The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 25, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Tine* mud "Kewm Pnblixhsiut Corapany ». l^AVKKJU HAFEB, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP Prwideit PHILIP R- BIKL3, Editor SUBSCRIPTION Served fav carrier in Gettysburg for 25 seats per aaoi Hailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cenr* per ZS.QZ.i 2ATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. MISS WILSON WEDS F, 8. SAYRE r WHITE HOUSE WEDDING he Brids and Groom arid East Room cf Historic .Mansion. FEARU Tlie Gareaiony Took Place in f liis White House, ! IF yoa receive THE TIMES by niail you can 5no the date up to ^hicn you are j nrnnn|Tinuo Ujrnr Qp|HJ|Cj]| «mid om the pink address label on year paper. The date will be caaagaa wititia j UCUUnA I lUilO If LUL. DLHb! t J Ui "*"' ten. days after your money is received at The Times Qffic*- , rg»t«r*d Jgast 15, 1904,- at Gettysburg, Ps^ as secoad-claa* Eiatt^r, caderj T he Guests Were .MosUy ReJatives e.. . . Congress March 3, 1879. i ' F riends cf the Your.g Couple 01: BELL PHONE UKITBD PHONE i* Nortb.we$t~eaE»*r.»,.of XJeutra Square, Gettysburg, -Gifts Valued a' rH!S PAPER REPKESIMESJ FOR --ORD ADVERTtSs.-iG 3r THE GENERA'- OFFICES . ., NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES ·« Ai " - -"·« c- Their FamHie; Over $153,000. V.'assiiagioi!. Xov. 25.--lliss Jfess-e, \Voodrow V.'Hso:!. sctuad daughter ol_ PresEdeat an: Mrs. V.'oodro-.v \Yilsoa ] and Fmncls Bo-.ves Sayre, of Xe%; York, forseriy of Bethlehem, Pa.: v.-pre niarned in the "White House this: The oEic-laiia? clergj-inan -.vas Rev i ^ Sylvester V»"_ Beach, of Princeion. as ! |.- tisted by Kev. John X. Sayre, a broth j " j er oi the bridegroom. i ) As a social even: the \vedfiins "" a ^ "WHERE TWO NATIONS MEET !n Negates Boundary Line In Street Seuarates Mexico and U. Sr~ .Germans and AQSlriaos For loll Vialencs, 'T'fff" Ess^rt^A JHE ; Treasury Is Empty anrci Huerta Is Hard Pressed to Keep Going-S 'S Battje] Opens South cf Juarez. -Evi-j One cent ·word each insertion. Two cents a of respect, poetry AHU Mexico C::y. Mes., Xov. 25.! dcnce of the fear oi t«.v.cus 'trouoi IfeH by t«e foreign »i?Soraa:s in ih j ca;i:a! is aSforde-j L-y the acu 3 32itiOtStiis hero. Tae Austrian legation ^eut obt a c:r- f cular urging all Austi.-aas 10 co^yer- ; ate vritn the German an-i oi^er Euro pean coSoaies in oi"ra:.l^ing lor tio- fense. In th:s iricahtr it is stated that the trooys in the city are so lew. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRiEF ITEMS ~~' " -- * Paragraphs cf Hews Telling of the Kappeniogs In 2nd about TOWP People Visiting Here and Those Sojourning Elsewhere. . per TO OUR HEADERS if guarantee | only eclipsed by the inauguration OS; Photo Ce2» i president "\Tiisoa last March. Tcej tz* avenues surrounding the White Koussj · · · · ! vrere packet! -.vith people who sough: { ,._.£ «ts 1 r.