The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 7, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Wednesday, January 7, 1818
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" ' A BOUSE. . Ifcfore of hill t uUnb oric wt cofenience which Et m aeabVdwelling for a genteel la - twteltathe mo wholesome part of thas andavwg a pump of excellent water 'iiXs lot Vibe property a fee simple, and ATM incoabrarice.;.f Dot fold at pri - fl?.1!?.. K.friha lth of February next, Jl KgTfurM effect PalarU .choice hnm until V for Dar by C. U. Vii I ni rr v - w' , ?y.Y - k mirtion room. No. 13 Water tlCUiara " ' street, corner of Fine. iao7 ' t ffl The modern duhi oatemeo ' Home, ill be The furniture is new mu 77". - a larre redaction from cost, together witn the house, or separately at may . v.. .rinlr on the .suit the nnfflilfj which may be viewed from 1 1 until 3 i O'ClOCtL. Jan 7 iw ONE or more partner, waotea, duce a few ttawafd dohar, and are pro - wil - ittcrease nade an realized with a important discovery wmcn tofttfiul extent, in ttaOtao country t satisfactorily ana lefUt thin office will be attended to. Jul ii - TANT8 A SITUATIUM at a oenuu W, inarespectabtefamily.nyoung w ; woman A 2!!e addressed to M. M. and left atthisO 'inc. Office 3t ;n K in. Jao 7 in i'.i;i:Miy. State of New York, at. IN pursuance of a decretal order of this bonora ble Court, will be M at public am tion, a .tbe Tontine Coffee House, in he city of New i j .u - j:,.,;,... nr (ho suhscriner. a XOrx, mranruwuiiu"""; - ., . , on, of the matters of thit honorabls icourt. on THURSDAY, tne twenty - ninui u " - ,.7 iott. atlto'cfockat noon, all that certain tot piece or parcel oi lana, tiiuaie oo uie j tide of Broadway, in the sixth ward of Uifl city r n.. - . v..rk knnwn at Number 350. houoaca as follows: Bigioningatthe. corner of Broadway and Leonard ttreet, thence running norther ' j a.,...! - .... ttirrv frpt and six inches. to a houie lielsieing to and occupied by Stephen . . . . . l . lAnlv (La iQrna fnce, .Q'iire, uieure rw njr m, - " and usrallel to Leonard ttreet, ooe hundred and aeveaty five leet In Bennon - ttreet. thence touth rly and upon Benton - ttreet, thirty Icet tix incli et to Leonard - ttreet - theace wctterly and upon Leonard - ttreet, roe hundred and teventy - five feet to the plar of heeinniDg with the appurtenan - et. Dated the 7th day of January, one thout - and eight hundred and eighteen. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 7 tdt . Matter In Chancery. IS CHANCKKY STATS Ot REW - TORK, . T If mmun nf Arc reta! order of thit honora i ble court, bearing date the tixteenth day of Vctooer iat,wiu lie eoui ai pumic Bacuon, iw Tontine Coffee Houte, in the city of New - York, Mderthedirtctino of thetnbicriber, atone of the matter of thit court, on Wtdusdaii the trrenlA day or January next, at twelve o'ciotk, at noon, all that certain lot, tract or parcel oi lana, iiiua - teil in thtt countr of Delaware, in the state ol Mew - York, and in lni' Patent, and known by great lot thirty four, and bounded at follows : beginning at a ttake and heap of nonet near a beech tree, marked Ho. 34 and 37 ; being the nortbeatt corner of lot thirty seten ; thence along tbe north bound thereof touth eighty nine degrees, wett one hundred and twenty eight chaint and ninety til linkt to a beecb tree marked No. ttaad 34 ; being the southeast corner of lot (No. 33,1 awss - ber thirty three i thence along tlie eatt bouodt then - of, north three degrees, eatt eighty one hnina anrf twentv linkt to a beech tree marked No. 31 and 34 s thence along the touth bounds of lot (No. 31) number nuny one, norm eisut; nine decrees, eatt the distance of one hundred and four hin - 1 Ink and hean of stones t thence south thirty five chaint and twenty four linkt to a beech tree moraed no. o ; uienre norm eigmj woe degrees, eatt twenty chains to trie weti boanrf nt lot thirt fire i thence along tbe tame south forty four chaint and niuety tix linkt to the Ut ofhrmnnine t containins nine hundred and fotT uine cret and three fourth! of an acre of land, with the appurtenances. And also, all that led la the cosotyof Delaware, in the state of New York, in roans' ratent, and Known ny treat lot thirty seven, and is bounded as fol - lowt : Beginning at a hemlock tree mark d No. 37 and 40, being the sort he ait corner of lot No. (40) number forty ; thence along tbe aortb boundi thereof, south, eigh it nine decrees, wett one hundred and thirty fuur chaint and ten linkt to a beech sapling marked No. 36 & 37 i thence north three fe - gre - s, eatt seventy eight chaiat to a Beech tree wi'h ttonet round it s thence on the south bouod of lot thirty tm north eighty nine derrees, eatt one hundred and thirty chaint to a Birch tree marked thirty sevea and thirty - eight : thence on to wett bouodt ol tot thirty - eight, south seventy - eisbt chains to the nlace of beeinninc. containing one thousand and twenty - four acre and one rounn oi an acre w iano wtio me sppancaw . Dated, December X, 1817. