The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 23, 1934 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1934
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

EIGHT MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 23 1934 I / AL SMITH JOINS GROUPS PLEADING (Continued From ratu 1) ·uncensored war pictures' to convince him that war should be avoided." Charles H. Sherrill, former ambassador to Turkey, speaking for the New York state Chamber of Commerce, said: Attacks on Groups, "Certain attacks upon the peace organizations of the country inter- ested in the adherence of the Unit States to the world court attemp to divert public attention from th fact that the business and profes sional men of the country are firm ly in favor of ratification of th pending treaties and have so clared themselves repeatedly." Similar statements were made o behalf of the Pennsylvania chambe by F. J. Poole, Ralph Lum, forme president of the New Jersey Bar as sociation, presented a list of 81 organizations that have endorsed th treaties. TIMELY CLOTHES R O C H E S T E R T A I L O R E D T H E S E S U I T S L I K E I T ! Made from wool yarns specially selected for their natural resiliency these fabrics were skilfully woven to take extra punishment with a smile. · You will appreciate the extraordinary combination of endurance and appearance these Timely garments offer you. In fact an ideal combination for the man who is "hard on his clothes" and imm go easy on his budget 1 '20-- $ 24^ $ 29^ LARNER'S 13 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. NATIONAL BANK GALL IS ISSUED Situation Is Different From Year Ago When Banks Were Closed. WASHINGTON, March 23. W-A call issued today for the condi tlon of national banks on March 5 will afford a sharp contrast with :hat day a year ago when Presiden' Roosevelt ordered «very bank in th United States closed. It was late Sunday night, the day after his inauguration, that Mr Roosevelt made nationwide the bank holiday already prevalent in many states. Now more than 5,100 national janks are licensed and operating These banks on the date of the lasl bank call, Dec. 30, reported tota assets of $21,747.483,000. The call today is the first of 1934. The comptroller of the currency is equired by law to obtain reports on he condition of national banks at east three times annually. Last year because of the bank loliday the first call was delayed :ntil June 30 and the second came 3ct. 25. Since last year also the government has advanced $1,039,000,000 capital note or preferred stock urchases in 6,300 banks to bolster leir position for reopening. Of this umber approximately 2,300 were ational banks. State Call Issued. DBS MOINES, March 23. UP--D. V., Bates, state superintendent of anking, today issued a call for the ondition of all state banks, savings anks and trust companies at the "ose of .business Monday, March 5. jreat Western Asks Permit to Get Loan WASHINGTON, March 23. UP-The Chicago Great Western railway ompany applied to the interstate ommerce commission today for per- .ission to borrow 51,200,000 from he public works administration nth which to buy 500 box cars. The ompany will issue 10 year, -4 pe ent equipment trust certificates t rocure tie loan. IN DAY'S NEWS A man identified as Fred "The Brain" Goetz (above) sought for years as the leader of the, Fred Burke band of extortionists, bank robbers and killers, was slain in gangland fashion in Cicero, Chicago suburb. (Associated Press Photo). DEFINITE PLAN OF TRUCE PROMISED (Continued From Page 1) er for the industry. A presidential rder putting the industry under li- enses, although still a possible tep, was not believed in many in- ormed quarters to be the - most kely course. In any case, despite apparently rgent sentiment for strikes among many of the union workers, their eaders were hopeful that with the overnment behind them the men 'ould stay at work, and fight cut ;eir demands along peaceful lines. S a v e o n I n t e r i o r P a i n t i n g ! HOUSEHOLD %*«,»» EVENT Amazing--but TRUE the wall finish that can "take it" SHERWIH-WILLUM Semi-Lustre The Thrifty Washable Wall Finish Now, you can have lasting, colorful beauty for your walls. From Semi-Lustre's porcelain-like surface, hot grease, ink spots, finger and pencil marks, etc., wash as if by MAGIC. Even steam does not effect it. Unexcelled for use in bathrooms, kitchens, stairways, recreation rooms, hospitals, and public buildings. 12 beautiful tints that lend themselves to modern color treatment. Special Introductory Offer So sure are we you'll like Semi-Lustre that during this event ONLY, we're making an introductory reduced price offer of enough Semi-Lastre to paint an entire room. 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In Detroit, Flint, Pontiac and Lansing more than 45,000 union workers, who voted two weeks ago to strike unless their dispute with their employers was satisfactorily adjusted, went about their tasks still awaiting the results of the conferences at Washington between President Roosevelt and the union leaders. Messages which arrived in the four cities last nigut and early today from the ' union leaders at Washington requested prolongation of the truce voted by the central committee of the unions at Pontiac Tuesday. "Union Domination." The posibility that some union groups, feeling they had been given insufficient assurance of action, might walk out despite the request of their leaders, was believed eliminated today after the latter reiterated their earliest request that no strike be started now. The advice from Washington that another meeting would be held with the president during the day led local union leaders to counsel their men to remain at work. The National Automobile Chamber of Commerce representing the manufacturers, issued another statement in which it reiterated that the point at issue is "union domination." The statement said William Green, president of the American federation of labor had "shifted his ground" after being "confronted with the plain truth that the threatened strike is for union domination." Green, in Washington, renewed liis. attack