The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 7, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1818
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it 1 it il Herf WEDNESDAY, 'JANUARY 7, !8iC. v - NO. 42 PINE - STREET. : v , U AkMJll - ' ' - . - - , - . : " ' I. . - , . V, loot, exist. ia. ly. rflil. lice '. tb. a r . ' it ill in t & - f . i - " - ., . . - ' ., ,, , nr lurmriv PACKETS BlTtrEt.' YORK LIVERPOOL - i M order to firrniib frequent and regular c oney - r.S5tor GOODS PASSENGERS, he iri&e rwdertakento ettablUh a hne 5lw. NEW - YORK and LIVERPOOL, to tail troro each place oa a certain day toe w month througbaet the year. . 'i "tW vcaseli, each about fo - rN ton. burthen, fiave beco fitteJ out fortbitjw They are known to be remartj.. CTStt - ailera, and their accommodation, lor They a all nearly new neepl ttbe "acillc; ilieba. been' wme yearain the .trade but ua been recentlv thorouelily e jammed, and U found to be perfectir towd in ery respect. Theoniaiailden othem are all great tlir oower towodertheie Packeti eligible con - SiOTV - engMy. Itta.h'at the rertlarity of - thir timet ot alKiS, and the ex - ceJIent condition in which tbey dliyrr thetr car - goe, will make them ery dwirable opportum - tiei lor the conveyance ofxood. It it intended that thi, ettabli.hoief I fb all com. mence by Uie departure of the JAM W MO KOE?from NEW - YORK on the 5th. ami the COURIEA from LIVERPOOL on the Wof t:. u - - ik .Uititnnr next i and one of the vet - telt will tail at the tame periodt from each place im n uuTpedine month. 1 ISAAC WRIGHT ft SON, ' BENJAMIN MARSHAL! JEREMIAH THOMPSON. 10mo24 tVU HALK Jil' JUK Uif.AKU Or THE, - A SLOOP, now building of the !n;t . iSv material, about 100 tons; timber of toyc T.X?V.nalf. locwt and cettar ; bottom plauk Jertey whiU oak, built on purpose for the Albany trade. . . . A SLOOP of 50 tons, calculated for . Mfany trade whtr dispatch, burthen, and vr.eaav drail 01 waicr u reouirni. A periarua SCHOONER, of 40 tons, will draw but little water, with a lee, .board through the centre of her keel, and u expected to nil very fast. Also, a bilir oi MM loot, caicniaieu ,for a LiveqiooJ or London trader, (that .can be finished to suit the purrhaser.) fLr Spar, timber and plank. Abo, tiaiber awed to bills for house building. tov6 U CHARLES BROWNXE. For . Hale, Freight or Charier, vi4l The staunch, good, fast tailing brig yy.YyiPH. 167 tout burthen, one year old, in - ood order to receive a cargo Apply on board atStephen'i wharf, or t K.L.&G.Glf5 - WOLD, Jeo 17 " . : 86 iinuth - st. For SALK, Tlie verr fist sail in it aloon "PARA - LGON. Child, matter burthen C6 tons, built at Middletown, (Conn.) by Mr.Tuonas Child, of the best nuteriaU, hat made one voyage to the West Lidies, it one year old, md can be tent to tea immediately. For terms apply to the master, on loard at llurlinir - slip, r to GRISWOLUS i COATE3, dec 13 68 Soutlitreet. For Sale, Frtielit or Charier, The good, fast tailing ship MIRROR, .323 toot burthen, 1 1 - 4 year old, strong vessel, well secured and in good order to receive a cargo Apply on board, east tide Fly - market slip, or to .. N.L.4G.GRI3WOLD, dee 17 86 Sontb - tt r. tor GIBRALTAR, vtjVv The rait tailing brig MURA - ANN, ' iV .iifc p - F. Coffin, master; fiat fine acrnmmo - dations for passengers. For freight of 500 bar relt or passage, apply to the captain oq board, west tide Burting - slip. or to - . .;. . L. V G. GRISWOLD. dec tO 86 South street. ForSALK, . The new and fast sailing brier FAME. , built bf the best seasoned timber, and faithfully put together, her ngjring and saili i are oftKsellent qu dity, this vessel is well ' calculated for a Southern Packet, having handsome accommodations For terms and a view ofher inventory, tpply to ' - G Rib WOLDS k COATES, dec 15 63 .Vouth - strret. For Sale, Freight n Charter, . W Ktnm. tails fajt it well found and can be seut to sea immediately. This brig is one year old, was built of the best materials and wat em - ployed the last year at a packet between this port and Savannah, lies at Murry't wharf Apply to GRliWOLDS k COATES, dec 15 C!l SoiUh - st ' For Hale, freight or Charter, The excellent brir RISING SUN. Win. Naoier. master. hnrihn nu him. deed and fire tons, will stow about 900 barrels, two Trars old. tails fast and