The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 25, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, November 25, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL X1L No. 48. Gettysburg, I'a, Tuesday, Xovember 2."*tb, 19*3 Price Two CenU. * . HAVE YOU SEEN THE New Short Stiff Bosom Shirts? j We are showing them in the Corner Window: the new feature about them is that the bosom is set underneath instead of on the top, thereby making a practicalle summer shirt minus the starch. The bosom is small and short and will not catch of the trousers. The newest sh?des of P ink and Brown, also the staple colors. The cuffs attached or detached. The Price $1.00 and $1.50. TOT PAINFULLY ! COUNTY PEOPLE BURNED IN PLAY! TAKEN BY DEATH RICH VEIN OF COPPER ORE SOCIAL EVENTS IN THE COUNTY LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS ' JTwo Year Old Daughter of Mr. and; Mrs. Lohr Died in Union Township \ Remarkable Find of Fine Copper! House Wanning at Arendtsviile.! Correspondents send in Many Items Mrs. Bronstein, of West High 1 . Mrs. Simpson Near Hampton, and' Made at Charmian. Far Better j Mountain Valley Band Takes Part J of Interesting News from their ECKERT'S STORE, "Q° the Square" ! Street, Gets Box of Matches and] soon ignites her Clothing. ] While her mother was busily engcg- \ el at household duties liule s.\Vo-year- j Edward S. Miller in Berwick! Township. The Funerals. 3IRS. JOHN A. LOHR than Anything to Date. Will Mean Much to Ccmraiy. A vein of native copper four feet Mrs. Mandilla Lohr, widow of the ' thick just ten feet under the surface g. 1 old Anna Bronstein, daughter of Mr. i i ate John A. Lohr, died at the home of · of the earth, producing abou'c 35 per 1 ' ' and Mrs- David Bronstein. of West j her son, Isaiah Lohr, in Union town-1 cent, copper to the ton, has been io- ; High sa-eet, was slowly burning Sunday Large Parly Home. at Centre Mills! HOUSE WARMING A very enjoyable house warming Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief 'terns. IDAVILLE IdaviUe--M. O. Bream, who has bee» was given Mr. and Mrs. Hanson Heck- | in a serious condition for the past six enluber in their new home In Arendts- 5 ^"eeks, was removed to the Methodise morning, irom pneu- 1 cated on the Charmian mining- prop- vilie on Friday evening. The Mountain j hospital at Philadelphia last Thursday, i Sames. i After the noon and. meal on WALTER'S THEATRE TO-XIGHT A MAY OF TO-DAY " A 7 !!ERE IS MY WANDERING BOY" Seats On Sale At People's Dra- Store Doore Open 7.30 PRICES 25, "''», Monday | oi ,! i Mrs. Bronstein took the tot up to one j years she had resided with Mrs. Jacob Leppo. Her husband I gist, has been at the Chirmiar. mines! He- 21 years ago. During the past, two j superintending the work of overhaul- I J u b i ;er son. j ing the smelter, located there aughters, i meantime he. has been prost Hesson, Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Hecken-: The Musselman canning factory luber, Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Kime, Mr.! closed down for the winter. During the In the! Amos Sill:!-:, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bcw- j winter months a new apple room will !of the bed rooms and after undressing | She is survived by two daughters,!meantime he. has been prospecting-.{ers, H. P. Mark, Mr. and Mrs. P. S. 1 oe ouilt and other improvements will ; her out her in the little crib where she j }i rs . Levi Raubenstine, of Pleasant primarily to locate a gold vein, which j Orner, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hartzel. ] be niade for the next apple season. ! usually took an afternoon nap of sev-: Hill and Mrs. Theodore Utz. of near jexsts on that pioperty, and in his; Mrs. Grace Decker, Mrs. Miles, Mr. j Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Moul have moved \ eral hours. Returning to the first floor \ Shorb's store; four sons, Eli W. and j search discovered this copper vein. j and Mrs. James Siliik, Mr. and Mrs. j £ O their nev -" home at Hanover. 