The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 22, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Time* «nd New* Pnbli*hia* Company , _______ IT.ULVJEKiSH.4FEB, · Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP R. BIKLE, Editor, CHUKCH NOTICES ST. JOHN'S LUTHESAN Sunday School at nine o'clock, re| dedicatory services at ten o'clock- Sev. JO. F. Sanders of Gettysburg will; and Rev. A. S.j *. ». -- t PretMcfct j pj-eack the Sermon -- ~~ \ Hartman will have charge o: the ser- MAP OF MEXICO. Shewing Recels-" Advance Upon j Stronqhcici of Federals. I vk-es of reddication. Regular evening; j ^ _ - ._ _ · ·" i " . . , _ _ . " / " ' " " " - ' "TMi * * 1 1 f W-Seja-IKW ^jg^'SS'Si-To/SSrSr^S:" 1 r COlSiVLUTHEEA-N- . SATES. Si^^sto^ubsc^^ (J£. W SS££fw^ perintendenl; 10:45 a. m., mornmg worship with sermon by the pastor. Theme: "Building"; G:00 p. ia., Ckris- tlan Endeavor meeting; 7:00 p. m.. evening worship with sermon by the i r» J ! O S O f i 8 R 0 8 r v**^r yTijfcM^ '^iiiiv^--*-~^'j ·*^.-i*»**. «-.» j --- --' j; r -- «- ten day* after your money is received at Tse Times E*t«r*d August 15, 1804, at Gettysbarg, Pa, as second-clMS matter, aader Congress Msrcli 3, 1879. IS BEAOY TO UHDi BELL PHONE OSc« ix Northwest coraer of Gestr* Y : te " rA?L=* R£?RE5£M£U FOR KS£ S ,- ADV£RT!SlftG"3Y THE; . pastor. Theme: "Hearing."' , . EPJSCOPAL . i Viuerta issues Orders to Resist Any ; Sunday School, 9:45: morning ser- ! Use of Force--Marines Ready t' SO: evening service. 7:00. { FLOUR'S CHURCH [ . . ,,,. ,. ^-, v . . . , _ · \ Owing to the rain last Sunday the 1 c ^' r j^^ ^^er "of~^«sio i _ ^ T^! t- * * _r_ Vi. I v^* Lit- SJVV *··«£, ·"..- ~ v v --p*-^** "-··'- *.-i»---~ -^ |missionary meeting at r«onr s cnirren ; _ J Q ·sj e ^£r-*n ------.'',o'\ fraii"-!'; i was postponed until Sunday everang. J kt^ssililiues of a c-ln^h between November 23d at 7:00 o'clock. j ^-jii^,} Siaies e::d Mexico and Protect Interests at Tuxpan. GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO · »-p. *(*·*-. Waat ad*. Cr*t psg* positioifc. p«r irord. One cent per -word each insertion. Two cents word if gusrsated position. Resolutions of respect, poetry and icemon^ni* oz» CCB. ^ . sx TO OUR READERS The Gettysburg Times takes absolutely no part in politics, bem% central ox a3 i^hSitiers. Anything that appears in oar general news cplunms, ccncermnK concern which gives Socialist papers and which is strictly non-partisan. vertisinE- cols tans are opea to ail candidates Oi all psru BIGLERYILLE REFORMED Sunday School at one priiied force by tiie Gor advertising' [lire to kg tie fllajs HEW EAGI^B HOTEL C»pacitr 400 Soom* with bath ex «ult» H»m *. McCoaomy, Prop'm. Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store. While laey last: Very special lot | of Ladies' collars. WILLIAM R ZIEGLER Expert Electrical work. Bepairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. I Phone 94 T. CHAS. S. MUMPEB --Sire "Proof Storage -"Warehouse for Furniture Honsenold Good* storsd leagtk of tuns.. and *i an priaea lorce u_ «oiej o'clock Sun- I Apieric-an goveruiueuc. * d?y afternoon. Preaching at two. Lee-] Tiiis resulted i-^ui a request for '-he. ture on the Catechism at three. ! ^-r^mi^ «f F-varLsto aa-i Dnmsl Ma-i, ST. JAMES LUTHERAN, Rev. J. B. Baker will preach ir morning- on "Conquering through t Conouerhig Christ." At seven o'clock in the evening-, the 25th anniversary j n , an a e r ot "Vera Cruz. Mr. Cauada j of the Christian Endeavor Society, j promptly refused to comply witJi the- f| iur Christian Endeavor meeting j request. J " ·?:.