ran ha smi t a immediately Apply to the captain on board at the foot of Harruoo - street, or to JOHN DYERS. Who hat fur Sale, 1500 bbls round plaster of Paris 600 tdbt Nova Scotia plaster 130 do French do in lots to suit pur - cmwers nppiy as aoova. arr, 1 tf ' or BORDEAUX, The ship DRAPER, V. Adams, master I a first rata shin, mill ni with immediate dispatch. For freight or pus - 6 - I'p'j o me master on noaru at Fir saarket wharf, or to g9 f B. W. ROGERS k CO Y .v I i.' - . tll .r'if !TDt PJn ho9t boilt schoooer - - ' - " ' I tnn. b... I 1 and copper fastened, stows to great ndraota - n i a verr first rate tailer. : - . i oondifjon at when the came off th - storks - or lermt apply io . A. WES TO V. dec 58 tw . . 30 Bik - i; . n t1u Tbe tubttattial fast sailmr ship XiiiNEPTCXE. R.. Field, master t will commence loading on Monday, having nearly 'WDO,eofne' cargo ready to go on Ixwrd, will be dmatched wkhout delay. For freight of about 250 casks flaxseed, cotton, or cabin ami steerage passage. Laving excellent accommodations, apply to , THOS. S. WALSH, dec 1J tia Fmfittre ' UFLANDCOTTON il bales Uplnd CoT - ton, laodips from the schooner Mite, from Savannah, for iak by . .... ROBERT GILLESPIE, 112 frost - strret. J unixTOI. RROWN STOUT. - g p .casks Brfatol brown ttout, warranted I ai9 dual to anr ever imported, iu caekt of C 1 - 2 doxen bottlet for tale by " B. YV. KUlifcUO 61 CO. dec 10. . 235 Pearl - strert. CALCUTTA UOOIJS." I V " ' bales Calcutta Goods, consisting of Alleabad .' Loebipore : ' " Jogdt - a,' VBAFTAS, . and ' l ' Callapatty J :' ' AHeabad, ) , Oxinghur, and MAMOODY. . Joicrmrpore ' V' " "' ' .' ' Alleahad, : ' " ; h Kboirabad and EMERTY. ; ; 1 lowhernore : y ' Fine Jalhilpore and Muddon Sawn : Fine Chaudpore, Cotsas ; Beerboomuurrabs ; ' Commute 'A ' Moharagnngee ; . ' ' Bandanna ami ' unvF ' J Just received and for sale by ' ' ' GOODHUE CO. cVcIl ' 44outb - street. BLOOM KAISIN3 l,58i box. bloom Tlai - tins, landing from brls; Ornelia, for tale by H. L. & G. GR1SWOLD, " ( decl!i 88 Soutb - tt. RUbalA feKALKINS fi DUCK 500 Urge skwt. and 100 bolts first quality duck, tor sale by vv. - . JOSEPH OSUOKN, oec 30 so aouin - tu - teu HURD & SKWAU,, So, 65 South - sUeet, .offer for taie 200 tons PSl old table iron 60 do GAD and COND do 30 do Swedes square do . . S5 bundles Swede tteel 100 bolti bidf duck, or heavy ravens , 160 do 1st quality ra vent duck .. IflOps. do RuNia sheetings 2 i bales Beerboom gurrahs 16 do Calcutta and Bemagore checks . 10 do sooty romalla, aud gilla bdkb i 2 dobluemamoodies . 5 caset gum benjamin, 5 do gam copal 1000 gunny bags, 6 bales senna leaf 4 cases beads, necklaces, tc. calculated for the iN. West and Span. America - 3 do English writing and letter paper ' 4 do superf. Jjondon made hats 6 do domestic stripes, ginghams and ticks 6 do Bohemian picture glats 250,kegs cut nail, assorted liaea . . ' . 400 lioxei American window glass, assorted sizpf. Ice. dec S7 : cotton: IpOR SALE, 52 balet or Upland Cotton, new ' crop, landing from the trh.ioner Maria, from Charleston. ' Lnqinre MCt Pearl - tUeet, up ttairt. dec 29 - , L1AKIIKTS. 2 bults .Mirxnpore Curpetn, just received, and for sale by GP.O. W. TALBOT, dec 29 . 55 Pine - street LLAXoEiiD H FLOUR. 28 tierces Flax V teed 250 barrelt snperCne Soutliem FloiT.jutt received, and for ale bv HEN0ERSOXK CAIRNS dec 27 81 Pine - ttrwt. 'IlKUlwLa, D.WlUoON V CO. oflitr wr sale J. at I0J Front ttri - ft, t ' 9 pipes one old Madeira Win 10 casks Glassware, assorted crates Earthenware 5 rates Imv prii - ed Kowling Pieces 3 do 1 run L.ineu I cl dark diced Cotton. drc23 SuUCiiO.W JfcA. a THIRTY boxes bouchong Tea, superior , quality, Caatoo's cargo, for sale by HURD fc SEWALL, dec 23 6i South - street. NAVAL STORES. 