Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 25, 1931 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1931
Page 6
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r _ MASOJN CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 25 1931 300 HEAR LECTURE ON DRAMA BY MINNEAPOLITAN Anniversary Is Observed I at Luncheon ;Matinee rMusicale Charter Members Give ' Program. .;' Charter members of Matinee . JMusicale presented a' program at ;the tenth anniversary luncheon rheld, Tuesday afternoon at the home 'of Mrs. William H. Hathorn, 654 "East State street. Miss Ruth -Stevens was chairman of the pro- j "grain committee. · Mrs. Harlan MacMillan told of .the.history of the club and follow- *ing her talk she and Mrs. J. E. rStlnehart were presented bouquets Jof roses by the club'members be- icause the Idea of the club orig- jinated with' them. Mrs. W. J. Hol' T ahan, who was the first secretary Tof the club, read a listof all raem- -bers who have belonged since the -beginning, totaling 63. . '2 Mrs, Stinehart gave a review of [all the public programs presented jby Matinee Musicale. Mrs. Hathorn t told of the benefits the members [have derived from the club. Mrs. LMacMillan played a- violin number, "Reverie" by Vieux-Temps, accompanied by Mrs. Stinehart. : ~j. Mrs. Stinehart played a piano -number! "Polonaise in E Major" by ;Ltszt. A vocal number, "Dutch ^Lallaby" by Nevin, was given by Lthe 10 charter members including -Mrs. C. G. Maudsley, Mrs. A. L. "Long, Mrs. Ray Prusia, Mrs. Hat- ROYAL ROMANCE. 'HE political hurricanes that hourly threaten to blow the Spanish royal family from' its dynastic foundations are seemingly power- ·less to check the insidious labors of cupid. Latest reports from that troubled country state that the in- gagement of King Alfonso's 19- year-old daughter, Princess Maria Christina, (aboyej to the.'Duke of Bergamo, cousin of King Victor Emmanuel, of Italy, will soon be v announced. horn and' Miss Stevens, sopranos- rs. W. L. Bennett, Mrs. MacMillan and rs.- Stinehart, altos. The piano accompaniment was given by-Mrs. Holahau and Mrs. Ber-tha~Patchen. --* Social Calendar on IJKR IT" seraQJ mart "You can't tell the wearing qualifies of a pair of stockings by looking at them.. .".·' Many details which are nc^ apparent to the casual glance, determine whether the stockings will really give you the service to which you are entitled. . . . That's why it, is important to buy only stockings of established reputation and merit ·--such as Hosiery. 'As You Like It.' Good value at all prices from HOSIERY "AS YOU LIKE IT" FUU FASHIONED economy H O S E POR T H E W O M A N WHO KNOWS/ Stevens JOB-NO. FEDERAL AVE. MASON CITY - IOWA THURSDAY Athenian club-Mrs. John Senneff, 9 Beaumon drive, topics, group three. "Amer lean Drama today," Mrs." S. C Deyoe. Ceo Dee Bridge club-2 o'clock, Mrs. M. M. Carroll, 32 West street. N. D. Bridge club-2 o'clock, Mrs. Anna Bell, 413 YV State street. Sorosis club-Mrs. T. H. Stetler, 911 Delawar avenue northeast, tea. History club- Mrs. Earl Hall, 22 River Heights Mrs. Tracy Stevens, lesson. L. U. G. A.-x Mrs. Carl Hansen. Intcrhos clul-- 2:30 o'clock, Mrs. Wayu McGowan. Tusalata-- 6:15 "o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Knm Dubble class-7:30 o'clock. First Baptist church Mr. and Mrs.' Hugh Magner in charge. Gnrfteld Child Study circle-7:30 o'clock, school'. , G. F. S. Seniors-7:30 o'clock, Paris hall, with Mis: .Caroline Averill of New York G. K S. field secretary. Olivet Ladies aid-2:30 o'clock,' Mrs. Jay Frost's divi slon, tea at church. A.. Y. It. club-2 o'clock, Mrs. K. M. Waggonei 1538 North Federal avenue. Tuckiifoatchee-- 1 o'clock, church, coverdish lun cheon. West Side Ladies aid- Mrs. -Lars Gulbransen, 6 Verrnon avenue sputhwest, Washington birthday party with Mrs. Harrison Davis assisting. Grace Evangelical Ladies aid-2:30 o'clock, church parlors, Mrs -Fred Aderhold, hostess. R. B. Bridge club-6:30 o'clock, Home tearoom, Mrs. Lloyd Barrett. R. N. A.