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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Wednesday, January 7, 1818
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k 1.1 1 IN CHANCERY. ' IN! CHANCERY. 5 ' V ' State of New - York, at. IN pursuance of a decretal onW of (bit honorable C"tri,beriii: date 0 7tb day 1U,J test, will b tclri at public faction, t the Ton - tiiieCpee lioure, inuitciiyw nw - .. - derthe direction of the uhcriler, a one of the muL nonkli court, on Tkurtda. the 8lh day - - - - . ' . , , ,. . . ii .ii ot in7Mi, oVIock it noon, that certain blork, Ml'lKt W crouoo under woter, to be made land and proond, Bin of tin orthorUudtWsRiver, tituale, b9 t..jrhhMM Waabhwton - tlreet ami a certain new street e seventy ftet in breadth, to be made froatiogontheaakl North River, called Weit - ttrret, and it bounded a1ouows t north - eatterly nd easterly by Libertjr - itroet j north - westerly unrt wmli'ly by Vt - treet aforesaid t aouth - westerly and. westerly by Cedar - streety and oath easterly and - easterly by , Washmgton - ttreet : containing in breadth ou Waslungtoo - Mreet awl West - street one hundred and ten fret six inche. and in length along Liberty treet hunHrffi and aeventv - teren fo'f. rtnd tlnng Cedar - street one hundred and seventy - two feet" i together with the appurtenances, tubject never - tbelett to the rents, covenants, rtttnetion and urtH4 - mn,t to which tViid WMtiMi are tuhject in favor of the corporation of the city of New - inmwL rc - aurwil ana 1 - Xeau.u i torn. DatedJov. 26th, 1817. ; ... JAMES A. HAMILTON. . '.' ... ' , Matter io Chaocerr. ; Note. Tl.e above 'property win" be sold in ifxi Vnr lutriinilnrt annlv at the matter hn?i taw4w&dtr Matter In Chaitcery. IN CHANCERY..' 1 blecMift, beanntr date the 20U day of Le - rMniwr. in lha ear 1817. will be told at public ' aectijn, t the ion tine Coffee Home, in the city .f New - York, on Tutday, trie thirteenth daj o( January nelt, at It o'clotK at nooo, au mat certain lot ofKrouod and mettuage. situated in the'.h ward of the cite of New York, known aad riiilingunhed by home and lot anmher lour, io Cherry - ttreet ; bowided oorthwetterlT ta froaton Cherrr ttreet, northeatterly by lot and houte cumber tis ia aaid ttreet, belonging to Maria Otgood, amrthewlerly in Ui rear ty ground owned or occupied bf Aleiander llamifton.and tenth - wetteily by other ground of the laid Maria Ou rood l containing in breadth in front twenty - five r . i - .u . f ; v. - . .nH ItXt ,IH UIC I Vl K,r.iiKii ICTI ute iuuh. one ouarter of aa inch t la length, on ine norm. e.itterlv tide one hundred and three feet nine inch e ; aoJ oa the louthweiteHy aide one hntidred .ami aevrh feet tis rochet, be the tame more or )ci t tnretber with the apuurtenaDcee. Dated .' :! 5 WM. E. DUNSCOMB, . ti Matterly In Chancery, . eVe tt lawtJanMU , - IN CHANCERY. Joha B. Murray, ) ' tv State of New - York, it . Jiimci T. Wataon. - IN purtuiooe ,of a decretal, order of (hit ho - nei.raWe eiurtt made in the above time, will be nlil nohlie 'auction, at the T online Cufl'ce Hone. in the citr of New - York, under the di reetion pf the tuUteriber, at one ef the muter of thit eoart, on Tuetday tKe teeond ilay of Sep tmlier next, at twelve o'clock at noo , all that tract nf land iolninz on the tow a of Low title, and lying in the enuaty of Lewit, in the ttate afm - e - aalil, being part of great lot No. 4 of Mtoomb't Durehate, and eornpritet au tne inu Known on a eertain plan or map made by Datid Bronton and o, nwir. u u itir nviu . 11.1 . . - . L I , Q lit n . tnilr I t.rtlfl I nfkT witl . the . .7l.r." n.iTee, there'to belong ingor any wise appcrtajuing. Datcil June SO, 1I7. - '. . i . . I rnm iiir a iumtiii. i Jy SI lawiw dtd . fatter in Chaoeerr - - . . - I n sale Ol ine ar.ove u pi(Knen kj the ltt day ol November next, et tlie tome hour and place. JAMES A HAMILTON, tfptlawts ; Matter in Chancery. Th m th ahove nnicertv It Dot I Done (1 10 1 poZIiwU ftintierin lnancerv. 1 ,1 he t.i e of tf.e anoye property it potiiionefl to Saturday, the 8th day of November, at the tame I Loui and place. Nov 1. 1817. t r . m i , , . . .i .JAMES A HAMILTON, - x, . ' Master in Cham - ery no 1 Snt Mon k Fri 31 - The sale r.r the above property it postponed to Tactday. Hie lutb duyof yemt)er, instant, m the same licur aun place, it ov o, i u 1 1 . . - ,. JA11K3 A. HAMILTON, nov 8 S W M 17 3t Master in Chancery, Th sale of the above property i postpon - 1 eJ to the 4th day of December next - Dted November IS, 1817. JAMES A. HAMILTON, iwv2rdt ! Master in Chanc my.' Tbe tale of tlr ab ve property is postponed to th'. trcond day of Januarv next, at the same hour audpace., vm. . . .. . , JAMES A! HAMILTON, Aar. 2 1 awtds Matter in Chancery ' The ta!e of the above property is pottponed to - Thursday, tbe 221 ins: at tbe same hour and place, Jan. 2,181'. r . JAME3 A. HAMILTON, - jan 3 dts Matter iu Chancery. - Aeie and thtfattt exhibition, aWu old Museum. Chalham - ttreei. THE TOWN OF BOSTON IN MINIATURE. fit DUCIlr.SAK ictpeotully informs the la - L '. ' die and ccntlemen of this city, that be has oow'exhihiiing at the above plare, a complete inM. or tne lownol nosion, in nioca wore, I nLu h rr.presi - nti the public; buildings, such asl churches, stores, public edifices, be. Ut. Alto, a View