-. o-oi « «?5Tin=e of rhe guests as Mr ~ " j measures- ride, with her yellow hair, appeared Accornsjauvlns* the clrot'Jar '.vas an ' - 1 at The end of the weduing procc-ss:cs. { ot jj er . sjsned by the Germans, aecai| A pretiy bor-e is a.v:aiUsg the Y.'hite «iag~the~rlaa of orgauiaation. iien v.-hc j House briiie. it ss tae resi'lenc-e o f , servei j j^ jjj e Qennau amy have bees | Professor ilc-Elfrc-sh. in W:lUaa:stov.-n, | cut | n coruiaand. ani \v'!l ilirect ai- i Onr advertising columns are open to all candidates of all parties. Photo by American Press Ass "A Pi il L^til RFRfl fo-iij fts ftmp IBS pel NEW TEAGLS HOTEL "Cspclty 400 Eoomi with bxth. «m suit* film 4 McCoBomy, Prop'*. i WILLIAM E- ZESGLER Expert Electrical work. · Sepxirs and supplies. I " 12 Carlisle St. ! Phone 94 Y. 'Trimmer's 5 and JO cent Store. I CHAS. S. MUMPSB. Fire Proof Storage -- iey lastJ .Very "sp-eciat stot\ Warehouse,- .-for Fnmitan and .Hbnseiiola" GoodB stored of Ladies'. coHars./ _.' : " PEOBUfJS- COMPANY j - - - : . - - { : Highest *G*th_ Prices -P*idzfo? all ! rr-FAKM-PRODUCE^-"-" Times Gmcc; Gettysburg. - J3L TEPTON : friends of the bridegroom. Xext came 1 ^~. i ?.Iiss llargaret ^\"i-son. the maid c£| ' ·^a-dens. The great volume! asiunst his eae- . Dilatory canipais: ! ^lies. Kaerta aiid his official depend- f' ^ I ' " oi Atlanta. The bride, leaning on t n E j i arm of her father, came last In line. | The procession proceeded to the! j raised dais under the great east v.-in · dov.-, vrhere the bridegroom, ilr. j i Sayre; his best man, Dr. TTiifred T.i p^ \ Grenfeli. of Labrador, and the ofiiciat- j ing clergymen, -Kev. Beach and Rev. Sayre. a\vaited 'thesr coming. The cer {' etaony £oilo~ed strictly the ritual oi the Presbyterian church., _ -- - · Immediately after the ceremony. i:l p y S A P p£PI^ Ic Qa - becn ramor ei t- 8 ^ c JJIILMr Ol.E.1 : Tvousa not continue to meet; v.-ith the Marine B--vnd discoursing -aa- cosgress that U be- autoraaiically dissolved, an- j that Haerta. vrcs about to a^lt o3ic3. . j All these reports have uesn disproves 'frglj^ gf i by congress launching itself into vrfiai * j promises to be a prolonged session i !£ Is'expected that it vrlll take to* the ' ratification or nullification of the prcs- ! ideniJal elections. " It is understood · :hat these vvill be aun-jllesl, and -that 2. Xov. 23.---Another fed-j K . jerLa =1 ec.n-,vaile" T/ill remain at'."the p. 1 -b era! :nv£~ilga-;on into the nigh ^ ci ji O F "" , S s-c, the happy pair received, the" con-j c f Hvrag, ::r-n r s : ^s criminal prosoc«-f - e c c r d i n g to his Intimates, no. one I gratulatioas of - their -relatives -ana- -T O:1 3 'jf i;:o/r _y General Mc-Reysoids | re 4-. i2eg - ^ ors f a r lV tlian Huerra 'the friends who were ^present. A -s\-eddin_j ,-r £n Q an a .ie=ed cold storage con-, ,1^3!,^^^ srralcs of his government rS Sleet Pifrhtsan Ci'ifliud;! "V"»r" ^"o^V ^C^T l ** ----TV *~i Si^-^k^TipT-^; _^ S _ t « i « J * ^ . , -.»"J * . »-·-?.. 1 ·· V* »J» «**i»C*. i2 B ·* ^c-'^i^r. ij C» ·- ·. *_fc»- i -w_.. 