The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 24, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1913
Page 2
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G. W. VER The Leaders G.W. SON For Quick Stock Adjustment -- Ladies' and Misses suits Entire Balance of Stock at Muck Under Va'/ue Prices-Do not Postpone the Buying of Your huit $32.1 and $37-50 $ $27.50 Salts $20.00 and $22.! Suits and now $21.50 now Suits $16.50 and $18.00 Suits "Wooltex" Stjle Book Suits of __Brown Bedford Cord, Mahogany and 4f»O/f Tt Xavv Diagonal Worsted,Navy Eponge, -Th^**. | O Na\y Eponge Boucle, and many others TT~" --These Suits are the top of the style, beautifully trimmed, not gaudy, richly- lined. .If your size is among this lot. vou can consider yourself lucky--Sizes. 16 to 38. A saving of $7.50 to $8.00 on. a suit. Of Silk Mixed Suitings in Black White. Diagonal Plain Cheviots in Black. Copenhagen ZybaUne,Burgundy Taupe Che\iots and many others- These suits are in several of the newest styles of "Wooltex" and other makes. A very large range of styles in Carious fabrics--exceptional values at their former prices--Satin guaranteed linings- Several grades of serges in Black and 'avy. Chiffon Broad Cloth, Eponge, Mattafesse. Silk finished Worsted. Unfinished Worsteds c.--Col- ors--Black. Xavy. Burgundy. Taupe, Grey. Brown c_ in almost all sizes- Many in odd sizes Irom 37 to 43 for sfouts. in conservative styles. Others ·with touches of trimming and cut that co-nmands them to the ultra fashionable. This is an opportunity that seldom comes at this season. Regular stout sizes in Black. Xavy."Burgundy Taupe Serges. Bedford Cords and others in a variety of stvles. Some in modified Balkin Russian Blouse styles--all correctly tailored and splendidly lined, with style touches that stamp them as of greater value than we gave them. $16.75 and $17.75 now Suits Mainly Xavy. Brown Black Clay and Dress Serges--in splendid styles --Just'put; into-stock" in late "October." and $12.50 Suits .Tiiese suits are of Serges and n : « s " SuitingJfabrics--ibe character of: materials that'were in the S2D.OO Suits" last season--the .ends of manufacturer's; cloths,cut, -info jhe n^w stiles, of this season- For hard wear "and yet good stjle there is nothing-better at twice the price. About 200 Ladies Misses CoatVat Exceptional Values $13.75 and $14.75 now. $11.75 " · « ' £· ' · } I j f 7 ' 95 now $9.00 and $10.00 $12.50 and $14.50 $16.50 and $18.50 $20.00 and $22.50 values $25.00 and $27.50 values $30.00 . T -- - r t . Wool Coatings of a great variety in bcth colors and fabrics, in Ladies " Misses Junior sizes. .Ladies* Black Cloth Coats in full lengths and con- conscr -. attve cut. These exceptional values cac be had In a wide range of fabrics, colors and stales-- in Misses Ladies* sizes -including Sport Coats, 3-4 length full lengths -- Also conservative stjies asd stouts. A large range of stylish cloths in various colors -- Astrakaas, Bougies, Cut Velours, Chinchillas, Zyhalines others. Many are of the celebrated "Wooltex" qualities and others of ecjual grades! .Great -variety of styles --This line like those at $21.50 includes the very best for general dress par- poses. Chsr.chillas -- plain cut -- Zybal- slain stripe, the warm stjllsh kinds both as to cut and fabrics. Faiey Crating and Boueles of the most desirable kinds for hard service and warmth. .Great variety of styles and of excepticnel values. Of Silk Plushes- "Wooliex" Zbal- Ines in sc\cral colors. -Soft Wide Wale Diagonals. Fancy Weaves, Cut Valours and many others. .While this large line with hardh- two alike, are suitable for dressy occasions -- ntany are especially heavy making them use- * ful for antoing or driving, in extreme weather -- 3-4 and full length. This is an opportunity of selecting from a large range of styles in the most ^popular Persians, ZbaIInes. As- any Longer I7J at 19.95 at Si 5.00 now 116.50 and Hi 8.50 now 121.50 at values * $25.00 , ored-tfr~blaclrsatm linings" of guaranteed ^qualities. -iarge^-SUk.Frog clos-- ingT-- nvqstlv 3-4^.Icngth. cut.away, com.-, ei-s.' as also full length ' slightly cut a-way. Hardly two alike and suitable For aiYy dressy occasion. Sport Coats at S5.QO S7.QB S10. to S12.5Q Most of our Keady-to-Wear Stock, especially- the twosT Jand threes,^ of 'a Mnd-have been newly' priced for quick moving. T FURS 4 most complete stock--ranging ^onvHigh Grade '/Wooltey* qualities to as low as coat"qualuy arid style can be bought anywhere.'