of a Sugar Plantation, blacks at work. iav:km2 suzar. ruttins rnne. a:c. lie, - A View of sfiulh Wale. The inott prominent feature of thit view it a mountain, on the summit of which is acaitle,strongiy fortified ; rob bers' rave in the interior or ibe mountain, H '.' Aihmt'.ance 25 centt. Doors r pen from 9 o'clock in tbe moming til) iu in tne eveniug. ' ' janaxw - Tl TK - lrt - URlJ tcivtt notice that he has o - 11 pened an evetiinz scliool, alhis academy, ' No. 63 John - treei, for the instruction of young gentlemen, more especially m Enluh Grammar aad Geojrr.phy. - . A clats in each of these branches it now com - . menring. Hi improved mode of instruction will enable the nntaueht as well as those wta have a - partial knowledge of these subjects, in a short spare of lime, to perfect themtelvet in these useful branches of education. instructions will alii he riven in Book - Keep - - Inc. Penmanship ami Arithmetic. Hour of at tendance from 8 io 9 o'clock, jS4t . cm fit dsn, fuzzi.n. A T - HOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broad - . way, corner Cedar - trert, have manufae - lured and tor sale, the above in e en i out and a - musing article, which still continues to be the fay - me ana fashionable amusement,' Price of tht twoooiks and the box of mahogany and race vnod blocks, $2 25. Ja 3. lu " l,"l,e - tnle, at No. 44 y .i.raet - stret, i tnlad. Iphia, oq Wednes day, .January h, loiu, ny order of the assignee of Mia Warrington, all hi ttock in trade, coo - iting of Gold ai d silver patent lever and plain watche iu. in ana s - ei cnams, ait and keys Gold and gilt Anger and ear ring Do do broaches "" Sprtng and otlier SMushe . 8 day aad 30 hour movement Do do . ' brat cattings Da - do and musical bells Do do forced work and pinion heet brntt, pig bras;, spelter . Black lead andsand crucibles, Rvlliiig ur flaltiug mills - n Planitiiioc stakes and hammer Chvk and watch dials and maintDrinet . Arid a Urge muI general assortment ofCTlock . ml Watch Makers, and Silver Smith' Tools, me end Mat ef al. , Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. Term at . .V..'. - . - ' j ' jan 5 1 Vi.LE NANKEENo. 1750 vc. Bloe Nao - Jj kerns, f. - r sale at No. 2 Maiden - lanr, (north ide)oy GEORGE PALMER, eutitled to de - 8 the lira - . li to be nn the all , ol in ali . - i.,. " is l I I I veaierc. jan 6 5t VTO BE SOLD. - V THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE PROPERTY,' BELONGING - TO THE ESTATE OF THE LATE OR. THOMAS JONES." e The Dwelling1 House and premises "Bow iff the possttsion of Mr. Margaret J oner, known at Dumber 343 Broadway, Jinr 3d feet inches in width in front. Hid 32 feet 6 Tocbet in rear, and 140 feet in depth t together with icart anu icti iu ucuui t iucinki ...... brick rtibk,t hnd !, it ju,,, i tU rearo( dwelling bouse, beinj about 27 feet uie 0Sdiidetl half of a kit fronting Leonard ttreet. being to feet wide on to - . . . 1 1 1 r. . i i . . i. . .j . V, k ondmded let u tM in common between tvimam Deooins. Eta. and the owner of the property now offered for ta!e, and ia intended for a pauage way to theiretaMet and yards. - The above Dronertv it titoated ia the most eli gible part of the city, and is in every part, ia the Beat it pair and meat complete order.. . . Three Lots of Ground, situated at the ii corner of Broad wat and Warren - street hriue known oa the Bino of tlie land belonsins Trinrte Church as Not. 4 15, 418 and 417, aad cotitak), together, 75 feet in breadth oa Brpad - wny, and in tne rear tu reel o incnts n vv nrren - street, and 89 feet 9 inches on the northerly side. Thrte lots, with the nuilaings thereon, are now under lee to various tenants, for terms which will expire on the 1st May, 1330, and at such rents as amount, ia the whole, to an aually, betides all taxes. These three lots will sold in one EarccL and tubiect to the unexui leases. A Dwelling llonae and Lot of Groind known as No. 147 Water - street, between I'luwtrteland the Fly Market. Iieine 22 feet 10 inches in width in front, and 21 feet 7 inches in rear, and 100 ftet 10 inches in length. .This bouse and lot is under lease fur a term ending lit lay, lb 19, it the annual rent of 550 dollar and taxts. . , , , , A Dwelling Hoiks nod Lot of Ground. known at No. US Wsttr street, adioinina - tim lutt above l being 18 ftet 4 inches on Water tireet, 17 feet in the rear, and 84 feet 4 inches in icnxin. J m hnute and lot a re under kciefor a term ending lit Mny , 1319, at the annual rent of 250 dollars and all taxes. A LOT Or' GROUND, fronting (lie Broad way jutt above Jonei - ttreet, and next but one adjoining the property ol Mr. ilartiu Hoffman ; arid the lot fronting ou Mercer - street, in the rear the Broad wav M. These two lots will be sold. together, and are 25 feet 8 inches wide and SUO eel (Jeep. A LOT OF LAND, known at number 645 Bayard't farm, fronting on Hyoders - street, and running from that street to Onnge street ; leiiig width on Kynders street 26 feet, and on Oral Re street ii fctt 6 im ties, and in length on the a rtii - erly siJe 145 f't C inches, and on tit southerly sid" 151 feel 3 inches. .111 Iht abort mentioned pmptrly it held in fee iimplt. 