5 Sirs. A. panner, Baehier -and Mary f Jane Seylar-have'returned home after ; visuing friends in Franklin county for s several days. :- Dr. L. L. Sieber bss returned from S Somerset county -where he has been j ccKUiieiing 1 a series of temperance and Jevanijellsiio services. After nine days' 5 meetings at HooversviUe sixty a-eni- f bers we're added to the church. \ Dr. A. R. Sieek, of York, will accept : the call to become pastor of the First ; Lutheran church, u'. Carii^Se. j Edgar Taivney, of East Middle 1 street, is a business visitor in Harsis- · bsrjf to-day. | T-Iiss Gertie Fuhrman, has returned .'to Baltimore, after visiting ilrs. Fuhr- Irrai;. on Railroad street. 3Ir. and Mrs. James Hitehins, of Frcs:L«urtf r 3Id., are spending several ti-ys vrilh friends here. 3Ir. "and Mrs. Harry Link, of York, are guests at che home of 3Ir. and I Mrs. ?.I. K. Eckert on Springs avenue, j President Gninville and 31rs. Grcn-!e returned this morning: from a j tv.-o ".reeks." visit, to Xev.- England. Dr. T. J..Barkley spent ilonday in Hanover. ?tllss Ar.nis O'Xea: is spending the day in York. I-.Ir^. Frances Walter has returned Thev v, ese General Erara7.-ell Booth, s street. :s visiting at the home of Miss ^cssiaader-In-chier of tae Salvation JAurelia Hornberger in LIttlestown. Arn-;--, and General Sallington Booth. | Roy E. Zinn was a business visitor srcssCenE oi the Volunteers of Amerl- j ;,, Xev.- Oxford to-dav. ca, v.-feica he founded fciSo^ving ttcj ^^ a ,,| y r * P o ben: E Peterman sulit in the parent body in 1SS5. The j' '-^ cCorir _ e ii sb urg; announce the birth meeting took ::lace at tha Alpca Delta I _ or a son. The \V. C. T. TJ. will meet with Mrs. C. S. Xau, 142 East Middle street, ?hi crab, :n T .Vest i-orty-iourth street, v/here the generals v.-^re the of Eov. Altlsa L. Cc--net* at son and 3Irs. Wilson-anticipated. Thef sier:al agents ot the depart-1 Sco2e ,i a;L aE r; ihe suggestion 61 j army and navy omcers "who attended | -en; G f j;ise:ce are sifting charges j-T,! OC Tj a( j e f s rS cei-.-ed~ with ske£jtiei3in. were in fall uniform, aaS the uiplo- corts set off the occasion in ?old braid. BARGAIN HARVEST - to SHOES BUYER You wiH rliici on our Bargain Tables shoes of well known lines which we have cis-conlinued. ^W, H. Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at S1.98. Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.48. "Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.S8. _ChiIdrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.09. Now 19 els and .48. C T . B. 1 ^^ eggs, poetry and dairy products j p r . or - a j S creditea. with caving said are beinc fl^id Tip In cold storage to j riiat _ ^-j-tjg jv e ports might be easlly rr:c.intaiTi higa prices and even to lorcc tc.I-:en. it T.-OH!-! be impossible for in- as the capital." rta's army is at the ·,Vhen the "vcrj was passed around the man;- Salvationists gathered at ilie army headquarters to co ^cnor to General Braxmveil Booth! :hat ike brothers had come together! ^^£toj* jT^j^nv v^-'r^ riianv -* ?j - rt ^-^^- T ^ j "^~ 7 "* -.vere q:::e-!y b'st fervently spoken. ^veliher of th zibor- tl-e"- rcL.ii::-:. Both,'l :3 the px:bl cation of a brief s:a:s--cr:'. _c;t-"? forth the p'ace of tlio me511"."". "n «.