· '\' s "', ^ ^ ' . . ' . ' ,r- v ·-- ,/-* . ' We are showni- a remarkable stock/Q^NeV^URS- ncluding Aboria guaranteed,BladkJBnitation Pps: ahd ' rvfx and Grev Kiit- Not orilv^a the fur'gtraranteed t - wear but the lining also: \ ery nejest-shapes of ^eck DiecesTnd fluffs--at lialf tne price of Black Fox and marter the price of Lyilx-- (besiaes genmneFox and T.Vnx cannot be -uaranteed to wear) Brown Opposum -nd Nattrral Furs of several of the : fashipnalJIe aans. Cbildrens Msses Furs in White'thibit and Imitation Eox--and .many others. .-. ., Do not be misled by attractive city advertisements of comparative values--Our prices are in most instances less than the" so called " cut prices" advertised. --Don't Miss the-Dissolution : Sale ===OF=== "The Home of Fine Clothes" The entire stock must «o==nolhing reserved We added to our last weeks list our en- lire stock of LADIES' POCKET BOOKS and HAND BAGS 19cto $1.75 Were 25c to $2.50 Special lot of MEN'S SEPARATE TROUSERS! that were $4 to $4.50 Now $2,98 pankhoaset* Sachs CLiOTHES young fellows who know what is up-to-date and wear it will find -exactly what you're looking for here. We make a big .specialty,of Young Men's.Clpthes^carryalLthejieKest things --buy from the most progressive and reliable T * J _ TT-»" * 'house in the business--"Schloss" of Baltimore.-Oonie i let us fit you in a Suit or Overcoat that's just right. Mi lit O. H. Lestz CUe Give S. H.peen Trading Stamps. Corner Centre Square and Carlisle Street. Gettysburg, Pa ^ ja rz. g^gpgjSSBSSiSc^jBSirJSsa^ar^ggjiag^raggs^ 2 I · Pre-Inveritory SPECIAL SALE OF LACE I SCRIM CURTAINS ^ Samples and two and three pair lots % many of them at and below cost. In 8 going over our stock we find many pat- J terns which we will discontinue, all of ^ which are included in this t T E N D A Y S A L E I 9 flB Remember, after Ten Days from J Thursday, NOVEMBER 20 f "· , -- · ', '*- f * , . · · . \ r , ^B these prices wilF'not be given and only whfle^they last during the TEN DAYS. ALL THE FOLLOWING ARE CASH S Pr. Heavy'Arabian Curtain Regular $3.50'Special --' : '' 4 Pr. Corded Arab- Nets 3 yds. long Regular*S6.00 Values. Special ' In twoPair4ots-orihe£ourJPair .,,_ $ K98 3.29 4:i 9 4.00 5 Pr^ Corded Arabian Nets' 3]^" yds." J long: Regnlarj |6. JprSpecial ;r ; ~ 2jind 3 Pr. lots ^ _/ "' ' 2 Pr. White Scrim'-nade lace insertion"' _ .amLneat edging 1 Pr. soiled. Regular $5-50. Special S Pr. Lace curtain- Regular $1-2-5. Special 12 Pr- Sq. Mesh Net 3 yds. long. Regu. lar^§3.50 Special 6~Pr. net with wide insertion 2/i yds. long. Regular S2.50 Special 5 Pr. Ruffled Bobinet 3 yds. long. Regular S2.00 Special 2 Pr. Ruffled net slightly soiled 3 yds. long. Regular S2.00 Special 2 Pr. Bobinet corded Battenburg 2,^ j ds. long. Regular S2.75 Special 7 Pr. Ecrue beautiful allo^er .design Regular $2-75 Special * 4 Pr. Swiss curtains 3 yds long beautiful colored border with neat edging Regular §1.75 Special 5 Pr. Bordered Swiss 3 yds. long Regular Sl-50 Special 6 Pr. White barred scrim, two rows lace insertion finished with lace edging. Regular $5.00 Special ·IFr- Ecrue Scrim, Hemstitched with Clnny lace edging 2/C yds. long. Regular §2.25 Special 3 Pr. Satin Stripe, Ecrue Scrim 2'/? yds. long, wide lace insertion border. Regular S5.00 Special 5 Pr- Plain Center Ecrue Scrim neat insertion and edging, 2;- yds. long. Regular §4.00 Special 8 Pr. Scrim ruffled with neat blue figure in border, 2'/ 3 yds. long- -Regular 65c. Special G.W.WeaverSon I t I \ 2.39 1.98 1.39 1.39 1.98 1.98 1.19 1.17 2.39 1.79 .2.98 2.89 · i w w I ^r e w Dally Thought. Who ever knew trutl^ pnt to tts ·worse In a Jree and open encounter? i --Milton Good Citizenship! Gocd government is' good citizenship In action. NEWSPAPER! I have in my hands the old tax du- olicates for Franklin township of H. F Heiges, deceased, from 1906 to 1913 ·with exception of the connty tax for 1912 All parties owing tax during this period will make payment within 30 days to the undersigned. C. A. HEIGES, Administrator, Bufoid avenue, Gettysburg. SPAPLRl

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