The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 9, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1818
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i it 111 ,..r...;:; - .' W - Y OR m l M idNE OF AMERICAN PACKETS BETWETf ff. YORK & LIVERPOOL TR order to frequent i and nwlnir cvey - I ance for GOODS and FASatNGERS, the Uterine - have undertaken to tabli.h Iim If, weets between NEW - YORK and LIVERPOOL, to sail from each place onacerVun day m every uVont b throughout the year , The following vessels each about for hundred Jburtheo, gave been fitted out forlhwp ffihip AMITY, John Stanton, natef. ' 4 COURIER, Win. Bowne, " PACIFIC, J no. VVjJimaasy. - ' . JAMES MONROE, JumeWatl kiM. sJmats oatsrialti' and are coppered and epp - They are known to be remarU - KlfcltVailera, an'd their accommodation, for SZinseri are uncommonly extensive and com - Sodtoil They are all nearly new except the K8S behn. been ome year. In the trade. buttobeeniweiiUythorosblyexainined, and b found to be perfectly wunoin every respect. The commander. oVthem are all men of great experience and activity ; and they wi do all m SSr power to render these Packets eligible con - vevMces for passenger. It it also thought, that S regurarityof their time of tailing, and the excel kTcond.tion in which they deliver their cargoes' Twill make Uiem very desirable opporlum - fiei for the conveyance ofcoodt. Uisintended thatlhb WtablWhment,halLom. menrehythe departure of the JAMES MU - JJoK, from NEVtf - YORK on the 5th. and the COURIER from LIVERPOOL on the lof First Month (Jannary) next ; and one of the ves - telt will tail at the same period from each place hria,W&BT & SOX, FRANCIS THOMPSON, . BENJAMIN MARSHAL!, JEREMIAH THOMPSON. 10ont4 FOR mle .ir rut: sutr.x.iHU ot THE SUBSCRIHF.R. a ct nnp. nnw huiUin? of the best materiak, about 100 torn; timbers of live innui ul etiiri bottom plank Jersey wbiu oak, bnilt on purpose for the Albany trade, nna eft nni calcillated for any trade where dispatch, burthen, and U - A periasm BUllOOWtri, oi w ions, rill Knl ;ft wator mith a le. rmard throi?h the centre of her keel. sjjU is expected to sail very foit. 1 1 CHIP nIHIIm. rslrnlatfd for n Liverpool or London trader, (that ican be finished to suit the purchaser.) if,' nr t!mhr and nlank. Also, timber u i i i tawed to bills for house building. - nov6 U . CHARLES BROWN NE. - For Sale, Frtithi or t'hartrr. The staunch, eooiU fast ttulior brig NYMPH.' 187 tons burthen, one year old, in good order to receive a cargo Appiy on board at Stephens waan, or up . - - N.L. It G. GRI8W0LD, dec If ' ' " 80 &uth - st. " Fair SALE. t - V ..rii,'n;riniralivin PIlA - i aiis. vi j . - fi r Vr.hv rhil.l. muter burthen 66 ions. .i Mulillriown. (Conn.) bv Mr. Thonas Childs, of the beet roateriJa, hs made one vorse to tlie West iiwiies, is one yesir oia, nu can ne - sent to sea immeaiaieiy. roricrms ariply to the master, on board at Rurlin - slip, rto ' GR1SWOLDS & COATES, dec 18 68 SouUi - street. For Smle. Frtighl t Charier, The rood, mst sailinr ship MIRROR, j3S5tons burthen, 1 1 - 2 year old, strooj vessel, well seenred and m rood order to receive a cargo Apply on board, eat side Fly - market Slip, Or JN.L.. U. UIU3VVUUU, ' dec 17 " 86 Sonth - et Far i;i Kit ALTAR. M u, auc. ailing uiik aiw..if. - .. P. V. Coffiiu master: hat fine accommo dation! for passenger. For freight of 600 barrels or passage, apply to the captain on board, . . : .J - U I . .i; . . . Cl uua wuiijuc - vin uc ,v ; N. L. O. GRISWOLD. . dee SO IS South street. . For SALE, y - "hniit of the best seasoned timber, and faithfully put together, her rigging and sails are of excellent quulitr, this vessel is well cakuleted fur a Southern Packet, having hand some accommodations. For terms and a view of her inventory, pply to , '. , CRls WOLDS k COATES, dec 15 '. '' . , ; . 