The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 25, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1913
Page 3
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)ia»«eteggtf^^ TWO U. S. AVIATORS KILLED Licu'.-n^rt; Ef'.i-iQt-j-; end Kc.'Iey Drcp ,. to Seaih Near S^n DJego- ', £:.n r-:-so. CsJ., Xv. 2.;.-- Ueuten- 'S2ts Jie L. ailaiigto^ and Hugh SLJ OxSi'cy. of "he army aviation corps of sthe Uujtc-i S;a:cs arxsy, were · by a fai! iroru as aernoplaae ever Xortfc 5 ^f $L 0 3 Ar* * GETTYSBURG BASKETS cos- g Ja:]y by C, Jliliou Wolf, Jr., swc- I : io «. Geo. Wolf's cons Co. Per Whtat 57 ,'gi en-KarCora 6§'S BoeMers Drug Store, (old stand) 9 Chambersbigrg St. Gettysburg Pa. ;» I® JJey was a Kentuckiac v,-as i:o-:a Caroissa. Titse death? bring · the total laialiries at tlte army avia- · ti^H scboo! ;s Saa Diego v.-itflin a \ to Sve. ' Hand i'aekeu jJ £5 I "-..n an.! Oats Chop .. . ) .-»;«i« r«.i:LT I-'Vx-tv Kvoi" j Vi i-.ttr 3i.i!''ili:' $ ... P«r I 0 . , - . -^i · - * _ * JiC * ....I,so · 'Chas.-S. Mumper Co. will sell a lot of SECOND 1 HAND HOUSEHOLD GOODS in Center Square Saturday, November 29th, This lot is much better goods than the atcne 417th Aviator K-Hed In France. re;-, Fras'.-e, ;cv. 25. -- Corbeaa, aai %i i ere::, rras'.-e, -\cv. io.--Corbeaa, aa creased ^ I avlstcr. v.-as killed here v.-hi!e moao-j jr I placisg, bringing the av-a:ioa death-' ^"ashia: i Rai'rcad Presidents Declare Earnings , "i-Ki^rj K-y 3 «x* j Are Met Commensurate Wish ir.-; Ivk-a'^ir-'v," Y.Y.Y.Y.Y.'.Y.V.V.Y.Y ~ ~ * £' Cost of Operation. icli us to 417. " ·.^ jast lot sold. Some cf it is almost new. Iron Beds and Springs that were used-:di*riha:tlie encampment-, Cots, Cot Pads, Pillows;" Mattresses, i good Walnut Leaf Table, Walnut Sofa, Couches, lots of other goods not mentioned. CHAS. S. MUMPER CO. wages and aaOh. s to t Women, Misses and Chiidern's suits, coats and dresses at after Christmas prices! The backward season is responsible. It will pay you to get here early to make, selections. I ! Looped the Loop rive Times In Midair, Iases " Headsn. Sss.. Xov. 2^_--Lee Tern-' e ? u! 3 ja eat accessary to ,-r.eet cosuner-! "t^'iZiwu p!e, a: Saelish a*.:a:or, Sisg in- a| ci ? s deinssds of the country, was sul-|Xe\\ Ear Corn,. ! sroncplane. looped ;he loop £v e uniesi" 2l!::l;e1 to lhe isiierstate cooiEierce ! \-n.Oata ; liere, tcrilliag spectators at the aero-| ^onnnissfoa by representatives of tie. Vstt »s Oas*. j crcine. "" - j railroads srjniiEg for a geceral la- j _______^ _ [ crease oi 5 per cent In freight rates, i ----=----16 51 Real Estate i 8 fiUL. s rt.5 j The claim filed "o^ raj-roads ope-rar-i . :as J= the territory ea^t o: the MI: I ~-~==2ppi and north oi tli-^ Ohio anti **· rlve ~ 3 was uph ar: ' outli e or ~ t!;e . PUBLIC SALE OF . S-aV» and C*rJ \Voo-l. suna^ocl _ a a i e ! \YiHaru, president of the ! Ealtlmore Oaio ra::road. reoreseat- ' Or "ttVlne£,:.'.y. XoveasU-r 2is 1:1', On the- §16.50 Ladies' Suits Sale price 12.30 Ladies' Suits Sale price 7.50 Leases' Coats Sale price 10.00 Ladies" Coats Sale pr:ee 15.00 Ladies" Coats Sale price i I . D U 8.501 4.98 f Girl's So.OO Coa-s Sale price Girl's 53.0 Coats Sale price S. Xov. 25. -- Governor; costs were s-famitted by an;a;n.¥ o: ccoaatiag committee ccaiccs -landing Timber, oak 03 d \ 698! 9.50 I Child's $2.33 Sale prlce ( Biea^e pardoned 10 convicts. Tweaty-j l - Bunting:, ccinp ht o£ tLeni v^-ere serving lite ;erms j f c r i S i:itec- ccaipcsed of C., i: 4--kory. in iot to"sj':t !jnrc!ia=ers. 10A- "0 ] S$ iptro" t r o£ tiie Pesu-j I " t . SE .