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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, January 7, 1818
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c 8 4 ft 1 .": ! v. ! f 1 1 tt 1 1 1. frna Calcutta paper .tc ttt 20th August, re - - ceived at the office of the New - York Evening . Pott " V r:M - CALCUTTA,' Job 16. It fa with mtidi concern w communicate to the public a Very shocking event which happen - ' .,i u. i ith ir Col umbo. t i.nrlv ni wvln rounr tantieme had bw walk.ugimiig the trees near the lea, about two mile soutii of the fort ; between S and o'clock they At down on the shore, .without any prev. ou - intention of bathing, when Mr. Mar, of the , ordnance civd department, went into the water, - and wai toon followed br several other. - Mr. May was' an excellent trimmer, and plunging lata the nearest turf, she did not rue till he wa tome way beyond it After playing about a ahort time, be struck out into deeper water, when beat. Grav. who was within the surf, and aware of the danger from shark, called out to him not to (o any further at that moment the swell ef the surf hid him from Mr. Gray, but tome of the party who were standing higher on the shore, saw him on a sudden straggle and . sink, v lie rose again directly, and cried oat, a , ' shark, a shark, ne joke, no joke, upon my honour ' 1 am bit1 j but he did not seem to he much hurt, for he swam with srroat strength towards the - ' shore. ' Lieut Grav rushed forward to his aaeiU nnc. and just as ther were near meeting, the shark seized him again, bat be was not pulled underwater and ouly cried out, l am bit, 1 am bit" Air. Gray then rot holJ of him, and at that moment be saw the shark make third attack. They were now rery near the shore, and Mr. Gray, with the assistance of another ronnr man. succeeded in jetting him on dry '' land. He had sunk upon his knee as they were supporting him, and was endeavouring to speak, but could only utter convulsive inarticulate sands. They thought he was fainting, and got Lira veee water winch they pressed nun to annx. . He raised hh head, open1 his lips, and attempt. ' d to rwallrfw, but instantly soak down again and . expired without a rroan. The whole of the flesh with all the blood vessels, was torn away from the back of bis left thigh, for considerable space above the knee. The laceration was so . dreadful, that Mr. Martin the surgeon who has - ' timed to see him on hearing of the accident, d - elared it would bate been impossible to save him, ' had be been upon the spot. The great effusion v of blood must have produced immediate death Us did not u fact survive above two minutes It Is probable the fatal wound was given hi the . second or third attack, when, lieut Gray enw the ravenous monster in the act of seizing his un happy victim. . .The shark appeared to be rather smalt, wilaalarg bead, out the water was so , discoloured with blood, that it could not be di ttoctly seen. V CALCUTTA, July SO, We have received our files of New South ' Wales , papers, which reach to the beginning of May, an Auxiliary Bible society, anaer tne rat ronan of the Governors has been intituled a Sydney, and considerable funds raised for its support. It is also intended to join with the distri bution of Bible, the Establishment ef schools for the education or yeeth. The river Hawkesbury had overflowed its . banks, and inundated all the cultivated land in its neighbourhood. The settlers were forced to take shelter on the high lands, and have consequently subjected to many privations, yet they adhere ostinaiery to tneir eta nanus, ana cannot be prevailed upon, to relinquish houses that are every now and then apt to be swept away try the floods. Letter from Nagpore of the 7th init. state, that every thiug is very quiet In that quarter of the worla. Tne young Kajan was married tor ' a fourth time on the 6th to a young lady from Poonah about twelve years of age. v CALCUTTA, Aug. 18. A fsw weeks since there appeared in our paper the particulars of a melancholy, accident, which happened at Colombo to a Mr. May, who was attacked and killed by a shark as he was bathing. About the tune we received that ac ' - count, a distressing occurrence of a similar o - tui) took lace u this harbour ; peculiar cir - oomitancA induced us to postpone the public , police of this unhappy catastrophe ; pat as these , Circumstances no longer exist, w feel it our du - ty to comply with the request of our correspondent, fully agreeing with him, that, asanas roneous idea has been prevalent amongst seafaring people, that shark are never teen in sainddy water, and particularly not in Bombay harbour durinx the 8. W. moonsoon, it - it in cumbent on a now to publish the particulars of ; this shocking event, and thus be instrumental in preventing the recurrence of similar disasters. On the evening of the 15th June, Mr. Anderson, the fourth officer of the H. C. ship Charles - Grant, was swimming a short distance front the , ship, accompanied by a quarter - master and fore - castle - man. Mr. Anderson struck out and swam towards a Portuguese frigate then lying at about half a cable's length from him, and be was followed by the two men. As they approached the frigate, Mr. Anderson was beard to say, don't drown me" ; oa this exclamation, the quartermaster tamed