1 ht following it h'M under a lout from Co umbia CoUtgc, 54 .veer - of a AtcA law vat vrtfrpvt on ui aepiemoer tail. A Dwellins House and Lot of Ground, known as No. 217 Greenwich it ret t, now u.iUi . lease for tlie annual rent ol 250 dollart and luxet ( Jeate expires ltt May, 1821. Ct A Dwelling Home and Lot of Ground, injj known at No. 215 Greenwich ttreet, now under lew for the yearly rtut oi 350 dollurs and :l taxes ; leate expires 1st Muy, lo'fl. vtVjk A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, Ag at to corner of Greenwich street and Barclay street, under leae for 450 dollars and taxes; leiue expire 1st May, 1821. Two Dwelling Houses and Lots ol Ground, known us No. 69 and 71 Barclay j - i , IU. , now unur, icnse mr ow uunars annuauv W. M - T. 8'f - V juml , " , ' . i. i a LwtiiniK iiome nuu uii di urounu. . . ' JH4 f - ,0 - ' uarcuij meet, now un - .taxi - t i iJJ"l flijl """"' uuuar uu Lia.t, iuiuccaimici iMij taw 1019 A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground. wnaaianuwn at .iu. 03 oarcinv tireei, now un - ii 0 - n 1 aer team lor uie yearly rem oi wt uoiiars anil Uie taxes; leate expires May 1st, 1819, i 'i i i .... . .i . I iiw K - nscuuiu misiijr vuaiiiit conveuiemiy bf descrthed within the limits of an advertisement, but the sue and extent of each lot mar be particularly teen on a roup thereof, atth olhce ol ;ur. ti rine ureer. The title to all this property is tmquettiooahle, the greatest part of the property having been owned and possessed oy tue late Ut. Jones and bis representatives tor more than 55 years, now last t and fur such part a has bcea purchased witliin that period the subscribers bold warranty deeds from the grantors. The houte and premise first above detcribed offered at private sale, and may be viewed al ter the fourth dy of Janunry next, any day be tween one ana two o'ckx in tne aiternoon. - it not sold on or before the twentieth day of January nxt, that property will be sold by auction, on Thursday, the 20th dy of January, at Uie Tontine Colli e House, at 12 o'clock at uoon. 7 lie residue of the property will be exposed to sale by auction, at the Tontine Coffee floutc, on Tuesday, the tenth day of February next, at 10 o'clock in tlie forenoon of that dny. The t:i ms of sale for the house and premi ses No J4.1 Broadway, will be 10 per cent on the day of snlcandone third of the residue on the first of Muy next at wh en time a deed Will be executed and possession Riven the re - maining two thirds to be paid in 2 annual pay - menia, wiui micmi, iruniuiciirsior.uay, se eured by a bond and mortgage on the premi ses. - 1 crms of sale lor the rest of the property will be 10 per cent on the day of sale, 1 - 3 of the residue on the delivery of the deeds. which will be about 10 days after the tale, and the remaining two third in 2 equal animal payments, with interest from the date nf the deeds, secured by a bond and mortgage on the premises the purchasers are to receive the rents of such part of the property a are under lease from the 1st of I ebruary next. 1 - or all other intirntlinn and particularly in relation to the title Tr all Uie above property apply to D. JONES, esq. at his office 44 I'lne - street, where the title deeds, and maps or the property may be seen. M ALTB Y GF.LPTON, Exec'r. MARY GELS I ON. S dee 30 eodtdn RE.1L ESTATE. For sale Uie fee simple ef 132 feet front on Division - street ami 45 feet front on Eldridge - street, making a front of 177 feet, under a lease or 5 year The dwelling are all occupied a retail dry good store. This property is worthy the attention of a capata - lit " wishes to invest bis rash in real et tate. If the leases and bouses was purchased will give is percent per annum. 1 he terms are 1 - 3 Cask, remainder on raortgage for number of years . The title unquestionable. and a warrcniee deed will be given. For par - licuiaxs, apply to JAMfcS W. SHAW, - No. 5 Bowery ALSO. A stock of Dry Goods, on liberal crejit, fiir approved security. Apply aa above. dec JO eodJw FOR &.1LE. Bv order of the executor of Geors, Stanton, deceased, the two stnr house and lot No. 18 Harrisoo - streeL Said bout is brick front, contains foar room with fire - rlves. cellar kitctn. cellar, and a fine vault iu tlie eel lr,r. The lot ia eiirhtrea teet 8 inche in width. front and rear, and eighty seven feet ix inches in lengm desuable situation lor a assail gei tee I family. F - r terms, &c apply to ' JONATHAN Lfl'TLE, 218 rearl treet. Or, HENRY STANTON. Brooklyn. ' fCr .fbould ll above property aot be i?ro - ted or by the 14th January next, it will on that day be sold at the Tontine Cohee llonw, by Metrr. Hoflmaa i G!us,to dote the riceros rf . I ' oi ue estate. dec313txwtw Ft.' ttHTll DAVirS. v i . Oct Late ccaductor . af the . - business of Mr aiaaiii;iiiTaii' "the only regular bred Cbyenicai Ferfumer in New - York, who carries oa lha tnuiness.' fhavins - A t for the last 19 veais made Uivnial . Ferfuiaerr n study, sixteeo - of which were uir (tie rarlke - lai dirertiott of fllr Na - thauiel Smith, enntidtrs himtelf entitled to the name of a real cbyiuicul ntrfumer. and havinc taken AirUU.M w TRAPPAN into partnership, will conduct the busiuets unuer tne crm or AL No. 136 Broadwav. New - Yorlr. Where tbev offer for sale as comnleat and as general aa assortment of perfumery and fnncj lotiDt as were ever reioie uoerea to uie puoin; , and they hope by attention - and punctuality to ceive - a share of their