°- °**" i * boani^aiidscantiisiir. :*.'Jcor is |*T \\Vv.nulHIke-.o .*:.· a ie« 'a-«w to our K-c of Ke_d Eslate for aiSe. I:yo«La\v any that you -.uullHke to^-liauj place, in the hau-i? of a Jiea! Fsiat · A^jLts. «t- wi ! Le i! !,i to Iwcd-e same for you; i!_! i:;a[ter wiioiber I'.rgior -nia'i o~ '.\htr_; lo^it'.'. Or ii jo-j w,ui: to b;:y nny li^a! Estate, cal! oil or aidress Troxel! and Swisher Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore St.- Gettysburg Pa. Ladies' 75c Waists Sale price Ladies' Sl.SO V;"o:£t Sale price Ladies" 1.50 "Waists Sale Cnl-dreri's 75c. dresses I Sale price Children's 1.25 dresses Sa!e price S ^ b9c S Girl's 50c A-.Iation caps \ Scie price c'.cniency rccoid since he assumed thej -·"--- so- erncrsL-p in I5II up to SS2 cases. | ^- -^- S The papers in tae latest batch wlii be served In tide to free Tie prisoaers ""eJaesday altemoon. Blease sari he "oulti raake his to-| tal 1000 :a Christmas gifts of par-j system, testified that the rerara on| J. 31. Ca!dwd", r Au«. pioperty investment of that system! r. j.. 3fi]j, r Clerk. Ladles" 2.CO Yt'aists Sale price Ladies' 3.00 Silk Wa Sale price 89 C 1 Ien " s ?1 co Shirts I Sa~ ' -^^ r~\ s price 1.98 Ladirs* 3.GO Skirts Sale price S1J!5 Hoiise dresses Sale price S2.90 Sweaters Sale price 3.53 Sweaters Sale price 1-50 Girl's Sweaters Sale price 75c L T nderskirts Sale price 39c Corset Coders Sale price 25c Corset C«--ers Sale price | ?ien"s 50 and 75c | Sale price I ? 3icn"s I^C { Sale y. 69c on ' Shirts piSa? PHILLIPPIHE COMMISSION 5-jsn^erscn S. Martin. ClinTon L. Riggs ard V/infrecs T. Cenrson Appointed. ?i*2sa.Egtoii. Xov_ 25. -- President i "".Vllson noriinatea the three foilov.-iag I j:a^:ei Tor .Vrr:er:ca- mercoers oi the Secretary of public instruction and rice governor o£ the Philippine Isl- csds. Hercersca S. ilartia, of Kan- 79c 1.39 2, I Men's 50^ Eccce lined | underwear Sale price Girls' and Boys" 35c Underwear Salt price had shown a declining tendency since: ISOTM and a steady decline since IS10. j '·BetTreea the years ISio ana I5i3,"i saitl he. ''there \vas aa increase of! S2'.7,!SC,S2S In the property invest-1 c.ent and a decrease :n the aet operating income of SIl r ;S5,5Il. la other; words, the Pennsylvania railroad svs-l tern vas 311.485,511 short : evea re- ceivli^: one cenr additional roiura on i its ealar^ed mvestrrent. Tr.e percent-1 G , ad cf Octics.29 Poinfert S^.Carlisi; age oi return on property investment i ~ iu 1DCC was 7.43 per I North^ South, East, West men andTromen are subject tothe numerous ailments caused by defective orirreguiar action of the organs of digestion and elimination. Heaoaches, lazy feelings, depression of spirits are firss consequences, and then worse sickness followsifthe ' trouble is not removed. But thousands have discovered that - L -sill bi in Get t y s b a r 2 every Tuesday | Pe n ro s e { Jewelrv ! "W. BL DIXE3_E cent, 131S IT. had fallen to 5.4S per cent. _ ___ la! DOX'T forget Emory C- Zcpp's big '-The amount ot ~;e.zes- paid." con-1 atlve-tisement tinuea 2Ir. Banting, "has increased 1 sale of live stock on December 2nd.- os ia tfce 'thesecbm- ,, x strength, j ,, ,. . , ,, - - ^ tnose who use occasion- . ally ..MS tune-tested aosseremedy. Beecham's Pills will no doubuheln -- yoit-itis to yo-or interest cotry them---for?ll- O rer the wnrH.fh^- re -for? U'over the world- they J Best 22c \ $1-23 Bssjikeis ;^^.^_ US. A_*^ i-lj_ivjt C^- -*-.V4. j £e."