONER- '~ COME, SARI -GUARDS, BRING THE PRISONER.' AND'HE MAS SAVED MY LIFE/

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