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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Thursday, January 8, 1818
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IN CHANCERY. : 4 : , ui chancery;, . . . I ja v cuaie tf ,vtw - xsns, . . T anrtMnc oik decretal ordr 01 Uuabonart bJeroart, bearing date tb tuth day of De cember, in the year 1817, will be eokt at public aartinn. at tlie Tontine Coffee HoHM.tD tMCltT Of Nt w - York, ob Tuesdsy, tb thirteenth day of January Kit, at IS o'eiocE at noon, an inai certain lot of ground and metcaage, situated ia tlx fwth wnnl nfth ritr of New - Tetk. known and .distinguished by bouse and lot number four, in Cherry - street bounded northwesterly in front ob rhrrrv afreet, nortlieasterlv bv lot a ad hoaat number lis w laid street, belonging to Maria Osgood, southeasterly id the rear ov roma owned .w occupied by Air a node r Hamilton.aod louth - wettetly by other ground of th aaid Maria, Os. good i containing in breadth in front twenty - Ore one quarter of an inch ; ia length oo the aorta ' Miterl tide one hundred and three feet nine inch t aod on the lotrthwetterry tide one hundred and even feet da incite, be the lame more or leu x together with the appurtenance. Dated December 82d, 1817. ' ' ' , ' WM. E. DUNSCOMB, Masterly in Cbaacery. dec ' IN CHANCERY. John B. Murray, r ' vs.' State of Nw - York, a T.m. T. Witvrn. IN pursuant of a deeretal order of this ho. . aoorable eourt, maae tne anove aaie( wn v aid at nubile auction, at the Tontiue Coffee f Ions, in the eitr of New - York. Hoder the di rection of w'ubsriber, as one of the matters of thii eonrt, on Tneeday the seeood day oi September next, at twelve o'clock at nooo, all that ttwt at land inininr no the town of Lowviite, and lying in the enonty of Lewis, in the itate aforesaid, being part of great lot No. 4 of Macomb pot - chase, and eoraprieei an (he Iota known on a . eeruia plan er map oiade by David Broeeoa and B. White, in the year I Soft, from No. Ill to 3ii Inclusive, eonuining together 15,000 acre of land, with the anpartenaneei thereto belong - lot or any wis appertaining. Dated Jaa 80, I17." - (Copy) ' JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jvxl lawiwdtd .Master ia Chancery. The sale of the above property it poet poned to tbe lit day ol November next at ue same nour ' ana piace. iaoili) nuivi'i rnSlawti Muter ia Chancery. Tbe tale of the above property it postponed to ' Saturday, the 8th day of November, at the same i . - : , iQin nour ana piac. "i JAMES A HAMILTON, " - - ', - Mailer ia Chancery. n"n 1 Sat Mon It Frl 2t The isle of tbe above property is postponed to Toesday. the 18th dnyof November, instant, at toe saiae nour ana puce. n o v o, i o i . JAMES A. HAMILTON, nor BS Y Mil 3t Master in Chancery. ' .The sale of th above property Upoitpon c4 to the 4th day of December next Dated Norciuber 18, 18 ir. , JAME5 A. HXMILTON, - novSTdt Master in Chancery. The tale of tbe alwe projierty it poitponed to tbe secoud day of Janearf ncit, at he tasne hour , aod place. . Vtc. lit. iw. ' ; . JAMES A. HAMILTON, dee t lawtds .. Master ia Chancery, . The sale of the above prc - perty ii poitponed to Tbandar, tbe l ini;. at the lame hour and 7 JAMES A. HAMILTON, . Jaa 3 dts , Matter iu Chancerr. NOtICK T5Y a decree of the honorable Court of Chan - D eery of this state, will be sold under the rii reftinn nfnn nf ilm Master. On the Second daf of February next, at 1 o'efcek, at the Tontine unflee Uoase. ia the Cltv of New - Korav All uiail certain trait, pier or parcel of laud, situate lying nnd tiring in the county of Green aod Kcho - name ana Ui urn idwihihp m bibm bu liold. on the west side of the Hudsons River, be - gionwg at a water Ash tree marked with the letters and nitres. 8 8. 1708. for the soutfaweH corner Of a tract of land patented td Samuel Btio - es. from thence south eiishtv - i x desrees. west ni rmir ha ttw anuih nl a rrart of Inski Da. I tented to Jolin Morin Scott, Esquire, and others, tbcace south fifty seven chains and three roods, iiitr mrih nfia imtmi rKsim tn the south line I of tlie tract of land patented to tbe said Samuel I stinies, thence soain eigniy - six oogrees, wesiim iuuramiiiiiiu mui mm uun wim by the south line of the said Samuoi Stages land, Fire Insurance Offices in this city. - fiileen chains and three rods to the said watar Tlie public am referred for particular to the , - and xlensire prospector New - York Bay, M" ".' '"f pleasantness of - tioo u not exceeded in Kmx's county : and a new Ash tree, the bounds ant mentioned And also, all that rj rtain Dart, tract and piece oTUnd situ - at. Ivin and Mnr ia the town freehold. . ... . . a . r V L .1 county oi Green, and state of New - York, and contiguous to the land above mentioned, begin - nins at theeastline of Samuel Scovills land, where the same intersects tlie turnpike road, running thenrt north on degree west ten chains and six. . l .u r .. .iw... .r.nioi I "S""". JTi. - Mt r1,.i. r - .i i: - k. than uiiith nnti.vrM mS ! rhainul "'"'v..: r"."zz - :: i:: forty - two links, containing two acres, two roods ennUim ahont one hundred aod 8ft V acre, which Aa and effgen exhibition, at Ih tJd Mxueum. 