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Dec 3 lawi&dta Matter in Chancery. ftr The sale of the above property is poitno sed to tne eighteenth day of February next at tbe same hour and place, uated Jan. 7, ihio. - JAME3. A. HAMILTON, Jan?' Matter id Chancery. IN CHANCtKY. State tfNtv York. u. rl pursnance of a decretal order of thit honorable court, bearing date the tOth day of November, in the year 1UI7, will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city nf New - York, on Wednesday, the seventh day of January next, at twelve o'clock, noon, all that lot. piece or parcel of eround. situate ia the fourth ward of the city of New - York, on the corner of Vherry and Liover - ttreett, bounded northwesterly ia fronton Cherry - ttreet, northeasterly by ground oerangmg to MannUsgood, soutneatteriv in the rear by ground bow or Inte the property of Doctor Joseph Young, and southwesterly by Do - ver - itract s and tt now Knows and disunsuiined by houte and lot number two Cherry - street, and bouse number one Dover - street ; contain ing m breadth, in front and rear twenty se yen feet and six inches, and in length en each aide one hundred and seven feet, be the same more or less ; together with tbs appurtenances. Dated December 17th. 1017. - JAMES A. HAMILTON, Matter ia Chancery. dec J7 tawtSOthD dt f5 The sale of the above property is postponed to tbe 19th inttant, at tbe same hour and puce. Utted January 7, 1313. . JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 7 dtds Matter in Chancery. 'PRETTY WELL FOK. THkTBEGINNING T YEDiCAL Science Lattery, 4th Class, bow - A - T uiawwjuff UOKI IWRSi 14GJ3rcad:Tvaj: Correct List of Prizes, lit dsvsdrawint:. No. 12,833, 1st drawn on m her, J 1000 ; 8463, SecoocT draw lug thit morning. 5o. 4847, (floating) Si 000 1 1397, 100 J 17 if, 14 .5,50 each. , t Both sold at GRACIE'3. Drawt acain at tomorrow at 10 o'clock. Prbet taken at par for warranted and raws ic sett ana tnarM. ;aa 7 JAMES D' VV OU. Job. will henceforward coe tinue to traosact Commission business ia his i own same. . . . .. dec 31 SOUCHONG & KAMPOY TEA?, ia hosts andcannistiTs.SSandtl lbs each, entitled todebeaUre. for sale st 64 $outh - strtet, by CAMBRELOQKffABioK. - n5 - - - OEIVES. in attortment of fine wire aid hair sJ Seives,and Whea ttiaaies,oi superior Ue bT ' ' CEBRA & CUMING, : nov . 76 Peari - street TO QUARRYMKff. 171 OUR experienced Marble Quarry men are JT wanted immediately, none neea appiy but those perfectly acquainted with the busi ness i to such constant employ and liberal wa - pes will be given. Apply to 5 6 EZRA LUDLOW. 34 Beaver - street. ' TO LET, i A small 8 - story fire proof STORE, Uo 27 Moore - street, next to the corner South - st. Possession given immediately. Apply as i bove. nov 12 PtHtf MERIJYO WOOL, COT1XXK XAHJt HAT TlXETTSiSu. WANTED, a quantity of merino wool ; also, mtion rn. narticularlv low numbers. Propoealt will also be received for making of rat - tioetU. 1 he manufacturer to dc tuppiieu wiui . f . . . i i : the materials, and the bonnets to be rendered, probably, permanent. a rnninri it aim wanted, for the runnin? of a cotton mill, of from 1 to 4000 tpindlet; the cot - ton to be supplied, and me yarn to db recsiveu at a ttipulated price. Apply at 148 Pearl - ttreet, ap stairs. oct 23 P&H FOR SALE, rtl DP Ttnrtt SlnrM. TVwnllinc Hnnne. Gar ' J , - 3 " ... I Am tin at Ihn lower larldin? in the villaere of Poughkeeptie about one acre, or there - unouw title inuupuiaoie, anu icrnii niauocn - sy io purchasers For farther particulars apply to James Foster, senr. on the premises, or to . . J.HOLTHUY8EN, Green wicb, New - York, dec 31 D1aw3w C4w FORT EDWARD. Tf) LEASE, about twenty eisht acret of lan! f Und in the village or fort LUward. ine Whitnhall and Waterford Turnpike runt through the tame, and the canal connecting Lake Cham plain with the Hudton it to be brought out in its 1 - Dmeaiaie vn:uiht. iiiFiv.r out into building lots of 175 feet front those on the river reserved for the lumber and rafting bu - liness, which yields a handsome income to the nrripnt ncruDanL and it is presumed, from thu grtrwing importance of tbe place, that no village in ih northern oart of the state posstsscs ereat - i. Inral advantages. The buildWs consist of two dwelling houses, a blacKsraiUi's shop, aoaati n.Svi hum. with thedt attached to the ho - iol nresent occupied ny 4aiir uueu. or particulars, respectinr term", ic. apply to Dr. John Lawrence, Fort Edward, or to mi . Til' 1 1 1 xi. A. lirauiiiun, dec f3dBt Crtf 73 Fiilton - street. TO PRINTERS. C10LLIN3 & IIANNAY, 230 Pearl - tlrect, have for sale a uuantity of Printing Type of various sisss vis. Pica, Small fica, Umg Pnmer, Nonpareil and Pearl. The above type hat been but little used and will bo sold low hi lots to tuit purchasers Orders from the coun try will be promptly attended to. dec 17 DlwClm COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE. ilS The Farm known by the name of Cas tie Howard Farm, handaomelv situated t 1 - 2 miles from Princeton, bounded in front by the main turnpike road from Philadelphia to New - York, and in tne rear Dy Miusions irc, mntaiiH 145 acres. 