The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 24, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1913
Page 3
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® 399* Thanksgiving Specials - - «.? ^y f^ , ... at... The Jab ItnteeiMc The backward season or rather warm weather we have been having, has macle it easy for us to buy exceptionally low and we are giving our patrons the bene- Have Been Goniplefed For 80iOij la Wliile Hoasa OOESTS ARRIVE t I Kiss Wilson's fit of our uyng. IT* I f ! JL The cold \veather v.-iil be coming along very soon; prepare for it n-.\v and tDke advantage of our Thanks" !«· Soecials: S \ 5.00 Astrakhan ^ Coats « 12.50 Astrakhans aad Bouc'ts 10.00 Black Cloths sen's Trousseau and Personal GIsis Fi!J Seven Trunks--Full Re- hesrsa! Tontghv. ·\VssMngtca, Xov. 24.--Nothing short of a prestetfcEtial inauguration c-oaid lime set official ansl resident ATash i2S^32 so agog as has the apprcaeh- ! iag wedding o£ iiiss Jennie \YHsoa, j iL.e presltita.'s sec-ond daughter, ".vho j Vvisi be scarried tomorrow afternoon ! to Francis So'.ves Sayre. As the v.-eJfiiag hour approaches the interest has v.-axee in s. geometrical rai:o. The \Vhite HeEsse, ·with the pos- Ml- ex*, ear-en of the express office, ·s quite the busiest sypt in the cap::ai ? iiiss "Wilson's tiousseau has arrived f a: the \Vh:is House, ana most of it is j uric-Iced in tr-scks ready to ship to Public Sale --OF-Valuable Town i) FURNITURE AUCTION! Chas. ?. Mumper Co. 1 v.ill sell a iot of SECOND HAND HOUSEHOLD GOODS in Center Square i Saturday, November 29th, f ' f '£/*fP**' ^^fe *Tml ^* ^* " J *^* £^% ""i ' - 5^ 1 ^/g^^.5. S,^y ^ ;.*? at one o'clock, i ni= iot is mujh better goods than the £ ^ :K lest lor sold. Some of it is almost new. S SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6TH, ATI O'CLOCK g j| iron B ecls and Springs that were used during the | Two story, well buiit brick house, seven rooow a^d bath, f ^ ^irpmem, Cots, Cot Pads, Pillows. Mattresses^,, |;, f^ £ 'JO' Halls all through. Heated v.iih hot air. Stable, outbuild- |N ings., etc. Lot 75 fc-ei front, situated r.t 112 Hanover J] Street. J George C. GottwaM ® ·--* #3^ r - ^* 3$ Estate -- *^^ ·**· Walnut Leaf Table, Walnut Sofa, Couches, j| lots of other goods not mentioned. CHAS. S. MUMPER CO. «i;:s;e:©j£«i;^^^ PUBLIC SALE _--OF_ Cor.! \V O '.91 *r : : - A i - : S- · '. i : ; '/sf i : I i y///j^.'i| ana /.loeunes 7.50 Zibelines and Chinchillas A Clearance of Coat Suits Only a fe\v C o a t S u i t s remain "which v.'e are closirsg cut at a big reduction. SS.ooandSiooo Values 12.00 and 14.00 Values 15.00 and 18.00 Values None Higher O- Mr. aad Mrs. Francis Bowes I ,t. ii";;^".". 5 ^!--' "tilt:' VG'-"'-"' i'-lt-' t" : '".- Sajre. There v.-III i»» at ast a doze:: fo!!o'.vin-': " ° ·:l Furs,At 10 Per-cent Reduction! JU RECEIVED 100 Mesaline Waists, in Black. White., yvy. Gray and Brown, open front or back. long sleeves and high neck. Every one a 2.50 Value for SI.98 CHILDREN'S COATS J A big: variety of chil- f area's Coats to select } from. In all sizes. Ser- I vice and stj-ie In every I ' Coat. Prices ~ f S1.98 to S5.93 I Sole Agents for Pictorial Review Patterns TTe give S. and H. Jreen Trading Stamps | SKIRTS! SKIRTS !! * \ The new honey-corab I cloth. Shepherd plaids. | black and Blue Serges. l . 