1 1 ntuntm - urerr. TfTE TOWN OF BOSTON IN MINIATURE. fp BUCHESNE respectiully informs the la - 1 ! 1 fiim and mtlemen of tins cite, that he hast , bow exhibiting at tbe above place, a complete msdel of the town of Boston, in block work, which represents the public buildings, lucb as chusches, stores, public edifices, ilc. tec Also, a View of a Sugar Plantation, blacks at work, parking sugar, cutting cane, ate. etc , . A View of South Wales. Ibe mot promt - eat feature of this view if a mountain, on the summit of which ii acastle,strongly fortified ;rob - pers rav in the interior or toe mountain, etc. Admittance Si cents. Doors open from 9 o'clock ia the morning till iu in the evening. Jaa a Iw "ITT TILL be sold at public sale, at No. 44 . V V , Market - street, Philadalphia, oa Wednes - Jay, January 14, 1818, by order of Ibe assignee f Jol n Warrington, all tus stock io trade, coo - listing of - of aistinc Gold and silver patent lever and plain watches .tioht, gut and steel comas, seals and keys . . Gold and gilt finger aod ear rings. . . . jjo - do broaches - Sprirg ami other brushes ' : ft day end 30 hoar movement Do do - .. - bras casting , I ; Do , do . ' and muicl belli - Do do fjrged work and pinions fiheet brass, pig brass, spelter Black lead and sand crucibles, Rolling or flaftiog mills ;: , Plaruvbiag stakes and hammers ' Clckaud watch dials and mainsorinrs ; And a large and general assortment of Clock and Watch Maker, and Silver Smith's: Tools, t iles ma Meter.!. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. Term at , lc - jan 5 lw VJSSBCTED MAPS Of THE VKITEDX states. ' , corner Ct)dar - ttret, have the uea sure of announcing to their friends and the pub - ii tnat taey nav just completed a oew and el, gant map UMsecica Map ol the United gutes. which has long bean a desideratum ia this coaa try for domestic instruction and Juvenile ha provemenu A. T. I. S Co. intend to compute a series moral aau correci ttuwecieu maps, to wmcn loey will ispsctfully solicit the public alien tioo. vjtnj tw - FOK SAtE. The Howse and IM No. 101 Llberrv - st 1 34 (sot breadth 25. Depth ofthe lot 107 Those who may wish to pnrchass orooer - premise were mortgaged to I nomas w imams ofthe oity of New - Yorlc, Pilot, to secure the consideration money. Dated ih.s 5th day of Ja f ,oia . ' . i.. k MirTh ih. O l I 1 1 - ot I ry of this aisenptiM, caa at aay time iew the peemises, and terms at sale may hoagreed on, by apphcatra to e - s . F0TT ti'Sil. fce l 6 Soalh - street CV - ir - ' WANTED ' ' ' 1 2 To hif or pilrchate. a rood two ttory brick houie, situated on the west aide of the town, between Liberty eVChatnberxtreet Posscsskm to be taken at anr time prerioo v the lit of May next - Apply at No. 143 Wa - ter - street ' ' - Jul 5 eod6t THE EAGLE FIRE COMPANY OF NEW YORK. - CONTINUE to insure against Lou or Dam - art by t'irt, dwelling homes, stores, man - afactories and mills, with their machinery and Stock, shine ia port and their cargoes, andeverv octcntraon Ol personal property. In addition to the capital Stock, which is ae cured bv morbrsffeson real estate, this comnanv possess a large contingent fund, part of which is invested in tlie same manner and the remainder in public Stocks r The possession of uch a sur - lu and tne laciuty with which public funds can t converted ihto Moner. furnish tliis romuanv with the means to meet claims toa laraeramount than those which may be reasonably anticipated, or for which their immediate income would be uisuucteut. Answers will be eiven toannliratinni from nnv part of the United state, which mar be mailt for insurance, either, on building or goods, if ui.ii nfiu.uvn arc jiLcuuipaniea wiia B ae tcnptioo of tbe buildings, stating their local cJi menfions, material of which they are construct ed, in what manner occupied, and their contigu iiy loouier DUiHiinzt Cleans are Uius ottered, or scrontT. arainut that kind of loss, which frequently, iu an unexpected moment, involve in destruction the earning of a life of industry ami frugality, and reduces the independent and affluent to poverty aod diet res. . .. With regard to the different rate of premium ana conaiuoni oi insurance, iitepunric are reipr - red to the printed proposals which have been dis tributed, and may be had at the office, No. 6'J r aii - erreei. EDWARD W. LAIGHT, President JOHN D. MEYER, Secretary. An 7 MUTUAL ISSUKANCF.i i.VPANY OF THE CITT OS - STKW - 10RK. (JfuoL.'tti Inititution for Imurmee against Jirt tn Uiu tilv,) YNSURE araiost l.os or Damaee bv Fire, Dwelling llou'es. Ware Houses, iluililinss in general, Merchandise, Siiip in port and tlx'ir Cart;ue, Household Furminre, and every de - scriilion of pewoi ul property, on term as favo - ranie as siuuiar inKuiuuons in uimrti This Companv is incorporated softly for the purpose of insuring against lostes by fire, and has circumscribed its oeiations chiefly within this city and immediate projimitT. InaddiUoa to the Capital Stock, $500,000, which is secured by bond and raortgnce on real estate and public