107 bblt Soft Turpentine, for tale by ' . POTT & M'KINISE, dec 20 56 Soiith - rreet. PAl I l,(.o. I case r'leiuiu Pimins, received per Janus, from Rotterdam, for tale by ROBERT GILLESPIE dec 17 112 Frft - treet. ODOR OF ROstS. FEW pound bottles ofOriorof Roses, jutt received irom Smyrna, and for snle by rkc 2 ROBERT LENOX. BRAiNDY, WINE, HAGS, iic 35 pipes Cette Brandy 150 qr. casks Colmenar Wine. sop. quality 50 do Sweet Malaga, very old 40 bales Italian lUer 300 cbettt Florence Oil, 30 betties each 100 boxes do 12 bottles do 3 bales Italian Writing Paper 100 do Gaxette do 1 box KreAch Kid Gloves 1 do Engravings, 9 cases Felt Hats 10,000 Gunny Baes, for tale by CHAS. L. OGDKN, and ABM. OGDEN, Waibinntoa - tL nov 28 CO I TON. 35 Iwiltt New - Orletns Cotton 20 balet prime Upland do. new crop, jutt received and fr sale by WALSH k GALLAGHER, dec 20 66 Soeth - street. DUlt:il GOODS, A small invoice consisti ig of Marbles, s.ates, slate pencils Snuffboxes, violins, violin sticks Tortoise shell work boxes ' Tortoise shell tea caddies Cornelian ear rins. coral do gold seals , Silver purses, lead pencils Porcelain tea and cotfee ci and saucers Cologne water, kc. received per brig Janus, from Rotterdam, for sale by ROUT. GILLESPIE, dec 30 - 112 Front - street. IL - tNtLs, HAS, ace A few bales at - auttad flaansls, white, red and yellow Do Cue and superfine white do. very wide Green table covert, from 5 qr. to 8 by 10 . Men and women's cotton stocking Do ' '.do white silk do A ft w cases London mixt pins, in 1 - 2 & 3 - 4 lb Do pack pin, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2 and 5 1 case mourning in, 1 do bnrt white do - While chapel needles, assorted, No. 1 to 10 1 case hooks and eyet 1 do brass and tteel top thimbles Brass and card wire For sale by ' ATKINSONS k FLEMING, . dflUn 167 Pearl - st. COLCOTHA. J tor sale by dec 3 4 casks DTttqaahtyColcotha, TUCKER k LAURIES, 29 Snuth ttreet. rpLKks Islands' salt. i - am bushel X salt, direct from Turks Island, will be ready for delivery aloagsida any v easel on Moo - day morning ntxt For sale by TUCKER tLAURinS, V dec 57 t9 Soolb - st. FLOUR, TOBACCO, 1200 bblt Rich - saood, Peters burs: and Fredericksburg Fkiur 11 hrxls priote Leaf Tobacco . 38 bales Uotaod Cotton, nf very superior qtrali - ty, landiag from thnVrtat vrsteis, and for salt by WALSH GALLAGHER, . dec 28 . M toslh - itrsct. T3ATENT SHOT. A few bags of o. 6, 7 M. Il torsie 6f TTCKER k LAURIES. dee 12 ' f i - 29 Southtreet TLOUR k COTTON.' P Virginia 158 bblt Buperliuel 5 baits prime Upland Cotton, of fle new Crop, receivel perslown Jay, and for tale br decJ5 WALSH ic GALLAGHER. ' CiUTIO.X. 48 Halts Uplaud Cottuo, oi'tue ' View crop and of a superior quality, landing from the ship Cotton Plant, from Pavannuh, Toy. tale by TOWNSEND & WHITE, " nov 27 : 92 South - street. ' HUM, GIN, Ac Stt ends, lirsl proof new Rum, , 25 bblt. firtt proof Country Gin ( . ' 20 small boxes Imperial Tea 2 cbtttt Young Hyson do. 100 boxet J. Wait's Chocolate - 60 bags Race Ginger, (entitled to debenture) 100 keet (feruj aroutKluo . 20 halet Prime Cuba Tobacco 25 do - do St. Domingo do . . 1 case Bengal lndiga , ' 5 hhdt and 50 bblt Loaf and Lump Sugar For tale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, dec 16 ' - - . t - - 75 Wall slreet. ClHAMfAIGN.. A lew cases still and spark - ; ling Champaignei of top. qsal. jntt received per jfcolus, from Havre, lor sale by . HENDERSON ic CAl - IN?, , . ; dec 11 - 81 Pine - street. CO I I ON . IXTY - F1VE bales prime new crop Upland ltfwi. landini' fruin schr. Milo. for sale in lots to tuit purchasers, - by . . ,, U1US V juua at s no, dec 15 68 South street rLOUK iiO brils. supf. New - 1 oris Flour, f 25 do. fine 18 dr. Middlines Kortaleby TOWNSEND tl WHITE, 1 1 mo 29 . , 32 onth street. rptA, 40 boxes ouelioog Tea. superior quauiy, vaniou yjjjy sj VALL, ' dec 15 C5 South - street. MUSKETS, INDIGO, tc. 50 boxes . French k German muskets, entitled to debenture 7 ceroont first quality flotant indigo : 13 boxes well assorted tapet No. 11 to 25 ; 4 do flaxen linnen ' 2 bblt white lead 9 do Orchal (or Litmus) - For tale by J.C.ZIMMERMAN, oct 59 72 Wathintrtoii - streft. ICTURE and WINDOW GLASS. 5 wet Swedish Picture Glatt, 18 by 21, 49 by 22, and 20 by 24. auo boxet Window blast, o uy u,io iu oyn. for tale by dn; 15 65 South - street. SUNK TWINE. 8 caskt seine twine, ol a superior qualitv, received per ship Amity, from Liverpool, for sale by dec 19 If Br. I liut. i uu. fW h;a 5 cnests young hysou leu, jargo ol JL ship Nancy 24 chests young hyson tea, cargo of snip Natchez hvn. 3 do hvson. carsro of ship Phoenix, all fresh and of superior quality, for sale by , . GEO. W. TALBOT, dec 13 - 55 fine - st. DUTCH GOODS, tic A t mail invoice consisting of Marbles, Slates, Slate Pencils, Snnff Boxes Violins, Violin Sticks, Tortoise shell work Boxet, x ' Tortoise thcll tea Caddies, Cornelian ear rings. Coral do. Gold Seals, Silver Purtes, Lead Pencils, Porcelain Ten and Coft cups and saucers, Cnlnme Water, tic Recvivtd per brig J amis, irom uoueraam, lor la by AOBKRT GILLESPIE, sale dee 17 112 rent street OLD COPPER. 