on company unions, calling them "worse" than no unions at all." PRESIDENT GETS VINSON NAVY ACT Bill Provides Authority for Largest Post-War Plan of Building. WASHINGTON, March 23. UP)-Authority for the navy's largest postwar construction program rested today on the expected stroke of President Roosevelt's pen. The senate completed congressional action yesterday on the Vinson Trammell bill to bring the navy up to treaty limits, which contemplates an expenditure over seven years for ships and airplanes estimated at $500,000,000 to $750,000,000. Final word for building most of the ships and planes rests with the budget bureau, which must approve the actual expenditures. The bill would permit construction of 65 destroyers, 32 submarines, 4 cruisers and more than 1,100 airplanes. Chairman Vinson of the house naval committee said the measure, authorizing the biggest naval program ever approved by congress at a single time, would go far toward "putting our navy in the class it belongs." Government and private shipyards would .get ship contracts alternately. Private bidders would be limited to a 10 per cent profit on contracts of 510.000 and up as a result of congressional inquiries into profits on army and navy contracts. STOCK MARKET DILI/APPROVED Federal Reserve Board Has No Reservations on Revised Act. WASHINGTON, March 23. The federal reserve board today approved the revised Fletcher-Rayburn stock market control bill without reservation. Gov. Eugene Black told the senate banking committee the board felt the redrafted bill was "workable, right in principle and will accomplish the purpose of regulating the exchanges." His statement at the opening of senate hearings on the new bill gave tremendous impetus to the drive for its enactment. Meanwhile, a statement that "mysterious back-stage influences" were behind the revised measure for federal control of stock exchanges--with the intention of leading this country into communism -was made to the house interstate commerce committee by James H. Rand, Jr., chairman of the committee for the nation. Opposing the measure. Rand said "radical" and "inexperienced young men" were advocating it to establish "a planned economy in which politically-selected bureaucrats will assume power that has belonged to property owners, stock holders and business management." GIRL HIT BY AUTO NEAR NORTHWOOD Gladys Nelson, 19, Still in Unconscious Condition After Mishap. NORTHWOOD, M a r c h 23.-- ladys Nelson, 19, Northwood high school senior, was still in an unconscious condition this morning after she was critically injured late yesterday as she was struck by an auto on Highway 105, two miles west of Northwood, when she alighted from a car; She was hit as she started to cross the road by a car driven by Mrs. A, L. Harmon of Northwood. Miss Nelson was going to the Fred Aase home, where she stays while she is attending school. She and a younger brother, Gaylord, and .two other school children, had ridden from Northwood in the auto of A. O. Rye of Northwood and as Mr. Rye started to drive away, after Miss Nelson had gotten out of the car, Gladys was struck at the Aase driveway by a car coming from the opposite direction. Gaylord rushed to the Aase home, a few rods from the highway, and Fred and Nick Aase brought the girl to the office of Dr. R. L. Olson .n the Winefred hotel, where she is still being cared for. The 'girl suffered severe head injuries and severe body bruises, the severity of which had not been de- lermined. Witnesses told officers :hat the driver of the auto which itruck her did not .irnain at the icene of the accident but drove to Northwood where she told her hus- 3and of the accident. PASS FILIPINO FREEDOM BILL Senate Act Gives Islands Until Oct. 1 to Make Their Decision. WASHINGTON, March 23. (St-The senate Thursday passed a bill giving the Philippine islands until Oct. 1 to decide whether they want independence. That completed congressional action and the measure now goes to the white house for President Roosevelt's signature. The vote was 68 to 8. The measure contemplates freedom, if the Filipinos desire, within 12 years. The legislation was supported by the administration. The senate rejected the King (D., Utah) bill for immediate independence and defeated the Dickinson amendment which would have reduced the transition period from ten years to five. The eight voting against the bill on final passage were Austin, Vermont; Barbour, New Jersey; Carey, Wyoming; Dickinson, Iowa; Fess, Ohio; Goldsborough, Maryland; Kean, New Jersey, and Vandenberg, Michigan, all republicans. AIRMAIL FIRMS AT MEETING BARRED present 8 cents per be established at 6 (Continued From Page 1) stead of the ounce, would cents. Meanwhile Senator Hastings (R. Del) said in the senate the administration canceled the airmail contracts "to add to the prestige of the new deal," but the people of the country were not convinced there was any fraud involved. Assails Administration. The new chairman of the republican senatorial campaign committee, assailing the whole administration program in replying to a speech last Tuesday by Postmaster General Farley at a Delaware democratic rally, asserted "12 major" platform promises had not been kept. A reading of Farley's testimony before the Black investigating committee, he said, showed he didn't know enough about his own job to determine what his power was." "He didn't know there were two ways of making contracts legally," the senator added. Shenandoah Not to Have CWA Airport SHENANDOAH, March 23. OB-Prospects for the construction of an airport here with CWA funds ended when the Rotary and Kiwanls clubs and Chamber of Commerce voted against underwriting the proposal for five years at $675, annually. The CWA had reduced its proposed expenditures for labor and material from $20,000 to $900. President Signs Act Making It Easier to Take Samuel Insull WASHINGTON, March 23. U~ President Roosevelt today signed the bill aimed at Samuel Insull, providing for immediate removal of FLOWERS Special for Saturday 79c 49c 49c NOVELTIES I5C ROSES, Dozen .... 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