30 acres of a hich is wood land, 20 acres lying 2 miles from the farm, ana a beautiful lot of 10 acres within about 300 yards of the right wing of the house. Besides ornamented trees, n contains a va riety of fruit trves, consist in? of grafted pears, of the best quality, 17 different kinds ; ciiei ries, 10 dinerent kinds, the most ot them graf ted and an orchard of the best apples, besides a vountr and thriving orchard of crab apples, for making the cider so celebrated, also, one of the sweet apples for tatting hogs. 1 ne nouae is pirasani ana commoaious wim an excellent garden; the out4iouses and fences sil in rood condition. The above is a delight ful summer or winter residence. For further particulars enquire at No. 127 Pearl - st, New. York, or to the subscriber, on the premises. who will give an indisputable title for the ame. z. Muuruuu. jan 5 tawtf NOTICE. O Y a decree of the honorable Court of Chan - s .i .... u i 1 j lU. ,i: MM icry oi mil vtair. win lie vuiu uuuer uic ur rection of one of the Matters, on the second day of Fcbruarv next, at 12 o'clock, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York All that certain tract, piece or parcel of land, situate lying and bt ing in the county of Green and Scho - name and in the towntnip oi Bristol aim r rce hold, on the west side oftlie Hudtont River, be ginning at a water Ash tree marked with the letters and figures, S S. 1768. for the southwest corner of a tract of land patented to Samuel btin pes, from thence touth ei(;hty - tix degrees, wett twelve chaint ny the toutn ol a tract oi lana pa - tented to John Morin Scott. Esouire. and others, tltunce south fifty seven chains and three roods, thence north fifty seven chains to the south line of the tract of land patented to the said Samuel Stinges, thence touth eighty - six degrees, wett by the south line of the said Samuel Stinges land, fifteen chains and three rods to the said water Ash tree, the hounds firtt mentioned. And also, all that certaia part, tract and piece of land situ ate, lying and being in the town of Freehold, county oi Green, and state of New - York, and contiguous to the land aoove meniioneo, pegin ning at the eatt line of Samuel Scovilti land, where the tame intersects the turnpike road, running thence north one degree west ten chains and six ty Imks to tbe south line of the a hove granted land, then on the same westward two chains and forty links then south one degree east ten chains and lorty nnxs to tne turnpixe, east two coains, forty - two links, containing two acres, two rood and six rods, which together with the first tract contains about one hundred and fifty acres, which premises were mortgaged to 1 nomas Williams of the city of Mew - York, Pilot, to secure the consideration money. Lfaied tins tn oay oi ja nuary. isis. Jan a i i n ios. POJJCE OFFICE, a. Notice. All persons interested in. or claiming property, which remains unclaimed in the roiiceUlbce,oothemudayoi January ioio, are requested to make proof before the 20th day of Febttiarv nest, at the tame will afterwards be sold and the proceeds paid into the city Treas ury according to law. JAMES WARNER, ) JAMES HOPSON, Special Justices, JOSl AH HEDDEN. The other Printers for the Corporation will in sert the above id their respective papers once a week for six weeks, on account of the Corpora oon. jsno tawow DEER SKINS. FOR SALE, S0.000 lbs. Deer Skins light and heavy . ffroa Upper Mississippi aad Missou ri principally.) They will be assorted for the German and English markets, or sold together. They will make a valuable remittance. Apply to GEO. M WILSON, dee t4 ' 130 Water, street. jUlUE. A 'GENTLEMAN in Virgiiia, residing 50 miles above tbe city of Richmond, upon Jajtes River, wiobest - t employ a man well acquainted with the various branches of Gardening, on as exteosire scale ;'the management also, of a green houss, also .a meadow, and other duties appertaining to the different duties of a gardner. Should any one be inclined to reside in Virzinia. the wares will be liberal, a comforta ble hoa tor bis family, aad a small piece of ground allowed for a culinary garden for tbe ot of his family I all of which will be gratis. A fo rtttgner, woo nas neea accustomea to tne curo - iwaa hfthifa tti IfthAur. would he nreterred. Anv oe disposed to engage in such business wilt ap ply to the tditor ol the .lew - fork lleraia, wno will give Ibem satisfactory information, as to wa, fce. not IJ H6w VORY A 'mall lot of .elephant's teeth, just received aad fee sale by JVCKSR &.L,lVJUESt FLOUR k ELAXSEED - 100 bbls tnper. Flour from Fredericksburg . 