patronage ; among which are the following , Kote. vioitt, jesau in, piiiK, jonquu, uarcnaue, oiul reseda noinatuuit Jettamin, m'ak, ro - e, abjtinian, orang, aaples and paim soaps . Blue and red marble, carnation, lavender Herband cosmetic waihballs Essences of lavender, bergamot, Hungary Orange, violet, &c. Rote, violet, and plain hair - powder Carbonic, chymical, coral aiid rose tooth - powder Opiate for the teeth , Cloth, shaving, hair, nail, comb, hearth and whisker brume Rouge and pearl pdwder, Milk of rotes Cold cream, Almond pasta. Antique and Russia oil Pomade de ranee for thickening the hair Balsamic liD - talve of roses, Alpine shaving cake Transparent tbavins liquid, Pads for the neck Gentlemen1 shaving cases, complete silver mounted Tooth brushes, Needle cases , Scent boxes A inu lets, Tooth pick caes, Spar muff boxes Pocket books. Ladies thread cases Lavender bags, Fresh lonquia beans Writing dctlu, Night tapers Razor strops, Japauware Rufia pocket books, shaving boxes Ladies' drewing c:ues Pen and pocket pen - knives Fine scissors anumtor Tortoij e - sbell and bora dressing combs Pearl, ivory, tortoise and horn pocket combs Smelling bottles, silver pencil cares, tweeters Ivory aad box - wood combs, Cue durable iuk "alts of leruoav volatile salt Tongue tempers, Ac. ' - Th - y have also just received : Ladies' work boxes, from 10s to 40 - iT.lesant bottles, with odour of roses wromabc vinegar (lor the stead - ache) Cologne water, warranted from Cologne Orange, flower,' and rote waters, of excellent qualities ' Spar smelling - bottles An assortment of hair bru - hes, equal to any heretofore cflVred to the public ; and A gre - nt variety of other articles too uiiiueroos to mention. doc 31 B A M : K ER - S T R EKT N OTIC K. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons inter - etted, that the cinniistioiiert ol ettimate and nsscstmciit appointed by the trprrme court of judicature of the state of New - Yoik, to perform certain duties relative to the enlarging, ex - lending and improving of Bancker - strcet, between Clinton street and Grand street iathetaid city, have completed their estimate and assesf. meut. as well or the lots and dumage tut'nuied o - ver and abote the benefit and advantage received hy tie owners of tbe lannt and premies required , lr the said enlarging, extending and imp - ovine; of LUncUtr ttieetat afoiesaid,t ulto of the benefit and advantage received by the owners and parties in'ertswd or and in certain lanns ani pte - mise not required tor the said imprateiuuiit AnJ that we. the taidcoraminionf r, have depo - lteil n true copy of sich citiraaie and atfets - ment in the cierk't onice m tiiecityoi itew - xorK, lor the intpeclion ol wliomoever it my concern. And notice it hereby furthri given tlialthe report of the. mid rttlmate and wcinient will be pre sented for continuation to ItTe upreme court of judicature of the state of New - York, at tlie capi - tol in thecitv of Albany, on Friday, the sixteenth day of January next, at Uie opening of the said cnur, oo that day, or as soon ttiereaitrr as counsel ran he heard thereon. Dated thit 26th day of I Isrember. 1817. - . . PE IKK HA WES, ) ROGER nrllOMr, Comioistiont - n bKNJAMIN A. AKERLY. ) , dec 26 18t VALUABLE PROPERTY run a.t.K. . H ILL DE SOUK At ptihlie auction, on the premise, oo Thursday, liie 22d day of January next, atone 'cIocK, r. M. A SMALL FARM, containing about ten a rro of bind of the firtf quality, lying in Brooklyn, about two miles trom tlie ferry, un tlie premises is a handtome new dwelling houte, standing on an eminence, which commands a most beanti ul and extensive prospect ot Aew - iorK Bay, Staten l - Uml, &c. and for pleasaiitnet of situation ia not exceeded in King' county ; and a new Barn or Carnage House. JT AMO. A FARM, of about 17 acres of upland and 8 .4 r Gall mun.l. .m.n.n. t l.s i rl a hA. fore described, having a good houte, barn, Uc. ALkO. A FARM, containing about twelve acret of upland, in a lugn Hate orcultivation, and u i - t acre of salt meadow, adjoining the turnpike leading from Brooklyn to Jamaica, on which it an excellent young orchard, a good dwelling house, a nrst - rute nam, Kc. uc. LIKEWISE. Four lot of Woodland, of 7 acret each,' Ivins about a mile from the above def - nbed farms. Ttie above property will be old eparately Any pert a within to purchate it invited to call on the subscriber, by whoin the premise will be shown, and any further information given, which may be required. JUH.NU. N AM. Ian 3 fds Brooklyn TO LKT. For a term of years, the houte and M No. 5 Broadway, at present occupied by the .Miss Kiotey's, as a boarding houte. tor parti Culart enquire of - ftOBERT L. LIVINGSTON, Clermont. jan 3 tFl FOt SALE, ir,si! 1 he Houte and IM 101 Uihrrty - tt I epth 34 feet, breadlb 25. Depth of U lot Iu7 fret. Tln - e ho may with to purchase property of thit discripfion, can at any time view the premises, and terms ol sale may iioagreed on, by application to - - run ti 'Ki a at, dec 31 56 South - street. DISSECTED MAPS OP THE UJflTEU ST A TS, AT, GOODRICH A: CO. No. 114 Broad - . way, comer Cedar - street, have Uie plea - tare of announcing to their friend and th pub lic that tkey havt lost completed a new and el gant map Dittected Map of tbe United State, which bat loug been a desideratum