The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 24, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES *· Poblished Daily Except Sunday BM urf Neva P»Uiakuc Company Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP B- BJKIiE, Editor .._.. by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cemta per momth. oy c*rr ·TTRSrRIFTION KJBSC3UFTMW* servea ay cattie* JUL* vi^--»..«»«'-- -TM,-- -.- « .-. Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cent* per moEtfa. Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. Medical Advertising MOTHER TELLS How Her Little Girl Was Restored to Health. Mrs. Chas. Schriefer of 139 Huarod IF Tine* ~?J*3.*~ -^ *-"-···-- ~ ££1T 1 * - ST.. Brooklyn. N. Y.. says: -«Iy I: girl was frail, sickly and aJ run down after having had the grippe. I was ad- 1 vised to give her Vinol and alter tae first bottle noticed an improvemeEt. i She ha5 taken four bottles 3010. has {picked up rapidly, having gained six . - u ·· -= _-- -- i pounds in three vreeks-^ - . t^ro TTWFS bv mail vou can find the date tip to which yon are \ The reason Vinol builds up -iveaK, L W. T. WALLER. May Succeed · Major General Btddle as Marine Corps Hsad. .,, . TM i i ^jyistiilijis x~* * «.·*-»--t»-w---^ -- --_] r\vo most v/orld famed tonics-^i j strength creating-, body fouHdin. e., tae ding ele- of Crti. HOTTED PHONE ^ onic iron »for the blood added. If you have a » S weak, puny,, ailing child, try Vinol on OilS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR , ADVERTISING BY * HE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO , J JL^il-^? «-v v -- " ,,- - · -- - · »Ks D'-ug Store. Geuysburg. Pa. i }' p. s. If yea have Eczema try our jSaxo Salve. We guarantee is. i · - j ii-°s Polk nRVr i Fun lUIfto liQIu ray Hair KOI | Druggist ··f word. TO OUE READERS Says Ladies are Using Recipe of Sage Tea and Sulphur. Hair that loses its color and lustre. or when It fades, turns gray., call and lifeless, is caused by a lack oi sulpaur 5n the hai*-. Our sjrandmotner mace "*·· _ _ ,-* m. _ J O,,"!^'^*..* der Vie. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of Hews Telling of the Happenings la and about 1y*tv. People Visiting Here and Those Osewere. IRE JUAREZ KILLED ASSAULTING WGMMi · Ccnststutiona! Commander Declare Huerta's Troops Retreated Genera! Engagement Took Place. « - ! Ke Was Shot to Death By White Man Before anci Husband ! Attacked. iroai Batsehe on the west to less '~az · so:uh 01 and belo.v Juarez, Pane AYiirmnsioa, Xov. 24.--A mob tried «nerateiy 10 secure possession of body o: James Davis, thirzy-five is. order to burn it- sad i the Misses Homer on Chambersburg 1 street for a few days. : Dr. J. A. Chrtz, of Sem:caj$ Ri3ge. 'spent S-ar.«lay ir. York v.-here he jsreached in oae of the Lutheran Icharches. 1 iiiss Viola Kspp has returned *£o after a visit at the home of xi Weaver on West High I t « jsouih 01 and belo.v Juarez. Paacao j BSL,« -- ^."^J^^^ ^To ior Villa', rebel army ^°TM^£S^4»W a:tae , Mn . Ance 'lnve» yae* the rederai iio..., ^.c ; c_ ,, - ,, - . . ,, - -.- PHr-e's Corner, TT^ xr/-\TT IF YOU " Medical Advertising :ATCH READ THIS , -, ,,.-- ""r.'