The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 8, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1818
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S. EVENING PORT. HRh 4859 - , ' - v THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 1818. ! i NO. 42 PINE - STREET. "77 - r nr AMERICAN PACKETS a,.' - - w. y - w w BETWEEN YORK tt LIVERPOOL' IN order to furnish frequent and 'Jar wnvey - .SceirbrGOODS acd PASSENGER he .uhribe - s have undertaken to establish a line NEW - YORK and LIVERPOOL - oai,from ach P,(vc on a certain day inevery month throughout 'he year The following ,etlt, each about toi burthen, Save been fitted out forthi.pur "shp AMITY, John Stanton, matter. - COURIER, Wm. Bowoe, PACIFIC, Jno. Williams, - w.h!llM, JAMES MONROE. Jamet WtttiMW. . j .t.. :.,., inn of the owners that one "The - hips bccl1 b"at New Jork', and are coppered and cpp - r - S - nUT They are known to be remark a - tf;Srter.,d their accommodation, lor SLewrert are uncommonly extentive and com. KSioSa. They are all .early new excep tthe Kcifici she has been some years id the trade, but has been recently thoroughly examined, and to found to be perfect! round in every retpect The eommandert of them are all men of great experience and activity ; and they will do all in Se'Slpower to render (hew Packet. el.hle to yTyences for passengers, ltis also th?Ahal the reeularity of their time, of tailing, and the ex cellenf condftioa in which they deliver thesr car - roes, will make them very desirable opportunt - jet for the conveyance of goodt. It is it - tended that this ettablishment .hall com - menrebythe departure of the JAM fca MONROE, from NEW - YORK on the 5th. and the COURIER from LIVERPOOL, on the 1st of Firat Month (January) neJtt 5 nd one f the ves - tel. will uil at the .tune period, from each place in every succeeding month. w 1 ISAAC WRIGHT & SON, FRANCIS THOMPSON, BENJAMIN MARSHALL, JEREMIAH THOMPSON. 10re.o24 J .tVK zALK AM' THE SHtP - XARU Ut THE SUBSCRIBER, a si ftflP. imw huilJIn? of the best materials about 100 tons; timber, oflive l,b inMiat anil cedar: bottom plank Jersey whiU.oak, built on purpose for the Albany trafle. , , . , , A SLOOP of 50 tons calculated for IjHPv any trade where dwpateh, burthen, and illlieasy draft of water is required. '. a - ....:. - .., KfMinnrR. nf anion - . rm taua w w' - - i will draw but little water, with a lee - board through the centra of her keel, - and 14 expected to mil very fast. Also, a SHIP of 360 too, calculated w'fcAjv for a Liverpool or London trader, (that j jjgcan be finished to suit the purchaser.) Hj - ' Span, timber and plank. Also, timber i i n r i nor 6 tl CHARLES BROWNNE. For Sale, Freight or Cltarter, i The ttauncn, good, last lauuig ong Ef NYMPH. 167 ton. burthen, one year ulJ, hi good order to receive a cargo Apply on board at fctephen't wnan, or k N. L. tt G. GRISWOLD, . dec 17 - 88 5outh - t. For SJLt - ., Tlie verrfast sailinr .loop PARA GON. Child, ni Alter; burthen 66 ions, "built at Middletown, (Conn.) by Mr.Thonas Child, of the best material; haa made one Toyafre to the Wt Indie., is one year old, rnd can be sent to sea immediately. For term, apply to the master, on board ai Burlinp - slip, or to GR1SWOLU3 8c COATES. dec 18 68 South - ttreet. For Sale, Freight or Charter, The good, fast .ailing .hip MIRROR, .325 too. burthen, 1 1 - 2 year old, ttrong vend, well .ecured and in gond order to receive a cargo Apply on board, eajttide Flv - market dtp, or to N.L. G.GRIiV OLD, dec 17 86 South - it - For GIBKALTAK, The fait .ailinx brir LAURA - ANN. ,r. t . iomn, mafer; dm one accommo dation, lor paneogert. For freight of 500 bar reli or pa.tage, apply to the captain on board, wett aide Surling - .lip, or to N. L. G. GRISWOLD. dec SO . K6 South - .treet. For S.1LE, The new and fast .ailing brig FAME .built of the best seasoned timber, and faithfully put together, her rigging and saiU are of excellent quality, this vcasel i. well calouUted for a Southern Packet, having handsome accommodationa For term, and a view of her inventory, .'pply to GR1SVVOLDS & COATES, dec 15 68 &outh - .tn - et. For Smle. Frnvhl ar t'hnrtrr. I The brig AMERICAN, burthen 500 .tons. Aai'.i fait, u well (nun.! anil ran h rat to lea immeJiatelr. This hri old, wa. built of the best material, and wai employed the latt year a. a