60 casks Flaxseed from Baltimore, for tale by G. M. WILSON, AT.SfCl baka Deer Skint Backed for ship - nine', if amilied for immediately. - Jaafi ALM09DS, RAlSINi, SAOI.ISH CHKKSK, &C Double Gloucester Eurlish Cheese, best q'r . .. . . ... Muscatel Kaitins, iretn ana very uaa Dl JA . A. An - Ladies soft shelled Almonds, fresh imported Superfine Richmond Flour, made from toAiie reheat, expressly for tbe use of families, . . - : . i . . r . k. ku MM.M. vt im a general aworuucni ui m m. b,vvv' iee for tale by - ' .,. . No. 115 South - ttreet, west side Peck - slip. ! G . jano iw I7LOUR TOBACCO. 150 bbls ilour, r branded (Richmond MUPt) 200 do Petersburg do cn Mguiiirinmt Ho. branded "Ur Labby," landing from the tloops Brothers and Juliet, and lorsaie oy WALSH & GALLAGHER, 66 South - street. jan 6 OH1NGL.K3 tic iuu,uw tlx men ooinjiea, 11.000 W. O. Barrel staves, lorsaie oy R. tt C. W. DAVENPORT H CO. Jan 6 " - , rt TOBACCO itt hhdt new crop Tobacco, of JL excellent quality, lanaing irom scar, nana, omriichmono, lor saie oy D. BETHUNE & CO. 92 Coffee Ho'ise - tlip. Jan6 FLOUR Ai TOBACCO. 150 barrels Rich mond supf. Flour, Haiall't brand rut A . An I niinl r An DU W uu v J . hhda ieaf Tobacco landmg from schoo ners Koila and tuung oiaiet. m store, 109 bblt Richmond Flour. City brands 6J do do do Country do 250 do Philadelphia do luO kees Manufactured do lor sale at 106 front - street, ny ... r. n Jan 6 lw RICHMOND TOBACCO i Fl.OUR. ItOQ kkl. BirhinnnH innf Plmir M I.Kna nrirti nw rrin RirhiTiond. Princi pally large and leafy, now landing from schr Jan6 BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. TWENTY bales Prime Upland Cotton, fur I - .1 - - . (tr u I. - 1 : !. jl saie hijji n - .uy, v, R. ii C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. Jan ft T.LOUR At TOBACCO 100 bbls Richmond r Mills Flour 300 bbls. Pctenburg Flour, Pndes brand 52 cakt Klaxtee'L will be landed thit day, and for tale by PAGE & TRIPLE IT, Jan o ol vo vonev - nous6 - .np. o E Hundred Reams (ine vellum Fools Cap raper, lor tuie dv 1 ' k HANNAV. Jan 6 No. 230 Pearl - ttreet. Tntiini r'm'Frv. a hhd. verv fineereen J Jamaica Coffee, entitled to drawback, for sale by l UVri.iL.ri n L.!uniii.o, dec a 20 - wuth - street. HlLADELPillA FLOUR. 500 barrels su - 1 perhoe, landing irom tne scriooner oium uia. IV fiTfllt F. 160 barrel! Richmond superfine flour. (City and Country brands.) For sale at No. 106 r ront - street, ny Jan 3 TROKES, DAVIDSON. CO. "tOTTON. 120 balet prime Cplaod Cotloo, (ot tale ny R. it V. W. DAVENPORT & CO. dec 3) llilMI STII' U Oi'Ml R WAIlt.S. . THE tubscribert keep constantly on hand an extentive assortment of the following goodr, vis : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, &c. Popet Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry MaU Head do do oo Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe & Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords Clothes Lines Sath Cords, Trare Rope Wrought and Cut IVaila and Brails rails and I uts Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Dn Hnir do Whips of every de scription Seme, sewins. wrap pins, baleins and bail Twine Fi.h f .inrt Shoe A' sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballan ccs Which they will tell w holesftle e retail on li beral terms. ' CRURA i - CUMING. lan 5 78 Pearl - ttreet. FLOUR. 120 barrels superliua Richuiond (mayo milla) Flour, landing from schooner Ruing - states, lor sale iy GRIS WOLDS ti COATES, C6 South - street. IN STORE, lft hale nrima llnland Cotton 10 hhds. retailing Molasses. For sale as a - bove. dec 5 4 PAPER, OLIVES, HAT&, 4c. tXJ Balet Italian foolscap paper IS do letter paper - 15 rates liquorice paste 1 box ostrich feathers. 1 do chip hats do pressed tup. straw do from No 32 to 54 3 do manna iu flukes 557 marble mortars 23 cases veined and statuary marble slabs, assoited sixes, for pier tables, &c. 200 boxes anchovies. 130 do olives 4 jars oil lavender just receives! per brig Louisa Cecelia, from Leghorn, and for saie vj CH A3. L. OG DEN, and dec 27 A BR. OGDCN, Washington - st. p' ra CoT i o.v. bales prime Upland cotton, landing from sen. South - Carolina lor saie oy dec 13 83 Pine - st tf IflJVt:. RAlSlX. Ac. O V - F pipes and 12 hhds red Catalonia wine 100 quarter casks colmenar ao. 20 do. sweet Malaga do. 500 kegs f esh raisins 750 boies do. muscatel do. 330 do. do. bloom do. 100 bales of Ladys soft shell'd almonds 100 inn i.f fi - esh cranes Knsr luvlini from briir Charles, from Mala ga, at Dover - street - whirr, ana for saie oy fcTr - vr.jxs oc ni.uiir.a, ana M CREA ti SLIDELL. dec 27 Tt Q INDIGO, SUGARS, c. the latter very tuperior quality, hard grained, worujy ujc mciuuu w iiui 17 cases Bengal indigo 4wYI float Hkmi. lam aize and fine Quality. just ree'd per ship India, for sale by 17. RCHCEmI Ob KsKJ jan 3 ijouth - street. Ot - 'I he tuhtcribers have formed a connexion in