68 South - itreet. ' ,4. , . For Sale, Freight or Chwler. The brig AMERICAN, burthen 200 If.tnit eaiU fast, is wall found and can be ttM to tea immediately. This brig is ene year old, was built of the best materials and was employed the last year as a packet between this port and Savannah, lies at Murry wharf Ap ply w UKMWULUS Si UUATES, dee 15 68 Sonth - st . . ' For Hale, r rtight or Charter. vf il The excellent brig RISING SUN, s - wm Napter, master, bnrthen ooehun ydred and fiva ti. will ulnar ahnn itntl two years old, sails fast, andean be sent to sea immediately Apply to the captain on board at uMwviot uajTison - eireei, or in ..JOHN DYERS. Who hu for Stir,, . . , ' . IjOObbUirroond plaster of Pari 1 600 tons Nova Sootia iHa.(er 130 do French da in lots to suit pnr - 4i.. AL. , , wwi ni,j an ctuova. uec 1 1 II For HoRDLAUX. . Tti atiln DPiprn tr s.i . LiL master i a first rste akin, will wn "nmeaute dipatcn. For freight or paa sage, apply to the master on board at Flv market wharf, pr to dec 29 tf n. W. ROGERS St CO. VO.H.VjSf.A' The elemtl nilnt Ui i :u. i ALLAI. IZIi Inn hiw4kM M A W . ' (, 1 1 a - . . ' i uiiu, vwymrwu . v i,U ffiUTaOVEvLTC. " ,TerT flnt ru Miler and h now in as good u irinr film ,A .Ml . v - uiuva ki wnea sne came oa the stocks For tims apply to ... A.WESTON.. - for IHIRLLV. yi ine substa - itul rut aaiJinir thin iL NE PTTJN'E. K lM ra..,. ewnmenee loading on Monday, hsTinr nearlv tflf - kil. " I. I 1 ii I r carrja reaay to go on board. " uioictiea wanont pelsy. rw freight M about S50easks flaxseed, cotton, or cabin " craST. paseage, caring excellent ommodsUont, apply to . . TUOS. iEI. WALSH, ee 13 118 FrMnttr f TPLA.NO COt l - ONt I bale Upland Cot - lav L troa ,u booner flilo, from me iara ii t dec 17 U0EUT GILLESPIE, - 1U front street nofufrif. RHflWV STOUT. f Vt)u Bristol brown stoat, warranted I ni I nal to anv aver imDorted. iu caski W ' of 6 1 - 2 doxen bottles forsaleby D . vs. fwuvjcna at vo, . dee 10 235 Pearl - street Ill .. . ... 1 Oil bale Calcutta Goods, consisting of . Alleabad - Lockipore I Jugdea, SBAFTAS, and i Callapatty J KhoirabidfCHOW0111' Alleabad, ) ' Olinshnr, andMAMOODY. ' Joicincpore y Alleabad, ) ' Khoirabad and EMERTY. Lowherpore . - Fine Jallalpore and Muddoa Sawn Fine Cbaudpore, Comas Beerboom Ourrah Comuiuie Moharagungee Bandanna and 1 HDKFS. Lungee Auhdy Silk f Jost received and for sale by , GOODHUE & CO. dec 11 44South - tr:t BLOOM RAISINS 1,586 boxes bloom Raisins, landing from brig Cornelia, for laU by N.LfiG. GRISWOLD, . . daelsj 86 Soulh - ft RUSSIA SEAL SKINS & DUCK500 large skins, and 100 bolts first quality duck, fur sale by JOSEPH OSBORN, Va tail O U Lrl H URU & SEWALL, No. 65 South - it. aet, offer for sale 900 tons PSI old sable iron . 60 do GAD and CON D do 30 do Swedes square do 85 bundles Swedes tteel 100 boll half duck, or heavy ravens . . 1C0 do 1st quality ravens duck MOO pt. do Russia sheeting J5 bales Beerboom gurrahs 16 do Calcutta and Bernagore check 10 do rooty romalU, andgilla bdkis 2 do blue mamoodic 5 cases gum benjamin, 5 do gnm copal 1000 gunny bags, 6 bale senna leaf 4 cases beads, necklaces, &c. calculated for the N. West and Span. America 3 do English writing and letter paper 4 do viiperf. Ijoodoa made hat 6 do domestic I tripe, ginghams and tick 6 do Bohemian picture glass 350 e j cut nails, assorted sizes 400 lioxes American window glass, assorted sixes, Ac. dec 27 COTTON. FOR SALE, 62 bales of Upland Cotton, new crop, landing from ihe schooner Maria, from Charleston. Enquire 140 Pearl - street, up sum. dec 29 CARPETS. 2 bales Mirz - ipore Carpets, just received, and fur sale by GEO. W. TALBOT,', dec 29 55 I'ine - street TJiLAXSEUD as FLOUR. 28 tierce Flax - f seed 250 barrels snnerfine Southern Floar, inst re ceived, and for tale . by , . ' . Jc 27 81 Pine - street. 'pauKr.o, UAVlUaON i CO. otler lor sale X at 106 Front - street, 9 pipes line old Madeira Wm - - 10 cask tWassware, assorted 60 crates Earthenware 5 cases low priced Fowling Piece j ao msn liuicd 1 ifo dark diced Cotton. dec 23 milU'.HONK 'i'HA. niFHRTY bnses Sonclione - Teal SUDerior JL qeality, Caatoo's cargo, for sale by dec 23 65 South - street. NAVAL STORES. 107 bbls Soft Turpentine, for sale by FOTT & M'KINNE, dec 20 56 Sooth - street. PAIN 1'INGS. I case r'lenmn Paiuiinc. received per Janus, from Rotterdam, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, dec 17 lit Front - street. ODOR OF ROSLS. A FEW pound bottle of Odor of Rotes, just received from Smyrna, and for sale by dec 22 ROBERT LENOX. BRANDY, . WINE, UAUS, lie 35 pipes Cette Brandy 150 or. cask Colmenar Wine. tup. quality ' 50 do Sweet Malaga, very old 40 bales Italian Raft 3B0 cbets Florence Oil, 30 bet ties earh 100 boxes do . 