- o'clock ! Later the lisueros were taken on REFORMED ' " uoartl the Arserlcan iiagsh-ij from tlie Sunday School.. 9:15 a. m.; church \ C °^f'^.^ tco , shel[er fa ^ service. 10:30 a. m., suojecc: "Service j Aa j erican e3nsu ! : , :e Tlr-irsday, follo-.v-j Rendered unto Christ"; church service j iag . heir re i ease f ro ^ prison oa ball. Tujn 7 p. m.. subject "Xew Heavens.'' The j consul Canada asked "Washington for * »« pastor, will conduct service in St. s instructions an'J was ordered to al- Mark's at 2 D. m. I ford them asylum. GETTYSBURG U. B. j After the eons-.-.l's refusal to deliver la -.,. tlieon up. It was rc-rorted that veiled Saf s -Propssi-ss i Will ise GBHFER'S WiTH PRESIDE!! PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of Kews Telling of tfae Happenings in ami about Tow? People Visiting Here and Thosr Sojourning Elsewhere. Mrs. John-bidder, of West Middle street, is spending- several days at Bowniansdale. Declares Next National Conflict V/Hij , Jr _ and Mr£L Ross Mvers of Find the Repubiicans the P««c'pa'^Charabersburg: screet. are visiting: in I Opponents of the Democrats. {Spring Grove and Glenville for a few | Washmscon. Xov. 22-Wi!Ua==.F^~: Spahr ^ returned to : 3.1cCoaibs. ciiairaiaa of the Deaiccraacj . . ,*" J ^ * ?***-* t*_"»ilri£» 11 1 *UM* *f--*lr ;)«*A)r' *5**i*Ti-- f national committee, alter a coaferes-:e f- ner Kvme *? lao -f ^tK a-,e_ s._enj \ \\liii Fres:cent \V!!sou, announced|i«g some nme witn l!ss Bertaa V.ei- I that he bc-::evetl liie UepubHean parly j kert of York street. 1 v»o.;!l be ibe chief contender -.vjui tiie 1 Maurice Baker is a business visitor I Deisocraric party for tae presidency; ; n Hanover to-day. ! is ii'IC. ! 3lrs. E. V. Ehrhart has returned to ctlons," said Mr.; Gj env jj! e , after I'isiting for the past et * v -v -t »sci **"»^- /i ?;jo Jf*^*" i " ' rsburg ^..H I *" r -- rereat electio ' ? 'McCorabs. -haveser-.'ed n parj:« :"3li£:c2! cc^Siet at i of Viends would find the Re- -, were registered at th'e Hotel Gettys| publican parry the principal oo-.oneni | s U rg to-day, llr. Gallagher is promin- ! or the Deaioc-racy." | ent j n Secret Service work. 1 ilr. McCoaibs arid tae president dis-| M ; gs Anru C rapster. of Taneytown, t the hone of iier aunts on fl ter IfnorisoDrneoL tioa?l chairman asserted, was no.j Miss Florence Hersh and Miss bro-'aht i;5 in a*v war. i Elizabeth Hersh, or .New Oxford, and Before sWns the ^resident Mr. Me- [ Miss Hazel Everett, of \Yaterbury, Combs conferred with -Representative | Conn., spent Friday afternoon with Doremus, of ilicfcisan, cbalrman of the · ?riends in Gettysburg. Democrane congressional campaisaj ^ij^ SaiUe B. Cox and Miss Annie corr.mluee, regaruins; oians for mcre-l Danner spen t Friday in Yo.rk. Th e -.- '.vere driving and had entered j p. m.; Senior Christian Endeavor j crew of bluejacl-:e:s on board, ready meeting. 6:00 p. m. 3. Chas- Gardne: " '" uastor. SALEM U. B. Sunday School. 9:00 a. in".; Divia worship. 