packet between thi port and Savannah, lie. at Murry'. wharf Apply to G RIS WOLDS tt COATF.S, ec 15 63 Son'h - ft r f T - ' or lSae ' reigAi or Vkarlrr. viii The excellent brig RI.SING SUN, i w". Napier, mailer, burthen one hun dred and fire torn, will taw ahnnt om tn.L ( two year, old, nils fast and can be tent to sea uuuiouiaieiy Aiipiy to ine captain on board at 1 the foot of Harrison - street, or to JOHN BYER3. Who hat for Sale, - - 1500 bbl. ground plaster of Pari. 600 ton. Nova Scotia plaster 120 do French do iu loll to nit pur - users Apply a. above. dc 11 tf tirr for HORDKALX, V f 5l he rt,iP DRAPER, W. Adam. J 1 master, a fir .t w ith immediate dispatch. . For freight or pas - .Lire. ihhi . . r " - itv ui master on board at Fir larket wharf, or to 3 J dec9tf b. AV. UOGER3 tt CO. The elerant rUini k., ...n - A I .,'RT. 1 Q i .1 . uuruico, copperea " J'1? fit rate wiler, anj 5, DOw ia ai.i term, apply to A. WE9TON. dec 86 Sw ' . - , rn Ri.i:. , vb?a The (nbitaitial fast aailinr shin commence loading on Monday, having nearfy " v J? f her car,ro re,dJ 'to P w rd. ! iT d"P - tched without delay. For freight about 250 cisks fiaxsced, cotton, or cabin rtevag pasaage, having excellent ac - t eowimodaUona, apply to . . s - . ' ' " THOS. S. WALSIL d;l3 lift ' TP.1?"01 1 bie. Unl vHl fcot - V1 - lon. - landunt from the Khooner Milo. from "nofi, ir .a'e bT " . . ROBERT GILLESPIE, 17 i 112 Front reet. BRISTOL BF - OWN 5TOUT. rv .:aka Bristol brown .tout, warranted I i)U eaual tj any ever imported, in casks of 6 1 - 2 doxen botileior aie vy , U. W, KUUMIS K L.O. ,ec 10 235 Pearl - street. CALCUTTA GOODS. Dv bale. Calcutta Good., couisting of Alleabaa Lu( kipore Jngdea, SBAFTAS, . and V Callaimtty J ' Khoirabad'1''! CHOWDAGARY, A I lea bad, 1 Oxin;hur, and MAMOODY. Joicingpore ) . Alluabnd, ) Khoirabad and EMERTY. Lowherpore ) Fine J all al pore and Muddon Sawn Fine Chaodixire, Cossas , Beerboom Gurraha Coramuze 1 Mobaraguogee Bandanna mi I I HDKFS. Lungee Aubdy Silk A Just received and for sale bv GOODHUE & CO. dec 11 44 South - street BLOOM R AISINS 1,586 boxes bloom Rai - sins, landing from brig Cornelia, for sale by N. L. & G. GRISWOLU, dec ill 86 South - st. PUSSIA SEAL SKINS it DUCK. - 500 large . . a ,v . I . f a I A J...a t,.m XI SKins. and luu oouinrei qumuT out, ivi sale by jostrn wo dwivh, m nnnelr4 - CIIl - fc01AT dec 30 za ooum - sireeu HURD & SEWALL, No. 65 South - street, offer for sale 200 (on. PSI old table iron 60 do GAD and COND do 30 do Swedes square do 25 bundles Swedes steel 100 bolts half duck, or heavy ravens 160 do 1st quality ravens duck 100 p.. do Russia heeting. 25 bales Beerboom gurtah. 16 do Calcutta ami B onw gore check. 10 do rooty romalls, and gilla bdkf. 2 do blue mamoodies 5 case, gum benjamin, 5 do gam copal 1000 gunny bag?, 6 bales leuna leaf 4 cases beads, necklaces, fcc. calculated for the N. West and Span. America 3 do English writing and letter paper 4 do .uperf. London mad hat 6 do domestic .tripes, ginghams and ticks 6 do Bohemian picture glas 250 kegs cut nail?, assorted size. 400 boxes American window glas, assorted sizes itc dc 27 COTTON. lTOR SALE. 52 bales r.f Uohnd Cotton, new " crop, landing fiora the owner Maria, from Charleston, uiuuire lio i cari - sireei, up siuirs dec 29 C1AUPETS. 2 bales MirJiiore Curjiets, just received, and fur sale by GEO. AV. TALBOT, dec 29 55 Pine - street.' FLAXSEED H FLOUR. 28 tierce. Flaxseed 250 barrel superfine Southern Flour, jwt re - raved, and for ale by HENDERSON it CAIRNS, - dec 27 . 81 Pine - street. 'fHOKEcf, DAV'tDriOiH ai CO. otlerior.ate J. at 106 Froat - street, i - 9 pipe, fine old Madeira Wine 10 cAk Glasiwarc, airarted 60 trate. Earthrnware ' ' - . 5 caes low priced Fowling Tiecei 3 do lrih Linen 1 do dark Hred Cotton. dec 23 KilllCimSU TKA. rtlHIRTY boxe. Souchong Tea, auperior JL quality, Uaaton's cargo, lor sale ny llURl) it SEWALU dec 23 65 South - street. NAVAL, STORES. 107 bbls Soft Turpen - tine, for .ale by POTT & M'KINNE, dec 20 60 trwith - street. I JAl I IN lit. 1 case Fleniib P.autmics, re L ceived per Janus, from Hottrrtfam. for sale oy KUiibKi tiiuutsrii, dec 17 112 Vrnnl - etirei. ' ODOR OK KtLS. A FEW pound bottles oi Odor of Roes, just .a. received irom amy roa, ami lor saw - y dec 22 ROBERT LENOX. 