round, and to his unspeakable horror and alarm saw an immense shark darting at Mr. Anderson. He immediately exerted hit whole strength for his own safety, and fortunate - ,lv succeeded in retting on board the Portuguese frigate. ; The alarm was given, and the boat of the frigate the Charles Grant were instantly lowered into the waters but unfortunately without preventing the fatal catastrophe. The shark passed Mr. Anderson, then turned round and took him under the water, which was instantly discolored with hi blood He rose again, but was then attacked by five or six more of these voracious animals, and he was gone in an instant. One shark was observed to be making after the forecastle - man, oa which a sentry on board the frigate, with great presence of mind and coolness, levelled his mutket and shot the fi - 'h, thereby preserving the life of the sailor. The next day a Urge shark was caught by the people . en board the H. C. ship Vansiltart, measuring upwards of IS feet. . Extract ef letter iatei Cutlaek, 6th Jul. On the night of the 29th captain Arm - troog inarched I root Bojepore wim a companies ana a brigade of go a to go to Mooeswa, where Jog - bundoo and the principal insurgents had assem bled and erected stockades the distance of 12 er 14 miles, but owing to the badness ef the road it was found ira practicable to make it in one march. Captain Armstrong therefore deferred his approach until the morning of the 1st. The , surrounding jungle is described so extremely , thick, that nothing of the stockade could be made out, even when close upon them. The gakjes pointed out the spot, apon which a heavy Ere was opeoed from the guns, and as the troops advanced the insurgents abandoned all their stockade without any attempt to defend them and with scarce any to interrupt the progress of (he detachment. Ju;bundoo is supposed to have o ait ted the place the day before, and all seem to have looked to their own safety en the commence ment of the firing. Their loss however is be lieved to have been very considerable fortn . aatelv we had not a single casualty. The stock ade were very extensive anJ rtroog as well as situated in the very neart oi me wicxeti jungle. Captain Armstrong wool! purine wherever be ' should bear of the insurgents re - assembling, but they continue dispersed, and be had already de stroyed all their defeoces at ftlonssira, and fall - " en back a mile or two for better ground. It b believed that he will canton in that neighbourhood with 5 companies and a brigade of guns. - . . CALCUTTA, August tO. The ship Weltoo, captain Wallace, for London, upset on Thursday last, while at anchor ' near Heg ttirei and has been totally lost. The crew was saved; but neither private baggag? nor the pest office) packet. By the latest no coan'j, her top mail ma just iitl water. - , f ( 1' ' :. ; " . Per the EUowitir articles of local intem - gence, we are indebted to lb Bengal Har - kara - ' ,;' - u"' c - Extract of a Letter from Hunabad. ' - r 11e nine art in mr nn the 5th (June.) Till - tlie 1 1th we had gale of wind torrenU of rain night and day. , We were obliged to aoan - don our attempt to ret under shelter, and happy be whoee tent waT not blown about hi eat a. Such weatnrr I never netore expencne el. but the native say we shall probably have six week of it. If so we had better attempt building an ark than bungalow, for the half of 40 day or tuts will set us alianoax. v"i mc llth tne Herbudda rose 11 reet. ne rmaa - rees are now ail snug on the other aide till Oc tober. In consequence, tne detaenmenu are recalled, who for some month hive undergone such laborious duty in watebmgevery mruanie noint. in a line of 70 miles on the Nerbndda, to prevent the Pindareee from crossing, and which service they have cuectuauy periurra ed." Extract of a letter from Iliusienabad under date 14th June. M We are all a busy a pismire or white anta. sretting1 under cover but the expectation of being grilled to a cinder, which was enter tained bv tome a tew days back, when tne ther mometer stood rather too high, is now turned to the opposite idea of swimming I The rain commenced here on the 4tb, with a violence which would induce one to belive that Mac beth' witches had certainly taken up their abode in me kills to the north ward of us, Such a hurly - burly from East. West, North and South, might be gratifying enough to read, or under cover or a good pucka roof, with lustres ana wall shade around but not so desirable to experience in half rotten tents, on ploughed fields of soft clay, a those who were blown a - wav can testitv." " After a fall of rain, the soil is such, as not to admit of walking or riding the very Fowl have enough to do to tramp with clods to pick their com, and hole and crack innumerable render riding i break - neck amusementyet, a day or two's tun and wind, dries all again. If ever the luxuries of the East were here, they must have departed some centuries ago MADRAS, Aug. 5. The American ship Athens, arrived in the Roads on Thursday evening, from New York, whence she sailed on the 27thMarch. She brings no news. NtmroHK Er&Nim post. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7. Lalett from Liverpool. The ship Jane has arrived at Philadelphia from Liverpool, whence she tailed on the 20th Nor, Letters received in town (hi morning by her, dated at Liverpool the 18th Nor. state that almost all the flour in that market had been bought up the two pre ceding days at 62 to 63 ihilliogi 64 was asked for the remaining parcels. The average price of wheat for the 5th week of the last quarter was 80 shillings and four pence. Upland cotton 18 1 - C to 23a. not brisk. There is very little doubt but that the ports will remain open for flour and grain. Although the Jane brings dates 8 days later than before received, yet we can not learn that they furnish any political new. By the arrival yesterday of the brig Commo dore Porter, from St. Mary1, we received number of document relating to the proceedings of the Patriot at Amelia Island ; but the late hour at which they came to our hands would oo - ly permit of our announcing in a postscript, that that Island bad surrendered to the United States force which bad been seat against it The fol lowing is Commodere Aury's answer to the sum mens for his surrender. We confess we think it contains a well written and strong appeal to the executive, and we shall be well pleased if an an swer can be given satisfactory to the law of nation. . We remain yet at a loss for the constitu tional authority of the president, to order the taking forcible possession of the territory of a pow er sUiI at peace with us. . Head Quarters, Fernandina, Dec. d. 1817 Geotlemen I have received your official letter of Ibis day, by which, in the name of the Government of the United States, you summon us to evacuate this place with the troop under my command, as soon as it will be convenient, as possession tliereof is to be taken by the forces under your command, ander certain conditions specified in your said letter. Neither thi republic, that of Mexico, nor any other of South America, being at war with the U. States, obliges me to state to you. that the contents of your letter greatly surprised this go vernment sou uie people oi mil siaie. a ou nave, nevertheless, intimated, that in case of our ac quiescence in your demand, we shall be permitted to evacuate this island, which neither is nor ever has been a part of the united States. Allow me to observe to you, gentlemen, that from the moment we took r ernandina by the lorce of our arras, we entered into the full posses sioa of all the nshts appertaining to our eiimv. and to this day we have suppoi ted these rights at me nix oi our lives ana fortunes. The boundaries between the 1'loridas and the U. States, having been fairly settled on the fth October 1795, we are at a loss how to ascertain your authority to interlere n our internal coo renin. Our surprise increased when 'we reflect that your communication come as authorised by the government oi a people wno, in inn respect, gio rv in the ritriis or nations, whether rreat or small, and who, no doubt, sympathize with their southern brethren in tne struggle lor liberty and Independence, in which they are engaged, as were the Uaitrd States, forty years ago. , On the other hand, yoe promise to hold sacred such of our property as wtquettwnably belongs to our citizens. Who is to be the judge in that case t The United States i They caa by no means usim bdj khkj oi junsaicuon, irotn tne source oi uie river ot. mary - s down to toe ucean, on this side the centre of the channel. We en tertain too much veneration for your Constitution to believe for a single moment, tbat yon (supposed already in possession of this island which has sever been ceded by the king ot Spain, or by its inhabitants, to the United States,) can bring with yon a competent tribunal to decide upon this Question. Theonlvlaw voo can ad duce in yoar behalf is (hat of force, which always is repugnant to a Republican Government and to the principle of a just and impartial nation. The same observation may be applied to your interference for the property of the inhabitant, which we nave always respected and considered as sacred. You order us, also, at if we were (object of vour government, to leave behind,. when Fernandina is eraceated, all the public property thnt wu louca at its surrenoer. i mi aeaana directly contraiy to the puMic right, by which puhhc property captured from the enemy is a - vowedly that of the captors, when not otherwise stipulated. Are yoe acting in the name of tne king of Spain or of hit aihes .' As we consider the people of the Unjted States to be unquestionably the only free people on the sarfaco of the giooe, we cannot admit that you have already arrived to such a pitch of detradation. Otherwise your demand is inadmissible and unjustifiable ia the e ves of the world ; and if we must t ub - nm u it, au in oiame rests witb yon. . - Permit me, therefore, gentlemen, to, irrroest you to lay before the President of the U. State me rrmarxs, in order that a matter of so serious a tendency may be du'y coaiidered We have read bis exellency message with the utmost concern, and have concluded that Uie rwli - tieal aiUaliosi ef thi repobjio bat bet gretUW misrepresented in . the Ulniea etaies, uu" the intrigues of ear enemas, i We have certainly a right to be heard t for which purpose, I shall have the honor of forwarding to your government the necessary documents, . u yoe are ooi o;.j - sed to let the thing remain in statn quo, until the - A.t. fck.. itafratntiaa ba known. I am