The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 25, 1931 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1931
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

t\ T I " : : ' . ' · · ;'·_ FEBRUARY. 25' -EB 1931 MASON CITY GIAIBE-GAZETTB |Dr/Magdick Gives Talk on Mentality Charles City Woman Reviews Three Books , at Meeting. . "All the . amazing conveniences Which we have. today are the pro, ducts of someone's mind," Dr. Ver- blanck Magdick of Charles City told the members of the book review department of the Woman's cjub at the meeting Wednesday noon at the Y. W. C. A. Her topic was "Our Mental Background" and in it she reviewed three hooks," "The Human Mind." "Mind in the Making" and "The Mind at Mischief." ^ "James Harvey Robinson in "Mind m the Making' which is a brilliant, fascinating -toook, tells how, we get the things thru our minds," she said. "There are several classes of thinking and the simplest form of thot is the reverie which is a continual process in pur minds. The reverie is interrupted by decisions and these are a second variety. They may be arrived at without any apparent previous thot. A third type of thinking is rationalization'by which we make good reasons for the things we do. They are not the real reasons. We do not rationalize unless our beliefs are questioned. To Be. Productive. "Creative thot produces things. It is most often the result of idle curiosity which, may be developed into a science itself as Edison has done. Galileo developed the theory 6n which our clocks are founded from turiosity about the lamps in a cathedral. X v "There are four types of mind and first is the animal mind. We are like animals in that we have some of their essential desires, we have five senses but we learn by experiences of our ftllowmeu 1 and animals, do not. :' "The child mind affects us as we grow older and become nervous. Fears which we had as children become apparent and our beliefs are affected. The savage mind is demonstrated in wars and in the crimes which are committed. We have an elaborately civilized mind which is the result of imprints made by Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Christian civilizations. Cling to Belief. "We have come a long way from the middle ages in our material things and in science, but we still cling to our medieval inheritance of beliefs. We make laws and we break them. We follow the styles, no matter how foolish. "Ninety per cent of the people who FRAT BOYS MOVE OUT MUSIC FESTIVAL HELD AT'BURT Algona Wins Four Firsts in Class A; Sexton High in Class B Chorus. BURT, Feb. 25.--A sub district musical-festival was held in the Methodist church Monday evening. Algona and Titonka were in class A. Algona took first in orchestra, mixed quartet, chorus and solo, there being no competition except in the solo division. Livermore, Luverne, Good Hope, Sexton and Burt had entries in class B. Burt won first in orchestra and solo, with no competition in orchestra, work. Sexton took first on chorus work, Burt and Good Hope also competing. Livermore took first in junior chorus work and Luverne was first with a trio. About 250 attended the contest. SCHALL FIGHTS HIM GARNER DEGLAM CONTEST HELD Britt Speakers Capture Two First Places in First State Round. GARNER, Feb.. 25.--The first round of the state declamatory contest was-held here Monday night. Schools competing were Britt, Corwith, Klemme and Garner. Denzil Tompkins of Garner wag first in oratorical, RutU Hale, Britt, first in dramatic and Alice Duffus, Xrltt, first In humorous. Judges were R. E. Nyquist, Miss Tommy D. Priest and Miss Hanson of Mason City. The county contest will be held here Wednesday night. MUSIC APPRECIATION CLASS HAS MEETING Members of Mrs. McAllister Kuehn's music appreciation class met Monday evening at the studio. Indian music was studied and a program was given by the pupils. TOWNSHIP WOMEN MEET FOR LESSON The third follow up lesson for the women of Lime Creek township No. 7 was held with Mrs. Henry Cahill and Mrs. Andrew Larson Tuesday afternoon at the Larson home. There were 13 present and the lesson was on "Standards of Cooked Foods." A son was horn to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Colloton, 1608 Pennsylvania avenue south, at Mercy hospital Friday. It's moving day at the University of Michigan. Photo shows members of Theta Delta Chi leaving their fraternity house to take up residence elsewhere in Ana Arbor until next September. The fraternity is one of the five recently closed by university officials following liquor