4 casks old Copier, just received, and for sale by. TUCKER II LAUK1L.S, dee 19 29 South - street. HAND and LIME - STONE. WANTED, 100 to 200 tons of Demarara Sand, and 60 to. 100 tons of Gibraltar or West India Lime stone, if application is made immediately to CAMBRLLENG K rkAKSUIM, rfrr 20 67 South street. il ,'l ANUFAC l'UKED TOBACCO 35U IV I kee. now landing from schrs. Roe in Bloom and Cyane, from Richmond, of variout brands vix 80 krgs nr. V. K. Kots, S's. not. i, z ana 4 72 .to. P. Iloltx, 8V Not. 1,2 and 3 57 do. J. tr. Fge, 8't, Not. 1 and 2 43 do. R. Cantor, 8's, Not. 1, 2 and 3 35 do. B. H. Brady, 8't, No. 3 57 do. J. Franklin, 8't, No. 3 ALSO. 12 bblt. Jones' Philadelphia Scotch Snuff, warranted, for tale by dec W lw uun.Tis. uriiuia. I TOBACCO Si FLOUR. 9 blids. prime old J. leaf tobacco, landing from schr. Sea Liou, irom Kicnmond. IV STORE, 10HO bbls. Richmond superfine flour 75 do ' do fine do For sale by TR.OKES, DAVIDSON it CO. dec 30 106 Front - slrrt't. TOBACCO tt FLOUR. Otc hhds new iUchmood toliacco - . SO do old do do 13 do Petersburg do 300 bbls Philadelphia superfine flour Landinz from bri Risin Sun. and schrs In. dian Hunter, Sea Lion, and Brothers For tale by BOORMAN k JOHNSTON. Alto, in store 500 ttbls supemne Kjcnmoou flour s 200 do Petersburg do. dec 27 rnoBACCO, FLOUK k COTTON. 18 X hhds prime teaf tobacco 300 bbN Virginia flour 20 bales prime upland cotton, received per sloop, from Petersburg', and for sate by WALSH Si GALLAGHER, dec 29 co boiitn - su - fft. riLOUR COT ION 1200 nbls. Richmond i? Flour 4 bak4 Drime Unland Cotton, for tale at 106 Front - ttreet, by decZ3 - l ltUlt5, JLMVIDSO. V - U. SHU 1', WHli b l,r.AU, wc. A lew lous Patent Shot, from B B to 10 A few casks Dry White Lead 3 tout best do. m oil, in 28 at 661b. kegs 25 casks best Red Lead 26 rolle Sheet do, 10 bods Paris White, of a superior quality 4 casks Yellow Ochre, dry Red, Yellow and Black Paints, in kegs of 1 cwt. each " A few casks Fig Blue Black Varnifh in keg of 4 gallons each Window Glass 7 by 9. 8 by 10, 11 by 9, and 12 by 10 forerdehy ... AIU.13U.jl.'l..niu de!22 lm . 167 Pehrl - street. LONDON Mtsi AHD 50 boxes first quali - tv. iresh London Mustard in boxes, contain ing 6 doxen each. It sale hy . m ..... . . n . . . ..mi - dec2 - 29 South - streeL 1, LOUR, and TOlACCO - SOO bam Is supf V Flour, and . ... S3 keet Manafactard Tobacco, branded Wells and Dunn, landing from schrs.' Cashier. c. from Petersburg, for snle by PIVIE BETHL'NE CO. dec 51 9t C. H. SKp. I TAMA1CA RUM. lc. - 17 niini.Jimwil ' lJ Rem. .i : .. - 2 do. do. very old, add of superior quality 2 hlids. Molasses . 1 do Castor OiK 2 baes Pimento 4 caskt Copper ... v, A quniiiuj m iiancewooa opars . Lae.ling from tchooner Rover, from Port Maria, and for tale by ' ' ; . - POTT.& M'KINNE, dec 17 , 50Snuth - tret. LOTANT INDIGO. 15 serooiu Flotaat Indigo jut received and for sate hy . v G. G. & S. HOWLAND, , decl7 77 Wastiinstnn - street. FLAG HDKFS. k CRAPES. S"NE case das Hdkfs. J 3 cases Canton Crapes, landing and for tale . . k motUU lfIJ rT 9J JUSLin UOUUlvlli dec 30 $8 Snuth - slreei. Il I i A superior quality, in pipes, qr. casks 'ind ni. qF. casks, lor we in quantities to tun purchasers, by . U. k C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. dec 12 Titf 1RTY tons St. Domiruo Logwood J. 3 do Red Wood - I 3 do Nicaragua ; 2 do English A Hum 4 do Copperas - . i ; ; 3 do Dry White Lead ; 1 do Ground do j 2 do Red l;ad ) Fnaniih Brown, Venetian Ret ' W hithijr, Parit White,nd 't " Lirharg. ' ' 2000 lb African Gum Copal ' 1000 do V.. India do do 2500 do French Verdirit ' 260 do jChiuese Vermillion For sale by KIPLEY k WELD, I . 192 Front - street, corner of.r'ulton - strect. nov 14 'I OBA('CO H FLOUK. 17 Midi Irish mur - J. ket Tobacco 5 tlo prime new crop do , 87 bbissupcrf Flour, ' Landing from' tchooners Native and Remittance, for sale by . r. 6ETHUNE k CO. dfc 20 ! 9ci C'ilTe - lloiise slip MARSEILLES QUILTS. ONE cats superfine Marseilles quilts, frcj 5 - 4 to 14 - 4, for sale by MARCH fc LOW, der - 19 210 Broadway. C1AMMRLLENG at PEiKcON, oiler fur tule J at 67 Sonth - ttreet 600 hlf chest I ampoy Tea 500 : do and canitert Souchong Tea . 