12 bottle do 3 bale Italian Writing Paper 100 do Gasette do 1 box French Kid Glove ' 1 do Engravings, 9 cases Felt Hats 10,000 Gunny Bass, for sale hy ! CHA3. L. OGDEN, and . ABM. OGDEN, Wasbinjtton - it. nov 28 rtOTTON. 35 bales New - Orleans Cotton KJ 20 bales prime Upland do. new crop, just received ana tor saie ny WALSH tt GALLAGHER, dec 20 66 South - street. DUTCH GOODS, liCA small invoice consisting of . Marbles, slates, alate pencils SnufT boxes, violins, violin slicks ' Tortoise shell work boxes . . . Tortoise shell tea caddies - Cornelian ear rings, coral do gold teals Silver purses, lead pencils Porcelain tea and coffee cups and saucers Cologne water, &c received per brig Janus, from Rotterdam, for sale by ROUT. GILLESPIE, dec 30 ' 112 Root - street. Tl.AiVNfcljd, HNS, ice. A lew bale as - J - sorted flanoels, white, red and yellow Do fine and superfine whit do. very wide' " Green table covers, from 5 qr. te 6 by 10 Men and womeul cotton stockings Do do white silk do ' A few cases London mixtpin in 1 - 2 k 3 - 4 lb Do pack pins, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 I - 2 and i 1 case mourning pins, 1 do short white do While chapel needles, assorted, No. 1 to 10 . 1 case hooks and eye . I do brass and steei top thimbles ' . Brass and card wire For sale by ATKINSONS & FLEMING, ? dee 22 1m 167 Pearl - st. OLCOTHA. 4 casks first qaality CoicoUia, TUCKER A - LAURIES, , 20 bmlh iKtrt. W for 1 by dec 23 TURKS IslANDa' SALT. 23UU bushels salt, direct from Turks Island, will be ready for delivery alongside any vessel on Monday morning next For sal by . , TUCXfcKfc LAURJCS, dec 27 " 29 Sp uth - sL FLOUR, TOBACCO, tcICOObWs Rich - inofid, Pelersbnr: nnd FrederkksUirg'flbur 18 bhds prime Leaf Tobacco 38 balea L'nlaod Cotton, of rtrw MDtrior au&Ji - ry, landing from diRereat vessels, aad for tale oy VY ALiU 4 UAL,, . decC6 66 Socth - trest. "DATENT SHOT - A few bags of No. 6, 7 M. ti tor tale oy . TTCKEtt & LAURIES. dee 12 ' ' 29 Southtreet. FLOUR tt COTTON.. 158 bbls Suiertine Virginia Floar. 5 bale prime Upland Cotton, of the new Crop, received per sloop Jay, and for sale by flee 13 UAiiijAiinr.ii. CnOTi'ON. 4U bales UplanU Cotton, oftne new crop and of a superior quality, landing from the slip Cotton Plant, from Savannah, for tale by TOWNSEND & WHITE, nov 1 7 - ax sonin - tueei. HUM, .GIN, Ac 20 Uida. first proof new Rom, . - 25 bbls. first proof Country Gin 20 small boxes Imperial Tea 2 chests Young Hyson do. 100 boxes J. Wait's Chocolate 60 bag Race Ginger, (entitled to debenture) 100 keg (Pern) ground do , 20 bales Crime C'oha Tobacco 25 do do St. Domingo do 1 case Bengal Indigo 5 hhd and 50 bbl Loaf and Lump Sugar . For tale by JACKSON WOOLLEY, (IMS in 75 WaH - itroeL C1 11 AM PAIGN E A lew cases still and ipark - lioar Chamnaiiine. of iud. oual. iutt receiv ed per Aolui, from Havre, lor sale by HENDERSON CAIRNS. dec 11 r 81 fine - street. SIXTT - F1VE bale prime new crcp Upland Cotton, landine from - schr. Milo. foriale in lots to suit purchasers, by dec 15 68 South - street. f, LOUR 350 bbls. supf. New - Vork Flour, f 25 do. fine do 18 do Middling Forsaleby TCWNSEND tt WHITE, II mo 29 1 souin tireei. ; rEA, 40 bose Souchong Tea, tupenor quality, Canton' cargo, for sale by S 1 JIURD S SEWALL, dec 15 - 65 Sontb - ctreet. Tt"USKET4(. INDIGO, Ste 50 boxes if J. French St German muskets, entitled to debenture ' 7 ceroons first quality fiotant indigo 13 boxes well assorted tapes No. 1 1 to 25 4 do flaxen linnen 2 bbl while lead 9 do Orchal (or Litmus) - For sale by J.C.ZIMMERMAN, oct 29 72 Washington - street, PICTURE and WINDOW GLASS. 5 cases a. swedith fixture Ulan, is dv ii, i oy zz, and 20 hv J. ouu Doxe wmuow uiau, o 07 0,10 ivoj 1, . - .... . a l n - n I ,0, tot tale by dec 15 - 65 Sonth - treet. SEINE TWINE. 8 casks seine twuie, of a tuoerior duality, received per ship Amity, from Liverpool, for sale by dec 19 p.Bf.inunriiivi. . rjlKA. 35 chests young by son tea, cargo of JL snip rvancy 24 chests young hyson tea, cargo of ship Natchez 0 iln vnun? hvsnn. 