-h!fa they said: *""*V,»ter Ivtjftseon i"isre was a private asce::ns bj^eea tne The :r.:rr-. Ic-rc ^.ras a \Vedr.esday aftemoon,Xovember 2G F at 2:30 o'clock. COMING SHOW the .generals vroald talk '.-i Old i.hrillcr for Coming ilclo-drama- friendly ana cfrcly cDr.ccrr;d with, personal and !l c their full court dress of The space encircled wi _ ____ or more guests were." grouped about j ^ investigation'into ^ e j p?esen t tiioe is not known, but all sides. There were-no seats. The j prices of meai. " { ^st of^cisl roport placed the number Marine Band was stationed at onej -*-ij e rrorcsal for a meac irvcstiga-. ,,,.--go/r^^ The cani^aign c-:" aratrins .^ rf . 1 side of the room arid were nearly hid- ·· den by the huge bov/ers of jialms and ferns. The iniited guests, with the excep- ~t c ".:?^ cent a pound lower than the: ;, nrl ^ er arms, as the sovemnient has ! tioa of the cabinet, the diplomatic \ 3 ^ s , p.-;.-s= of Amori-'-an pr-ckers, and} nad Qigcult-- fcr some time past in | corps and the naval ana army a ; des i !_._!·-.! of cannc-t- corned i-eef- ottainins: rifies. j v. ere all relatives and personal friends J icm ii.« Ausrjallaa packers at e §hi · -j-.,,,. artn - i e vy has created somc- of the happy couple or their families.! ^nts a pound cheaper than the lowest; ri,:^ o f a panic among tae men and The aides were Colonel Wiliiain TV"-! -,-;\^i.- in ibe United States. j -. 7C Tr 8n c f the lower classes, since Karts. U-S. A., chief aide to President! Thr- ir:ee pai'i 11.0'J cents a \ e _ sa -.s-onicn are belsg force-i into ser\Vilson; Lie-Jtenant Commander Xeed- i .ham L. -Tones, U. S. X.. naval aide tc I the presdcnt and tbe secretary of the i navy: Dr. Car\ T. Grayson. U. S. X.; j l.!e;:tei:8T»t Richards S. J3aiUrn-ay. TJ j S. X.: I-isirecant F. A. Todd. U. S. i X.; Lieuft-nant John J- London. U. S. X.: Licuienaut Harold F. V»'irsiaan, U. S. I\I. C-: Lieutenant H. B. Clageit. U. S. A.; Lfoutenant Charles K. Rock- v.eil. V. S. A.: Lieutenant Beverly C. - Confesses to Being Msr'riec to : bree Women. -Ja'st into a, chnrca Tri ser?a f if.ija} rural comedy drama. "-Jcsr-^a Simpkins'", ^vii! bs "produced at "^'alters Theatre on Friday November 2S- Tl:e play contains anl interesting: =·"£ intelligible plot, bufcit is not ailcv.-ed to interfere with "the fun, TI::ch is said to be in abundance. Darsng- the run cf the piece some startling scenes ana situations are seen, the principal of -which is said to be the saw-mill- in the third a*t. shown hi complete operation, cutting t:p real timber. Ths saw used is the genuine article, the same as usually seen in large country sa-wmiils. An excellent e £ i i$ y. % ^y. ,». . "I i avier 22 to 29 ill '·^7- :; 3i ,, - - _ - _ , - ,,,,.· -4| even -c^i- ,rr tre eoiiic:! r-roduct. j xhe financial situation is the mcsi Ar,-"-.