1 10 bags double boiled Calcutta Sugar 250 tont Russian and Swedish iron, flat and square, assorted '. ; 100 tons plate Stoves, Pig Iren, Iron Wire and sheet Iron 60 piecet heavy bear Ravens Duck 5 pipes Riid bc'f pipes Madeira Win 14 do Sicily Madeira 'do 150 boxes Florence Oil 100 boxet Gorgona Anchovies 200 bagt Salt Petre, very tuperior quality 8 casks Earthonwarn An assortment of Glassware, ApotUccarid thop Furniture, ic. A uioll invoice of Drugt - Boston Beef No. , and Mctt ' Dutch Slatet, Box Wood, Beads Toilet ClaMM. and Tovs. . dec 52 BOviBAi - tllS. 1 case black uud cui'd, just received, and for sale by D. BETHUNE k CO. dec 20 02 C. If. Slip. , f IGNUMVITAE. 10 tons first quality Lig - JLJ nomvilae, lor tale rty TUCJUZR fc LAURIES, dec 19 " 29 South ttreet, QPANISU BRANDY. it) Spuinsi O Brandy of good quality, for sale l.y . N. L. ic G. GKBWOLD, dec 16 86 South - itrect ""1ATALONIA WINE. 10 pipes tuperior y qnality, Catalonia Wine, entitled to dr hn. - k.Tor sale bv GOODHUE K CO. raw dec 18 '44 Sonth - ttreet. UNBLEACH'D SH1RTIVGS, GINGHAMS, &:c.c. A FEW cates of Unblrach'd Shirtings, just re - ccived. Also, handsome nattemt ol Ging hams, matte from Sea Island yarn, from No if. to 32, and a general assortment of cotton and woolen domestic goods. Alto couoa yarn, particularly low numbers, for sale hy the . COMMISSION COMPANY, dec. 23 . 148 Peail - streeL f..i)5 boxet Florence Oil, 12 bottlet each J landing nt Old - slip, and for snle hy CAMBRELENG ii PEARSON, - dec 23 67 South - street. IRISH MARKET TObACCO. 50 hhdt prime Tobacco, an entire parcel, landing thit nay irom we sioop Mechanic, rrom iisrninonn, for sale by JLUVIfc blul riUiNti Si CU. dec - 16 92 Coffee Hossh slip. sTwHILADELPHlA FLOUR. 300 bbls tu MT perdue Philadelphia flour, landing from bng Rising Sun, for tale by BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. A It 9 in Store, 500 bblt Richmond superfine flour 200 do Petersburg do do 19 do Richmond fine do 1 dec 26 OLDfWADKlKA WINE. 16 pi pet tiu oid London Particular Madeira Wine, whirh hat been in the West Indict. for improvement. For tale by. TUCKER LAURIES, , d' - c 30 59 South - street. r - nURKS - ISLAND SALT. 2400 bi.ti.eli X bright Turks Island Salt afloat, and ready lor delivery, lot tale ty TUCKER LAURIES, dec 30 29 Soulh - ttmt. MADEIRA WINE. LONDON Particular Madeira Wine, of the most approved brands, in pipes, .hogsheads and quarter cask, nt lor immediate use, warranted pure at imported, and well worth the at tention of private families ; will be sold at rea - sonanie pi ices, ana in quanuues loiuii purvua tert, by nov 99 No. 59 Soiith - ntrret.' SALT. THE cargo of brig Atlantic, lying nt Peck - shp, consisting or 4000 bushels Turks - If land Salt, of first quality, for tnle by R. tc C W. DAVEN rU R I S CO. dec 23 35 Peck - slip. rRESII MALAG A FRUIT. 75 casks Sob P Raisins: I50loxes Bloom do. 100 do. Mus - catel do. of the bng Neptune's cargo, for sale by nov 25 li.O.KS. tlOHli.TIU, 77 Washirtgton - ttreet. nOBACCO. FLOUR. c 1000 bbls Rich JL mood, Petersburg and r redencktbDrg r loer - 18 hhdf prime old leaf Tobacco - 10 hhds new ' do 41 kegs Labhy's common Tobacco - 38 bales prime Uplnnd (Vtt.e, Isndins, and for sale by WALSH Ic GALLAGHER, dec 30 do bosnn - streei. FLOUR il TOBACCO - 246 bbU Fkmr, 16 hhdt. prime Virginia Tobacco, 50 kegs sweet scented ManafacUred Tobac co, branded Dvniop 60 ketromnsoeqaalltydoiamiinff rromsenrs. Efixa, and Ann Ic Marv, iorte at HtC II. slip, by . ., f . DIVIE BETHUNE CO. ' dec 4 U ROUND PLASTER Of FAHJS. "i fi ri hhh t0011 prHp p"' roita - XtJULf tdefortbe souLswra marxeL Forsalabv . ., ' j ' . JOHN BY Eft?, dec 57 lw rootcUarrisoa - ttreeL' - NOTICE. f The Subscriber, in bckall of Iiimself and his associate, gives notice, that an application will be made to the honorable the legators of this state, at its next session, for an Act to incor porate a Jiauk with a capital stock of Five Hundred Tboutand Dollars, and with leave to in crease it to One Million ; to bo located north east of Beekman - street. in the citv of N'sw - York, and to be called " The Franklin Bank of the citt or New - York." Zlated New - York, 16th Dec. 1317. By