3 do hvson. cargo of ibip Phoenix, all fresh and of tuperior quality, for ale by . GEO. W. TALBOT, dec 19 65 rme - st. DUTCH GOODS, cic A small invoice consisting of Marbles, Slales, Slate Pencil, Snuff Boxes, Violins, Violin Sticks, , Tortoise shell work Boxes, f , Tortoise shell tea Caddie. , " Cornelian ear ringt, Coral do. Gold Seals, Silver Purses, Lend Pencils, Porcelain Tea and. Coffee cup and saucer, Cologne Water, 4c. Received per brig Janns, from Rotterdam, for tale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, dec 17 1 12 r rent - street. OLD COPPER. 4 cask old Copper, just received, and for sale by. TUCKER & LAURIES, dec 19 29 South - street SAND and LIME - STONE. WANTED, 100 to 200 ton of Demarara Sand, and 60 to 100 ton of Gibraltar or West India Lime - stone, if aniilication is made immediately to CAMBKLLLWU it fkAKSUN, dec 20 67 South street. . T It ANUFACTU RED TOBACCO. 350 1JL keg, now landing from schrs. Rose in Bloom aad Cyane, from Richmond, of various brands six. 86 ktgs nr. D. R - Ross, C's. No. 1, 2 and 4 72 do. P. Holts, 8V Not. 1, 2 and 3 57 do. J. G. Ege, 8's, No. I and 2 43 do. R. Cantor, 8's, Nos. 1, 2 and 3 35 do. B. H. Brady, 8's, No. 3 Wl An. J. I'ranktiu. R' - Nn. rt ALSO, 12 bbl. Jones' Philadelphia Scotch Snntr, warranted, lor sale oy decSOlw CORNS. DU BOO. I tOBACCO c FLOUR. 9 hhdt. prime old JL leal tobacco, landing from scir. aea uon, from Richmond. i stork, 10TK) hblt. Richmond tufierfine flour - 75 do . do . fine do Forsaleby . TR0KES, DAVIDSON k CO. dec 30 106 Front - slrenL 3 4 . TOBACCO tt FLOUR. ZJt bhds new Richmond tobacco 20 do i)d do - do 13 do Petersburg in ' 300 bbls Philadelphia superfine flour ; Landing from bra Kiting Sun, and schr In dian Hunter, Sea Lion, and Brothers For sale by DOORMAN & JOHNSTON. Abo, in store 500 bbl superfine ItichoionJ flour t 200 do Petersburg do. dec 27 f IlOKACCO, FLOUR it COTl'ON - 18 JL hhd prime leaf tobacco 300 bbl Virginia flour 20 bales prime upland cotton, received per sloop Cashier, from Petersburg, and for sale bv WALSH tt UALXiXKHKK, dec"23 66 South - etreet. 1L.OUKfc COTiON l2U)buls. Kichmood I? Fiour 4 hales prime Upland Cotton, for tale at 106 Front - street, by d. - c 23 . TUOKES, DAVIDSON k CO. SHOT, WHITE LEAD, Ac. A few tons Patent Shot, from B B to 1 0 A few cats Dry White Lead 3 tons best do. in oil, in 8 tt 5Cib. kegs 25 casks ltt Red Lead 20 roll Sheet do. 10 blxlt I'nris White, of a snperiorquality 4 tasks Yellow Ovhre, dry Red. Yellow and - Black Paints, in kegs or 1 4 cwt each A few rnks Fig Blue Black Vamih in kegs of 4 gallon earn Wimlow Glass 7 by 0, 8 by 10, 1 1 by S, and 12 by 10 fur tale by . . ATKINSONS I FLEMING, dec 1m 17 Pei.ri - rvt. . LON DON M ta i A nl 50 loxet first cjwa lily, ircli London .Mgstard in boxes, contain - ing 6 dozen each, for tul l - y ... TUCKER I LAURIE.?, dec 2 ' 29 6fu(h - strt. - LOUK.W.J l OUACCO. :tOO barn Is sdof Flour, aat 28 acrs Manorartnrtd Tobaer,' branded Wells and Dune, landin from schr. Casnirr. ate. from Pttcrsbflrg, for salehy ' '' ' . DiVtt BLT1IU.K tO. " dec 51 9t C, a Slip I - JAMAICA u Kum. 2 do. do. very old, and of tuperior quality 2 hhdt. Molasse( 1 do Castor Oil, 2 bags Pimento 4 casks Copper A quantity of Lancewood Spars Landing from schooner Rover, from Port Main, aad for sale by POTT & M'KINNE. dec 17 56 Soutb - street. FiLOTANT INDIGO. 15 seroons Fiotuut lodigo, just received and fur sale by . , G. G. & S. HOW LAND, elect,?' 77 Waihinglon - street. , ' FLAG HDKFS. it CRAPES. ONEcasfe flag Hdkfs. 3 case Canton Crniet, landing and for tale by , , JOSEPH OSBORN, ' dec 39 ' 28 SonUi - street. AliElRA WLsE. L.P. Madeira Wine A superior aualitv. in nirjes. or. casks and hf. qr. casks, for tare in quantities to suit pur chasers, ny - K. St C W. UAVtfUltl 3C (JU. dec 12 : THIRTY tons SU Domingo Logwood 3 d Red Wood '3 de Nicaragua t do English Allum 4 do Copperas , 3 dt Dry White Lead ; 1 do Ground do t d Red Iead . V Spanish Brown, Venetian R4 j Whiting, Paris White, and . ' ' v Litharg. 2000 lb African Gum Copal . , 1000 do E. India do do 2500 do French Verdigris 260 do Chinese Vermillion Forsaleby . ' RIPLEY & WELD, 19s Front - street, corner of Fulton - street, hoy 14 'I OBACCO k FLOUR. 