7:00 p. m. The Rev. J. R, j -H-aiKefl across the vacant space to the TI-TIE, Hutchison will preach the sermon. J { ^^ wall opposite, where lay the steam breast to an | Chas. Gardner.' pastor. · launch fill METHODIST ! refugees we Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.; Ep- j *«* Qagshin. worth League at 6:15 p. in-: jpreaching] escape they crossed the' outside heading ani found ! EICS PRODUCE COMPANY Highest .Cash Prices Paid for li PAirvT PHODUCE-- Older Times O3c«, Gettysbnrg- W. H- TIPTON -- Photoprnpher -- Gettysbnrg Sourexlzs 1 7 Lioes o i !L BARGAIN HARVEST . to SHOES BUI 7 You will find on our Bargain Tables ·well known lines v/hich we have dis-coniimiecL W. H. Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others reduced to 38 cents and $L48. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.9-3. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.90- Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. led v-Ith bluejackets. Tbe| thai also closed, ],o:a falls having fol-j M : n5on -V re Pu b5ishsr Takes O'. were speedily takea OUE tollcweU firing oi the unusually heavy, v/2shirsc.ton Trust Compsny. MUKSEY ENDS BANK RUN Over , - , - . .. 11 * ^ iji at 7:00. A coroial invitation TO all ser- As they _were blddias Uaft Evaristo iladero God can save Mexico," ooabr to to bis brother .Uacie! added, "bu" only _ v.-Ith the. iielp "f the United Suites." tv?o-. Evaristo replied: "Yes, thai., is true." vices. L. Dow Otc. pastor.. FAIRFIELD REFOS5IED On account of rainy weather weeks ago the Communion sen-Ice wiK ] The party --as followed to tie be observed this Snndav, -November i launch at a respectful distance- by a 23d. at 10 o'clock. Union Thanksgrdng j detective ^o i:ad been watching tbe =,,«'-;,.=. * r Vviraoix ^n-hp-hrfrl in rhs I Consulate all nignt. service a'c Fairneld will "be "held in. tha mon. BIGLER^oLLE LUTHERAN Rev. C. F- Floto, pastor. Benders Church: Sunday School at 9 a. m-, ana IVith the ilaJeros T.-neii they fere Seandro io iate president. All nad been arrested several -weelis ago oa charges oi se-Ji- congregational worship at 10 a. m Biglerviile: Sunday School at 9 a. m-, Prcvisionai President Huena has scat orders to'General 3«Iaas that is. _ 4 . nserS(Mns arte mpzed to land ma- cr Olhc _ forees he s - could res i s ; -Junior Endeavor at 6, Senior at 6:45, vigorously so long as possible. charge. j ^Vashinscon. Xov. 22.--A run. start-j Finding- teins^ives sni?r:3Dned, the j e i ' o n the United States Trust corn-1 nien s:ariefl to open the oatslfie breast, { :pair - a:l£ v-its _Ive. brancITes. nere l-'es- e^-arne weal: iron? tae b2d j-^_,-",... ^A«?f,£-'«.·. ' " ' " ' ' : ' , bet soon air. The a:r coarse bad been %vrccked _ aitcrncon. resali tae announcement e, a\s falls, ilesvsias. par^iesj ra ^~ e - -j, a . -p-rask "A- 'Sluasey's Trust; the' coat "and rock from the i eo::ii , 2Ilv _ O f ^asulngton. has taken | breast aad Ssaliy foua-.l the men, en- -; over ~th s United States institaticn. with | conscious. · ? = ts jfl^'j of oi-'usauons-to deposi-i AGED BJJA.1 TBIES TO SAVEWiFEr^^^ffSon'fcr Mr. Munseyj j and ot'ner \Vasaingtor. financiers, who j ood ing a. irr.ia at G:~rKov.-n. Hear here, | Georsre II. Albright, an aged fanaer. | 3r.-3 fcis v.ire. sous'zi to shorten tae i distance to r-:e:r home by f- along tne :a:!road tracks. tie?; bac! :;e-~;i rerr.oved fro-n a scut, if set from temporary j suspension. - ·· The SriinseylTrusc CTEtpany iya S2.