stocks, this Compauy possesses a handsome surplus fund, invested in like man - ner i partiesauured mar therefore repose the ful lest confidence in tbe solidity of its capital, and that any losses or damage win be seiuea whd nromotitude and lineralitT. The different rates of premium and conditions printed proposal ia circulation, and which may be Dad oo application at no ox w ail street GABRIEL FURMAN. President JOHN PlNTARD, Secretary. may ffl VALUABLE PROPERTY ron sslk. WILL BE SULli, UftiJI Ai puonc auction, on me premise, on Thursday, the tfd day of January next, at on CIOCB, r. m. a s:iai A SMALL FARM, containing about ten a - ses is a handsome new dwelling house, standing Baro or Carriage House, ALSO. A FARM, of about 17 acres of upland and 8 - S of Salt meadow, adioining the property he fore described, having a good bouse, barn, &(. ALSO. A FARM, containing about twelve arret of upland, in a high state of cultivation, and 8 1 - 9 acres of salt meadow, adioining the turnpike leading from Brooklyn to Jamaica, on which is an excellent young orchard, a good dwelling bouse, a nrst - rate barn, Sc. c LIKEWISE, Four lots of Woodland, of 7 acres each. Wins about a mile from tlie above described farms. The above property will be sold separately. Any person wishing to purchase is invited to call nn tlie tubscriler. by whom the premises will he slxiwn, and any farther information given, which may oe required. JUIi.i C H A.M. un 3 tits MrtM - klva. fill 52 TO LET, For a term of years, the house and lot Broadway, at present occupied hy the Mm Kintey's, as a boardms house, tor parti cuiars enquire ol ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON. Clermont, jan 3 tfl - - Tbe Varm known bv the name of Cas tie Howard Farm, handsomely s lusted 1 1 - 2 miles from Princeton, bounded in front by the main tnmpike road from Philadelphia to New York, and in the rear by Millstone Creek, contains 145 acres, SO acres of a hich is wood, land, SO acres lying 2 miles from tlie farm, and a beaut iful lot of 10 acres within about 300 yards of the right wing of the bouse. uesides ornament, trees, n contain a variety of fruit tjve, cons in. ing of grafted pears, of the best quality, 17 different kinds i cher ries, 10 dilferent kinds, the most of them eraf - ted and an orchard of the best apple, besides a voting anu uirtving orcnara ot cran apples. for making the cider so celebrated, also, one of sweet applet for fatting hogs. Tbe house is pleasant and commodious with an excellent gwtlen, Uie ouUbouset and fences al in rood condition. The above is a delurht l ful summer or winter residence. For further I particulars enquire at No. 127 Pearl - st, New. 1 1 ore, or to the subscriber, on the premises, I who will rive an indisnutable title for the l same ...... . z MORFOKI). jan 5 tawif ' A C'OsV trdVdtnm tVm felnw. t. leV. 31 John - trt na tKa tfilh IW. rJ iiroi ren coror, HitiBboih ears, aoat 7 years old. W hoever will brira tfoauil Cm or r iDT information thervof, shall receive a senerous a i. it TS sasa tiwtjsMA sjjhsisli r Asnmoinrui a ntfl ri a nf . for to of . rewar1 - Janolw TJCUE N A.NKLESS - 1750 p. Uluc.Nan' ) keens, f - r sale at No. S Midel - laneTrWth Jf) F GEORGE PALMER, entitwf tauoV be tare. . jaa 6 6t " r fOST CHAISE iiitL. la23aiaW FOR PHILADELPHIA. The POST CHAISE, with everr convenience Passenger and th'ir baggage (fhroujh in v&e day) will leave the City Hotel every day (Sun - davs rxrentedl at 7 o'clock in the rooroinr. by way oi cuewara, ana arrive me same cay hi roi - IsHrlnhia. - . f . . III! The MAIL COACH PILOT, ia opposition the Mail Coach, with superior accoinmooa - hontfor rasseneers and their haesase, will leave the City Hotel every day (Sunday excepted) at lialfnatt 1 o'clock P.M. will oroceed before the Mail, and not subject lo the inconvenience of stopping at the numerous l ost unices on tne roaa, hut ever accommodation provided for the tra veller, and arrive some hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. AH letters ana papers carried tree esoente bv the Coaches. For seats in the above lines apply at the Post Jhaise and Albany Mail nnd Diligence umce, No. 118 Uroadway, opttonle the tity Hotel. Ii? - All goods and baggage at tbe mque of the owner. JOHN N. CUMMINO, Newark. JOHN GULICK H SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON it HOWELL, Philade'phia. tf. B. Erpraui $eut to ami part of the Union. Jan 6 - tf S.VHTH DAVIKb, f I ate conductor of tlie besiness of Mr. K ATHAKIEL SMITH, and the only rrguhr bred Chymical IVriumer in New - York) who carries on the business, (having for the last I9yearsruade Chymal Perfumery his study, sixteen of which wer nndr the particu sU ia, direction of Mr Na uianiei suilin, comiotrt tiimteif entitled to the name of a real chvinirul Wrfumer. and faaviiLr taken ANTHONY W. TAAPPAN into partnership, will conduct tht nuiinos under the Drm ol N. 8. DA VIES b CO, At. No. 136 Broadway. New - York. Where they ollVr for sale as comple it and as genera! an assortment of ptrt'ujnery and fancy so&ps as were ever befoie ffnred to the public i and they hope by attention and punctuality