17 hhd Irish mar - X ket Tobacco 5 do prime new crop do 87 bbls superf Flour, Landing from (choonert Native and Remittance, for sale by - D. BETIIUNE & CO. , dec 20 82 Con'ae - Hoiise slip. ' MARSEILLES QUILTS. ONE case superfine Marseilles quilts, from 5 - 4 to 14 - 4, forsaleby MARCH k LOW dec 19 ' , 210 Broadway. " CAMBKELENG k PEARSON, oiler for sale at 67 South - street ' ' 500 half chettt Karopoy Tea v 500 do and canitter Souchong Tea 1 10 bagt double boiled Ca'cuttn Sugar 250 torn Russian and Swedish Iron, flat and square, assorted 100 tons plate Stoves, Pig Iron, Iron Wire and sheet Iron CO pieces heavy bear Raven Duck 6 pipes and half pipes Madeira Wine 14 do Sicily Madeira do . 150 boxes Florence Oil 100 boxes Gorgona Anchovie 200 bag Salt Petre, very tuperior quality 8 cask Earthenware An assortment of Glassware, Apothecaries shop Furniture, Ac. . , A small invoice of Drugs 'Boston Beef No. 2, and Mess Dutch Slates, Box Wood, Beads ' Toilet Glasses, and Toy. . dec 22 OMBAZETS. I case black and col'd, just received, and for tide by D. BETHIWE tt CO. dec 20 92 C. H. Slip. f 1GNUMV1TAE. 10 ton lint quality Lig jj Dumwiae, tor tnie dv TUtatHKLAUHItS, dec 19 29 South - street. QPANlbH BRAND Y. X) pipes Spanish rpANibH kj ifranoy 01 gooa qunniv, lor saie ny N. L. 4c G. GRISWOLD, dec 16 86 South - street giAl ALOAIA Wl. - Mfc IU pipes superior KJ quality, Catalonia wine, entitled 10 draw - 1 1. t 1 1 rnnnufic - r oa a, ior taie uj uwuqul Ob w. dec 18 44 South - street. UNBLEACll'D SHIRTINGS, GINGHAMS, etc. me. A FEW case of Uoblench'd Shirtings, just re ceived. Alto, handsome pattern of Gins hams, made from Sea Island yarn, from No 28 to 32, and a general assortment of cotton and woolen domestic goods. Also cotton yarn, par ncuiariyiow numners, lortaieny sne , COMMISSION COMPANY, dec 23 148 Peail - streeL "VIL. 95 boxes Florence Oil, 12 bottles each Vy landing at Old - slip, and for sale ny CAMBREL ENG b PEARSON, dec 23 67 South - ttreei IRISH MARKET TOBACCO. - 50 bhds prime Tobacco, an entire parrel, landing this day from the sloop Mechanic, froin Richmond, tor sale ny uivit, Mbi HUPb scu. dec 26 92 Coffee House - slip. PHILADELPHIA FLOUR. 300 bbls su JL perfine Philadelphia flour, landing from brig Rising Sun, tor sale ey BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. JUo in Store, 500 bbl Richmond superfine flour "', 200 do Petersburg do do 19 do Richmond fine do - dec 21 LD MADURA WINE. 16 pipes fine old Londoo Particular Madeira Wine, which ha been in toe West Indies for improvement Forsaleby. TUCKER It LAURIES, d. 30 ' 29 South - street. rpUKKS - Ijl.AND SALT. 2400 bushels X bright Turk Hand Salt afloat, and ready lor aeuvery, lor saie ny TUCKER &t LAURIES, dec 30 29 South - street. MADEIRA WINE. LONDON Particular Madeira Wine, ofthe most approved brands, in pipes, hogsheads anu unaner rasas, ui lor unmeoiaie ose, war ranted pure as imported, aad well worth the at tention of private families ;wil) fie sold at rea sooahle prices, and in quantities to tait purcha ters, by . TUCKER I LAURIES, nov 28 No. 29 South - street SALT. rTIHE cargo of biig Atlantic, lying at Peck - JL slio. eontiitins of 4000 bushels Turks - Is land bait, of brst qeality, (rtr tale by - K. & C. W. DAVENPORT S CO. dec23 . : - - - 35 Peck - slip. F' AESH MALAGA FRUIT. 75 cask Suo Raisins; 150 boxes Bloom do. 100 do. Mus catel do. of the brig Neptune's cargo, for sale ny UU.K8.HOWLASU, nov 25 - - 77 Washingtoa - streeL' ri - HOUACCO, FLOUR, 4c 1000 bbl Rkb - X mond, Petersburg and Fredericksbarg 1 - 1 ... rionr 1 - 18 bhds prime old leaf Tobacco . 