82.50 and 83.50 values I S1.98 ti .inks eoncairiisig the linens, perseaa' g.Jts and trous=ea s j- They "·:·! be sea; a-v^y tais aiternooii or io^:orrovr nomine, and v.iii be :oiio-.ved liy £nd crates contaming the we'JI- a ~---ir x t » y ^ -j^ cs.^ca. The "K'hite House ''iioase party," which vrfl! costinue unii! aiter the j, is being iecreased daiiy. A nunber of out-of-town gues:s. cbieSy relatives of the fcrlt-egrooni. cave gone to a nearby hotel because of lac'c o: rocia at the Vv'hite House, but they spend the greater pa:t of their time at the .executive mansion. It is expected that a v;ll rehearsal of t.te wedding v.-;5i take place this evening'. IS'.-.e every other bride-elect, iUIss 45. vrilsoa goes through the usual "shov.- iag o2" o: the engasenent rin^ at oa^a party. The ring is the eonvea- t!3H£l soliiaire diamond. v.':th a sles der gold fcana aad platinum settia^ The stcae Is about a carat aad a hall and :s of blue ·s-hite tinge and teau- uruily cat. Tonorrow's company Till be cni? hail the s!?e of that -K-itnessins: the triarrlsge oi Alice Roosevelt. Conse cuently there v.-i!l be no crov.-ding ;D the east room nor in the state dining rocin. v/here there V.-I1I be tea and the usual afternoon refreshments follow lr.ff the congratulations. An elaborate breakfast vras a. fea ture of the Roosevelt -?.-eddinK. ^hica vn 12. Mstory as the icer nest ever knovra in the stately old rsassicn- The njasie of the ilarine -.vh:r-!i -nrjii play the ~ecldlng march v."t:I be su'jplenxented by a choral ser vice arranged by Miss Ttlarsparet ^vVii sc-3, the musician of the family. Except for the aiiTerorce in the j hour and the presence of nve bridal attendants, T.ilss Jess-'e "^Tilsoii's v%-ed diag v.'ili be cond'ietea along much the saose ir-es as that of jliss Rcosevelt. Jliss -Jessie v." : Isoz is ino^'n as tae ssriotTS n:eaijer of the president's :aia:Iy. ?hs S"te-I herseif even during if r school da/? to bee-one a mlssion- 2---. Her ^---hole heart was ic that call '-·22;. "at sh^r "as cot strong then and her Barents discourage;! her intentions: After gr^duarioa from college sne ~ zs more aa:\.:ous than ever to go at o^^c- : nto ;·_ feign fields of work. Her -·r-^nts' " Snally dosjinated her ov.n cesircs, and she took up settle Philadelphia. She has ^i=~ far mere interested in this thar :\ :atls' gaye;;es. "r. Sajie^ tastes are along simila 1 .·-as. Bo.h ars dsepiy interested Ir ·L s ·=vc.rZ-: -~l the T. 3L C. A. and in; V. V.'. C. A- They ""ill continue this T'^rlt a^ter Jhesr rnarrfasre. "THE LADIES' SHOP" 10 Carlisle Street. Gett-sburg, Pennsylvania. GIRL SAVES BROTHER Dashes 'r.ts Crask and Pulls LUtJe Fel'ow zo Shcre. Snyaertc-sTj. Pa.. Kov. 24. -- VTher. she hesr-1 her brother 'iVilliain. thref yeais eld. -crearaing in the vicinity o! ?haisoVin cr^c';. vratcli runs close tc her ho:uc in Tlcckei'eller tovrnship iliss Kiln. ReJiKsn. e-ghteen yars old She «"s.r --s. in t:n.a to see the lit sra go do~n in the to ·K'here ha .,,."-,,.. ^,;.,, c .,4._ After setting to tit sicr^. sl.s Crsi aid to *TT" *;-~i'j^^ a r c s^v*"d hi^ life LOT OF OFFAL I.UMBK1:, ] , = CorJ- : kkory, hi lots to StJiJ j.s'.rci .»-_-";-. li).'**: vet of ·irial boards aad w u:!iH:!^. :'foni- of chunk v.oo'i. tree tor^. ch-:«-. K-l-d::^. ^-tf. a!e Ur^-In st 1 o'clockJ*. 