-ac^n-^iilvon. a negress. s; Price's Corner, jla:e Saturday uigat ·*»» -at - n ° | five m »es from Wilmingwa. j juarez. TOW .^ l Oa'v the i!me!v intervention oi Cor- I . ^^^"^^S'a "i-Kion^'john T. Spri BS prevent Ae ? additional su5ui:es 10 ni^ men; -ec~eu u_u«r.---»-, . V j i " ! as a pyre for Da.vis. i'Tfelea' troop Lraln arrived at j l.aiah Hilton, husband of Mrs. HH-, | Tf^fSSica. b« ihe «der»b -ere ton, and EilsworA Ix.asJ.1.**TM£ j driren b.c k before a «ene«l _=££ U---' ^ S^i^ St meal took place, ana Ml:a sa..^ .ac ^- ^.\,=, --1-._ ^ - . ^ *- - - - - _ · - . 11 ^.-,«-%-^-»r ~-, · ;!Q' r j s ci 1 OS IOs ;lc:», IPJ* «Jj.c -- ^r^-*-' iried to overpower her In her "noaie, were arrested, but 'ater released. jj.. Y ; Sii ;^e . ps!ise say, has been ^frT^cTile rebel'ar^y'"Villa da^ | v.-aated ':or t-.vo inoatlis in co-nec-Joa i Dr. T. C- Biilheiraer preached in or.e- = of the Lutheran churches of Harris- · Lurg: c» Sunday asid Y.-S!! deliver his · lecture on "Esther" in Newport 'this j evening. « I i:-c- ieaeral force !s !n i^U retreat n5~#5 · i:-; ic^^i=i i s - f H STierra Diane : *- Lli iro- Jnare. sea is oaly eig^-seu ii!e; I Dr. Luther Kuh!nan, of Seminary j H:dge, occupied the pulpit of the Luth- ieran church z Hampstead on Sunday. ! Miss Florence HeaVncote has re- 1 turned to York, after spending Sunday hvhh her parents on Baford street. I iliss Grace Duttera of Hanover and ';r.I:ss Bertha Yeag-er, of McSherrys- jtc'.vn, have returned home after visit!i!:e M-- and Mrs. Edward Trimmer. ! Sirs. S. J- Sachs, of East Middle t strec-r, is visiting in Richmor.u, Vlr- ,. . » e ?--3 -a- the 'efierai armv adva=o-j -*itii atiacis on -.vomc-n along the lone- ftJ^-l^j^i^-^^^IS^E^ 1 ^ ia " fc to " Oi IBW Close of Season i^^T,^ ,a^ -^L^SiSS^SSlS ! »vai a ; c^hw^rd from" tee neighbor-1 !a tie door. Belcre Longland -cou:d :d oi Tierro. Slanca. v;^ do aot j the house llrs. mito^ = ^a- T6 catch cold eaaly is a s-gn of a ran down system--a sign that your Body forces are too' weak to resist ordinary conditions. Such a condition is dangerous. It frequently leads to consumption "if not checked In time, but It can be cured and this dreadful result avoided if you will regularly use ^tT tfl*2 UAitJi ^^.Vfc *,-f^-.-*- ·.--- ~--^-, _ · Xowadavs we get this famous SHIE\ tare bv asking ac any drug store for a 1-50 cent bottle of "Wyeth's Sage ana 1 Sulnhar Hair Remedy", whicii darsens j The"hair so naturally, so evemy. inat -- ! lra i 3 nobodv can possibly tell it has been -^ .^ -, Xo _ »*.--The close { b c -d aplied: Besides, ii takes «n. danrd^| -^-~^-- - · - :a=iO rrow | kna ^ -,-.. ,,·*.--j.^ -.ima^ oi Tierra a-anca. *^ ^ ^---j ^-- ^-= "^--- 7 : . ~ . ,,. E iai «^v=. -- , . ... -""r 1 --i ..-~v_' ,,,,_'"«.--iisn- =e~-«on tomorrow | k ,, aT .- t o? - far they T.-ea-., but ;n:n.ii year-oU sen, :n an eu.--. to vl ^c |^ J si|^. ai ti^^!V^ ; ^ls!s?r »i^.». r «~"-»'-«~' s: »i =·»'"'· · i ='" e ' 1 "--·= 10 l=e * i brash with it and dr Bear: a ipu^go v/i i-.