-p.c=r.g iiis intention to ask for j ,.; er j ous -^ t Huerta is facing. The faci i Cv-"^-^Ec:ar:al i P.-. est: gat: on 01 t h e } ^ ? - ^g pjitlonal treasary is practi ivy's leef contract. ConsrcSs^aarj. | ,.~ii-- e3 i-ty is cot hidden from even "?r-:'r^ i -.---ted he T.artte-i to d c - j - h e TH Ost sgtcrant peon in the city, and the measures recently adopted to obtain fnn'ls have been saca as any danbt r Use Bazaar for the rcnc-5.: oi ST. FKANCiS XAVJEU CHURCH -srill cr*n r.t Xavier Hall, SATURDAY. XOV. 22r..l. Ait-active ! o Vuw have b-_x-n ere--t-i ir the occs.-u.n ai--! v ry .-uteniion si\cn to ''ctai! in order to make the- overlings p:^?--ar.t ;-.ra3i -n'.o nlteri'i. IJ^r.nir,^ v.:th 0 ^iaj ^-v-r.;T;e -jrhr-n the LIT'I ere w:!i i-e a Frv»; Vai'lvsHe SJr ItKI^S ITS;: 1-...".! tj)r, l-oas-«:s. s^ On Thanksgiving a Turkey Dinner "will be served K 1 ,, i|J inanK=c:.-r'5 anernx:i ·wj: l^e devote. :o u;e cnt;_rta'ni!:er;t 05 ^ the children. at a cost of S5c A POPULAR LADY'S CONTEST trill be opes or. Satnr-lay K.'isir.p- wr ;:.e r»!^: Popsrar J^y i gregation. The Prke wi!", ir;a Bczntifal Gold SIGNET RING. ballots for th«- conv-st t^jj :»· EACFL Vote for wjiom j«-; i-alloi w!ii c^t yon onc-c»-nt. STijts of thf- wiin? ·w'll r-o puij -···! ;n ;!,e H.-.H r.; ihf c.-=t 'I-2S" r,r.-: as r,;;..r r.-- voi v-% ;" CV ".'t^; t" continue one v t/k. s-i.e^ in i'r.' hall cccl. cvenin * Con- The CFXT K". ^ T ~ Don't fail lo visit the "Catacombs" or the Mysterious Chamber : : : You vdli be delighted v.-ith tiie trip and experience a thrii; yo;i v. : ,ll not soon forget. Xavier Hail in fact i? :r?.n-forme«i :ntoa veritable COUNTY FAIR -where overyboly, yours;.' an': ol-i. w-:i li ;t \«i an oriportr.r.-.ty to enjoy tbem^lves. Refreshments and Lunch served in the Hall every -- evening. I ADMISSION FREE EVERYBODY WELCOME Dunn. U. S. A.; Lieutenant -Joseph C. Mebatlcy. U. S. A.; Lieutenant Joseph P. Ajesh're, U. S- A., aad Lieutenant -Tames A. Dorst, U. S. A. The aides I v.-cre :n attendance on the diplomatic ! corps anu o-ficiai guests generally. ! Xo guest list was permitted to be- j coir.e public at the v»1iite House. The ! east room during the ceremony was i not overcrcv.'ded. Tr.e -a-edding presents, probably 501 ! or n:ore. v. ere magnificent, and are ! valued at -,:pv.ards of 5150.000. They | consisted H je-p-'els. sold and silver| v. nr". fine cut s;iass. r;igs and furniture j rrom a beawuiisl inlaid tea table to s r:assive mas-ogany dining room suit. the gift G: President and Mrs. \\1! Th^ plans for the wedding trip have ^ot 5'eeii announced. Tbe bri'Ie's cx"vn -was in accord n-ith the season's fashion, but not oS the r.Itra type. It is of satin, -with a s'.tght cream tinge, and handsomel embroidered. Free use of rare old lacs adds to its beauty. The customary tulle veil -s^as -svorn and the orange blossoms came from the "Wilson home ;n Columbia, S- C- The go-svn cf iiiss iTargaret "Wlson sister and maid of honor, is of palest pink charmeuse, almost -«biie, ·with s quaintly draped sash. This starts neai the left shoulder, crosses the !od;ce .ps the -vraist ana descends thf R rS S f-IFFT DEFEAT -.