-e-a'-v o^ th» -"ste-^o- "Windedi rc De mafie for =iore sabstantial and- T "Bsriisoi of Xstr To^t" " "" i hear - er ecn-pment, higher standard oil Goieraor ilartin is a resident of I roafioe i £=c raore modem interlocking | :.:a-io=, Kan. a^d is chairman o= the! to ^ ers hav ® Jacreased 5.1,073,779 be-, rc.-r.acra-Jc state central combines. w_een 19lO_and 191S.; _ ! v,-as a delegate t£ the Baltimore ention, instructed for Ciark. but !iis personal sjiapathy ·sitb. O^ 2^53 Blankets /^C, j Sole price | -1.53 BlanKets s Ssk- price 3 -( r I 1-23 Comforis * -^ C t Sale sricc | V."r.:rec Benlson is an assistant to - t..e attcrney ^eseral, and for years a 89 Q, rrl-::d :o President T.'ilson. O;nera : Cl'ntori L- Tiigss «"as one of i"ie original \%~"=n "en of Zuarylaad r~r; :s a Prlncrtoii gi~ad.:ate. He is a · lose fr.enci o. the nrcsi-.lent, V/ILSuri MESSAGE READY ! oisy. But t :me o a s ann'in. REAL ESTATE SLB A?CD HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE _ Seal Estate -Sold _i-aiin of 73 acres s:u,ate :r Reading TcT^nsh-B. ovmed bv Peter C. Smith, of j-ast Berlin, sold to Jacob "A"e:2^r.d.~of Gettvsburs. ?a." Terms Possess-on April ist,vl914. Property situate on York Street. Gettysbjrp:. iimed bv 3Iarr Str : ck- | S'.-?"---:-'. houser. or Gettysburg-. Pa.. soj'J to E"sse! Xurseir.aker. c-f Gerl^sbjr^. Pa. ! ll:ilr?r*~ t"'" 1 prcsM --,-"= raes=ag° xcrms prr.are, possessicn Apni Is*. 1S14. * ' | .,., 3 bs ^ r rc= a" : -. 0 oay"after "the con- 'i hi.-~sc3 President n-2ssage. Trn.ich tie ress. vras £n : shed to?en ^t Trill he deliTM- :;i!OT,ih8 con^eniecee arranging a joint "tt". C. of the :New Yorlc Central. sa:a that system, since Jane CO. 1910, had added S159.000 000 to the 1 property -n-hich iz devotes to use. "The -srhoie system," hg added, "had i in the year jasr jclosed jest ?3.GS4,S70 · less net corporate income taaa la j I31C." , · Protests against the pronosetl increases in ratos irere formally ftlscl' in behalf oi the Pittsburgh Coal cos-! pacy and the Xew Pittsburgh Coai i company, of Pittsburgh, Pa., and Co- iarsbus, O. Hush C. Butler, represent-' lag- the Freight Traffic association ot| the Chicago Association of Commerce, j also entered an appearance. - ' i The Savon.% Sf.If-Basting, Seif-Browipg^Roaster., . Improves the quality of meats or fowls. Testimony of one woman: FARMS AXD PSOPEETIUS FOR SALE !'"» acre farm slrjate In Frar.idln to-a-r.shlp. Acan:s County, 4 ci V.he fraJt; belt. 100 acies of srood i ; rnber. the rest iand, running' " - ater ' trees, ar alo: Isere is miles j^ocd - -- i rcncrccs. :r?ec.c- that :he president C'jns:«5?ra5'!v on T he need and vrhich car-, be bougrht at the r-~ht price. If vou are thinlviEj? of bavin? be ' ~~~'~~~^ si?:c:2= rezseales He -ill also sure and c-ee ne before buying-else-,Tiare. ~ " · -sfe- to The 1'ss.ican situation. I hare properties in _zhe f borocsrhs. GsvErsbarsr. Fairne'd. j Arenatsv5jie. iigierviile. i-as^ B K r!:n. Xevr Oxford, ar.c in XeTr ""Chaster, if . Roses 35ocrr. If Jersey. you are lootins: tor a property, cr ^ood lot^, be ssre and see me or Pldin^Ic:-;. X. J.. Xov. ^5-- Crimson prrjte ir.e and i vrHI call and sae yoj. i have inquiries for small fruit ro^cs i" bl^-m '-lo^scp-s from a "°a~ larrns. asso good country property r.ear Gertysburcr, uersor.s baring a sir.a',1 ! r - e - rr**.-^^ t '~» ^-on"--" ";r--^ =13-fruit iarm or gcca proper',-be sure and-,-rite or caH or. j ,- aP " =-O"-- ·--= *»-= V,-. A. TAUGHIXBAUUGR. Seal Estate A S err- \ '^c^'rs 12S lork Street, Gettysburg. Fa. i tcir^Xc «r:K-:c:t2g--s.}} tnese t ? be seen E._ unc ^iuuu- WARRA«^T_TOR 2ELAYA ; Former Dictator of Nicsrr.g-JH Charced V/:th Murder." " ! ·vrasain JTton, XOT. 2.3.