3!.. =-..ips. A credit of three months wlil l» t - ^ivcJi tf»:s"! ;iurc5ja«.-rs jriviujj their n.stt-- "·£': n;proved security. Ail su:;s t-n-I-r -i-j v-.i^li- ··f«:rsvt-Jv no lumber to }*.· rc!::'- saie rs over. II. A. MYEII5 -J. yi. Calcwel!,liucc- T. A. Miller Clerk. GETXYSBUB6 MASEETS prit es at the Gettysburg "A^rtriicsise coi- r;cted daily by C- iKton U'olf, Jr.. .Successor to J. Geo. Wolf's Son; CD. Per B-. \ew -Dry TTbeat cC e-.vEarCom ^ 65 RETAIL PRICES Per IT. Bidg« r Dairy Feed" H-C5 Coarse Spring Bran 1 .Sr Hand Packed Brai: 1--.0 "Vrn and Oats Chop l.4£ ^hrvmaker Sioek jcood. 1A'J r i _ ^ ax"* i^JOlfe Five pairs, ^:.-:c 9 Six *' " -c a 1 - ·iil^ s2.,- n:u :.i.t; our !Ut of Rc-s! Estate for i^huv, sis ri;t- ^auie for you: '.'.o:: 1 k- 1 to sol: : a U--a! SI-:.!'., A-^ v.e wsl! K_- «1^.! «o ha t-T v/Ii ·:".'_-.- I~jr^-ir ~;u.i!! or \'. i:--iv io».i!:r?. Or ·: y-n: \. i'it to :.):y :;::\ iN.d M-tate. call on or n!:rcws Troxell and Swisher Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. i P-UBLEC SALE · : £s T i i 3 8 S^l Tv.-o Dollars Thirty n=ne cents! O: - ~u«*«-y p.r«n5*r2. H.I.L . £^ j j ^ 6 Youths si/e. 2 Pairs j « i V:ii:t:-i!i farr.s aic::sr tlif EiiiKiIi-;i:r.i TrosteFs Store One Dollar per Fair ?·! j ;-;i^i.;^ea h^.: ^.f ca-.tio. -i M:!k Co^s.,' 1 '!,-··' of v. ii..-;i'-.\i;l !K- fn-^U i.y t:!i:c oi "j · fc.;"--. w.r \\-jf frtah ;:» -!)ie:nite:- ami osej I v. i L 1- fresS: in .Ta!.t::rr. i Heifers, - of | 11:..-"; r!o-e -!»r;:!cer=. 4 lii.e SlOcK Suit j Arendtsville, Pa. j 0! -^JV^^P 1 ^ 1 -,, .^5 C!l ^ !cr j I '.vill he in i ^ Bcrkshirv I'i-j;?. ·."» w f t k - «-kl ov day ··! j -. , _ _ , . |Salj. 1 Jialfe tlosr. T:ie balance Shout; | every Tueitl.ty !.'{'-~O"T-?C'fat'hogs! Grad-of Opi:cs,29 Poinferr St..Carlisle. a t P e n r o - - ' ,1^ to crmnK . Ke c at I -.V, --k. P. .... Myers' .Tewelrj j A cre-jit o: ^"i r^.oi-tb- wj 1 ; ix- uiien r-n a!i suiu= o\cr Fj\f i^r LX-IH. or!" for c~..~a. ^i.c T.-III !^ht!i^-.u-i ^1^-i sai;; purchaser.;.. . LR..Thoms.h:^:!Lt. ' ' ' - s | ' . y. f" 'OTL 5 ·Tii^liL 1 r' leaner and P^esser FOR SALE Modern nine room house Heat and all conveniences. Lot 40x232 ft, Terms to C. G-Dream; Clerk. Hamilfdii ; i: ?:=! Mid- Tiicothv Hay SS^l'^: ':::::::::::::::::::::: 1 :^ j * ^C^ 'Caster $7.50 per t-os. '.=. i-~^^_^3 Per bM Floar r "-CO : T'.S'i^*"'; r Per L-1 i ^"illLSS^ ' U neat ii.ti. · :,- heUe-d Garn. '-'5 | j ^X^ItS: Xe'-r Ear Coru ~2 j -~^~Jy^ 5-2 j ^ .r^r-'^s SIsdical AdvertisiEg 5 · -~s --~-- ---M ^.v.t'vji ti« = 1 i Away back in IS4L Old enoc^i to re-1 ; |s2ember these days? Sffli used for| · .. _^ ^ ^ _ I coughs and colds. Solo.for 7O vears. |i 5-_^E.-^it .Asfc Year Doctor. ^c^arCo.. , I J:?*^,^ i y// /» i'/^ / 7 £*i / Jf '* J^7^s£k^ / /F . commend tiie Sav Cherry I lectors! i! Letters of AdfEintftrction on the R-- } -ate of Richard M. Itaus lale of Gt.-uy=- j _-?a^ed. having iwen granted to the nil- i r r .,,-_--, Jer^iirned rs:d;nr in Gettysburg, ali per-1 '.' '^f^-^-^ ; -on= indebu-fl to sai.l Estate :ire reouett- j ';^^^S%*.| '%^^ij5^'^s^^' 5 *5? -Tv-tc ^-Jwc^ "Ow*' ^^^ ^S^G f^« -4 x^OS *^ ^«, 5^ \B tion--tender, and PJ^;|.IE--=, - - - i r - ^ti^iroi 1 .icy. \vitn a line natural havor". -·i to iT-iike itmtie:iats papii^nt. ar'l havins i-Iairvis ·prili present tlien; ..LJ* »~tr A,c^\.i£^l i a.i£..»^ » tii j/n^rtiA*. i-i-iA.