m thst rouo try for domestic instruction and juvenile ia pro yemenl. A. T. G. k Co. intend to cotnplclt a series ol useful and correct dissected maps, to which they will respecuuily solicit the public attenttoa. - jan 3 lw i WANTED atlfTblirenr purchae. a good two story brick houte, situated on the west tide of the town, b - t ween Liberty tt Chamber - streets Possessio i to be tskcti at any time previous to the 1st of May next Apply at No. 148 Wa ter - street. J,n 5 eod6t CIIRONOM ETF.RS. fcc 4 suprrinr I adasi Chroovnetert in case, with a small invoice ol or of Uodot Watches, f r sale by - - - N. ft D. TALCOTT, dec ?J 64 a.b - itrect. - ' ' TO lK7,c i A flRE PnoOF 8TOHE, wett side burl rlin - i!in. No. 34. next door to the - comer offioutli - street, from this date to May 1st, 1818, eriontj in ioia. . . Inquire next door at tne comer oi Bomn - sireet, JArits aaui. dec 54 tw. s r l OrLAtil - .. ! Storage may be bad on the first floor of the store No. S9 South - street, wtfch will save the rxpewe ol houung. " ' Ueczw And possession immediately given, the liOU.SE Ho, 349 Brrauway, corner ot L,eo oard - Uvet - with coach - liouse and stable. Foa SAie, the bouse 849 and 351 Broad way enquire ot . Kl JV1E.1US, 1 At the City - Library, No. 16 Nassau - st dee 6 im NtW TWOb'i'ORY iiOU&i. TO l.KT. TT! Postcttioo immediately replete with every convenience, and finished In a genteel ttile, No. 8 and 10 .New - street, very near to wall - street. Inquire at No. 55 Broadway, or to CHARLES OAKLEY, ' No. 14: Front - street. ft - i Also, the stores and cellar apartments for storace of those new and desirable bouses No. 10 and ii Broad - itrret, wliicb are ready to receive an occupant. The dwelling part of those bouses will be ready to receive teoanttabout April next. Persons desirous of such a situation are invited to call and view them, at any time before the Gist of February, at which time they will b offered Io let or lease. . , . dec 6 Im FOR SALE. A Fann situated on theeatt hank of Hud 's niver, live miles norm oi uie village oi Poushkeepsie, in tlie county or Uutchesi, con tainios tix hundred and seventy acre, having a front of three quarter of a mile on the river, two hundred and thirty acre of which is a fine plain of great fertility, tne residue is araole of a different quality, pasture, meadow and wood, of which there is agrnt abund - ince of the finest kinds, 1 here are upon the premises a good farm - house, a barn and extentive wietit ; a large and excel lent dwelling bouse and a variety of out - build fbgs with every convenience lor a large larnuo; establishment. The farm is very well waterei and in good feuce, and hit upon it two thriity vunx orchards; and the garden it tilled with treat variety of thi best fruit. It is in the ncial) hourho' id ol an Episcopal and a Presbyterian Church, and a Tjuint an academy lor tne eiuca tion of Ikjvi, umtcrthe direction of Doctor Allen, and tvitliiu a mile of Hyde Park landing ; from whence tloopt sail every week to New fork, and where pa;engers are taken and landed by the luti! steam - boats. This tract may be divided into three convenient farm ; 200 acres may be taken from the north and 200 from the south, (leaving 270 acret, with the principal buildings, in tlu. centre) on both of which are fine situationi, cuiumanilinx beautiful and extentive views o, the river and adjaceut country. The above will be sold altogether or in separate parts to suit the purrhaier. Aleo for tale, two Farms, tittiate in the town of Washington, in the tame county, lying about twenty unlet from the river, one of them contain - irg 211 ai - r.t, the other J83 acres; on both ol tvliich are new and commodious d w King houses, burns and out building!, and good bearing or chards ; Uie soli fertile and the larms in excellent fence. A contidcraMe part of the purchase monry for tne above may remain for scvsrai year on inter est. For further particulars apply to the tuhrcriber. J IIN JOHNSTON. Hyde park, Nov. 27th, dec I 1817. eod6w TO i.KT or for S.1LK. And poMestion given immediately, a convenient two ttorv houte, fmihed in the mod eru stile, now Kcupied l.y tlie subscriber. t.L.Br.K.1 A!!, dec!) tf No 98 Pi ovot1 - street. CH A fALVABLE FA HA, mam To be sold or exchanged for property in New - York. The subscriber beitiS in a very low slate of health, and havinc very little ImDe of recovery. oiler for sale his farm at Barbadoes neck, coun ty of Bergen, containing about one hundred and thirty five acres nf arable, meadow and wood land. This farm lieson Uie main road between N'ew - York ind Newark, about half a mile tint side of Newark Bridge. If it in a very high ttale of cultivation, and it notturpatted by any other in the vuinity ol Anv - lork, at a valuable and agreeable residence, either lor the farmer or prt vate gentleman. The dwelling houte, though mall7iineat and well finiihed, and the fences, gates, barni, si a Met, and oUier out - houses, are in excellent order and well planned. Iu front ol the h ae, oorurnng oo uie public road, is a handtome and well ttocked garden, and o the preraitet it a voiinc and thrivinx orchard, cot - taining a choice selection of the beit grafted fruit trcts. A more particular description of the property is thought unnecessary, as thote disposed to purchase will view ine pn uuscs. I