^_o i..;-- ., _/i_i _ n » public could not ben-fit ..-- the a-sv.iniage ^-f buying from Aus- ; ra 1 .:-'. C t i " navj- coui'l do so. Kcr-r=tr.:at!v5 McICeilar. of Ten- .j* ! 3;"'C : " · pending :u the house a b»H -J a:.;- ^o-3 FrcG^r: kept in ccld stor-; ft!sx1can Araliery Driving ViHa's Wen ice n-n-" -ia:i ninety days, lie pon-j B2CK To j aar e=. .end? ;nr. its cr.actrneat into I-i^r I ,,, raao. Tex.. Xov. 25.--The federal ·ir toward solvins :bc cold i nr£ ;]] er v j s rinvir.s: General Francisco · ~}ticn. j viMa's forces back into the tov.Ti of v' tna deparrmcnt of 3«=v'-e j Juarez , work in all tae p~n»-5na i , ^ dcsriCrate cattle has raged for au r-y «H1 rerTt raKicwIarly r a j , Jljr OTj . )0 ^ te 3e!en _ Te:c . Fi=?ht5ug Green ^^r-.i^, Cvsiberlaud cc'iaty. ".·and and fir. lev. Tr.o-nas J. ijj.toa, a -ienncnuc« t i : j f 2crgyn~an. y* r::t!tsbi:"g. 3Io.. "^as E.r-j ar . rc?rc'i by S'-'-'-iit George 'Walker. OJ' r-asp-ua CQ;:nt;-. on a efcarge of big- orchestra accompany The band ·will parade a iienncnitCfthis attrsction. noon, v/hen some good music may be locked for. all being- dressed as farra- _i s.--advertisement · Is en his way ;o jai. the name cl 'COMING EVENTS uc c-Tcr.--. i--r he bad three wires, : ;cr thni. "T-O. " 0".e '- rr.a./I--.; Scheduled in Gcltysbtirj ~ for Coming Weeks, Xcrtb Carol'na. one in Plaizs : Bisphani - 1 ;-e c ·".-- ver in C "."!"!.;-?': Iilrs n ~~r.'2 v.-Ifc. an'I s fr-- t"i-- -Irst -ne ; t : :."t no ".-as a:i r:cat. e from i:-. not 1 v. as. he -Jio;:"ht he dKor- ''he r the- is alleged io liave p:ar:s Cash to South Po!e. rr.^d by t! S | right side of the skirt, being knottec 8? ' up on the right hip. ft ! The four bridesmaids. Eleanor Wilson, Mary White, Marjorie Brown anr Adeline 51. Scott, xvore pink in chro matically shaded effect. That is, tht first one of the procession -was the deepest, the next one lighter, and sc an, until the cream-white gi =gs :·-.: dairy prerrrts and v.iii at- ^3,--^ ten niilas south of -Tusroz. West of -Tuarcz another federo.1 force raa--:e an estimate in cold storage aua · ceen there. ho»v .,,-- -.-, b-s bU r. . c- 3* Aiicniie City Bess Sus-1 l^" n Is roo-.irc on J,,are3. All avs:V.Ie rc'ne; ca.elry :n -Juarez :c 5;e;r.~ cent to the Foctreast i5 r^ln icr» o ti-.e rc'.je'.s tr.ere. Kebei irfpctry rnt to the v-C-'^t tovartl tl=c :s rcpnte I t- : ~"32 girl . ,,. raaeis a con.raCi j .,, -- r. - -3 c,-.-ar.'l:ng ^er c." .-- At-3n* 5 c C:ty board of K- --: r.; sior.ers. , V '', cr j. =Q" r r r :son"aadVfine of hirers c Ho:d Three Accused i roopers. o-^las. Ariz.. "or. 2H. -- Taree ihe I-C:ntr; I'riitcfi States Cavalry vero hi!c :n JC^'" bail on tlie i charge" or stcssiac sov^maaent s-:p- S. Navs! Stailor.. j piie ana smng^iug the-, to the Mexi- _ » r^l., X. Y., Xov. 2-. -- TTVO ; can rebels. TTTO ^iesicar: they were i were also held. ca.i 3".t ;'~c:cr a hoisting app3.rat:is a s j it t-7iv ·"" -:ovrn an cmbonlcnient IT t a e j Traw Must Pay Oxvn Expenses. ITalue-! "" --;s naval station at lona! Concord. X.'IL. Xov. 25. -- Karry-^S. "rsc-Ic er.