-8 o'clock, .Eagles hall, bridge and 500 party for members and invited friends. O. IX O. club-Mrs. C. R. Connelly, 510 Washington avenue southwest, quilting. ,IO CLTJP HEARF. OF BOOK BINDING. Miss Lvdia Barrette talked nn 'Bqpk Binding" and displayed several volumes which she had had jouud abroad at the meeting of the club Tuesday with Mrs. Ralph Lloyd Jones. Mrs. J. M. Gilman of eattle. Wash., was a guest at the meeting. - ·· . . i--; - . · · ; _*^- ;;'\ V ' . / FRIENDLY BCTNGH 3LASS HAS MEETING. Members of the Friendly Bunch Junday school class met Tugs'*.iy evening in the Evangelical church arlors. Mrs. Walter Carroll whistled wo solos, "My Mother's Bible" and 'When the 'Moon Shines Down on he Colorado." Mrs. Boyd Walter jave two readings. "My Little Boy" ind "One Cent." Games were played and t refreshments served by a coro- nittee including Mrs. P^ W. Pfaltz- raff, Mrs. Everett Driscoll anJ \Irs. Jake Nagel. There were 10 members and eight guests present. WORD FORUM The word concentrate (kon-sen- rat) 'falls in the same class as yesterday's word, contemplate. Hany authorities favor the accent on the second syllable, but our Webster,stresses the first. As in the case with contemplate you may 'eel safe' in using either. Huxtable Doi Thursday Only! Free! $1.45 pair of Silk Hose $4.95 Value for $1.00 We must limit this offer two to each customer.. Positively no Deals sold at this price after the Sale. Through the co-operative advertising campaign of Hosiery Mills and Elaine Toiletries we have been alloted a limited number of pairs of PUKE SILK HOSE Super-Finish. French Heels, Fine Guage, Flawless, No Seconds, Pure Silk Hose. We want you to try Elaine Toiletries at this tremendous saving, for we believe this is a far better method of advertising than spending thousands of dollars in National Publications. Therefore we are making this offer -- $2.50 Indestructible Pearl Necklace,' $1.00 Box Paris Elaine Face Powder, .$1.45 Pair Pure Thread Silk Hose FREE! All 3 for 1 and this Advertisehient HUXTABLE DHU@ 116 South Federal Ave. --i '. Mason City, Iowa Best Season Dramatically in New York Theater Reflects Life; Characterized by Earthiness. Addressing a group of more than 300 women who attended the meeting of the drama department of the Woman's club Tuesday afternoon at the Y. W. C. A. Dr. LeRoy Arnold, Minneapolis dramatic critic and lecturer, said that this was one of the most interesting seasons for the theater which he had ever seen. "There are 10 of tire best plays ·! have ever seen but there are more than that of the worst morally. The earthly is reflected in most of them. It Is also apparent 1 in the current exhibitions of painting and s'culp- ture and especially true of the dancing of Mary Wigman who is the sensation of ultra modern dancers. _ "The plays reflect the day in which, we are living. We have sunk to the lowest depths and the age is characterized by its lack of morality, its drunkenness, its prostitution and its gamblers. If we continue the way we are going we will end in nothing. Up-to-Date Comedy. " 'Lysistrata' by Aristophanes, a comedy which was written in 411 B. C. is surprisingly up-to-date. It is sex depicted naturally. The story concerns the women of Athens who are banded together by Lysistrata. They take an oath not to see their husbands until a treaty of peace is signed and they get what they want. "A play which everyone liked and which I liked in part is 'Topaze. 