to receive ash ire o'l their patronage; among which are me ioiiou mg ; Rose, viuh t, jt'ssnii in, pink, jonquil, marchalle, and reseda pomatums JesMiuui, miiFk, roae, abysinian, orange, aaples andpaiui sos Blue kud red marble, carnation, lavender Herb and couuetic wahballs Eisences of lavender, berjramot, Hungary Orange, violet, ic, Rose, violet, and plain hair - powder Carlionic, chymiral, coral and rose tooth - powder Opiate lor the teeth - . vloth, shaving, hair, nail, comb, hearth and whisker brushes Roue and pearl powJer, Milk of roses Coldcrcaoi, Almond past Antiiue ntitl Ilassia oil Pomade d grae for thickening the hair Balsami" jip - salve of roses, Alpine fhavioj cnkei Transpi.ient sharing linuid, PaJufor tlie'ueck Gentlemen's shaviuj ours, complete silver mounted Tooth, Nellie cases, Scent boxes Ainiilets, Tooth pick cases, fparsuuff boxes Pocket books, I .tidies thread cases ' l.avrcder ba js, Fresh too(uin beans Writing desUs, Night tapers Razor strops, Japan - ware Russia pocket books, shaving boxes Ladies1 dressing casos ' Pen and pocket peo - kuives Fine scissors anC razors ; Tortoise - shell and horn dressing combs Pearl, ivory, tortoise and horn pocket combs Smelling bottles, silver pencil cases, tweesers Ivory and box - wood enmhs, Goe durable ink Sails of Unions, volatile rails Tongue scrapers, tic. I hey have also just received : Ladies' work boxes, from 10 to $40 Elegant bottles, with Odeur nf rota ' Aromatic vinegar (for the head - ache) Cologne water, warranted from Cologne Orange, Dower, and rose waters, of excellent qualities . ' Spar smelling - bottles An assortment of hair brushes, equal lo any heretofore offered to the public : and A great variety of other articles too numerous to mention. dec Jl BANCKER - STREET NOIICE. VTO I ICE is hereby eiven lo all persons inter L 1 ested. that the commissioners of estun.'te and assessment appointed by the supreme tourt of judicature of the state of er? IT oik, to per lorm certaia duties relative ie tne eoiarging, cx ttndinir ami improvini of Bancker - street, be taecoCKnton street and.Grand street ii the said city, have completed limir estimate aid asMis - menu as well ol tne lost and oamaee sustiined o rer and above tlie benefit aod advantage received hy the owners of (be lands and premises required lor the said eularcinc. esteodiiu; and impruvins of B.incker - street as aforesaid, as also of the benefit and advaitne received by the owners and pa rues Miereaieu oi ano in ceruuo tacus anu pre' ouses not reuuireo lor tne said improvement - Arid that we the said commissioners, have depo sited a true cony of such estimate and ases - ment in the clerk's office ofthe city of New - York, lor tbe inspection ol whomsoever H may cone - m And notice is heieby further given that the p'pert of the said estimate and assessment will he pre sented for confirmation to the npreme court "f I innirature ofthe state or ?iew - the cam tol in the city of Albany, on Friday, the sixteenth day of January ocxt at the opening of the said couiton that day, or as soon tnen - atter as coun sel ran be heard thereon. Listed this SGtb das oi iifffmor, inn. PETER H AWES, ) ROOER STRONG, CounniMiooer BENJAMIN A. ARERLY, ) dec 16 , 18t JACKSON HOTEL. Celebration of Ilm Battle of New - Orleans. TVXKTKA k MONO EON, have the honor J to inform Uie public, that ttrey intend gi ving a Dinner on I hurtday tlx - Cth inst lo cele brate the anniversary of the Battle of New - Or leans, where the delicacy of the dishes, as well as the neatness and elegance in which it will be served srp, wi't leave oothinc to be wished for. Messrs. lirletra H .viondeon, wish to unite the citizens of note, military gentlemen, 4c. to per - peiunie inu meinoracie aay, ami ine nooorand t lory ofthe United states of America. . a. &oca persons as wish to lake cards are invited to call aod leave their names at the hove i lot el. Tbe price of Uie Dinner, will h dollars, including usual wines All kinds of wine will be also furnished, but will form a se Derate marge. Jaa 3t CORPOR.ITlOSr PROPERTY. rr,Ots. - hl at Duhlic auction on Fri,!:,T fh L 90th February. 1818. attbeCitv Halt li o'clirk. 1 he histjy valuable FARM now occupied by Mr. William A. liardenbrook, ahntrt S u - iles from tlie city, rontainio: tosetlirr neailv fiftv a - cm of land. It will be sold in lots from $ to 10 ncnr esch, situated oo tlie 6th, 7llv, Cm, 9th, te 10th avenims ; on the latter stand tl rUellrag house and not buildings, but a soort distance Iroin tbe Hudson Kiver. Thii property is worthy the attetitioa of those wno wiri4u poasets bandsoue resmtry teats a luconumry io if aty, ommanduig views nf m I teds St. retired sit sattoo, andelioioeqiality nt aons of the ground, t grther m ilh aa ample sepply of wood, render it one ofthe most desirable object of parrha. ' A map oTtbe nnmiscs may be seta, and further partK wlars kaovni, at tba Comptroller Office, City liall. Jai e dts mm L J A FIRE TROOF STORE, west side ol titt'ling - slip, No. 34, next door to the corner of South - street, from this date to, May 1st 1818, ortnMav lt IBI9. . ' Eoqaire next door at the comer