theprintingbusiness, under the firm tfORAM & MO FT. The huinees will be conducted by them, with accuracy and depatch, on the most reasonable terms, at No. 6H William - street. JAWbS UtlAItl, GABRIEL F. MOTT. jaa 3 eod3t - frt - Tbe creditors of Wm Wells deceased, are requested to meet at the omce oi rir. uiaae, at 10 o'clock in the foreouco, for the purpose of Vsao eooat . .. For WASmXQTOX, tf. C. vt il The tchr.LEviNDER, captain Neal, i ililvinr at Peck - slio: will sail on Thnrs - day uaxt For fright or passage, apply est board, or to R. Ji C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. , for Freight r Charter, Tk. V, - 1TI.A VTIf"? nn Roll.w. liiLSlburtheo about 1400 bblt ; is ready torw ceive a cargo, and can b seat to sea without delay. Apply on board, or to jan K. UV. w. UAVEHrom sw. VOR SRXJGBT OR CUAHTKH, . i The schr FAVORITE. H. H. Fisher L, master. Ivirts 1st wharf above Dover - st. burthen 1100 barrels, It months old, Philadelphia built, now ready to receive a caigo. Apply to the Captain on board, or at 92 C. tl. slip, to jan 5 ' DIV1E BETHUNE fe CO. tor Frttgfil or Lhartrr, Tt.. .iiMnni;.! k.;. rnvirr trw. iliid master, of 195 tons, 12 months old, a su perior vessel and ready to receive a cargo. Apply at 67 South - street, to jau 5 CAMBRF.LENG & PEARSO. For HAVANA, .The fine coppered ketth MARIA, Rainey, master ; will sail on 1 liursday morning next For passage or freight, winch will be taken low, apply to the master on board, at Peir No - 6, North River, or to G. G. & S. 1IOWLAND, jan 5 77 Washington.street. For Freight or Charter, The staunch, substantial ship DRUM - MOND, cap. R. Quarks, will be ready to receive a cargo in a few days For terms apply on board, at Pier No. 17, or to WALSH & GALLAGHER, jao 3 66 Snuth - rt. HaiU(dto Charter. J$f A fr000 SL00P or SCHOONER, that will carry about 500 barrels, for a voyage to Bermuda ; immediate dispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER & LAURIF.S, an 3 29 South - street. For H'ilmington, N.C. l The?clir UNION, lying at Hy - mar - ' ket. is cleared out, ana win positively sail first wind. Freight will be taken low. ply on board, or to dec 30 . JONES & MEG RATH, WANTED, A British brig of about 200 tons, to ,load for a port iu England or Scotland A,.piy to CAMBERLENU ii PEARSON. Jet 6 67Soutli - st. For Hate, t raght or Charter, TK. .ln,..k mt ,i.;n a villi IP S - Al2T0 tons burthen, one year old. sheath ed and in complete order to receive a cargo, stowt about 2U0O bbls. a very fast sailing thip, has large accommodations for patsengcrr, and well calculated for the Ncw - Orlaan trade Ap - ,,y to N. L. & G. GRIS WOLD, der 4 86 Soulh - st. tllM JVV.iV.OItl.r.jiAii. tiv The substantial coppered ship E - Jjgjjrin, Devoe, master, to sail in a few days. For freight, which will be Uken low, or pas sage.spplyto P. REMSEN Si CO. jan 2 26 South street. Afi The fast sailing ship SILBNUS. 206 tons burthen, built at ifocnester, (Muks.) lies at Mcum - bott - u - harf, Fulton - slip For tCi ms, apply to J. & J. CODDINGTON, dec 31 lw 204 Fronttreet J - or Mutnit and Bluicetey, r L nM i . I.. - . :r........L Jyjischoo - ier THOMAS illlELDS, capt. 1 ucfccr, iiavui aupcriur accuiiuiiuuitiiuii iui cabin passenger i most of her cargo being en e - ssred. will meet with immediate dispatch. For ft eight or passage, apply on board, west side Old - slip, or to PETERS & HER RICK, dec 30 29 Cocnties - slip. FOi NKH URt.KAJM, TLaJilnUlRIl r.SRnilVP. Iir. at Jones' - wlurf, will be dispatch ed iu all this week she is a very fast sailor, nearly new, and has elegant accommodations For freight or passage, spply to JONES it MEGRATH, dec 30 83 South - street. kar HA VANA. The fine coppered ketch JtfARIA i i msitr. tn tall no Sundav next with what Ireigiit may oner oeiore inat time for which, or passage, apply to G. G. A S. HOWLAND, dec 30 77 V ashingtoo - st. For cUARL&yruA; The fast sailing packet schr. MA RIA, P. Latham, master, having one halt of her cargo engaged, will meet witli iro mediate dispatch. For freight of the remain dor or passage, having excellent accommoda tions, apply on board, east tide Coffee House - slip, or to JONES & MEGRATH, dec 30 83 South - street. For LlHtSUJ, AAv Tha anhatnntittl mnrwnxl ahin VF.R MONT. Msuroo. master i will sail oo tbe 3d January next r or freight ol a rew bun - dations, apply on board, at pier no. 9, east river. or ui a . nL neE.ii jv. dec 30 - 26 South - ttreet SPERM CANDLES ti OIL. fif boxes new Spermaceti Candles, of ap - M W proved brands 1000 galls. Genuine Winter Oil, pressed from head matter, now landing and Tor sale by HAYDOCK tl JENKINS, 152 South - street, 2d door above Peck - slip. WHO HAVK IJV STORK, 1000 eall'n. Whale Oil. in handsome ship 6u0 do fall strained do fptng order 350 do winter do dec SH lw . ir1 Cor FEE, oCGAIi and INDIGO. 