-iv j ··-" -- " » ~ ~ - TT, r 5 -^ · o i " ·* i "*"O" a v°v '··e "vas kaccKeA down wita. · orasnwim K ana draw this _through j close counties to ceer aanuas, - ^e , Sar^u^. . h ^ tv ., v , o si i e s to ^ e but?oi" Davis" pistol. TOUT hair, raking one small smma_atUpauoa O i men con^c.ea 1,1 Ji ~e Sa^aUi^ - ^--j n \° v*vcat T-^ co«T2C'or reached the woman i time. Bv morning the gray hair GIS- Siate game comn::s3:o!i. tse so:nn ot Juarez, on u~ ...^--^- - _ e co_-.-t.y ^^u;^, bir -- · - -"-i-i-'-v -_, iTM^,-^.: T . r = . bo . }£15 . ^ 0 ga^-e commission j Cem~l railroad, where the nrst Eg^t -. ist , s lue ^e s ro L-3 = ^n -n = a.r. * "* ' " - . , "_- -* ,?~-- --^^ · A ,,-, Onr-tf,?^-.- i ~ nn?r?and (ireTM BiS roV 1 few days. William F. Codori of York street is | a business visitor in York today. I E. P. Sachs has returned horns after 1 spending some time in Scranton, as a I iuror at the United States cour'c. 1 THE WEEK'S WEATHER ! Likely to Be Cooler Till the End of the Week. -.v itil ,,_,,..-.- ~0 - -- - - . . i s j njav close to'the huatlns of deer and : cccarree on Saturday. that, besides beautifmly dar^enisg: ^ COUIlties ^r-ere 2».»0 citizens peti-; The principal fisiim IrUa, ii-sij- -iTff^" ft ·fe-'sr £LTTDHC2.tlOilS. -t J . "~ , - . _._-_:,_i- «« «-.-v^,i --rn- ' ^.,--v,i --;*is. rvrvrrn^fsnl ; FOR COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS AND WEAK LUNGS BEAR'S EMULSION is a natural product, pleasant and easy to take and of great benent to the system. Your money is refunded freely if it does not benefit you. : Complete information regarding ac- i.T.tual.results of thousands of cases sent free-on-request. - - - BEAR'S, EMULSION is recom- mendecFanci sold by all good" druggists everywhere. *the hair after a fevr applications, IL ; _ a ^ a -;r, 3 r w hir-i I also brings back the gioss and lustre ;; C! ; .TM* i ^ t ~ s - ^ 5 - ard give? it an aooearant-e of abas- -e" r ~ «· m « ae - 'danct " ! £0ur v ^ 3 " s - :l i Longland dreTM his revolver and fired that has fea-1 a - Davis, v.-ho fell to the floor, ?rob- goo-1 ?ro-; tared" the corth^ard advance of the j a D i y mortally ^osinded. £~5, U) S Price, $1.00 the bottle or six bottles $5.00 "'"""Begin regular-use today and you will begin to feel better and be better at once DR. JOHN D. BEAR . - Eikton, Va ?iii-oi "-"o ^ad been escorting t*cvo ; iecerass iou=. ui-i-^ ^ »***-..- · ---j ---»- _ = MT»=tmo-e-; .,e-.- arca!avuca. -vhea a rebel scou:-[ , V omc-3 :o a c-ar. rushed into the noaso. and Cambria,! \^ -part;-- of !'.-(» men. under Rodolie;j attracted by his v.-i:Vs screams. As ae | federals tooii place rriday evesin coanties, 1 STS! KS ^ ^ST.^^ j ^^vV^i^-ie ^Peoout Ms s'tale^e'serves, have been closed, a-,d ! :eder--i sellers; who had eetra:neaj revolver and se ^, a oai^. zn,o ^e ^^-^U^v^^^i^a encase,, his ar.y ^a is j ^^S^VSL^ attack ^d^^aSa'^S^vIldll.tothej^tens for the.federals to approach j ls Beii th ^ sno t vrhere In 1003 George ^-r-"half neither of Vnlch have again. Ii" they do not come he says, ,. Wl «. a ccgro . o-jrnea a. ^ ^l^^t^Lich have plezrty cf U fr -rfll S o after the^ m a ^ ^s-jstaire for raving attacKea ana then mountains, are a£iins That deer hunt-j l? s Uoe, rot mean u.bring a ls_arm- -- - -"=n- DP crohibitea for a term of years 1 L-ack to .:a^rez -cicss ari^n ^a "to enable the anima's tb lreed ; .. . - i tLe lecerals, he .Jo-are* ^ :. ; a sa , a ?rsL - e r:r.r. c-.ergy^a Dr Jcseoa Ksltfsa. the -veteranize tSJnks tie zeaerai £ r=aj nspoeas 3avls na 3 terror^ed N^- _ «^e Sc4l savs thar ia counties aUo« 4.