-J OO'iA't.''' corporation, organized iasti spring by tlse -Cev,- York magazine and S nev pro: Its- deposits are a :s;,a:a-ely, SJ»7'"V3«». The TTcit i; I! and eongregational worship at 7*30 p. m. Subject: ''Temperance." QUARTERLY MEETING ·will be ? stroyins = _ _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . FaMiag to repel the iava.-iers. Gen- 1 fei! nrst sr.o crevr aer an^- -J i ! , · _ ^^. _ . ·_ . _ T T ^ _ l . - . - . ^ ^ , T -*"«.ys. ffi 1 1 I Maa= ^as directed to retire alon .1 = -i after her. He clutched the tail ji.~t h*»r oack to d i I S:ares Trast company has a capital of j M.ti and deposits of more than j Cotton Seed Peal. Aspsrs fDIlling and Prodace Co. held at Menallen on Sur.dav, Novenu. I iar *-° ber 2Cd at 10 a. », followed by con j ^ ^ ^^ w plant ^^ fcrencc at 1:SO to which aU are cor. j K ap(1 Cllpose _ h e adTance of ^e dially invited. | America us PRESBYTERTAX ~ 1 ~ iFconii.t'.ie'l to "evacuate Vcra Cn:z Rev. F. E. Taylor vail preach at tho j he will ai-u .lestroy the tracte of the morning church service at 10:30 ot J isterocear.ic ;:arro-.v gauge line to tae "What TS-uy Life?" and in the evening | capita! a= Tar as possible, accortlins at 7 o'clock on "In Remembrance of | r ° 13 orcers - liis Mercy." Sunday School 9:30_ | _ Christian Endeavor 6:15. tbe line o: the Mexican railway, de-ias'l endem orea to irael-s as he recreated as I safery. b^c after a ions st.a??se ss.s del 'ilaeho. fifty miles "ecarae exh^tsted n^d fell thirty feet into Sew:rItley creelr. AIlTltjhf finally pulled himself back rack. Mrs. Albright's body v,as ·c the recovered. K -t ft I $ I i I © o t s t. I I I 11 NOVEMBER 22 to 29 r^a- f - r tb ^lll ' r^r. r.l Isa-.^- "s_-- n cr'i 1 - i for or-Zc-- io :..a;- :'.: -- -. --eS; '.: ST. Fit \~r~CfS XAVIER C S.'.TrillU Y. NOV. ±J:i:. At!ract:v o: - '-a.-3fn a: : · V-TJ n;t-;ni:on j:\tn ir .- gi pn-anT f^r.i": -K-I.O r.::end. jir::n; © © G © © YORE SPRINGS 31. E. MARINES BEADY TO LAND Benders\-ille: Sunday School, 0:3, | Action Necessary to Protect Fore:cn- semion, 10:UO; Epwofih League. 7:30. i ers if Rebels Attack Tov/n. : Sunday School, 1:30: ser-i Wasbinsion. Xov. 22.--Despite tiis moa, 2:30; Epworth League. 7:30. The quarterij- oiiering will be lifted- Luther W- ilcGarvey, pastor. ST.'PAUL'S A. 31. E. ZION Preaching service. 11 a. m.: Suiida School. 2 p. m.: Christian Endeavoi 7:00; evening sermoiij 8:00. W- O. Cooper, pastor. ST. .JOHN BAPTLST Services Sunday st II a. m and B p. 5undav School at 1 o'clock. Public o£c:a '.cc'.aration from th GIRL DY!iv!£j}F FRIGHT Slacksnske and TITAMSG WAS UNSEAWQRTHY? j Charges Presentsd in Suits For Dam- -; ares Fc-r Lives I_os: Efteerive November K. 1913. f ^^ Mm AHiJ RAILWAY ^ estern Maryland Ra Kc _. Yur~c. *Xov. 22 -- Charges thai j 8:56 A. _,!. Daily Except Sunday for the Titanic was iinseawonhy were p^e-1 Baltimore. Hanover, York and senlosl ia f he f*-«i«ral rourt ^n pro- j Interjnediate jreeeliass to 'le.eraune the Isabslity oi ji() ; 2S A. M. Daih' j {hi o-v:).-r to ihe heirs of fbose who j Wavnesboro. Swccneci 3t Sinhr of Hair TL.-rns Gray. Mcndha^i. K- J.. Nov. 22.--Miss Ma- j ·:ei MurJick. 'Mqh'.e'-n years old. the [ _ ,la«glster or Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester i ^' c .^" SKI! ecniujiet! it was said that.! 12:2-5 P. II. for Higlilield and interme- Mxirdiclx. v,..,. lives on a faiia near j ^.