lie title is in disputable. For particulars, apply to the sub scriber, no. lou reari - sireet, or to air. Andrew mnn, near uie premises. nov 14 tf ROBERT STUART. FOR SALE, real raorr.RTt is rn city op kxw - tork r IOUSE and EOT No. U7 Vetey - ttrcet ,aud LA Houte and Lot No. 39 Vesey - street. A BOND nod MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars, do and do for 750 do do . and do for 450 do On valuable property in the rity of New - York. The interest has always been punctually paid. For particulars inquire at the office of STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, deelOtf No. 27 Wall - street. PATKST ELASTIC RAZOR STIlOPS. GEORGE SANDERS, lately from Londou, one more addresses the public, thanks them for past favors,, and once more ventures to recommend hit strops at one of the most comfort. giving contrivance that ever blest the chin of man. - lit will instruct any self - shavin; e - entle man in the use of it, and when once possessed of the secret and a box of composition, he may ray with the poet of nature, 44 To thave to tleep perchance to dream while in the operation and who woold bear the tweaks and act of barber bate; who would grunt and sweat under lentliom bear - J, or a dull razor ate, when he might his quietus make with a timple Saunder's strop f" Come then to his manufactory at th corner of Reed - street and Broad way, - anJ there yon will find the subscriber always ready to re ceive ineovnmauos ol ais customers. dec 5 tf ROOSEVELT STREET NOTICE. "VTOT1CE is herrhv riven tti all iwrmi inter. J. v etted. that the commissioners of estimate and assessment, appointed by the supreme court of judicature nf the slate of New - York, toner - form certain duties relative to the enlarging and tmprovine Kootevelt ttreet. between Batavia - Iane and r ront - ttreet, in the taid city, have comph - ted their estimate and assessment, as well of the less and damage sustained, over and above the benefit and advantage received by tbe own - er oi ine lanns ana premiset required tor the (aid , i , . eniarjing ana improving nootevelt street, a a lornna, as aiso oi int orient and an rant a re re ceived by tbe owner and parties interested of and io certain landt and premise not required for the said improvement : and that we the safd corominnAeT have deposited a tree CCDof such estimate and at sen merit in tbe clerk's olhce, et" ine cry oi new - s ova. lor uie inspection of whomsoever it mav concern. And notice ia herehv further given, that the report ol the said estimate and assessment will he presented for confirmation to the terrcme court of indiratniw nf th. state of New - York, at the capitol, in the city ofl tii r - i .i - . . . . .. J iuiiwij, m i ikiit, uie siiieemn oay of January next, at iLc opening of the said cort on that day, or a - on thereafter counsel can be heard thereon. Dated this 9lh day of Decem - ucr, to "tWER STRONG. ) : JOH.t FORRFA . Commits loners. 6 I ( NOA1I JA&V1S, dec 25 . - si T . - Taisft.wv.wgff ;r" " I Writ POST COAi'H LINE roa PHILADELPHIA. 1J PORTA" T TO FAK5GIR8. No cossection with the post cbaise line or the tteam - noat VLTila. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPfO - 81 TlOW ttEVlvtu. i ANEW Line of Port Coaches on Springswith every convenirare for pntsensers arid bag gage 11 (ROUGH IN ONE DAY - between Aew - IoiKauo tuiiaatipiua. - xoerosi ooacn Line will start from New - York every morninx at o'clock, (Sundays excepted) in the Steam Boat Atalanta, and arrive at Philadelphia tlie same evening, in the Coach. Fare 8 dollars. . I he steam lital Lme lam'si Ki, win start from New - York every morning (Suu - dhys excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Aiaiania, irom ine norm sine oi me turnery, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning nt 10 o'clock ; Fare through JfVi 50. , The United States MAIL COACH, on springs, with every convenience for patsengert and their bagage, start from No; 1 Courlknd - slrtet, 2d office Irom Broadway, New - York, every day at 1 o'clock, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at C o'clock. Ouly 6 passengers admitted in tint Coach. Fare 10 dollar. Passengers are reouested to be particular in taking their seat in the Post Coach Line, at the coacliet belonging to this establishment are of a superior quality for the accommodation of passenger. For seats in the i love named Lines, apply to THUS. wtll i r itLU, at the old estai iitned Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. I Courtlnndt - stieet, the second office from Broadway, New - York, or to ISAAC BROW.N, Steam Boat Hotel, No. 1 Washington - street, corner of Markctfiek). street, near the Buttery. (ttrAII goods and baggnge at the litJ of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS L CO. N. B - Expresses sent to any part or the ton . THOMAS WHITFIELD, nov 8 KEW ARRANGEMENT V.S. MA IL - COA CUKS, B L Tlt EEMEIV. YORKic PUILADhLPHlA. JJ" The public are assured that there is now handsome coaches, an springs, equal to any in Uie U. States, now running on this line. Pattengerr lor the U. S, Mail Coach will leave New - York tt ery day at 1 o'clock Dine at J. Lyon k Son's hotel, at Powle's Hook, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only tix pas - tengert admitted in the Mail Coach. Fare 1 10. For