order of the Associates, dec30tf ' NOAH BROWN, Rec'ry, l& - P. MAVERICK, Engraver, ol Newark, na recpninienctu i.utiness, in jew - ork, under the firm of P. MAVERICK k DURAND, corner of Pine - itrert and Broadway in the rear of the Literary Rooms of Messrs. . Eattburo ii Co. - - - Ordert received by Messrs. East barn & Co. oct 18 3m DOMESTIC COOKERY, Bt A LADY.. The third American edition, (with many recent Receipts tr Cookery)of this valuable work, it just published by - . ROBERT M'DF.RMUT, novl9 6w. No. 222 Penrl - street. LNKbilMAULK Jl&COVrRY. HEALTH preserved and restored without Medicine or Quackery, which often d - itroya the delicate constitution anJ debilitates the strong Colds bring on the most alarming disorders, with I nose tor tu nor rneuniatic pains. lumbago, gout, ic. which all the faculty have not been abls to oraqicate. 1 o prevent is bet ter than to cure. R. YEOhas prepared (from a receipt of a Very eminent physician) leather (of which he makes shirts') of the most vital aud nutritious quality, which will prevent all the above men tioned complaints. . i hey produce an animal heat to the body, which cannot be obtained from llannel, patent fleecy botiery, or lamb's wool they absorb all perspiration, and retitt all the humidity that injures the human frame - Hey ire soft and pls:ant to wear and do not product ibnt irritability that is so unpleasant in Hannel. I'hoc who have favored him with their orden have declared their astonishment at the benefit lerived from them. To be had of RICH'D YEO, brcsrtei rsker and leather draser, 1C5 Watcr - ttrect : where W may he had leatht i panlalcins,. doe skin vests, all kinds of glov a and mittens of the best quality, wholoiale and retail, at the sltortest notice. dec 31 2w LYDIUESTION Oti SOUR STOM - iCU IS acknowledged by medical writers to be a 1 complnint nl stubburn kind, uid at all time' very difficult nf cure. Thuit t.fiidently iilut (rated in ll.e disappointment of tliotilio unfnr - ately itiffer under It, nt they, for tlie most part, find that .after having triad many ttiingi to little r no pu; iKsc, they are at latt ohligsyi to w. (Ici ir!tr - pt tlir remalnflrr ofliie) sikj articlct n i n m ImI but nalliaie tlie disease. Under racli IrcunitUDCea. any medicine capable tf remo - ' t i i. . . t , . : .. . k . u . , .,iMi.kif.. i..iLir tiishly deserving the attention of all those wh - are afflicted with it ; such a combination is to b met with in Dr. JW EA D? ANTl DYSEt' TIC or STOMACH PILLS ft succets oi irhich has never yet bean equalled, fortheiun ofdvepepeia Inittiuon cou.hcaUd lorm, tucl nt lo4 of appetite, nausea, heart barn, flatulen - y. knawmg pain in me siunitup, pain in in. life, ereat . ostiveneu, paknest in the crtuntr lance, languor, lownes of tp - ritt, yn r, th. head, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep Whoever applies these pills in the above disease, according to Pie directions, will never be disnp - ry - inted, at they have never bees once know n tc fail in Dioducinir a rr. - 'ical t ana pcrmaneni cure The uteof a single box - will convince the most unbelieving of their rffirary, 3 ly will mot etleotuau y remove all sourness or tlie stomach, not merely by neutralizing the acid, l.ut by cor reeling that morbid state of the secretions wide! nives rite to it. and at Jib time will re store to the debilitated ore ant ofdigrtion, that Uone .nd vigour which is absolutely iieccttary t the well beiner or Uie ibifnai eounoiny. To be hRd at Brook at Carle's, Pcarltreet, at J. C. Morrison's, Greenwich - street, .and a Hull k Bowne't 146 Fcarl - street, where drug gistt and country dealers will be served on liberal terms. ' 1 ' : (Xy Price one dollar per box. d!C 24 6w NEW PUBLICATIONS, FANCY ARTI CLES, TO Y BOOKS, IU. TV ST publahsd and for sale by ELI AS VA sj LENTINE. at his new Book - ttdre, IfK Broadwar. 3d door below Pine - street, a Print oi Mr. Philippt, in the character of Count Belino : the ballance of comfort, or the old maid and married woman, a novel in 2 vols, by Mrs. Hots : the itinerant, or memoirs of an actor, part 2d, by S. W. Ryley, 3 vols ; letters from the South, bv the author of John Dull and Brother Jona than i eramniar of sacred history, together will. a general assortment of standard works Also, a complete assortment (50 different kinds) of to; books for children, with a neat collection of fancy articles Visiting cards and cards of address, plates, coats of arms, &c. engraved and printed at a short notice. aec z t BOARD. 