^ p ra«!f-c!iv ^ouH La no limit t::! d:ate stations. Iior?, i; in a serious ccrjfliuoa at Her j , fce , 1siz: ., jS lh ^_ mis'ai be denjanaea ] 2:55 P. 3L for York. Baltimore and lest their in the tilsaster. Thcse claims a^rcsate ^IT.fl-io.noo. I nE.i if the courts shou!'! letenn:n £t tiie 3:ner was not properly con- j Intenncdiate Points. .- for Hairersio^rn, Charabersburg-, Hancock. Cumberland. Pittsburgh and Chicago aiso Elkins, W. Va. horac 23 a result, of a fright she re-; _iy j The ar :co C::;.. i j m. i ! cordial'v invited. Elder X. D. Shadney.! '"*'-~' i ~~^~ i ~ t * »J(,T.; -**_. j pastor. On Thanksgiving a Turkey Dinner will at a cost of c 5c be served Esstcr: to Hsvs SoJciors* "/.on is me tit I I'ast'ss. T'^.. X ;v. ^^.--The N'orra I arr.ptoa oj«:i-.ty conirnissioners decided io *»oie SI':.1 '-' toward t"-s erection of ] a monnsr.cnt to soldiers killed Ja the O" v.:.. r:-: .1 o; A POPULAR LADY'S CONTEST jrrecaJi'"n- !..»· ^' v,; . :-- a Seatillful Gold SIGNET RING. i a'.V.-f- 'or t; - c r *"··-' *' }*· ~* - -i T"'' : ^ --. - .EACH. V.v.e: ..- v.:oi y.-.i:^- :"' ·":.-, '.V"-i I- yJ-.V:"'..'-" ? is!k-t w-Jii · -t yo: 'T.- · -,t. C : ·, -; ;., c.r.- :.-.: ":.e v « - \ 1 · snlts cf the Toiiujr w : .i t - * ·;'··"".-',. j ;n -j. ; ,,;; , iC . cv(.--.j - ' Don't fail to visit the "Catacombs" or the Mysterious Chamber : : : Th- : wsrpose, and otie-r s-ibscripuer.s wiiii ] ;,e obtaine':. Tbe mori'imerit wiil cost! ,, ; abo-at S:^/". r ". The ssoauaent will be · erected s- East House il-i :":e president has not abandoned h:s "v. a:ting policy" regaraia? iteii-'o. i" : I:Uel:hood of United marine.- ol bluejackets ce:ng lacaed a. a port In the state of Ysra Cru-, t'_^:..£ iramiaent. of the administration - n aad not on Mex-i condition more serious t -it has existed in Mexico · .,.--v,--un" last February ex;.-e center of tie largest : me world, is about to be *"C*3Ti,i alXaHCTtt* ^.OiCi^j.j Gi*^. .- ·;.- there are se%"erai hUE- . . there is stored :a giani :. _ millions of gal.oiis^G* ". .:P leaJers of the revolt:. ·-' marcliins on the c:t;" a v.-arair.s to every foreigs- ·· the diatrict. Ke declarea .:;. "Gold be attac\ea and t -- tanks let out and fired. ceivc-d n. few days ago. IVbile iiurdlck was nllins the -"em dish froEi a basket in which her brothers saiaerea them, she culled oat a larsc fern and a blacfcsnake feii from it. The girl screamed and then ! of theia. ·4 red r IT- T I You w5H :; ce!2Si:'"' ·:.'-. t'ji.- ;r : r. FOOT) :V-r^tt. XavL-r Ha.'. ::. f.i'i .- i FAIR wL- r · «,'\«.-ry: o ly. jo :i"_- ar.'. joy ihr.K yo:i Refreshments and Lunch served in the Hal! every evening. ADMISSION FREE O -v. e Si e e a O i ."cCombs ar.d Bride at V/hit e Kouss, ' Wasbinstor., Xov. 22. -- Yi'illlani F. j ?:cCor;-.:'s, Icrr,r.cratJc national chair ! man, and his bride took -uncbeon ·v/fthj a er, ·- sM"s aro. .:. rrrfiaie'.y Adzniral Fletch.:ns the American war- is east coast of Mexico, -.t to %Yasliir.^or.. The '·vernment c'OniRii:;r!Cc.teJ I Prc-si-lent V.'llson. The prcs:dent later ' had a talk v,!ui Mr. ilcConsbs 03 poli- · uts. Girls Give Up Kuncer Strike. Sj-arLansv srg. S. C.. Xov. 22. -- Tho hur.zr-r fctr/re ::K-.ugurated :y 200 j;irl fijfi'-'nis '}'. Ccnver.-c college against tns.- oc/,)fc;e "«b:a;jrar.t, wa 1 -- abawior. a ;:itcr f-\o r..ciJ~ hat} bc'n · T iis ;i"_ EVERYBODY WELCOME ·^.