authorised to assure you that we respect and esteem too highly tbe people ol the united oiau .altera 4a tnmitia. . - 1 have the honor lo remain, witn toe uigww . - . ... . . , . consideration, gentlemen, yoars,KC. (.Signed) . jui. 8. L. Holmes, Sec'ry, la the Commodere Porter came passengers on ef the Representative! of the late government at Amelia, on bis way to the seat of government ; and Mr. S. L Holmes, late Secretary to Commo. dor Aory. - . To these gentlemen'we are iodebt ed for the copies ot the following document in continuation of those published yesterday. (No. V1U.) Head - Quarters, rernandina, Nor. 11.1817. I SIR Your letter of the I Oth wa duly receir - ed. The rising republic of the Florida. Justin it principles, will ever be ready to do what justice requires, when consistent with its dignity. An enquiry ha been ordered, (as I have told yea in my letter of the 8 th) to investigate this matter : the result ha not been tent to me as yet i at soon as it is, 1 shall forward you a copy. At to the answer 1 made to the officer you had sent. I have onlv to observe, that 1 stated that I had to consult with other persons who formed part of the council, and that I could not then give an answer, eitoer veruai or wruiru. 1 have the honor, tie. L. AURY. Capt. Elton, U. S. brigSaranac. (No. IX.) U. S. brig Saranac, Cumberland Island,! November 15, 1817. J SIR Yesterday the schr. Tantativa came in to American waters, and wa taken possession of by the vessel under my command, but Aus - stiii. priie - master, wa not in her, neither were any of the prise orew, who committed the fault by firing on our boat. The vessel cannot answer the ciime complained of, and i otherwise in a most horrible situation, to what she appear ed to be the dav before, when under wav. I have been informed Austin, the arcressor, is still at Amelia, and seen io public Vessels sailing Irom thence cannot, thereiore, complain Of trouble, if strictly searched to find him I and any vessel tailing with him will be liable to seizure. Trusting; (hat Austin would be tent to hi vessel. (the Tantiva) the privateer Jupiter wai released, although euilty of conduct that would sanc tion her detention and trial. As to the oaths of men, saying the scbr was within one hundred and fifty feet of Amelia beach, I myself cannot put confidence in from what I saw ; and am assured by the officer and men, that she was much nearer the north shoals, or breakers, than to Amelia, Their attention was narucularlv called to that cirrumstance at the moment of difficulty. Their oaths will be given when required by the court. i nave tne noaor, ate. JNO. H. ELTON. Gen. L. Aury, Commanding at Fernandina. No. X. Head - Quarters, Fernandina, November 15 th, 1817. SIR Your letter of this data was duly received. 1 regret that the positive orders I had given for the prize master and the crew going in the vessel have been eluded, and it was only after the vessel had gone I got the information. If any of those you demand are to be found on the Island, they will be sent over to you. Order are issued alreadr for the purpose. The privateer Relumpago has come into the waters of the Republic. As to the distance the Tantativa was from the beach of Amelia, it will be decided by the court that will try the case ; but I am induced to believe, from the respectability of the evidence, that it is correct. 1 have the honor to be, 8. AURY. , Capt Elton. Copy of a letter from captain Price to captain Elton. SIR I hope you will pardon my presumption in troubling you upon this occasion, but being necessitated to make my situation known to somebody, I have taken the liberty to inform you that I am the master of the British schr Betsey of i ortola. wno was taken on the 31st of last month by the Mexican privateer Brutus, capt. Job, on my passage Irom Havana to St. 1 no mas. I took the liberty of mentioning my situa tion to the officer that boarded the Tantativa, isl - tand schr. outside of the bar, on board of which vessel I was put by the orders of the captain of the privateer, to proceed to this ton. i ester - day I wu liberated from being a prisoner, in con sequence of which I have come to St. Mary's, expecting to find some person humane enough to assist and relieve me, in order to enable me to get to any Britbk settlement or colony; bat I am sorry to say that as all appear to live by the spoils of Amelia, their sentiments, I presume, to be much ef the same nature. It it impossible, sir, for me to describe the wanton cruelty exercised by the pnvateersmen Although the cap tain ol the privateer assured me that I should not be plundered, yet have I not only been depn ved of the greater part of my cloathing, but also of my charts, quadrant, spy - glass, and every other instrument, whereby, a master of a vessel, I am to get my living. Not only this, but the seamen were plundered and ill - treated ; and one of them had a rope put round his neck and received a most terrible stretching, in order to extort a confession whether there was any cash on board or not At present my situation, believe me, sir, is very critical whatever little rash I had I have been deprived of by the crew of the privateer, in consequence of which I have taken the liberty of addressing myself to yon. who, as a seaman, can form an exact opinion of my present situation. 