The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 6, 1944 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1944
Page 14
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E D I T O R I A L S ^ Modern S«o Bottles Locking in Glamor THE BITS and pieces of the last 1 flaming hours of the German battle cruiser Scharnhorst again afficm the fact that there is nothing very glamorous about a naval battle. It's the old story of who gets there first with the most ships and the heaviest guns. There are no such things as equality, fair play or impossible odds in a sea fight. It is skill and slaughter. . The Scharnhorst pushed its prow into a trap and knew it the moment- several British cruisers engaged her, with an Arctic convoy as bait. British cruisers and destroyers tagged the German giant until the British home fleet could bring up its heavy artillery --the 35,000-ton battleship Duke of York. In the foaming melee of heavy gunfire, torpedoes, and air attack, the Scharnhorst was ripped wide open. .It all happened only a few miles from German north cape bases, and it was over in a few hours. The Scharnhorsl's U-inch guns were more than the covey of Brit- "ish cruisers could take, but they were no match for the Duke of York's 14-inch stingers. In its last minutes, as the Scharnhorst was split with shells and fire, there were "unbelievable scenes of panic topside and in the bulkheads," according to t h e stories of 7 survivors who reached Sweden. Most of the Scharnhorst's 1,400 men lie entombed in their own ship in the Barents sea. The layman generally envisions a naval engagement in the classic . terms of ships in line, pasting each ' pther with broadsides. This war has seen no such action, such as 'shook the shores of Jutland. Greatly outnumbered, some German warship, like the Graf Spec, or ; the Bismarck or the Scharnhorst, tries a raiding run and gets tagge'd. .' When the British cruisers Belfast, Norfolk, Sheffield, and Glasgow cornered the Seharnhorst until they could call up the Duke of York, there was never any doubt c-f the outcome of the battle. The Germans had the boot on the other foot when the Graf Spec's gun dwarfed the 2 light cruisers and ·a, destroyer off Montevideo in December 1939. [ There is nothing glorious about a sea battle with dive bombers and radar. It's simply a question how long for the kill. No naval strategist has^any sympathy for the Scharnhorst for stumbling into - a trap, because the memories of the hideous losses on the Battleship Royal Oak at Scapa Flow or Wr battleships at Pearl ; arbor far outweigh 4he loss of life on the Scharnhorst or the Bismarck. Did You Know? By Frederic J. Hoskin EDITOK'S NOTE -- Bcaders availing lheimelv«5 ·( Ihla tervic* for rjuntleni of (act--not coymel--«h»nJ4 ttfn their full name and aadrcft ana Inclose 3 e«ols far return postage. Addresi Globe - Gaelic Information Bureau. Frederic J. Haakin, Director. Wathlnr- lon. D. C. Look Out Below Frau Goering undoubtedly had some pertinent remarks about a certain earlier reassuring prediction by her husband when she was bombed out of her home recently. No, 1944 will not automatically be a year of victory. It depends upon what we -- all of us -- do to make it a year of victory. * * * Too bad Herr Hitler wasn't a home when the allied bomberb left their card at the reichschan- cellery the other night. * * * Henry Ford is another who refused to believe that oft-re peafed observation, "It's a young man's war." T V V Super -salesmanship: Selling the wearer of a Phi Beta Kappa key a double-breasted suit. ·State Debts Reduced ..-.A S THE national debt rises at ·** the rate of more than 50 billion dollars a year, stale and private debts continue to do a tailspin. This latter fact is reflected in a recent report on state government finances by Frank Bane, executive director of the national council of stale governments. The' story is one of mounting surpluses and economies and administrative improvements put into effect without any slackening of the states' war efforts. States invested a billion and a half of surplus funds in government bonds in 1943 and decreased their gross indebtedness by nearly a billion. Altogether,- according to Bane, a reduction o£ 17.5 per cent in the over-all . gross debts of the state has - been effected in the period since 1940. "With surprising uniformity the , states have followed recommendations first made by the council's tax committee in December, 1941, which urged that states pay off debts, restrict new expenditures to ·essential war activities, invest surpluses in