1 of the house the mother busied herself Lewis G. Lohr. of Pennvllle, Pius Lohr.! The ore is the richest ever found on · Will Raifensperger, Mr. and Mrs. Hoke! 3°' Rn Taylor and wife^ of Carlisle, I for quite a while before she heard the I o f Hanover, and Isaiah Lohr, with j this property, and the opened shaft Siaybaugh, Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Weid- j spent last Thursday with their uncle, i°rcins screams of the little girl. !-,vhon she made her home. One broth-(which has been worked by the Eagle 1 ner, Mrs. Harrv SafFensoerger, Mr. Dr - s - B - Myers and ?amily. ^ ' . . . . _ ! _ ,-- -, . . . _ ! . . _ _ ~ _ . ~ . 4 T N T * . i f r i _ _ _ ^ T r * She ran up to the second floor and i e r. Albert Leppo. of near HouckVMining Company for a short rime, does "and Mrs. Ed. Bowers, Mr. and Mrs. 5'' a-id C- there saw the child standing before a -.Mill, and a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Beck- Curiains S.U) j bureau, her clothes in Sanies, both \ e r, of near Shorb's store, also survive, j hands raised high in the air and a j There are seven grandchildren living, i charred match telling the story- Mrs. | Funeral, Tuesday, Nov. 25. brief P H O T O P L A Y not produce copper a third as rich as; Orie Keckenluber, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph this vein. i Heckenluber. Mr. and Mrs. James INTERESTING TALK -Dr. Sieiing. of York. Tells Interesting Stories in Brua ChapeL ·*· i little one's body and succeeding- in i ! patting our the nre, but not before the ! MRS. EMMERT SIMPSON SPECIAL TO-XIGHT "A PRINCE OF EVIL Ttt'O KEEL VITAGRAPH j child's legs had been terribly burned. { Mrs. Ellen Simpson, wi: Prince Delamere, the leader of a band of smugglers, learns that more naon- j jhe mother escaped injury by some re- j inert Simpson, died on Sur i-v I* needed to finance his enterprises an-1 determines to marry a. r:ca woman. He meet Josephine Chester ana proposes bat. she reiu-^s. G'-onria R : vc-rs, her sister, has a. passion lor gamolinji and i= heav-.y in iieV ' She b-t? on a horse nice in oider to set money to pay her cefB. but be- hors.- looses. The prince fiada tbit out and -,'Ives her a cheque to co-.-cr "her indebtedness. VThen this cheque is returneii he shows it to Josephine. an«i tells tier that unkss she ntarrys him he will snow tne che- que f* Leri=ters husband. Tie ir:t-= hv all mean? available to get Josephine to marry h'na, but in th- on,! ail hL= p!ans fa:! and he Is tske-n by a detective *ho lias discovered hL- i»i~i \-n \\l-li n-r-r.!- to the band of smugglers- "V\ ith EDiTH stO.:x T!:.' ihir*! it-I r***izii?' ·* ul Jx;: ^ Show ctarts 6:30 P. M. "" Admission 5 cents to all THANKSGIVING PAY GOOD THINGS »re not all Hirited to thir.jr.s to eat, low-ever enjSyliWa thsr ~ r '-^- r ^ } - Vhere ar-i"'aJsa"good"'thihr r s t rt ~-irzr; se es- oi nday mom! markable chance. | ing. Xovember 23, at 6:30 o'clock, at | The child had not only crar.-led cut j her home, near Hampton, from heart ! of the crib but had pushed a chair to | failure, at the age of 37 years, i the bureau and, crawling up on it, se- j She is survived by her husband, two cured a box of safety matches -which I daughters, Misses Bessie and Xellie. she opened and lighted the match that; and two sons. Charles and Arthur, ail caused all the trouble. \ a r home. I Mrs. Bronstein is a firm believer in j Funeral. Wednesday, Xovember 28. 