1 JtiAUY, ALNE, RAtiS, 4lc 36 pipes ee ti rarKiy 150 or. casks Colmenar Wine. sop. quality 50 do Sweet Malaga, very old 40 bale ItHlian Rag 300 chest. r'lorenrt - Oif, 30 bettie. ea h 100 boxe. do 12 bottle, do 3 bale. Italian Writing Paper 100 do Gaiette do 1 box French Kid Glove. ' 1 do Engraving., 9 caws Felt Hat. 10,000 Gunny Baes, for sale by CHAo. I j. OGDEN, and ' ABM. OGDEN, Wasluugton - tt. nov 28 f tO I'TON. 35 bales New - Orleans Cotton Kj 20 bales prime Upland do. new crop, just receivta sua mr saie ny WALSH ti GALLAGHER, dec tO 66 South - street. DUTCH GOODS, tc A small invoice consisting of Marbles, slates, .lite pencil Snuffboxes, violina. violin slicks Tortoise shell work boxes Tortoise shell tea caddies Cornelian ear rinjrs, coral do gold seals Silver purses, lead pencils Porcelain tea and coffee cups and saucers Cologne water, &c. received per bttg Janus, from Rotterdam, for sale by . UOBT. GILLESPIE, dec 30 112 Front - street. 1LAN.S.LS, HNS, acc - A lew bales assorted flannels, white, red and yellow Do fine and superfine white do. very wide Green table covers, from 5 qr. to 8 by 10 Men and women, cotton stocking ' - . ' Do do white silk do A few cases London mixt pint, in 1 - 2 tt 3 - 4 lb , Do pack pine, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2 and 5 1 case mourning pins, 1 do tltort whits do . White chapel needles, assorted, No. 1 to 10 I case books and eyes 1 do brats and tteel top thimble. Brats and card wire For sale by t ATKINSONS tt FLEMING, dee 22 lm 167 Pr art - it. OOLCOTHA. - t casks first quality Colcotba, J for tale by dec 23 TUCKER I LAURIES, 29 buutb iirwL rpUKKS laLANUa L i. sWH) Uutiiett X seJt, direct from Turks Island, 'will be ready for delivery akwgiide any vessel oa Moo - day morniojaext For tale by " TUCKER S LAtRin?, dec 27 29 Soath - st. FLOUR, TOBACCO, tc 1200 lIlt Hicb - mnnd, Petertborend Firdericktbarg Floor 18 bhd prime Leaf Tobacco - 38 baJes Upland Cnttoisuttrry roperiorqnaK - lanaing rrora fliffeirnt rentei. ann h sale bv WALSH 4 GALI.AGHEB, dec 6 66 South - street. T1ATENT SHOT. A few bags of No. 6, 7 JL tt 9 forsaleby TTCKEB & LAURIES. dee 12 , 29 South - street F I LOUR to COTTON. 158 bblt superfine Virginia r lour. haloa nrima ITnlaiul f!nftnn. nf thi new CroD. received per sloop Jay, and for sale by flelS AVALSH tc GALLAGHER. Ci OT ION. 48 balet Upland Cotton, ol the new crop and of a superior quality, landing from the ship Cotton Plant, from Savannah, for tale by TOWNSEND tt WHITE, nov 27 92 South - ttreet. UM, GIN, c SiO tihdi. first proof new 11 Mum, 25 bblt. first proof Country Gio to tmaii boxes imperial i ea cheats Young Hyton do. im hoes J. Wait's Chocolate 60 bags Race Ginger, (entitled to debenture) 1UU keg. ( reru) ground oo 20 bales Prime Cuna Tobacco 25 do do St. Domingo do 1 case Bengal Indigo 5 hhdt and 50 bbls Loaf and Lump Sugar For .ale by JACKSON AVOOLLEY, dec 16 75 AVall - .lreet. - rlHAM fAiGNE. A lew cases stall and ipark j lin Phttmnfticrni.. nf inn. mial. inst receiv - ed per olut, from Havre, lor ia4e by HENDERSON CAIRNS, . a A. n . flee II Ol rMie - iwrr v. COTTON. OIXTY - FIVE balet nrime new croo Upland O Cotton, landing from schr. Milo, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by GRISWOLDS ft COATES, dec 15 68 South - street. 1 LOUR 350 bbls. supl. New - fork Flour, V 25 do. fine do 18 do Middlings For tale by TOWNSEND & AVHITE, 11 mo 29 92 South etreet. 11 E A, 40 boxes Souchong Tea, superior quality, Canton't cargo, for tale by HURT) & SEWALL. dec 15 65 South - ttreet. Tlf USKETS, INDIGO, lie. 50 boxet 1TX. Freuch & German muskets, entitled to debenture 7 ceroons first quality flotant indigo 13 boxes well assorted tape. No. 11 to 25 4 do flaxen linnen " 2 bbl. while lead 9 do Orchal (or Lit mm) - For sale by J.C. ZIMMERMAN, oct 29 72 Washington - street. 3ICTUREand WIN DOW GLASS. 5 cases t Swedi - h Picture Glas., 18 by 21, 19 by 22, and 20 by 24, 3U0 boxet Window uiast, o dv u, to iu uj iz, for tale by - . . i " t - r mini r dec 15 65 South - ttreet. CJEINK TWINE. 8 caikt seine twine, of a O tUDerior aualitv. received per ship Amity, from Liverpool, for sale by dec 19 1. itlMnuiMi fllEA. U5 chests young hysoa tea, cargo of JL thip Nancy 24 chests young hyson tea, cargo of ship Natchez 9 9 do vounsr hvson. 