war bonds, maintain tax rates and economize by improving state administration," Bane said. Another development of the year was the action taken by states to prepare for the postwar period. "Every state, through legislation or by. executive order, has a state agency or commission working on a postwar program of reconstruction and development," according to Bane. Your Health By Logon Clendening, M. D. CONTROL OF COMMON COLD ATTEMPTS to prevent colds and **' respiratory infections by any kind of vaccines or inoculation of the individual have proved miserable failures. Some of the worst kinds of blunderings go masked under the smiling face of optimism. I regularly read in trade magazines published by drug firms \those business it is to sell oral cold vaccine and other kinds of cold vaccines that "Pessimism characterizes the attitude of many as to preventing the common Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges Bootlegging Comes Next Estherville News: There is no doubt but what the new, high taxes on liquor will bring about a great wave of moonshine manufacture and bootlegging. Shortages and high taxes will make liquor so hard to get and at such prices that the illicit trade will be flourishing very shortly. This is unfortunate, but what to do about it? The government needs the tax and the shortage of whisky is certainly a minor worry for a wartime government. Backbone of Our System Emmetsburg Democrat: It has often been said, and rightfully so, that the backbone of our economic system is small business. Our huge manufacturing plants with their mile-long production lines, could not turn out the thousands of countless goods if it were not for the hundreds of thousands of small shops and business establishments scattered throughout the country who merchandise these goods to the people of large and small communities. A Swell Resolution Osage Press: A fine resolution would be to write 3 or 4 service What rank will General Marshall have when he retires? General because of having served 4 years or more as chie£ of staff of the army. How many persons have' held the office of chief Justice of the supreme court of the United States? Twelve. What famous actor played the role of Macbeth costumed in the uniform of a British ceneral? David Garrick, the English actor. Why do right tires wear out more quickly than those on the left? On narrow roads these tires are apt to run off the edge of the road frequently: on crowned roads they may carry more of the load. What is the highest country in the World? Tibet. Have any states besides Nebraska ever had a legislature of only one house? Delaware had a unicameral egislature, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Vermont. How many musicians were there in the Gilmore Peace Jubilee orchestra? About 4,000 players. What food is most universal? Rice is more extensively grown and more widely used. Where is the largest log house in the United States? It is probably the forestry ^OBSERVING It Was Confusing can imagine it was all very confusing. A woman called the ticket agent at Winnipeg and queried tVie man on duty: "When can I get a train to Uno?" "Where do you want to go, madam?" asked the agent. 'illed at one time.' Don't exact special privileges. 3. When sick at home or after returning from a hospital follow (·our doctor's advice as to need for part or full time nursing serv- :e. 4. Ask the visiting nurse association or registry for skilled nursing service on an hourly basis, particularly for special treatments during convalescence or in "I don't know. Tell me where you are going- 1 * "Uno," shrieked the angry voice. "Why don't you have a man there who knows something?" "They do, madam, but just now he is out to supper. Can you call again later?" After hanging up the receiver, the agent checked the time table and to his surprise, found Uno located between Rivers, Manitoba and Melville, Sask. . y long-term illness. 5. Save the lime of hospital Rationing Nursing transmit these suggestions ££from the Iowa state department of health as to ow.- you can co-operate in the real and growing shortage ot .urses for the civilian population: 1. Apply the principle of, ration- ng to nursing care. Essential lursing service can still be ob- ained but not as much as former- y. 2. When sick in a hospital, request special nursing service only when the doctor says it is essen- ial. Save time for nurses and helpers by having several needs building at Portland, Ore., which contains one million feet of timber. What period in United States was known as the "Era of Good Feeling"? The name was applied to period from 1817-23, when nurses by sending flowers already arranged in containers to friends who are ill. 6. Observe hospital v i s i t i n g hours. Exceptions to rules interfere with established schedules for nursing service. Keep visits short. 