'home remedies in cases like 'this and nof services at the house at 9:30 a. m. in. [physician was summoned. Instead she | simply dressed the burned limbs of I her child -with coal oil and soda and to! day reports that the tot is getting j along -Cicely and resting as eomfort- tennent in the Hampton cemetery. Specially those Included irr r-io isntials ilks ^cr^vili.' -s£«-f.'-. 'jsi-chiefs, fancy vests" sr.rr , issiery to make UP,tne i:r.e or ^^^ -«h:cri all go -ocl3 as sold as 'furnishings. 'Seiig- -xan's have an exceptionally 5r.2 line. The Quality Shop WILL M- SELIGMAN The Cash Tailor EDWARD S. MILLER After an illness of nine days Edward S. Miller died at his home, on the old. -jabiy as can be expected after receiv- { .Klunk farm, Berwck 'eoxvaship. at «:,45 ng the severe burns caused" by she j p. ra__ Sunday. He -«as- aged 48 years, names- · 5 months and ID days. | He is survived by his vsife and the foliovving children: Xelson Miller, and Charlotte E. MiHer. of 'York; 3Irs. Robert H. Bentz. of -Stoverstown: S. Albert. Robert Xewton,' -Forrest JR. and Leroy Edward Z3ilIer T7 Misses Mary, Miriam and Alice -Miller, at ,,. of York, delivered j an address in Brua Chapel Monday evening. under the caption of "Historical Gems." The scenes and sub-, jects of his lecture were taken from the early colonial history lying within a radius of six miles of Brickerville, Lancaster county. 4 Dr. Sieling is himself responsible for the unearthing of the historical. gems and folk lore that abound in this j community. His researches date from the time he was a practitioner in Srickervilie about thirty- years ago. One of his principal discoveries was the history of Baron Steigel. the founder of Manheim, Lancaster county, whose name and remarkable" doings had Tong since been forgotten by those who came after him. This and the peculiar religious sects and quaint Lauver, Mr. -Emory Orner, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Orner, Mrs. X". L. Minter. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smelser. j Misses Bess RaSensperger, Rosey i Kirne, Ruth Knouse, Malissa Smelser. Verna Knouse. Mae Sillik. Verna Heekenluber _ . , _ _ . Beulah Kime. IsabeHa H cckenlaber. .. T ,. , \erna Lauver. Sylvia Lauver. Messrs. Harry Kime. Harvey Kime. Clyde Savior, Luther Sillik. Roy Heckealuber. Robert Heckenluber. Elmer Raffensperger. Ainoid Orner, Mahlon Raifensperger. Edwin Lauver. Claire Raffensperger. Sterling Bowers and Mervin Schlosser. - 'RELIGIOUS REVIVAL i "^Spiritual Uplift Work Spreading ! 'Throughout Cumberland Valley. I A -great wave of old-time religion is S spreading through the' Cnmberiand j Valley. A large number of Carlisle 1 people are advocating an effort to in- I vite Dr. Biedersrolf. who has recentlv t j completed a notable campaign in Chambersburg-. to go there following- the end of the revival he will con!duct in Wavriesboro. commencing in I ai|||iimHimnmiHHIIiiniraHniIHIIIHnniH!IIIUiniH»I«HH«iillllll!nilH«;iHliH!!inBIIII!IHlI:KiJtt {-January. This, despite the fact that = = ,'Carlisle's spirituality received an im^ 1^" C\ JT\ A 1^ Q ^ ! petus less than a year ago at the § "- *** ** -^ A ^- *·* = j hands of Evangelist, Nicholson. I F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S = ! XewvOle will be stirred by Evan* Z B Everj'thing needed by the Amateur Photographer onr entire stock is of the startlani E a s t m a n M a k e Direct from the factor}-. ALWAYS FRESH. Careful attention to the development of films. Mail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E .1. H. HrBER. = | gelist Stotsgh also in January, and the = i people of Shippensburg have just com= jpleted a week of prayer and meditation home. Re is also survived by thres orothers, John Miller, of Manchester. Md.: George Miller and Henry Miller, of Miller's Station. Carroll County. Md.: one sister. Margaret Miller, of Lancaster; also, one grandchild. Michael Edward Bentz. NORMAN KUHN Norman Kuhn. aged one year and SURPRISE PARTY t l A very enjoyable surprise party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J B. Praim. at Centre Mills, Saturday in honor of their guest, Mrs- Blanche Robison. of Philadelphia. Those present were: Ethel Fidler, Lillian Walter. Edna Staley, .