3 do hrson, cargo of shin Phoenix, all fresh and of superior quality, for tahsby GEO. W. TALBOT, dec 19 . as nne - n. DUTCH GOODS, etc. A small invoice con - siatingof Marbles, glatet, Slate Penoils, . Stiuff Boxet, Violins, Violin Sticks, - Tortoiee shrll work Boxes, ' Tortoise shell tea Caddies, Cornelian ear rings, Coral do. Gold Seals, Silver Purses, Lead Pencils, Porcelain Tea and Coffee cups and saucers, Cologne Water, c. Received per brig Jannt, from Rotterdam, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, drc 17 lit r reni - street. OLD COPPER. 4 caikt old Copper, just received, aud for sale by. TUCKER tt LAURIES, dec 19 29 South - ttreet SAND and LIME - STONE. WANTED, 100 to 200 tont of Demarara Sand, and 50 to 100 ton of Gibraltar of Wett India Lime - i tune, if application it made immediately to CAMBRELENG bl PEARSON, dec 20 67 South afreet MANUFACTURED l - OBACOO 'J50 kegs, now landing from achri. Rote in Bloom and Cyane, from Richmond, of various brands, sis. ' 86 kegs br D. R. Rom, 81. Not. 1, 2 and 4 - 72 do. P. Holts, 8's. Not. 1, 2 and 3 57 do. J. ti. Kge, 8's, Not. 1 and 2 43 do. R. Cantor, 8's, Not. 1,2 and 3 35 do. B. H. Brady, 8's, No. 3 57 do. J. Frankliu, 8's, No. 3 ALSO, 12 bbls. Jones' Philadelphia Scotch SnulL warranted, lor sale by nVc30 Iw i,ori DUB013. I TOBACCO tt FLOUR. bhd. prime old JL leaf tobacco, landing from schr. Sea Lio from Richmond. IK STORX, 10n0 bblt. Richmond mperfine flour 75 do . do fine dp For tale by TROKES, DAATDSON ft CO. dec 30 108 Front - ttreet. 3 4 T01UCLU 6l FLOUR. - jT hods new Richmood tobacco 20 do old do do 13 do Petersburg do 300 bbls Philadelphia superfine flour Landing from bne Rising Sun, and tchrt In dian Hunter, Sen Lion, and Brothers For salebv BOOR MAN & JOHNSTON Abo, in store 500 bbls superDue Kicnmonu flour : 200 do I'rterborg uo. dec 27 mOBACCO. FLOUR tl COITON. 18 JL hhds prime leaf tobacco . 200 bbls Virginia flour 20 bales prime upland cotton, received per sloop Cashier, from Petersburg, and for sale by WALSH C UALt.Vt.llr.K, dec 23 bb bouui - atreet F LOUll ii COTTON - lUO bbls. Richmond Flour 4 balet prime Upland Cotton, for tale at 106 t root - street, oy ilecKi I KOKt.a, IJAIUSO.v OHtP, WHITE Lr.AU, &.c. A lew tont O Patent Shot, from BB to 10 A few casks Dry White Lead 3 too best !. ia nil, in 88 ol 56ib. kegl 25 casks best Red Lead 6 roll Sheet do. 10 hhdt Paris White, of a superior quality ' 4 raiks Yellow Ochre, dry Red, Yellow and Black Paints, in kegs of 1 tvrt. eac h A ftwratkt Fig Blue BInck Varnish in keg of 4 gallons each Window Gkm 7 - by 9. 8 br 10. It bv 9. and 12 by 10 for by dec 'lm 167 P.r.street, I O.tDON lUa 1 Aril'. 60 botes first i;uart - Li ty, iresh Loodno Mnttard in hoxes contain - 15 6 dozen each, for e Vy .... 1 UAUKIt, ' tect y ' ' ' 29 Sonth - street " rLOUKuxl TOBACc6. - w.C0 bam Is supf ? Flour, tod . r 23 ke - s Maufacrur'd Tobacco, branded Wells 0'1 Dunn, taoding from scbrs.' Cashier, Sc. from retersbwtr, for sale by ' . , . D1V1E BETH ONE ic CO. .. .tfceS4 91 C. H. Slip, JAMAICA RTTUT JL 1 Ikm;.. J O Hum. t do. do. very old, and of superior quality 2 hhdt. Molattet 1 do Castor Oil, 2 bags Pimento 4 casks Copper A quantity of Lance wood Spars Landing from schooner Rover, from Port Maria, and for sale by POTT & M'KINNE, dee 17 58 South - street. LOT ANT INDIGO. 15 seroons Flotant latfigo, just received and for sate by - G. G. ti S. HOW LAND, dec It 77 Wathingtnn - street. flag hdkfs. tt crapes. ONE case flag Hdkfs. 3 cases Canton Crapes, landin bT JOSEPH O! : and for tale BORN, dec 30 28 South - street. 71'IADEIRA WINE. L. P. Madeira Wine LVX A ruperior quality, in pipes, qr. caakt and ni. qr. catxs, lor sale in quantities to tun purchasers, by R. & C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. dec 12 THIRTY torn St Domingo Logwood 3 do Red Wood 3 do Nicaragua ; 2 do Eoglith Allum ' 4 do Copperat 3 do Dry White Lead ; 1 do Ground do 2 do Red Lead r Spanish Brown, Venetian R4 Whiting, Paris Wbite, - nnd Litharg. 2000 lb African Gum Copal 1000 do K. India do do 2500 do French Verdigris 260 do Chinese Vermillion Forsaleby RIPLEY & WELD, 192 Front - ttreet, corner of Kultou - ttreet. nov 14 ri 'OBACCO & FLOUR. 