--A warrant, for the arres; of Jese Santos Zeia_^a,i former dictator of Xicarasua. charg-! ins aim with the murder of ;he I ^'o! Americans, Cannon and Groee. has' been issued by Attoraey General 3Ic-J Reynolds at the request of tee JOT- J erameat of Xicarasaa aail Secretarv', of State Bryan. The warrant has been for^-E-ded to' Xev? York. Traere federal oScers -s III * endeavor at once to serve it «:pon t^s ' former Xicarasuaa after nearly fccr' years exile In Europe. Zeiaya wi!! oe j takea to-JCicarag-aa if he is found. j PLA?4T DYNAMITI Advertisiug loiei Near Scranton, Pa by Explosion-. ! Scranton. Pa., Xor. 25.--The r-laat,' i of the Carbondale Machine company- \ |"at Simpson, f,-as badly datnaged by ' i dynamiters and a score or more oi i ^,_. 4 _ j men housed ;i» a nearby shed had nar-'' V: ' ! ~ T"_* ' TQ-W escapes i'ro~ iajary. ' ITS and menders hare been ' "I can highly re- · commend the Sav ory Roaster, formy urkey was Indeed roasted to perfection-tender, and picy, with a fine natural flavor". Prices from 75c io $3.00. Buy now for the Thaakglving Turkey. Wednesday, November 26th, Red Letter Day, Si.00 worth of S. H. Green Trading Stamps, absolutely Free. Get them on Red Leiier Day. at the Premium Parlor. S - T » T ^ - j ~* "'^j^.'"'* *.! i rc=-c^^"_ « f - ore In One Minute Year Stuffy Xose and , dissolves Head Clears, Sneezing and Xose'P er3 ?p^£- Running Cease, Bull Headacre Gees, j f on strilte at tie plant FpiATGHS steady: por birsiel, t fteat of the riostrils; heals the inflamed , ! i4o, , .A-.*--. r-:'c" raeniorane \rijjch lines thellS'T^'V. d "rr'rr'fT- Try "£.i;.-'s Cream Balm." _ _ _. i: ciiosce :o'sv! :. · '{55ose. head and threat; clears the a:r!-^'-: old "roor'er-. I3c.; tnrkj-ys. 1'3 : J passages: stons nasrv cfscbar^es a^d' '^7/, r ' . u ,, - ,, ! Jr ^ or , -^_ To ___ -,,,, irt | a of cleansing:. soothLngr relief! v^'V-Sf : ^r,^ e ^l'^ e :-- M "'C-' ;t a smaii DOt,,:e acv ..^\. j^st «,o | conies ijam«" ??aT °'~ '- -'- " · --" ' e - ~'~- ea '- · try it--Appjy a little in the -nostrils j Don't T»v and insrantiy yorsr dogged nose and J f or breath' stopped-iip air passages cf ~ ~ - ~ ' '" ~ - ~ « - - · - Killed In Quarre! Over Board BiH. j Chester, ?a^ XOT. 25.--Tonlo Reset- \ of Marcus Hook, \ras sisoz and la- j ly Irilled by Frank Frasneao. sn ' street. Marcus Hook. Frag-; escaped. The men had quarrel- j I ed over a board bill Rosettl tried to ec/; from Fragneilo. Tax Collector a Suicide. Scranton. Pa., Xov. 25.--Theodore Weilland. tax collector of Dicksca Ity fo? seventeen years, tilled iiim- selt by inlialing gas. Ke was a candi- ! date for re-election this month and Holiday Music, If looking for a Chnslmss A enrol or a glee, Fd recommend that timely tune "Thon Vulc rciT'etr,be7 - me." e Couriar-JournaL The project for a tunnel trader tl/e ! tjTe ' 0 - So ©"-=°- Britisb channel to link England France is bein? consulered afresh bj br jn flrfense XOT-ICE:.iII road ta- of ? T'.') 1 ] b%- Dcre ; -.«'vf ';t I cf ir.ent. t.t t!if i.«:ct pa.-Ha- jDoans of II. C. Shyrork. _ advci tisement time be \vas despondent. "WANTED: a middle-aged, honest, sober man as a tenant on a farm. Apply by letter to A. B. 14. Times Office. --advertisement Vanili THANKSGIVING DINNER Will not be complete without c e C r e a m And we will be ready to furcish you with Strawberry, Fresh Peach, Cherry and Walnut. ALSO BRICK ICE CREAM Pocked nrx! J c l n t red anywiiere in town. Order nov.-. Both phones. a. Chocolate, ,T Ice Storage Company

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