1 ne bouse of Uhavts, Denniston ( Co. at Jamaica ; Bos worth, Den - niston ft Co. at New - Orleans, or Gilbert Robinson, esq. of New - York, will answer any demand tbat my present situation may oblige me to make. Should you yourself be kind enough to assist me in this emergency. I shall consider myself fore ver obliged to you ; if not, if you will be good enough to direct mo to your agent, to whom you may uepeoia, sir, snail De repaid, witn many tnanxs, wnaieveri may receive irom nun. lleataining, sir, your most obt. scrv't, WM. PRICE. Captain Elton. ANSWER. U. 8. brig Saranac, Cumberland Island. Nov. 14. 1R1T. C SI R, Your letter explaining your situation at St. Marys, was received this morbing. 1 cannot, at present, give en opinion a to your treatment by those who captured you, neither can I undertake to decide as to the leealitv of it. but aitaab d at you now are at St. Marys, I have no ortiiauon in saying, you can nave a birth on board the Saranac, until an opportunity offers, either of appealing to ycur consul, or getting a passage to any port you may wish to go to ; o ther arraoremenlslmsv be made wheal see von 1 caa sav that it is the wish of alatost everv offi cer, to assist, so far as their mean go, any who are in oistrets, ana appiy to tne American A avy. I have the honor, lie. JNO. H. ELTON. Mr. Win. Price, St Marys. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. City Gazette Office, Charleston, Tuesday, Dec 30 noon. ( " FtmmdoietAmlia ltioni, Dee. ti. u Yesterday the squadron, nader the com mand of com. Henley, and the troops, under the command of celaoel Bankheai, entered the ka bor of ernandiaa, when the troop landed, marched. In! a lb fortifications, ami hoistcJ lb American flag. . Iff waistancn wai.made. The folVowert'of Aury art composed of violators of the revenue laws, and the adventurers and proate of all nations. Colonel Bankhead ha established a police for the pre - trralioa of order and tranquillity at Feroandj - aa, untfl civil authority bo introduced by the government" ' ' ' This is the re presentation of on tide, it must be remembered. Ed. E. P. PHILADELPHIA. Jan. 6. Boardof Directors of (he Bonk of the United States for 1818. . Philadelphia William Jonet, Pierce Sutler, tJohn Connelly. ' - Baltimore George Williams, Afit - rert Walter Bowne. BY TRK tTOCEBOLDiat. PhJadrlnhiaRobt. Ralston. Chandler Price, Tbo. M. Willing, John Bohlen, Thomas Leiper. VBUWUIWJCI CJVCUWf Jl .wwwvi - M'Kuen. John Savaee. John Goddard, James C. Fisher, Doha Sergeant, tJohn Coulter, tJoshua Lippiscott, Uohn tasie. .Viimnii John Rolton. . Baltimore John Donnel, P. ; Dennis A. Smith Aew - ror tNatbl. rnine. Lexington, Kf. Henry Clay. . Those marked thus (f) are new members s Stem the Philadelphia Register, Jan. 6. Mr. Philipp.Yfa went with the crowd last evening, to judge whether the herald of lame had not proclaimed too much in estimating this gentleman's talents) and were gratified by dtf - appointment, for ha greatly exceeded the anticipations of the audience, whoso plaudits were unceasing - eulogies of admiration, not confined to the close of any one song, out verse oy verse, and in some instance line by fine. He is evidently of Brabant1 school and style of singing; yet how often does the pupil excel the teacher. a he certainly does in the inestimable son? of " Fancy's Sketch," indeed we were under the dominion otfimmUim, for though Johnson, Kelly, and others were familiar to our recollection, yet, did the parity of Mr. Philpps style, the mellifluence of his voice, his science, taste, and judgment draw from us spontaneous acclama tions of astonishment and pleasure, which witb hundreds of others, we could not suppress. To the sweet vocalist he joins the accomplished actor both of which be enriches by a clearness of enunciation that render him doubly at tractive and at he is unquestionably the most polished singer we ever bad, must make him the greatest favorite in his line, that ever appeared oa the rnuMelphia stag. AUBURN, Dec. 31 Fire ! On Thursday morning last, between 1 and S o'clock, a fire broke out in a small new wooden building, recently erected by Mr. Eldad Steele, situated a few rods east of the dwelling oi Joseph Colt Esq. which, before it was got under, consumed the adjoining building east of it, and materially injured the barber's shop on tne west. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Herald Office, Norfolk, January 1. ) Arrived, schr Victory, Coleman, 11 days from Dirhton, Mas. British schr Cumberland. Eldred, 18 dayi from Antigua. Schr Teaser, Villery, 4 day from N York. I. Lr. . o I - o: t. - i , days from Leghorn, bound to Baltimore. Left (here Oct list. Ship H amilton, Gleeno, 55 day i from Havana, just arrived. Brigs Louisa and Charles, Barker, to sail on the 24th Oct. for N m nuuinui nuoui ah is .viuinuio. wmi i York ( Wilmot, Deveraux, for Malaga SO days ; Hope, Uouanugo, for Baltimore, 10 or 15 days ; Mary, Stansbury, 54 dart from Baltimore, just arrived. Barque Camel, Breed, for Sumatra, 10 or 15 dayi. Spoke 13th Dec in lat 24 30, long 60, schr Cyrus, Emery, 17 days from Penobscot, bound to Martinique or Guadaloupe. Passengers in the Columbia, Mr John Donnghey, of this town, and Mr. Samuel Upton, of Salem. FROM OUR CORRESPOXDEXT. Office of the Baltimore? ' Federal