-Mabel- -Walter. Blanche Hollebaugh, Hazel Taylor;Mary Walter, Esther Slayfaaugh. Eleanor Bushey. Stella Manges, Lillian- FINED S50 aomgs oi the sturov peonle who once -., ,, T- ,_·, T« .o« i. t. - ·. ?- - T- - - -i 1- - T i · -ianges. Grace Fohl - Fav Slavbaugh. inhabited that?lertile section- oi-Lan-^_ ° ,, -. -f, '- : o i " - - *.~ . . . . _ . . . . Erma Spangler. -Beulah Slavoaugh caster countv. are all -familiar in a _ -. f. Cl_.,' z. ^. ,, . , v T 5 ,, . . . , ·· , , - , _ , ,, Rose. Stahl. Mfldred Stabsinith,-John- historical wav through the efforts oi". ,, , ·_..-. -v _, . .. ..-. p_ ,-. i-_ rr " . jJ»e KoucKj JEUizaoeth Slaybattgn.'Mar- ~"" " - IIIj =- ·· gnerite Stallsmith, --JWilnter "Rhodes [Walter Fohl, John-Fidier."Willis'Eck- ! ert. James Eowe.-CIare Taylor. Leslie 1 Staley. Herbert Taylor. Walter Fidler. i Ray Siaybaugh, Bruce Taylor, Mau- jrice Stahl. Glen Siaybaugh, Harrj Judge Keedy. of Hagerstown, on Taylor. Pierce Hollebaugh. Harold Monday imposed a fine of S-50 on the Taylor, John Spangler, Ward Taylor. A. D. Bowers and family, of Lingies- town; Jacob Cline and wife of Siddons- town; Howard Cline and family of Goodyear spent Sunday with David and wife of R. D. No. 1. ;. Leah Groupe spent a few days with the family of William Miller at York Springs. Morell Delp. wife and children, Marie. Glenn, and Helen spen'c Sunday at Biglerville. IRON SPRINGS Iron Springs--Liilie and Bertha Eckert. of Table Rock, Mildred McCleaf and Anna Beatty. of Gettysburg, .-isued Mr. and Mrs. William Allison ver Saturday and Sunday. There will be a teachers' meeting held at Fairneld Station school house in Friday evening, December 5th, Miss Seien Scott, teacher. The subjects for iiscussion are "Home, the Greatest Factor of Education," ''Punctuality", and ''Teaching Beginners how to Read''. _Mrs.~John McSherry is suffering- -··ery much with a sore f oot- *O. B, Lighther who resides at Mt- Hope school house has greatly improved his farm house-by having a, oorch builc entirelv around the house- MORE DIPHTHERIA, Proprietors of the Burned Blue Mountain House Fmed- Droorieiors of the Blue Mountain -- dvi " ard Taughinbaugh, Milton. Roth. House, who pleaded guiltv to permit- charies Baiter. Fern Staley. John ' Deitnck, Mrs. Blanche Robinson, Mr ting minors to drink on the premise. The offense was committed fast sum-and «d Mrs = 1 with ; to a revival in tne same eight months, son of 3Ir. and Mrs. Samuel Kuhn, of McSherrysLOwn. died Saturday from diphtheria after an ill-} ness of one day. Private burial was made Sunday afternoon in St. Mary's cemetery, ilc- = · period. Many other evangelists are en- j 1 gaged or soon "will be in spiritual up- j j lift efforts in many of the smaller ? TO-NIGHT = i towns and villages- = j DISAPPOINTED S Theatrical Offering at Walters Pro- i nises to be Good. » 3= , Harrisburg Academy Wanted io Play with Gettysburg Scrubs. ! ~i on can't afford "to miss it- If you ' snjoy a real treat, written by an au- · thor of real worth and acted by a com! aanv of actors of real abilitv vou can't 1 mer'before che hotel burned. Pleas of Ambrose Walter. Mr. and Mrs. Frank gniln- to ueimitting- minors to drink ScahL 3Irs - Sylvester Siaybaugh, Mr ·^ "- ·· "^ . ^ ^ r TTTM 1 _ o i"! _ . . r j. i_ t r . . » · -- * · liquor on their premises -were entered bv the Kagerstown Countrv Club and Charies E. Ochs, proprietor of a Hag- and Mrs - Miko . n Siaybaugh. Mr and Mrs. Wm. Stallsmith. Mr_and Mrs. Edward Stalev. Mrs. John Tavlor. Mr. ersto~ri cafe, against whom the