^0 ^en. althocgi me leoera^ ; - Je ,. cou -ry, ;-."-_ ontsiae oi Wummg- ^^.e o.iit--i. - . - ^« e n rU C T - n _. c -,».--n ib--- -"" numbers S ^ O u : o .or r -..o mentis past-.oy 213 la-s-- vrcere aser are ir2.-.iiO'.vn -a- r^ei-- ag-n^ t,--_ "-- - -ua. -j« - ^__- - -!,,,,,,,,,, ., -~ r rears rhe ciosins: Tria be a gooA thins, cen- ^ . ! : *« ^'~ tii* n.y.e-oec«nis, a--, out he" does not favor shutting ag ot \ -;1 have rlacea ay ai=:y m · Several "more days of modera'te | -.veather, urith sunshine, are in pros- Ip^ct for most of the country east of · the Rocky Mountains, according to the '·Weather Bureau's -weekly forecast. ! '-Rains are mdicated ilonday in the [Southern Scares." says the forecast, i "bat v.-ith this exception generally fair S weather will prevail for several da%-s · ecs- of ihe Rocky Mountains, and pro- jba'ilv -.veil toward tie end of the v,-eaS i over the Eastern' portion of the counj- |lrv and also the Spatiraresc- Tempera.- * ~ _ * · " ~ ~ . ·--* i- ~x · rmy^r^, HP] ^ B ^ O3 , the seventeen KV ^.^ tnB^on.n^u «^c^- . .by j L-^;-,.; r au ih-- C £.^eV: 5. GrBIsncP;! »«s ^Ji oe moderate over the rt e3t savs l^T-° ; ±:,-~ ^^-r*". Central portions ar.d ui;T tali to more '. less act I counties in-;e Fraafeiin. for Instance, j twelve j We EeCOmmead the Kidney | because a fe~ people :r.:":os so^lh of Juarez," soldj .D aT -;B hi'G eluae'd capture tor ix -ia- ~- ^ ·· ·- - vepk= t-e~":.e a -I : liE:enr~search by the | a.t'i^.!ic-ns, cr. the ilexican Xcrth-srest- · al5thor ; t i £s a --i arraea residents c£ the .cz to stop j \-ji5a. "The ^itrenie rlsht '-Ins res.S [ BARGAIN HARVEST to SHOES BUYERS You will find on our Bargain Tables shoes of well Impwn lines which v/e have dis-con'mued. -W. H. Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.9S. Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.48. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitzmiller 1 Backache FHEBS TO MEET Ask Dealer for a Free Sample |-is2 FOR SALE it "-vas aiuio-jaced at i ! The Western Maryland Railway i 8:56 A. 31. Daily except Sunday for j Baltimore, Hanover, York ar.c- ; ^ I Intermediate Points- ( ^ 110:28 A. -·!- Daily for Hagersto-sx- i Leeton:a. In a serious condition, be- I Waynesboro. I Hancock, Cumberland, .. -r. pa, Xov. 2-i. -- Afte bsicg lost n the -R-ccds of Tioga coun- sr over z~o~oays. James "Br.zgs. tv-sevf-a vears old. of Galeton, iere.-i his h.iiBtias camp, near Creese Phiiade'.ohia as Next Westing ! . cral Bra..^-c-H Place and Adjourn. ! York c::y or. h:s tnar ci the couatr, Saarje. ^h, Xov. ,4.-The Am=r ; i :o Gonaral ^f^^g-Jf^^ j Central portions and uijl fall to more jno-T.^ii cor.ditioss 10 the easrwarH. ] -=rith a cecided fall over zhe northeast- iern cisrr:i--t.s- I ---Present- 1 pressure'distribution ir-di- ·jeates the. approach' of -anothe? dis r irurbance-to ie ?ar Xorthtrest. bnng- [ir,p-"'Brith ir rains^over the North PaciSc '· States dirring the early days of the : vrsek and probably local snows ana i rains over the erctreme Northwest , day or so later. After the middle "of | the week these unsettled condi-ons wHl [drift eastv.