raidslconducted by city police. : go to the doctor are neurotic. In 'The Human Mind' the author points out that, we do not .have healthy minds, which are even tempered. The nagger, the scoffer, the thief, the murderer, have unhealthy minds. Once people would have said they had devils, later they would have said they were bewitched, still later it would bave been called sin, now we attribute it to a low I. Q. and that idea is being abandoned by some. "We have to adjust ourselves to constantly changing circumstances Those, who do not. ad just are mad and those who adjust imperfectly are stupid. There are different types of personality. There is the crippled personality which comes from a mind diseased by syphilis or alcohol. There are the hypophrenic personalities where morons are classed. There are isolated personalities-people who cannot adjust because of poverty or wealth. "The schezoid class includes brilliant people who cannot make adjustments because they have never learned to' give in. Often they have been over-protected children. The psychoid sways between high and low levels of temperament. When he is in the depths he is a potentia suicide. Most of'us can be pigeon- holed into the neurotic class--people who find civilization a little difficult .nd wearing. 'Neurasthenia is a disease common to these people. , Mind at Mischief. "Sadler wrote 'The Mind at Mischief for his patients. He says that £ the urges for life, sex, worship, power and society are developed sroportionately the person lives a well rounded life. These urges are often sublimated. The subconscious mind comes into play when a very old person remembers distinctly the incidents of his early life. A victim of amnesia may be restored thru it. It is a store house of memories. Mediums make use of the subconscious in seances. "All our complexes are carryovers from childhood. Fear is one of the most common. There is the inferiority complex, the conscience complex, the family, fifth commandment and mother complexes. People often suffer from a reality complex when they center their attentions so long on some one thing that they are convinced there is nothing else but it. "We are in a changing age and we will never go back. Our duty is to find real reasons for things instead of good ones and to train our children to live in the world with properly developed urges." SPENCE DEFINES NEW PATRIOTISM "Love of Countrymeri," Not Mere Love of Country, Lions Are Told. That patriotism which essentially is boisterous oratory rather than genuine love of countrymen was held up for scorn by the Rev. W. H. Speuce in an address Wednesday noon before the Lions club at the Hanford. "Love ot that abstract thin; country," he asserted, "is an easy, cheap affair, the stock-in-trade of the politician, especially when his party is in power, or trying to get into power, the final stand of the demagog and the mountebank in political matters." ' "Love of Countrymen." In defining true patriotism, the Methodist pastor took the position that "love of countrymen" is about all there is to it. And the true patriot is the man who "loves his countrymen, who seeks their welfare, who Is ready to sacrifice himself for them." "Place the true- patriot," Doctor Spence continued, "on the plateau of opportunity and he will seek to bring Declaring that Gunnar H. Nordbye, above, district judge of Minneapolis^ is "especially, undesirous to me," Senator Thomas D. Schilli of Minnesota has Indicated that he will light Nordbye's confirmation In the senate. Judge Nofdbye was nominated by President Hoover for a federal judgeship after ignoring names suggested by the Minnesota senator. CHIEF SANFORD ISSUES WARNING Cutting Corners Thru Service Station Drives Bad, He Says. Traffic cutting thru service station drives, especially at corners on which stop signs can be avoided, have _^used a number of complaints from service station managers, according to P. R. Sanford, chief of Nothing Is Stolen by Prowlers Who Enter Home of Dr. McMichael Prowlers entered the home of Dr. Malcolm D. McMichael, 1120 Third street southwest, and rumpled ruga, tipped over chairs and opened drawers but atole nothing about 9 o'clock Tuesday night, according to Dr. McMichael.-' Dr. atfd Mrs. McMichael were only away from the house about 20 minutes. A nurse staying with Sally McMichael, Dr. McMichael's daughter, was upstairs all the time and heard men talking but didn't realize the McMichaels were not in the house, she said. She called down stairs to the McMichaels and the intruders, then going thru the silver drawer, left. Neighbors said they saw two men enter the McMichael's home when they looked from a window following a disturbance made by their dog. HERE ARE REAL Dollar Day Specials! 