re-, cent grand jury found several in-: dictmen'ts for selling liquor to minors.' Emory Siaybaugh. REMOVED TONSILS Sentence was reserved in these cases,! but Judge Keedy roundly scored the Two Children "locker" svstem at the Cour.trr Club. KILL LARGE BUCKS Have Operations Tonsils and Adenoids. for Dr. T, H. Wertz. of Hanover, removed the tonsils and adenoids of Ivlary. Oread Disease Breaks Out Anew; in ' and near McSherrystown- Diphtheria has broken out anew in Midway and McSherrystown, The Srsrc case developed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kuhn. McSherrystown, on Friday, when their son, Norman, nearly two years of age. became affected with the disease and died rsventy lours later. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Felix G. Funk, Midway, was quarantined on. Saturday. Kathleen, their 8-year-old daughter having contracted the disease. Monday morning the home of David v^'horley, Midway, was quarantined, a grandson. Ralph Weaver, who lives .vith them, being taken ill with diphtheria. All three homes were placed under quarantine by Health Officer David \rise. of McSherrystown. Several More Bucks Killed on Mountain this Week. South . the 5-year-old daughter of Mr. and Taverns · t miiiinnmnnni!iH«!minnnimnniiniiiniinniimHHn»iuiinHHiHUffliinaii'«HH«HaHinc The Harrisburg Patriot says: "The i afford to miss "Where Is My Wander- j On Mondav William Robert, of the j Gettysburg Scrubs who had arranged J ing Boy", which comes TO Walter's ! Cashtown Club. shoV a six prong buck. ~~ * ^ --·"- "- ' ' · i we j.r n j n gr ISO pounds. J to play Saturday's game with the 1 Theatre this Tuesday night, ihe play YOUR - TURKEY - Wifl taste better If you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Day. We have- a large variety of choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. OLD FASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY j Harrisburg Academy team on the j appeals to every father, mother and j Xhe Kane Club got two bucks on .Academy field this afternoon at 2:30 [child, playing to more young men and Monday, Lewis Kane killing one with · o'clock- cancelled for a second time ! young ladies than any other attrac- | e ;ght prongs and weighing ISO pounds: rlate last night, the college author- j don. Every situation in the piay is in-| aiic j Charles Cool killing a 115 conr.i Charles club, killed a 150 prong ' the play is moral and up- j tells a beautiful s'tory well; the college jities declaring that becau ilege author-1 don. Every situation in the play is in-| ar .d Charles Cool killing a 115 ise several of j erescing; every scene in the play mag- i s nike buck. On last Wednesday i | the players had broken training on a jnificent. making in all one of the very j y^ger. of the" same · recent, trip, no more games would be 1 best attractions on the road to-day, j pound. S prong buck, ed d"""g the present season. An · The tone of the nipt -aras made by the Academy ·, lifting. It tells t .urs. John Wheriey. of ; last week. 1 For some time Lela, the 7-year-olc ' daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charle; ; Hartman. of Gettysburg, has been iil On Saturday the child was taken to the office of Dr. T. H. Wertz. in Hanover, and an operation for the removal of her tons:ls and adenoids was per- fomied. SHRADER--HEMLER \Ir. Shrader. of Irishiown, and 3Iis» Hemlcr. of Mt- Rock, Married. BIBLE MEETING John Shrader, son of Mr. and Mrs. ienry Shrader. of Irishtown, and Miss %lsie Kernler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Kemler. of near Mt. Rock, -. ere married in Conewago Chapel, bj Rev. German-uS Kohl, Sunday evening, at 7 o'clock- 70 POUNDS OF HONEY ] attempt | players to arrange TX play at Gettys- 1 burg font "this was declared impossible I and the game was abandoned. The I advertisement; s Academy players are bitterly dis- ] ] appointed as they had worxets hard for j j this game, desiring: to close the season | constructed, depicting the life and 1 struggles of tha "Wandering Boy".