1 The first act opens with the headmaster in a boys' school who loves to teach, but is forced to resign be- ,, cause of a matter of ethics. He j decides ^o'eTopV Vithlhe""maYEne leaves the school to become the vie- - - . tim of swindlers and the play ends with his 'swindling the swindlers. Lost Sheep' is a British farce about a clergyman and his wife and daughters who move into a house vhich had once been a brothel. The nterest centers on the farcical im- jroglio which succeeds. ' "Green Pastures" Great. v ·"Everyone has heard about 'Green 'astures' and when it was awarded he Pulitzer prize no one disputed the judgment. It is much like the Id miracle play except that it is he interpretation of the Bible'from he ignorant southern Negro's loint of view. It is amusing and Jathetic but its essential interest s in its genuine piety, a good-sign ri an irreligious day. : " :'· · " -The Last Mile', is one of the moat horrible plays I have, ever eeh. The action is in the death louse at Sing Sing and the char- .cters are imprisoned in cells, all ondemned men. It is sincere and ensational for truth's sake. It con- inces you emotionally that legal- zed murder cannot go on and that ociety must be protected, but not evenged. "The ''Garrick Gaieties,' a. Theater uild production, was delightful, unny, clever, but not risque and many people were disappointed be- ause of that. I saw Earl Carroll's Vanities when th'e show opened in A-tlantic City and I thot it stupid and vulgar. It has had its long run because of the good advertising the lolice have given it. Satire on Government. . / " 'Overture' by William Bolitho who died bsfdre it was produced, rc- lects the fact that its author was ;hellshocked, hut it is a sincere iatire on the existing forms of government. It concerns a young man the classes who believes in the naases and leads a group of labor-, ers against the capitalists. They are less capable of governing than he capitalists whom ,they defeat and when one of them shoots down a kind old manufacturer the boy is horrified. Then a military regime s enforced and the boy with his- sweetheart is condemned to death, ais sweetheart betrays one of the aborers to win her freedom and :he boy goes to death gladly, dis- lluaioned of everything in life. "Ivan Novello, English playwright and actor, takes a leading role in his own play, 'The Truth Same,' an amusing comedy,, entertaining, and not too clever. 'Uncle Moses' is about a group of Jews imported to a New York sweat shop from a Polish village. It is the drama of a man. 50 years old, who oves the 14 year old daughter of one of the laborers. He educates her and marries her and all her goodness goes into him and all his hate ;oes Into her and she leaves him. Vulgar Drunkenness. " 'That's Gratitude' by - Frank Iraven in which the author takes a lead was considered by most peo- )le to be the funniest comedy of the /ear. To me it is terrible. It has no character, no situation and no plot --nothing but vulgarity and drunkenness. " 'Mrs. Moonlight' is a strange play about a woman who lovfts a man so that she wants .-to stay beautiful and young forever for his sake. She does not change and people think it queer. In the second act she leaves her husband because she sees that he wants to marry another woman. She comes back as a relative and saves her daughter from a foolish marriage. In the third act she returns again and her husband dies in her arms and then she dies. It's all very impossible but it has reality, somehow. Midnight Melodrama. "The Theater Guild m e l o d r a m a , . 'Midnight' is written around a man j H.'" a , ^ ros - C '' oft ' oc Inc., Minne- of the lower, middle who has I 2 P° Ils J Minnesota. ©1031 served as chairman of a jury which has just condemned a woman to dfeath. He is listening to the reports of the execution over the radio when .he hears a pistol shot His daughter has killed a man because he seduced her. "The best farce of the season is 'Once in a Life Time' by George Kaufman. It is a satire on the movies--about a stranded vaudeville actress who starts a school of elocution in Hollywood when the talkies begin. 'Up Pops the Devil' is about a young, couple in Greenwich village. The wife works and the husband writes and does the housework. There is much drinking and much discussion as to who is the father of the child which the wife is going to have. Story of Cupone. i "The best melodrama is 'On the Spot' by Edgar Wallace, an English author, who has given us the best gangster story we have had. It about Al Capone and his Chinese wife who commits suicide when he tells her he is leaving her. 