17 hhds Irish mar - J. ket Tobacco - " .6 do prime new crop do 87 bblt superf Flour, Landins from schooners Native and Remit tance, (or sale by LI. Ubl HUBt ct W dec SO 92 Coffae - House - slip. . MA RSEJLLES QUlf.TS. ONE rate tuperfins, Marseille, quilts, from 5 - 4 to 14 - 4, forsaleby MARCH LOW, dec 19 210 Broad war. GAMBKELENO tt PE.RSOJN, offer for tale at 67 South - ttreet 500 half chettt Kampoy Tea 500 do and cani.ters Souchong Tea 1 10 bags double boiled Calcutta Sugar 250 tons Rutrian and SwediUt Iron, flat and . tquare, assorted 100 tont plate Stovct, Pig Iron, Iron Wire and sheet Iron 60 piecet heavy bear Ravent Duck 6 pipet and half pipes Madeira Wine 14 do Sicily Madeira do 150 boxes Florence Oil 100 boxet Gorgona Anchovies 200 bags Salt Petre, very tuperior quality 8 casks Earthenware An atsortment of Glassware, Apothecaries thnp Furniture, ic. A tmall invoice of Druj;t ' Boston Beef No. 2, and Mess Dutch Slatet, Box Wood, Ueadt Toilet Glastes, ami Tovt. dec 22 B OMBAZETS. 1 cate black aud col'd, just received, and for talc bv dec 20 P2 C. II. Slip r 1GNUMVITAE. 10 tont first quality Lig sj naaviiae, lor saie ny - .. . . TUCKER H LAURIES, teo 19 - 89 South - street SPANISH BRANDY. 20 pipet Bpani.h j tsroody ot good qualitv, lor tnie ny . . , N. L. G. tiRISWOLD, dec 16 86 South - street lA TALONIA WLE. 10 pipes superior quality, Uatalonia Wine, entitle to draw ba - k, lor taie ny . bouuiiuLtitu. dec 18 44 SoiiUi - itreet UNBLEACH'D SHIRTINGS, GINGHAMS, etc. &c A FEW cases of Unblencfi'd Shirlingt, juat re ceived. Alto, handsome pattern! of Gins hams, maue (rout Sea Island yarn, from No. 28 ta 32, and a general atsortment of cotton and woolen domettic goods. Also cotton yarn, par ucuiany low numoern, tor saie oy me COMMISSION COMPANY, dec. 23 148 Ptail - itreet "AIL - 95 boxet Florence Oil, 12 bottles each V landing at Old - slip, and for tale by CAMBRELENG St PEARSON, dee. 23 . C7 South - ttreet IRISH MARKET TOUACCO. - 50 blul I prime Tobacco, an entire? parcel, landing thit lay irons me tioop niernnmr. iroro mrnmono rorsaieby viviz BBTHUSKato. dec 26 92 (.nffee House - slip JlIILAUELfHIA LOlK. 300 bhls su JL perfine Philadelphia flour, landing from brig Kiting sun, lor sale By . DOORMAN St JOHNSTON. Alto in Store, 500 bblt Richmond luperfine floor 200 do Petersburg do do 19 do Richmond fine do dec 26 rLU MADEIRA WINK. 16 piliet fine old London Particular Madeira Wine, which hat been in the West Indies for improvement For tale by. TUCKER LAURIES, dee 3d 29 South - street. T 'UKK3 - ISLAND SALT. 2400 husnelt brieht Turkt Iiland Salt afloat, and readv lor delivery, ior saie ny TUCKER & LAURIES, dec 30 29 South - ttreet , . ... - MADEIRA WINE. LONDON Particular Madeira Wine, of the most approved brands, in pipes, hoesheads aoo qusner caias, ui ior lmmeaiaie use, war ranted pure as imported, and well worth the at tention of private families ; will be sold at rea sonable prices, and in quantities to luit purcba - tert, oy 1 UtKLK L.ALKI1.3, nov 28 No. 29 South - street, SALT. rTHEcarcoofbrie Atlantic, lying at Peck J. slip, coniistine of 4000 biisliels Turks - Is land aair, 01 nrst quality, ior sale by n. siv. w. uAvtnruKi ctu. dec 23 - 35 Peck - slip. FKEHt MALAGA FKUIT - 75 casks Sua Raisins; I50ooxcs Bloom do. 100 do. Mus catel do. of the brig Neptune's cargo, for sale ny u.u. s. huwlam;, nov 25 77 Washington - ttreet. TOBACCO, FLOUR. c KKJObblt Rich JL mood, Pelenburg and Fredericktbgrg riour - , 13 hhd pnme old leaf Tobacco 10 hhdt new do 4J kret Labbv't common Tobacco 38 bales prime Upland Cotton, landinr. and ior saie ny & UAL,L.Atni.K, dec 30 68 Snutb - street. L?LOUR & TOBACCO 246 bblt Flour, 16 J. hhdt. prune A ircinia Tobacco. 50 koei tweet scented Manufactured Tobac co, branded Danlop 00 kegt common quality do landing rromtenrt. FJixa, and Ana AMarv, foraale at 92 C. H.slip, by . DIV1E BETHUNE & CO.. deeeji. - OKOUSI) PUISfKH OF FA HIS. 1 Cf"k bbb grood plaster ofparis, tnita - X J" " ble for the southern market. ' For tale by ' JOHN BYERS, dec 27 lw Toot of Uanitoa - rtrtet. NOTICE. (tV The Subscriber, in behalf of himself and hit associates, gives notice, that an application wm De made to tne honorable the legiilatureot this state, at its next session, for aa Act to incor porate a Bank with a capital stock of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, and with leave to in crease it to One Million ; to be located north east of Beekman - ttreet in the cilv of New - York, and to be called " The Frankhn Bank of the city of Naw - York." Dated New - York, 16th Dec. 1817. By order of the Associates, dec 