1 Pound Cleans- CQ- I ing Cream. 1 Pound Lemon CQ r Cream tJUv. Stationery Genuine Eaton, Crane and Pike, 60 sheets CQ- paper (1 pound) 2 packages envelopes.. 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If any one should propose making it harder to reach the land so that only a few could monopolize its gifts, this big, great-hearted patriot would be the first to protest." The speaker condemned as unpatriotic a business philosophy which condone charging Americans more for products than the same article brings in other lands. Business which is founded upon the vices and weaknesses of their fellow countrymen was scored too. Voluntary violation of law was · referred to as out of consonance with true patriotism. Warns Against Prejudice. Turning for a moment to the political situation, Mr. Spence decried the injection of prejudice into economic or governmental issues. Tho political campaign ahead, he predicted, will surpass in invective and abuse any since the time of Lincoln. Tolerance is an indispensable element of patriotism, it was argued. For purposes of comparion, Doctor Spence dipped into the field of medicine and related a theory held by some eminent authority with respect to tho cancer cell. While It eats and propagates, it does nothing, more. It refuses to -take its part in the functions of the body, being essentially an "anarchist." Whatever destroys it also destroys the healthy cells as well. The only remedy ia the knife or radium which burns it out. Counterpart in Citizenship. This picture of utter selfishness has a counterpart In the unpatriotic citizen. His selfishness shows up in the home, in business and professional life, in teaching, in the shops, in politics, in- t)ie military and In the church. As the cancerous cell spreads out and destroys the useful healthy cells, so the selfish, unpatriotic citizen lets his activities overlap the rights and liberties of those about him. "Give us," Mr. Spence concluded, "a new patriotism based on a love for countrymen." Music for the meeting was- provided by a boys' cKorus of 20 voices from Monroe school under the direction of Miss Mary Ellen Lydon. Guests of the club included T. C. Lindatrom, Des Moines, deputy governor; William Blair, Cedar Falls, deputy governor; M, J. Nolan, Minneapolis; Elmer McGee, Mason City. watch for drivers who cut service station corners without stopping. May Sentenced to 1 5 Days in County Jail John May, Mason City, was sentenced to 15 days in the county jail by Justice of PPT.CO M. C. Coughlon Tuesday on a Uad check charge. May was arrested Tuesday. Sheriff Cress Returns From California Trip Sheriff G. E. Cress returned from San Diego, Cal., Tuesday after a fleeting visit with his mother who has been seriously ill. He made the Nykalirie Mouth Wash, spray or gargle. Liquid antiseptic. 20-ounce bottle .. 79c FREE One Fine Rubber SHAMPOO CAPE Free with a bottle of your favorite Shampoo at the regular price. Free--Bottle of Perfume Purse size, free with each box of powder d*-! at the regular price of V A Hot Water Bottles With all attachments. 2-year guarantee ,..$1.29 Bottles with 2-quart capacity. 2-year tf -l guarantee V ·*· (Michael (hruafoo. MASON CITY PHONE 89 MISS BONITA ARNOLD HOSTESS AT BRIDGE. Miss Bonita Arnold, 203 Second, street northeast, entertained at bridge Tuesday evening at her home when Miss Martha Egloff, Miss Julie Meyer and Mrs. Claude Potter won prizes. Decorations carried out a colonial theme. MISS ULLY BARNEY HONORED AT PARTY Miss Lilly Barney was honored at a party given Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Asa Leroy Briar, on the occasion of her birthday. There were 12 guests and 500 was played during the evening. Decorations were carried out in rose and white. MRS. JOHN KRASTICK HONORED AT PARTY Mrs. Harold Wolfe and Mrs. J. D. Fleming entertained a group of friends In honor of their mother, Mrs. John Krastick, at the home of Mrs. Wolfe, 410 Madison avenue northwest. There were 15 guests present and the time was spent informally. Mrs. Ethel Morken and Mrs. Jeanette Strahn of Clarion were out of town guests. jaunt by automobile, spending only 2:30 o'clock, Mrs. Sharder's division with F. S. Felt, 82-1 Carolina avenue northwest. CROWN IT KNOCKS OUT THAT K N O C K ^ S 2 3 2 /, S T A N D A R D O I L C O M P A N Y ( I N D I A N A )

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