7. Keep yourself well and do all you can to keep others well. 8. Learn how to care for members of your family at home by taking a home nursing course. 9. Volunteer for hospital service as a nurse's aide, thereby supplementing the available supply ol professional nursing service. 10. Encourage inactive nurses to return to active practice am interest young women in becoming professional nurses. y Information, Please! 1. The "holy city" refers to ianks every year is the: Danube, Po, Amazon, Nile? · 4. The Alamo is in New Or- eans, -Atlanta, San Antonio, St. Augustine? ANSWERS--1. Jerusalem. 2. Manru. 3. Nile. 4. San Antonio. --V-- io This Is Persia am dipping into a poem, "So This Is Persia," passed along to me by B. G. 'ierce of Muskogee, Okla., following receipt of it by him from a soldier in Iran: Jerusalem, Nazareth, Damascus Bethlehem? 2. The opera composed by Paderewski was: II Trovatore, Manon Manru, La Traviata? 3. The river that overflows its The Day's Bouquet Perala, of moonlight and ' wllijht 'slaves, their bar And »o thli 1 flowerst Of beautiful damsels 'and sweet t hours: Of gardens and pastures and everythlBff nlre. Walt till you let here, you'll find it's NO DICE! ! Thire'i btaatllul moonll|bt so sadly And oli ancient palaces like death throne. There's Moslem! and Hindus, Arabs am Kurds; lime's racfedy areMns, hall-starved b« yond words; There's poar wome dens o'erhead, blatk flowing rarmenls lhat stml like Ihe dead. There's dark brown sunburn and har calloused s k i n . All part of Persia, this country I'm It) y Amozing Truth am afraid Nicholas Murray Butler was speaking a truth when he turned ou the following bit of rhymed humor The statesman throws hi* shoalders bae and stralfhleoa oat his tie And says: "My friends, unless it rains Ihe weather will be dry." And when lhat thought into our brain has percolated through We common people nod our heads, an loudly cry. "Mow true.' To THE UNITED STATES 'OST-OFFICE DEPARTMENT-or operating in the black for the irst time in 24 years. In fact it losed the year with a tidy, sur- ilus of $1,334,551. Receipts lor the ·ear fell just short of a billion tollars, another all-time record, "he postal department is really measuring up to Us responsibil- ties. . , . " Mason Cily Globe-Goxette Ail A. W. LEE NEWSVAPEK Issue Every Week Day by the Glohe-Gaictte Puhllahlnf Cun»ur 121-123 East State Street. Telephone 3800 Thursday 50 January 6. 194* LEE P. iOOMIS . . . . PnblUher W. EARL HALL . Maaailaf EdJUr ENOCH A, NOBEM - - City Editor LLOYD L. GEEB - Advertising Mir. Entered as second-class matter ' April 17. 1930, at the postolflcc at Mason City. Iowa, under the act of March 3. 1879. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS--Th« Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for rcpublLCution of all netvs liispalcJics credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Mason City and Clear Lake by year, 510 Masun City a [id Clear l^ke by week, 20c Ontside 10V Mile Zone--Per year. $10; 6 months S5.50; 3 months S3; 1 month »1. Outside Mason City and Clear Lak* acdl Within 100 Miles ol Mason City and Outside ot the Carrier Dlitrkla of Mason Cilr and Clear Lak«: Per year by carrier S10.00 Per week by carrier .-. .$ .20 Per year by mail ....$7.00 By mail 6 months S 3.75 By mail 3 months .......$ 2.00 By mail 1 month * .in! federalist party having declined there was little open party feel ing. At what height is (he timbe line? The timber line, which is the upper limit of tree growth on mountains, is of greatest height in the tropics, gradually descending toward the north and south and also toward the seacoast. When was the first special delivery stamp issued? In 1885. What is the derivation of the word orangutan? It is from the Malay words "orang" meaning man, and "utan," meaning of the woods. Too Much Griping TONY SMITH, young United ·*· Press reporter, recently left his assignment in Washington to begin training for a combat commission in the marine corps. Because his was a good job and because he was having to leave his family, there was an assumption that the induction info service was disagreeable to him. But here's how Tony expressed his feelings: "J don't regret it at all. My family is provided for and I don't want to wait for the draft. But the main