30 tf NOA H BROW N, SecVy, OCT P - MAVERICK, Engraver, of Newark, has recommenced tuiiness, in New - York, under the firm of P. MAVERICK tl DURAND. corner of Pine - street and Broad war in the rear of the Literary Rooms of Mettrt. J. Eattburn & Co. Orders received by Mettrt. East burn & Co. oct 16 3m fj The public is respectiuliy iut'ormeri, that the celebrated Female, known in Enelandand on the Continent of Europe by the appellation of tne ALBINESS. is now on a tour through the United States, and purposes remaining a few weeks in the city of New - York. The singularity of this interesting Female hat attracted the attention ami admira tion of the Roval Family, Nobility and Gentry ol I n..Ll' I 1' t L I L L Lionaon, ltudiio ana CAjinuurg ; tne na oeen nnn. ored with the presence and npproval of the Princ Kegcnt, tne rnncess ciiarioite ol saxe uobniirg, the Uulchess ol Oldenburgh, the f.mperor ol Jlyt tia. Kins; of Pruttia, Duke of Wellington, and o ther illuitriout personages ; Sir Joseph Banks, and the Grit characters of the faculty, have universally acknowledged her to be the most atton - ithing rnenomenoa ever known. She will receive the vitits of Ladies and Gen tlemen from 11 o'clock in the forenoon till 3 in the afternoon, at the City Hotel, Broadway. ' Admission 60 cents. Tickets to be had at the Bar. Jan21w INESTI VIABLE iJlnCOVtiRY. TTEALTH preserved and restored witliout JL JL edicioe or Quackery, which often dr. stroys the delicate constitution and debilitate? the strong Colds brmcr on the most alarming disorders, wi'Ji those torturinc rheumatic paum, lumbago, gout, &c. which all the faculty hav not beeu able to eradicate. To prevent is bet ter than to cure. l R. YEO has prepared (from a receipt of r. very eminent physician) leather (of which hi makes shirts) of the most vital and nutritinu' quality, which will prevent all the above mentioned complaints. They produce au anima' heat to the body, which cannot be obtained frooi flannel, patent fleecy hosiery, or lamb's woo: - - they absorb all perspiration, and resist all th' humidity that injures the human frame thry are toft and pleasant to wear and do not produt that irritability that it so unpleasant in flunno'. Those who have favored him wUh their orders have declared their atoni$'hment at the benefi derived from them. To be had of RICH'I YEO, breeches maker and leather dres - er, 16' Water - ttreet where also may be had lealhci pantaloons, doe tkin vests, all kinds of gloves and mittens of the best quality, wholesale ard retail, at the shortest notice. dec 31 2w iJf DIGESTION OH SOUR STOMACH IS acknowledged by medical writers to be ; complaint of stubnorn kind, and at all time very difficult of cure. Thit is sufficiently illut trated in the ditappointment of those who unfor natelv suffer under it. at thev. for the roost pur find that after having trk'd many thing, to litt or no purpose, they are at latt obliged to ute (,! rjerhanstlie remainder ofhTel such articles a can at best but palliate the disease. Under tucii circumstances, any medicine capable of rero i ving the complaint, must surely be nn aiiicii hiehlv deservine the attention of all those win are afflicted with it ; such a combination it to U met with in Dr. MF..1WS AJx TI - DiStr TIC or STOMACH PILLS the tuccett which hat never yet been equalled, for tbe cure 01 dyspepsia 111 its moil com plicated lorm, sut.ii at lost or appetite, nausea, heart burn, fiatulen - v. knawinE pain in the ttomach pain in th tide, great eottiveneti, palenest in the counte nance, laneuor. lownett 01 apiritt, pain 10 tin. - hoad, virtigo orgiddinets, and disturbed sleep Whoever applies these pills in the above diieau, accordinK to the directions, will never be ditap - pointed, ai Uiey have never been once known to lad in producing a radical and permanent cure The me of a single box will convince the most unhelievine of their flicacv. i bey will m tt effectually remove all tournett of the ttomach, not 'merely br neutralirint the acid, but by cor reeling that morbid state 01 ue tecrcuont wnirv tivet rise to it, and at trie tame ume win re ttore to the debilitated orsant ol'diifeition. the' tone and vigour which it abtolutely necetiary to the welt being of the animal economy. To be had at Brook k CarleH, Pearl - street, .... ... at J.C. Morrison's, Greenwich - ttreet, and at Hull Ar Bowne't 146 Pearl - ttreet, whrre drur - gitt and country dealers will be served on libe ral terms (Tj Price one dollar per box. dec : : 24 6 NEW PUBLICATIONS. fUST puhlithed and for tale by ELI AS VA I LENTJNE, at hi new Book Store, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - ttreet Bim;ley'i Uselu KnowK ilee. 3 volt, urice. Ml Doaras. 