or sob tti - street, or , JAMtSVWIM ZAW1JT. dee4 tw Qbi'OKAGL Storage may be had on the first floor of the store No. S3 South - Ureet, which will save the expen af hoiiting. . dnc26 . TO LT. And possession immediately given, the HOU6K No. 349 liroadway, corner of Leo nard - street, with coach - house and stable. - Foa sale, the houses 349 and 351 Broad way Enquire of HENRY MEIGS. At the City - Library, No. 16 Nassau - st dee 6 im Nk.W TWO STORY HOUSE iC - ZO LKT, tansS Possession immediately replete 'with every convenience, and finished in a genteel stile, no. band in ixew street, very near to wait street. Inquire at No. 55 Broadway, or to CHARLES OAKLEY, No. 14! Front - street (t7 - Alio, the stores and cellar apartments for storain of those new and desirable houses No. 10 and 12 Broad - street, which are ready to receive an occupant. The dwelling part of those houses will be ready to receive tenants about April next. Persons desirous of lucli a situation are invited to call and view them, at any time before tbe first of February, at which time tbey will he ofi - red to lei or lease. dec B 1 m FWi SALE, A Farm situated oo the east hank of Hud sou's ttiver, nve miles nortn oi tne village oi rut;iitteeiue, in the county or Dutchess, containing six hundred and seventy acres, having a front of three quarters of a mile on the river, two hundred and thirty acres of which is a fine plain of great Irrtilitv, the residue is arable or a dinejvnt duality, pasture, meadow and wood, of which there is a great abundance of the finest kinds. 1 here are upon the premises a good farm - bouse, a iittniuiiii ciicQiiYL - sueus , a large anu ezi tn lent dwelling house and a variety of out - build it - gs, with every convenience for a large farming establishment. The farm is very well watered and it good fence, and has upon it two thrifty un: orchards: and the garden is tilled with a great variety ol uie pest iruit. ttis in the neign ovurnoou oi an episcopal ana a rreinyierian ihurrn, and aoinns an academy lor tne enuca ticn of ho vs. under the direction of Doctor Allen, and within a mile of Hyde Park landing ; from wlieoce sloops sail every week to New - York, and where paiieneers are fatten and landed oy the passinr sttam - uoats. J his tract may be dm (led into three convenient farms ; 300 acres may e taken frorii the north and 200 from the louth. (leaving 270 acres, with Um principal buildings, in the centre) on both of which are fine situations, commanding heauulul and extensive views of the river and adjacent country. The above will he sold altogether or in separate parti lo suit the purcnaser. Alo lor sale, two farms, situate to tne town of Washington, in the same county, lying about twt nt v miles from tlie river, one of them contain - XI 1 arrcs, the other 5U3 acres: oo both of winch are new and commodious dwelling houses, barns and out huililiogs, and good bearing or - hards ; the soil lertile and the farms in excellent fence. A considerable part of the purchase money for uie a oove may remtun tor several years on inter est. F r further particulars applv to the subscriber. Hyde Park, Nov. $7Ui, 1817. dec 1 eo16w TO LE m - for S.1L And possession eiren immediately, a convenient two story hoae, finished in the mod. era stile, now occupied iiy the stihsenher. - ELBERT ANDERSON, dec 9 tf No. 28 Proves' - street SA ,A VALUABLE VARM nksi To be told or e xebaueed for property in New - York. Ihetubtcriher beine in a very low ttateof healih, and having very little hopes of recovery, Offers for sale his farm nt Rarbadoes neck, coun ty ia Bergen, contnininz nbout one hundred and thirty fivo acres of arable, meadow and woodland. This farm lies on the main road between New - York and Newark, about half a mile this tide of Ne wurk BriJge. It is in a very high state of cultivation, and is not surpassed by any otlier in the vicinity of New - York, as a valuable and agreeable residence, either for the farmer or private genikman. The dwelling bouse, though small, i neat and wed finished, and the fences, sjates, harm, stables, and other out - houses, fare m exrellent order and well plaoned. In front ol the house, bordering on the public road, is a handsome rind well stocked garden, and no the premises is a young and thriving orchard, containing a choice selection ofthe best grafted fruit trees. A mor particular descnntiooof the pro perty is thought uuiiecetsary, as those disposed to purcnase win new uie pn mises. i ne line is in disputable. For particulars, apply to the sub scriber, io. iuu reari - sucel, or to Mr. Andre Smith, near the premise. nov 14 tf ROBERT STUART. FOR SALE, REAL rnOFEBTT IIS TBE CITY O HEW - TORK IJOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - street .and H Home and ixt no 39 v esey - street A BOND aod MORTGAGE for 1300 dollars do and do for 750 do do aod do for 450 do On valuable property io the city of New York i ne in.eresi nas always oeeo punctually paid. r or panicu.ars inquire ai me omre oi bl ErliK.s r. LAMOINE, dec 10 tf No. S7 Wall - street, PATENT ELASTIC RAZOR STROPS. - Tl SORGE oANDERS, lately from London, VJT one more