-ard;; proTjably ^ through'the IJake Hegion into the'St. ! Lai?T-ence Valley tov.-ard the end of the -s'eek;-- -··'·· -The r.orth-ivestem disturbance will c-e followed by rising pressure and falling temperature, beginning by Tnesday or "vv'ednesday over the ex- i treme Xorth~est and extending east- v.-ard to the North Atlantic States by the end cf the -week. '-There are no present indications of any very Io~ temperatures. 7 ' , -- . ... - ""·; -^,.~ -- ^n^ration of "Labr* adjourneil 1 ha·-e ^ - . Chanabersbnrg | ca^se or fc:s frlghrfnl experience ano ;^ r -J e g tins . cmcers a= e choosing | meetin? prcbaW;. vrou.d have oeen Pitts- ·i i ^.^i/ *-*l"O4-* I* jj \yL». fc.^*TMa "·--»·*-» -^ j -- ' m Pbi^ar-elohla as the ylaee of its celt | arranged, it ^3 said. *--^ - , , _t * rr-5 «rt rt .-^- ir-^r rt" *"£» niee::ss o: the brothers ~!1! be j si burj-h and Chicago also Elkins. COMING SHOW Nest Play at Y'a!ter"s Theatre on Tuesday Evening. BAZAAR Xavier Hall NOVEMBER 22 to 29 The Bazaar for the 1-eneSt o! SI. FCAXCIS XAV1EP. CHURCH will open at Xavier Hail, SATURDAY, XOV. 22iu!- Attractive booth? have been erected for the occasion ar.d every attention Driven :o derail :n order to icate the evenings pleasant for all who -attend. Segsnams tv;tn 3Ioacay evoisg ^rhen the LADIES" MIX5TREL5 will hole iba boards, iaere will be a Free Vaudvilie Show each evenia? at S o'clock. 1 On Thanksgiving a Turkey Dinner will be served at a cost of 35c -,id5acr aitersifrf^n will be devoted K» the t-nteTtainrnent of A POPULAR LADY'S CONTEST HishSefd." also EagerstOTra, | brnlscd ar. I v^as unable to get o-at for = j Shippensburg'. ! .^V^ "··-," V^ ^oods. 'Friday he ! 6:13 Xe*.v Oxford. Hanover. York, j ;t."-^"V^"-""-·^"^·anderins about, ap- i and Intermediate stations. \ n ~^^-,?--~. ;., ^. f : rf .:» r.nd spent another * i © ~-C s ^£ e ^: © STOPS ALL a circle, :'· r'.-an. c .'en:ag. v.-hen he t^as al;- f \~. and su5erins severer-" :'r;s asJ the he i ·-· '.i'.s carnp. wbere he was - '-v Iiis ccrss^r.ioiis. v.-ho I vThy suiier ivith thai uncoiafprt- t had ^3371.".:' ! :or lilm in 7 ; able feeling of fullness, headaches, j ---- '~ i dizziness, sour, gassy, upset stomach, i Ser.d= , res By Psr=' 1 or heartburn ? Get relief at once--de- · i or nearcyurn . \jet» iejit;jL «i^ u;iv^--i^^-i .s.**^.. - ! lav? are daKSjerous. Buy today--now-- | sh!p-,e ! '.' - ia "iifty cent bc:c of Mi-o-r.a Tablets, j j\ ~ 3 - CG I Their action is sure, safe and imnie- | -- ;r2 3 ', diate. 1 P. 5-C o s i I i ·* i I will be open on Satnroaj E\«.n:nj: for the Most Popular Laiy in the Congregation". Tne Pnze wil 1 . be a Beaotifal Gold SIGNET RING. TLe l«u:o:s for the co-test -ar-il V« sol-i 5= the Hall at thr- co=t of 3 CENT EACH. Vote lor whon-. vc-u please and as oitc-n as you please. Every ballot will crx?: you one cent. Ccntest in coniir.uo one week. The re- salts oi the voting ·will !je publi*hoi in Uic hall tech evening. Don't fail to visit the "Catacombs" or the Mysterious Chamber : : : You will l»e cel:ghte3 \vitb tnetrip and a tlirill yon will not soon fcr^tt. Xa\5er Ha'.! in faa i-= tran-fomnii imoa veritable COUNTY FAIR wbere everyloly. \o;in-4 and old, will ha\c a.!'