seals, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old cstaMi'lied coach and stage office, old No. 1, Com llandt - slrcet, second office from Broadway, New - York. All goodi and bngenge at the risk of the owner. - JOSEPH LYON, SONS & Co. . N. B. Expresses, coaches, extra ttages, &c. furnished to go to any part of tlie United States, on the;hortest notice, by Tbot. Whitfield, No. Cotirtlandt - street, New - York. . ,' nov 5 N. SMITH PRENTISS, CffepheirandSuneuorof Mr .Jfathumtl SmtiK) C II Y C A L P E R K V M E H, I AT hit wholesale nd re - I pertunic manufactory, sign ol the goldeo rose, o 149 Broadway, New - fl" rm a ,l.a XT r. n i ntlehien of the city of t ew - York, his Vegetable Sbating La - i uid Alpu.t Siifnio cake Violet shaving powder, Metalic paste tor razor Antique oil 1 Cferh"nic or cb&rcoal dentifrice hymcal deotifrire Aromatic tooth paste Abstergent lotion Lip salve of roses Rose, violet and plain hair powder straps Cosmetic wash ball Milk of rose Cosmetic cold cream Vegetable it uge Pearl Almond paste Almond powder Corn plamter Oriental powder, for polithing gold and Hard and toR lumt poma - silver plate Nervous essence for the fnnlh brhe ' Pomade de g raise . Alto! a lanre and eeneral assortment of perfu mery, fine soaps, fancy and - otner articles, con - sitting of - IJest double uisuuea n.jst. n i i.rv. Tbe real odour of rotet for smelling bottles Essence of kurggmot, lemon, lavender and musk ' French and English essences, pomatums, Kc Lavender, bouey, cologne and nuugary waters Fresh Tonquin beans Tbe celebrated Naples shaving soap, warrant ed genuine Kose, palm, violet, jessamine, paimy rene, jon - ouil. almond, brunawick. lily, Ceylon, plalotf, cowslip, orange, transparent and Windsor soaps marine waso oaus Fine and common razors, in cases or tingle Britannia metal, glate and wood tliaving boxes Bnxor strops of all sise and quality Ladie and gentlemen' dretiing catet Gentlemen'! thaving cases i travelling pouches Needle cases, complete furnished morocco pocaei oooat, tureau cases uu gin ivory and nox wooa nne comos Tortoise shell, ivory and born pocket combs Tortoise shell and born dressing comb Morocco cases for diesting comb Durable ink, French chalk, salt ol lemon Toa'ue scrapers, tooth picks, tooth pick caset and tweeter A superior aitortment of fine and common hair bruthes, among which are, the justly celebrated patent penetrating hair brushes, far superior to any other description of hair brushes heretofore invented Clothes brushes, shavtiur. brushes, f w;th or without catet) silver wire and common tooth brushet (a superior assortment) very fine and common nail brushet, comb brushes, hot bruthes. whisker brushes, with gloss ; plate bruthes, and flesh brushes Pen, iiocket, fruit and sportimen's knives, a complete assortment - r ine and common t elisors and scissor case Hair pin, and curling irons, fine twan and (ilk puffs, pojvdcir bag aad powder boxes - rnospooric lignts, portable boot boon . . Visiting cards and card cose ' - Pencil case, and black lead pencils .' A variety or very fine cut gtnss perfume bot tles, smelling bottles, with volatile salts.aromatic spirits oi vinegar, iu.. etc. tineurange (lower Water. - storekeeper supplied wholesale, and mer chant for exportation. ALSO. JUST RECEIVED. A very bandeome assortment of ladies MO ROCCO WORK BOXES, well calculated tor Christmas and New - Year Presents, from 20. to KUeach. - 1 a variety or elegant cut giat Bottles filled with the real Pertiaa OTTO of ROSES. A few cards of superior PEN and POCKET KNIVES, perhaps the finest ia tlie city A complete assortment of trenUemen't real IV Ooasioc a j lAJ V .9. A quantit y of COLOG NE WATER, warrant ed from Cologne. Tbe admirer of thit eleeant ano vniuanie article may rely upon uu being periecny Doe. - pot; tt W Q 2U LKT. Tbe Store No. 134 Froot - ttreeL an et ctlient ttand for a Grocer. For further turticu art inquire of RIPLEY ft WELD, 'nov 11 12 Front ttreet Q. JV LET, And Ufimeciate ruMtession eiren. the uoust - vo. a reari - tireel, louier. wiih the tta ble and Coach Uoue ia the rear on Cridfe - st Tbe premiset ire In complete repair and. have every convenience Dec ess iry for the accoasmo oauon ot ixauiy, - ft parltcultrs apply to ? j,. B.uyi;n. f1bhcka6w how la - . tween thirre that diifrr. "" fiJLJ otthn city of London, aid ty to raeatsome ooservatjon, the abuse of MERCUitY. i rash, indiscriminate, and unuuaji. fied use tkercdf, ha been produc. J tive of infinite mischief. Tw. sands are annually mwnrinliwH w nr - VH. V tl ence. The disease we bave in view owe it. i. j ill! rhioAn In .1 Mn . a - .. way from all the prospect and enjoyment of lift bv the conteouences nfone munuiiW and by a disease not in iu own nature fatal, aa ' which oBly prove to from neglect or improper treatment" A gontlemar, (late Dr. H' patient) now perfecUy nearly and well, had bee onder physician of geaej j practice, six years, and repeatedly sali vat. d j wlien recommended U Dr. II. (by a gentleman of this city) bis bonet were carious, and hi, flesh d.roppiug from themi his friends declared be could not possibly' surtivt t wo month longer. Thousands eiperimentall know with what ease and aiety Dr. U. eradi - catet the everest cases, and confirm the c'otisti. tution. The Doctor' plan (advertitiug) is necessary to guard