addresses the public, thanks them for past favors, and once mors ventures to recommend his strops as on of the most comfort - giving contrivance that ever blest the chin of nan. II will uistruct any self - thavm? rentle man ia the use of it, and when once posessed of the secret and a box of composition, he may say with th poet of nature, w To shave to sleep perchancs to dream while in the operation aod wno would Dear the tweaks and acts of barber base i who would grunt and sweat under a loathome beard, or a dull razor ate, when he might hit quietus make with a simple Saunder's strop?" Come then to his manufactory at 1'ie corner of Reed - street and Broadway, and there Tl, M - I .1 I I . jva win iinu ui luDacnuer always ready to re. ceive Ih commands of hit customers. dec 5 tf ROOSEVELT STREET NOTICE. NOTICE it hereby given to all persons interested, that the commissioners of estimate and assessment appointed by tbe supreme court ol judicature of the state of New - York, to per form certain dnties relative to the enlarging and improving Roosevelt - street between Batavia - Lane aod Front - street in the said city, have completed their estimate aod assessment as well ofthe lo and damage sustained, over aod above tne nerient and advantage received by tbe owners of the lands and premise required for the said enlarging and improving Roosevelt street, as a loresaia, as also or tbe benefit and advantage re ceived by the owner and parties interested of and in certain lands and premises not required for the said improemerjt : and that we the said conirominneri have deposited a true eon nt anr estimate and assessment in tne clerk's office, of "lj .'ew - iora,ior uie inspection ol whomsoever it may concern. And notice is hereby further given, that the report ol the said estimate and aswment will be presente I for confirm! lion to Ibe supreme court of judicature of Ibe stale oi .lew - tork, at tbe C pilot, in he city of iimfi uo ixiecmnaay ot January next at the opening of the said court on that aay, or a on nierexiter aa counstl can be nrrru tnereoo. jjateU this Sl'th day of Decern (Copy) noGER 8TROXG.1 . JOHN FORBT.3, Coinroissioners. NOAHJARV13? ( "'c d lOt POST COACH LINE ron PHILADELPHIA. IJtrOItTABT TO PASSBircKRI. No congestion' with the prt cbaite line or tbe steamvmat a.rti A. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPO SITION KEV1VEU. ANEW Line of Post Coaches on Springs with every convenience for rasseneers aiid bag - gage - THROUGH IN ONE DAY - between ivew - i one and ruiiaiieiprna. j heron soacn Line will start from New - York every morning at 6 o'clock, (Sundays excepted) in the Steam Boat Atuianta, and arrive at rnnadeipnia tne same evening, in the Coach. Fare 8 dollars. The Meant Boat Line INDUSTRY, will start from New - York every morning (Sun days excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atatanta, trow Uie north side ol tne uaitery, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadeltihia next morning at 10 o'clock ; Fare through $i 50. Tbe United States MAIL COACH, ou spring, with every convenience for passengers and their hagage, starts from No. 1 Courtland - ttreet, 2d office Irom Broadway, New - York, every day at 1 o'clock, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 6 passengers admitted in tint Coach. . Fare 10 dollars. Passengers are requested to be particular io taking their teats in the Pott Coach Line, at the coaches belonging to this establishment are of a superior quality tor the accommodation oi passengers. For teati in the hove named Lines, apply to thus, writ Tf ICLjU, at the old established Coacb, Stage and Steam Boat office, at tlie old No. 1 Courtlandt - stteet, the second office from Broadway, New - York, or to ISAAC BROWN, Steam Boat Hotel, No. 1 Waihingtnn - strert, corner of Marketfield street, near the Battery. ftVAIl goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS & CO. N. B Expresses sent to any part of tbe Coo THOMAS WHITFIELD. nov 8 NEW ARRANGEMENT. UJS. MAIL.COA Ctfi.5, BET WE .V JN" fF - 10Ln.' PHILADELPHIA. 07" The public are assured that there is now handsome coaches, oo springs, equal to any in tht U. States, now running on this line. Passenger; for the U. S. Mail Coach will leave New - York every day tit 1 o'clock Dine at J. Lyon k Son's hotel, at Powle's Hook, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only six passengers admitted in the Mail Coach. Fare $10. For seats, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established coach and stage office, old No. 1, Courtlandt - street, second otlice from Broadway, New - York. AH goods and baggage at the risk ofthe owner. JOSEPH LYON, SON3 il Co. N. B. Expresses, coaches, extra stages, tec. furnished to no to anv cart of the Uuited States. on the shortest notice, by Thos. Whitfield, No. 1 courtlandt - street Near - York. nova N. SMITH PRENTISS." (A'tphrie and Successor of Mr .Jfuthanitl Smith) C H Y ' t s.: PERFUMER, AT his wholesale sod ro u - periume manufactory, sign ol tlie golden rose, o. 149 Broadway, New - ' Arb. nflHra tn thelarlipi &L fii tutlemen of the city of IMS ew - York,his