4 us The White Cottaze. a tale, price, in boards. dollar ; The Hem, or (he adventures of a night, a romance. 2 vols in one, price, in boards, 1 do) lar i The Kiiisht of St. John, by Miss Porter, 1 vols ; price 1 dbl. 75 cts in boards ; The Itinerant, or memoirs of an actor, part 2d, by 8. W. Hy - ley. j vo't in boaro, a dollars ; Balance oi wm - fort, or the old maid and married woman, a novel, by Mn. Ruts, 2 vols; Nancrede't abridge - . . - . i - . menioi urnia, oo poisoo, o oeis. in oonru,, w - gether with a general essortment of standard works. Visiting and address Cards neatly engraved. jan 3 , BOARD. A number of gentlemen can be accommodated with good boarding from the 1st of Novem ber next, at No. 91 Cherry - street. ort!6 2awtf ISl - AJfU iftCUA. TWENTY - FIVE bags of very superior quality Island cocoa, for sale by TUCKER k LAURIES, Jan 2 29 Soulh - st. PONGEES. 6 case superior, colored, fon - cces. for hatter's ute. jutt received and for I t C 1 nn Pl c - 7. f. tL - .D GOV Oec ZJ n i !oinn - srreef. LONDON BROWN STOUT, ALMONDS, Ac caiktHihbert't Browa Stout of very se - oj t - F perior quality, in fine condition and is re commended. . tvar i.a.vdkp, 25 bales fresh tuft thelkd Almonds, of fine quality x CO boxes Prunes, assorted sices, from 4 to IS lbs each, very superior Italian WaxCandlet '" Forsaleby . . , ' " A. UI.I.UI.I K OUJ, 12 Maides - Laoe. AlO. t . Ratpherry and Cherry Brandy . , Maitioiqueand FrrrKh Cordials ' Champaime, Fmntiuac, AA'ith a large attortment of teasoaaLle goodi. r' Ol TON ti IHUE3. 29 bales prime Se i . i i . . 8 do. do Upland Jo and 1000 dry ox hides for aale by ... SAUL ALLEY, . dec : 93 Knewtrcel Bankof.1merict.Dee. . Ibl7. (T4r Notice it hen by given to the St - H khold - ertoflhsBank ot America, that a dividend of two dollars and fifty cents on a share, for i mootht, ending oa the 31st inst. will bo paid at the Bauk, on Friday, the 2d JanuarjuvexL , By order ot the Board of Directors. " , " GEO NEW BOLD, Cashier. dec 201m PHfcMX BANK. ,. (XT3 A dividend of three per cent has been this day declared on the ttock of thit Bank, payable on the 2d January next. The transfer book will be closed on the 24th instant. By order of the Board of Director!, , . dec 20 D.I.GREENE. Caihier. (7 - H PATRICK DILLON, wholelt Tra - lee, in tlie County of Kerry, Ireland, in the year 1803, will trammit Mrs. ritrherry, of 7 take, hit addrrtt, it will be a particular advantage to both partiet." Tralec, October, 1815. The above it inserted at the request of Mr. Dillon's irkndi. Any communication on the tubiect will be thankfully received and transmitted hv dec 16 BENJ'N. W. ROGERS It CO. (pj - loAAC F. BRAG, Jatr teaihtr of writing in the Aoepbi School, respectiuliy an - " nounces the opening of a seminary n hit own ' account in the upper room ol the building lately occupied by Holmet ic Loofborrtw, at the corner of Eldridge and Pump streets, where he purposet instructing pupift 10 W ading, orthography, English grammar, writing, anti.metic, geo graohy, the drawing and cutourit g of mups, oo ik - lieeping, the mathematics and drawing The tuccets with which he has hitherto taught : Seamanship in tbe Adelphi School, and in Mrs., .uiilli'i Boarding School, Sic. embildcnt himto lirit the patronage of an enlightened and discriminating public, with a confident licpe that his' induttry will meet an adequate encourngtment ; and at the tame time that he leels all the Btixiety incident to anew and important undertaking, he lookt forward to Uie progieit of hit ettublith - ment with a cheerful determination to use bit at mott efforts to make it tatith.ctory to hit patroni, 1 each branch of a liberal Fnglir li Education. ' . N. B. An Evening Kbool it now open at I. F. B't retidence, 122 Haiman - ttreet. dec 17 1 ' The United Inturance Company tinvintf ieo diuolved agreeably loan act oil he legitla ture of the ttate of New - York, all pertont having :luimi against the tame are requested to present (hem to the tubK - nbers, at the office of E. El - mendorf. No. 143 Fulton - street ; and all pertont indebted are requested to make payment at the .ume place Dated 31 Nov. 1617. COM. ELMERDORV, 1 RODOLmcs BtOKHT, Truttees jsmii r. rii Boam,) nov 4 2m NO. ICE. ffr Public notice i. hereby ei v. n that the uhtcrihert intend to apply to the Legitlnture of o.e ttate of New - York, at their next tettion, for . a Act of Incorporation, incorpcrating them and 'le'ir estociaies by the name and ttvle of the' Franklin Inturance Company wiUi a capital of Five Hundred Thousand Dollart, for the purno - m ol making all tindt of inturance against fire, . ind on a lite or lives, and alto on the inland trans . fiortation of goodt, waret and merebnndixr. Bii.rnn.iv viiurv.r, BENJ L. SWAN, , ELIHA TIB BITS. dec4tf JOHN A DAM is. NOTICE. fty The tmderskrtd eive notice, that thev intend to apply to the legiilature of thit Btnte, ft their next tetsion, for an act to incorporate themselves and their aisociates into company, ' in the city of New - York, under the style of The North River Steam - Boat Company," with a capital of six hundred thousand dollars, ior the purpose of navigating with Steam Boat he waters of tbe North River. Dated tbe 2Sd ' day of December, 1817. ' - - - - - EDWARD P. LIVINGSTON - ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, CHAS. AUG. DALE, I. LYNCH, Jenr. . dec 22 r!6w EAGLE FIRE COMi'A Y. (rt - Notice it hereby given, that an election r thirteen Directors, for the eamine vear. will he held at the OiBceoJ the Company nnTuetdav. the thirteenth inst. from 10 A. M. until 2 o'clock. M. JNO. D.MEYER. Soc'ry. Jan t tJan 13 Ktri KKPLAN SOCtl TV. tr The Anniversary Concert of this Socie. ty, will be held at the City Assembly, on the lath ot January. I he members will receive their Tickets by applying at Nn. 206 Broadway, or at the prac tising room ot tne iwieiy dee 15 lm JOS. KMCHT, Secretary. NATIONAL .SsUllACE CUM I'A Y. THE Stockholder, are hereby notified, that tbe annual election for nineteen Directors will be btld at the office of the Company, 47 Wall - ttreet, oa Monday the 12th January nest. The poll will open at 12 and close at 2 o'clock owe Zl JOrl.iJ.JUJl r.S, 3;ry. NEW YOKK iNaUKANCE COMI'ANk. 'pHEttockbol.lertare hereby notified, that the I annual election for twrntv - one Dirvctort. will beheld at the office of the Company. 34 vv all - street, oa Monday, the 12th January next The poll will opeo at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, , and close at 2 o'clock. , C. O. SHIPMAN, Sec'ry. , dee 23 3 w Proposals WILL be received at tiie office of tbe Commissary General of Purchases, for sun - , pi) ing materials of Domettie Manufacture fur making Clothing for the Army of the United States, for the year 1818. at follows, vix : - ureysiotn, 0 - 4, ior great coats - Blue do do for roe ts, dy'd in indigo Black Cloth, for Gaitbers, 6 - 4 wide w7tewrBKerd7'! , Grey Sattinet 3 - 4 for jackett Flannel, of wool and cotton, for shirts, . Samples of the above will be lurnii bed. oo ap plication to this office, in jiersoe or by letter ; al so Tor thoes, leather caps, naoaert, tnorx stock ings, wings of worsted, rrsalets of worsted, and . for iron cainn kettles aod mesa pans. Sample of these articles may be teen oa application to the Commissary General, at Prriladernbia, or to the Deputy Commissaries, at New - York city, and at Newport Kentucky. , ; Commissary General's OSice, Philad'ia, ziw tecemaer, IH17. CALLENDER IRVINE, dee 26 3w Comra'y Gen. of Parchaes. M US 1 C; A I.L the Songs, Doettt, as song by Mr. Phi t. lippt at the New - Tork Theatre, for sale at War, UUBOIs Piano Forte and Music Store. No.t6Bsoidway. rfetioid in ims soit expressive ikxe . - The' love it warm awhile ...... ' Tit but f - ocy't tkrtch It there a heart that aevtr lov'd In rain ma v that boanrewtt quite deplore My early day what jca was thine Love's young dream 7 Thit blooming rose al early dawa . Robla Adair Beautiful MaW : ' tame awuad the trumpet Hadlaheast . lyoleea'sAower - , , : "" Dear rnafd I love thee , . ,. . Ah re oain was sever tee aid a faiiie tt tear Siwh nt fnr tnv . i , uenn wiui Km w - , a n celebrated serenade of come dtrirti . BirdDeett l - oiee Flora's wreath, s v - . - .. - Wild a laraaserrQfotef ntTa, Oct ... . . v. (V 'rt -

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