Gazette, Jan. 4. Arrived last evening, Br. brig Duke of Wellington, Chancellor, 48 days from Falmouth, Jam Experinced a continued series oi gales on the coast and in the bay, where she lost her cables and anchors, and drove ashore on Gwynn' Island suffered no meterial injury. Sch Jane, Fish, 25 day from Port au Prince. Lett there the 8th Dec. chrs Columbia, Snow, for St Thomas in 3 day s Lucy, Slade, for Baltimore, unc i Three Sallys, Coxzens, Philadelphia 8 day ( Baltimore, Holbrook, for do dis - l charging ; Union, Kelly, Salem 2 dayi ; Eliza, IPigot, N York unc . Vigilant, Wilmington, N. U. just arrived : Uenslellation, Price, ol fhi arrived at Jscquemel the 5th ; brig General Scott Raneberir, hove down and repairing ; sch Spartan, Johnson, NYoi k ; Gertrude, of do just arrived i brig , Fanny Stevens, of Baltimore, just arrived from Cuba ; schr Enterprize, Lewis, from Goldsborough in 2 days , and several other and sch Spy, for New - York, sailed 27th November. Sch Eliza William, Montgomery, from La Veracruz, and 20 days from Havana, bxpe rienced a great deal of bad weather and was blown orl thecoatt in the gale of the 20th ult Brig Leo, . from Castine. Schr Six Brothers, Foster New Packet, and Adeline, from Boston. The brig Eros, Boyle, from St Thomss, is in the pay. DIED. Last evening, of a lingering illness, Mrs. Ann Tissot, wife of Mr. Abraham L. Tissot, in the 33d year of her age. The friends and acquaintance of the family are requested to attend her funeral to - morrow afternoon from her late resi dence No. 1 53 Broadway. AfOvid, Seneca county, on the 21st ultimo, Charles Hughes, late captain in the U. 3. army, auj eiaest son ot tne late reter il ughes, fcsq. At Auburn, William Crosby, jun. editor of the Auburn Gazette, in the 28 In year of bis age, EVEfflXQ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Solon, Stoddard, London Fish & Grinuell Brig James, Smith, - 8ally, Depeyster, Wilmington, N C Portugal II F Green b Co Charleston Schr Financier, C rowel), maria, Lainam, do JlK.tiriL.U THIS tREJfOOJf. Brig Mary, Smith, 20 dayi from Hannah, with tugar and fruit to N. b D. Talcott and the captain. Left, brigs Diligence, Jonet ; George, Wildrige; Boxer, Hall; Samaritan, GreeJy; StatiraFreeman ; Fame, Stanwood ; Mechanic, Small Galen, Keating ; Francis, Brazier; Francis, Merrill ; Mary, Stackpole t Pacific, Blake; John Ic Charles, Coombs ; Argo, Greely ; Albert, Prince ; Cordelia, Toman all belonging to Portland and waiting cargoes. Also left, brig fea - lilaad, just beginning to discharge j sloop Henry, Parker, to sail in 5 days ; the schr. Rising Sun, of Baltimore, was boarded by 16 men and robbed ef about 700 dollar ; ship , Bates, uncertain, and a great many otften. Dec. 17, lat 30, 30, long. 76, spoke tt Carthageoian privateer, treated politely. Passengers, Mr. Loud, J. Martin, M. Minio, BIr. Mitchell, Mr. Berrier. Sch. Franklin, Bates, 3 clay from Windsor, NC. with naval stores, to TredweU t Thome. and S Jackson. Schr Three Friends. Hamlin. & davs from Winton, NC. with naval stores and staves, to " Skunoeny. Sch. Lancaster, Biwoe, 9 days from Fxe - ' dericksburg, with wheat, floor and flaxseed, to Uyrnes, irimoie kw srg inpicvi, RCrump. - ' : : J - rv - ' - - ;''. ;'. ' '1 Sch. Wra. tc Henry, Ames. rTeaencxiDurg, and 48 hours from the Capes, with flour and wheat to Walsh , 8i Gallagher, and Byrnes, Trimble & Co . Sloop Lively, Barlow, S dayi from Philadel phia, with flour, corn meal, cotton, Vc. for Newport and rrovidenee, . BELOW 3 tcliooners. - ARRIVED LAST EVENING. Ship Perseverance, (of Salem) Silver, 93 days from Batavia, witb a full cargo of coffee, to Jot. Otborn. Left brig Hindu, Whitney, of Boston, from Isle of France, one.; schr Happy Couple, Massy, for Salem, do; ship Ganges, Dixey, Marblebead, from Manilla, for Europe in 8 or 10 days; brig Othello, Gladden, Providence, for Europe, unc. i brig Ariadne, Copeland, Baltimore, for do unc. ; ships Helvetius, M'Ginnes, Philad. for Holland, do, Roeaeau, Thompson, dodo; Columbia, Lelar, do just arr. ; William Baker, Whitmoie, of do just arr. from Gibraltar. At the different eastern ports, ships Pacto - lus, Osnard, for Boston, soon ; Sophia, Felt Salem ; Peterson. Pierce, Providence ; Bingham. Philadelphia ;brig Jane, Boardman, Boston, all for Europe, uncertain ; brig New Leader, Young, Boston, for do io 6 or 8 days ; ship Wabash, Gant, of Baltimore, arrived at Suraby about middle of Sept. from Macoat ship Thomas Scat - tergood, was at Anger, reported to have been plundered of all her small stores by two Cartha - geniaa privateer. Ship Two Brothers, Gilchrist, of Salem ; hip Robinson Potter, of New - York, and t'lip Potomac, Gown, tailed from Batavia about 20th Sept for Holland; ship Iris, Woodbury, of Boston, arrived at Batavia 27th Sept. JJrur. Thomas Steven, of Baltimore, tail ed from do for Manilla, about the Itt Sept Ship ionaon i raaer, narmon, Vi days irom rniia - delphia for Canton was oassed in the Streierhts ofSundaon the IttSept ; ship China, Shreve, of oatemiorJuanion, passed the btreighta about the middle Sept. Capt Dixey reported that he left no American vessels at Manilla. Uapt M'Uio nes, of ship Helvetius, died at Batavia, on the 1 5th Sept Spoke Oct 30, Iat3l, 15, 8. long 33 E. (hip Bramw, 70 days from Calcutta, for Boston, expected to stop at Cape of Good Hope. Nov. 8, lat 38. 