Vegetable Shaiog Li - uid All. alas V iolet shaving powder, Vletalic paste for razor straps Cosmetic wash balls - Milk of roses Cosmetic cold cream Vegetable rouge Pearl powder Almond paste Almond powder Corn plaister Antique oil Carbrnic or charcoal deotifnee ('hvmical dentifrice Aromatic tooth paste . bstrrirent lotiou . Lip salve of roses Knse, violet ana ptain hair powder Oriental powder, for polishing gold and silver plate Hard and soft turns pema - Nervous essence for the Pomade de grasse tooth ache Also, a laree anil general assortment of perfu mery, fine soaps, fancy aod other articles, consisting of Best double distilled rtuss. w a i Ktv. The real odour of rcses 'or smelling bottlet Essences of burggmot, lemon, lavender and musk French and English essences, pomatums, ce Lavender, honey, cologne and bungary waters Fresh Tonquin beans Tbe celebrated Naples shaving soap, warrant ed genuine I lose, palm, violet jessamine, palmyrene, Jon - Quit, almond, bruntsvick, Uly, ceyloo. plaioff, cowslip, otaiice, transparent aod Windsor soaps marine wasn oaus Fine and common razors, in cases or single Britannia metal, elan and wood shaving boxes Basor tlrops of all sites and quality Ladies and gentlemen's dressing cases Gentlemen's shaving cases & travelling pooches Needle cases, complete furnished Morocco pocket books, thread cases aod gilt purses I vory and box wood noe comos Tortoise tbvll, ivory and born pocket combs Tortoise shell and horn dressing combs . Morocco cases for dressing comb . Durable ink, French chalk, salt of lemons Toaeue scrapers, tooth picks, tooth pick cases and tweezers A superior assortment of fine and common hair brushes, among whch are, the justly celebrated patent penetrating hair brushes, far superior to any other description of hair brushes heretofore invented Clothes brushes, shavine brushes, (with er without cases) silver wire and common tooth brushes fa superior assortment) very fine and common nail brushes, comb brushes, bat brushes, whisker brashes, with class : plate brushes, and flesh brashes Pen, iiocket fmlt and sportsmen's knives, a complete assortment r ine and common scissors and scissor cases Hair pins, and cnrlinc irons, fine swan and silk pun's, powder bags and powder boxes rtiospboric lights, portable boot hooks Visiting cards and card cases Pencil cases, and black lead pencils A variety of very fine cat elass perfume bot tles, smelling bottles, with volatile salts,aromatic spirits oi vinegar, c. sc. i ine urange t lower water. storekeepers supplied wholesale, and mer chants for exportation. ALSO, JUST RECEIVED, A very handsome assortment of Ladies MO, ROCCO WORK BOXES, well calculated for Christmas and New - Year Presents, from ?0t. to SU each A variety of elegant cut slass Bottle, cited with the real Persian OTTO of ROSES. A few cards of superior PEN and POCKET KNIVES, perhnp tlie finest ia the city A " cwnplefe assortment of gentlemen'! real Woodstock GLOVES. A Quantity of COIX)G3E WATER, warrant ed from Cologne. The admirer of this elegant ana yamabie article may rety upon tut being periectiy one. dec ST Tw IO LET. The Store No. 134 Frwit - street. an ex cellentstand for a Grocer. For further particu larsinqiireof - RIPLEY U WELD, - ""vll . 192 Front it reet f7 JO LH.. . S - ijtJ And immediate possession gives, the house No. 9 Pearl - street, together wiUi the tta hie and Coacb House in the rear on Bri.!g - tt. Tlie premuei are in complete repair and have every cooveoieoce Dereinr il.a u ran.i.. UaUon of a faailj. For particalars apply to " IA OASUUI1, J ;t .lisMreiCfi ; pabDt know how to disting.i.. . . uiui:,. ofthocy nf loorlon, J member of tbe faculty of phyTj!. and surgery there. Wm. ;i tT?' tr to repeat some observation. the abuse of MERCURY ? rash, indiicriminate, and unii; fied use thereof, has U - o prT five of infinite mrtrhiar ti. sands are annually mercurialized dut of exiail ence. The disease we have in view owes its fc tal resulu chiefly tb thii soaree. - What a mi." that a young man, the hopes of his couatir,1 tbe darlmg of his parents, should be uifctala! way from all the prospects and enjoyment, of lie by the consequences of one unguarded morneit and by a disease not in its own nature fatal, atJ winch only provct so from neglect or impronet treatment''" A gentleman, (late Dr. H'i bZ tierit) now perfectly hearty and well, had beea under phyiKiani of gerfiil pracUce, six years! - and repeatedly tali at, i ; when recommended ta Dr. H. (by a gwitleman of Uiis city) bit hoB - T were carious, and his flesh dropping from them - " his friends declared he could not possibly survive 1 t wo months longer. Thousands expcriouotaJIv know with what ease and tafety Dr. II. eradi. catei the severest cases, and confirm! Uie consti - - tution. The Doctor's plan (advertising) it n - ceisary to guard tlie public against the abuse of mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth Persons, therefore, having contracted a pri. vato disorder, or suspecting latent poison, aro T ailmonishcd not to tamper with their coustits tioo, or conceal the disorder, till patt recovery ; othershaving