. o{»;-ortun5ty to en- ioy themselves. " ^ ture o Refreshments and Lunch served in the Hall every ® jcenr.c, ?·; i InlS S 1 the" irritated walls of the stomach. s _ I strengthens and builds up the diges- j lEC:!--- 3 . : '· " 1 tive organs, thus assisting naViire in Sana Bur.r.' 4 .! j the proTtspt digrestion of the food--j the far--·· r : : yo-jr entire system is benefited, you ', ^e par-:--1 :· .'.sin the II I \vill enjoy sood health. j I Do not suffer another day--gei a ' I box of ili-o-r,a Tablets from People's! ^ B ., , ; Drug S"Mre. Take them as directed j ro t j e r - janci see how quickly you get relief. I " ",' " ' ! Past. . , - . A tres "rankl-n ay parcel post. ^J by A'.be-- BunneH. a for a fcrn:er ~ho dc- r, to '- -fend in Ohio. ;.3d lecn u-"-iir.G closely - ^« tre ;= ^TM^: ^ras tnerefore on,. _.ou. -ce ^-as eigat itst ions, .ou'.d not accept it unt.i r:d saT.-ec! it off to keep G:r5.V.':f2 Leaps to Death. Xew Y- - Xov." 24. -- Mrs. Ros!e ·n years oil. cm! three J. ftO'lcrlit hor husband's :ift«T thc:r first quarrel - in the Bronx. Max "Roth, h!:s".an!. pretended he ^r-ntb -;bn P- V'bite, president of j Besides Gift cf £50.003. a r--« ITaited Jline \Vorkers of America; GOES to Congre^a^cn- ^h^. FranK uufiy, £3 neral secretary Pstts-T.I*. Pa, Xov. 24.-iae JJi of o ~'tr- BiXKhertosd or Carpenters sna 3?iEv.c-I H. --^rcaer. one o. vce ie f u Soire^r usurer. John E. I^e^on; j - attorneys ^--^ TM^« secretary. Frasli Korrison. |a TT«K- aw, -a, ,, ^ a. ^- court ,- . ·?__ » -- ,,-- ^vs«-^ ! · « - -- -- -»-*" i ^rC.S?^ i n DC^llGr-*- O- »jv." ·conti Prss'jyrerlaii chnrcb. ^v _.-* --,^-t -" "IT* *-^ "M^*^ 0 ! 1 '. ^'VTT ii»" !...?· 1 Oil W»i «^ti!,.-**A» In this list White ana I are oily VS-Q ES~ aaezs-1 r~t! ;g^-. Seeori.I Vke Presl-1 !·_·· to '--'? ^ ·-·.r---- ~- K^rse Throws Gen. Lecnsrei insicn. Xov, 24. -- Gescr?.! j Leonard "vVcod. hear! of the United \ ^ S;^.te sarssy. ~as throv, n from his j ° -*.Ir. Kc-srchor's estate !s valued 3' OS e to bsif a jailiicn aoHars, the · You can't afford to miss it. I£ you enjoy a real treat. Trritten by an author of real -vrc-rth and acted by a coni- panv of actors of real ability you can't afford to miss -'Where Is My vv ar.aer- Ing Boy", -cvhlch. to Walter's Theatre nex'c Tuesday night. The play appeals to every father, mother and child, playing: to more young men and voang ladies than any other attraction- Every situation in the play is ir.- ijresdug; every scene in the play mag- . nincent. maklr.g in all one of the V»-T best attractions or. the road to-day. The tone of the play is moral ar.d uplifting- It tells a beautiful siory -srell constructed, depicting the life and struggles of the '-l^ar.derir.g Bor'- advertisement :.£eyer. General \\ooA "as assisted to] .^^"^L,/!" ^,,. b wi j e C f fonaer his feet r. £ soon as ho coc.15 be reached j ^^^Tcc^asV. F-tch, U. S. X.. :,y ard! ana carrjea to a .