reason is that I am glad to get away from congress. "It is a funnel for all the grief and misery and selfishness and cheapness which exists in this country. Its members cast all the gloom they can. I've been in the press gallery day in and day out, and I cannot imagine a more depressing place. "I never could understand why there were not just a few in both houses who · could emit a little cheer in these times, express * little optimism. But they seem convinced that their principal function is to do the griping in this war." More than a few of Tony's colleagues of the fourth estate on Capitol Hill agreed that he had That is not pessimism: That is realism: Facing the fact that these methods are miserable failures. And the kind of optimism presumable recommended' would mulct the public of millions of dollars for perfectly worthless, and time consuming methods of prevention. There is a form of prevention of colds and respiratory affections limited it is true in scope which, however, promises some hope. And it serves a very important field and purpose. One of the serious possibilities of these epidemics is when they hit a schoolroom or a hospital ward, particularly a hospital ward full of children. One of the definitely known facts about colds is that they are air-borne, spread by coughing and sneezing. Here one child gets a cold and it is very likely to go through the whole classroom or ward. In the ward some of the children may be in splints or in braces which situation reduces their. chances of throwing the infection off. We used to hang up sheets between every bed in an influenza ward to prevent cross-infection, but that did little good. The latest device is to use a sterilizing vapor of propylene glycol. This substance was developed by research in order to find a chemical vapor that would do no harm to the mucous membrane of human beings, but would destroy or mobilize the organism which causes the common cold. In a hospital ward or schoolroom the propylene glycol is vaporized by heat from a small radio resistance unit and wafted through the rooms by electric fans. Units of this type--vaporization apparatus and electric fan--are arranged on stands at the mid-point of the men regularly, particularly those who are serving beyond our shores. As a morale builder it would be difficult to estimate the value of a letter received in some lonely spot in the south Pacific, at the front in Italy, or on some barren spot in the Aleutians. Too Much or Too Little Waterloo Courier: A poll recently showed that the shortage most annoying to housewives today is that of elastic tape. The most annoying surplus, we might add, is another kind of tape, colored red. Blame on the President Council Bluffs Nonpareil: If the president had not handled the whole labor situation so badly he would never have had any occasion to take over the railroads. Not the Full measure Fairmont Sentinel: Cheap skate: "I'm patriotic; I bought war bonds." Odd, But Science By Howard W. Blakeslee AP Science Editor WORRIES IN TRIPLICATE N 'E\V YORK--The twin worries, claustrophobia, the fear of closed spaces and agorophobia, fear of open spaces, are really triplets, and the third member is chrono- phobia, the fear of time. ' Chronophobia is described by Dr. Salvatore Russo, psychologist, Rider college, Trenton, N. J., as he saw it while psychologist at Auburn prison, New York. He says it is possible that chronophobia occurs also in the a r m y , n a v y , in concentration camps and among shipwrecked persons. , In prison it is not uncommon, he says, but has never been diag- REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO-The high school basketball team went to Clarion yesterday afternoon and played a game with the team there. They went up against the fellows \vho tied the champion team of Iowa last year and as a consequence were defeated by a score of 44 to.10. Miss. Florence E. Kimball attended the Teachers' convention in Des Moines last week and Saturday took the train for Hawarden where she will resume her work as instructor in a grade school. THIRTY YEARS AGO-Miss Gertrude Decker will be hostess to the Occident club tomorrow afternoon at her home on Henderson street. Clifford Eddy, a boy born and reared in Mason City, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rush A. Eddy, East Miller street, is coming to the front in Chicago as a writer of popular songs. He is teaching vaudeville acts in the Shapiro office and has recently written a song, "Goodby, Hubby Dear." The music ot the song, "My Chain of Memories," was also