3J hhds. 1 tierce and 4 bbls Muscovado Sugar A I fmmt,fmm i mA'trt r.nndinr flora the tchr. Grevhound. from St. loomu, niraieuj . i y , l jan 3 74 Washington ttreet. rmr'VI l - VRIIHCHS IIIIPK. iir A tin In J. of TickU uhurghs, or brown German Linen, .1 i ' . . ... i i r. oi an excellent auautv. tuiiaoie lor vuoimun sbeetingt, Vc. Ui boltt Kuttta OucK 30 piecet fine French Cambric 5 cases brown fla'illa en . J - - . Ufl 'i. mA tuQ boxes Cheese, entitled to debenture, lorsaie ny . st u Mkkuni I) LU E GOODS, tic 17 bales company blue WJ aiamooaiei, nne uuai. 4 bales Company blue Baflas, do 1 7 An fAim 1 '.limM IMII nnjil and BW OSt - hm iln li nitrtM alarlv ibr thit market, just ree'd per ship India, for sale by jaa 3 t6 South - street. pi AiSlA. A few vases superior quality Cas Va.e,,o. - ",eoy JIGGERS k POST, dec 30 5t 51 South - street. COFFEE. . wwnrt tt i j i ItaiM Hf flnmifi 1 go Coffee, receiredper mto. Spartan, tor sale d kits ivuif Jaa 6 ' C3r ThT Lady who advertised in tLuTpaperl rTapils for the Piano, finds) it for mention thro1 the same medium that she receives none but Ladies, aad all persona who keep boarding houses are informed to save - themselves and her annecessary loss of time, that she is deter mined not to attend to any, and that see cannot at present receive any more pupils. . an 0 3t " ' NOTICE. . fry The coparttienhiD of A. S. Griswold k Co. is dissolved by mutual consent. The busi ness will be hereafter conducted by A. S. Gris wold and Kneeland Tewnsend, uniler the same firm. A. S. GRISWOLD. KNEELAND TOWNSEKD, ELIUU TOWNSEND. Jan 3 2 - CONCERT. . "TR. and Mrs. MELINE respectf - illy informs If J. the ladies and gentlemen ol rew - iork, that their concert will iiotitively take place on Tuesday the 13th intt. at the city ambly room, City Hotel, ol vocal and instrumental inu sic, flitted by most of the professor and ama teurt of this rity. Particulars in due time. Jan 3 4t . NOTICE. 'pHE co - partnership heretofore exiting under m. uie orm ou.uu.iiia K L.L,AtLni.iJ, expired yesterday, by its own limitations. All concern! of the t aid firm will be settled by LEBBEUa LOOV1IS, At No. 47 South - street Who has in store, fur sale, 24 chests Imperial Tea J 8 do Hyson dof of first qualities, and 86 do yi.ung hyiondor entitled to dehea, 66 do Hyson kin da) 1 1 caskt Palm Oil 56 reams Fools Cap Vellum Paper 6 do Copper Plate do ' A small quantity Cayenne Peppers, jan 1, 1818. HORACE LEARNED, late of the firm of Lnomit Sc Learned, hat opened an office at 39 Burling - tlip, for tbe purpjse of transarting commission business. jan 3 lw NOTICE. 'Ihe Copartnership beret'. fore existing in this city, under the firm ol IP Wolf, Packard k DVVoir, is this day distol ved by mutual consent. All persons having un settled arcounti with taid firm, are requested to rail at 57 r ront - ttreet, lor settlement iew York. Dec. 31, 1817. JAMES D'WOLF, ISAAC PACKARD. JAMES D'WOLF, Juo. drc3l foal' CHAisub. LINb. en n p ll l I. A n P. I. P H I A I v . . " mm T'L. DOCT 'lf 4 ISC illi .uanr i.mttBnllv, For Passengers and (heir baggage (through in one .1 III I.. r!l. 14 . 1 1 I urn. a fW Aaw lin - llrtj J Will 1C - .r. ,t,c viil iiw.i fc..j Atvum s - snlt nt t nVlnrk in the morniniF. bv way of Newark, nod arrive Uie same day at I'lu - laaeipnta. Tbe MAIL COACH FILOT, in oppontion to the Mail Coach, with tuperior accoinmoda - ti . fnu PmaimiroM AN ft I h.i V hnVffAf. Will I I'll V - the City Hotel every day (Sunday excepted) at i..irn.., I P M will nr.w - p. - rl lieinra tlie II Ul ' JIOPl 1 w M ...... ..... ,.. . Mail, and not tubject to the inconvenience of . . . . n . llT - . U - . J stopping at tnenumerout i on jiucrun uo nnu, hut every accommodation provided for the traveller, and arrive some hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. All letters ana papers carried free For seats in the above lines apply at the Post Chaise and Albany Mail and Diligence umce, V 1 I U n m.ibu. n,tnfuitt, fho fTilv I lntiil. l,VJ. IIUUiv.u - .ji II 'J gr All gooui nuu uaggBgij uuw in ,lle ownfe JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark. junn tiuuiwr. bui, rnnceion. STOCKTON ti IIOWELL,lilade'phU JV. B. Esprutet serif to anv part of the Vtuon JanC ' tf lrKlV HflTKf.. Celebration of the Battle of New - Orleant. "TVELETRA tl MONDEON, have the honor Ia snfrthsi tWm IHAI iruT iniPfin in vine a Dinner on Thursday the 8 th inst. to ceTe - nrate uie anniversary oi ine came oi newur - leans, where the delicacy of the dishes, as well flu. h.ln... n.iHulfv. nrm in uvhirh it will hfl nerved up, will leave nothing to be winded for. Messrs. ueieira n monneon, wwn iu umw u citixens or note, military gentlemen, sc. io per petuate tins memoranie a ay. ana mm nonur sua glory of the United Statet of America. W. a. Burn persons at wirn ti taae carn nre invited lo call and leave their namet at the a - hove Hotel. The price of the Dinner will be 6 dollars, including usual wines All kinds of wine will he alto lurmttieo, out win iorm a tcperaie charara. Jan 6 Jt n.uunu A - rut v PHUPKMTV. TO be told at public auction on Friday the 20th February, 1818, at the City Hall, It The highly valuable FARM now occupied by itir. William A. namenorwK, iiwui a muw fnm IK - io fnntmininW tnflWir IMaHv fiftV a - cret of land. It will be told in Iott from 5 to 10 IIUIU .UK .1111 X. u .......... - J J acres each, situated on the 0th, 7 in, Bin. vin, et 10th avenuet ; on the latter stand the dwelling knnw and rmt huililinfs. but a short distance irom tne iiuuson mver. ... This property is worthy the attention oi tnose in nmiM,hftfiifiim, rnunfrv teats i as its contiguity to the city, commanding views of its contiguity to the city, commanding viewioii ,d ,nretired.u IIW I1UU - II, ICHiniwwuuwii nu j of tome of the ground, together with an ample supply of wood, render it one oftlie most desira ble objects of purcnase. a .niili. nHiniwi mm he aeen. and fur ther particulars known, at the Comptrollers Of fice. City Hall. Jan 6 dts f'OkV irjvmi from tlie stable of Win alow - X ley, 31 Jofin tticet, on tne aum uec. oi UghfreJcolor, tlitinbo'h ears, about 7 years oL W - JiCt, any information thereof, shall receive a (onerous f si 1 tW reward. ;,nn asti'. ilMl.V IlKKsAKd. &:c MRS. BARBER respectfolly informt the Lw ml lauies oi iitw - iora ami iw n.iun, . )ii iut nnnJ an elefant assortment of Assembly Dresses anu leai inmmings, ai n . . ... t - 98 Broadway. aecos iw ke - iv mini ir'ATWNS IUST published and for sale by LUAS VA - I CMTIVL - .II.;, nrwr Rook Pi ore. 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - ttreet, BingU - y't IFmiuI Knowledge. 3 volt, prke, in boards, 4dlt tl. urk.i.r.M.M tu. nnrf. in boards. I dollar i Tbe Hero, or the edventuret of a night, a romance, 2 volt in one, price, in boards , 1 dot - lar ; The Knieht of St. John, by Mist fotU t ,u . i l fol. 75 ctt in boardt : The Inneranl, or memoirt of an actor, part d, by 8. w . Ky - leyv 3 volt in boards 3 dollars t Balance of Cora - fortl or the old maid aad married woman, a no - i.irM it.. volt : Nancrede's abndge - hj.j. im hnardl. to - mentoiornia, oupoiiw, - " - ., - - j.rH gether with a general cssortment of standard woras. . .. . j Visiting and addrett Cardt ncai.j Jan 3 ' ' TO L6AN OS BO.ND k MORlGAti IROM Five to Twenty - five Ibotitaod I)I - 1 lart, to be cred by bond and mortgiwe nv.,or - ty in the city and ,nty (.ew York. pnfv to A. 11. ItA VV IIL.1 tNfc UT6 6t No 40 WalUtrtet. O ST ARCH. VE Heidred and Sixty, kess Philarlelpbia Starch, landing from scbr. Fair IWer, at OU - Up, for se by JACKSON k WOOLLET, ?5 WaU - stteet. iaaS . . 'f'HE White Cottage, a novel, price I dollar, J just receivi d and for sale by W. B. GIlXEY, Sf Broadway. W. B. G1LLEY hat thit day received and pot to p'esw Eltmere and Rota," a novel. ian3 I i piT'Wn P'sI'Ia" IIT' 5fr JL MJ X3JU1V sJ JJi2iD . BY P. L. MILLS k CO.. , ' . ' . . ." 1 . ' ThllMilav ). .1 r . . A MM1 .UllmMlt Arm, iMSAitd ' os i a.i.iwii aiui.iiuiVH, . . Thundey, Jan. 8.' XII o'clock, at tlie T. C. II. - . m That verr pieatttbt tiruation, on tbe East Jliy. er, about 5 miles from tlie city, adjoining the seat of P. scberroerhoin, Juru Esq. well known fta IIm. nmnfirlv nd IK lafa Ann ll .r. - l nlirm.. deceased, containing about 19 acres , 1 liursdav, mtbinsu XII o'clock at the 1. C. 11. that very slieibly MLl.lul ..1.1 Kl Ql. . ..A I Ill, P..J formerly occupied by rainier, N"tholt It co, at present by lsvertT, Shelters at Kmc 1 be Lot is about IS fet on Peart st.' whh a privitere ia common of an alley S feet II inches to the depth ot the Store. 24 "feet 10 inahea in tha rrmr. and 14t 1 - 2 leet in length, more or lesr, bavinr tbe - v riirht nft Mrtiriff ttitn Pinn - nt. Tha mitwm i l.ilnrtf anh.lttnlial At...iriwf litiilil'na.. KR Sb.S . ueep, completely nueu lor uia urj goon dqu - ' nets, with iron sale, shelves, curtainr, counter' and book case is oow. renting for 1800 dollars per annum $15000 may remain on mortgage probably for some time. . The purchaser may take a deed and pay tlie residue on the first of Fcbruarv ntiL recaiviiitr tha rent from that dar or on the first of May next, when postes&n will be given $6000 it insured on uie store for S years from (he 211th February next. Ten per LUHl Ul Ul UI kllV U1UUCJ W VW S.W Vmt m,K HBJ . of sale. . r 1 1 1 .. . . n l, . 1 t,m Aim Tuesday, Jan. 20. i x - iining, surviving executor oi i nomas Dreim, Esq. deceased, the House and Lot, 40 Wall - sir next to the Jiiy Bank. ". - .; , ' - ntdnetdpy, Jon. 23. ' At Xll oVck, althe T. C. Jh . - The two houet and lots of ground, Not. 78 . mj CO Rivington - street i the lots each 25 feet f. out and 75 deep ; the homes two - ttory, with goou iroui ccuar?, cellar aiic - nent, c. x rooms on the first floor with pantries between and wide ' airy halls, 1 room on tbe second with 2 pantries and a good garret each houte vhas an alley . through the yard, where there it grass plant:,, cisterns, kc. Ac. ' PRIVATE SALE, On liberal terms, 5 valuable LOTS, situated between Second and Third streets, on Division - street, making a front of 172 feet, nil occupied a retail dry good ttoret - ground under lease to the present occupants for a term of years. For particulars apply at the auction room. ' Jjr J. P. D1KTER1CH k CO. PRIVATE SALEk . 