10. b. Ion 10 E.shiD North Ame rica, Ei - win. of Philad 84 days from Lisbon for uatavia, an wen. uec z, lat 33, zo, ion 7 1, 3U, brig Agenoria, Martin, 7 days from Warren, R I for Havana. Ship Gov. Griswold, Latimer, 18 days from St. Domingo City, with mahogany, logwood and fustic, to E& H 4verill, Cazeau b Condom, and the captain. Left, sch Jane, for Baltimore in a days ; sch reggy, Hodzkinson, for Newbu ryport in about 20 days ; sch Brothers, for do tailed day Deiore. Stoke nolhinr. Brig Richmond, Turner, from Richmond, 40 hour trora the Road, with flour and tobacco, to Boorman b Johntson, Beers & Woodhull, Wilson Si Thompson, Walsh Si Gallagher, Byrne. Trimble Co. T Irvin, Thorn and Hawxhurst, and the captain. Left sch Hero, and Sally Ann, for New - York in 3 dars. Schr. Catharine, and Brillant, had just arrived from v lore Brig Canada, Smith, 3 days from Philadel phia, w.r. an Amnnge, Byrnes, Trimble It Co. and others. Sch Industry. Harman. 5 davs from Phils aeipnis, witn oysters. a. .. - ur. sch Good Intent Rhodes. 9 davs from nainax, witn nsn, to captain. THEATRE. Cw WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jan. 7. Will be presented, the Tragedy of the ROBBERS. Charles de Moor Mr. Cooper Francis de Moor Pritchard Amelia, Mrs. Darley To which will be added, the Farce of THE DEAD ALIVE. ANTHONY - STREET THEATRE. THE public are respectfully informed, that the Anthony - street Theatre has been hired for the purpose of exhibiting the performances of the four celebrated EAST INDIAN JUGGLERS Lately arrived in the ship India, from Calcutta. The astonishing drxtetriy and celebrity of these men in their native country, warrant their conductor in assuring the public, that their performances will far surpass any thing of the kind ever before witnessed in America. Performances on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening, the 7th, 8th and 9th of Janaary. The exhibition will consist of leats of LEGERDEMAIN, STRENGTH and ACTIVITY by the four Indian Juggler. Among a variety of amusing performances will be seen tricks with cups end balls, egg and bag, thread, sand ; 8 balls moving on a double stringed how, at the will of the Juggler. Tumbling with swords and spears ; lifting a weight with the teeth, and throwing it over the head ; lifting a weight solely with the eyes, and tricks with pigeons, eggt, be too numerous tod varied to be mentioned in an advertisement Doors will open at 6, and performance commence at half past six o'clock precisely. Boxes one dollar ; children half price. Pit 50 cents. jan 7 iLf The copartnership heretofore existinr under the firm of George Astor tc Co. was dis solved on the 31st dav of December last bv mu tual consent all debts due to the firm to be paid to beorge Astor, by whom all claims against the said arm wui ne liquidated. GEO. ASTOR, WM. DILWORTII, jan 7 1w 144 Water - it. SOUAD STEAM - BOAT LINE. ftr The Steam Boat Connecticut Cant. Bun ker, will leave New York for New Haven on Mon day morning, 12th inst at 9 o'clock, winds and weather permitting, and will leave New - Haven on Wednesday morning, 14th inst. at 6 o'clock The Passengers coming to New - York in the Boat will lodge on board Tuesday night Jan 7 4t NOTICE. rtj9 The grocer and tavern - keepers of the city of New - York, are particularly requested to attenu a meeting to be held at Uarmooy - nail, tne corner of William and Daane - ttreets. to - morrow evening, at 6 o'clock, to take into consideration the present exorbitant price paid to the brewers for beer, when the causes for which it rose no longer exist Jan 7 It Literary and Phtiotophical Society of JVVw - 1 ark. IT?' The AnniversarrMeetineot thitSocietv for the election of officers, will be held at the Society's Hall on Thursday Eveninr. the 8th inst. at 7 O'CIOCK. By order, J. W. FRANCIS, Rec Secr'y. jan 7 ft For BERMUDA. The schooner HOPE, capt Snow, in tended to sail about the 11th inst For passage only, apply to the captain on board, at pier no. lu, or to TUCKER b LAURIES, jn 7 - 29 South - tt. t ar Aaie, Freight or Charter, The chr. POLLY & SALLY, of! Philadelphia, burthen 120 tons, twelve mouUi old, csrriti 1100 bbls. is a fast sailer, in excellant order, and now ready to receive a cargo. Apply on board at Murray's - whatf, or to it. b U. TALCOTT. jan 7 64 South - street . For Freight or Charter, vf The line ship FOSTER, burthen 350 tmi u in rnfnnlS iwliw fnrtnvVnv. moapft , ... . w.Vwf j - age and ready for the reception of cargo. Apply to captain Moran, on board, or to jan J W. ii SAM. tKAlU. DRY GOODS. 5 case Prints, 1 do. worsted Cravats, Cape, be. 8 do. black and blue fine London Cloths, iust received per Lorenzo, from London, and for tale br - HURD il SEWALL. j7 ' ' 65 South - ttreet. AGUO FLCUH. - Landinc this A.. the schooners Kolla and Wev moult .d. prime old, and I Tn, BM . new I h) superfine Flour ' 1ST OTORB, 100 hbd. old Richmond b Pelersberg tobacco 500 kegt of 1st & 2d quality manufactured do. various brands for sale by D1V1E BETnUNE b CO. jan 7 . 92 Coffee - house - slip. . KENTUCKY TOBACCO. 