written by Cliff Eddy. TWENTY YEARS AGO-Luxor, Egypt--The sarcophagus of Tutenkhamen has been brought end walls of the room, about 3 feet from ths ceiling. Methods of measuring the concentration of the vapor liave been perfected. It stays in the air a long time, half of it being present an hour after the vaporization had been stopped. The results as shown in a children's hospital in Philadelphia and one in Atlantic City are quite encouraging. They are as follows: Type of Infection Tracheobronchitis Otitis media Number Control Glycol 12 0 something in this point .of view. | almonds, eggs. 2 0 Acute pharyngitis 7 2 Common cold 79 3 In the first column headed "Control" are listed the number of cases of respiratory in a room where there was no vaporization. The second column shows the number in a room in the same hospital, where vaporization was In force. The reduction of. common colds from 79 to 3 is a strong argument in favor of the method. Questions and Answers G. D.: I suffer from anemia and would like to know what foods to cat in order lo enrich my blood. Answer: Spinach, carrots, grapes, prunes, meat, whole wheat, beans, to light after remaining hidden for more than 3,000 years in the tomb of the pharaoh in the valley of the kings. The long sought treasure of antiquity, carved 1'rom pinkish granite, probably Assuan stone, lies within the fourth casket of blazing gold--a casket even more brilliant than the other shrines enclosing the sarcophagus, its doors covered with cartouches of the dead pharaoh. TEN YEARS AGO-Arnold Tice, Gilbert McEwen, Fraser Spence, Dick DeVoe, Ronald Fallows, William Rae, Ford Barclay, Woodrow Sherin, Murray Finlay and Hughes Bryant are among the students at the University of Iowa who have returned to Iowa City after spending the holidays with their parents here. The LcUs-Spencer-Smith company, Mason City, will be one of the distributing concerns f o r smoked pork, eggs, flour, and other goods being distributed over the state, according to information received by E. H. Mulock, Iowa relief administrator. nosed and treated as one of the psychoneuroses. A prisoner gave him this description of the feeling: "The weight of time. Thicker than the darkness of night, heavier than the walls of stone. So thick it could not be cut by light or penetrated by rays of thought. "I awoke and my cell was filled with time. It seemed to have bo'dy and weight. It was like a monster grasping my throat. I gasped for breath. I grasped the bars of my cell and shook them frantically, pressing my cheeks between them. The bars were soft and soothing, and .soon my fear was quieted." Clover Couplets By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center THE DIRGE OF THE DIETEER torments tease guards a widening A thousand taste Of she who Waste, Upon whose hips accumulates The fats that every woman hates. Sweet are the ices, cakes and pies Which help increase her oversize, But candies, nuts, parfaits creams Can be but relished in her dreams. A million miseries shall be hers Before she flattens out those turves. Ah, deviled is the dimp.led darnc Who would streamline a dumpish frame. YOUR OPPONENT'S IN THE AI1Z, SMITH. TAKE OFF.' AIAV3EI WAS WRONG- ABOUT HER/SOT TO 5E£ HK... AS SOON AS THIS ISOVEE... 20,000 FEET UP, THE LIGHTNING? LEVELI OFFTO BElNTHElK TRAINING DUEL CAMEBA VS.CAWEfA... SOTHATSI-P GET A ITHAT GET UP- EFPlE MAE, JjERE-rME MOSTCOMICAL. TU1MQ I EVEP SAW--- / HA? USH OM-too BUTT IT DID QIT MfrH l-UI* CALLED ME COMICAL-LOOKIfsT- U DOLLED OPTHATAVJAY TO SEE IF YO'ALL COULDNTGIT A CCJUSM ON ME.^oTEAO O'TUfir LONOe GAL AT SCHOOL- MO 'OOLOGIES THIS TIME: WANTS TD'POLOQISe K SOCKIM VA' YESTIOMMUGGVAUM ' SOT A SLACK EYE- rlAlD THATS ftU.01GUT7 HM.'STIUL ASLEEP, i SUSPECTED AS MUCH."HE WAS OUT WL.F THE NK5HT, TWOUSH ME I DCN'T KNOW rr. WELL, LET HIM GET MIS SLEEP OUT. HERE I'LL'TAKE THE ALARM CLOCK BEFORE IT WAKEN HIM BUT WITH · THE KSMOVAL OF TUB CUXH THE MOSMNG TOOK oven MOMAOE- THE MOST Of/T" OPPOffftiNtTf MO- INVISIBLE MOBfiANA, SPEEDING OH HERBDOU THROUGH THE vasr CORRIDORS CFPERTAGflU CASTLB.IS TEVDJSTD GET JWKf WETHTHE CAUELOTMCMEY... oaetseeusiD BEIjQSWG THE MAD RACE- HEUO.MISS HEI2SS THE PLAY I WIJOTt- THE POOrTSSOR WANTS TO see ir FRISBY'S GIVIW MY e H= ASKED ME70 , CHAD IF. BEYOND THIS CREVICE AT THE FOOT OF THE LONG STAIR-- ARE WE -\OUR ARMOt? ANO HORSE - HASTEN .' WE AWAIT YOU -'' 1 THE FUUY AWAKE BREKK FOUND HIM5EUF 1RRESISTIBC? DRAWN FORWARD.' 1__ THE DEFENSE OF OESPER4TE HAHD-TO-rlAUD FIGHTING WITH UTTUE ANDREW POtLOWS.

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