-- YOUTHFUL OFFENDER TOWX PROPERTY SOLD j Ice and Storage Company Bu3's Wash- ] } Biennial MecJing to be Held at Mum- 1 ir.asbursr this Week. Street Property. . witu -victorv. ' I C. A. iiershey is having a registered ; I stock sale on March 16.--advertise- S Fourteen Year Old Boy Accused Stealing: Money and Cigars. The Gettysburg 1 Ice and Company has purchased on Storage private The secor.d biennial Bible meeting v.i3s be held in the Mumrnasbarg Mennonite church Xovember 27 to CO, the first sen-ice being held ThurscUy os ! ORDER your "Thanksgiving John Sheeiy, a fourteen year old boy, is in the Adarns County jail 1 announce*. charged with entering the store room -- · ice Sot George Rafrensperger near Xewi FURXISHED rooms for rent with terms the Sheafer house arid lot at the' morning and the last or. Sunday even- correr of Xorth Washingtoa^and. Eail- ing. The addresses -will be ir.ade by road streets. The company's plans re-' Abram Metzler. of Martinsburg. and gardisig the property have r.ot Leen ' by S. B. Landis, of Elizabethtown. j LOST Sunday between Gettysburg : ar.d Chambersburg. silver pin, Jade · creani no-sv. See Gettysburg Ice and I Storage Company ad on another page. ' --advertisement 1 1 NOTICE: a public meeting will be i held at Biglerville School House. Tues- iday evening, November 25th, at eigh't _. ,,, B-j/v I ^«**J' ^- ' 1 ^ i *»»*t», -'V.S-»""V* «.^*,««, w ^.--,..^ Almond Taffy, 40 cents *., Butternut Tafiy, oO cents lo., Peannfc xafry,.20 j 0 , dock for the purpose of electing 11 cents lb., Daily at. Peanut Brittle, 10 cents lb. Ice Cream Taffies, 10 cents lb.--Fresh GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN charter members for the Junior Hose and Truck Company, of Bigierville. By order oE committee.--advertisement 1 Chester, taking mor.ey, cigars, etc., · bath-room convenience. For particu-' se'cthig. F. H. W. on back. Reivard. Re- !ars call at 223 East Middle street.--'' turn Times Office.--advertisement advertisement valued at §0.50. The boy's father is dead and he lived -s-lth his usicle. -James Morrison, below Guldens Station. The arrest was made by John Wolf, constable of Straban township. HOUSE for sale or ren't in Bigier- ville. Apply to Willis H. Lady, 223 East Middle^street, Gettysburg.--advertisement 1 Big Find of Honey Made at the Springs HoteL Worknien employed at the Springs Hotel came upon a swarm of bees be- .Aveen the -walls on Monday and discovered ^seventy pounds of fine honey. RELIGIOUS notice: a series of re- ·jval meetings will begin at Center Mills U. B. church, Tuesday evening, and on Wednesday evening the members of Biglerville U. B. church will ittend in a body. Transportation will be provided. Everybody is cordially invited to attend. Communion services .vill be held at Biglerville on Sunday, Xovember 30th at eleven a. m.; at KODAKS, films, everything in Ko- i November 29. at one o'clock. See ad- FURNITURE auction. Saturday, j Mount Hope on Sunday, December 7th dak line always fresh. Store.--advertisement Huber's Drug vcrtisement. Chas. S. Mumper and Co. --advertisement 1 FOR RENT: three rooms. Furnish- A special Thanksgiving dinner will ed or unfurnished. 161 N. Washington be served at Hotel Gettysburg Thur?- m the morning: at Mount Caraiel ,he afternoon. The Sunday School at Biglerville will hold their Christmas services on December 24th at 7 p. m. An excellent program is being prepared for the occasion. E. W. Canoles, street--advertisement. day. 75 cents.--advertisement 1 · pastor.--advertisement. KWSPAPLRl

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