'Art anc Mrs. Bottle' is about a practical woman who saves her artistic family from trouble." "Altho I think 'Grand Hotel' Intensely interesting I do not think it is a great play because it is about less than nothing. The hero is a thief who finds himself in situations where he cannot steal. The settings are very well managed. " 'Alison's House' by Susan Glaspell and acted by Eva La'Galliene is the story of the finding of some of Emily Dickinson's poems. It is an attractive play. Marika Cocopuli, the greatest Greek tragedien, has produced 'Electra,' a modern and sensational staging of the play. Improperly Clever " 'The Vinegar Tree' is successful because it is improper ' and clever. It is about a lovely woman who is a fool. A former lover comes to visit her and she is kept from him when her husband confesses that he has been cruel to her. Her daughter, "who was also going to have an affair^with the same man really loves and all ends well. " 'Sigfried' is about a Frenchman who loses his identity during the war and becomes a German leader. He ia brot back home by the woman who loves him. 'Elizabeth, the Queen' by Maxwell Anderson is a beautiful production with Lynn Fontaine as Elizabeth. It is real, graphic and gripping. " 'This is New York' depicts the feeling ,of the western man about New York. 'Man in Possession 1 begins nicely but ends poorly. It is about a man who is sent to take possession of the house of a widow who cannot pay her. debts. The worst play of all is 'The Greeks Had a Word ,For It'. It' is about three ex-college girls, disgusting for their drunkenness and promiscuity. " 'As You Desire Me' by Pirandel- lo, Italian playwrite, is one of the strongest and most horrible plays I have Keen. It is a psychological mystery about an Italian bride who' was ravished during the war and is living in Berlin. She hates her lover' and when her former 'husband from finds her and begs her to go back to Italy with him she wants to go with him and live ns he wants her lo. A mad woman is brot in and the husband is convinced that she is his wife and the other 'woman rushes out to give her self to the first man she meets. WOMEN OF MOOSEHEAKT LEGION HAVE PARTY. Bridge was played at 7 tables at the card party given by the Women of Moosehcart Legion Tuesday eve-11 ning at Eagles hall. Mrs. H. L. U Leake and Earl Young won high I ^ score prize and Mrs. Frank Brown ' ji and Mr. Richardson, low. The next ' party will be March 10 at Eajjle-, hall with Mrs. Roy Garlock and her committee in charge. BITS ABOUT'EM Mr. and Mrs. H.-C. Fisher, 1212 President avenue northwest, returned Tuesday from Chicago where they had been viaiting their daugh-. ter, Ruth, a student nurse at Michael Reese hospital. . * * * Mrs. A. M. Feist. 515 Eighth street southeast, will leave Thursday for Des Moines where she will attend the annual meeting of the T. B. association, to which she is a delegate from the P. T. A. council. The meeting is being he.ld.,at the Fort Des Moines hotel. * * * Mrs. L. A. Wepler and daughter, Phyllis, have gone to Los Angeles, Cal., where they will spend some time visiting Mrs. Wepler's sisters, Mrs. Alice Codington and Mrs. Florence Tuthill. * * * Word has been received of the marriage of Miss Margaret Ranes to Ralph Ruliffson of Fargo, N. Dak. Miss Ranes is a former employee of the Standard Oil company. " T * Mrs. T. Fatland. 624 Sixth street southeast, left Wednesday for Eagle Grove where she will spend a week or ten days with her sister, Mrs. C. J. Thompson. * » * Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sorlien, 310 Pennsylvania avenue southeast, have returned from a ten days visit In Chicago. They were accompanied on the trip by Mrs. Sorlien's mother, Mrs. Louise Alstad. * * * ' Mrs. G. H. Feldman, 223 Second street northwest, has returned from a six -weeks' visit with relatives in Tulsa and Ponca City, Okla. In Stillwater, Mrs. Feldman spent some time with Mrs. Mason City. W. E. Sundell of Mr: and Mrs. Tod Kansom, 234 Sixth street northwest, Mrs. Charles