4. number of gentlemen can b accommodate t. with good boarding from the 1st of Novem ber next, at No. 91 Cherry - street. octl6 2awtf CORDIALS. RASPBERRY" and Cherry Brand Martinique and Italian Noyeasr . French and American Anaisseed, and Old Mctheglin. ALSO, Irish Whiskey and old Pearb Brand Lime Juice, Rose - Water, Ketchup, tSplcrt, Kaisint, Almonds, Citron and Fis. English and American Cheese . bnerm and Hartford tallow Candles, with a general assortment ot anicrne, lor saw aj MILES HITCHCOCK, 23 M aklea - Uue, comer of Nastme - tt. dec 23 10t IsMJu'D COCOA. , " TWENTY - FIVE bags of very tuperior quality Island coroa, for sale by . TUCKER Ic, LAURIES, Jan 2 29Soath - tt. 1 10NGEES. 6 cases tuiienor. colored. Pon - JL Keet. for hatter's use. just received and for sale by CAMBRELENG Ic PEARSON, dec ZJ ol soum - sireei London brow n stout, almonds, vc f?A casks Hibbert's Browi Stout, of very te - tjl perlor quality, in fine condition anditre - coibmeuded. JUST tASDIB, 55 balet fresh soft shelled Almonds, of Doe quality . . 80 boxes Fronts, assorted sites, from 4 to 12 Ihs each, very tuperior Italian Wax Candles For sale by BirlvD A. DI1I'I.I 12 Maidta - Laae. - AfO, Rarpberry and Cherry Brandy . Martinique and French CortUnJi Champ. roe, Frontignac, With a large auortment of seasonable goods, riertnint COTTON k irTDES - 59 bales prime Sea V blaml ttottrm . ' - 8 do do Upland do and 1000 dry oiiidra fyrsaleby " " '. . , SAUL AJJJiV, 9 Tine - 'trett Lit at in for bv tlie P. iy, . and for of the the and Wxc No. BaakofAMrit,Vic. 20, 1817. ' ftV Nolke is her by given to the Stockholders JTOSe Bank of America, tliat a dividend of two dollars and City cent on a share, for six ' montliw, endirigon the 31st inst. will be paid at , the Bank, on Friday, tbe 2d January next. By order ol the Board or Directors. , r GEO NEWiJOLD, Cashier., - dec 50 lm , . - - . PliENlX BANK. ... . .... 17" A dividend of three per cent, has W this day declared on the stock of this Bank, p?y - g able on the 2d January next. The transfer books ; will be, closed on the - 24lh instant. . . . . t - . By order of the Board of Directors, dec 20 - . . D. I. GREENE, Cashier. .. K7 "ll PA'I RICK DILLON, wholeftTrai lee, in the County of Kernr, Ireland, in the year ' 1803, will transmit Mrs. Titsherry, of Trl, his addrest, it wilt be a particular advantage to ' both parties." Trah - c, OcWber, 1815. - . . The above is inserted at the request of M . Dillon's Iricnds. ' s Arty communication on the subject will be , thankfully received and transmitted b dec 16 BENJ'N. W. ROGERS h CO. OCT ISAAC F. BrlAGG, Jute teacher of ; writing in I he Adelphi School, rctpectfuRy sj - . nouncea the opening of a seminary on hit own " account, in tlie upper room of the building late - '' ly occupied by Holmes U Locfhorrow, at the corner of Eldridge and Pump itreett, where be ' purposes instructing pupils in rending, orthogra - pliy, English grammar, writing, arithmetic, geo - - f;raphy, the drawing and coloaring of mapst . MMik - keeping, tlie mathenatics and drawing - t ; The success with which he hat hitherto taught - penmanship io the Adclpii School, and in Mrs . Smith's Boarding School, &c. emboldens himto ' solicit the patronage of an enlightened and discri - ' minnting public, with a confident nope that Me - industry will meet an adequate encouragement ( and at the tame time that be feels all the anxiety incident to anew and important unuVertaking, be' lookt forward to tlie progress of his establish, meat with a cl.eerful determination to use bis at - . most efforts to make it tatiilhttoxy to bis patrons, in each branch of a liberal EuglUb, Education. N. B. An Evening school is now open at I. FV B's residence, 122 Barman - street, dec 17 . Iris . (r The Ui.iied Insurance Company having ht - tn dissolved agreeably to an act of the legitla - lure of the state of New - V'ork, al) persons having claims agnintt the tame are requested to prwnl them to the tuhtrribers, at (he office of E. F.I 1 mendorf. No. 143 Fulton - street ; and all persons ' indebted are requested to make pay meat at the tame lace. Dat - d3 1 