^ o." i'nc- Fcott c~r-O''i-ion. Sii who r.r.i rc--J f -Iie-i fnrthes l-cforc C3r''"' r - Anrm'Jsen, an--l -list 1-^ :s r.ianJn^ another trvo -v^ars. I" is i )·=·'"- vc -I he vrrll take .he iifjte !?-!-;cn ry Cap;a5ti Scott. 25--Ecritai. David Brua ChapeL :\ov. 2o--"V/here is My Wandering Boy." Waiter's Theatre. Xov. 2S---Josh-ja Simj)kir:.s. V/aller's Thea'.re- Dec. 2. ''ilaud l-Iuiler". Waiters Theatre. Dec. ^--Lecture. Dr. Charles W. Stork. Brua Chapel- Dec. 4--''The Dust of the Earth"' Wai- Dec. S-14--Pickerc Stock Company. "Walter's Theatre. Dec. 10--"The Shepherd of the Rfils."' "Walter's Theatre. UNCLAIMED LETTERS C-svs Husband Sest Her CCSO Tiires. fu:?'ji:r?::. Fa. Xov. ±".--On c-ns-} r:f r -"^- ~-'rr! ccr-nrecl ihi; ?.Ia;! Awailinsr Call at the Gettysburg; Post Office. for the following reiiains unclaimed at the Ge'ttysbcrsr post ofnce. -Cbirics Herr or Kerr, Uarnlin "Wizard OH Co., Mr. A. L. Hartman. Tan Soo-i Heng Esq., 3Ir. M. F. Marshall. Mrs. Slary Tillie "Williamson Persons calling for same should state that it tvas advertised. Y/EATHEH EVERYWKER5. Observations of United, States j weather bureaus taken at S p. m. !?I:r.f;. ·.-,, t.-e Kudsor. river. '' ! Thaiv's sojourn in Xe\v Hanipsnire, J while he is fighting the attempts or r.*n:ta-*,t Torch St : H Active. j ^e^ York state to obtain his return to IX«"'-P XOT.. 2"-.--S-jrTragette^ b'irn- j ; v r a tea\van, will be at his own expense. I on. tl.c b-sathouse ar-d !oa;s in the j That -was the order entered by Judge j Jir-irw i;r-". park at Bristol, ililitar.fs | Aifirica in the federal court records a"so ,t, f,r- to t'lc grand s;and of tl'.e ( O f the case, hi which Thaw appears as fooib.i"' grounds at niackburrs. j petitioner for a writ of habeas corpus. if yesterday follo-vv: · i I Albany ......... I Atlar.tic C-ty... Boson ......... Buffalo ......... Chicaso ........ Xe-sv Orleans. . . Xevr York ...... Philadelphia ---St. Louis. -^ ---Washington ..... i « SHOOTING match: clay bh-d for turkeys and chickens at the old Hill church, Thanksgiving Day. Luther |Thsnk«- s Jvinqr Hay, November 27th. Reever.--advertisement I advertisement T ,, . , . . , . , , ! LOST on Baltimore street last cvrn- L. K. Myers' mill wffl bo closed on i double chifTon veil. Return Times office.--advertisement ^ emp. \Veather. 40 P.CIoaoy « Clear. 3S Cloudy. ^0 P.a:n- ^S Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. 65 40 44 46 The Weather. Pair today and tomorrow; norUrwest -winds. FOR SALE: good family mare, fearless of all road objects, can be bought cheap by quick purchaser. Willis H: Lady, 223 East Middle street.-advertisement. rJubc Waddci's Has i ubcrcuJosis. 3:.-!:,e '"-:;- !e:i. forsncr jssteher fortJie Sr. i.o;:: nrx-v.-r.*;. 3oi=erate;y ill from t:::erci: 1 -^;. 1: i jr'5-ie wot, hoping to !o:rrt:-! 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