Flowers, 230 Sixth street northwest, and Mrs. Charles Canfield and daughter, Marion, Mineapolis, drove to Des Moines Wednesday to spend the day. ^ £t V Mrs. Francis Odle of Charles City snent Tuesday in Mason City visiting at the home of her mother, Mrs. A. B. Goerdt, II 1 ,:: Delaware avenue southeast. *. * Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Speaker of St. Paul, have returned to their home after visiting with Mrs. Ruth Baker, 1212 President avenue northwest. .;, c. P. PRIDGE CLUB MEETS IN EVENING Members of the,C. P. Bridge club met Tuesday evening with Mrs. Boyd Arnold, 609 Adams avenue northwest, when high score prizes were won by Mrs.-Arnold and Mrs. L. C. was a Perkins. ;uest. Mrs. Paul Craven Pan Hellenic Meets for Luncheon With Mrs. B. G. Ilgenfritz Covers were placeo: for 35 at the luncheon meeting of the Pan Hellenic association Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. B. G. 'Ilgenfritz, 320 East State street. The committee in charge included Mrs. C. M. Franchere, Mrs. John Dibble, Mrs. R. E. Romey, Mrs. Paul Vaaler and Mrs. Howard Knesel. There was a discussion of the 'bridge party -to be held after Easter. The March meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. A. H. Kohl and the committee in charge will include Mrs. L. P. Cdurshon, Mrs. Capps, Mrs. C. O. Pasnau, Mrs. G. E. Andrews and Mrs. Paul Ode. T. N. T. MEMBERS MEET FOR DINNER AT Y. W. T. N. T. members met Tuesday evening at the Y. W. C. A. with 24 members and guests present. Mis3 Lillian Clark and Mrs. Rita Watts interpreted two songs, "Crinoline Days" and "A Flower From an Old Bouquet," .assisted by the Misses Ruth Rising, Florence Hanstreet, Evelyn and Vera Slock, Gertrude Lucas and Grace Hetland. They were in colonial costume. The same group performed a minuet. Tha members of the club spent the remainder of the evening dancing the Virginia reel, having an old fasli- ioned spell down and charades. This Method Insures a Smooth, Light, Lumpless Batter Every cook knows that it is risky to pour all the milk at once into the flour when making waffles. In spite of vigorous stirring the batter will invariably contain.rumps. Coffee roasted in bulk also involves risk. Even the most skilled operator cannot prevent variation in the roast because the quantity is too larpe to handle. As a result, some of the coffee berries are overdone and some underdone. Such variation in the roast causes variation in flavor. Realizing this, Hills Bros., in San Francisco, perfected and patented a process that roasts every coffee berry evenly. By automatic control, only a, few pounds at a time pass through the roasters in which heat is also automatically controlled. When the coffee finnlly leaves the roasters, it is perfectly uniform in . 4 colov and roast and gives a delicious flavor in the cup that no other coffee can equal. , No matter when or where you buy FTills' Bros. Coffee, it is as fresh and complete in its exclusive flavor and aronm as when it cnme from the roasters. This is because Hills Bros. Coffee is packed in vacuum--a process that takes air, .which destroys coffee flavor, from the can. The ordinary air-tight can does not keep coffee fresh. Hills Bros. Coffee is sold everywhere. Ask for it by name nnd look f ov the Arab --the trarle-mark---on the can. SMARTER STYLES, BETTER QUALITY FOR LESS MONEY SINCE 1920 COURTESY AND SATISFACTION WITH EVERY PURCHASE Announces The Semi-Annual THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26th f ferine, 300 Bilk Dresses $ on Such Smart Silk Dresses When you see these fi'ocks we are sure that you will want at least two or more of these dresses. Prints, Georgettes, Chiffons and Canton Crepes in every, smart style, color and size. Come prepared to buy more than one of these smart frocks. Other Articles Such .as: Corselettes, Leather Belts, Purses, Hats and Wash Dresses at Final Clean-Up Prices AND EVERY WINTER COAT REDUCED TO THE FINAL CLEAN-UP PRICES 1-J

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