^« --_ o r Genera i wilHam Tc- sh^dv spot-by Private Bur:,, of t^e, ^^"s^an, died here. a S ed six Third Fse'fi Artlller:-. He ^^ ! S^Tvea^- She u-as e-litor and pn',- consciousness siter a .e.. i-z^ujs aaa . ^z^,. ^ f her facet's letters and mem- :nLS:sted on reaiounting. j Q r_^ " pr eS ;g eri t Grant attended her ~ l-cre5'i3S at TTashington in October. Criticises Woman Labor LSW. \ York, Ps- Xov. 24.--In as address j - " r e; . ? rr forg!vcr.'-= i in t:f = . evening. ADMISSION FREE EVERYBODY WELCOME ; Gettysburg Druggist j Makes A Statementi her yo: r : ! j w a s ;jn.'i.s 1 We always advise peopfe %vho ha%-e j ali." the c j stomach or bo"svel trouble to see a · uow and doctor. But to those -who do not %vish | rrowac-l "to do this tve will say: try the mix-: j^mg,} ture of siraple buckthorn bark, gly- ]' 9 j cerinc, etc., kno^ni as Adler-i-ka. i --_ ~ This simple new remedy is so power- _.,,. .._,,., , , ® iful that lUST ONE DOSE relieves; SHOO i I A G match: clay deaverea -here at a meeting of the j manufacturers. STayor Jobn il- Lafeaa . criticised the legislature for passing a · .^ law which regulated the hours of wo-. c ··- mpR Msy Get Convention. ^nSo^- Del-, ^ov. 24. -- This ill probably be selected ss the law which regulated the hours OL wo-. ^"- ^,.. ch I Q fcoid The next a3I . IEPR workers. I-Iayor I^feaii said «.~at j ^~^ convention o-f the National neflher the g ; rls of York r.or of Penn- ·,, n ., e t j. 0 forty-seventh convention svlvania asked for such legislation,;"' ' f -". +.~ --,,-t pr.ded in Manchas- C03HKG EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks- - Xov. 25--"Recital. David Brua Chapel. Xcv. 25--'·'Where is iiy Bov." Walters Theatr ? S '. ried. She ra.n to a ..ped four stories to rt-et and was ·ania asked for such legislation,; ^"^hrcx/has'Just ended in Manchas! and that the bill was merely the work Ol . . _ , _ - _ ^ -.- ne ! of agitators. Tbe mayor contended 1 ! that employes are only too glad at · 1 -- ad- ^i ijt*-O jv*vj*. ^-" te" X IT. Although no city has been definitelv decided upon, it is believed year' convention will se 4ttiona! nioney. . fcela in . . FURXIS HED rooms for rent with- ~ S KELL oysters always on hand at * ' ** bird for j amf c7nIfiVatioriXSTAXTLYrrco-i lUrKr " ys an " *» cKcns at tnc ° ld TIi11 , bath-room convenience. For P articu '' Evans . R Psta urant pie who try Adler-i-ka are surprised church. Thai.kpr'ving Day. Luthei ] a rs call at 223 East Middle street.-at its QUICK action. II. C. Landau,' . advertisement druggist. Itecver.--;i«JvtrU's'-'ment advertisement . . Ullited Phone. RELIGIOUS notice: a series of revival meetings-will begin'-at Center Mills U. B. church, Tuesday evening:, and on Wednesday eyeaingr-the mem- bejs of Biglerville U. B, church wiu attend in a body. Transportation wilt be provided. Everybody is cordally invited to attend. Communion services will be held at Biglervffle on Sunday, November 30th at eleven a. m.; _au Mount Hope on Sunday, December ith In the morning; at Mount Carmel in the afternoon. The Sunday School a,, Biglerville will hold their Christmas services on December 24th at 1 p. m. An excellent program is being prepar-~ ed for the occasion. E. W. Canoles, 1 pastor.--advertisement. JEWS PA PER I ^WSPAPER!

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