10 hhd new do 43 keg Lobby's common Tobacco 33 bale prime Upland Cotton, landiner. aad lor sale oy 'WALsn m UAL.L.AUH1.K. dec Ml , . So Bouth - street FLOUR ft TOBACCO - 246 bbl Flour, 16 bad, prime Virginia Tobacco, - - 50 kegs sweet scented Manufactured Tobac co, branded Danlop 5U aegs common qtsejity do landing irons tenrs. Elixa, and Aaa tt Mary, for sale at 92 C. II. slip, by ilETHUNtCO. dec 4 . UkOUJiU PLASfKR OF FARM. 1 X A fk bbls grand plaster of paris, soita X sJU U Me for the southern market. Tor sale by JOHN BYERS, dec27 lw Foot of UaiTisco - ftreeL RUM. lr .17 nttna. Jimtra NOTICE. rEr' The Subscriber, in behall of himself and bis associates, rives notice, that an application will be mado to the honorable the legislature of 1 rut Hale, at its next session, for an Act to incor porate a mUrwith a capital stock of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, and with leave to iu crease it to One Millieu to be located north east of Beekman - street iu the city of New - York, and to be called "The Franklin Bank of the city of New - York." Dated New - York, 16th Dec, 1817. , By order of the Associates, ' decSOtf NOAH BROWN, Sec'ry. 0O - P. MAVERICK, Engraver, of Newark, has recommenced Lotiness, in New - York, under the firm of P. MAVERICK St DURAND, comer of Pine - street and Broadway in the rear oithe Literary Koomt of Messrs. J. East burn & Co. Order received by Mestr. Easthurn b Co. oct 16 3m . . - INESTIMABLE DISCOVERY HEALTH preserved and restored without Jtfedicin or Quackery, which often de stroys the delicate constitution and debilitates the strong Colds bring oa the most alarming disorders, with those toiturinr rheumatic pains, lumbago, gout, kc. which all the faculty have not bee able to eradicate. 1 0 prevent is better than to cure. R. YEO has prepared (from a receipt of a very eminent phyticiau) leather (of which he make shirts) of the most vital and nutritious quality, which will prevent all the above mentioned complaints. They produce an animal heat to the body, which cannot be obtained from flannel, patent fleecy hosiery, or lamb's wool they absorb all perspiration, and resist all the humidity that injures the human frame thej are a ft and pleasant to wear and do not product that irritability that is to utipleasaut in flannel Those who have favored him with their order? have declared their astonishment at the benefits derived from them. To be had of RICII'D YEO, breeches maker and leather dresser, 165 Water - street ; where also may be bad leather pantaloons, doe skin vests, all kinds of gloves and mittens of the best quality, wholesale and retail, at the shortest notice. . .' ' ) dec 31 xw - , NEW PUBLICATIONS. fUST published and for sale by EL1AS VA - J LENTINE, at his new Book Store, 104 Broadway. 3d door below Pine - street, Bingley't Useful Knowledge, 3 vols, price, in boards, 4 dli ; The White Cottaie. a tale. once, in board. 1 dollar t The Hern, nr ine adventure or a nigm, a romance, 2 vol in one, price, in boards, 1 dollar ; The Knight or St. John, by Mis Porter, ? 1 a 1 1 w. r . .'. 1. 1 . ... I,; . vois ; price 1 uui. 1 o ci iu ooaru, j 1 nm tuiinraiu, or memoir ol en actor, part zu, ny . w. sty - ley. 3 vol in board. 3 dollars; Balance of Coin - fort, or the old maid aad married woman, a novel, by Mr. Russ, 2 vols ; Nancrede' abridge orient of Ortila, on poison, 3 dots, in boards, together with a general assortment of standard Worfct.i Vititiilg and addrets. Cords neatly engraved. jan3 ,' '. ' . - iSl AJTU COCOA. . "i TWENTY - FIVE bagsof very superior quality Island cocoa, lor sals by , . , TUCKER It LAURIES, Jan 2 . 29South - st. LONDON BROW N bTOU 1, ALMONDS, ka. pf caskt Hibbert't Brown Stout, of very iu J VF ierior quality, in fine condition and it re - commendeif. - JUST LAXDKD, 25 bales fresh tolt tlielled Almonds, of fine quality - 60 buses Frtme, assorted siaes, from 4 to 12 lbs each, very superior Italian Wax Candle ' For sale by A. BININGER k SON, 12 Maiden - Lane. ALSO, Rarnberrv and Cherry Brandy M at Unique and French Cordial Chamoarne. Frontitmec With a large atsoitment of seasonable goods. ec zo iui LOUR. 120 barrels superfine Richmond JL (mayo mills) Flour, landing from schooner Kismg - states, lor sale by , GRISWOLD3 k COATES, 80 South - street IN STORE, 150 bale prime Upland Cotton 10 bhds. retailing Molasses. For tale as a bove. . " - dec 6 UOMEaTIC tt OTHER WAREb. THE (ubscribers keep constantly on hand an L extensive assortment of the following goods, vis Dutch and English , Gunny Bags, kc. Popes Head Crumb Brushes Broom Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brashes, fan ' Bellows, fancy and common cy and common - Do for Blacksmiths tiean do no no Cloth do