Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 12, 1936 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1936
Page 18
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Free! 1 PER LB. CAN 2 LB. CAN SO E. State St. Phoni-. - . , » 512 First St. S. W. Phone 114 Cut Rate Grocery tht quick-dignting · shortening · 1 lb 21 c 3 '"· 59c 1 can *"A^ v can «/«/*· Buehler Bishop Phone 2071 1S38 N. Fed. Try a G-G Want Ad BETTER HOMES WEEK PLANNED Iowa Groups to Co-Operate for Garden Programs, Cleanup Drives. AMES -- Tentative plans, for Iowa's participation in the annual Better Homes Week of America, April 26 to May 2, were announced THATS OVER No fooling, I was disgusted. Even grumbling at the breakfast table. And when you begin the day wrong ... well, you know how everything seems to go haywire. My wife wasn't satisfied with the coffee either. Ill bet Ann used a dozen different brands in trying to find a coffee that would suit both of us. Then we discovered Hills Bros! Or rather, Ann did. I came down to breakfast one morning and there it was. Boyl I was tickled. And when Ann told me it was Hills Bros. Coffee, I told her to go ahead and pay the difference. "The joke's on you," Ann said, "because there's hardly any difference. Hills Bros, costs almost the same as the coffees we've been experimenting with. And when you figure the cost- per-cup, and the extra flavor and richness. Hills Bros, is really a bargain!" MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE. MARCH 12 f§ 1936 and tours to demonstration houses or exhibits. Communities with outstanding campaigns will receive certificates of award, Miss Hansen said. Ames was given the highest merit award for small cities in the United States in the 1935 campaign. The purpose of Better Homes Week is to provide information on house planning, building, financing and furnishing, Miss Hansen said. A new home information service consisting of pamphlet aids for planning new or remodeled homes will be made available to chairmen without cost, she said. Other state officers are Mrs. Zenobia Ness, of the Applied Arts department, vice- chairman, and Miss Irma Garner, extension home furnishing specialist, secretary. Fitch in Governor Race; Sours Gets Nomination Papers DES MOINES, W)--Ted Fitch, Des Moines evangelist. Thursday obtained nomination papers from the secretary of state for the repub. Thursday by Miss Joanne Hansen, bead of applied art at Iowa State college and state chairman of Better Homes Week. Groups to cooperate will include a state committee of other college staff members, rural rehabilitation home supervisors, the women's committee of the Iowa Farm Bureau federation and county girl's 4-H club chairmen. County home demonstration agents have been appointed county chairmen of Better Homes Week, Miss Hansen said. County home projects chairmen will act in non-agent counties. Local programs will include garden campigns, block improvement and clean-up contests, Grocery Specials DAIRY PAILS, Won't Rust, 1 TOMATOES OR PEAS No. 2 Con, B e a n s PRUNES, 3 pounds BUTTER-NUT COFFEE, lb Redeem Your Coupon Here BLACK PEPPER, pound pkg.. . TUNA FISH, 7 ox. can. 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Hindley, republican, of Centerville, obtained papers for the party's nomination for secretary of state. Others obtaining papers included: For state senate, George L. Varker (R) of Independence; W. P. Wortman (R) of Malvern; for state representative, Harold J. Frederickson ( R l Otturowa; Roy J. Sours (R; Charles City, and William J. Drecs- sen (D) Breda. COMPARE THE PRICE OF THE COOKING FAT YOU ARE USING WITH CRISCO ·· THE 'DIGESTIBLE ·'SHORTENING CRISCO 3 lb. can* lib. can 59c 21c A. W. KITTO THE QUALITY Phone 754 402 7th S. £. COMPARE THE PRICE OF THE COOKING FAT YOU ARE USING WITH CRISCO-. THE DIGESTIBLE. -'SHORTENING CRI5CO 3 lb. can.. 59c Suddarth Grocery I.SS7 N. Fed. Phone 143S COMPARE THE PRICE OF THE COOKING FAT YOU ARE USING WITH CRISCO-- THE DIGESTIBLE -'SHORTENING CRISCO 3 lb. can* lib. can 59c 21c Morris Food Store 221 Sixth Street S. W. Didn't have to touch me! 4-D Plan Sure Does Work! N O WONDER he's happy! The dentist has just told him that his teeth are O. K. 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You'll be thrilled to see the delicate colors and feel the silky softness of your sheerest stockings "wash back" in DREFT suds. 5 Times Greater Suds In addition, DREFT does these three remarkable things no single soap has ever done, or can do now: Makes 5 tunes greater suds than any soap in the hardest water. Cleanses thoroughly--even lipstick and so-called "impossible" smudges! Rinses out completely -- no soapy deposit left. By comparison DREFT makes even the purest soap you have ever known seem harsh--because DREFT suds contain no alkali. Alkali in soapsuds is what fades colors. DREFT suds are the only suds you can get that do not contain alkali. You'll be astonished how. wash after wash, silk stockings actually seem like new when you use DREFT. It's economical too. For instance, in- hard water, you need only use half as much DREFT as you would the finest soap flakes. We don't ask you to take our word for these amazing claims. Prove them for yourself at our risk. Take Advantage of Je Sale Today Please take special notice that this unusual If bargain sale is limited. You can only get If DREFT while your dealer's stock lasts. Remem- . ber to get DREFT today. Your money back if you're not satisfied. Act quickly and avoid disappointment. WaA

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