1 elegant patent hanging .lamp, suitable for in attetuhly room. ' - l Also, about tf miles from the City Hall, on the Blootningdale Road, a very handsome coantry - teat, with very convenient house and out build - . nigs, commanding a fine view of the north river r unulil he eschaneed for merchandise i termt ac commodating, For particulnrt apply at the auc tion room. '. NEW - YORK INSURANCE COMPANY 'I'k. i.rA.iilunt flnil iliivirlnrs have thit d" S - declared a dividend of fire per cent on the cap' lal none oi tne company tor iuo iari u uiuhhj, payable to the ttorkhelden, or tkeir legal representatives, on and after the 12th instant, at the office, No. 34 Wall - street. i... r i a j. i i f i m "si . feAfvrv NEW - YORK FIREMEM INSURANCE " COMPANY. A - tw Th f7fini lal a.fork nf the Comnanv hav ing oy a new tubscrintion been minstrtUd to the lull turn ot f'sre hundred thoutand Dollar! which ' it amply tecured, are nw ready to receive applications for Fire and Marine Insurance at their Office No. 66 Wall - street. The Office solicits the patronage of tbe public in the confidence that adequate protection will be afforded to the assured and all Insaet be promptly adjusted. By order of the hoard of Directors, Jan 6 1m wivi. fti'iir.AL., oec - ry. - V - . V mL 1'i.him .i .imnrt C.amwuiv. Civ - m wt m . M..... - " i . i . ftj - Tlieirtt instalment of the second cub. scription, to the Stock of thit company, will be received at the Office, No. 66 Wall ttreet, on Monday next, the - 5tb instant, between tbe hours of 10 and 2 o'clock. By order of the board, WM. M'NEAL, Sec'ry. Jan 2 tf ' ; Faglr. Fire Company of Nete - l'erk. NOTICE it hereby given that a tlividcod for the last tix months of four and a half per cent, on the capital Stor k, of thit Company hat been declared, and will be paid to the Stockhol rfora nn the ljitll inst. - Jao 5 lm JOHN D. MEYER. Sec, j NATIONAUISSURA.NCE COMPANY. The President andUirectort oftlie National Insurance Company, have this day declared a difi lend of fifteen per centonther capiul stock, for tlieir last six months, payable to tlie .vrir hoMerc. rir their letral representatives. on and after Thursday the 15th inst. jan 5 tFebl JOHN J. JONfca, Beery The Pacific lnrurajure Company of Nete - iork. (tr The Stockholders are hereby notified that an Election for Seventeen Disectors will be held at the Office No. 49 Wall - ttreet, on Monday the 19th inttant, to commence at 10 and close at 2 o'clock. By order of the Board of Directors. . ' WALTER R. JONES, Sec'y Jan 5 tlOth NOTICE. ftr The Pacific Insurance Company of New - j ySZ l k;. . fLirlaml a Dividend Of - i i a.w n...hU inttant. By order of tbe Board of Directors. Jan 5 lm WALT IS It K. junr.a, etc. tmlmmm Tl. - I. .. MH1K - I 111 1 1 V informed, thtt .irr.u l Ir nnwn in Ine land and on the Continent of Europe by the aweJlttUoB of the V ,r r iu i.i uil is now on a tour through the United SUtoe, aod VSttlT Mini A L B I N IS if s, New York. The singularity of thit interesting Female hat attracted the attention and admiration of the Roval Family, Nobility and Gentry of London, Dubfin and Fdinburg ; the bat been hon - . . a I L.m Prist ored with the presence ana apfrorni - d tk.m m.arlr.ll nl Have CoboiirC. the Lmtchess of Oldenburgh, tlte EMiperor of llos - r m mj x Marinn. and o - Sia, Sking Ol c rwl, uvm - - , . ther illufUiout permnaget t Sir Jr?. " KW"ToltKCITY DISFENSAK. i i;nl m nniir It herebv riven that on. l J I . mtms. - - J .. i .Um iik nf Januarv. instant, be tween the hours of twelve and ooe, there wul l l.l l ,k. Jtm nt Ik Kw. York City Dis pensary, in Tryon row, in Ike rsar of tbe City mii ik annual elM - tiost of thirteen tmstesa. according to the provifioos of the charter. By order of the wara, Jonathan Coodhue, ) k Francb P. Wmilirop, ComssuUae. Edm'd. H. Pendletoo, J jan S 6t NOTICE - . rp MELICK k ROGER3 having taken into copartnership Samnel U. Rogers, ton ot l - avia Kogf, ths b J - iness will in future be eooducte ui.der the 6rm ol msncx, nogen - 7 - B. P - v - a., t - DAVID ROGERS, dec31 lw . SAMUEL D.ROGERS. ft - FKEDEitICK cn. i iiiiNi II RY Ubiuvn. cur "V.V. ! Tio - ru libLt It.LDO.N.I .1 140 have formed a connraj - n Pearl street, andjr qs fc CO. JaaSlw 1 ' 1 It ... t'.i k hid ll ins sir. iwi i and tlie nrtt naraciert imw n ,erwij - acknowledged her to be the most aston i.hini Phenomenon ever known. ltS Iui receive the vitits of Ladies and fJe. frofa cork in tlie forenoon till 3 U - lbe mfteniooo, at IV City Hotel, Broadway. Admission 60 rentt. . . . ' and tlie nrtt naraciert iw . - ., -

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