do do Weaver do White Wash do Shoe ft Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Hall and Entry Mats ran ana 1 ut Wheel - Barrow Fine Wire Sieve Do Hair do Whip of every' description ' Seine, sewing, wrap Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes - Horse do Bed Cords. Ctothet ping, balcins and bail Twine Fish Line Line Shoe It Sadler Thread Sash Cords, Trace Rope Dearborn's Balls cet Wrought and Cut Nail and Brad Which they win sell wholesale or retail on Ii beral terms. CEBRA A CUMING, jan 5 76 Peart - street. fjORSALE, the cargo of the ship Cnrie, cap - V tain Humphreys, from Calcutta, and Dow landing at the foot of Liberty - ttreet, consisting of 1 muia ougor Cotton ' '' Ginger 1 Block Tin Gum Shellack - Gum Copal - : Goat Skins of a large sice .... Seine Twine and Ganav Bag Also for sale. India Muslins of almost ever oesrnpuoo. j . aiso, a smau quantity 01 Italians, ana Odor 01 Rose. Fortalefy jan 7 . . ROBERT LENOX. TLOUR, COITON, itc - 250 bbls rbil JL delphia flotir 21 bale upland cctton, new crop 8 do New - Orleins do de - 5 ton lignumvitsj 15 tub German steel . 3 pipe red port wine - . 11 hhdt do do do 5 hhd white do do - 3 qr. casks do do do . 1 hhd Madeira wine . . 11 qr. casks do do . 37 boxes superior claret (1 dox. each) Aa invoice of lace veils, cotton lace, be. An invoice of Dutch tovs for sale by ' ROBERT GILLESPIE, jaaV . - - 112 Front street 77Q COFFEE, SUGAR and INDIGO. 4W O bbl.nd 20 bag One ereea Coffee - 33 hhds. 1 tierce sued 4 bola Maecovado - Sugar . - 41 eerooo Caraccas Indigo Landint: from the achr. Grathnuajf Ann Ci Thomas, Jortsle by r. w. EA 11TILJ.CS, REIN1CKE B CO, jan 3 74 Wathingtot) stceeL I BankolAmerir uDtt. SU. - 1817. fit Notice it Iu r. hv iwn In tLe KlnrBhnld - . ers of the Bank m America, that a etu iclend ol two dollars and City cent on a share, for six ' months, endingon the 31st inst. will be paid at the Bank, on Friday, the 3d January next. oy oraer 01 ine noani 01 uirectors. GEO EWB01J, Cuhier. dec 201m , PHKMX UANK. rCr A dividend of three per cent hat been) this day declared on the slock, of this Bank, pay - , able on the 2d January next. The transfer book will be closed on the 24th instant. . ' By order of IDs Board of Directors, ' dec 20 D. I. O KEEN E, Cashier. (JT "If PATRICK DILLON, who left Tra ' lee, in the County of Kerry, frrJand, in the year 1803, will transmit Mrs. Vitsherry, of Tralee, his address, it will he a particular advantage to both parties.' Tialee, October, 1815. - Tlie above is inserted at the request of Mr Dillon's friends. Any commnnicalion on the subject will be thankfully received and transmitted by . j dec 16 BENJ'N. W. ROGERS at CO. fJC7 ISAAC F. BRAtiG, late teacher of. writing In the Arielphi School, respectfully an - ' Bounces Uie opening of a seminary on his owq . account, in the upper room of the building lnte , ly occupied by Holme at Loofborrow, at the corner of Eldridge and Pump streets, where he purposes instructing pupils in reading, orfhogra - phy, fcnglish grammar, writing, arithmetic, geo graDhy, the drawing nnd colonting of maps, ' Book - keeping, tlie nialhematic an1 drawing I he success Hilb v.hich be hat hitherto taught penmanship in Ihe A del phi School, and in Mrt." Smith's Boarding School, &c. emboklcnt him to solicit the patronage of an enlightened and discriminating public, with a confident hope that his industry will meet an adequate encouragement and at the tame time that he feels all the anxiety incident to anew and important undertaking, be' look forward to the progrett of hit establish went with a cheerful determination oite his uU most efforts to make it satisfactory to hit i - atront, in each branch of a liberal English Education. - N. B. An Evening school is now opes at I. F B's residence, 12 ilartnan - itreet, .. dec 17 1m (7 - The United Insurance Company huvintf . beta dissolved agreeably to an act of tlie lcgislar ture ofthe state uf New - York, all persons having claims against the tame are requested to present Ihem to tlie subscribers, at the office of E. El mendorf. No. 143 Fulton - street t and all person indebted are requetted to make payment at the tame place. Dated 3J Nov. 