Nov. lolv. - - t ' ,' i XDM. KLMSMDORr, v. i ., . Hopoi - FHCs eootaT, JTruileea JAMKI r. VAST HORBK J nov 4 ' ' ' ' '5m ," ' , AO J ICE. v. . . Public notice is hereby civ n that tha uiiscrihers intend to apply to the Leculatuie of .' ine stale of New York, at their next session, for Act of Incorporation, incorporating them and . their nssociatet by the name ard style of the Xrankltn Insurance Corornny with a capiUI - of ' Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for the iiorpo - 1 ses of making all hinds of insurance, against brf ( n and on a lile or lives, and also on the inland trtins - purtttlioo ui gootls, wares and men littnilifte. . STEPHEN WUITAEY,. - ' BEJ L. SWAN, , j ELISHA T1BB1IS, dec 4 tf JOHN ADAMS. NOTICE. 03" The undersigned give notice, that they intend to apply to the Legislature of thit state, Un'ir next session, for an actto incorporate ilieiiiselvet and their attncialesinto a convoy, Ihe city of New - York, under tb" style of The North River Steam Boat Company,' with a capital of .six - hundred thousand dollars, or tlie purpote of navigating With Steam Boats the waters ol the norm tuier. JJaieuun xxa day oi December, 1817 - KDW ARD l LIVINGSTON., . F.RTL. LIVINGSTJIN, ' S. AUG.' DALE, V ' ROBERT CHAS. AUG.' DALE, r vktf ill t . f U. IvlllVyAl. J HOT. dec 52 . . d6w ' EAGLE FIRE COM PAN V.' " (ff Notice it hereby given, that an electloii thirteen Directors, for Ihe entuing year, will', held at the Office of the Company on Tuesday, thirteenth intt. fmm 10 A. M. until o'clock, M. . - JNO. D.MEYER, 8ecry. Jan 2 tJan13 ' , EUTEKHEAN SOCIETY. fXj" The Anriiversary Concert of this 8ocie ' will be held at tlie City Assembly, on the 15th of January. The members will receive their Tickets by" applying at No. 206 Broadway, or at the practising roont of the Society. " dec 15 lm JOS. KNIGHT, Secretary: N A 1 luAAL 1N5U11ANCE CU.Vi PA Y. , . rpHE Stockholders are berth) notified, that, .L the annual election for nineteen Director ; will be held at the office of the Company, 47 Wall - street, on Monday the 12th January next. ' The poll will open at 12 and close at 2 oVrock. ; dec 57 JOHN J. JONES. Sec'ry. c NEW. YORK INr - URANCE CoviPaNY. ' 'pHEttockboldersare hereby notified, that the ; I anoual election for twenty - one Directors, will t held at the otSce of the Company, 34 Wall - ttreet. on Mondav, the 12th January next. ' The poll will open at 10 o'docJr in the forenoon, close at (o'clock. ' , C. G. SIIIP.MAN, Sec'ry, doe 23 3w - PROPOSALS W ILL be received at trie office ef the Com - . niissarr General of Purchases, for sun plying materials of Domeati Manufacture lor making Clothing for the Army of the United States, for the yar 18 Iff, as follows, vix i . ;urey iioui, 0 - 4, lor grent coals "Jilue do do for roata, dyrd ra Indigo Black Cloth, for Gaitbers, 6 - 4 wide Grey Uattinet, 3 - 4 for Jacket t v Flannel, of wool and cotton, for tnirit, ... . Samples of the above will be furnished, on 0P - , plication to thit oroce, in person or bv Uter j also for shoes, leather caps, blankets, short stock ( ings, whigt of worsted, epeolett of wonted, and iroucainp kettirt and mess pans. Samples these articles ru.y beteee ou amlicatioo t Commissary General, at Philadelphia, or to. Deputy Commissaries, at New - fork. city,, at Newport, Kentucky. Commissary Gsneral's Orbce, PbilaJia, 24th December, 1817. ' ' CALLENDER IRriNE. drc28 3w 1 CoBim'y Gen. of Purchase. M U S 1 C ALL the Songs, Deetts, as song by Mr. Plil - lipps at the New - York Theatre, for sale e DUBOIS' Piaoororte aad Music Store, 126 Bsoedway. xtenoM in hit soil expressive race - . Tho' love is warm awhile 'Tis but fancy's sketch Is there a bsart that never lovM . In vain mav that boson lost quite dtploff My early day what jojs was thioe . Love's yoaiig'dreaas " Tltji btoomuig rose ft early daa ' Robin Adair Beaetifol Maid - Let Isms toned tb trasspet Had la heart Entoea't Bower i - Dearejaidfjovethet Ah sure a paia was nevtr seeja .. Said a sn Us 4o a tsar - ' Sigh not for love My heart with love It beating - , The celebrated serenade of LUJacome dnwt Bird Duett to Flora's wreath. - - j - . - . W ith a Lirgjasxortmcat oXarw x&axici . . dtcS4 7 . I. . IT , j ti 1 i ..A i - ;f : i - s .. . .1 f ! i Hi I i r i i i

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