6 hhds. Kei - tucky tobacco - suitable for manufacturinr. for tale by . & D. TALCOTT. , jan 7 ' WHITE LEAD IN OIL. 400 kegt bf White Iad, ground in oil, 28 Ibt. each," landing from (hip Caroline Ann, from Liverpool! for sale by D1VIE BETHUNE & CO. ' jan 7 No. 92 Coffee - house - slip. ' UPHOLSTERY 4 tierces best black curled Horse Hair 1 case best Satin Horse Hair Seating, and , - Thread Tickling, just received per Lorenzo, from London, ana for self - by HURD b SEWALL, j&n7 ' 65 South street FLOUR, FLAXSEED, b TOBACCO. NLETY - SIX bbls tupf. Raltimore (Howard street) Flour 60 do do Fredericksburg, for family use j 89 tierces Flaxseed, and J 13 hhds Fredericksburg Tobacco, just received and for tale by R. CRUMP, Jan 7 6t 90 Fine - street. FLOUR, TOBACCO b FLAXSEED 8C0 . bbls Fredericksburg flour " - 24 half tierces flaxseed - ' f ' 14 hhds prime leaf tobacco, received per Khn. Wm. b Henry and Virginia For tale by jan 7 WALSH A GALLAGHER. " BALL DRKS&kSH THlMMlMQS. VANDERVOORT b FLANDIN have jutt received (in addition to their former assort - t meet) a choice parcel of ; i r - leeant Lace Dresses, richly embroidered in ' gold, silver and chinelle - - oauu ana r lower uamiuires lor amies, ana Wreath for the bead. . . ,', ALSO, A small parcel nf Infants' Cambric Capt, and - Lad jr s Cambric HdL.fs. richly worked ; and L.argv r earners. jan i iw v FLOUR, COTTON, &c. 250 bbls Philadelphia flour 21 bales upland cotton, new crop 8 do New - Orleant do do 5 tont lignumvitK ' 15 tubs German tteel 3 pipes red port wine 11 hhdt do do do - 5 bhdt white do do . 3 qr. casks do do do 1 bhd Madeira wine 11 qr. casks do do 37 boxes superior claret (1 doz. each) An invoice of lace veils, cotton lace, Ac. An invoice of Dutch toys for sale by . . ROBERT GILLESPIE, . jan 112 Front - street FOR SALE, the cargo of the ship Cririe, captain Humnhrevs. from Calcutta, and sow landing at the foot of Liberty - street, consisting of cast in ma sugar Cotton Ginger : Block Tin Gum Shellack ' Gum Copal Goat Skins of a large size Seine Twine and Gunny Bags Also for tale. India Muslins of almost everr description. aiso, a small quantity ot Kattaat, and Odor of Rosea. For tale by jan 7 ROBERT LENOX. EAGLE TAVERN, No. 9 WA RREN - STRREET, (Formerly kept bv James S. HedenhuwM CONTINUES to furnish beef - sUakes, oysters, be. at all times of day. HOT COFFEE is constantly kept m the por - ' terroom, wilk or without relishes, in a style that will not fail to please. B. CARPENTER. N. B. A larsre upper room to let bv thai week, month or year. jan 7 eedlm THE FORUM . ' WILL be re - opened after the late recess, on Friday eveniner next the 9th inst at the Assembly Room, City Hotel, when the . following queti3n will be discussed. " la novel reading beneficial f" The discussion will commence precisely at . 7 o'clock. A ticket will admit a gentleman and lady. , Tickets to be had at D. Longwortht, and at the door, at 25 cents each. The surplus proceeds of that evening are appropriated to the Union Sunday School Society. - . jan 7 3t GRAND PIANO FORTE. FOR SALE at JOSEPH WILLSON'S Music Store, 14 Maiden - lane, a remarkably floe toned second band piano, by Broad - , wood. Also, the following soogt, son; by Mr. Philipps: Said a smile to a Tear ; Sigh not for Lore Let Fame sound the Trumpet j Just like Love ; Love's Youug Drwue, Is there a heart that never loved. Sic. " The Bower of Roses, from Lalla Roakh - Willson. ' . Clinton's Grand March, composed by J, Willson. The Smile of Affection The young Mary Moor ; Oh! Remember Me The Wood Pecker, sung by Mr. lncledon Black - Eyed Susan And every article in the musical line - Jan 7 2w rn BROWN, stone seal engraver andjewsl - X . ler, No. 166 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, &c. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold teals. chains, and other jewellery. ; Ladier seals engraved with costs of arms, mot tot, and fancy devices. Diaoowlt, amethysts, crystals, be. bougni in the rough or cut to any form. Books of heraldry kept with upwards & 60,000 names. ' Jan 7 3m LOST CHMJK U CiTy HMtK. THE subscribers having lost or misiaid acbeck drawn by Messrs. White, Brother A Co. No. 406, dated 6th Jan. 1818. for 140 67, tin public it cautioned against receivine th laac, pay meat having bete ttoppt d at the bank. Any person having found, or finding the same, . will cooler a favour by returning it to jan 7 It 66 Water - street. - PUBLIC SALE. ON Tuesday, the VTth of Janaary, at twelve o'clock, will be told by Honet 4r Town, that valuable and pleasantly situated Property io Broad - street, Belonging to tne estate ol wt Mr. John Post The Lot is 47 feet 8 inches front and rear, on the north 126 feet 6 inches, aed oa the south side 138 feet in depth. The House . standi about the centre of the Lot leavinx a good gangway on the north tide, and fine garden Iront and rear. The situation is deemed delightful. Persons desirous of purchasing, arc request ed to view the premises. Title indisputable. rossestion will oe given on tne isi aay oi oiv next Further conditions on the day of sa'e. Deborah Post, . ) Deborah Douglass Executrixes - Catharine Ritter. J ' v i e to: - Jaa7 127 . ' FOR SALE, The houses and lots Nor. 161 and 1C3 - Wiiiiam - rtreet If not disposed of at private sale, previous to lie 2f!th instaut, they will oa that day be offered for tale, by auction, at the Tontine Code House. For further particular apply at No. 211 V inne - ttreeL j" 7 tf X from 28 11 - D3 do. ; 105 barre

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