1817. KDM. ELMEHDORP, ) KUDoi.rac booert, Trustee jAaiir. vax Hoaii,) nor 4 - 2m NOTICE. (t - Public notice it hereby glvn that, tie subecrihert intend to apply to the Legislature f Uie stale of New - York, at their next testion, frr an Act of Incorporation, incorporating them and their associates by the name and style of the ' Franklin Insurance Company with a capital c f Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for the purpo' s ol making - nil kind of insurance aeninst Ore - and on a life or hves, and also on the inland trans - portation of goods, ware and merchandize. sii.rnw win! aY, BENJ L. SWAN, . LI. 1811 A TIB BITS, '' dec4tf JOHN ADAMS. . , , AOTICE. ' . 0 The undenigacd give notice, that they intend to apply to the Legislature of tliis state," at their next seision, for an act to mrorporate Uiemselve aad their associates into a company, in the cily of New - York, under the .style of. The North River Steam - Boat Company,' , wjth a capital of six band red thousand dollars, for the purpose of navigHtiag with Steam Boats the water of the North River. Dated the 22d day of December, 1817. tUWAKU r. IJVirsTiSTON, ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, CHAS. AUG. DALE. D. LYNCH, Junr. de 55 d6r EAGLE Fl R E COM PAN Y. fjy Notice is hereby given, that an election for thirteen Directon, lor the ensuing year, will : he held at the Office of the Company on Tuesday, : tlie thirteenth inst. from 10 A. M. entil 2 o'clock, " P.M. JNO. D.MEYER, Sec'ry. Jan 2 Pan 13 EWfKRFF.Atf SOCIt.TY fX? Ill Anniversary Concert of this Socie. ty, will be held at the City Assembly, on the 15tli of January. The members will receive their Tickets by applying at Wo. 206 Broadway, or at the prac Using room f the Society. decli lm JQ3. KNIGHT, Secretary. ...1 NATIONAL lNbUHANCKCuMrA Y. - THK Stockholders are hereby noti6eH, (hat the annual election for nineteen Directon will be held at the office of the Company, 47 Wall - street, 00 Monday the 12(h January next. The poll will open at 12 and close at 2 o'clock, dec 27 JOHN J.JONES. Sec'ry. NEW YOHhl iNsUKAiNCE COAil'ANY. rHEstockhollersare hereby notified, that the I annual election for twenty - one Directors, will beheld at the office of the Company, 34 Wall - itree. on Monday, the 12th Janunry next The poll wiU open at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and close at t o'clock. - C. G. SHIPMAN, Sec'ry, dec233w . ' PKOPOeALS - ', WILL be received at tne office of the Com 1 . missary General of Purchase, for un plying material of Domett i Msaufactnre tot ' umking Clothing for the Army of Hie United States, for the year 18 18. as follow, vix : virejr ioui, u - , tor great couu I Blue do do for coats, dyed In Indigo Black Cloth, for Gaithert, 6 - 4 wide Grey fattinet, 3 - 4 for jncket FlaatMil, of wool and cotton, for shirts, Sail)!fa nf thm anntia will h tttmithflL on firu . plication to this office, in person or ty letter also fprshoes, leather cai, bftnkets, short stock ings, wings of worsted, epaulett of worsted, and " for iron camp kettles sod mess 'pans. Samples of these articles my be seen on application to the Commissary General, at Pliiladelpfiia, or to the Denutv Cnmoiittaries. at New - York city. ' and at Newport, Kentucky. . ... Comnussary Generars Ofbce, Pbilad'ia,) - :ut svecemDer, inw. y . , - - CALLENDER IRVINE, . dec tfl 3w Coinm'y Gen. of Parcha. MUSIC ALL the Snngt, Duett, at fine by Mr. ITii - lipt at the New - York Ttw lre. for iU( Wax. DUBOIS' Piano Forte aiul Muiic Klnre. No. 128 Bsoadway. Behold in hi soft expreive face Tho fove i warm awhile ' T bat fancy sketch ' Is thert a heart that tjnrrf lov'J " la vaia nsv that boson bet quite deplore My early day what joy was thine - l - cve's young dream This blooming rose at early dswa - Robin Adair - Beattifel Maid . , . It fame eowd the trumpet Hadlabeart ' - Evelese's Bower ' ' " lear maid I love thee - . Ah sure a pain was never sera Saidasmiiete a tear - - Prgh sot for love . My heart with (overt beafirg - ?'' - ' t The relrheated tereaaiJe of" LDictiioe dswn BirdDeett ' ItomV J Flora's wreath. '.' v Witt a large asiorimeftt oTnew ntik, . ' dec 24

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