·^«:- v »:':«x«:':«:':«:-»h:c:-::»v®:'':»»:-;_» I SAIJI?MAX: palnry and expensop. |Experience unnecessary. Permanent, i General agfncy opening. Fairview . Rochester, X. Y.--advcr- vrltb t-. : .Jer of the revelu:5t,n;sts. General C--rauza, and witli General Huer;a. f-tr. r,s that the town cf Tns- pan IT.':-; r. be attafke.i. She has aad a-tacks of hysteria for three days and refuses to eat or drint. Her na;r above her ears has turned gray. Doctors have been unable to Snu a Successful treatment for her. Thirty Hurt in Factory Fire. York. Xov. 22.--^Tbiny rserj and vvGiiien "ere hurt, two probably fa.*ally, in a fire in the drying room of tae Atlantic macaron! factory :n J.-oas: slar:d CJty. Tliere were 3 1 "' persons Jn the bniWfss when tbe fire started. The flakes spread rapidly and a panic i^- sedlarely fciiowed. 5ies and women nished tovrard tee esits and isany were ttiroTrn to tie fioor asd trampled Intermediate Points. thst ihe uistrlct court EITISI pass noon j b=:nre it ?oes to tne Unitw! Sratrs eirei::t cc;jtt of appeals, which wlii decide --hat the limit of liability shall Highfield, also Hager TVaynesfcoro. Chambersburg and Shippensburg-, 6:13 Xew . Oxford, Hanover. York, and intermediate stations. KAY PROBE_COLD STORAGE Attorney Csr.era! Ccnsiders JnvesUga- j '-.:on cf Aiisced Combination. j V.'asa^jgton. Xo\-. 22--Attorney NOTICE OF DJSCOLUTIOX OF is hereby oiven that tisc part- be" responsible for the high price o: es?s aad Charges n'.so have reached tbe de- nartr-e--- t'-at cold storaje concenis, i nir,t«al fa sosie instances, sell cold szorasfej Tbe affair* 9; ?aid pannersmpare to !» Fir.d ?.1an"s Body In Creek. Caester. Pa.. Xov. 22.--The body of Lewis Halcton. cis'aty-taree years old. · the Civil ~»Tar vc-teraa Vi-ho has been, missing sfsce Xov. S. was found in Chester creels. Xo marks of violence are on Uie body. The authorities bs- i:eve that he was stricken by apoplexy or vertigo while gathering mushrooms along the creek and fell into the stream. Townships Gsi S1.000.GOO. 'HarrJsburc. Pa, Xov. 22.--A has been sent to 1500 of zbe state as bones on cash road tat collected.- The last 01 are to bo presente^l t-^ hhn P,ichart M- Ham Xeai J. McConowy Ticrsh and the checks was issued by tae state I To -,, 3 TJ Keith, treasury. Tae money wa sappropriat-j Senator StepHenson Sued by Clerk. town, ar, i r. was believed he attack thr- 7.] ace j bv Rodll ey Sackett, formerly executive : ^ ho a]leg3 that ed for 1912 by tie legislature and re- r.-aisitjon was made three months ago by the highway department- Sav/ T'nisf From Barber's Chair. Hollidavsburg, Pa., XOT. 22,--While J-Iarion D. Patter- was being shaved here he saw by t'ae a isirror a sneak thief aPtt Attoraevs. Medical Advertising the bar'..or o- Cie landing of marines. DON'T forpot Emory C. Zcpp's hie: tie clairas arisins 3f 1908. from nis cornpaign'. NOTICE :_all parties who have borrowed tools from II. F. Ileigcs, dee'd., him. ST1ELL oysters always on hand at sale o f l i v c stock on December 2nd.-- h" 11 ^ lcnsc rctuni tllcm at once to Evans' Restaurant. United 'Phone.-- Cherry Pectoral Awav back in IS41- Old enough to remember those b«? Senj** 1 for coughs aad colds. Ask Yoor Doctor. .for usea advertisement Mrs. IT. F. Heiges. C. A. Ileiges, Ad- \ffKV£SJU DESmEFORD!tINK«*DRUG AI? N BOQA.O ST,PHILADELPHIA.RAJ I m'r.--advertisement advertisement

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