*-* ^ ^ ~~~r--r£~^A for settlement, to ! .?^^c r -"i WILLIAM HERSH. ES'i- j 5!" ^f~£z"1 Adisisni-trntor. « ^--'-'-'-''; ^i^^^j | Prices from 75c to $3.00. Buy now for the Thaakgiving Turkey. CaU:niore Sln-et. Getlysbnrs. I'c.. 'JOSHUA SDIPKINS" 7 i ;F^^ ! '".i* ^K,^--! : j.' ^"g i*| Save the Old Thriller for Coming! jsf* i wmf^i ^Wednesday, November 26tb, Red Letter Day, Si.09 worth of S. . H. Green Trading Stamp:?, absolutely Free. Get them on Red Letter Dav. at the Premium Parlor. The sensational rural comedy drama. ".Joshua S'mpkiris". be prod-iced at Waiters Theatre on Friday Xovem- · Ser 2S. The piay cortains an interest- :r.g and intelligible plot, br.r it is r.ot j Jp^ali^^ to interfere -with the far..' ?Fr;==?Hf, which Is saici to be in abundance. · 5 ' -^r^ijT'«. sl-s first aid to tee injured "^S the ~~ n of the P ieca sorne startling scenes ana situations are seers, the tdincical of ·which is said to a Asks S5CO.CCD in AHsnat-on Suit. n Cay ?i I have just received a Standard Automatic Milk Separator which can be seen at Bigler^ille now S tg? j icr. a jc-:zg lawyer, fortneriy of At Ian 3, Ga . b~"ugf:v sn ; t in the sanrerne ccnTt £"-Jns! Istnella T. Barton. 111? "cviRvr rai-tber-Ia law. for S5C'0."'0 .lamsro?. z'-'.f^r.r.^ That sea froii; l::ur. ll:e an'^'tinris of :"Jrr-cc T . I.'sTtor:. T-ie cc'en :-,v ,\:?:vnr ~=;.. v the daughter This machine is guaranteed to separate 750 pounds of rnilk per hour, and as soon as I have sufficient number installed I will buy the Cream at regular price for crearnerv butter. ^ i o'i-:n:::«: a ai»orce from e co;:r;s ": state. \Vciti-~ Ki'icd lr Auto Crash. Er.£iC". Ta, XGV. ±j.-- Mr?. O. G ?ch:;I"~ '»·" "\Io-r"stf~ r. X .T,. vras iTi E^ar;-v kH : o ", rn :he Pn.Hipsb'.irg anc. t'rlvpn '_·:* her r.tsband collided T.: ti the car of -3- C. Johnston, or :M4 River s;:1e t!r vj-. Xcv.- YorK. 5fh - :!"3"s 021 be the saTv-rnill, in the Third act. sho 7 :n complete operation, catting- up real timber. The savr used is the ger.u:r.e article, the same as usually seen in large country sawmills. An excellent oand and fine orchestra accompany this attraction. The band will parade at noon, -s-hen some good music m^y be looked for. all being dressed as farrn- ars.--advert: sera ent. ·UR TH4I ^MM^ a.Ji ^Ssji nr*l_ *** i-i^n ·** *· »^1 Will not be complete withcut r Aao wa will be ready to rurmsn you with ,U5-i3«!, pinning ?.irs. Schlltz ^m j dsr it r.ud rr-.zhin^: her skull. JSTOTICErall road tax of 1913 must Costly Ivory Sfiais. There are but three isats of ivory in existence? Tha largest one rueas-. ures eight feet by four feet, ace. a! ! though ma!s in the north of India, lias j a Greek design for a border. It is izsed , oniy on state occasions, like the sign-' iiis of iKipcnant state documents. The cost of this precious icat al- njcst incalculable, for more than 6,4i)0 pounds of pure Ivory \ras used, i^ its construction. Only the finest j and most flexible strips of material i is like t3ie Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Fresh Peach. Cherry and Walnut, ALSO BRICK ICE CREAM Packed and c- "\ r- ·/: ar,}where in town. Order p.our. Both phones. be paid by December 1st By order of j Board of Supar* isors. II. C. Shyrcck.-- | £a e£ t -nroven fabric, advei cisement , ,, 1 f *^ JEWS PA PER I

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