the remains of an old case, or other imparitiei ofthe hlood, as well as oth - er complaints of a delicate nature, in either sex. should remember posterity, and do justice " to their consciences, by making application , to Dr. H. at his old and respectable ettab. . lishment, No. 64 Water - street, four houses west ' of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistance a - lone calculated to prevent disclosure. And her ' let me claim your serious attention Remember a superficial cures no cure at all ; unless the be - ' sinessis radically done, you will certainly hav ' (lie disorder break out again with redoubled ma lignity. at some future period ; perhaps then win he too late for remedy. Don't you often meet ia the streets miserable, mutilated beings, withoat even a bit of nose on their face I Take warning. I beseech you. Dr. IPs. character for skill and stubborn intsv fri'y being universally known in (his city, sine " 804, guarantee to patients that delicacy and te crecy hitherto unknown, and having confined his practice for years past exclusively tn the cure of A..n.m .r,r ...... 4I.....L . T u. . , ure ww.j.r.u. me, uiaysaieiycu. culate on the most decided advantages in consulting Dr. H., Gleets eradicated in tsre or three weeks - Strictures removed without boucie nr anv k. er instrument ; and all debilities ; likewise all old ulcerations, fistula's tec, A plurality of offices are prorided, and so sit. , aled that patients are not exposed Wor - h niK. observation. Open till half past 9 in the evening. All persons concerned are invited to be freeia calling, and speaking with Dr.H. which is Ire ' ui iuu. nnu nere uie 1'ocior cannot avoid the expression of esatitude for innumvrahU r.n . mendadons, and for the decided preference fit ia presumed with just cauiel lone eriven him h. . judicious puhlic. ii. u. aii letters must be pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Augt7 l KE1J BER O.UALA Rl JiOK LVPoVi J JUS. E K. EVANS' superior method of curing aces - '". uiia Disrate, is now univer - ' Sally ackoon JexIrpd M tliia city his mode of treatment peditious, and bit chare treasonable. In every iB. - stance he warrants a cam, Jand will return the pay if h ; 1 ne strictest secrecy always observed. There are many persons in this citv and n. i cinity, laboring under variout chronic diseases, such as cancers, old inveterate alcers, scrofula or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of the urethra, ...auu. i - '""""ira compiamsa - of a certain natare, bilious and other obttrao tions, rheumatism, 4c. which they consider inctw ' rable, they caa certainly be cured (in rentralV "J - hy applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, Ne 9. Peck - ilip, having practised in nttilurin hospital! in Europe 13 year, under some of the first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, ansj made those obstinate disease! hit constant itutv forSOvcars. Oct It f.WHEATo:v DAVIS, Fancy Chair Manufac - turersj No. 153 Fulton - street opposite St Pault Church, offer for sale, wholesale and. retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented1 in gold at bronse, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, aod Conversation Chairs. Sofas. Settees. Louagees, Musk Stools, fee. . Orders from any part of the continent executed with neatness and dispatch. - Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented, oct 13 CURE Hill COUGHs - , COLDS, tec A sovereign remedy for cold, obstinate coughs, asthmas, sore throats, approaching consumptions, and most disorders of the breast and lungs. Th celebrity acquired by this medicine thro' the U. States, for speedily removing coughs, folds, hoarsen ers, tec. exceeds all former examples. Sold at Lr.tJf Medicine Store, No. 48 Mae den - lane. Druggists and country store - keepers supplied on liberal tenni. . Certified rases of cur may be teen at place ol ale. dee 3 A GRFAT NATURAL CURIOSITY THE public ar informed that this morning was landed the long expected FEMALE EL - ErlfANT, and it to no No. T90 Broao - near Wathiagion The site of thii animal u aooui i leei mgii, iru. long from the end of U probotcit loth end m the tail. She ii to be teen from 9 o'clock A, M. to 9 in the evening. Prico of admittaac centt , STEAM BOA T JfA UTILL'S. , - TVTOTICE TheProprie - JJN tor of the fine - ssiliaS n - ; steam boat NAUTILUS, sP KVi : ;,i. tn ih better accommodatioo of tbe public, have determine to alter the hours of departure from Ihe 18th inst ine captain wi""1! i leave Staten Island every morning, at 8 o'clock, for New York - aod leave Ntw York for Staten Island, at 10 o'clock, A. M. leave States island at half past 1 o'click, P. M.for New York, aJ , leave New - York for Statea - Island, at half past 3 o'clock, precisely. . IJ5 - Every attention will he given to render the pa"" short and c - - mfr1ahTe) dec t3 tw TjINuLISU ils said by Cannon ana .Musket Powder, for LER0Y, BAYARD & CO . dec 9 NEW - YORK : pniyrto atd published ST MICHAEL JtVRJTBAM CO No. 41 Pll - STERT. WE a 1 f II AT" seen at J wsmJWr,tfr

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