the public against the abuse of mercury, and other ratal delusions leld forth. - - Persons, therefore, having contracted a rri - ' vate disorder, or utpecting latent poison, art ' adraouished not to tamper with their conatitu - ; uon, or conce&i me cisurder. till past rcov - ry ; othershaving tbe remains of an old cast, or other impuritie of the blood, s well as oth - ' er coruplaiuts of a delicate nature, in either sex. should remember posterity, and do Rustic to their consciences, by making apphcalioa to Dr. H. at his old and respectable establishment, No. 64 Water - street four house weit of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistance a lone calculated o prevent disclosure. And her.' let me claim your serious attention - Remembcf!. a superficial cure is no care at all; unless thebu. ines is radically done, you will certainly bar' the disorder break out again with redoubled mi linity. at some future period ; perhaps tlien will he too late for remedy. Don't rnu often meet ia the street miserable, mutilated brings, without ' even a hit of nose on their face Take waruing. I beseech you. Dr. H's. character for skill and ttihborn intt - ' grlly being universally known in flu's city, tinct 1304, guarantee to patients that delicacy and s. , crecy hitherto unknown, and having confined hit practice forrears past, exclusively to the cure of disease of the blood ystm, they may safely calculate on the most decided advantage in con - ' suiting Dr. II. Gieets eradicated in Uvt or three week. ' Strictures removed without bougies nr any other instrument ; and all debilities i likewise all old ulcerations, fistula' tf. - . A plurality of offices are provided, and o tit. ' ated that patients are not exposed to each other observation. Open till half past 9 in the evening. All persons concerned are invited to be free it calling, and tiieaking with Dr. H. which it tret of ccst. And here tbe I tocfor cannot avoid Mis tipressiou of gratitude for innumerable recommendations, nud for tlie decided preference (it is presumed with just cause) Ions given him bva. judicious public. - . r. .ill... iv. n. au leiiers must oc posi paid. Dr. Buchanan. An - 27 Iv M.1TU Eh (iUA t A t ht AUR lAFVSl - ' riojy. DR. EV.4NSuperiei method ofenrin? mi, 1 aliy ar - knowledeed in t. V'; his mode of treatment V ?' is perfectly mild. afe. . Ij y ouu uis coarget j reasooable. In every it. i j ttance he warratibi a curt. jiioe pot iwrform agreeablt - jmJ& Ji womci. lliesuiiu.fciecrecy alway observed. Ilitre are many persons in this city ami itt vicinity, laboring under various chronic dieasetv such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or king evil, fistulas, diseases of the urethra, bladder and kidnies, old complicated complaint of a certain nature, bilious and other obstrtc nons, rneunidurui, t.. wnico iney conciaer men. hospitals in Europe 12 yean, under toate of tit first Surgeons and Phy sicians ia the world, an made those obstinate disease hi constant atudt for SO years. Oct 12 (O WHEATON k DA - Via, Fi a, Fancy Chair Manufac turer!. No. 153 Fulton - street, opposite St Ptul Charcb. offer for tale, wboletafe tot retail, a larga and elegant a - - (orfment of Curld Mtplt, plain painted and omaaieat - ed in gold k bronse, Baataesy Plain and Gilt Ball, Recking, Sewing, and Con venation Chairs, Sofa. Settee. Loungees, Music Stools, kc . Orders from any part of the continent execute" with neatnett tad dhpatch. . - t Old Chairs repaired, painted and oroaiaeatetl, net 13 . CURE FOll COUGHS, COLUb, ic - - A torereign remedy for colds, obstinate coughs, asthmas, sore throats, approaching consumptions, and most disorders of the breast and lungs. ' Tht celebrity acquired by this medicm tnwi the U. Stales, fur speedily removing coups, i colds, boartenets, kc. exceeds all former a - l ample. Sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, .o. 40 mti den - lane. Druggist andxtiunbystora - kttpsrl upplied on bber&l terms. - . . ' 1 Certified case of cure may bt tetn at riarc u ale. .. - occ j A GREAT f ' NATURAL CURIOSITY. THE public art iafofj medthatOiii moni in) mar ft a landed the M expected FEMALE Eb EPUANT. and i teen at No. 296 Brett - ,v. near WathinRi", LJrS - jaW Hall - Ibe tito ") animrd l about 7 feet high, " tad about WMj Me from lha end of the proboci to the ea the tail. She is to beeen from 9 o'clock; A. "j to 9 in the evening. . Prict of admittance cenU. . , STEAM BOAT ZfAUliLUS. ' NOTICi - TblW tonoflh fitrji W (team hot - NAUTILUS - - S - V..' - - - s,t. . lo the.Det accnmmodaUoa of tne public, havo dtterrniod to aker tht hour tw departure from Ibe 18th The, iapiain ur"7," leave Staten - tsland every mormng, at 8 o"clot ior iiev. I or a una iev t,tw - w. , . j Itland, at lOoVlock, A. M. - leav staren at half past 1 o'clock, f; M. for New - York, m leave New - York for Stotea - itiato, at rr 3 o'clock, precisely. L ahnrt and " - fimlbrtahie. dVc XJ V - .V.. I .... . ' - J V1.W. VarnAtH. ,i.sulI3ii auuua aim - - - i . : r , i. m. LLHUI. UAIBftl ! dec 9 NEW - YORK: , ; PRINTED AKD EfJBLlSWCD , MICUAEL BVRffBAM k CO ' NO. 42 PltT - sTRtTT t In I par .... w UUIIUUII.H, - - niui a puy that a young man, tha hope of hi country, ' tlie darling of hi parent, should be, u,Hrf,.Jr.

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